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HEALTHCARE FOR ALL SHOULD BE A RIGHT GUARANTEED IN THE CONSTITUTION... As an RN of 20 years,if it was up to me...and I think Florence Nightingale would agree...and in all my years of Nursing it is the thing that breaks my heart as much as when Reagon pretended that we did not have an AIDS crisis,pretended millions were not sick or at risk. This is just another such Crisis. But after Katrina I think we all know that MUCH of our Infrastructure is Broken, Healthcare is One More Broken Piece.
( We can just add it to the List it actually fits with Financial Hardship of Lost Homes and Bankruptcy, Crumbled VET care,and even homelessness).

50 Million Americans WITHOUT Healthcare, that is a HUGE Number. It would be like if a Whole Country had NO CARE, like the size of Canada. This means that there are 50 Million not just without Insurance, but without Healthcare. AT ALL. It means when they are sick for the most part they don't go to the Doctor, they ride it out or pray it goes away or they use Over The Counter Remedies. It also means that many of these people may well have diseases, conditions and illnesses that are not getting any kind of Care or Treatment. It also means that there are millions not even getting basic care or monitoring or any preventative care. NONE.

It means that Sometimes that people do end up in the ER, but it is the place of LAST resort. It is the not the First or Best Option, it is quite simply the ONLY Option. Many of those that are ending up in the ER, it is not that they are poor, or lazy or "irresponsible" ( as Hillary has said in her Road Tour Speechs). People , especially the Middle Class and the Working Poor have No Where else to go. Many Clinics Require Payment or Credit or Insurance. Many People can not get Insurance either it is VERY Expensive or MANY, and that Means Millions ARE DENIED COVERAGE FOR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS OR HEALTH HISTORY OR EVEN FAMILY HISTORY.

Many People with the Following disorders and Diseases:
Asthma,Autism, ADD&ADHD, Depression,PTSD, Diabetes, Obesity,Cancer Survivors,Thyroid Disorders,Cardiac Disease.

And this includes Family History. There are other States that are Denying or Cancelling Care based on Credit Scores.The other phenomena that is occurring is that People apply , they pay their first three monthes coverage, and THEN they get a letter that they are cancelled due to one of the Conditions mentioned above or due to Discovery of One of the Above.

People are literally DYING from Lack of Care, NO ONE is actually tracking the hard number, but the estimates are staggering. One study placed it at 10,000 / month. Another issue that has not gotten any focus , is that many of the VETS that have returned , if they are in the Guard, they are ONLY given care or coverage for TWO years- that is it. That is WHY there are so many Homeless Uninsured Vets with PTSD on the Streets. That is why we should be very concerned that over 300,000 are estimated to have Mental Health Issues, Brain Trauma, and PTSD. That is Hundreds of Thousands Vulnerable and how many thousands without care....and their Families struggling to get them care, daily.

Another Issue that gets NO media Mention is that People are Overcharged, and Under Care for that do have insurance. They pay their premiums and copays Hundreds of Dollars a month, but the insurance still ONLY pays what they want to pay and that means that people are getting only so much care paid for ( they are being Walmarted by their OWN insurance...discounted...but not getting ALL the care they need or having ALL of it reimbursed). This means that they pay What they can , their insurance being up to 10% or more of their income, Thousands per years, and they then must find more money. Many people during this crisis the last 10 years declared bankruptcy or refinanced Homes BECAUSE OF HEALTHCARE CRISISES CREATED BY THE INSURANCE LIMITING WHAT IT WOULD PAY FOR CARE. WE ARE THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT HAS THIS CRISIS.

It is unfortunate that one of the Big Lies she told about the poor woman in Ohio was about such a HUGE issue that needs focus. Instead of being dramatic and making up the story she should have just talked to the crowd and asked for their stories , there are thousands of horror stories.

Most people if you ask them WHAT is their Biggest Expense per month after mortgage/rent, and many with insurance will tell you that Food and Healthcare Costs are tied at this point. Many will also tell you that there are many times they do not eat as well because they have meds to buy. It is like a Horror Story that you hear of a Slavic Country back in the 1970's. How many of us have seen old women buying cat food, knowing damn well they don't have a cat. I have.We are the only Country in the World that the MEDs cost MORE than Food.People should never have to choose.

