Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday 42 days to go folks....

In 2006 this was the Song that kept us all Fired Up...I dare you show it to one idiot that is voting for McCoot....We CAN DO THIS...We can help Obama win this Election....because we are in BIG trouble...and the MSM is still blinded with their man crush or whatever....BUT in 2006 it was Bloggers and those People reading the Internets that Made the Difference....

Think of ALL the stories that the Midnight Bloggers have pounded the Downing Street Memo, the Lies about WMD, the 911 Story and the need for an Investigation, Katrina, Abu Gahrib, Gitmo, the Tillman Story, Plamegate,Katrina Trailers, Missing Money in Iraq, Crappy VET Care and PTSD, Global Warming, Stolen Elections of 2000 and 2004, Keith 's Special Comments,...

THE POWER IS YOU....WE ARE THE CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR....now get out there bang doors, blog, talk to your neighbors....

About the Bailout call your reps in DC tell them that you support Dodd's Plan not the Paulson Slushfund..... not sure of Dodd's Plan here goes you know what to do....especially about the 32 damn words.

2:33PM:::: OBAMA GIVING PRESSER IN TAMPA( BEFORE A RALLY) ABOUT THE FINANCIAL MESS...EXCELLENT SPEECH- AND NOW TAKING QUESTIONS, I WILL PUT IT UP WHEN I FIND IT ON YOUTUBE. He came out strong for ORDINARY FOLKS...The Hearings have been grueling...stock market has been dumping all day. Obama made it very clear that the Bailout is NOT to bailout CEO"S and their Golden Parachutes....Chris Dodd just sent an Emergency Note out to the AP- that the PLAN AS is Not acceptable ( read by Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC ). From watching the Hearings, ALL of those present were asking questions about effects on Citizens and Taxpayers. ( at the same time the news broke that the CEOS were balking at the programs being offered apparently they don't want to lose or compromise on their severance packages or bonuses).

PART OF THE VIDEO: ( AP 1:42 minutes, I will post the rest when I can find it )Obama very calm, thoughtful, but firm that the Real Folks were not about to get screwed or forgotten in this process....

Best Line in this Presser- The Messege for the CEO"s::::
"There has been talk that some CEOs may refuse to cooperate with this plan if they have to forgo multi-million-dollar salaries. I cannot imagine a position more selfish and greedy at a time of national crisis. And I would like to speak directly to those CEOs right now: Do not make that mistake. You are stewards for workers and communities all across our country who have put their trust in you. With the enormous rewards you have reaped come responsibilities, and we expect and demand that you to live up to them. This plan cannot be a welfare program for Wall Street executives."

Obama New Ad About McCains 13 Cars::::

7PM Update::
So over on FOX, Shep is reporting that FBI is beginning Investigations into Fraud at Lehman, AGI and Two Other Institutions....
Susposedly Upper Management.....I will try to find more about this....( Hmmm, makes that Paulson 32 WORDS a little more interesting...) Okay the First Article has appeared about Lehman, AIG, and Fannie, and Freddie are to be investigated for Fraud,
by the FBI. Gee If Mr.Paulson has his way with his 32 Words there would have been NO Investigation .....Ponder that.

( More from Huffpost about the FBI Investigation of the Banking Entities and Potential Fraud.)

Snippet from the Article :
"Just last week, FBI Director Robert Mueller put the number of large financial firms under investigation at 24. He did not name any of the companies under investigation but said the FBI also was looking at whether any of them have misrepresented their assets.

Over the past year as the housing market cratered, the FBI has opened a wide-ranging probe of companies across the financial services industry, from mortgage lenders to investment banks that bundle home loans into securities sold to investors. Mueller has previously said the FBI's hunt for culprits in the nation's subprime mortgage crisis focused on accounting fraud, insider trading, and failure to disclose the value of mortgage-related securities and other investments."

( Footnote now it is up to 26 Companies

MORE from other article:::
"Additionally, the FBI is investigating failed bank IndyMac Bancorp Inc. for possible fraud. Countrywide Financial Corp., formerly the nation's largest mortgage lender and now owned by Bank of America Corp., is also under scrutiny."


Anonymous said...

The rest of the world thinks we're nuts for having re-elected Bush in 2004, and now they think we're crazy if we elect McCain.

And they think we're crazy for what we did to get ourselves into this wonderful economic crisis, which is having global ramifications.

If we don't elect Obama then we're stupid and shame on us.

Time for Change!


Fran said...

Great Video! Love it!

WE also really need to encourage each other to call, e mail, fax congress and tell them NO immunity package for Paulson, no corporate welfare.

If they are going to do bailouts, redo the bad mortgages so people do not lose thier homes.

Let the high roller gambling financiers dig themselves out-- they did the high risk business, they need to take the hit. If they have no consequence, what's to stop them from the changes they need to make.

Hairball said...

enigma wrote: "at the same time the news broke that the CEOS were balking at the programs being offered apparently they don't want to lose or compromise on their severance packages or bonuses)."

*blink blink*
I guess they'd throw a fit down at the food bank if they didn't get any Spaghettios in their monthly food box.

I appreciate your blog Enigma. I don't have access to TV right now to watch this horrid mess myself. Thanks for your hard work!!

Fran said...

Nice address from Obama. He's right about this, they can't skate, and the immunity thing was a huge red flag. I was relieved to catch the hearings where legislators were telling Paulson NO WAY on the immunity.

Whew! As you pointed out there had to have been some cooking of books or shady dealings to get to this place.

Lt of pressure on McCain to see how he votes as the rest of the senate repugs will likely back him-- if he votes the wrong way, his ass could be grass.

enigma4ever said...

yeah...pretty grim day...watching the hearings..kind of shocking..it was reassuring to have Obama come out and very rationally say so...

thanks for your comments- you always make me laugh...and have a great perspective...hang in there....

so sorry about the TV issue,....I know some don't that is why I always try to put plenty of video up...( also not everybody has cable)....Hang in there...we will get through this...

yeah- we need to prove to the world that we did NOT chose Bush and we do not want more of the same...