Monday, September 29, 2008

McCoot's HUGE Gambling Problem....[orginally posted 9.28am)

Did anyone else wonder about Cindy's American Express Bill that was over 750,00 dollars one month this year ? And has anyone else noticed that McCain takes EVERY weekend off ? ( turns out he needs those weekends to go to New Jersey and Vegas to gamble)....And did anyone else watch the Indian and Abramoff Hearings - McCain was very interested....but in an odd kind of way, and according to other articles he closed off certain files and information about that Investigation and now we know why......Well, it turns out that he was VERY interested and so were his "supporters", atleast 40 of them also have Gambling Problems...and NYTimes and Huffpost have HUGE pages on this today...And it ain't pretty at all. Makes me think twice about Cindy too, her drug problem....and her "Broken " wrist ? There is alot of Trouble with McCoot, his temper, his unreleased medical records, his erratic behavior, his Suspension Stunts this week while he schemed and manuevered to bash the Bailout Negogiations from the sideline....This is a man with BIG Problems...Dangerous Problems....We don't need Anyone Shooting Craps with our Future.


D.K. Raed said...

I just read the article you linked. Wow! So McC's not only a gambler, but he's dirty with casino campaign contributions. His only concern over Abramoff was that Jack was stealing "his" indians?!! Where the holy f*ck does this guy get off? Sorry, but reading about McC's casino lobbyist ties pissed me off. What a "good old boy" McC really is. Maverick, my ass.

enigma4ever said...

He also had witheld some emails about Different Indian Tribes and also Different Abramoff issues....and NOW we know WHY.....yeah...screwing the Indians...even in his own state...and OTHER states...

X. Dell said...

According to a number of sources close to him, among them former Special Agent William Turner, J. Edgar Hoover suffered from a compulsion to gamble--badly. Because of this, he had close ties to organized crime, in particular a mobster named Johnny Roselli, who owned the race track where Hoover and Tolson spent countless weekends, all comped.

No one was surprised, therefore, that J. Edgar continued to deny the existence of the Mafia until the Valachi hearings conducted by Attorney General Robert Kennedy proved otherwise.

In short, the gambling compromised him throughout his career, because it made him beholden to others who would prefer to remain under the radar.

If the same were true about McCain (and honestly, right now I won't assume that), then it could be a very serious problem that could pressure him to act in accordance to the dictates of organized crime, highly financed lobbyists of government contracts (ala Spiro Agnew). So it's not that the public can take such an accusation lightly. Nevertheless, I would be very careful to distinguis rumor from fact at this point, because that could really blow up in the face of the Democratic Party. After all, the Republicans have mostly runa campaign based on smear. If this and alelgations of spousal abuse turn out to be false in whole or fact, that might allow Republicans to dismiss criticism of their strategy by saying, "Look, both sides are doing it. Why are you letting him get away with it and not me?"

BTW, something similar happened in the 2000 campaign with Jim Hatfield's publication of Fortunate Son. In this case, the speculative accusations carried considerable weight, but the book was dismissed because Hatfield lied to his publisher (St. Martin's) about a prior conviction for attempted murder. Consequently, the book being touted as an indictment of Bush's fitness for high office because of continued alcohol and cocaine usage were mooted. And, of course, later on we would hear reports of Bush falling off the wagon during his administration. At any rate, the vast majority of Americans, even within his own party, consider him unfit for high office.

I note that the ad itself doesn't go nearly as far, and sticks with the facts at hand (that he had ties to casino lobbyists, etc., and they raised money for him). I'm unsure, however, how that might affect undecided voters.