Hillary wants Mandatory Insurance, like Cars Being Insured. It is NOT that simple , and she never mentions ANY kind of Regulating or Control of the Greedy Insurance Companies. She wants to cut deals with them. THIS is the Same Wall and Hellfire that caused the Failure the first time back in the Nineties, she turned it into a Competitive Bidding Bloodfest and we all lost (and she did it behind closed doors with limited participation, and it turned to chaos).

Obama's Plan is stronger,and he has promised to have Public Accountability and to have Hearing on cspan to watch the Process. He also has told of his mother's story and watching her die from Ovarian Cancer, and Fight the Cancer WHILE fighting Insurance Companies....For Obama this Issue is REAL and personal. He KNOWS what Millions are going through every day.His Plan is For Universal Healthcare FOR ALL. Even people that have been Cancelled and Denied. He also would Regulate the Companies and make sure those Horrible Practices ceased. ( Hill's would not). He also has said that ALL Fees and Rates would be reviewed because we are paying too much. ( Hill has said in speechs - and I have watched many- that Rates would be capped- but if they are too high already- that does NO ONE any good- it is too late). Obama has made no promises to Pharmacy or Insurance Companies. Obama's Plan addresses Problems on all levels, and admits that we all are Paying too much for too little, he talks that it needs an overhaul. I would rather have someone that recognizes HOW broken it is be honest and willing to fix all of it. "Caps" is not enough. Please do look at Obama 's Plan in his website, and read it ( it is very similiar to John Edwards plan).

My personal Epilogue. I am an RN Without Health Insurance. I work really hard at attempting to be healthy and take of myself. I don't smoke, and I am not obese.I don't drink alcohol. I don't eat alot of salt, fat and sugar. I buy organic when I can. But after searching high and low, and being turned down by 14 companies. ( Because if you work partime and perdiem you have to buy an individual policy). I found a company, and within 4 monthe and after paying thousands of dollars, I was cancelled due to a Cardiac History and History of Cancer in my family. This is wrong...I am being denied care for two things totally beyond my control. And I will probally die younger because I am not being monitored for the two Risks that I do have.

So this year, I had to go to the ER, for the first time in many years, because I had a bad fall and smashed my illiac crest and hip.Within hours it was a bruise larger than a football, and the pain was like childbirth. I was treated terrible at the ER , like I was Invisible. I would think it was because I had No Insurance, but all the people around me also were treated as poorly, so I ended up taking care of 3 patients near me, hobbling about.It took many hours to get any care, and the care I got was less than adequate, and yet I know that it will be a bill for thousands. I dread it daily.And the Hip still has not healed, but there is nothing I can do.Nothing.

I am a nurse, I should not have such a story.....and there are Millions like me. 50 Million.

**{{ If you need more details and info- please see my Other Previous Health Care Post up in case people need more Information about the Plans, and was originally posted 2.1.08 , and last posted 2.21.08. The Song linked to the title:" Not Ready to make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks}}**


enigma4ever said...

I do apolgize for having to tell my own story, but I know that others need to share too, or if you have other thoughts on all of me at

Christopher said...

Very informative post.

Enigma, would you have insurance if you went full time? Would that be possible?

I've never heard of being denied insurance based on a credit score. That is insane.

Our country might as well change its name to the United Corporate States of America. It's become a fucking joke.

enigma4ever said...

I will explain my situation another time ( email) BUT this is what is worrisome- there are not alot of jobs here in Ohio....and many people work assorted schedules etc to make ends meet- Healthcare should not be based on HOW much or how little you work or if you are working it should be accessible, affordable and available to all.....there are over 400,000 here that are known to be unemployed- this does not count those that have fallen off the records - they should still be able to take care of their health while jobhunting.....
( and remember we are just ONE state- there are stories like this in EVERY state)

We treat it like healthcare like a "luxory item" in this Country.... yet it is as necessary for survival as Food or water....

Are we a Corporatocracy ? I worry we are- but if the NEW prez has made deals with the Drug Companies and the Insurance Companies- then the Pattern and the damage to our Nation continues...

TomCat said...

Obama's plan does not go far enough, in my opinion. What we need is national, single-payer, health care that cuts the greedy insurance companies out of the loop.

an average patriot said...

