Saturday, July 29, 2006


Waiting For A Star To Fall - Boy Meets Girl

This song reminds me of the Northwest Coast, the roar of the surf,the breeze that chases you.... and Summer Bubbles with my son...I think I will make Bubbles this weekend..for absolutely NO reason...but because I Need some Magic....sometimes We all Need some Magic.

( and for other son and I are going to an abandoned parking lot and Doing the Mento & Diet Pepsi Magic this weekend...stay posted...)

Friggin Hot Saturday Tune


Saturday Afternoon....
This song is 1986, Kane Gang,the Enigma is still taking a break from the Mideast Heartache. ( Don't fret none- there is a Scathing post being worked on for Sunday
I am still sitting here coughing my brains I may as well heave some ol'sputum Condi's way).

This song reminds me of so many things...
And not just dusty hot summers...
It reminds me of 1986 when I was a PEDS nurse in Vermont and I used to Rollerskate in my kitchen during blizzards ( boy I bet the downstairs folks loved that).

It reminds me that my first car was a 1966 Cherry Red Oldsmobile Cutless with white leatherette and a bitching sound system that was cruising heaven.

It reminds me of my Scottie Bogart that was plumish,rumpled and the most dignified creature I have ever met...or loved.

It reminds me of my Urban Oassis where people talk and spit and play cards in the heat of the day.

It reminds me that it is okay to slowdance in a parking lot in the Mid Day Sun...

It reminds me that it still okay to yearn for New Age Dawning and Change.

It reminds me that it is okay to have Hope....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Final Scene)

The Best ending of a Movie. Could a Trenchcoat be more Romantic? Could Pouring Rain be more romantic? I had a cat like this- a big marmalade lug- still miss Philo...And Bless this Man in the trenchcoat- he says it like it is.You have to have guts to have Love.Tell me your favorite movie....

Sunday, July 23, 2006

IMAGINE: Nothing to Kill or Die for....

iMagine Gabriel

Nothing to Kill or Die For.
Imagine All the People Living lives in Peace.
[Peter Gabriel honoring John Lennon].
Raise Hell.
You Know What to Do.
Spread the Truth.
Be The Peace.


Lebanese Forced to Bury Casualties in Mass Graves

This Video of Mass Buriels that MSM will not show and should Show.The Truth.Please share the Truth. Namaste.



The song is Why? by Annie Lennox, it has been on my mind all week.This song is about Pain,Sorrow,Unresolved Issues,Lies,Tears,Rage and Apologies...that may not be coming..
and the Whole World is Watching...


I like many others am watching the Middle East. I watch as a Mom, as a Woman,as a caring person. I watch with Open Eyes and an Open Heart. I know that this is not just about two kidnapped soldiers, it is about Something Darker, Bigger. It is about Greed and Longstanding Tensions, Broken Promises and Unresolved Issues. It is not just about "Terrorism", that is merely a primed, pumped, humped speech that This Administration has carried forth as their Agenda. It is also about King George's Regime's Inability to appreciate the need for Diplomacy and PeaceMaking Skills much less Peace.I would not Trust Condasleeza to negogiate a car deal for her own mother, much less a Conflicted Region full of Historical Cultural Diversity.

I pray for Wisdom.
I pray for the Truth to Come Forth.
I pray for Peace.

And to the Rest of the World I Apologize for Our Failed, Criminal,Hypocritical Leaders that have hijacked our Governmment and caused such pain to the rest of the World.This Regime is Hated here in the States, it is much like 1930's Germany- and we do want the world to KNOW That.

Please see some of the other Blogs that are truly Covering this issue in ways that matter, and are more eloquent than me: Tina over at Fuzzy&Blue, PoetryMan for the Soul of the Matter,Neil Shakespeare's beautiful thoughtpieces on this mess, Grumpy Ol'Man and This Old Brit both have Images that will break you heart, and also please go to GLENDA"s because she has a beautiful post about Gibran and his story- he is the exiled Leabanese writer that wrote the Prophet.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Okay...This is going to be one of my stranger posts, but I have to blog on this, have to. I was walking home from a downtown grocery store and it was mostly a pretty normal hot humid sticky walk UNTIL....I almost stepped on IT.

There it was lying on the dusty sidewalk limp and fragile and abandoned and lonely.
A small crowd had formed, staring at the little lifeless form. No one wanted to touch It or pick It up, or move It. I mean Someone might come looking for it, or even be missing it. Kind of like a Lost Pet, maybe an Ad will appear in the paper.

People stood staring, there was a hushed silence and much head shaking as people smoked cigarettes waiting for the bus.

The a girl of about 16 did something really funny, she pulled a flower out of a giant planted pot, and laid it on top of IT , and then everyone just had to laugh.

Okay, so by now you are wondering what IT IS?

It was a Toupee. Dark Black and very greasy, with the scalp part plainly visible. Yet laying there on the hot sunbaked sidewalk it really did look like a small wounded animal, almost like Road Kill.

As we all stood looking at it, finally an older woman went over with a CVS plastic bag and picked it with up with military precision,treating it like a Black Plague Rat
and she dumped it in the nearest trash container and gave a HRUMPH and "hmmm, Nasty" as parting words for the Buriel.

Think I am the only one noting the wonders of Toupee Land ? Hmm, head over to Evil Bobby's then...

