Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday Night Music....John Mellencamp....

So here's John...."Check It Out"....he sings about Real People...in OUR America...

I have been watching the RNC Pukefest...Because I have this theory we should always watch the Enemy and know what they are Up To...they finally pissed me off Freddy Thompson is blathering on in his best I miss Law&Order Voice and they have that Damn Undulating 90 Ft.Screen going in the background...They all have their 3000 dollar suits on and 500 dollar loafers and the trophy wives hanging off their arms with fresh boobs and botox.......So I ended up watching a Clint Eastwood Movie on Cable...and listening to Some Music....So My Apologies- No Live Blogging the RNC tonight....I don't feel bad- the room is half empty and people are leaving...( More left after Bush spoke on the Giantass Screen).They are Fearmongering still...Terramongering still...Geesus Mongering still...and of course...Humping the Wonders of the Titannical Administration....While they flap their "Country First " Signs like hungry patriotic meth-heads while Freddy ranted about War, Geesus and Guns and McMaverickI .....yeah, the Country they have ALL ruined....I am gonna rewatch the Obama Speech to Cleanse My Soul.

( And yes, there is PLENTY below about McCrusty and the Palin Princess, and Plenty More about her on "Questions In the Night" Blog on the Blogroll.....I am going to blog like Hell until November - we need to Save OUR Country from these Dangerous People..geeez).


Kellybelle said...

What? Don't you know SArah "McCandy" Palin has more experience than Barack and Biden combined? Didn't you get the talking points?

This is driving me batty.

Must be the stillness that is me.

Christopher said...

I hand it to you.

I haven't watched a Bush speech in probably 4 years. I get instantly psychotic and start screaming at the TV.

Jim is the same way. As far as the GOP hootenanny is concerned, the only thing that could make me watch is the announcement that McCandy is withdrawing.

Ingrid said...

oh my god pukefest indeed. I told dh to turn the sound off ! They are pathetic ..there was one guy saying 'how dare the national media' ask these questions about her baby with down syndrom blablabla..
hellow earth calling idiot?? Where are your family values? Don't you know that a down syndrome baby needs a lot more work than a baby who doesn't? Ever heard of physical therapy? Ever heard of 'bonding' with the baby and not working for a while? It's a tough job and she wants to let someone else look after her special needs baby?
Get real asshole.
ok..I hate repukelicans.
better get myself in a better mood for bed I'm just too disgusted!
tah lovelies [g]

Fran said...

I missed W's satellite speech (coming to us from-- Mars??), but caught pundits saying he made the 9-11 connection (oh jeez!).
I caught the tail of of Freddy T talking about Dems & taxes. I mean seriously-- do people really forget that there is a $9,5 TRILLION dollar debt? It is such total bullshit.

They say Lieberman is up next-- now there is a speech I want to catch. I view him as a sort of cartoon character. He's talking about how we are not dems or repubs..... we are Americans. Funny coming out of HIS mouth-- the lost sheep man w/o a party. Lieberman is such a washout. His voice strains like he needs stool softeners.
McCain is the best person to lead our country forward? I'm not sure I can listen to more.
He keeps hammering the I'm an American slogan. OK Joe.. we got that.
Clearly he wishes he was VP choice.
What a lap dog!

Fran said...

Someone should keep a running tally of how many times the word *terrorist* is used @ the
RNC. I've only tuned in about 5 minutes & I've heard it about 5 x.

"If John McCain is just another partisan republican, than I'm Michael Moore's favorite Democrat"

Lieberman needs to stop calling himself a democrat- as he stands yammering on @ the RNC. Seriously!

What a yutz!

Now a word about his running mate.
A reformer. (banned books?)
A leader we can count on?

Now he's a cheerleader for WAR.
America's troops are coming home- thousands of them- in honor.

Sadly, Joe many are coming home in flag draped coffins. Too many of them.

He keeps saying "my friends".

You ain;t no friend Joe Lieberman.

enigma4ever said...

the bottem line is that LiarJoe has no friends...nope...not anymore...the camera panned- and people were walking out while he was talking...laughed my ass off...

About Going Straight to Hell ( or prison) King George
his speech was a yawner..once I saw him trying to say something about he and McCrusty supported the Surge I about threw up....so I went and cleaned the Toilet....

Once again you are so fucking brilliant ;-)

Ahhhh yes,....I would love 10 minutes with that Peabrained Woman so I could ask her SOOOooo WHO the HELL is taking care of the Special Needs baby and ph, so let me get this straight- your lovely caring teenage daughter is to care for this infant and the 7 year old and also the 14 year old and YES and is now going to have ANOTHER baby....
WHO is really REALLY the MOMMY ????yeah.....wrong on so many levels...heartbreaking...and shameful...( wait until you see my post tomorrow- the gloves are off).

