Monday, July 30, 2007


Breaking right now at 4:40 this afternoon......I almost missed it- had TV muted, thought it was just more Celebdeb-drunk-crap.
The I saw it.....Gonzo facing Impeachment....and we have Rep Jay Inslee to thank...But I am too excited to blog ...and the cat is stuck on the screen door ( again) not pass go and do not collect $200.....but find It all out over at Crooks&Liars...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What is Coming Up This Week

Are you in Vacation Mode ? That is okay, we'll stay here and keep an eye on things....
So here we are the last week in July, and August is almost here....that means that the King thinks he can sneak down to his ranch and leave ALL of the Problems of the Whitehouse behind....Good Luck Georgie...
(1) Gonzogate : Leahy has made it pretty clear that he is not planning to let Gonzo get away with all of his lies. What happens next is anybody's guess. ( Booman and FDL are covering really well).
(2) Stock Market: Last week was very bumpy, and there was a 300 point drop the one day, followed by 200 at the end of the week, so this week will be interesting, as the "experts" claim it was just a "correction", but some of the online folks are fairly sophisticated on these issues, and they do not agree.
(3) Iraq : The Situation there is no better than it was 6 monthes ago, the only difference is that it seems to be getting LESS press, or press that the WH "likes". The Surge is a bust, the only one that won't admit to it is the King.Reading other papers, and watching the Numbers ( Mortality , Wounded and Bombs it looks much worse).
(4) Pat Tillman's Death ( MURDER), HOW can anyone just sit around and say that it is "tragic"..."just friendly fire", This man with three bullet holes in his FOREHEAD...and it was within or under 10 yards, so the people who shot clearly saw him....Please Please let some CSI people speak out and analyze this.

NEW BLOG ALERT: Okay so I don't get around or out enough...and I missed this wonderful Blog, head over to the MoronCowboy over on the Blogroll.

The Wellstone Awards for July

"Stand Up,Keep Fighting" Paul Wellstone 1944-2002
When the Truth Hits:
In late 2002 I remember hearing Paul Wellstone speak out against the War in Iraq. I confess at the time I was immersed in my own hellish battle with filing massive reports with the Justice Department and the EPA ( and other Federal Agencies ) against the Big Evil Chemical Company (that shall not be named at this time) that my little NW nonprofit had thoroughly investigated. I was in the Kitchen chopping onions for Soup.I was in a foul mood. I had just recieved another call from the US Attorney's offices ( John McKay) and been offered Federal Marshall Protection to attend an Federal Environmental Meeting. I was not just an" Investigator, I was a Witness, and a Victim" the rep from his office politely told me as she requested again for me to reconsider" The Offer." I got off the phone in a worse mood.I stood and thought as I heartlessly chopped the Onion. " Should I ever have to be offered Protection ( or escort) to SPEAK the TRUTH to MY OWN GOVERNMENT ?? Am I ever suposed to be filled with FEAR to speak the TRUTH?"
In the background I had CSpan on, the background music of my days, and Paul Wellstone came to the Floor. I will never forget, even though at that moment I was drenched in my own worries, and yet he spoke with such Insight and Conviction about the Impending Iraq War that he took my breath away. I stood and thought THIS is what An American Looks Like, This is WHAT he sounds Like. He Is Strength and Courage in Motion. This Man is Not Afraid To Speak The Truth to Power.

It was one of his Last speeches on the Floor.It is Profound and Prophetic, it is the Truth. I taped it that day, and for years I carried that tape from place to place as my Own Hellish Path continued, and I would watch it. And remember we must Always Speak the Truth. Well, it has now been many moves later, and the tape broke this winter. And I was sad, and wanted to hear THOSE words and THAT Voice again. And so this week, I found Paul Again.....Thank You YouTube.
*click the Title*

THE AWARDS:Each Month I plan on the Last Weekend to award the Brave Bloggers that consistantly Blog Truth The Paul Wellstone Award for Blogging Courage from the Enigma Cafe. The Friday will be the Men awards and the Saturday will be the Women. Please link to them below and read and hear their Voices. ( I will still keep doing weekly Blog Roundups as well-so keep looking for your blog to be honored.....chances are it will be ). Seven Men of Honor Below:

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  • *fred, I have to confess , this is not linking right, I will be back and try to sorry. Please find Fred over on the Blogroll.....He has a wonderful blog..

    And Now for the Seven Women of Honor:
  • Fuzzy and Blue

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    Thank you one and all for the writing you do...It matters.

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    Friday Night Thought and Music.... 7.27.07

    "Knowledge Speaks,but Wisdom Listens" Jimi Hendrix.

    * Click Title: Music: Dave Matthews sings John Lennon "In My Life"*
    I don't know , but I think some god ol' Wisdom from the Sixties would sure sooth my soul....What is your best Sixties Wisdom ? Leave it in the Comments and I will post them all at the end of the Weekend....

    *Exra Reading: For a really interesting look at the Bush Legacy ( cough, choke) Please go read Tomcat's post on the Bush family history- Prescott Bush and Nazi Germany and a different Era of Bushisms.....really enlightening..

    The Skunkery....

    Warning : Post is a Grumpy Enigma post....move on if you have to...
    This post is about solving a Problem....So if there are any Skunk Experts out there pipe up..( Ironically we all should be Experts after surviving the Bush Regime and their Skunkery.....)

    Okay I have talked about THE Porch...and how I love sitting out there...and is my Refuge. Well, Speaking of Refuge, I have had a number of Refugees come to the porch. My favorite is a little tiny raccoon that I have named Ricky, he comes between 2 and 5 am , he first goes to my neighbors trash, he has gotten very adept at opening The Rubbermaid Lock Top Cans, even doing so quietly. Then he sits on the green weave rug and snacks, he prefers granola bars, biscotti, and yogurt, and fruit, especially bananas. ( I have been struck by reviewing the wrappers that he likes his healthy carbs and maybe watching his weight). He also then waddles down to the Birdbath just below the porch, and likes to wash his paws in the Birdbath. I am stuck that he is very tidy. Now he has gained a little weight this summer, and occasionally I hear a thunk and a squeal as he knocks over the birdbath. After the late night Snack he curls up and naps on the little old battered wicker loveseat for a couple of hours.

    There also has been many birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and wandering cats. BUT....
    The Refugee Group that has caused the mosts problems are the Skunks. Now I personally don't mind them. There is a family of them, Two adults, a baby and an adolescent. I call them The Slipper Family Now occasionally they Do Stink up the Place, about one night a week. But it fades quickly. One night taking out the trash, Three of them decided to Salute me, the baby skunk the size of a softball hid behind a petunia pot, quietly blinking. I was standing in the middle of the stairs. ( I have 29 steps to my front door, it is quite a Hill). So They came out and circled my ankles, It was like watching Slippers gliding about to a graceful polka. ( I am sorry but watch them scurry about the block- they really do look like Slippers...)
    The three of them waddled by on Lap 1 ( Inspection Phase). Lap 2 I was greeted with Tails up. Now I was standing there motionless watching them, thinking for sure I was about to be sprayed. But Instead, I realized I was just being greeted as a nieghbor. This Tails UP is Their Salute. I view them as a normal little family dealing with daily woes. They never spray on my side of the Side-by-Side. Now for some reason every Sunday night they do spray the Neighbors Side.

