Monday, September 29, 2008

NEXT CHAPTER OF THE BAILOUT DEBACLE:::: ( I worry that Mainstreet is already taking the hit for all of this...)

I don't know about you....but in my gut I am worried...Like 3 AM worried...Like are we being Duped ? and HOW badly ? and HOW badly have they fucked things up ? I want to KNOW and WHY has the MSM not mentioned even ONCE the FBI Investigations in days?? I know the World is needing to see Some Action taken...and Some Response ? but on another level I am worried about our homes, retirement accounts, savings etc....HOW badly have the Fat Cats misbehaved ? I will post updates through the day. I am not trying to panic or fearmonger..I am just expressing some thoughts...Either way I will keep posting relevant Information as I try to learn more and share it with you....We are all in this together...( song linked to the title).

"If this is not going to be welfare for Wall Street, then my inclination is to support it because I think Main Street is now at stake," Obama said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "This could affect every sector of the economy." I have a feeling it ALREADY has effected Mainstreet and will continue to do so...

FIRST THE ACTUAL NEW PROPOSED BAILOUT 110pages. try linking here and also you can leave Comments.

4 AM Update::
This NYT article will make you take pause.... And then there's Robert Reich's Post about it on his own Blog, he is pretty wise, which is why he was in Clinton's Cabinet.

And this Mother Jones Article Explains alot of Background about the Bailout.

Bradford and Bingley ( HUGE UK Bank , Lender) seized by UK Govt read more, we need to read more. Fortis in Belgium, Holland, and this Seizure we would be smart to read about HOW it works, as these Nationalized Banks might teach us what we need to do.
( the post from last night has about FORTIS).

Under New Proposed Plan Paulson will still have too much unparalleled power. ( LA Times),

I mean let's be real...This Titannical Regime has ruined another Country and ruined WHOLE cities here with their blundering dangerous ineptitude, and NOW the Economy .....At this point it is not about even about rearranging the Deck Chairs, it is about that there are not enough Life Boats....and what if it is Just Lifeboats for the Fat Cats ? I want to know.
In the Meantime...Monday Music...."Hold On, Hold Out" Jackson Browne...or you can listen to Stay....

"People you've got the power over what we do ,
You can sit there and wait or you can pull us through" [From "Stay"]


Christopher said...

No Bailout for the 'New' Iraq.

Babel, a central Iraqi province, is on alert after Iraqi authorities declared it a disaster zone marking the country's latest cholera outbreak.

At least five people died on Thursday while 90 new cases had been reported, local and national health officials said.

Babel's provincial council, said: "The laboratory reports from Babel health department indicate there are 200 cases of suspected cholera, vomiting and diarrhea in the province".

At least 20 people, including seven children and two women, have died from cholera in the past three days, a local official said.

Salih al-Hasnawi, Iraq's health minister, said years of war have degraded water-treatment facilities in Iraq and deprived many Iraqis of clean drinking water.

"These conditions had contributed to the cholera outbreak," he said.

So, while Henry Paulson, with the support of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, prepare to bailout Wall Street criminals, how about bailing out Iraqis who have no fresh drinking water and who are dying of cholera?

enigma4ever said...

As I said...just one more piece of the Titannical Agenda of this regime...

And along those lines..I hope and pray that the People of Galveston and Texas don't get Cholera, the People of IKE are forgotten too...totally invisible...of course if Galveston had AIG that might be why...or the OIL rigs....

Bush has known for monthes that this was on the horizon- I would say he even knew that when he chose Paulson..

well, he could not say the "R" he can learn how to say the "D" word...

Anonymous said...

To answer your first question - yes, I'm worried we're being duped.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u know how i feel now i dont wanna read any more, and my recent post is a critique of the 106 pages of the eesa 2008

Fran said...

I wonder if this bailout will effect Social Security, which was already in jeopardy before this crisis hit.

Is there another something they are not telling us?

I don't like the rushed nature of this. More independent financial experts should have the ability to review & comment on the final draft. By hurrying, I fear there will be plan loopholes that we will get stuck holding the bag.

I favor dumping Paulson. The more I think about it, having a Wall Street insider running this makes me feel very uncomfortable. In a way he helped us get into this mess. If you had an accountant or finance manager who f'ed up, you would fire that person, right?
Certainly not allow that same person oversee the fix.

Paulson should be shown the door.

Dean Wormer said...

"Titannical Agenda"

I am soooo going to steal that when I get a chance. I'll credit you. Via asterisk.

enigma4ever said...

Steal away...It is my favorite term that I made up....and I love because well hell- it fits ;-)

I think everybody and everything is at risk...retirement to SS...I would not be surprised that number they picked is not random..

I am heading your way tonight....hang in there friend...

yup..we are all worried...we have a brain..we are way past being able to say the "R" word...beyond fucked..