Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday "leftover" Soulfood

[reposted from 4.2.08 }

"Once you choose Hope, Anything is Possible" Christopher Reeve

"If you lose Hope, Somehow you lost the Vitality to keep life moving, you lose that Courage to Dream to be, that quality that helps you keep going in spite of it all. I still have a Dream." Martin Luther King,Jr.

Everywhere I have ever lived, I have been able to find a "Think Spot"...A place to reflect, dream, and yes, Hope. Where I am now it is my Porch....Sometimes it is a stream, a brook, a beach, It has been many things....This Summer it will be my back yard. It is a Shambles, years of unkempt neglect, but for me a clean slate....a haven. The Tree in this photo was such spot....It fed my soul, and opened my mind, and eased my soul......May you too find such a spot.

It is 28 degrees tonight with big winds, but if you look at Seed Catalogues and magazines and Smith and Hawkin Catalogues, Summer is with in reach....All you have to do is shut your eyes.

English Cucumber thinly sliced
Romaine Lettece
Bib Lettece
Red Onion
naval Orange
Red Grapes
Havarti Cheese ( or Swiss in a pinch)
Pine Nuts.....

Raspberry Vinagrette .......Raspberry Dressing Spray ( in Dressing Section- so incredible)

*{More later today....Click the Title, and beautiful video " Secret Garden" by Silent Wings


WeezieLou said...

what i know of hope, and not much right now, is that it must be carefully nurtured.

the salad looks great. i might even try it.

D.K. Raed said...

I don't know that I've ever had one spot. I usually go for the high spots, the lookouts, but sometimes for the secret gardens.

I am very interested in that Raspberry Vinegrette Dressing if it is a spray-on type. I will definitely look for it. That would be perfect for me since I only like a dribble of dressing. I always have to ask restaurants to leave the salad dry & put dressing on the side or else the amount they put on makes it inedible. Since I'm already the slowest eater at the table, if they mess this up, it is a tip-breaker for me. I know, I'm mean that way.

Dusty said...

That is a beautiful song always have such beautiful music to accompany your thoughts dear woman.

Its hard for me to keep hope alive at this point in time..but I still try..most days anyway :)

enigma4ever said...

Thanks....I try to feed our souls...and if I stumble across something good...soothing...I am bound to share it ......These are STILL Dark Times...and if we can blog all the crap we have witnessed....and are witnessing too much...I strongly believe that OUR Humanity will bring us through this era...if I can give even an ounce to this cause....that is all worth it...
Glad you are here...ALL of our Voices matter...Have Hope Dusty....we will get through this...

The Spray Dressing is I think made by Kraft...I will check tonight...It is a little bottle- MISTER, and it is great- and you can even carry it in your purse...

I think that some of us have a very hard year...I know you have...please know that things can get better...and hopefully will.....even the smallest little seed of hope can be nurtured..and held dear....even if it is all we have....

( and the salad is pretty has been my thing now...for weeks...)

an average patriot said...

enigma salad looks like something I eat frequently. A mixture livens the senses. That was a beautiful spot to think. I too find them everywhere I go. I always thought it was normal but I'm told I think too much. Aren't the catalogs an absolute pleasure to look at this time of year especially?
That was nice. I just saw you at Betmo's so I just wanted to make sure you went to polishifter's if you want to see the truth about the lying, underhanded, McCain. Oh man questions, why is he still in office let alone running for President?

Fran said...

Hey there Ms E~ I am taking a mental health break time this morning. Mom can be quite difficult at times, so I am taking a break this morning. I can do her laundry & chill. We got all the difficult pieces of remaining furniture removed from the hosue on Saturday & a cleaning crew comes tomorrow to give it a deep clean sweep. We decided beforehand we drew the line at the cleaning part. We did all the heavy lifting & personal sorting & the construction project, but we were not doing the deep cleaning. We swept & did some cleaning, but nuffs enough.
Let a crew come for a few hours & make it shine. I find it depressing to be @ the house empty, even though I know Mom is in a good place, and selling the house is both necessary, and a good time to let it go.
Anyway, the weather is nice here, and I plan on planting some pretty flowers in the old wishing well @ the house tomorrow. It's kind of a final positive act @ the house-- plant some mature flowers, and I will snap some photos of the house & wishing well in full bloom as momentos.
I hope to make a larger wishing well print & frame it for Mom.
I am trying to keep my energy level up- I have experienced more of a glimpse into what my Sister refers to as "Welcome to my world"
reality check. Mom can be quite snarly at times & she usually picks when you have bent over backwards & are exhausted from doing so to launch this mode & mood.
I have learned to say, I'm going to let you rest & walk away, so things don't escalate.
Anyway, this is why I am taking it slow this morning & stalling with laundry- my version of keeping hope alive & an even keel.
Going back home on Saturday is sounding really good to me right now.

enigma4ever said...

oh friend....many many hugs...I have been putting soulfood up here and also over at Enigma sorry....thank you for being so good to her and so brave as you face this wretched diseaase.....( I had an experience with an elderly man that "lost " his car at the parking lot this weekend....I will blog on it later...but I was thinking about you....and realizing I am not patient enough....) Rest....and know that we all are sending you much light, prayers and energy.....namaste.....

hey friend...thank you for being here...and hanging out.....namaste...