Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(1) I will update Blog in AM there are two major developements that have occurred in the past 12 hours, The Children have begun to be moved to the San Angelo Stadium , and the reports that came out during Nightline and CNN Anderson Cooper, The Children have been moved, and that children over 5 are now seperated from their mothers. ( I don't know if the Mothers even have access to Legal Aid, or attorneys, and many have never had to deal with secular Attorneys, it is unclear HOW this is being handled). The Children ( 416) also are being appointed Attorneys. I am trying to read up on the Issue and Find out WHAT is going on. ( I don't understand WHY the State would seperate the Children from the Mothers, the mothers were not named in the original Abuse Charges). I am confused as to WHY the Children could not stay with their mothers, unless there are Obstruction issues that we the public are not aware of. As a Nurse I am concerned about these young children,who have poorly developed idenities, even though they are Programmed and Brainwashed, It seems like the Mothers staying with the children might decrease the Trauma of this situation.

It is concerning that the Caller "sarah" has never been found or located....and perhaps related to this current decision.

(2)The State Authorities TDFPS has updates on their website- but it does not explain WHAT is currently going on.

Issue Number 2:
Many have been asking WHERE does their Money ,it has been rumored that Jeffs is/was worth up to 400 Million Dollars. As someone watching we all have wondered where the Money came from for the Huge Houses and the Suburbans and Trucks, and Heavy Equipment ? Tonight on the Evening News it was revealed that the Sect and Church Leaders does receive MONEY from the Federal Government, Pentagon Contracts, atleast 1.5 Million Dollars and another Contract that is worth over 11 million dollars that is with another State. I am still investigating this. BUT that OUR tax Monies and Federal Money might have been funding this abuse is very concerning, even while Jeffs was Placed in the FBI Top Ten list for Crime Against Children...And perhaps explains Why Federal Government has been Quiet. Children, especially young girls are being transferred across State Lines For Sexual Purposes and Abuses, and yet there have been NO Federal Charges ? It is very concerning that Jeff 's Sect Leaders were still negogiating Contracts worth such large amounts.

CNN Update::: Gary Tuchman reporting from Arizona tonight- there are large meetings today and tonight. He also did explain that the Authorities are also part of the Sect ( the local police are not helpful).

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Michael said...

I have been tracking this story. I am wondering what happened to the Mormon girl who allegedly called 911. The children have been separated from their respected mothers for further questioning, but no apparent location of this witness. Yesterday the authorities were saying how confident they were in finding the little Mormon girl...But it seems strange they haven't found her by now especially with the parents not being around them.

There is also something else strange about this case, let's say it was true beyond a doubt about the abuse, then the one who abuse the little girl should be punished, but why raid the whole compound and take all children away?

Now I believe the compound was housing a Mormon cult no question about it, but that doesn't mean guilty of child abuse...They did break the law by having more than one wife, and it's also not biblical.

I find this case a little troubling, I hope you bare with me but this to me appears a little like WACO (without the deaths) with the child abuse charges that justify a raid. Perhaps in time it will not look that way, but right now it does.