Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Receiving Excellent Reviews In First Debate against McCoot....

It's very early Saturday Morning...Here are some of the assembled reviews from a variety of sources.
First Reviews coming in at 4am ....and posted :
First Off my Favorite Review of the Debate is by Will.I.Am because he really tells it like it is.

Daily News Called McCain "McCan't".....and more.

Eugene Robinson of Wapo has more more perspective.

TIME rates both of them and Obama did very well.

Baltimore Sun has another perspective explaining how Presidential Obama was.

McClatchey has even more fact checking and analysis.

And Willie Brown in the SF Chronicle will make you smile.

Gail Collins of the NYT has an interesting post about it about McCain being Bearish....

UPI - Most Polls declare Obama the Winner and looks at a variety of polls.

Anf Robert Shrum's " I think we know WHO the Next President will be", is a wonderful article that highlights some of the better moments.

Really Amazing POLL results you gotta see.HUGE Obama Numbers from Independents.

We all watched the Debate, and we saw how well Obama did....we Know A Change is Gonna Come....

All over the Country and the World Last night people gathered to watch this clubs, living rooms and pubs....

{{ Thank you to all that helped Liveblog thank you for believing it is getting better...}}

*** Do see the Guardian Poll it will make you smile.
This was posted at 5am, More will be added during the day. LIVE Blog posts below....

7PM Update Polls::
After his erratic and reckless response to the economic crisis, McCain needed a game-changer last night to restore his campaign. He didn't even come close.

In a CBS News poll, uncommitted voters see Barack as the debate winner. When it comes to the economy, 66% say Barack would make the right decisions versus 42% for McCain.

The CNN poll results are in more detail also clear:

Who did the best job tonight?
Barack: 51
McCain: 38

Who would better handle Iraq?
Barack: 52
McCain: 47

Who would better handle the economy?
Barack: 58
McCain: 37

So How Many Times did McCain remember to atleast Mention the Middle Class Last Night ????

ZERO....yup..Zero....We are Invisible to this Rich Man....

Via TPM:

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll
Obama (D) 49%, McCain (R) 44%

Obama (D) 48%, McCain (R) 43%

Research 2000 / Kos
Obama (D) 49%, McCain (R) 43%

Obama (D) 50%, McCain (R) 44%

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Distributorcap said...

i knew i could count of you to make it easy to see the reviews!

u r d best

kid said...

Guess who Fox said who won ? Yea, check out Newshounds for the results.

kid said...

If you're on pins and needles , they said ,BARACK.

Fran said...

Katie Couric said this question of what Kissinger had said came up before so she went to Kissinger to ask the question & yes he does support open dialog as a part of diplomacy.

McCain argued this point & said he's known Kissinger for 35 years~ and he does NOT support the dialog.

I don;t know, I am so disgusted with government I can't stand anything that resembles the current disaster/trainwreck of an administration we have had to endure.

enigma4ever said...

yeah- I think we are all exhausted by the daily Bush Trainwreck....I always say it is a Titannical Regime- but really how many times did the Titannic Go Down?????

are you kidding me ???REALLY ???REALLY???omg....

ahhh thanks...well, gotta share all this ;-).....gotta

( oh hell I was so happy to find all these great reviews I had to share them ;-)

Mauigirl said...

I am so glad to see all the positive reviews! The reviews after the debate are even more important than the debate itself in influencing public opinion!

Substitute Teacher / retired Newsguy said...

Obama was too NICE. HE didn't hit McCain nearly hard enough.

And McCain couldn't bring himself to even look at the Knee-grow, who obviously had no right to be standing on the stage with The Commander.

One of the reasons Obama was too nice, of course is the fact that too many Americans can't abide the scary thought of a black man getting angry.

kid said...

Hey E, Frank Luntz tried to spin it but,he did good according to their pol which means if he blew them out on a Conservative Fixed News poll like that then...

MandT said...

Did you see that McCoot reduced Eugene Robinson to hysterics. He could barely stop laughing.

Utah Savage said...

Thank you so much for this summing up of it all. I have a friend in San Francisco who called me three times last night and he was hysterical because he thought we the people like our leaders to be STRONGMEN who bully their opponents. I tried to calm him down, but now I see I need to send him here for some real reassurance. This is a great service you are providing. Thank you dear

X. Dell said...

The most curious thing to me is the Daily News's assessment, because of its right-wing bias. I'm thinking that the hardcore of that group are sorely disappointed in him, and that could sour Republican voter enthusiasm come November.

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks for the reviews. There were times & points in the debate where I wanted Obama to call McC on his BS, but overall, I felt he looked very good, very calm & reassuring next to the festering pit of McCain's Brain.

Can't wait for the national polls next week to see the bounce! Hopefully the voters are not too dug in to have some honesty. Honesty! What a concept!

enigma4ever said...

Hey all....Thanks for all the Feedback and nice comments..

Honesty ? huh? what is that??? I am looking for the betcha...

Xdell: yeah...Daily and FOX think they don't trust mccain - too labile..

good to see you - sorry I have not been out much in blogatopia...yeah, do send your friend here- there is plenty reassure him...for sure...
blogging is what I can do to help this election and all of's all good...

yup...that is partly why I had to post his post today up above ;-)

yup...unreal..FOX ????wow..I mean the Fixed folks maybe are not in love with McCain anymore ???( he did act nuts this week)...

yup...we can look for more postive news...and how people respond to him...he did great...( we all thought so) but to see him bouncing even in the early

Jackie said...

I think if Obama had called McCain out on all his lies last night, it would've taken up all of Obama's allotted time.

Do you think that was part of McC's plan?

The few times O did call McC out, he did it brilliantly.

Thanks for your work, Enigma!

enigma4ever said...

you are more than welcome..and yeah, I have thought about what you said, Obama realized that he needed to stick to his own messege and show WHO he was....the lies revealed themselves...they really did...

D.K. Raed said...

Well, hmmm, now Jackie has me wondering too. It wouldn't be the first time that kind of fried brain strategy has been used. If so, I take back any criticism I may have had about Obama letting much of McC's BS slide by.

ooooh, love the bounce so far! It should double after the Biden-Palinist debate. We need double digit leads.

kid said... Poll Shows Obama Won Debate
Reported by Ellen - September 27, 2008 - 519 comments

Not long ago, at 2:25 AM ET, on September 27, 2008,'s question of the day on the America's Election HQ page asked whether John McCain or Barack Obama won last night's debate. Obama is currently ahead 54-46%. It's not a scientific poll but given that readers are probably more conservative than a representative sample would be, we have to view this as a very good sign for Obama. Screen grab after the jump.

Hey E... Meet John Doe! I got this from Newshounds.

enigma4ever said...