Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bailout, " the Greatest Intervention Since the Great Depression"

That is what all the Sunday Posts are saying...Seems surreal that just a week ago we were still reading about Lipstick and other shinola. The post I attached to the Title makes it clear that there is More trouble to come, and that this "remedy" is far from perfect. Last Weekend , Bush partied at the White House on the 16th, having a State Dinner for Ghana and a private Performance of the Lion King, while Paulson ran to New York to try to work out solutions for Failing Wallstreet Entities.And the Asian Markets nosedived last Sunday night- and I sat and watched on CNBC and thought WOW, is Anyone in Charge Watching this Mammoth OH SHIT moment unfold ?

Read the Article ....learn more....Is it Enough ? Is it In Time ? Or is that all relative now...?

the Bigger Question is we keep hearing about is will it help Wallstreet, what about Main Street......All of US...??

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