    I should Explain about THE Neighbors, I share the Side-By-Side with them ( I live in the left). For the most part they do not speak to me. It is very much an odd strange relationship. They have a young baby who waves to me,and is always happy to see me, and I adore her. I am lucky to get a Hello form the Adults. I work odd hours, and I am a single mom with a teenage son. The young Wife I think does not respect me much, which is too bad, because I am not a bad neighbor at all.I do yard work and keep the porch clean. I think all of my flowers, windchimes, and beat up beach furniture for some reason bugs her.She walks by in her slingback heals,flings her head the other way and struts by in indignant disdain, even when I am sitting right on the porch. My Ex came to visit his son for several weeks and stayed with us and saw the whole show. They finally spoke to me at that point, after living here for many monthes. Ex pointed out "well, I think if you wore highheels, drank maragaritas and maybe went to Church, she would talk to you."

    I don't mind that they are not "friends". I do mind that every 4-6 weeks they have put Weed-Be-Gone on MY Lilacs on my side, next to my porch. So my warm fuzzy Neighbor Feelings have Sharply dropped over time.

    Now I will be honest , apparently the skunks don't like their side, so when they DO the STINK, they do it on their side, right by the their porch.

    So they called Fish and Wildlife Officials this week, and complained about the Skunk Family. And three nights ago The Trap arrived, rather small, and in the center, there is a small spot where the Dogfood is placed. I actually have had a chuckle- the crappyass cheap dogfood has inticed Nothing- not even ants...and funny thing , it well keeps ahem....disappearing. My son and I guard the "trap" ...making certain that No errant Visitors get caught in it....We divert them (water and throwing things).
    Ironically only the juevanile ones would be trapped, it is too small for the Slipper Family Adults. So 6-6 and I discussed it, and that means that one of the "children" would be relocated, and that ain't all.

    So I will keep diverting the Critters from the "Trap"....BUT if anyone has any Ideas to help my Slipper Family that would be great. And any ideas to thwart their Stinking that would help. ( On my side I have petunias, and wildflowers, and Lilacs, and Incense, and I don't have a problem.....and I did put mothballs under Their porch...and by their trashcans . )

    I am still Committed to saving the Slipper Family......

    August 3rd Update: Well, after much happenings, and "The trap" and the mysterious dissappearing food in the trap, and the assistance of the Local Chipmunks...and MUCH liberal use of Spices and Mothballs (reapplied after hard rains), and ALL holes blocked with rocks and potted petunias....and much silence from the "neighbors", esp when Enigma confronted them that the F&W folks could not Answer my relocation Question....My Friends, and neighbors, the Skunks lovingly called "The Slipper Family" Have moved on to another loation. I hope they live long and well.

    August 18th update: this is such good news. The Skunk family has been sighted 4 doors down under an abandoned house and porch. It is a lush lovely new spot, they came out and saluted me while I was out walking the dog. They looked healthy and happy, and wellfed. And the youth is definently grown.
    And as soon as they moved on, another nice developement was that my neighbors kind of decided that maybe my cluttered little porch and petunias were not so bad. They even contributed to the decorations....and spirit of it. It renewed my hope that neighbors are out there....around every corner.

    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Bad Day on the Street

    Bad Day on the Street....Wall Street that is.
    Dow Market Plunges today- 300- 420 points.
    90% of ALL stocks have taken signifigant Negative Hit today
    Is THIS a correction?
    Or is this a Reality Check ?
    Maybe Some Middle America Realities have Hit ?
    The Economy.
    The Housing Market.
    Unemployment has Risen.
    The Expensive Fuel issues.
    Middle America Is Struggling....

    MSM is barely covering, yet when the Market is fully pumped and on the Rise they cover it with gusto.

    ** Art by Margaret Bourke White photo from 1930's , she photographed Hardship for working America ( Rural and Urban). She helped bring the faces of the Depression for all to see.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    My Post today is Over at Sirens Chronicles...head on over.

    You are welcome to come on in, make yourself at home and sit and read, there is plenty here this week.
    OR you can come over to find my post today over on
  • Sirens Chronicles

  • (twice a month I sneak over there to do a little writing, but I will be back to the Enigma Cafe tomorrow).

    * * CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS CITATIONS: This am NOW, Judiciary Committee meeting today on CSPAN3 to vote on citing Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten for refusing to testify and turn over documents. Please know I will post running commentary/assessment down below. FDL, HuffPost, Raw Story, and Booman Tribune also......Many fine Bloggers are covering.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Dear George, ( another letter from Tricky Dick)

    Dear George,
    A letter from The Old Tricky Dick himself...
    Frankly, you have earned this letter with alot of Hard Work. I have to write you again, because you are acting like an arrogant Frat Boy. Of course maybe I should thank you, I mean you make me look good, real good. I look like a Real Leader. I mean we know I knew about the Importance of the Inner Circle and how to properly keep Secrets. But I have to confess, you have taken Executive Privilege to a whole new level. I look like an amatuer on the Secrecy front compared to your Godfatherlike renovations.
    You Know it's real funny, almost deja vu, the 2nd Summer of my 2nd term, it started to get Hot , real hot, I mean after those idiots were caught bumbling over at the Watergate in 1972 it seemed so simple- create cover. Divert the Media, and the War was going so bad, that was not too hard. But then you know all it took was ONE source of media to keep racheting the heat, and too many questions from you know Those Oversight types, and then the Coverup just wasn't tight enough.
    So by 1974 Summer I guess I knew my fate was sealed, my polls were in the toilet- mid 20's and There were Hearings, and the Justice Dept was being scraped apart. And it turned out NOT all My Men, were loyal, turned out Some were loyal to the Country and the Constitution, didn't count on that. That Damn Dean Fella.

    Well, hell I am sure you studied how I did what I did, and almost pulled it off. I mean you are working with ( and have worked with) some of my Sharpest , Rummy, and Dick Cheney, and Fred Thompson, and Ol'Kissenger, and Fred Fielding. I mean I know it may look bad, lying about the War , and the Missing Weapons, and starting a War, illegal torture, and that Gitmo thing, and outing a CIA agent, and firing US Attorneys,The Scooter thing, and you have had alot of Corruption and Other Problems ( Cunningham, Delay, Noe, Ney, Abramoff,Foley ) and now these damn Gonzales Hearings. But you got that smart ass Rove and some Bushies to bail you out of trouble. I mean you probally got it all covered, unless ANY of those folks like LIED to Congress. I think that might be a problem...I think they can still go to jail for that....Especially if they lied FOR You.