It is all part of the whole the purposeful demise of the average American in Bush's new societal order. You do not deserve what happened to you in the ER. I did a few stories on homeless dumping and the ER crisis from my own nightmare after a 6 hour wait and being sewn with no anesthesia.
Just think about it! First what stinks those like your self are left on their own but an illegal immigrant by law must be taken care of. Anyway Just look at how overwhelmed the Medical System and the ER is plus under good conditions, the equipment shortage, and you realize there is no way in hell we could handle a disaster of any type.

enigma4ever said...

I have said this before- you like Millions of others have been Duped by her....she even Duped Elizabeth Edwards, but by critically analyzing her plan and also Watching ALL of her cspan Speechs and Q&A' s (the few that she has had)....She has NOT been Truthful about her plan or how she will pay for it....YOU the Voter and Taxpayer will STILL carry ALL the weight for Healthcare- and YOU still can be Denied and Under-covered....

This I know I have been through both of them with Fine tooth Comb.....Hillary would have us ALL paying the Highest Rates , example for me- I was paying over 7400/year ( and that did not cover any care I got that year- I had to pay out of pocket 2000 ) NOW that is Obviously way more than I should and can afford....
that is way more than 10% of my income. In your speech on the road , on cspan she has been telling People that to get HER plan :
(1) You have to work fulltime, She Never addresses needs of Early retirees or Disabled or working poor.

(2) You have to pay up to 10% of your income- and THEN and ONLY then will it be capped.

(3) NO Guarantees ON WHAT that would Cover ANYTHING- surgery to eye care to dental to mental health care.

(4) Nothing has been said about regulating the Insurance Companies for Undercovering , DENYING and Cancelling Coverage- they should Face Criminal Charges for Negligence- and KNOWING Endangerment for putting Million at Risk....She would cut deals and have CLOSED door negogiations- this is WHY it failed the First time in the 90's.

(5) Universal healthcare can be done with multiple providers- we have made parts of it work for VETS, and MEDICARE- it can be done- with careful shifting and regualtion of providers , ages and requierments per State.


Tomcat- who do you trust more to Research the Hell out of this a NURSE of 20 years who has written to all the campaigns strategy people or a DC Insider that has gotten ALOT Donations from the Insurance Industry and the Phamaceuticals- SHE has made DEals that she has to fulfill...that is why she USED and Exploited and LIED that Awful Dead Ohio Woman story.

Don't be fooled.....The Lies about the Sniper Fire are nothing compared to the lies she is Telling about Healthcare and WHO it will take care of....

enigma4ever said...

I know that our "Hellthcare" system is Beyond Broken- I KNOW that......through and through...There is alot of work that needs to be done...But it need to be done in full view of the people....on CSPAN...and with NEW Ideas, and leadership and Task Forces of people like me- Nurses that have HUGE resumes full of Community care and that have fought with insurance carriers....and KNOW what the People need...Not some bureaucratic greedy insurance money analysists....etc etc..

The fact is you NOR I should have Horror Stories- I have worked ER- and PICU, PEDS, ICN, AIDS, Hospice, Been a Director of Nursing of Homecare, and Run a Non Profit doing healthcare research for 6 years...etc etc...I have over 20+++ years....and worked in many states....WE as a Country are in trouble- there is NO state that has it Right- but each state has come up with some good ideas to cope....

We need to take care of OUR people- ALL of them....and No One should have horror stories like you and me( there is actually more to my story....but I will blog more on it later...)

enigma4ever said...

Please read what I wrote, and also get the Bluebook off his website- it explains more...and even goes into detail, and also he even addresses the needs of VETS and Guard that have been abandoned....

I agree that the Greedy Insurance Companies need to be Stopped once and for all....

What really needs to be publicly released is WHAT and WHICH companies Provided care to the Federal Workers and yes, Senate and Congress- and THEN those Plans - which we all have already been paying for need to be Opened up to ALL of US....and the costs for Everyone would come down- and there will still be choice and care for all...(THAT is my Big idea) and Obama has actually spoken about doing this, or a form of that - when he speaks on the road- on tour and at rallies- NOW it would be nice if the Media would show an ENtire Speech on this...

