Thursday, April 10, 2008

416 Children removed from Polygamist Compound in Texas

{originally posted 4.7.08 Updates in the Comments}

There was a Press Conference today at 3:45PM Child Services admitted that 401 Children have been taken into State Custody In El Dorado Texas. There also have been women that left the premises willingly, voluntarily with the Children. How many People, Men, Women and Children are still on site is in question. These Children were all deemed in Imminent Harm or Danger, that is why they have been removed. El Dorado is a town, community of 1900. It is unclear where and how they will take care of all of these children at risk or having been harmed. Many of these teenagers might also be young parents themselves. How this happened, and how more people did not have concerns as this Compound with it's massive buildings and Temple rose in the dessert ? And why was the Compound not investigated after the Warren Jeffs Trail and Conviction? This Gigantic Compound was built and NO ONE questions the Money ? or What goes on there ?

Susposedly last monday a young girl of 16 filed a complaint , or contacted authorities about abuse at the compound. She also admitted that she has been a parent since she gave birth at 15.It is unclear whether her Abuser has been caught, and also whether she has been taken into custody or given care.

And didn't the Jim Jones Debacle teach Anything about Cults being dangerous to families with young children?
I realize the GOP is very protective of it's religous roots and connections, I am very curious to see if the Media or Any of Our Elected Leaders publicly express Horror about this situation.

I saw some reports over the weekend raising some concerns about the Rights of this "Religion". I have ONE Question :What kind of "Religion" supports the forced Rape ( "marriage") of young girls by Much Older Men ? (The Boys are shunned and abused as they enter teens, or forced into Labor at the Construction Sites and the Quarry.....but the Boys are at risk as well...they all are at Risk...

**{{Click the TITLE: to See Trailer for Film /Documentary about the YFZ Compound called "Banking On Heaven" really Critical Details in this trailer.}}**


enigma4ever said...

I have ONE other question...What kind of Old Men make little girls dress like Little House on the Prairie....and then want to rape them? seriously..WTF???????

And these poor children.....HOW is this one small town going to cope with taking care of all these little fragile- and having never known any other kind of life....

D.K. Raed said...

oh enigma, it is not just the little girls ... they make ALL the women, babies to great-grandmas, birth to death, wear those outfits. They all wear the same gingham dresses, clodhopper boots, and upswept hairstyle because that's what their prophet says is appropriate for women. I know, because I see them everytime I'm shopping at Wal-Mart or Costco. The boys & men dress normally.

As you know, I do NOT think this is about religion at all. Sex, either. It is about mind control. Nothing is done in those closed polyg communities without approval of the high council. Big Love, it ain't.

They are working off a very small founder gene pool & it is getting more & more crazy with every generation. I'm glad TX is cracking down & hope they do a better job of enforcement than we do here on the UT/AZ border.

Lady Jae said...

Hi, my husband and i are stationed in San Angelo the town where these poor kids are being sheltered. (military family) this is INSANE! we don't get many Mormon type churches or groups out here. i myself am an Atheist, but i don't think these "men" (if one could call them that) are religiously motivated either. i think this borders on pedophilia!

Side note:
anyone wanting to google th place wont find an El Dorado Texas cause it's spelled Eldorado (one word!)

enigma4ever said...

Lady Jae:
I am so sorry you are living near this- but I appreciate an insiders view....I hate to say it- but how can we not wonder about pediphilia....another texas folks emailed me that this weekend there was a BIG pedophilia bust this weekend too- the same time as the raid- they wondered if there was a connection- and also pointed out that computers were siezed from the it makes one with a brain wonder????

you are right it is not about religion....I think it is sex and mind control....ALL of it....But where do they get their money to build these huge temples and compounds??? someone needs to investigate that.....and where are the boys..there are always just girls in the photos....and there are no playgrounds on the aerials toys....I don't see how you can live near them- I know I would be asking questions getting myself in I run into the Amish and the Orthodox Jews at the always amazes me that I need to learn more about these different religions...but I don't understand THIS religion at all....and I don't think I want to....there must be some pretty strong evidence for the Judge to put all these children in State Custody.....that just doesn't happen without reason....

