Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Night Music...10.27.07

I am busy working and also trying to winterize my home this weekend, so I won't be blogging as much as I like on a weekend. But since it is getting cold, I have to get this done ( You know the routine, sealing windows, putting away fans etc)....I am still worried about California and the Fires, I wish I could send them our rain....But while the fires continue, I have been humming this song all day.

Cheese Cucumber Soup
( serve with Garlice Bread)

2 English Cucumbers Sliced
one small container Sour Cream
1 Cup Vanilla Flavored Creamer ( less fat, but still seems creamy)
I package KNORRS Leak Soup( powder)
Half stick butter
I cup water ( add more if needed till consistancy creamy)
1 teaspoon Worstshire Sauce
1 teaspoon Honey Mustard
Garlic Powder
Dash of Nutmeg

Cheese: shredded, Havarti, Sharp Chedder, Monterey,Smoked Goulda totalling One Cup, mix in even amounts, some can be bought already shredded.

Stir over a low heat, until bubble appear, then add the shredded cheese. When it is well mixed, sprinkle Nutmeg on top.


So I was over at Mary's Get Your Own...and she has this wonderful Kid Rock song called "Amen", so unexpected...which I have been humming all day while I clean.( Or trying to ). So I found it over on YouTube, and it is from his performance on Ellen. You know it's funny, I have not seen many Antiwar performers on Ellen , maybe she will have more. I hope. ( or maybe I need to watch Ellen more). Stop by and see Mary...she has a wonderful blog.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Night Music......10.26.07

Indian Summer is coming to a Fiery Conclusion.It has been a long week on so many fronts....I am going to curl up with some books, and listen to music....Valerie Plame's Book is really worth the Wait .....She and Joe Wilson are True Americans.
*( BTW for a special treat she has been blogging all week over at Huffington Post).*

( and no I don't do links, head to the Blogroll please).
Other blogs worth some looking at Tomcat over at Politics Plus, Robert over at Left of Centrist has a Smaashing NEW Round Up Site ( which I will add to the Blogroll- promise)...Kvatch is Hopping around Blogatopia- our Latest Bohemian Blogger, WHO knows where he will show up next,Divajood has astounding Fire Photos,Bartle at Lydia Cornell has a great post up this week, and Josie'e Place keeps us pondering all kinds of new things, SUMO has pie that is to die for, and Cosmic Messenger has a great post up about Have A Good Friday....Enjoy the Music....share a little love.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Angels Above and amoung us....

I am asking that when you have the time please go visit Thorne's World of Friday 10.19.07 on the Blogroll, please send her and her family your love and support. She and her family were not near this round of fires, but they still need us....

*[ the song is "Hands to Heaven" by Breathe, it is a song about being Together Again with those that we Love. I once had a cancer patient a little girl of seven kept drawing "Moon Boats", I asked her about it, she said, that when she got to Heaven she would be waiting for her mom, on the moon in such a boat.....I handed her more crayons....and I never looked at the Moon the same again.]*

More Rain Dancing....

*[Click the Title: Rain Music by Sting]*
Todays Update on the California Fires, the Santa Ana's are dying down, for today. But the Heat and lack of humidity continue, the firefighters still need a break, what they really need is RAIN. Proud Progressive down below had suggested that we need all of us to Rain Dance, I think she is so right. I looked up Rain Dances on the Internet, on Youtube, I could not find any. I did find some beautiful PowWows', but I didn't know if that would be disrespectful to post. But here is what I did find, was Sting's Song , Desert Rose, it is a beautiful song, but I thought in light of all the Loss, I didn't feel right posting a ostentious video about a jaquar, so instead I am posting the one my son loves...( sorry but the heart of a teenager comes first...He thinks Aishwarya Rai is well...nice). Anyways in the song Sting says " he is dreaming of rain", maybe that is what we all need to do, dream of rain.