Of course under McCain ALL of us would have the same plan- NO Help and NO Coverage....

D.K. Raed said...

HELL-thcare ... that is exactly right! Thank you for laying this all out so I can understand the details. I always learn so much from health professionals like yourself. And I'm so sorry for what people who are forced to use ER as a last resort have to endure. It's not right anywhere, but especially in a country as rich as ours.

As for pre-existing conditions, feh! Who are the insurance companies fooling? Everybody has them, even if they don't yet know they have them. When the condition finally manifests, then you find out how good (bad) your health insurance is. If congress can't agree on anything else, THAT particular form of discrimination should be immediately removed.

I have a somewhat different take on Elizabeth Edwards. I think she is trying to goad Obama into making a few changes to his healthcare proposals. I think she & John want to endorse him, but want to hear him address a few more things that are important to them. One of those things is to work toward eventually offering a single-payer option. They want him to talk about it the same way John Edwards did, as an eventual option.

Now about changing the constitution, that would take an amendment ... how about revising the Declaration of Independence? ... "Life, Liberty, Healthcare, and the pursuit of Happiness". works for me ...

Anon-Paranoid said...

Enigma my sweet rose...

Sorry for being off topic, however I wanted to post this comment I left at another site since you are familiar with my beloved pet Ginger.

For all Ginger's and my friends...

As I sit here barely able to write this and at a loss

for words, I wanted to thank all of you for your support

and comfort last year when Ginger was poisoned by Hill's

MD Dry Cat food.

Over the past week or so Ginger has not been eating very

much and with my daughter visiting for my birthday I

waited until she went home Saturday before calling the


Up until last week around Wednesday I noticed that she

was barely eating. At the time I thought that perhaps

she just had a cold or something or just wasn't feeling


By Friday when I got home from work I noticed that she

had stopped eating all together and know I had to get

her into the Vet to find out what the problem was. My

daughter wanted me to take her in Saturday morning, but

since her plane back home was a 2:30 pm flight I didn't

want to have her miss the plane.

This morning I called my Vet and told her I thought that

maybe Ginger had eaten contaminated food again, she was

not eating or having a bowel movement since Wednesday

and she said I should get her in so the Doctor could

look at her.

I took the rest of the day off, headed home and put

Ginger in her carrier and headed to the Vet's office.

Once there the Doctor looked at her and the assistant

took her temperature. She was unable to get a accurate

one as the thermometer could barely be inserted.

They weighed her and she was down to 21LB's since her

physical in December. They took her in the back to xray

her to see if see may be constipated or if there could

be any other problems.

When she came back in she had stopped doing the xray's

because after they had done the chest and heart area it

showed a Heart problem. Her chest was full of liquid

and her heart was floating making it hard for her to

breathe. She said i had to see a Specialist and called

the Hospital so they would be ready to see her the

minute I got there.

She gave Ginger a shot to help her breathe and I paid

the bill and headed over to the hospital.

On arriving at the hospital they took her immediately to

the back and I waited for a Doctor who was interning to

become a Specialist while the Doctor and those assisting

her looked at Ginger and the xray's I brought over.

The Doctor whom I saw the first time said Ginger had a

Heart Condition and was in very bad shape. They had

extracted about 100 Mililiters {I think that's the right

work} and around 15ML was a tablespoon and they had done

around 8 tablespoons so far. She then went back to

assist those working on Ginger.

When she returned she told me that Ginger did have Heart

Disease and they would have to get a electrocardiogram

to see what was going on with her heart. They had her

in a oxygen tent and I was informed of what they needed

to do .

I was even ask if it was okay to resuscitate if she went

under and I said yes. I was told that she would call me

later to let me know what the current status was.

Well I just got off the phone with her and she said

Ginger had DCM and it was congenital more than likely.

She informed me that she might not make it out of the

hospital and if she did Ginger might only last a month

or two.

All her heart walls were thin and she had trouble

pumping blood through her system because of this. I

don't know if she will be home or not and if it looks

like they are unable to get her home or if it appears

that there is nothing they can really do for her I told

them to put her down.

I paid the over two hundred dollars at my Vet's and two

thousand dollars which was a little over the two thirds

of her hospital cost which would exceed $2300 dollars.