Thursday, July 20, 2006


So in the past few weeks we have had to watch our King in all his fratboy glory embarrass our country in a way that goes beyond description.On the way to the G8 the King decided to stop by Germany and make an ass of himself by once again driving the podium drunk and blathering on and on about PIGS in front of the Leader of Germany. (Please somebody turn off his Mike I thought to myself). At the G8 Conference we watched the Feeble King have a lovely discussion with Tony-the-Poodle-Blair, what a mastigating Wonder of Diplomacy.Complete with Chewing the Fat I guess, and even a few foul words and a bit of spit. Lovely, but let's Leave the Mike on this time I thought. And to complete the Spectacle, the Mike was indeed on. OOOOPS has new meaning, but apparently the King isn't even ashamed of his blunder.And then there is his Reach and Out and Touch the Chancellor Moment- Lord Have Mercy, he gave her a quickie like she was a lonely Cow Hand down on the Ranch. So Bad Manners aside for King Fucktard, was that Enough Emabarrassment for the week ?

No, of course not.

I was folding laundry and decided to watch the NAACP speech- thinking that it would be the shortest speech of his life. And after his "Spare Parts" Speech yesterday as he Vetoed the Stem Cell Research Bill, under ( cough,cough) the cloak of Moral Courage, I was thinking that it could only be a minute blundering boggling moment.

I of course was Wrong.

For some reason King Fucktard ( after five very long years ) decided that since he has been missing his People of Color ( like when he Missed Them during Katrina), and now that it is indeed an GOP-Sinking-Faster-Then-Hoffa-Lead-Shoes Election Year he should give his 2.0% Base some Longlost attention. ( I just want to point out that I was always pretty certain that 2.0% Of the People of Color that vote for Bush must include Condi and her Stilletos ?)He tried his usual tactic of bring a little giggly-jokey-Aren't-I-Cute-Light Moments, yet the crowd responded with a Frosty Silence. Then he went on to Give Them The Speech, he was trying to deliver passion, but it came out as Wrathful Raging Blithering Ranting with undertones of a sophmoric imitation of old Hitler Film Noire Glory.
He yelled at the Poor Audience, and his Volume increased as The Now Painful Speech lumbered on and on like a Crippled Man that has lost his Cane. He Brought up so many Wonderful Issues.

(1) He reminded THEM that President Lincoln was the Last BEST President THEY ever had.(are you gulping with nausea and embarrassment yet ?)

(2)He Brought up the 'STAIN OF SLAVERY". ( huh...The Only Stain I see is standing at the Podium embarrassing the Entire Country...and WHF?Why would he bring up Slavery- is he hoping it makes a comeback ? Is he hoping to convince Someone , or Anyone that Voting Rights are safe because Slavery ended ? Just when you thought he really isn' THAT Braindamaged....he sets a new cerebral path of Shame.

(3)He told them "Ownership" of Anything is good for them ( I know , I know, How STUPID is he?).

His Volume continued to rise and make my skin crawl. Remember when you were a Kid and Uncle Lester would arrive Drunk to the Thanksgiving Dinner and he would tell Off Color Man-from-Nantucket Jokes and get Louder and Louder as NO ONE laughed, and you would have to serve More and More PIE to him, to attempt to Silence him? I found myelf praying for someone to Serve Him Pie.

And yet he rambled On and On, hemmorhaging like a Bloody Femoral Gusher...stumbling through the Valley of No Child Left Behind, that Vacumn of the Wonders of Home Ownership, and then into the I-Have-No-Shame-So-Kiss-My-White-I-Stole-YOUR-Vote-Twice-AssLand of Voting Rights.
And yes I hoped and Prayed SOMEONE, yes, ANYONE would yell out "LIAR". But the Audience was suprisingly quiet and polite, and the Hired Poorly Paid Bussed Golf Clappers continued to clap at odd Moments that threw off the Inept Podium Driver.

Finally I-Need-An-Excedrin-NOW Julian Bond arrived on the Stage and came to the Podium and let the President know that the Speech was coming to an end, the King nodded at him in that NOT Now Laura Way and kept driving through his speech haphazardly to the lackluster Conclusion.

You can only throw so many socks and towels at the TV and Yell "You Fucking Lying Piece of Shit" so many times before your animals hide under the sofa.


Okay if you too suffered through this Wonder of Speech give me Your Thoughts and I will give you my Compassion...or atleast a stiff Drink....of Mylanta.

( and yes, I have thrown $5.25 into the Foul Language jar and I didn't even call Condi what I usually call her...)


I have been off for quite a spell nursing a friend ( Sol, is doing so much better thank heavens)...and the tables need a wipe and the windows are alusting for Windex...So I have put on a fresh pot of Brew and bought fresh bagels. I do hope people will wonder in soon, hate to sit alone and yell at the TV. Oh, better turn the AC on- hot as Hades here in Cleveland. Hmm, I wonder if Hell is Humid and sticky like it is here. I hope all the regulars show up soon, Mel, Dada, POP, Poetry Man, and of course Dusty and Windspike, and KVATCH.....gee, maybe even the Fat Lady SIngs and Blogenfruede....I know I will bake some cookies and brownies -that should help. I even put an extra Cussin' Jar on the Counter- what the Hell- we have enough to cuss about may as well fill a jar or two with Appropriate Sentiments....( Maybe Rory wiil come over and give me a pithy piece of his mind, and maybe DK and Maine Friend).....I am sitting here watching President Fucktard attempt to give a speech to the NAACP...yup it is definently damnwell time to Blog....

Hey Got a Thought , Something on Your Mind ?
Let me hear from you....
The Coffee is on....