Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Finally....Last Day of Summer

This was a Photo taken last weekend at the ANTI Palin Rally in Alaska, where 1400 people showed up and protested by a library there. I am posting it, because that rally and those photos were some of the Highlights of a really bad really awful week. There was IKE and it's aftermath, which has been frustating to try to cover as there is limited information and reporting. Although we no even in spite of the media blackout that many are suffering without proper supplies,
proper food, water, power and medical care.It is beyond Negligence that it is covered the way the Whitehouse wants, it is pandering propaganda. If I see ONE more articale quoting Chertoff I will throw up...In spite of that you can scroll down through the week and see that it did get coverage here.

The Media is finally covering Palin less of a wonder child and more like the Nightmare she is, and they are also finally covering some of the tough talk by Biden and Obama, and I will keep posting Obama and Biden kicking ass. In the Meantime down below do read about Jack Cafferty as he has been really doing a great job telling the Truth on it. The Best Speech of the week by Obama is here, a clip of him really telling it like it is about McCain and his Lobbyist Buddies. And More about McCain and the Bush Crappy Economic Policies and where we are now.

Also there is plenty on Mooselini and McInsane. I will be updating through the day here...Scroll Down there is plenty so far for this whole month. "Come Talk to Me" really is the right song for today and you know you can always talk here... More Later today.

Future Community Organizers hard at work....Gotta Love them...
If you look in your Childrens' Eyes you can see the Future....Friday Song "In Your Eyes" Peter Gabriel

1PM Update::
Obama has started talking about solutions on the trail and people and MSM are listening and spreading his messege.

2PM Update:::
Oh gee Palin is starting to drag down McCoot numbers... and so that must be why his venues are still EMPTY and People Leave ?

4PM Update:
This is NOW the 3rd time I have tried to Update this post, BLOGGER keeps eating the edits and updates...Bush and the FEDs signed into law today a Bailout Program..WHO it will help admidst the Financial Hemmorhaging, the Corporate Entities ? The Middle Class ? WHO ? and will it make a difference....Time will tell.....Bush took action many many monthes too late in my book...I will try to post I find them.


Dean Wormer said...

Polls are starting to come back into alignment. Like you I'm bummed that it seems so close but it was always going to be close. Half the country isn't voting in an election they're supporting a team. They're the ones that are so happy about the new backup quarterback the reds drafted.

Obama will squeak this out. The alternative is unthinkable.

HelenWheels said...

My gawd, McLame didn't even know what country Spain is yesterday, I think he might have alzheimers after all... OMG, and people will still vote for him like they did RayGun.

The problem is, there is no squeaking by. Obama has to win BIG or the GOP will steal it. They are up to it all over the swing states.

Can you believe what an utter, miserable failure 8 years of the shrub has been? IS there any disaster he's missed? Let's see.... biggest terrorist attack on his watch, 2 wars, recession, stock market crash, Katrina & Ike handled miserably, crumbling infrastructure...

The man is a walking NUKULAR bomb!

enigma4ever said...

yeah I am serious I do think there is something wrong with him....