Friday, September 12, 2008

McCoot on THE VIEW this am, and it did not go well without the Moose Woman, Click the Title

Huffington Post ran the story right away, I am trying to find it on Youtube to Post. Please do watch, he was snippy and he has gone totally Palin on Roe Vs Wade....and he comes off as a Crotchety Old Man who needs his meds and Flomax. (I never watch the View after Rosie left- but this was worth the watch. ) Watch Babs and Joy's faces....he really did come off as the pushy Walmart Greeter whining about how Obama would not hold Town Hall meetings....( By the Way the Beer Baroness did not show to hold his hand today..hmm, interesting she let him go to that Den of Woe without her). Please do watch all 4 clips and watch the body language of the women and listen to the Audience- you can hear them groan and suck air.And Joy has real balls and asks him about HIS LIES ON HIS ADS, she pulls NO punches. And Babs does good too, and Whoopi on Church and State rocks it......And Just to be clear- Someone should tell the Old Coot that OUR Country was NOT found on JudeoChristian Values- that is total HorseShit......


HelenWheels said...

MAN they attacked the shit out of him. Our wussy MSM could learn a thing or two from these women! Holy crap!

It's sort of sad to see McCoot have to lie through his teeth and pretend he's a fellow bible-humper.... NOT!! Ha haaaaa, he came off as an idiot... Palin is going to REFORM all of WASHINGTON?

Squirming is right.

Thanks for the link.

enigma4ever said...

see I knew that would make you feel better- I almost didn't watch this am..but then i saw this look that passed between Babs and Whoopi and I though- Hmmmm, these questions are going to be well choreographed...

I would love to watch them rip Mooselady to bits !!!

( Could you believe Whoopi asked him about Slavery !!!???)

HelenWheels said...

Whoopi was GREAT!

The neocons must be scared because my stalker/troll just tried to comment on my blog saying Gallup puts McLame at ... get this... 80%!


Their desperation is showing.

enigma4ever said...

80% ???
yeah right!!! LOL

PackyJ said...

I received this email forwarded to me by a woman friend of mine.

I sent a small donation… just to be annoying (I also donate a small piece of every paycheck regularly to Obama).

Dear Friends:

We may have thought we wanted a woman on a national political ticket, but the joke has really been on us, hasn’t it? Are you as sick in your stomach as I am at the thought of Sarah Palin as Vice President of the United States ?

Since Palin gave her speech accepting the Republican nomination for the Vice Presidency, Barack Obama’s campaign has raised over $10 million dollars. Some of you may already be supporting the Obama campaign financially; others of you may still be a little honked off over the primaries. None of you, however, can be happy with Palin’s selection, especially on her positions on women’s issues. So, if you feel you can’t support the Obama campaign financially, may I suggest the following fiendishly brilliant alternative?

Make a donation to Planned Parenthood. In Sarah Palin’s name. And here’s the good part: when you make a donation to PP in her name, they’ll send her a card telling her that the donation has been made in her honor. Here’s the link to the Planned Parenthood website:
go to donate, then honorary gifts

You’ll need to fill in the address to let PP know where to send the “in Sarah Palin’s honor” card. I suggest you use the address for the McCain campaign headquarters, which is:

McCain for President
1235 S. Clark Street
1st Floor
Arlington , VA 22202

Feel free to send this along to all your women friends and urge them to do the same.


Distributorcap said...

it is truly sad when the "real" journalists look pathetic compared the The View and the National Enquirer.

they ought to be ashamed of themselves -- but NO, they continue to give mcinsane and mooselini all the deference they dont observe

i doubt you will mcinsane or mooselini on any of the "libural" talk shows any more. his people must be very pissed at baba

HelenWheels said...



enigma4ever said...

why thank you DCap- we needed one more Nickname for her and McInsane...excellent...

enigma4ever said...

that is that idea...stunning...may have to blog..

and yes Dcap::
you said it- it is pathetic isn't it???

I know....the perfect NEW nickname...