Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Chinese Baby Formula Nightmare.....Has Now Reached US Shores- Recalls

PLEASE DO READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT US RECALLS:::: The Melamine is in more foods than we thought...yes, Baby Products.

(first posted 9.19.08,updated daily)
This situation is deteoriating daily, over 6000 sick babies, and 150 in hospital, and many needing dialysis, and suffering renal damage and kidney stones.It now involves Melamine in Milk, Milk products, yogurt, and powerder formula.This Crisis is worrisome as it has alot of the Catfood Nightmare attached to it- Melamine is the same chemical that was added to catfood that sicked and killed thousands here last year. Why they add this plastic chemical to food to boost Protein levels is beyond me....

More Updates tonight 9.20.08, NOW China has admitted that this nitrogen product is not really a protein and can be found in milk products, Starbucks in Asia is pulling it 's milk products and powder.....the total of sick infants is 13,000, and also Hong Kong has patients now as well.... Other countries are starting to wonder if it has entered their countries as well. In another article it explains that the Milk there is watered down , now why a Nitrogen Based Chemical that is used to make Plastics would be used as a thickner is very strange.40,000 children have actually been treated for symptoms. Now outside countries have started banning Milk Based products from China., including India, Bangladesh. Today the Number reaches 53,000 and many countries are reviewing whether they go Milk based Powder from China, directly or indirectly.

Tainted Food Products other countries and Malaysia. Food products being pulled coffee products, candies and chocolates... Read More....

9.24.08 Update:::
Today the Global recalls began and Food began to be tested in foreign countries: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Britian, chocolates, yogurts , and candies and other milk products.

9.28.08 Update:::
12 of 18 Food Products in Indonesia have the Melamine product and have had to pull many mil based products.

10.01.08 Update:::
Turns out the Milk Companies asked the Government for help for a Cover Up Is it worth wondering that the Coverup occurred after the Pet Food Disaster.

10.01.08 Update::
US has now found some of the Contaminated Chinese Milk Products, Conn and California Read More.


Fran said...

And the US? Too busy paying for wars & fixing their many failure bailouts to pay attention to this serious health issue?

Who'd a thunk?

enigma4ever said...

I have been watching this for over a week- ever since our pets had the SAME thing last year I have worried about Baby Formula...I even wrote to the FDA....The FDA failed AGAIN...

Do read the article- it will turn out to be quite a list of foods...