Saturday, September 06, 2008


"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
Attributed to Sinclair Lewis, whose 1935 novel," It Can't Happen Here", dealt with the rise of a right-wing dictatorship in America ...And Anyone who has read that book knows NOW how hauntingly accurate it is.
So when you scroll down there is information about everything, from her work as a Governor cutting Programs for Women and Children, to cutting funding for Sex Ed and HIV testing, to her attempts to ban books, Abstinance only and AntiAbortion Stances, What people there are saying in her state about her Leadership. There is also some concerns that she Leads and Rules her State based on her Religion. So Scroll Down there is much to learn about this Candidate....It is called Internet Vetting.

She is one melanoma away from the Oval Office...That is Too Damn Close..And after seeing her Speech last night...we now know a little more about her...and How she does things...She is Following the RNC Script and playing Lowball...We have a Cultural War on our hands....If you scroll down I also have a Commentary called " The RNC Coathanger Caper and Uterine Politics". This is a Battle and we need to be Educated. Knowledge is Power.

9.6.08 ....Do read ALL the Posts Below about her ties to Teddy Stevens, About all the Programs she slashed funding- mostly programs for women and children...Spread this far and wide.
And on another Level it is about The Truth...And she was NOT Vetted, and this shows very bad Judgement by McCain.
(Click the Title: "Shout" Tears for Fears)...and Listen to the Lyrics of this song- they are dead on.

  • Karen Zipdrive at PulpFriction

  • originally posted 9.2.08


    enigma4ever said...

    Lyrics to the Song "Shout"....
    really perfect for this Era..
    Let it aloud
    These are the things I can do without
    Come on, I'm talking to you
    Come on

    In violent times
    You shouldnt have to sell your soul
    In black and white
    They really really ought to know
    Those one track minds
    That took you for a working boy
    Kiss them goodbye
    You shouldnt have to jump for joy
    You shouldnt have to jump for joy


    They gave you life
    And in return you gave them hell
    As cold as ice
    I hope we live to tell the tale
    I hope we live to tell the tale....

    Pagan Sphinx said...

    It's 4 a.m. and I have to try to sleep but I'll come back to follow your links later.

    I'm as equally concerned as you about this dangerous person. I'm glad to see her policies exposed and I thank you for keeping her kids out of it. It's a peeve of mine. :-)

    enigma4ever said...

    Good heavens..someone else that can not sleep...that is not good....there is plenty here that is very concerning...and how the kids in her state and young mothers and children were all slashed from state budget- she stood there and said how proud she was of her budget- yet I know how she got to those numbers....wrong..

    Intergrity and telling the truth and having some dignity....are all important part of being vetted for VP- she clearly was not....AT ALL...

    Hang in there...we will get there..

    Coffee Messiah said...

    Amazing what a speech writer can come up with. Amazing some think she wrote her speech herself.

    What view in that arena: Nary a diverse person around. One or two people of color were located once in awhile.

    Sounds like there is enough to uncover the "untruths" the repubs keep tossing out there.

    Here's hoping anyway!

    When is "liberal media" going to stop being a buzz word they use when they don't get the coverage they want?

    Amazing! ; (

    Christopher said...

    I slept like a baby.

    Then again, I didn't watch the hate fest on St. Paul. I find I do much better reading the text from one of the news wires I subscribe to and then, I can parse it in the light of day.

    From what I've read so far, this little broad is a vicious attack dog who delivered a speech (written FOR her and not BY her) with enough anti-Biden and anti-Obama red meat to make the GOP kooks and PUMA loons sing in harmony.

    Here's what happened yesterday that was lost in the media's orgy over McCandy that I think is important.

    Barack Obama said he will likely pursue criminal charges against the Bush junta once elected. This is so important since neither Nancy or Harry have the cajones to do it.

    fallenmonk said...

    A yeoman's job here E4E...nice round up of the action. I for one slept very soundly as I was wise enough not to watch the GOP carnival. There is enough hate and pain around that I don't need to subject myself to it voluntarily.
    It still hurts to think that there are still so many who thing that McSame and Moosekiller are what the country needs and that so many who are suffering the results of GOP America are going to vote for more of the same.

    Mariamariacuchita said...

    enigma, great video, a classic.

    I think you summed up exactly what bothers me as well.

    She is an American pit bull in lipstick? Well, is that a continuing war cry from the right that she is looking for another country to tear into?

    Also, great opening quote!

    Christopher said...

    Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business partner?

    That’s what the National Enquirer team has apparently unearthed in their investigative work in Alaska. The tabloid recently dispatched the same team to Alaska who unearthed the sordid details of the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair earlier this summer.

    The McCain campaign is so worried about the possible disclosure of an affair between his Christian conservative, vice presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah “McCandy” Palin and her husband’s business partner, becoming public that McCain is threatening legal action to prevent the tabloid from publishing their findings.

    PTCruiser said...

    Maria stole my comment. :)

    enigma4ever said...

    Hey one and all...
    I watch them because we have to keep our eye on them....I wish now that I had really watched Bush back in 2000..seriously...

    But yes,,,,this woman has NO diplomacy skills...I would not even be shocked to see her brawling with her neighbors...and yes, I think without a doubt that she would bomb anything...scary chick..

    my main goal is to gather the data and educate folks...we have to end this Regime- of warmongering, fearmongering, and hatemongering...and it is so sad that people are like this in OUR Country....

    sigh..but we must get OUR Country back...

    an average patriot said...

    After listening to the rabid spew last night I posted the videos and included the 10 steps and 14 threads of Fascism because we are there!

    Mauigirl said...

    Thanks for posting all these links, Enigma - very helpful in summing up all the watch-outs about this woman.

    Average Patriot, I agree - we are SO there. This reminded me of a Nazi rally...

    Weaseldog said...

    Yes, she says she's a pit bull in lipstick.

    So she'll slaughter other dogs on command, to please her owners as they place bets on whether she or dies through the carnage.

    enigma4ever said...

    you all have been more eloquent than I ....thanks...keep reading more about her below...