Saturday, April 19, 2008


This Incredible Documentary " BODY OF WAR " made my Phil Donahue about the Life of a Very Heroic VET, and WHY he is against the Iraq War is worth Anyone's is Beautiful...Many Clips On YouTube. Mockingbird ( of Mocking Bird's Medley ) really got me thinking he brought up the Question " Do we have any good Protest Music Right Now." So here is what I came up with, but I think we need MORE....( Because we all Know that the Music was the Messege in the Sixties). Okay so 6-6 helped me make this list ( that is why I have a teenager in the house)....Do You all Have More ?? I bet you do.....

{1} Eddie Vedder's Song ABove "NO MORE" ( actually the WHOLE sound track is Great )
(2) PINK " Dear Mr.President"
(3) Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice"
{4} Dave Matthews " American Baby "
{5} John Mellencamp " Our Country"
{6} Sarah McLachlan " World On Fire"
(7) Green Day " American Idiot"


enigma4ever said...

Interviews with both Phil Donahue and Tomas Young are on Truthout, and also on Youtube.

It has opened to really good reviews in many places, check your area or go to the website,

enigma4ever said...

I have not seen any Interviews with Ellen Spiro the other producer- but I am sure they are on YouTube.

this month ( april) this Film has opened to large crowds and great reviews:

LA, San Diego, San Fran, Seattle and ONE day only Film Fesitival- Sedona Arizona- April 22nd, and also it is playing in NYC and Boston and Seattle, Phili...So if you have friends in any of those cities please encourage them to go see...

It also is Playing in DC- so encourage your Elected Officials in DC to go see...


{and yes, the CD is for sale over and online- it is amazing- get it..)