Saturday, May 20, 2006


So last month the Hype was Fucking Bird Flu. I know that is rude but under King George we have had one scare after another , Anthrax , Smallpox , MonkeyPox, What next? DustbunnyFlu?
And we are suposed to stock up on Tuna and Dried Milk. And by the way, What the hell mandates that we stock up on these?
( are the cows going to get Bird Flu from the birds? I know that is too logical of me...)

So here is my solution I will go out and get a really large cat to protect my place and keep the Birds at Bay....

( and yeah, the guy on the phone is either a Homeland Security Worker or with NSA- doing phone work of course, either way Tinkerbell the Kitty is Hungry so...ce la vie...Bon Appetite..)

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Happy Mother's Day to Blogatopia. May you be spending the day with those you love and enjoying the day. I am a Mom, I always wanted to be a Mom, there is no more important job. It is the Best Job I have ever had. Moms are the glue in any family. They patch the jeans, clean up sticky messes, fix broken toys,take care of upset tummies at 3am,wipe runny noses, tenderly apply bandaids on those little people wounds,make Pancakes on Sundays and cookies on rainy days,hold hands on long walks, watch SpongeBob and read Harry Potter at all hours. Moms try their Best to teach the Bigger Lessons and the Importance of Small Moments.May you all have wonderful Small moments.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful Moms and Dads.

Children Learn What They Live

If Children live with criticism,
They learn to condemn.

If Children live with hostility,
They learn to fight.

If Children live with ridicule,
They learn to be shy.

If Children live with shame,
They learn to feel guilty.

If Children with tolerance,
They learn to be patient.

If Children live encouragement,
They learn confidence.

If Children live with praise,
They learn to appreciate.

If Children live with fairness,
They learn justice.

If Children live with security,
They learn to have faith.

If children live with approval,
They learn to like themselves.

If Children live with Acceptance and Friendship,
They learn to find love in the world.

author : Dorothy Law Nolte

Saturday, May 06, 2006


So Cinco De Mayo Friday , admidst the King's oily plummeting Poll Numbers he was forced to plan a rather uncomfortable little Surprise Personnel Change Press Conference. Scotty the Pop N'Fresh Press Secretary could not and would not run interference for the King. ( And I could be wrong but I think piss poor 32% approval rating is indeed lower than even Nixon's Doomed Watergate Numbers). So of course at first my little suspicious Heart gave a Happy Leap of Expectation, because I was hoping that Trip Number 5 to the Grand Jury was FINALLY going to lead to The Perp-Walk Demise and Security Handcuffs for the Pompous Turd Blossum, complete with an embarrassed little "Shucks, I am So Shocked and Dissappointed" speech by the King. And we all knew that the King did not invite any Immigrants, or other Souls of Hispanic Origin to the White House for Cultural Festivities, so we knew that was not the Reason for the sudden unplanned 1:31 pm announcement of the Unexpected Announcement. Part of me thought,the hopeful "hmm" part, thought yet another unplanned departure perhaps due to the Fitz Investigation ?

It sounded like there would be limited hasty staging, No Belly Up to the Podium Moments, and no Flustery Flowery Contrived Casual Rose Garden Moments, perhaps a little Fireside Chat nostalgia ? I kept wondering would it be another little " I need to spend time with my family " Exit Speech. [ They are my favorite]. Which by now, we all know translates, " I need to spend time with my defense attorney". I know that when Ms. Gale Norton spoke about Family Time at her Resignation Moment , I was not the only one that said /thought :" Hmmm, I wonder if those Did-Not-Happen-Cause-There-Aren't-Any-Friggin'-Photos Meetings with Casino Jack at the White House are a Problem at some point ???" We haven't seen pictures of Ms.Gale or even Ms.I-Worked-for-Rove-and-Abramoff Susan Ralston at any great Native American Gatherings or Events now have we ? Yet we have also learned in the past week that due to Secret Service records that were Requested, and Finally Made Public, it did indeed turn out that the Mr.Abramoff did indeed recieve Clearance to the White House for over 200 Visits in even the first 10 monthes of the Bush Administration's Reign. Yet somehow That Jack-Came-Up-The-Hill News became ecllipsed this week due to the Top Gun Connections to some questionable Activities over at the Wonderous Watergate....