I would give all I have if she would come home and be

healthy, however at this time I don't think I'll be

seeing her again.

To all of you who were very supportive last year I want

to thank you as your support meant so much too me.

I can't go on anymore, but I wanted you all to know that

Ginger and I thank you from the bottom of are hearts.

God Bless.

Christopher said...


The Borg Queen has duped a ton of people into thinking she really gives a rat's ass about them.

At the end of the day, the only person Hillary cares about is Hillary.

I'm through trying to get bloggers up to speed about the Borg Queen and her phony liberal bona fides. I have to focus on getting Jim through school and Obama elected president.

Any blogger with a high school education should be hip to the Clintons by now.

enigma4ever said...

Omg ....AnonP...I am soo so so sorry...I am writing you offline right now..I have a very good friend with a cat that has the same disease- and the cat is on heart meds right now, and has been for over 4 years.........Please Please do not lose Hope or faith...

Fluids and the Heart can be a dangerous situation for any creature- BUT it is a fixable - Dealable situation...

Please please I am very worried about you saying you can't go on....

( Chris I will answer in a Bit I have to go answer AnonP..VERY worried READ what he wrote...)

Anon-Paranoid said...


I'm sorry that some how it didn't post correctly. I just left it on d.k. raed's site also and had to correct the spacing.

The doctor said they would try, but were very worried she might not make it out of the hospital.

I was speaking about my writing the comment and it wasn't what you may have thought.

I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression to you and I appreciate your concern.

I have to go heat a cup of coffee and nuke a piece of pizza. I'll check back later on if I feel better.

Thank you so much, your concern was deeply felt and appreciated.

God Bless you.

enigma4ever said...

Oh thank god...
you did indeed worry me...
very much...
we love you so much..and Ginger and we do know what she means to you....

we all are praying for both of you....namaste...

WE are with you...

Mike said...

Anon, just wanted to say you and Ginger are in my thoughts, wish there was something I could do to help...........Hope Ginger ends up being ok.......its a terrible thing to lose a loved one.

I just hope she gets good care, from what i've heard health care for pets isnt any better than healthcare for people, but again i hope everything is ok with you guys.

enigma4ever said...

thank you ....I will make sure he sees...

No Blood for Hubris said...

Universal health care is what we need, not health care for some and not for others. We already have that.

Mike said...

Tomcat, I get what your saying that we need affordable Universal healthcare for EVERYONE and i agree..........personally i'm not completely crazy about either candidates healthcare plan............BUT Hillary is a liar.......mandating universal healthcare for everyong and fining those withiut the means to pay for said healthcare is not the answer.......WE NEED a plan that makes it available and affordable to EVERYONE to get healthcare.

CLINTON is ALL WRONG FOR THIS COUNTRY........Go look at what JR wrote about her......she is a a repug spewing dishonest repug talking points and trying to destroy anyone who stands in her way to seizing ultimate power.

enigma4ever said...

I will be honest is Obama's Good Enough- No...that is me- I am a Nurse- I am really really picky-and I have been thinking about this even longer than Hill- since I first started having to fight Insurance Companies for Care for AIDS pats - that was in the late * gulp) this Crisis has been Cooking FOR a LONG started under Reagon...

We need Universal and we need it MUCH SOONER than is Critical....Care for ALL....

Gryphen said...

Damn that is a long post!

But also a very good post. This is so your issue Enigma!

And I will tell your visitors what you are clearly too stoic to mention. And that is that you stood in line for hours right after you fell and got that giant bruise in order to cast your vote for Barack Obama.

And that is why are now, and will forever be, the "Obama mama".

I will be visiting often tomorrow. Because you know I will be waaay stressed out over the election returns.

Christopher said...

The Hillbots have an uncanny ability to ignore details like the Borg Queen's national healthcare plan would financially fine Americans who don't buy into it.

If you ignore the fine it will be reported to the 3 credit bureaus and your credit score will be negatively jeopardized.

Don't even get me started on her insane, neocon plan to threaten Iran with nukes. The woman is certifiably insane.

Mauigirl said...