    I mean you kind of lied to the People and your staff, and now you have kind got no one to talk to but the damn dog. You know I would never have gotten in so much trouble except for Those Tapes. You been careful, there are no tapes right? Or are there?.....

    I don't know if Impeachment is the Future for you and the VP, but seems like you both have a whole lot more on the Table then we did....Whole lot.

    Thanks for making me look so good.



    JD Oversight Hearing ON NOW....
    Gonzo would be wise to resign....quickly...Instead he is LYING.
    He is sinking fast , Durbin, Spector,Shumer,Feingold and Leahy are leaving no stone unturned.
    Torture,Illegal Spying,the Strongarming of Ashcroft and The US Attorney Firings....
    ( Gonzo is trying to say that Executive ORDERS Trump the Geneva Conventions...WT???)
    HOT VERY HOT....

    TURN IT ON....

    add: If you LIE to THAT Impeachable ? Is that a Crime ?

    add: I have been taking notes and trying to write more of a synopsis on the Comments.

    add: Please go see Susie Q's Post....

    ( I have to say that these are pretty Watergate hot...)

    6pm UPDATE: Many Blogs have great updates on this Crooks&Liars, Raw Story, FDL, and Susie, and Booman Tribune.
    CSPAN 3 ran it all day, and it should be on cspan2 this eve.

    Many Senators kept reminding Gonzo to Check his transcripts carefully, and review what he has already said to them, UNDER Oath. They even reminded him that Perjury is a Crime that carries a 5 year Sentence.
    The Definition of Perjury:The Willful act of Telling an Untruth or not telling the Truth UNDER OATH. ( Oxford Dictionary)

    Monday, July 23, 2007

    Monday Blog Round Up 7.23.07

    So here we are it's the YOUTUBE Monday Debate, and because it is YouTube and Anderson Cooper I am going to give it a chance. Otherwise CNN remains on my MainShitMedia shitlist. I am sick and tired of them humping the Terra Agenda for the Whitehouse. Now this week we are suposed to be fretting a Terra Attack and scowling at Pakistan and we susposed to also be mourning Tammy Faye Baker. ( SO help me if they show her damn mascara laden funeral I am going to have to Elvis my TV, and please know that I mean No Disrespect to the living or dead, but geesus tapdancing in a thong how many frigging times do we need to see her being interviewed by about Cruel and Unusual. ) CNN did FINALLY start covering the Floods in England, it took them 3 days. Let's see if they can cover it properly. I did notice ever since Robert Gates showed guts and tears about Iraq, that they have danced away from discussion or interviewing anyone revelant or showing footage of WHAT made him cry( BTW if you want the details on Gates Tears, then go read Huff post today)....But mostly I am sick of them peddling Mitt and Rudy like fresh candy....It is only summer 2007 and I have had enough. So that is my rant for the day.

    *** ABOUT THE YOUTUBE DEBATE: PLEASE MEET ME OVER AT CROOKS&LIARS......Debate Review will be served up down below on Tuesday .Please look for it. thanks.

    BUT maybe you are not going to the YouTube Debate. Maybe you would rather be Blogging. If you have not noticed- you should the Blogroll is being updated, and there are some New Wonders on Board...and some new visitors to the Enigma Cafe. So folks make the rounds, and let the dialogue flow.....I am not doing Links ( because I suck at them), but feel free to go and visit them on the Blogroll.

    (1) THE IMMORAL MINORITY: Gryphen is this wonderul fella up in Alaska , he is amazing posts all kinds of wonders, from religion to Science to political theories ( he has a Hillary one right now that is really interesting....).So head over there and immerse yourself....and send some love to our great Alaskan Blogger...

    (2) DADA'S DALLY : Okay Dada has a great blog, full of Southwest Humor and Insights, and he has a post up about his "new"49 Merc that just is a joy....give him some love it is his birthday....( okay before anyone says anything- just go to the blog and look for Dada- I think I have had his title wrong the WHOLE time...oh my).

    (3) GET YOUR OWN by Mary, she has a wonderful Blog, it is Sensitive and full of wonders, like her garden.And she also has a mosiac blog that is just so creative.

    (4) PEACECHICK MARY,my other favorite Mary, also has been really blogging it this summer. She has Humor and Perspective...

    (5) SIRENS CHRONICLES is a brand new blog, formed by SUMO and DUSTY, these two women are so enlightened and creative that I can only stand in ovation and quietly nod at their sage posts....they have formed an interesting group of women writers, and they welcome all readers...

    (6) POLITICS PLUS: this folks was a real find, meet Tomcat, and as this weekend shows when he diagnosed Bush's assbounty- he is as funny as John Stewart....enuf said. ( he all us on the floor this weekend- read the post about Bush's surgery on Saturday- hit the comments- this guy is a hoot...but SMART...)But he is also wise- knows his history....and can write.

    (7) RUDE PUNDIT: as I have said before this guy speaks Truth- the way it was meant to be spoken, it is like sitting at a Diner and listening to an angry humorous conversation that you wish you were a part of....He is amazing, and he has been blogging it hard this summer ( his series the Motherfuckering of America is priceless).

    (8) RAMBLINGS : New blog, baby blog.....just started by a wonderful woman named Fran...make her welcome....( she rambles in a nice thoughtful way.....)

    (9) DUWARD DISCUSSION: By Jamie- this is a beautiful blog by a thoughtful NW woman that reads and shares, everything from history to memories. I originally met her over on Craig Crawfords List ( which is also a great blog), she is one of the sharpest knives in the Political Drawer.....

    (10) AGITPROP: Blogenfreude in NYC is always on it, great graphics and articles. His series on Vitter should win a prize ( he and Tina of FUZZY& BLUE should win awards for their dilligent coverage of this sexenvangelist's downfall....)But he blogs it all , and he blogs it well....there is no issue that escapes him.

    (11) FALLENMONK: He is wise, insightful and very creative and covers so many worthy issues. He is a Thinker ....but you need to go read his great blog...I come away feeling enriched everytime....

    Those are just eleven worth the perusing....there are many other Wonders though, so scroll the blogroll, there is OceanShaman, and A Dingo 's got my Barbie,BeachBlogger, and Helen Wheels is back, as is Neil Shakespeare. And also please go give Blue Gal a big Happy go explore the Blogroll, and remember I am still adding if you need to be added, or I have made any errors let me know....

    Music "Lose Your Way" by Sophie B.Hawkins...yup ,she plays the Banjo ...

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Sunday Afternoon on Enigma's Front Porch....7.22.07

    Today it is breezy up by the Lake. I awoke to the usual Summer Sounds, lawns being tended and mowed.Sprinklers on and children giggling. My Neighbor hammering and a Bassatt in the background yodeling.