But No?! it was not Bush's Brain facing exit plans, it was the always tanned-yet-not-handsome-oily-haired Porter Goss looking peevish and sweaty and less than happy. And the King also looked unsettled in a My Pet Goat Kind of Way. And now today the Blogatopia Airwaves are alive with Juicy Rumors that perhaps attach the Patriotic Mr. Goss to the Steamy Unseemly Scandals that are forthcoming having to do with Top Gun connections to some Working Women providing "entertainment" during card games at the Watergate. ( And I had to down a gallon of Maalox trying to save my intestinal fortitude from the ravages of the visual image of the Dukestar recieving a Lap Dance... and yet I do find myself wanting to see THOSE photos). And the names and images are more complicated than a dusty tangled aged tawdry sex drenched episode of DALLAS or DYNASTY. And I reflect on that Press Conference and the hasty illcontrived empty Announcement and I realize that NO Real Reasons were given for Mr.Goss's Hasty Retreat. NONE. No Sympathy eliciting " Health Problems" or even the Obligatory "Family Emergency ", or the vague yet honorable "He needs time with Family" was thrown into the Spinning Airwaves.The body language of the two men was stunning,an uncomfortable gin soaked moment, like that of two men at a Bar that have just realized that perhaps "Favors" and "Secrets" had been mutually shared with the same woman or women....working women. Oh, wait that would be like a scene off the ol' DALLAS that would just be too Indelicate for this Patriotic Time of Wholesome Values.

Many Many years ago on Sanibel Island I had a close friend ( a bit of a philosophical Lush,prone to spewing BS ) say that On Cinco De Mayo it is indeed a Date with Fate to See the Worm in the bottem of the Tequilla Bottle, and who ever eats IT will have an Amazing One of a kind Memorable Year. ( the Enigma did not drink from the bottle, as she is too squeemish around people eating worms and also doesn't like hard alcohol, too many years of working ER and seeing the Worm results....)

( Irony is a bitter thing, it was many years ago- and at that time Mr. Porter Goss was running for Political Leadership of the Island and was even editing a little newspaper, such a Mover and a Shaker....such a Patriotic Guy).

I doubt that West Wing Enchiladas were shared on the Patio last night at a Private Cozy Little Farewell Goss Dinner ....perhaps even some Tequila was sipped while the Mariachi Band played on and one as the Deck Chairs were yet again rearranged. And the cynical part of me could not help but wonder Who did Eat the Worm in the Bottle of That Bottle.... Or did they share ?


This week Rummy was made to eat 2.5 minutes of heaping steaming crow at a speaking event. He pretended to be gracious and humble and made his usual snide jokes and pretended that the Women that raised complaints about his Lies were merely pesty flies at a picnic. Yet out of that melee came a Calm Clear Wellspoken Voice throwing Honest Questions to the Sweaty Secretary, questions based on the Rumster's own Pompous Quotes (lies).And Ray McGovern, of 27 years of Civil Service, most in the Employ of Intelligence, mostly the CIA, asked these questions as a Patriotic Hardworking American. And Rummy pretended to be offended, and then graciously spoke to Security in a patrionizing manner, "Don't take him away yet". Ray was undaunted, and asked The Questions that needed to be asked, based on Rummy's own Verbal Spillage. [ CNN yesterday actually put together a Full Montage of the Mislaid Quotes (lies)of that poor Bastard Poor Rummy]. For this was not some longhaired Kent State Hippy of the Vietnam Era, this was an educated eloquent man with Brass Balls and a sense of Honor. If Ray McGovern ever comes to my hometown he is more than Welcome to Dinner . Who needs Jack Baur ?? We don't, we have Ray. McGovern... He is now officially on my Must Meet and Shake his Hand and say Thank You List.....


I need to say a huge Thank You to everyone as I vanished from Blogland to help a friend.
This friend was more than Grateful to the Humanity of Blogland. The comments and support
that you all gave this friend were more than appreciated.As a nurse and a friend I have done
all that I can do to help.....