Sunday, September 28, 2008


Promise me to go see some of these great Alaskan blogs and read about how they want the rest of the Country to Know that they are very much Anti Palin ....they had another Huge Rally, 2000 people with wonderful signs. Do go to these Blogs and read their signs....Mudflats has a great write up and tons of photos, and more here at Immoral Minority by Gryphen. and then there is Progressive Alaska with tons of video. And another great blog Alaska Hockey Moms for Obama. and then there's Shannyn Moore who has even more on it. It is important to realize that 2000 to show up for a rally is Historic there....So go read about The Rally, check out all their photos and great signs and watch all the video.

Up In Alaska they feel like they have become McCainistan and they are not happy that McCain has taken over their Governor' Office and also their governor.....and yes with all the revelations about Palin they are NOT happy with her ( from the Troopergate to the Wasted Money to creationism to banned books and to witness paid rapekits to the Road to Nowhere to her weird scary church to to the Seccession Group ...etcetc)......BUT Alaskans we hear YOU, we hear your Courage and your Integrity....We really do.

More Updates on Press:
On a national level McClatchy covered the Event.

On another level Palin went to a Bar on Friday Night to watch the Debate ( yeah-really classy)...and there were about 400 protestors ourside Booing and Hissing and holding up signs....So Maybe the Alaskans have started more about the Philly "Love".
So Watch the Video , the slideshow of the crowds and great sign...and hey Gryphen is in the video...


Gryphen said...

Thanks for covering this Enigma.

I can feel your support all the way up here.

tom said...

Sara Palin, (moosolini) will be unable to actuall answer questions, she will FOLD like a cheap lawn chair......Biden need only answer the questions posed, and smile while Sara Plain and uninformed babbles, this debate will be the icing on the cake!!!

enigma4ever said...

Gryphen:: bethca !!!

fold like a cheap lawn chair...omg...too funny..

Puck You Palin said...

We support you!!!

Check out PUCKYOUPALIN.COM. It was created for and dedicated to all those individuals (including hockey moms) who are insulted, disappointed and just fed up with Sarah Palin.

enigma4ever said...

puck you palin:
what a great name- must be a Hockey fan....or mom? great..