****Any further Updates are Down in the Comments, or you can email me at, the comment thread on Oct22 post below is full of Information and updates as well.****

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Eve....Praying For Rain....10.23.07

[Updates on The Fires on Post below ]

This is a nerve wracking time here in the US, these Fires are devastating. More than 500,000 families ( atleast 1Million people) have been evacuated and or displaced, and for how long no one knows. How many will have Homes to return to is another story in itself. So many of the Readers, and Commenters of this Blog are from California and I too used to live there, so I ask that you continue to pray for their safety and wellbeing, and that they are cared for, and pray for the Safety of the Firefighers.And yes, if you live out West Think of ways to give to your neighbors down the Coast, or if you an offer food, or shelter, they will need places to go. This is going to be a long week of Battling these Fires.....and yes, Pray for Rain.....or as Proud Progressive said in the Comments on the Fire post below...Do a Rain Dance. Dance.....and pray...
*[Click the Title: Jewel "Hands"]*

I have to say that the Blogger Community is so wonderful- the most amazing group of people- so far we have had the Bloggers and Readers donate shelter from all over: Oregon, Washington State, Canada, New Mexico, Colarado, Texas, Arizona, and yes, even my beat up old house has room and beds....and soup...So far all contacts are making do and getting up the Coast. But it is good to have a Safety Net in place...Thank You Folks...we will see what happens...namaste.

**** {email me if you have other song ideas or to offer shelter , or updates:}****

World On Fire...California Burning...10.22.07 to ?

***[ 1-800-Red-Cross for donations/or to tell them your location. Offering Shelter or Updates:Email Originally posted 10.22.07 AM, Now kept at Top, Running thread with Updates ; New Post Below on Keeping the Faith and Shelter and Assistance Being Offered By Bloggers]***


California is On Fire...or atleast Southern California.

First Update 10.22.07
Atleast 250,000 Homes have been evacuated from San Diego County and 7 other Counties it is being fed by High Winds and Dry Heat. Many prayers to our friends of Blogatopia out there. We hope they find shelter up the Coast. ( I think this means some of our Southern California Bloggers include, Newsguy,Diva, Bluegrrrl,Sumo, and Thorne ,Dusty,Skippy Crew etc. and I am not sure of everyone's locale...). I encourage if you KNOW anyone, esp. Bloggers down in this area, do offer shelter, the Hotels have already upped the Rates up the Coast. Or even post Shelter offer on your blog.There is a Scramble going on, and also a scramble to set up mobile shelters. Pepperdine University and Military Bases and Hospitals have been evacuated as well.

( The irony of our Caligula Rulership continues, on one channel we had Gov of California giving a Press Conference about California being on Fire, and Bush gives a petulent press conference demanding Money for Security ( which means Blackwater), and he has not even acknowledged the West is on Fire. ( Oh, that 's right it is Dem State and no Oil at risk, so he will probally do a flyover later).

I have a request....that you remember the Red Cross will need donations of money and supplies, I will try to research what they will need. But for sure they will need money , to buy more fluids,IV fluids, and water and food, these will be for the Firefighters, they will need supplies to care for them.If you donate money be SPECIFIC Pick a County in the 7 Disaster Declared Counties,they will need money first,( even write it on your Check) before Federal Aid Kicks in. Thank you.

10.23.07 TUESDAY UPDATE: (Thread will be updated throughout day)
12 Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific Time
I will keep this post at the top while these Fires rage in California. Over 400 Square Miles have burned, Hundreds, maybe thousands of homes burned.325,000 Homes have been evacuated ( so that means that atleast 300,000 People have had to find shelter). 10,000 Stayed at the QualCom Center last night, 25,000 are expected by Tonight. The Concern is about whether the Fires will reach the Ocean, this is a critical issue, as there will be nowehere for 1000's of Evacuees already by the sea,will have nowhere to go if that happens. They also are concerned that the Fires could strengthen and actualy Merge ( the Ranch and Magic Fires).

The Winds have Not died down, winds are 30-50 MPH , at dusk they have been up to 80 MPH. ( Laguna Beach clocked 83 MPH, that is Hurricane Strength) ( People from Ca. will tell you the winds usually die down at night, this is not usual Santa Ana wind pattern). Bush finally declared Seven Counties An Federally Recognized Disaster Area.Guard, and Marines have also been brought in ( I don't have numbers). Stay Posted. Rep Duncan Hunter has asked for Military help, General Bloom has been moving units, he did not wait for orders, C130's are on the way. Stay Posted.

4PM UPDATE (1PM West Coast Time)
More than 500,000 Families have been issued the Emergency MANDATORY EVAC order , ( logistically that means up to 2 Million will be impacted for shelter). QualComm will be full tonight- 25,000. If you live in San Diego and need to Check on Status of Home : website will have a link to check Damage Status. So far only two deathes. Gov. says that Aid is coming from Other States and Feds are involved, let's hope that is true. ( I will believe it when I see it). PLEASE DO READ DIVA'S COMMENT ON THREAD- SHE HAS UPDTATES FROM SD. We are still waiting to hear from Thorne and Dusty and Bluegrrrl have both posted updates as well.

