Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Sabotaged Bailout to Bailout his Own Plunging Campaign ......

This Guardian Article gets it right.Even across the Pond they get it....He went to DC met with the House Conservative Repugs and stoked their rage with Boehner, then he went to the Whitehouse, sat quietly by as he had already sabotaged the Process, mumbled a few unsubstantive words sitting grinning gleefully as his Coup against the Dems, His Own party, and the Whitehouse was in full motion.....He learned well from Keating 5.

( The NEW Repug plan that was coughed up last night that has McShit's finger prints all over it- is full of MORE De-Regulation and Tax Breaks and Cuts for their Crony creative...yet another way to Sabotage Any kind of Problem Solving for the American People or Mainstreet...Read Posts below on the Last Night Titannical Manueverings and McCain's Kabuki Theater at the Whitehouse Yesterday.)

More on McInsane's Bumbling Intervention and 4th Quarter Interference.

And WaPo ( Eugene Robinson has more) calling him for the Drama King that he is.

Paul Krugman makes it clear WHY Some kind plan needs to be pursued doing nothing is NOT an option.


Dean Wormer said...

You know I didn't think this plan was a good idea but I do think there's definetly a psychological element to our economy and I resent that McCain's playing games with that by screwing around here.

I'm with you that the guy's an asshole.

enigma4ever said...

I didn 't support Paulson's plan- I did support the dems and repugs and Dodd working together- and Dodd's plan was NOthing like Paulson's....

BUT that McCoot did this for his OWN good....not the country - stinks....

enigma4ever said...


TOPICSMergers & Acquisitions INDUSTRIESFinancial Services

The federal government has arranged for Washington Mutual to sell its
deposits and some branches to JPMorgan Chase, people briefed on the
matter said Thursday night.

The deal does not include any branches in New York City.

Washington Mutual has seen its stock slide nearly 88 percent this year.

The firm recently hired Goldman Sachs to solicit potential buyers, and
the list has included the likes of Citigroup, Wells Fargo, HSBC and
Banco Santander.

While Washington Mutual argued that it has adequate capital, it has
suffered debilitating downgrades of its credit rating over the past
two weeks, endangering its financial health.

The talks have continued amid heightened concern about all financial
companies and an intense political battle over creation of a giant
bailout fund on Capitol Hill. Washington Mutual plunged into the
subprime mortgage and credit card business over the last few years,
and has been ravaged by the worsening housing crisis. Analysts suggest
that it could rack up losses totaling $30 billion or more.

Washingon Mutual had struggled to find a partner earlier this year
willing to inject fresh funds in its ailing business. This spring, it
balked at an offer from JPMorgan Chase to buy the entire company.
Instead, TPG, the big private equity firm, led a group of investors
that made a $5 billion capital injection in April.

–Andrew Ross Sorkin, Eric Dash and Michael J. de la Merced

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont make me repeat myself - u know i i feel

D.K. Raed said...

McShit! E, you sure got a way with words; I like it! He doesn't leave fingerprints, he leaves an awful smelly stain wherever he has been. They probably had to steam clean the chair he sat on at the WH roundtable yesterday. Did you catch that Cheney was glaring at him? Of course early on, Cheney had brought all these now-rebelling repubs into his personal asskicking chamber to threaten them, but they apparently don't fear his power too much these days.

So the BIG alternate plan that the McShit rebel-repubs came up with starts with a 2-yr suspension on Capital Gains Taxes? OMG, THAT's THEIR BAILOUT PLAN???? No wonder Paulson looked shocked. It really IS a non-starter & wouldn't do a single thing to help the situation.

D.K. Raed said...

He really said, as an old navy pilot I know when a crisis calls for all hands on deck?!?!? Beyond the obvious military ("I am so patriotic and I was also a shot-down bomber-pilot POW in case you have forgotten") reference, he admitted to being O-L-D!!!! Must be slipping cuz I've never heard him call himself that!

Also, that "all hands on deck" was code for "the ship is sinking" ... hmmm, HIS ship or the ship of state? They are both the same in his "mind" (an increasingly dark & scary place to be).

enigma4ever said...

Yeah...ALL hands on the Titannic..and the Band played on and on and on...

you got it right DK....

I know how you feel friend...I do....and you know I don't support bailing out the bastards...I am worried about Mainstreet- all levels...and I did not support Paulson's joke of a plan...BUT I did support OUR elected sitting their asses down and working on it- problem solving...and I am furious that the Narcisstic Old McShit placed himself in the middle of it so he could resuscitate his campaign...