Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PAULSON'S COMPANY TO GET TOP BAILOUT PRIZES......Well, that ain't right...matter of fact there was Nothing About Restricting the CEO Golden Parachutes

Paulson was with Goldman Sachs until 2 years ago., making 38 Million /year, he is worth over 300 Million, when he stepped into this job 22 monthes ago ( definently not a man of the Common People, which would explain WHY he would speak to our Elected Folks like he was a CEO holding a Board Meeting)....So this is a little concerning to see them get a hefty handout that any CEO would get a Bonus, and we should use OUR money so they get THEIRS ?....The Hearings have been very very tense, the Repugs and Dems are all asking Tough questions...Paulson looks sweaty, nervous....You could cut the tension with a chainsaw....Paulson is blinking alot...If Perry Mason was watching he would say Paulson is Hiding Something...There is Something we are Missing...and we still have not been told WHAT the Rush is, the Panic???.....

Jim Cramer did today talk about he is concerned that if this situation is not resolved in next 7-10 days, there will be a Depression....he said it....wow.


Christopher said...

As a member of the medical community, you're going to love this one.

Today, the EPA ruled the American people don't mind drinking rocket fuel in our nation's water supply.

Yep, wave buh-bye to the thyroid.

Now, this government is openly trying to kill us.

I have the link up.

Fran said...

This total & retroactive immunity, in a big hurry mode (because of vacation???!!!) is most troublesome.
Oregon Senator Wyden called it a "Financial Bridge to Nowhere".
If the biggest early agenda item is total immunity, then obviously there is something illegal brewing.

Deregulation got us into this mess, immunity would give undue power & plunder to this SNAFU.

I have e mailed all my congresspeople with a brief rant about NO NO NO to this hurried bailout.... they did not get into this problem in 1 week & we are not going to get out of it in 1 week.

Furthermore-- if Bush is very very confident this will work, then I am even more worried.

HelenWheels said...

Christopher, that's so galling I don't even know how to respond.

Thanks for posting about this Engima. I was too afraid to watch.

Yes, if the shrub likes this plan that's 100% proof it's a scam.

enigma4ever said...

hey all you are wittier than me...I have nothing nice to say at this point ;-)

HelenWheels said...

Enigma, Chris, did you see Rachel tonight??? And Countdown? The Rick Davis Story? Holy shit! I posted about it. WHAT the hell? After all McCoot has been crowing about Obama's supposed ties to FreddieMac & FannieMae, his own campaign manager has been taking 15K a month up until a month ago from FreddieMac? For NO WORK? Sounds like lobbyesque bribery to me.

Obama needs to sprint with this one.

holy crap!!