    I am going to sit on my front porch and try to finish the Mosaic Shelf that I have been working on all summer. I am making a shelf for my kitchen, actually it is more counter space, if I set it under the Big Window just right. It has glass marbles, buttons, and broken dishes.

    My Front Porch is my Oasis, it is where I write, paint, read,listen to music, talk on the cellphone. It is an old Victorian porch, with peeling paint and big french doors that creak. I have been collecting furniture all summer on Sunday nights when people toss old Wicker and Adirnondacks to the Curb, I lovingly drag them home and paint them.I buy Mistake paint at the Hardware store and I mix it and slap in on the wood.It is all the colors that I love , West Coast colors, of sand and surf, and sunsets and wind. I have rockers and a big old table. I have an old soft faded seagreen cotten weave rug.I have an old teddy that sits on the old faded green wicker loveseat.I have a flag that I leave out all year. And I have windchimes that tinkle lightly. And I have a big old Brass Hurricane Lamp for the eves. And there is the wonderful Vintage bike. There is railingbox with purple petunias and pansies....There is pots of petunias leading up to the porch on the steps. In the garden beneath the porch there is a Birdbath made out of an old Lamp and a china nacho platter, and a mirror. There are strung beads hanging from a branch , the mirror and the beads draw butterflies.The porch has had many visitors, chipmunks, squirrels, and birds, and even a racoon that likes to sleep on the loveseat ( and wash his paws in the birdbath.)There is a battered old Lilac that I am trying to save, it still smells wonderful. There are more petunias, and morning glories, and HollyLocks, hanging in the the porch.....And when I sit on the porch I am in Heaven....

    Do you have a porch, a special place to go....What makes it special ?....What makes it an Oasis ?

    *U2 Beautiful Day on the Link.The painting is by Janet Kruskamp and is called Summer Front Porch. Her art and other great works are on sale at*
    ** thank Dk for reminding me that porches matter...**

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Saturday Night Gift:Best Damn CornBread 7.21.07

    I am wandering around the Kitchen, and hungry to make something. Son is upstairs Not to Be Disturbed reading the New Harry Potter.I have Sophie Hawkins on, and I am humming, which means I will only offend my deaf dog. So here is my Gift to you tonight, a little Cornbread....passed down countless generations of Kentucky women served with Chili, or Soup, whatever your heart desires.And here is some Sophie for you, singing one of her best "Damn" songs....and fellas tell me is a girl in faded old jeans hot or not ? It doesn't matter....cuz with old jeans and cornbread on a Saturday Night you can't go wrong.

    Cornbread Mix ( sue me it works great when doctored-better than some fluffyass Martha Stewart reciepe)
    Can Creamed Corn-use .5 or more of can- not too runny.
    Brown Sugar 2tables
    Paprika- smidge
    Cinnamon-smidge and sprinkled on top
    Nutmeg -smidge
    Maple Syrup- 1 tsps.
    Evaporated Milk-1 tablespoon
    one egg
    water .5 to 3 quarters cup

    Mix it all together, and it should be somewhat thick- like cement, slightly lumpy, but still smooth. Bake in a buttered pan and set oven to 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Eat hot- have butter ready.Great withPumpkin Butter or Apple butter. If Granny Ethel made it and you complained it was TOO Dry, she would serve you a shot of Bourbon and tell you to shut up. ( Yup, she was raised by moonshiners and rummrunners-all class).

    ART: Imogene Cunningham self portrait made in 1915, kind of mystical, interesting.Looks almost like a Hippy photo from the Sixties.....There is a little Imogene in all of us...Victorian Hippy....

    Have a Great Saturday Night.....

    Take Me Away:Part II

    New Fantasy Car, I am torn which one should it be. They both look like Escape heaven....hmmm. Now I know the Burgundy one is a beauty, but the old wagon ( a Woody) well, you could fit dogs and kids and boards and sand in it....sigh...Now if I just had some music......hmmmm....

    ADDED Sat nite: The Burgundy Merc has a new Home, look for it over at Dada's real soon...

    *** okay...I found a Great Tune to play in the Old I cruise down the Road.Click the Title.***

    Dear Mr.President

    Dear Mr.NOT MY President,
    I hear you are having a procedure this weekend to remove some polyps and OTHER things from your colon.
    I do hope that they find Karl's Watch and Condi's Stilletoes...and maybe while they are in there they can see if they can find THE CONSTITUTION, The Document that your Administration seems to have Lost......And if I were you I would be a REAL good patient....because ANY REAL good nurse surely knows where the dull rusted 14 gauge needles are kept....and how to hide the Jim Beam ......

    ps. thank you Helen Wheels for giving me that lovely visual for this post......merci.
    ps2. Thanks to Balloflight for finding PINK singing Dear MrPresident, excellent song...

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    The Story of Luther


    When my son was small he kept growing excessively, and this threw off his balance and coordination. ( Hey - we don't call him 6-6 for nothing....)So this required that he have physical therapy, and speech therapy,occupational therapy, and swimming everyday, and even therapuetic riding. Now we were not rich parents, so this was not something that we had budgeted for when he was a baby. Nurses and teachers don't make alot of money. So my Ex worked alot of overtime and the Enigma fought with the Insurance companies and tried to get things paid for. And we found ways to get the Son what he needed. So there I was in my late 30's negogiating with a Riding Program, offering to clean stalls and take care of horses so he could get the Riding lessons he so badly needed, that helped his balance and coordination. The Horses gave him confidence and touched him in a magical way.

    So I learned how to care for the horses, every weekend for a couple of years, I cleaned and cared for 20 horses. I fed them what they needed, gave them pasture time, watered, brushed and yes, even cleaned out their stalls. I learned about laminititis, shoe-ing, and what they could and could not eat. Some were retired Race Horses, and a bit highstrung. So I took courses on Tellington Touch and Massage and learned that these beautiful Creatures were smarter than I and more communicative than most knew.

    My Son fell in love with them all, one by one, and he knew what they ate and Who got along with Who. ( This was critical when putting horses in fields.). He was 7 and he knew that sometimes they needed to play and he also knew that if we put Chantilly in the one field she would eat too many apples, but it would make her happy. He loved the one big old Black Morgan named Luther. Luther was a big easygoing fellow, and he was not doing well with the riding program because he himself was having coordination problems. My son had great compassion for Luther, because they were bonded on this issue. And in a funny way, my son knew that something was making this problem worse for Luther. And lo and behold he figured it out. One day putting Luther in the field, my son of 7 said, "Ya know , he likes this field, but it's not the plum trees or the apple tree, it 's those plants down by the fence, the onces with the berries. Are you sure he can or should be eating those? " I was struck by this, and sat down with my son and watched Luther, and sure enough he beelined for the plants with the berries....And over the weekend, my son was right Luther's co-ordination was definently worse in the evening.