8PM Tuesdaa Night Update:
Best Estimates are 950,000 to over 1 million displaced people. ( Remember these are families, just middle class families). Best estimate of 400 Square Miles. Worse drought since 1877, this is as bad as it gets, between the Winds and the Heat, adn the the Lack of Water, this is a reciepe. This crisis will require ALL to band together, how dare Bush push a single finger, and god help him if he does a Photo-Op Fly-over on thursday, personally I hope Arnie sets him straight in no uncertain terms.
We don't need any more Brownies or Heckuva ob Brownie Moments. ( Bush is spuposed to arrive there on Thursday, today he went had another Brownshirt moment, speaking to military students in his normal petulent pissed off manner). At this point only 2 dead, there are a number wounded by fires and smoke inhalation, I wil try to post these numbers....Stay Posted.

10.24.07 Wednesday Update 1pm:
So far most of the evacuations and movement of Families in California is contiunuing to go smoothly. Up to 25,000 are staying at Qualcomm ,but it seems to running smoothly, there is food, medical care, pastoral care and services, and plenty of cots,clothing, and holistic care and services.People also were allowed to bring their pets. Inusrance Companies are there on site providing servcices, State Farm and Famers Insurance.Volunteers have made a huge difference and also local leadership were and are organized in meeting the needs of these people. Officials have admitted that atleast 1 Million people are indeed displaced. So far since people are being cared for and offered substantial shelter and provided in an effective manner, there is relative calm. It is such a relief compared to the images of Dead sitting by the NOLA Convention Center.

The Bigger Questions persist, can California sustain this level of care for this Volume of people for an extended period of time.The fires continue, and the firefighters continue in their persistance in this battle. It is also important to note that these Fires are not like anything that has been battled before, so Air Support could not be used effectively due to the High Winds, so much of the fighting has been on the ground. 433,000 acres destroyed. The Fires did cross the I5 near Camp Pendleton, and off and on during the night and early am, it was closed on both sides, this Base has been closed and evacuatated other than Fire Fighting Effforts, but as of 12Noon the I5 is open again and the 2 fires on the base are still burning , but are being battled. The Heat and the Winds will determine how the Fires will burn today. The President did sign a Federal Major Disaster Bill today.

[[Click the title: "Trouble Me" 10,000 Maniacs - without Natalie Merchant]]

**** CRITICAL***** BLOGGER UPDATES:10.22.07: Read Divajood's report- she checked in below and it is amazing what she says...Good thoughts and prayers to you and your family....stay safe.....So Far Blugrrrrl's Blog has also anupdate, and has been leaving us updates as well and amazing photos. Kitchen Window Woman is so far okay. We heard from Thorne and she and family are away from the fires and safe, please go see her blog tomorrow and give her some love....Newsguy checked in , and is okay. Please do keep leaving Updates in the Comments as the Events Unfold.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Looking Inside and Facing Waves....of Change.

*[Click the Title for Music: Lisa Loeb "Someone You Should Know"]*
*{Photo is of Typhoon Krosa last month, shamelessly borrowed from someone's blog- thank you and my sincere apologies]*

Haunted by a Song and A Photo.....

This Weekend this song by Lisa Loeb and this Typhoon photo haunted me. At first I was thinking there is No Connection between the two, but then slowly I realized that was incorrect, they are very connected...

I have always liked Lisa Loeb. I love that fact that someone that wears Value Village and Vintage Glasses, and looks so smart, can be sexy. I love that she sings Powerful Songs in a Soft Voice. I love that she weaves the Ordinary with the Sublime. I love the fact that she looks like she would be someone that you could sit and sip coffee with and people watch. I love the fact that she writes songs about sitting home on Friday Nights and Soul Searching Moments.

Life is not always made up of Big Moments, it is made up of Small Moments. It is made up of Moments that we realize Exactly Who We Are, whether we like it or not. In the Song, she sings about how we all are a Untold Story, and that is so true. And if we aren't willing to go to the Next Chapter of Our Untold Story, then we will never get to Who We Really Are, the Someone We Should Know.

