Thursday, September 04, 2008

Best Review of Palin's "Speech", called it the "Bridge To Nowhere " Speech.....

For those of us that suffered through the Barf Bag RNC Show last night...this Review will make you smile....( And that is my way of apologizing for foul language ..I put 16.27 In the Foul Jar to Donate to Obama today, and I encourage all of us to do so- donate- not cuss.....)

*[ New art added since she called herself a Pit in Lipstick...thank you Diane}*

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Sh*&(##$t, if I put money in a jar every time I swore about McCain and Palin, I'd have to cash in my CD's!!!!

Loved your post - guess I'll just have to put money in a jar every time I say, "We can't let another Republican in the White House if we want to save what is left of our country!"

Regards, Diane