    So that weekend we did alot of research and found the Luther Plant in a book, it was Nightshade, and it was indeed poisonous, and could indeed cause Major Coordination issues. So we talked to the Managers and the owners and the Vet, and what was figured out that Luther was going to need PT and OT and lots of care, and to move to another barn and be watched and cared for, and Time to get better. We mentioned to the Vet that ended up adopting Luther that we had been to see the Seattle Police Horses in their barn, on a field trip and that they got beautiful care, and she was intrigued with that idea.And she found a home for him with the Seattle Police Horses. So Luther ended up getting the care he needed ,and he got better and he also ended up being a Police Horse with his gentle unflappable disposition.Everytime I see a program on Police Horses I think of this gentle Morgan with the Brown soulful eyes that touched my son's life.

    My son did a Good Thing that summer....he may not remember it. But I always will.

    Prayer Flags and Hope

    When I am really frustated I clean, I try to set things right put them in order.Whether it be Bad Buscho News or News in Iraq, I try to keep my home feeling safe, as a refuge from all that is Wrong right now. So the day Scooter's sentence was commuted, my house was sparkling. Today Valerie Plame's case was thrown out of Federal Court, so I cleaned and scrubbed. I wanted the world to feel Right again.It didn't. Then there was a huge storm, it rained buckets, "gullywashers" they call it here by the Lake. It felt cleaner, the air felt fresher, and my head was not pounding as much after the monsoon rains.
    I am always looking for Prayer Flags. One day I will go to Nepal and see The Prayer Flags, thousands of them wavering in the wind, carrying prayers to the Gods and Ancestors and Heaven. In the meantime, I make prayer flags out of old hankerchiefs and napkins and paint messeges on them in calligraphy ( Japanese), and hang them with care on little lines on my porch and in my yard. ( I have done this since son was very small). But what I have noticed is that I always am looking for the Flags, whether it be curtains waving in a window or laundry , sheets and towls waving in the breeze on a clothesline.

    After the Rains today I went for a walk and realized that I was looking for The Prayer Flags, because I was looking for some Hope, even for a moment blowing in the wind.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Dear Google, Please don't Censor the Enigma,because of the Art or the Ladies...

    ( In the Title I said the Art, but I guess I could also be Censored for heatedass subjects like Katrina&Bushwacking or some of my foul language...god forbid.. hide the children...)

    So over the weekend I told a friend of a friend to go to Watergate Summer, told them to check the Google Results for some old features ( ie.Red Trucks & Watery Lies, Miracles in the Deep End, Gifts From Iraq: Walking Wounded and Road Kill). I told them that they just had to hit "Google" and then check the Results, that there were about 14 pages of them, enjoy. Well, at the time I was very much mistakened.

    When they would google Watergate Summer, ALL that they found was one lonely title and one sample page, with a disclaimer on it saying google did not support or represent the work therein. HUH? WHAT the? ( I saved all of these pages obviously). So the friend let me know these"results", and How ALL Result pages were gone...So I followed up on this Missing Page Mystery, and it was indeed true. So I wrote to Google, in no Uncertain Terms I let them KNOW that I was Not Happy being CENSORED . I let them know I blog for FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. I Blog because I am an American Woman and WE still have a CONSTITUTION and this is still OUR Country.


    Now I also let them know that I think I might have been Censored by them because I post WOMEN, Lush Sensual Powerful Paintings of beautiful Women ( mostly Redheads) by Alberto Vargas, (Varga Girls) and also Lord Leighton. These men appreciated Beautiful Women, even the redheads. ( and yes, as a Redhead I am indeed grateful to these men for seeing us, as luscious). Now I have One Reason WHY I post These Women. When Ashcroft came to DC and Covered the Breasts of the Sisters of Justice, I made a commitment to always have Women on my blog that represented What he hated and feared most. Raw Real and Powerful. You won't find women on this blog Ever in starched collared shirts baking cakes and scrubbing toilets. NO. And Why? because that is what this Regime wants, women cleaning and cooking and SILENT and OBEDIENT to men and NOT reading or talking about WHAT matters.So on my Desktop I have a File called AssCroft's Nightmare, and I have been collecting beautiful women, solely for Watergate Summer. And yes, they do indeed grace the Blog-alot. I am proud of these women. In Spirit I am one of them.

    NOW Reason Two, why I post these Women. The Pinup Girls have a Very patriotic history dating back to WWII. There were many Great Pinup artists (Armstrong,Runci, and more), but Vargas is indeed my favorite. Alberto Vargas painted most of these women in the 1940's he painted them to remember WHO the Real Women were, and he created them for Esquire magazine, they were called the Varga Girls.They became calendar girls and legends. The redhead Jeanne was one of his favorite models, and he painted her quite a bit.( Anna Mae his wife may have been a model too). Now the men and boys were overseas, and the Varga Girls became a Wonderful source of Inspiration and Morale. ( you can Google Varga or Vargas girls- they were listed as both). They became favored Pinup Girls, next to pictures of mom and girlfriends, it was not uncommon to find them in barrack walls or fighter planes. They also became favorites at Home where Women were fighting , by working the Men jobs at home and manning the shifts at factories. Vargas wanted people to see their Beauty and their Power. And yes, his vision of Women did indeed inspire our fighting men so much they are in the War Archives and military annals. Now I also have to admit that since I have a number of male readers and VETS I think that I am doing the right thing remembering Morale. Maybe that is Lovemongering of me, but so be it.( Better than the hatemongering,fearmongering, and terramongering crapola we are fed daily from all sides). I want Men and Women to feel good about themselves again and about their sensual sides, no more of this religous puritian crap. I want them to remember to feel Powerful in WHO they are, man or woman.

    So I wrote to Google and I also wrote to Keith Olbermann, and I sent both copies of letters I had sent the others about my feelings on Censorship and WHY I thought I was being censored. And 30 hours later Voila, MOST of the RESULT pages had been returned ( almost all) and Number 2 for Google results was my post "THANK YOU KEITH OLBERMANN". ( I am sure That is just Some Kind Fateful Coincidence.)So I am very very grateful to Google for repairing the ERROR and I guess maybe again for some reason I am ever grateful to Keith Olbermann.Keith Dinner is on me if you ever come to Cleveland.

    *do click the title for today's musical selection*

    Monday, July 16, 2007


    I know that we have heard that Pelosi took Impeachment Off the Table. We don't know WHY, but she did. I think WE THE PEOPLE should put it Back On The Table.We have Criminals Endangering OUR Country and Other Countries Daily, and High Crimes and Lies have been committed AND ARE STILL being committed. I heard another blog discussing this issue and Someone suggested that we send Plates to DC and WRITE Impeachment on the Plates I think it is a Great Idea....You Know Nixon's Resignation was August 9th, 1974, the result of the Summer of Hearings and Impending Impeachment...maybe that would be a good way to Remember the Last Crook in the White House...Send Plates to DC,especially to Nancy Pelosi.....Let me know what you think....

