Monday, September 22, 2008

Let's have an honest talk about McCain's People using the word "Uppity"...and WHY it is SO Damn Wrong...

This Editorial sets the record straight on some of the issues attached to this sensitive language, that we are hearing, and it is not a language issue, it is about racism, whether it be semantically nuanced...or worse...and I will be highlighting it this week- because us being Silent to McCain's Henchmen does NOT Help the problem- anywhere....Because let's be real- that he is using these tactics show alot about McCain, and his Sense of Where we are as a Country....and WHO has a right to run and be President...He may indeed be "out of touch", but he also may indeed be living in the Fifties....the 50's before Civil Rights ?

Every time McCain says " nice young man"....I cringe...and think....WHAT he Means is Not "Nice"...It is condescending and divisive.

*{ Art by Norman Rockwell "The Problem we live with".....he was the first artist to Speak to Racism Issues..}*

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