Enigma, so sorry about your situation -very frustrating. Great post. This is truly going to be a bigger and bigger problem as the Baby Boomers age and need more and more care. Those of us who are downsized before we are eligible for Medicare may join the ranks of the uninsured just when we need more care.

I just posted also about the whole issue of long-term care and the aged. Our system is indeed broken.

I like Obama's plan because I think it is more apt to actually happen. It's all very well to say single-payer health care system, etc., but it just won't happen. Obama is realistic and I think his plan would actually be do-able.

Anonymous said...

I saw the interview with Keith Olbermann where she did just repeat a whole bunch of neocon lies about Iran and threaten them with nuclear destruction. Holy fuck she's crazy.

enigma4ever said...

I saw it too...Scary...We are seeing and learning things every day that we did not all....But maybe we were meant to see her true colors?

thank you for blogging on health issues- I really am grateful ( sometimes I feel Like I am out here yelling in the wind...) ALL of us are in are right...this Problem is NOT going away and it is very much tied to aging boomers but also the war, the economy- they are are all woven together...and his Plans and the Transparency of them is WHAT we need- and they are the best plan out there and if down the road he could weave in Edwards Plan and Kucinich ( who's plan rocked)....that would be a collaborative approach....

As a Nurse that has studied this here and abroad and in MANY states- there are Working Solutions....that can be tried and is Dooable....very...

enigma4ever said...

Gryphen: outed me...
Yes it is true...I did Vote that weekend and yes, I also did go stand in line for many hours with my see Obama Saturday February 23rd Here in Cleveland....And yes, I stood in line for Both of those, for hours....( and yes I did Early Voting- and I still had to stand in Line...)

( and yes, I would have crawled through Fire and Glass to see Obama with my son...and TO VOTE...I still have the Bruise- I think it was my way of getting a Tattoo?)

Gman I will be here all day ...yes cleaning and grinding my teeth and burning something on the come on by....

The Healthcare Plan is critical...and is so tied up to our Economy is a Human Right Katrina in Every state...
Light a Candle...Breathe Deep ....we can do this....YES WE CAN....Have Hope...

Fran said...

Whew! Sick Healthcare Heartbreak.
This country has no excuse to not care for people. But the insurance lobby has congress by the balls. It should be criminal to omit those with chronic conditions. The whole point of having insurance is to create a pool of $ that covers all participants.
I sat through supplimental insurance presentation byy AFFLAC- you know the company with the duck squawking AFFLAC in it' s commercials. The rep went on & on about all the wonderful program choices. In the end he said AFFLAC will not cover anyone with diabetes or heart conditions.
Hmmm funny they don't mention THAT in their commercials.
My Mom pays $500 a month out of pocket for
for her meds-- that medicare does not cover.
That's $6000 bucks a year.
I have had to go to the ER for various adventures, and I see them packed- with real emergency cases, and folks who just have no choice. I'm sure they would rather not bring their sick kids there- but when you have no other choice, what are you going to do?
There is no limit to what they can charge, for both meds & services. Our local non profit made millions & is way above the norm for what others charge nationwide. Not like you can shop around when you need a hospital STAT.

My biggest reservation about Hillary is that she is already hooked up with the lobbiests.
She already owes favors, and we all know how that game goes.

AnonP~ So sorry to hear you are going through this. Our dog of 14 years, begn to have seizures this summer, and had to be put down. I don;t know how many hundreds of dollars of diagnostics we had done, but in the end, the Vet said he would continue to have seizures, he was getting old, and my son, who was home with him that week, said he never wanted to watch him have to go through that again. It;s hard to say goodbye to a dear friend/pet/family member, but in the end, your pet will no longer suffer.
Still you suddenly realize how close you are & how your lives are intertwined. The circle of life can be hard at times, but it can be comforting to know the pet does not suffer & is at peace.
Be good to yourself.

enigma4ever said...

Thank you Fran....for weighing in about our HEELTH mess...funny how all of us have stories and tales...none of it is needs fixing...

Thank you for comforting anonp....

we will see what happens,...

TomCat said...

E4e, I do not doubt you research, and I trust you agree that I do it pretty well myself. All the holes you point out in Clinton's plan are there. While I cannot find holes in Obama's plan, I can't find out enough information about it to evaluate it properly. I'm not taking sides here. I just want something better for America than either has offered.