I think sometimes people are just waiting for the next Big Moment, or Big Event to shake things up, to clear up the Clutter Along their Path. I think sometimes people don't want to take on the Next Big Challenge or seek the Next Step....I think some people want the Events to fall along the path....and I don't think that Life works like that, not always. And some people don't want Change, or to have to look at themselves.

And sometimes there is a Storm that rages inside, and waves of change just there on the horizon. It can be scary and it can be thrilling, but as long as we can look at it.....Face It.....then we know there is Something Stronger Inside.

Pieces of Enigma 's Tale:

In 2004, by that Spring I had lost Everything, Family, Friends,my Neighborhood and Neighbors, My Home, belongings, Pets, a Longtime Marriage, a Nursing Career in the Northwest, and Faith in My Government and My Leaders.As a Whistleblower on a large criminal case that had run amuck,by January of 2004 I had to flee for safety reasons, from the Northwest and attempt to find a safe place for my son and our pets. Everything else was shattered, because the EPA and the Government had failed my Family. If you file a Multimedia Investigation Request against a large Corrupt Chemical Company complete with volumes of Data , Trouble Comes.I was the First Mom and Nurse in the Country to ever File such an Investigation In DC in October 2002.

( Initial Data and reports and Superfund and Dumping Complaints had been filed starting in December 2000 by little Environmental Health NonProfit , under a Different Administration, and that made all the Difference. Over Time Things In the Northwest would change, and in DC, but I can say this, by Spring 2001, Everything Changed Forever, and it was Too Late, I had already Witnessed the Biggest Dumping Case in the Northwest.It was too late to ever turn back, atleast while the Dumping was Going On.The Dumping involved A Drinking Water Lake,Rivers,Farms, Abandoned Coal Mines around the Lake, A Beautiful Bay, A Whole County, a Small town, and all were contaminated with Hazardous Waste, the Soil, the Water, the Air,the Plants,Fish and the Animals,and the People, My Neighbors. And My Child. I was beyond determined.It was not about Mistakes, it was About 40 years of Lies hurting Everything that was dear to me.The fear was nothing compared to what raged in my heart about what had been knowingly done to the people and the Home that I loved. There was No Turning Back Moment ever. Knowing Endangerment of criminal proportions was more than a manifest destiny or historic legacy. It would be my Battlezone and it would Typhoon my life.)

Spring 2004 after our Northwest Exodus, Meanwhile the Democratic Hopefuls were peddling "Changes" and a "New Tomorrow " ( after the American public had been fed Volumes of Lies since October 2002), yet there they were on my little 13inch TV looking large than Life. I was devastated and heartbroken. I was Refugee in my own homeland, living in an old Dilapitated California Coastal Rooming House sharing a room with my young son, a cat, and an old Bassatt. I was more than Abandoned and Tossed Aside, I was Lost. Yet my son never really knew How Bad it was. I told him it was Temporary, and that It was an Adventure. We went for long walks on the beach and we got ready for the Election. I tried to give him Something that I really didn't have, and Hope mattered more than Food.

We used to joke that we had been "Typhooned" by Events....yet it was true.
And over the next 20 monthes we would watch the events unfold of the Tsunami and Katrina and my heart would ache for the Refugees and all that they had lost even as they survived.... I would not use that Expression anymore. I couldn't.

I don't need any more "Typhoon" events for me to know Exactly What I need to do next with my Future....and I already Knew who I was , and maybe that is why I was given the Typhoon that dismantled my life. But I also know that it does not have to be that way....Everyday you are given a chance to Know Yourself just a little bit better. It is a gift. For me I realized that walking to the Beach every night Facing the Waves. Even the Biggest Crashing Waves.....Facing those waves helped me realize that I was intact. I did Know Who I Was despite the Storm and Waves in my heart or on the shore, or that my life was like a ravaged coastline.
How about you ....Have you had Big Moments to Face ? Have you faced your Biggest Waves Yet ?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank You Cleveland Indians.....You Still Rock. 10.21.07

Thank You Indians.....You gave us a Season of Thrills, and oohs and ahhs...and that feeling you get that maybe not just the Big Teams can do Big Things. And watching you all beat the Yankees was better than ....nothing...( I taped it). And I know when I am shoveling snow this winter, wearing my Indians cap, Opening Day will get Closer everyday...