    ( Imagine if we ALL Sent plates, 1000's of them....)

    ANOTHER QUESTION ABOUT IMPEACHMENT: Is it possible to Impeach a President or his leadership- ie.Dick too, for Incompetency ?( mentally or criminally...) just asking for you scholars out there...

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    UP IN SMOKE...A letter to Mr.Bush and the MSM about Our Children's Need for Health Insurance

    Dear Mr.Bush,
    We know you care about issues that make You look "good", or exploit your sense of Righteousness. We know that you say you hear Voices from God giving you Guidance ( aka the Voices In Your Head or the whisper of Jim Beam).We know that you like those photo opportunities with children, like the little white TBall Players they drag to the Whitehouse Every Spring. Or let us not forget the Children of Human Shield Elementary In Florida that you were reading the Goat Book on Sept 11,2001. My you cared so much about them that you stayed a full 7 minutes after our Country had been Attacked and you even made your first heartfelt ( pantspissing /witless) speech to the masses, in front of those same poor photo-op children .We know that you care so much about children that you susposedly say you gave up The Drink when your own Children were small, as you like to tell large crowds with short memories.We know that you don't give a shit about the current known 9 MILLION Uninsured Children in this Country, or the 20 million working class families that have those children. We know that if the Parents are uninsured that is their fault for not being responsible, that is what you said last week when you were in Cleveland. ( That was the very same speech you were busy terramongering and fearmongering, in case you forget, you said the Terrorists were coming to get Our CHildren.)

    [[ See the Funny Thing is that after that "Speech" , I even then thought So OUR Children are not worth Protecting or Taking Care of , but Mr.Bush wants us to be very scared of Someone Else Hurting Them. We know that Mr.Bush didn't want us to think HE is the Bogeyman trying to hurt OUR Children. But now we know that In all of His alcohol addled Imperial Wisdom he plans to VETO a Bill that would provide Coverage for the Children of this Country, MILLIONS of Children. There are short little below-the-fold articles in the Sunday papers, but god-forbid NO Big Embarrassing stories on such an issue, hence I don't even have any links for you.]]

    And Mr.Bush , We Know that you have Friends, and that Your Friends NEED Your Help, more than Our Children. That's right, I mean we know it would be so Unfair for the Cigarette Companies to suffer because of you wanting to help Our Children get the Health Care Coverage They Need and Deserve.We know that 2nd hand Smoke only causes Asthma and Lung Cancer, but Joe Camel taught us how much they too love the Children.We know that taxing Cigarette companies in the end would have horrible painful effects for the Cigarette Companies, and that you could not watch such suffering. (Your "empathy" for Scooter taught us that just this month). We know that you know you ONLY Veto Bills that affect Life, so we know you will Kill this Bill that would have saved Millions of Lives. We know the faces of these Children will not haunt your sleep, because the Dead and Dying will not comfort your delusional dreams of grandeur.

    What would you do Mr.Bush if Millions of Parents and Moms and Dads came to DC and said that We Know Our Children Matter ? And that we don't want them Dead HERE or in Iraq ? Because Mr.Bush, we are Parents and we are Sick and Tired of you taking Care of Your Big Corporate Friends and Killing and Hurting the Children of the United States and the World. 9 Million Children Matter. And we know that when you sign That Veto, that their chances for a stable Healthy Future will merely go Up in Smoke, Every Child Left Behind. 9 Million Children.

    We Know when You sign the Veto for Health Insurance for 9 Million Children we may as well start buying cemetary plots for those Children , OUR CHILDREN. So see those photos, we will save them for their Obituary articles. maybe you could just start choosing which children Live and which die, just look at the photos and Choose. You are the Great Decider, so go ahead and Choose, after all they are just Children. ( They will never know that you signed their Lives away).

    ADDENDUM: A short note to the MSM, instead of covering Paris Hiltons Skinny Ass Jail Term, or some other drivel start Covering what matters. CNN Shame on you for deriding Micheal Moore for attempting to investigate and bring light to Our Health Care Crisis that is effecting more than 47 million people. He was Right, you FUBARED the Iraq War Coverage From DAY One, and you even have failed Basic Human Stories at Home. Do Something Right, Cover a story that Effects Our Greatest Resource. Our Greatest Resource in this World is NOT Corporate Interests or OIL, it is OUR CHILDREN.

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Saturday Night Music 7.14.07

    It is still So Hot all over....So I decided to give you Something Hot.
    Click the Title to get to the Saturday Night Music.

    ( art is another from my Ashcroft Stroke Gallery Collection, another Vargas from the 1940's)

    Crooks&Liars and Skippy always have great Saturday Tunes , so I usually go there....

    Saturday Evening Reflections....7.14.07

    Many of you know I would give anything for this to be my Watergate Summer,OUR Watergate Summer, a summer of Heated Revelations and Unravelings of the Criminals.And after many Sleepless nights and brokenhearted days, I do think sometimes that Time Stands Still, and you just have to move at a different pace and take a deep breath.It is like Waiting to Ride The Perfect Wave, you wait and watch and you listen with your heart and your body for the ebb and flow of the waves. Your heart keeps beating and you feel yourself breathing with anticipation and patience is a tightly clenched fist, clinging to the board as you look over your shoulder...and you wait and you breathe and you Hold On....
    You absorb what is around you and hold it a little closer and see it in a different light. WHAT matters becomes more than relative, it becomes Soul Food..... So the Enigma Cafe has fed the Hunger for Angst and Fury, and even Bushwhacking of the highest order, but for the next couple of weeks, I think I need to just feed our souls....our hearts....Because some of us are looking for Comfort.....Respite from the Titanical Administration ...some Refuge...and Some Hope....

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Take Me Away....

    It's Friday, it has been a long long week with sizzling heat.For some reason my 1966 Cutless has been on my mind all day. You have heard me talk of it before, the cherry red beauty with the creamy Vanilla Leatherette interior and the bitchin sound system. But because it is soooooo hot any car would meet my Fantasy needs.All I want is to go sit in a long sleek car with AC and roll up the windows and listen to music from long ago. I want to drive to a unfamiliar 7-11 and order the biggest Big Gulp they have ....hmm, or maybe I need a Slurpie.And when night begins to fall and the sun is setting I would drive faster, turn up the volume and put down the windows and let it just blow Everything away....

    *** Free Ride for whoever comes up with the BEST song to go with this photo....***

    Friday Gift....7.13.07


    I have decided to make some changes to my blog....gasp...No, Nothing drastic. Every Friday I am going to try to post a reciepe and some music, just a little gift to you all for your weekend. By the end of the week, I need a break from the Criminal Corporatocracy of everyday life, and I can only say the EFF word so many times when vessels start pulsing and I begin rummaging for TUMS.