Take care friend....we will get through this ...Somehow...

I watch these assholes so I can KNOW what they are doing ....I loathe , hate ...despise them....but I don't miss ANYTHING....( and I somehow STILL have a smidge of sanity...wow...)

nope I did not get THAT memo...hmmm, and that Stillness That is me...ahhh- does it involve a REAL "Still" ??? because I would be there in 2 secs with an empty glass after watching....ahem...I meant suffering through Night 1.....urgh....

Thanks lady for being so wise....

( Princess Palin Countdown is NOW on....I am giving her 23 days....Unca Teddy Stevens Trial starts soon...ahem)

sara said...

Sara Palin has turned into a tabloid trash skank.

skippy said...

hey, a lot of men like maggie o'connell...

enigma4ever said...

Hey Skippy=
she ain;t no Maggie O'connell...
she is just moosemonger that got tapped by a foolish old man...

( I Loved that show..had friends that worked on the set....I still have some props...that were ahhh, ahem borrowed..it was filmed outside Seattle when I lived there...for that mmm Real Alaska Look)

D.K. Raed said...

You made a wise choice ... Clint Eastwood and/or toilet cleaning, ANYTHING but this, this (sputter-puke) rah-rah odious hero-worshipping "crowd"!

I saw Bush -- just for old times sake, I was hoping to hear a "new-kew-lure" (guess I'll have to wait for Sarah who has the same speech impediment). He actually chided his dad about "The Resolute Desk" (which I've never heard of, had to google it -- I'm sure W only just learned about it too, or he would've been saying it for 8-yrs now -- it's the name of the prez desk in the oval office, constructed from the shipwrecked HMS RESOLUTE). Then I noted his dad got weepy-eyed, so I felt bad until I saw Babs looking ready to throttle the next skinny bimbo in sight (um, that would be Cindy). She was NOT having a good night. Probably rueing how W wrecked Jebbster's chances.

Skipped Thompson. Who needs to hear an actor recite POW torture? Keith noted Thompson had to clear his throat *70* times. Wow, talking about torture must be a real throat-clogger.

I endured Lieberman. The crowd put on a show of support but everyone knows a traitor is reviled by both sides. Someone tell me WHY that man still has senate chairmanships as a "democrat". When he started making his plea directly to "democrats and independents watching at home", even our hard-of-hearing old dog got worried, trying to see if Joe EVER shows his top row of teeth (no, he doesn't, why not, does he have vampire fangs?). Time to shut that thing off!

Do I HAVE to watch tomorrow night? Maybe there's another Clint Eastwood movie on. I haven't seen Two Mules for Sister Sarah in a long time.

enigma4ever said...

Ahhh DK:::
not to be too Obvious - but wasn't the RNC with it's star players- the 2 MULES for SISTA SARAH SHOW???? Think about it- and you will see I am right...hehe..
Joe doe not show his top teeth- there are only baby teeth up there--- meant for chewing cud and making hay...

sorry- missed ya there- ah- yes.I believe your analysis is accurate...thank you...

D.K. Raed said...

hmmm E, who was the other mule? did I miss another turncoat?

hahahahahah, yes, joe is only capable of constant regurgitation, ruminant style! his cud is getting pretty stale, too. thank you for that image!

so Romney is rumored to be speaking tomorrow. I'm sure he started greasing his hair today, just in case Sarah implodes.

enigma4ever said...

welll..I was thinking that Freddy and Joey were the 2 Mules...( I don't count King George- he does not rank Mule Status..)

and you are welcome for the visuals...I think we all need to vomit daily at this point ;-)

Well..Sarah's NAME was taken off the schedule for tomorrow-
here is a list of WHO has been on and OFF the schedule for tomorrow....
Mittens...( hmmmm, not sure)
Jindal...( still really really busy)
Jeb Bush ( another great RNC rumor...)
Some Bad Country Music ( Carrie Underwood ?)
Rudy 911 -4-ever

I wish they would Have their Felons& ALL Stars::::
Craig, Foley, Bernie Kerick, Duke Cunnigham, Bob Ney, Noe, Scooter, Vitter....I bet the hookers and Interns have all already left StPaul...

D.K. Raed said...

they'd have to film Duke's speech from the pokey!

did you notice when they had group acknowledgements (like medal of honor guys and POWS etc) they had them stand up in their seats, but never even said their names? I thought that was disrespectful. The Dems marched groups out on stage & the PA voice gave their names. Repubs treat their honorees like cattle.

now "mule" ... um, I was thinking of the democrat donkey symbol. so Lieberman fits. I don't know if Freddy used to be a Dem (hope not; he is disgusting).

enigma4ever said...

I did notice that about the VETS- pissed me off...and Freddy- yeah- he has been a repug and a Independent..( yeah- whatever..this time last year the MSM was a drooling all over him..remember ???lordy)