Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin 's Budget.. Dig Deep, look for the Programs for Women and Children

First Off as a Nurse that ran a NonProfit that studied Community Health and did Massive County Wide Health Surveys, I am going to spend the Weekend studying Palins Budget...because that is What a Community Organizer does...Studies How Government Takes Care of the Community....

I am still picking this apart, and there are parts of it that I know are MISSING....and programs that have been drastically slashed....and Some Other Pet Projects that are budgeted and yet hard to find information on ( I call these Phantom Projects...) She kept gloating over her budgets the other night during her speech, yet a Budget that is Balanced on the backs of the poor, children, women and Elderly and Special Needs Children...That is not a "Budget"...that is a Travesty...Especially if the DHHS part of her Budget Experienced the Deepest Cuts...which it appears to be the case.

Click the Link if you want to help Dig....( this is 2007-2008, I am still looking for and NEED this year 2008/2009 )

( She CUT Youth Educational Programs, Head Start Programs,Meals on Wheels, Elderly Transport, Special Needs Care, and Youth Programs, Youth Centers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, HIV /AIDS Care etc...these programs were either CUT Totally or drastically slashed)

QUESTIONS from looking at the Budget Night One:::
(1) The Pioneer Home Program for the Elderly was cut- was that due to Numbers of Elderly dying or moving away or What ?
I also saw NO Spending for Day Programs or Assisted Living Programs .....

(2) FAS ( Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) Programs were drastically cut as well, as there is NO Existing Spending on Alcohol Drug Education Programs , which for a State that has a large Native American Population seems Questionable and troubling?

(3) Where is the Spending on Special Needs Programs for Infants, Parents and also for their Preschool needs ?

(4) I have been told that FAS children and Native Children with Behavioral problems are sent out of State for Care and Education, yet I am having a difficult time ascertaining that their needs are met, and what is spent on their care and their monitoring ?

(5) Where are the Poverty Programs : Food Banks ? Meals on Wheels for Elderly? Shelter Programs ?
(6) Another Program that I could not find under her Budget, was School Breakfast and Lunch Programs ?
(7) Another Program that I can not locate funding for is Disaster Preparedness ( Earthquakes and Tsunami issues).


enigma4ever said...

Tomorrow Salaries, Personnel Costs and HOUSING For the Governor will be examined...stay tuned..

X. Dell said...

I'm curious. Alaska is notorious for the disproportionate amount of federal money it receives. Unless there's tremendous mismanagement, it would seem that all of these programs should have stayed at full strength.

The only reasons I can think of cutting those programs is because they are politically challenging (which doesn't make much sense--it's usually bad form to make enemies), or there's heavy-duty corruption. Seems like all that cash is headed for something other than government costs.

enigma4ever said...

damn straight Xdell- it is either political payback...or retalitation or religous ideation? or corruption or shuttling money to other THINGS..

I don't know....but it was and is disturbing...

infomidwife said...

it is very interesting to read what happens across the ocean - and to see we all have the same problems. I agree it is time for the end of the Bush administration, he has not been good for women.... - I am not sure however that Sarah Palin will be good for women! it will be compelling to see the outcome of your election..........