Monday, September 01, 2008


ALL of us have thought that there was Something Mighty Strange about the Poll Numbers- I know I did...BUT I also know that I got Dropped from Zogby as soon as primaries were over- and then last friday night a Zogby Poll arrived in my InBox- and I was happy- 3 questions in- as soon as I was asked about GUN issues- BOOM- I was thanked and dropped like a bad buddha mama that I am...I was stunned....again.

On another Note Luke Russert last week was asked while covering the Youth Vote at the DNC- "Why aren't the Polls showing Obama doing better" . He told it like it is " Well, I don't think ANYONE is calling people with cellphones. Young People, Most People actually only have cellphones now." Pretty Damn Wise that Young Russert Fellow. ( Left Tweety shaking his head).

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PackyJ said...

Russert is right.

No one is calling cell phones (I'm sure Mukasy could help them track down the numbers).

Another thing to factor in:
Most of these polls use only "likely voters," which the pollsters define as "people who voted in the last two Presidential Elections."
This automatically eliminates anyone under the age of 26, and also eliminates newly registered voters, regardless of age.