Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I have alot of concerns about THIS woman being asked to be VP. She has limited experience, 20 Monthes as a first Time Governor. and previously a mayor of a tiny town, a mere fishing village.There are part of her story that are worrisome...and FULL of Questions...
(1) She ran a 527 for Teddy Stevens, and this did not become public as she ran for Gov.Will she be called to his upcoming Felony trial in September ?How and WHY did she support him ?
(2) She worked very quickly to put forth a Deal with Canada to push through a Fuel Line. WHO does this benefit ? Who does it help??? And WHO approved it and so quickly....( It is worth Billions, for the gas companies and Entities involved- In Alaska and Canada.
(3) TROOPERGATE , this is an ethical issue, but also a Question of HOW she leads and makes decisions? Her Judgement?
(4) She has lived in Alaska for her most of her life, HOW well does she know and undersand this Country ? and Does she understand Foreign Affairs at all ?
(5) And as a mom, I am going to say this, Am I comfortable with her Family and the complexity of it, and that she has Children that still need raising and tending , especially the special needs baby ? No I am not comfortable, with this situation, I am concerned. The VP job is very very time consuming and all encompassing.
(6) Was she "chosen" by Dobson and Tony Perkins, as simply a Religous Conservative Choice ? If so that is very concerning....
(7) She lied about the Meeting she attended April 18th,2008 , she said that she went to the NGA, the National Governor's Association Meeting, but she did not..why lie ? ( the real meeting and it 's intent is posted over on my "Questions" Blog).
(8) Please do read the post below about her ties to Abramoff People....
(9) WHY did he choose her, Nothing has been said that makes any sense.
So Gustav seems to have taken some Mercy on the Shores of our friends down South, although today the Assessing will begin and hopefully, folks can return. Meantime I am monitoring Hanna and Ike...Down Below....much news about Everything McCrusty to Palin and the shady polls....


Christopher said...

I think it is obvious that McCandy wasn't vetted.

If she had been properly vetted, the Old Coot's campaign would have been spared this insanity.

But beyond the fact that Sarah Palin threw her minor daughter under the Straight Talk Express and used her for a shield, or whether Palin is a lifetime NRA member, there are genuine and real Constitutional issues unfolding here.

Sarah Palin is under investigation for Troopergate. Alaska is investigating her and the outcome could lead to her impeachment. If the Old Coot is elected, can the US Supreme Court swear her into office as VP if she was removed as governor for ethics violations?

Ingrid said...

McCain doesn't do the vetting. There was an article in Newsweek about the vetting process, well column. The joke being that, since he had to go through all those questions and background check well, the joke was he could become President of France.
Now I have only slept a few hours so pardon me for not having more details, but I read somewhere that Karl Rove wanted McCain to team up with Mitt Romney. McCain didn't want to for whatever reason, so he picked Palin. Google to see the article. It might have even been in Huffington who knows..I'm tired. I had a fender bender on friday (no body hurt) so this morning I need to get my car inspected and insurance to process..
later E,


Christopher said...

The NYTs looked into McCain vetting Palin (link on my blog) and discovered the Religious Right -- which controls the Republican party, said "X-NAY" to Lieberman and Ridge because they pro-choice and "YES" to the ardent, wildly anti-choice Palin.

Bottomline, McCandy was never vetted.

DivaJood said...

Ah, Enigma, we're on the same page today. I posted aobut this as well. She was NOT properly Vetted, and she opens a whole bundle of trouble for McCain.

Christopher said...


Come see Intrade's take on McCandy.

They have her withdrawing before the election. They also predicted Biden would be Obama's VP.

Ingrid said...

my bad, I was wrong. (couple of coffees helps [s])

here is the article on McCain camp not checking out Palin well enough;

and aha..here is an article (this is what happens when you browse late at night and ought to be in bed, this is not the article I read but it refers to Rove's preferred choice of VP, everything Palin is not)

anyhoo..the saga continues..


D.K. Raed said...