On another note, wouldn't the JD down there learn from these situations...( I mean it is the same state that had WACO).......

Hopefully we will learn more....but with our pathetic MSM ....I am not hopeful.....

Anonymous said...

Authorities might have been gunshy after the Waco incident, just guessing. Also, "they" really do not want to alienate the right wing nutters. Maybe.

John Good said...

I was expecting a statement from Mitt Romney. . .

enigma4ever said...

John: are so funny....

you are right they probally do want to go easy.....there are NO Feds involved this time- just State people ( trust wise probally better)....

D.K. Raed said...

You ask about where they get their money, and where are the young boys? Here, they run a lot of independent contracting businesses. They undercut other contractors because they use all their boys in a kind of slave labor scheme, so their payroll, taxes & other emp'ee benefits are nonexistent. I wonder if the branch that moved to TX have been flooding the nearby towns in this same way? It tends to piss off the local legitimate businesses who want a fair price for their work.

That is also how they build their temple & houses/etc. It is all donated labor by their robotic followers. The money for bldg materials & buying the land might be accounted for by profits earned during the recent boom real estate cycle when they were all fully employed in construction. They have very little else to spend profits on.

Religious aspects aside, I think they are tolerated on the border of UT/AZ partly because so many of the local residents have polygamy in their past. So they come into town & shop for bulk items & drive back to their compounds. FLDS simply do not engage in conversation with outsiders. Believe me, I've tried. If you even smile at one of their kids, they hustle them off & glare back at you like you were trying to molest them.

One thing I haven't heard the TV news talking about is the First Baptist Church buses that were used to pick up the polyg women & children. I don't pretend to understand exactly why, but there is a long-standing rivalry between Mormons & Baptists. Maybe it is more of a feud. There aren't too many baptists in UT, but there must be more in TX, so it did not surprise me that they would be involved in the rescue.

I wasn't kidding about the small founder gene pool, either. Barlow is one of the founding families. They are carrying a very bad gene called Fumarase which is being passed around the closed community. Dale Barlow is the guy reported by the 16-yr old girl. He is a resident of Hilldale UT/Colorado City AZ, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been spending time in Eldorado TX.

hope this wasn't too much info.

enigma4ever said...

I have spent all night reading about this...myspace, and blogs of EX members...and also people that have been blogging and trying to follow this group ....

(1) the boys ( some susposedly) have been used as labor and also they have a mongo quarry at that YFZ ( yearning for zion)....the All Seeing EYE Temple is all being built with stones from onsite- susposedly they have their own concrete company.

(2) They also have been moving people there from other sites to assist with the building and the labor - apparently there were big celebrations that were planned for this past weekend...that is why they have been frantically building for the last 6 monthes.....

(3) the Baptist buses and school buses were apparnently used.....Baptists are viewed as more "friendly" than the other Heathen Sinner Saten "Gentiles".... also when Jeffs was arrested and jailed most of the children at all locations were removed from schools- for good...which I guess messed up budgets in these small towns ( St George was susposedly one that was affected).

(4) About the Money- the YFZ ranch is Mohair ? sheep business ( fine- I have spent all night searching aerials for boys and sheep- I have found neither- and btw the boys if they are in the quarry- that would explain why I can't find them on photos.

(5) Also- the Issue of Boys and toddlers- and babies- suposedly there are very high number of birth defects ( due to Incest/inbreeding) I did read on past member blogs about smothering /elimination ( god I hope this is not true- I almost threw up....) BUT in all honesty in the photos we never see disabled children or babies...very odd...

(6) About the boys- there are suposedly ususally BOY orphanages set up on the edge of town- and when boys near puberty they are sent there to live and kept from the girls- they are viewed as competition for the old men/older men. It is unclear what age they are sent there- or who cares for them....