I have loved baseball since I was small.Summer was baseball I used to go with my granddad Ted...he would take me to go see the Orioles in Baltimore, in the days of Brooks Robinson, and Boog Powell. And for my 10th Birthday he made sure that I got my Louisville Slugger that I had dreamed about for 2 years. ( Sadly by July Mrs.Nest three houses away, would look at her Shattered French Doors with much less enthusiasm).

We ate Hotdogs and dripped mustard at those hot humid games. He taught me how to yell Batter-Batter-Batter, and sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. And once he caught a Foul Ball for me- in his Tall Cup of Beer. it was the first time I ever heard him say "Holy Shit !!" And he gave me the ball. And I sat holding my Soggy Ball, I felt like a queen. ( For years I could still smell that Wonderful Old Beer Smell).

Over the years I have rooted for the Orioles, the Red Sox, the Mariners, and of course, the Indians. I am always grateful to have Someone to root for....And Under Dogs always melt my heart.

When we first moved to Cleveland, we lived downtown near the Jacobs Field and for the first two years, yup, my son's bedroom on the 8th Floor in the Loft Apartments overlooked the Stadium. We will never forget that. ( the building got foreclosed last winter, that is why we had to move in the middle of winter). I really miss that Bedroom window , and how when they Cheered we could hear it in his room. I also miss living next to the Cemetary where Cheif Wahoo was and is buried, I used to go clean his grave and put rocks on it if we won a big series.They are a Team with History and Heart and my son and I fell in love with them , the first week we lived in that apartment. ...and we have been Fans ever since. Where we live now we can watch their Fireworks out our 3rd Floor Window.

It is good to have Someone to Root for, even when they have a Bad Night.

There is Always Next Year. Always.

*{Footnote: I of course will root for the Sox against the Rockies....sorry Colorado Friends.. BTW I will send out my Super Secret Nacho receipe for Anyone that can Name WHO is in the Historic Indian Photo....]*

Believing In Underdogs....


*[Indians on tonight- this is the final game.]*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Night Music...10.20.07

11:38Pm Saturday Night....yeah....I KNOW...They Lost...really LOST....12-2....So Folks tomorrow night....will decide the fate of my Indians....ugh...I am going to find more ice cream......very unhappy enigma..very unhappy Cleveland....ugh.

CLEVELAND ROCKS !!!...AND SO DO THE INDIANS...So tonight the Game is 8pm Boston....

So it is ON tonight 8pm....and They Better WIN.....we are all on pins and needles...but yes, Cleveland Rocks Still....Root for the Indians....


(Originally posted Wednite Oct 17th)
So tonight the Indians WON.....and so they are up in the series 3-1, that means that if they win on Thursday , they are going to the World Series, for the first time since 1948. WOW......

( my apologies to our Boston friends....but I can't help myself...I am dancing around the house now....tooo happy to stop...Wahooooooo )

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Night Music .....10.19.07

I made the calls this week, nagging Repugs about WHY Children (OUR Greatest Resource) Matter. I wish I could send them my cellphone bill.Obviously this will come back to bite them next November.So I am going to hang out and lie low tonight....There is so much good New Music out there...Joni Mitchell, and New Paula Cole, and next week Finally THE EAGLES....( but I could not find any on YouTube) so for tonight you will just have to suffer with the Boss...I hope that is okay....

BTW: Here is My Mantra I would use when Making Phone Calls to Repug Offices:
"Hello I am calling to ask Mr or Ms. So and So , to reconsider their stance on the Bill for Childrens Health Care, and here is Why....I would speak clearly, precisely, and not let them get a word in edgewise...and also I have to say- this little speech out of the 10 calls I made- 8 the Phone Person was rendered speechless.
(1) Because Even Republican Families have CHILDREN, and NOT all of them can afford Insurance, esp in the South and the Midwest, that has been hit the hardest with Katrina Losses and Job Losses, there are millions of Uninsured Families and Kids, and they won't vote for you ever again, much less send you money for the 2008 Campaigns.
(2) Bush's Job Approval Rating is 22 % , I am sure that you don't want to joining Such A Legacy.
(3) I thought So and So was a Good Christian, and we ALL KNOW What Jesus would do, and this is NOT IT.