Palin cancelled all her appearances for the GOP convention. These are the ancillary events, like tonight's GOP Right-to-Life Rally, where she was scheduled to be a speaker. No word yet on if she will actually be there in person for her nomination. I think that says a lot. McCain's camp says he will do it by satellite, same for Bush. So that leaves ... Holy Joe Lieberman as the live speaker tonight! After all, Cheney is busy in Georgia as a known "moscow critic". I just love it when the GOP doesn't know which way to turn. They thought Palin looked good, until they knew more about her. Romney is probably greasing his hair up right now, waiting for her to excuse herself.

Christopher said...

Intrade has McCandy up to 55 points she will withdraw her name from the VP spot.

The Old Coot's campaign is crumbling before our very eyes!

an average patriot said...

She was not properly investigated as those that were to do it arrived the afternoon before McCain. They are trying to do it now!
I am sure he is lying but McCain says he knew about the daughter! This morning on the radio they were talking about it saying it is no big deal and swarms of Repug lawyers were going to Alaska to fight charges in trooper gate.
Also she was being investigated for firing the police chief who did not agree with her politically.
Then the guy said it doesn't bother me that she hid her husband's DUI from 20 years ago or that her Mother in law does not know who she is going to vote for yet because she does not think Palin is qualified.
The issue to him is that she was a member of a secessionist movement until 1994 to have Alaska break away from the US. Again my question is what the hell is next?
The right needs 2 more proven mindless liars who will purge all that disagree so this agenda can continue! We can not afford to have that happen!

enigma4ever said...

my thoughts by afternoon,....
( I left this comment at Gryphens...But you know we the Bloggers have been INTERNET VETTING....The media should be thanking us..)

Anyways...Obama is right that we should be kind and respectful to the girl ....and we have been...very....BUT we are still Good Americans, and we have taken off our Democratic Hats and put on our Detective Hats....trying to get to the truth...

the Repugs should thank us as in a matter of Days we have been Internet Vetting Palin...

and found out so many Concerning Things..
her Troopergate, the Teddy Stevens 527, her Belonging to a Secession party, her besaddling the small Hamlet town she mayored with millions of debt......

And yet she proudly thrust her poor family in the limelight and HER values...

As Good Americans we can not be Sheeple right now....she plans and wishes to occupy 1600 Ave. and she has the credientials of PTA, and Beauty Queen....

She was never vetted...she got a phone call...

( and just for the record- I am not a Good Christian- but what she is doing to that poor girl- as a mom- kinda makes me sick...horrible woman...who the hell is taking care of those poor kids...)

Anyways...I don't feel bad for asking questions...the founding fathers would be asking questions ...so should we...it has Nothing to do with DEM or Repug even...

we are being Good Americans by ASKING WTF????

Christopher said...

Obama is taking the high road because he knows bloggers are more than willing to do the heavy lifting and keep the pedal-to-the-medal.

Neither the Old Coot or McCandy, based on their voting records, are good Americans, and based on their hideous values, they do not deserve any respect -- at least from me.

Life is funny. You reap what you sow.

The Old Coot abandoned a disabled wife who was in terrible physical pain because she no longer fit the mold of how he saw a senator's wife and took up with a younger (and much wealthier) beer heiress.

The Old Coot voted against the creation of a Federal Holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King, supports amending the Constitution to make gay marriage illegal, and envisions keeping the US troops in Iraq for "100 years."

He will never, ever have my respect.

Ingrid said...

I remember seeing Palin sitting in a chair doing a 'girly interview' saying something to the effect that, "oh my gosh, I STILL don't know what a VP does!" If I was asked to be VP (and rest assured that'll never happen, not being American born an' all [g]), and I would've had her little experience, I would be mortified and said, thanks but NO THANKS!
I also echo 'E's opinion that with the type of family she has she still is a parent, and being such a high profile politician as the VP (even though some do not consider it worth spit but you do get your frequent flyer miles up and get to eat out a lot, better like your international food groups) anyhow, being so high profile, you really do not have much of a life and kids well, ahem..they have a way of embarrassing you in public. Not that that always has to happen but kids do the darndest things and if they're going 'through stuff', they'll go through it whether you're VP of the worlds' largest military corporation I mean, oops, democracy..or not!
And yes E..we've had to be detectives. And yes, Obama continues to take the high road because that has been part of his appeal. He's smart enough to know that, unlike some Republicans, if you know when to leave well enough alone, people/voters themselves 'get it'. What an embarrassment this situation is for the GOP.


