Monday, August 20, 2012

August 17th Show Guests: Candidate Sue Thorn, Dustin DeMoss, and Gayle Leslie

Please do Listen to this week's show as we interview Sue Thorn and hear from her as she runs for Congress in West Virginia. She is working hard to help the Working Folks of West Virgina. She is especially focused on the rights and health of the Miners and their families. Many issues will be discussed including Sue's WPA family history , Energy issues, Jobs, health care and more. Please do read more about at her extensive website and follow her calendar,

Second guest is Dustin DeMoss who is working with other Vets to start a Foundation that focuses on Remembering and Honoring those that have served. His American Hero Project is just starting and is also looking for Pro Bono Attorneys that could help with some of the legal issues and hurdles. This project is also to help the families find recognition for their loved ones. You can read more about the American Hero Project here,

And our final guest is Gayle Leslie who is a New York entrepreneur who is exploring ways to help businesses and individuals explore Branding and new PR strategies. You can find her on Facebook at GayleLeslieStrategies,

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Friday, August 03, 2012

August 3rd Show Interview with John Arvanites Running for Congress in New Jersey

Today we interview a Congressional Candidate running in 11th District of New Jersey. Please do see his website and his facebook page to follow his Campaign and events,, as he is really working hard for the people of his state. He is a CPA who is running for office in the 11th District. You can read more on his website,, and see he is focusing on the issues of Middle Class families and workers.

We will be discussing his campaign, his work for the people of his state and the issues facing New Jersey and the 11th District.
John will join the show a little after 3PM and the show starts at 3PM today.

As we enter this coming Election Season I am trying to have guests on from different states to explain issues and Living Conditions that are driving this Election so we all better know what our Country is facing. ( And so that we can view each other as Neighbors and connect as a Community, nationwide.)

This week I am giving two Shoutouts to future Guests on an upcoming Show who are doing stellar work to assist Vets.

(1), "Paws and Stripes " is an organization based in New Mexico who are helping to match Returning Vets with Homeless Dogs. This is a win win that is providing a way to nurture and heal our returning Vets. You can follow on Twitter @PawsAndStripes

(2), Homes for Our Troops is helping build adapted homes for our returning Vets. Homes are disability Friendly and specially constructed/ modified and also green. They have helped Vets in many states and have built homes in over 36 states. Please do see their Map of the Work, as well as their website and their Ongoing Events. ( They do a great deal of Fundraising in the Summer).

#ShoutOuts :
(1) WeActRadio, especially David Shuster as a News Source on Weekends. They are doing an amazing job bringing Progressive Goodness 24/7. Nicole Sandler and Shannyn Moore are great in the eves before bedtime, and there is also Ring Of Fire, Thom Hartman. Bill Press, David Pakman.

(2) AWOP radio Kim is really putting out great shows every Friday Night on a variety of issues, from rescue dogs to PitBull rescues to Autism Awareness to amazing music.

(3) Tim Corrimal every weekend - his show is up Sunday Eves , his podcast is sharp, insightful and also has humor.

(4) Kenny Pick of TUTN is a must on Friday Evenings. His show is out of Cleveland, another one who knows how to weave the Music, Humor and Political Meanderings of the week.

(5) HUGE NEWS John Fugelsang who many of us know and love, and whose clips I have played here as well , and who is part of the Sexy Liberal Tour is going to have a show on CURRENT this fall. So Stay Tuned....

(6) Lee Camp is still turning out Moments of Clarity that are amazing and do see the videos on his site and Buy his Book, as well as check his site for his CD and his Tour Dates. His CD "Pepper Spray away the Tears " is excellent.

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