Friday, September 26, 2008

Night Two of Dave Letterman Skewering McCoot...

Okay...down below I posted the Dave Clip from Night one- and when I first posted it only 12 people had viewed it NOW it has been viewed over 2 Million Dave !!!!

So On Night 2....Dave was not ready to let it all..Watch...

And Also Wasilla Residents do the Top 10 Things we need to Know about Palin..(this is for Gryphen)

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Substitute Teacher / retired Newsguy said...

Obama screwed up on one important point. McCain practically DARED Obama to bring up the fact that he had consistently voted against veteran's benefits, including those just now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan -- Veterans shattered in their bodies and in their minds.

McCain mentioned veterans a couple of times, and how he supported veterans. Bullshit. Obama never followed up by pointing out that McCain had NOT supported veteran's benefits, in fact had voted AGAINST benefits. It could have been a devastating moment for McCain, an embarrassing moment.

What was Obama thinking?