As a mom and a nurse this story has been tugging at me all night...all day...all weekend....

there are hundreds of children there- and what hell of a life they have been enduring...the Cult itself is susposed to have up to 30,000...WHY were they going there ???what are they planning....they believe that the END is near...and the Apocolypse- so much so that they went and got HUGE loans from the Banks down there- and were told that they would never have to repay them....the elders told them to do this...( what was used as Collateral? )

NOW I have to ask- So NOW the Banks went belly up in the past three monthes ..SO NOW what ? what does that do to the Apocolypse plans ? And what and WHO is the leader now ?

(7) Where are the boys- the little boys- this is really bothering me...are they in the quarry ? are they at the orphanage? are they being sold ? WHERE are they....

D.K. Raed said...

See now Enigma, you are finding out more than I know about polygs. Maybe the polyg branch that went to TX has a different vision than the long-standing existing polyg community here in UT. I don't know, but that might acct for the odd behavior you are describing. The ones here are not an apocalyptic cult, other than in the same sense all christians are waiting for JC to return.

There are plenty of polyg boys here, they are not invisible, they are with their families. As far as I know, the kids were always home-schooled. Unless they are scions of the ruling families, the boys generally are not allowed to marry young. If they are believers & toe the line, they wait & wait & eventually might be allowed to marry. If they are rebellious, they are driven out, shunned, sometimes physically abused. Those are "the lost boys" who end up in nearby towns where they find it hard to assimilate. Many end up returning to the polyg life, willingly, kind of like life-long prisoners, even knowing they will only be allowed to live on the periphery.

Originally, we heard the FLDS families that went to TX were hopeful they could live better there, that the land would be more productive & they could prosper in their isolation & not have their prophets hounded by the law like here. If it worked out, more of the local polygs would move there. YFZ is the name of the ranch, but the religion is still FLDS.

The issue of genetic defects is prevalent (cousins marrying cousins, or even more closely related, marrying for generations). There are many afflicted with what's called Polygamist Down's. Google Fumarase. Some are completely disabled, IQ maybe 25, so I do wonder about infanticide. Who's to say what happens in a closed & isolated community? Who even knows who is PG & who would officially know the status of the children?

You ask "who is their leader now?" ... Since Jeffs is in jail, I don't know, but whoever it is, they will consider him a prophet and will obey whatever visions he has. I would be willing to bet that 99.9% of these women & children being "rescued" now will return to the fold as soon as they are released. Very sad.

enigma4ever said...

Today Wednesday am...
the total is 416 Children, 169 Women ( mostly mothers). The Girl, the 16 year old that called due to Beatings and Rape, has not been located.....still.

( DK :
thank you for your wonderful reasearch and sad and so true).

USpace said...

Good piece, I totally agree. Let's hope Law Enforcement is not corrupted in bringing all these evil pedophile monkeys to justice.

GD sick religion!
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
KILL most pedophiles

ALL the religious ones
no matter what their race

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
all pedophiles castrated

although not necessary
if they get LIFE IN PRISON


enigma4ever said...

I understand about your anger at the situation, I hope that justice and a full investigation reveal what these children have been through and what they need.

I am not one that believes Castration or Death is a ultimate justice, but I too hope that the Alw Enforcement and the Legal Entities Investigate properly- I am amazed the FEDs never investigated this situation further, and learning that maybe up to 30,000 may be a part of Jeffs Sect.....

very concerning....

USpace said...

I totally agree with you. Sorry to alarm you, but that comment didn't advocate killing people at all, not by the mob nor by the state. I only mentioned castration because others have. They were just sarcastic and absurd thoughts to suggest that God would never advocate anything like that.

However if a kidnapper pedophile does meet any kind of death, it is cause for celebrating hope and justice, not sadness.

They deserve worse than death, like life in prison. That is much worse than death.

If pedophilia is such a bad crime that only it demands that people be labeled with their area of crime, such as 'sex offenders' after they have served their sentences; then maybe it is worse than 1st degree murder, in which case they should get life in prison without the chance of parole. Lists would not be necessary.

Hey, I'd like to know if a murderer or a burglar is living in my neighborhood too.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
old men should marry children

lay claim to the young women
expel young men from village

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
just blame me for your sickness

you're just addicted to wives
don't stop till you have enough