    When I am frustated I like to break dishes for my mosaic project or cook or bake.....or clean.

    Enigma Crab Cakes:

    Crab ( 16 oz. prepicked Lump and canned- Fresh)
    One Mini Heinken
    One tin of Old Bay Seasoning *Critical*
    One Egg
    Hungarian Paprika
    Garlic Powder ( NOT salt)
    Parmesan Cheese ( the powdery kind)
    One jar of Mayo
    Dijon Mustard
    Box of Ritz Crackers
    Buttered Glass baking pan

    (1) In a bowl mix the Crab and even it's canned juices, with cup of mayo, 2 teaspoons mustard, and one tablespoon of Beer.
    (2) In a seperate Bowl, Bowl A, crush up about 30 Ritz Crakers, nice and fine, then add a dusting of Old Bay, and some garlic powder, and some paprika...
    (3) Now crush up some more crackers, about 20 and add them to the Wet mixture and then sprinkle with parmesan cheese( the powder kind), just sprinkle lightly.
    (4) Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
    (5) Now take the crab and measure with your hands, and make balls gently molded with your hands.
    (6) Once you have molded, then roll in Cracker Bowl until the ball is fully covered with crackers, then place in the baking pan.
    (7) If mixture is too wet, don't be shy about adding crushed crackers to the Wet Bowl.
    (8) Make the balls, and place in circle and in pan ,so there is space between to cook.Sprinkle more Old Bay lightly across the top.
    (9) One can makes approximately 8 Crab Cakes.
    (10) Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes.

    Serve with salad, tomato aspic, potato salad, and garlic bread......and fruit...

    * Background: This is a 4th Generation Baltimore Reciepe, handed down through the women of my family. Grandmother Flo taught me...she would stand in the kitchen and crack open a Heiniken and my grandfather would come and stand and nibble on the crackers and the crab and drink a beer, and she would put on Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole and then they would slow dance while they baked....and I would sit and soak in the smell of the Baking Crab and Heiniken....Old Bay wafting on a warm summer night still melts my heart....

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    The Warmongering King Came to Town.....Again

    Every time he comes I want to hide the Children, All of them.
    So the King came to town yesterday, he comes to Cleveland atleast 4 times a year and to visit the Cleveland Clinic, and then he visits the Intercontinental Hotel ( which is PART of the Clinic) and gives a contrived performance with wellchosen selected audience. And the audience usually claps and smiles for the camera - on cue- to look enthusiastic. Yesterday the audience looked stonecold bored, there was no smiles, no clapping ( not even the polite golf clapping).But oh, how the King ranted and raved, peevish and Country Boy Charm all rolled into one sweaty suit. The folksey I-feel-your-pain and I-fight-terra strut were barely acknowledgedon the icey stage. One person even yawned during the Terra part of his speech.

    And then he talked about Iraq and how we are gonna NEED more and more Time and More Patience. The ice on the stage was now ready for a Chainsaw.Ohio has given MANY fine young men and women to this Debacle now. It is so bad here that Funerals are held about every other week at HIGHSCHOOLS. ( BTW, let me just say that does NOT help the recruiters at all).Last month there was a Funeral EVERY week at a different highschool. And the local newstations here have started showing when bodies come home, for that I am grateful.

    Maybe we NEED a Mothers March on DC, because King George doesn't care About our Sons and Daughters....and he is Deluded and Sick, and thinks if he surges enough manpower over there he can still have "Victory". As a mother I am sick of watching this man hurt our Children......and I know in my Heart that as much as he loves Executive Orders that a Draft is so close.......Too Close.

    *** Art by Imogene Cunningham***

    When Sirens Call

    In Real Life there are not enough Heros and not enough women telling it like it is.....But we have Dusty.
    We have a Hero amoung us....Who Tells it like it is, REAL.
    For many years now there is a Blogger from the West who has quietly spurred us on and also written beautifully and skillfully about all that has gone on in this country. She has given us hope and courage , even at the Darkest Points. She has a rich blog full of wonders.She writes with creative passion and with a wit that is sharp and insightful.

    About a week ago I was told I had won a Thinking Blogger award over at Lydia Cornells, and that I should choose five other blogs to share that award, 5 blogs that make me Think. I go to Dusty's Site every day just to Think.....and learn and grow, and reclaim a piece of my sanity and also my soul.

    She also has created a beautiful site called Sirens Chronicles.....please go visit there as well.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    The Heatwave....

    Just one more day of Redhot Heat.
    I don't know when it will end.
    Oh, how I wish it would rain.
    I wish it would storm, that thunder would reap open the sky.
    My son and I are in his Oasis of a room, the beautiful silky Teal walls, and the cat and dog draped about lounging in the hum of the AC (this is the only room with it).....We eat snacks on TV trays and watch old movies....There are not enough popsicles.
    This is an Imogene Cunningham photo from 1907. She had a studio at some point in Seattle, her post cards were pretty common at Flea Markets. I used to have this on my frig for a long time. Looking at it makes me feel cooler...
    Imogene was a wonderful photographer, and a rather gutsy lady, I can't help but wonder, did she climb in the Fountain after photographing the Heat of the Moment ?
    I wonder.....

    Anyone care to guess the location of the Fountain ?

    Monday, July 09, 2007

    The Bike.....

    So there is A Beautiful Bike up the street, Vintage....For Sale....and I am lusting for it something terrible.
    The idea of riding this bike to work, or to the grocery store is just tugging at my heart.
    It needs some paint, and some Shine, and a big Basket.....
    Maybe it is the Heat making me long for a downhill ride.
    My son says I am"too old to be getting a bike". [ In all fairness he says I am too old for alot of things].But he is willing to lend me some money, he thinks the Entertainment factor alone is worth lending me the money...for Bike and Bandaids....
    Hey it's a Raleigh "Boardwalk" ( It looks pretty dang old, but not wellriden at all)....and only $35.00.....hmmmm, should I ?

    About LIVE EARTH...and why it Rocked.