Pagan Sphinx said...

Sorry I don't have to read all the other comments.

But to address why I think that McCain didn't choose Romney - they can't stand each other.

I share virtually all of everyone's concerns about Palin. But as a woman and mother of four daughters, my biggest concern lies with her religious, right-wing so-called Pro-Life stance. In her view, it's ok for her to push her teen daughter into having an unwanted baby (let's face it; the pregnancy isn't making things any easier for Palin). In my view, it's ok for me to choose to guide my daughters toward an abortion if that is what makes sense for them.

It's a threat to reproductive freedom for women to have someone like her in the white house. Not that it's not happened before. But being a woman, a mother and "pro-life" wingnut, with a pregnant daughter by example, just really fuels the fire of the Pro-life movement.

I believe that Palin is the most staunch and passionate in regard to her religious/pro-life views than any of the other possibilities McCain considered.

I hope there's too much of a flap over her and she resigns from the campaign as VP.

enigma4ever said...

*8:35 PM
Rachel is kicking Ass again sitting next to Pat Puke-Cannon...omg....it is going to be Nothing BUT abortion rights for the Next few days ....I need dramamine...

enigma4ever said...

OMG....I might shoot my TV,....Pat just said that People who earn UNDER 50,000 listen to their Preachers and are ANTI Choice....scuz me..I need to scrape vomit off my keyboard...


Hi Enigma,

Have you read this yet?

About Sarah Palin

From: http://www.washingtonindependent.com/3671/the-reform-candidate

Submitted by Michael Wrightson on Sept 1, 2008

A note to all by Anne Kilkenny

Dear friends,

So many people have asked me about what I know about Sarah Palin in the
last 2 days that I decided to write something up . . .

Basically, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have only 2 things in
common: their gender and their good looks. :)

You have my permission to forward this to your friends/email contacts
with my name and email address attached, but please do not post it on
any websites, as there are too many kooks out there . . .

[ This was already posted on Washington Independent comments area,
with a controllable hotmail account, and was obviously meant by the
author to be read. ]


Continue reading about Sarah Palin here.

Gryphen said...

Of course McCain vetted Palin carefully.

He knew that she faked her last pregnancy.

He knew that her daughter was going to have to pretend to be knocked up now. (Only fair since Mommy had to do it first!)

He knew she was a member of the AIP.

He knew that she used her influence to punish a subordinate that would not punish her ex-brother in law.

He knew everything.

He just is not that into being President that's all.

He is old and the damn country is almost broken. It is better to let somebody younger and smarter take charge for a while.

John McCain, secret Obama supporter.

enigma4ever said...

nah...I think he was listening to his little McCain...there were no brain cells involved with this...

once again you come bearing gifts....this is wonderful thank you..I will be sharing this far and wide ;-)

Thank you ;-)

sara said...

enigma4ever said...
OMG....I might shoot my TV,....Pat just said that People who earn UNDER 50,000 listen to their Preachers and are ANTI Choice....scuz me..I need to scrape vomit off my keyboard..............."

He's a frickin out of touch conservotard goon, just like mcLOSER. They have no frickin clue what its like to struggle to survive.

We need free health care and free education and more Keith Olberman and and Rachel Maddow, not more wars and more tax cuts for the rich corpore butt fucks and oil companies.

sara said...

mcLOSER has no respect for women, him and some of his frickin fundraisers make jokes about women getting raped and find it amusing. He only picked a woman to try and steal all the women pissed because Hillary didnt win.

its a frickin insult to women;s intelligence to try and pass off this inexperience frickin skank as a legitimate veep candidate.

enigma4ever said...

I agree..sara..yup....insulting to one and all...


Enigma, have a look -- photos of Palin family with Levi, Bristol's boyfriend.

John McCain greeted the Palins upon his arrival in the Twin Cities on Wednesday. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, the young man the campaign said that she plans to marry, center, were there. (Photos: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)