Saturday, September 06, 2008

MORE INTERNET VETTING....Now it turns out that Palin has ties to Abramoff People....this just gets more interesting...

Paddling Like Hell...With No Boat ?

And Today it is Only Tuesday and she is supposedly stashed somewhere working on HER speech for the Convention. ( Note to anyone who cares- HER NAME was taken off the schedule for Wed. Night...I am sure it was just a "Typo". And just for the Record- the Name of the Law Firm in the article is wrong- it should be " Preston, Gates, and Ellis". ( The Same Fine Firm that vetted all of Bush's Support and Monies for his 2000 Campaign)....I gotta wonder what the next 24 Hours will reveal.

( You do remember Abramoff,.... Jack-In-prison Abramoff, the one that was so close to MrBush..that he probally is first to be pardoned....or will it be Duke Cunningham .....or Teddy Stevens...but I digress...sorry- got giddy with Corruption).

This is Turning into the Convention From Hell...But who knew that Internet Vetting would be more fun than Internet Dating !!!

Read Below to learn More about the Ex Disqualified Beauty Queen ....from her love of Uncle Teddy Stevens and the 527 she had for him to Other Problems..
and Do read the Fine Alaska Blogs....
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  • I Eat Gravel

  • originally posted 9.2.08


    Christopher said...

    Time Magazine has an article on Sarah Palin.,8599,1837918,00.html

    "As mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times."

    "She asked the library how she could go about banning books."

    Palin said some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them.

    "The librarian was aghast."

    When the librarian refused, "Palin threatened the librarian."

    This woman is a monster.

    HelenWheels said...

    Great post, Enigma!! I love the links...

    She IS a monster, Christopher. She also threatened to fire a couple of folks for "not supporting" her (from Andrew Sullivan via the AlterNet article I emailed you this a.m.):

    "Sullivan cites an Anchorage Daily News report from December 1997 when, as mayor of Wasilla, Palin faced a recall "in response to Palin's controversial firing of Police Chief Irl Stambaugh." Sullivan reports that Stambaugh and another city official, the library director, Mary Ellen Emmons, were fired for "not fully supporting her efforts to govern.

    "Both had publicly supported Palin's opponent, longtime mayor John Stein, during the campaign last fall," the Sullivan report said. "When she was elected, Palin questioned their loyalty and even initially asked for their resignations."

    enigma4ever said...

    thanks...yeah she is a monster..

    ( and someone from Alaska emailed me the latest Photo I posted over at Questions- she is not loved..)

    HelenWheels said...

    Sal Kilmeister has coined the name "Ma'ambo"

    Can't stop laughing... go see why on my blog - a great pic I found today!!

    HelenWheels said...


    Could a name be any better?

    OMG... he just had vets stand up & the audience clap for them.

    LAAAAME while they are treating vets like crap at the same time.