    This weekend Live Earth opened up the Airwaves so people could Finally talk about Global Warming EnMasse and online and on TV. And yes I am grateful to Al Gore for this Event, it reminded me alot of the 1960's, with Meaningful Songs and Politcal Statements. ( I mean Alicia Keys and John Legend singing together is priceless, but to hear Marvin Gayes " What's Going On" in this Corrupt Wartorn Era was beyond Haunting.) We need MORE Music with a Messege, LOUDLY playing all around the Earth.
    To lay on the floor with 3 fans, iced tea, and popsicles and a dog and cat and 6-6 and just Listen was Absolute Heaven .......( Even with all the annoying ads).
    To walk the dog and hear it drifting from Many Many Open Windows and to have People call to me" Better get home, Dave Matthews is Next"....
    To eavesdrop on Many Porch Debates about Buscho Errors on Global Warming was music to my ears....
    To Hear the Music Come in through my windows all around, all of us listening to the same Messege, the Same Indictment on this Corrupt Dangerous Administration was music to my ears.
    To hear an elderly neighbor Woman of upper 70's said to me as she came out on her porch, " Well, this is the Best thing I have seen in Years. Even though that Madonna thinks she is British now- she is still a bit Trampy isn't she. Well, I just hope that MrBush is sitting somewhere eating some crow and some humble pie, and maybe even choking on it....You know kinda like his Pretzel Moment. This is like the Whole World Calling him a FOOL."
    Amen Miss Evie, amen. ( Henry also shared these sentiments and comments- so I must thank him too.).

    THINGS WE TRY TO DO TO HELP THE EARTH at our home.... we "try"
    (1) We have always tried to live close to a grocery store , so we could walk to the Market , and not use the car. We only use our car about once a week for errands and groceries....( I really really want a French Fry Car)
    (2) and we have a cloth bag...mostly because I can't stand plastic bags.
    (3) We recycle, which also means we rarely if ever buy NEW, we buy alot 2nd hand, or we use what others discard . ( Hey don't knock it- I got a beautiful Working Dyson Vacumn Cleaner that way...Sunday Night shopping I call it...)We fix and repair everything that matters.
    (4) We don't fly a Private ever...

    Thanks Al Gore for Keeping the Dialogue Going .....about What Matters....
    ( I still wish you were OUR President....)

    King George's Stained Blue Dress Moment

    Dear Mr.Bush,
    According to most of the Talk Shows this weekend, you have very little support for your Gift to Scooter. It is Highly questionable whether it is indeed truly legal according to Justice Department Sentencing Guidelines for you to commute or pardon a Convicted Felon, who has Served NO jail time and was YOUR Employee when the Crime was committed. If this Felon did indeed do your dirty work while he was in Your Employ, and was just doing "his job", HOW could THIS be Any Different than the Burglars of Watergate??? I mean they were just doing Their Job too.....

    Does Your Gift fall in the Impeachable Offense Category ? I wonder.....

    And I guess my other Big Question is, Could this Gift turn out to be a Mistake ? Could it turn out to be Your Stained Blue Dress Moment? I am just asking.......

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Lightening Bugs and Small Wonders

    So I live on a street with a fair number of kids, and in an earlier post I had written about the Wonder of seeing Lightening Bugs again.I have not seen them since my childhood, and they remain a wonder to me. In the Evening right near sunset children run around with Mayo Jars and try to catch them.

    A few nights ago as I watered my petunias I overheard this conversation.

    " Come' on , there are some bugs down this way." Said by an older Bossy Sister.
    " Stop Yelling, you are going to scare them." Said by Little Sister.
    " Here, let me help you with the jar, I don't want you to drop it , it's glass" Older Sister offers as there are oooohhs and ahhhhs from a handfull of watchers.
    "What the Heck? WHAT is in THIS Jar ????!!" says the Bossy Sister.
    Indignantly I hear said by little sister " Well, , I was trying to tell you, They are NOT bugs ,not really, They are Fairies, and they need Fairy things, so I put some cotten balls and some tissue for their beds, and I put some food in there for them, you know fairy food, Lucky Charms."
    "Ohhhhhhh" came the chorus from the bystanders.

    " I think Leprechauns like Lucky Charms, but we can give it a try...."Older sister says with great wisdom and patience.

    Welcome Back Neil Shakespeare....

    Well, here I sit in the middle of the night...I checked my blog one more time and WHOA nellie- there was Neil dropping in, just like he had never been gone or left at all....I was so happy and so relieved to know he was okay ( and a bit horrified that some stupid person hijacked HIS Blog) ....BUT his blog is up and running , and I fixed it over on the blogroll too...I worry about missing Fellas...and I do know sometimes we all need to take Breaks...

    Forget the Coffee and bagels, it is too damn Hot anyways......I have made a big frosted pitcher of Dirty Martini's and another of Pink Ladies and put on Night Music, and even made Oysters Rockefeller and Crab Cakes...and oh, yeah it's a Red Dress Night, so ladies throw on your Best Red and fellas just try to look cool.....

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    Happy 4th of July

    May you still feel some semblence of Love for this Country.
    May you feel strength and courage to help reclaim this Country,
    OUR Country from the Current Criminals....

    But in the meantime,
    May your 4th be safe and peaceful,
    May you spend the day with family and friends......


    Addendum: I found Keith's Special Comment on no less than 25 blogs tonight....and for some MORE really amazing food for the Soul go over to the Existentialist Cowboy right now and read "The Indictment" - It rocks...thanks PT for the good advice....


    Dear Keith ,
    Last Night you gave the Best Special Comment YET. This Country, OUR Country is in Trouble we do indeed have Criminals at the Helm Destroying what was a wonderful Country. And yes for those of us from the 1960's and 1970's This Point in History has indeed all the Hallmarks of the Watergate Era when Our Country was last Run by Thugs and Criminals. In many ways there is a Very Quiet Raging Seething Tension in this Country, and I do wonder if indeed THIS is OUR Watergate Summer.One of my favorite Books is "To Kill a Mockingbird", and growing up Atticus Finch was more than a Character to me. Atticus represents Intergrity and Honor, but also he represents Freedom of Speech and having the Courage to say What Badly NEEDS to be said, even if the Circumstances are Painful. We have indeed in many ways reached OUR Atticus Moment as a Country. And as a Country we have Found OUR Atticus. Thank you for being Brave and Speaking the Truth.
    Thank you for Doing WHAT our Founding Fathers would Have Done.

    Rise Up America.It is Time.

    *** Be sure to send HUGE Thank You's to MSNBC, Keith Risked alot for us last night. write Loudly.****

    Monday, July 02, 2007


    (corrected version7.3.07)

    I am horrified and will mourn this moment....This Whitehouse has once again defecated on the Constitution and the shredded Remains of our System of Justice..... Our Founding Fathers would weep in disgust...

    *****7.3.07 I apologize for being in error King Bush commuted Libby's Sentence- before he had served ANY time, or completed the Appeals Process. ( per his Pustular Press Conference). He felt that Libby's sentence did not fit the Crime- it was "severe". He has not ruled OUT the Pardon option. BUT Here is my question ??? According to Libby's Job Description , he was also an Employee of Mr.Bush, the President. I don't know if an Employee that has Committed Obstruction of Justice, and indeed is now a Felon, has never been pardoned by a President....EVER. Is THIS a High Crime? An Impeachable Offense ?
    And WHY has Libby remained Silent ? Why has Dick remained Silent- since Scooter was his employee ?