Thank you very much for allowing me to express my concerns as A Taxpaying Working Voting American Woman".....
and I was very very Southern Aunties would have been very proud.... I don't even feel bad bringing up the Religous Issue, as they have all Claimed to Be Good Christians and Worried About Our Family Values....and what I said is the Truth.

( BTW I also did not See Ms Pelosi or MrReid bring up ANY of these Issues, Shame on them. They should have fought a hulluva lot Harder for OUR Kids).

Fine Dining Event....not to be missed. 10.19.07

*[Click the Title for Friday Night Music, The Ella Fitzgerald singing "Summertime"]*
So first off, Do you ever want to go have a Wonderful Dinner, one that has elegant food, and real table linens? Well head over to Jamie's Durward Discussion and see her post, it is a State Dinner, a wonderful virtual Fine Dining Event, you get to bring guest and is wonderful....

More new posts up tommorrow....Have a good Friday Night.....Hug your Honey...and be well..namaste.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Please Go See Kvatch and Give him your Love....we NEED him.....

KVATCH is tired, he is battle weary...he is wanting to shut down his wonderful blog...Okay so this is so selfish of me, but I have to say this... I have known Kvatch for over 2.5 years, he is a wonderful fellow, his blog has been a refuge , an inspiration and has kept us informed and helped us laugh. He is wise and he is a Rock. In my book he is One of the Knights . One of the Honorable.....There are not enough Knights storming this Evil Castle..but he is one of the finest....I hope he just decides to take a break and some time to rest. Because I really do think we wil need him...there are still many battles ahead....I also think maybe he does not know how much we care about him and what his blog has meant, it is time we let him know.

Thank you.

*[Kvatch is over on my Blogroll...Song "Nights in White Satin", by the Moody Blues, when I first heard this song I was just a kid, and I thought it was about a way to me it still is.]*

The Loss of a Beautiful Lady: Deborah Kerr 1921-2007

*{Click the title: Frank Sinatra singing "MoonRiver"]*
She was beauty,brains and grace set in such a sultry package. My grandmother Flo introduced me to her films and she was so impressive even to a child and an awkward teen. I loved that she embraced her beauty and her intelligence, there are no bimbo roles in her career, not one. I loved her in so many films, The Innocents,The Black Narcissus,Seperate Tables, From Here to Eternity,An Affair to Remember, and The King and I, and the list goes on. ( That beach kiss was melted in my brain for years.) For me I felt like she was family as she looked so much like my grandmother. ( as my grandfather joked as he would take her to see a movie again and again).

A little about her.She was indeed born in Scotland in 1921 and was originally a dancer. Her acting career took off in her 30's.She was accomplished and beautiful, She was married and had children. In her later years she worked on Clean Air Issues. She died from complications of Parkinsons at 86.

About the Olympics....and China.

*[Click the title: Gloria Estefan "Reach" from the 1996 Olympics]*
This is a painful subject, and I will probally be accused of being Unpatriotic and a Bad American for writing it, but it needs to be said....and talked about. So here it goes.

During the Brutality of the Killing of Monks in Burmah a few weeks back, my teenage son 6-6 and I talked and we ended up talking about ways we could help the Monks and also help thwart the Military Regime, and if your read below we again talked about Tank Man and the Tianamen Square Massacre. ( see Courage Post of 10-11-07). This Burmah Discussion led to a discussion about Something Much larger than Brutality and Human Rights.

We ended up having a discussion about China and the Summer Olympics of 2008.

I have many concerns about China, mostly that we owe them Too Much Money. It in many ways has become an uncomfortable Hostage Situation. We are in essence being held hostage to them. we are buying too many poorly made goods from them, many are made by forced labor and child labor and also do not meet America Standards for 1970's. We have had multiple recalls from their goods adn toiletrie products, and shamelessly for millions of Toys. And the American Government has remained Silent, Complicit on these Damaged and Damaging Goods being sold to Lower and Middle Income Families. I keep wondering if it was a case of Lead Lined Gold Clubs being sold in Boca - would there be an Uproar?.

Our Children have been the deadly pawns in this Deadly Game of Import Chess, and they probally have indeed been exposed to incredible levels of lead, that has not been seen in this Country in atleast 20 years. That is an issue, the lead, a neurotoxin, can cause Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and even in High levels, Autism. ( Rate of Current Childhood Autism in America is 1:150 or 1:166 depending on which stats you read, this has increased 1000 fold in the past 10 years).Since Autism has been increasing in Mammoth Epidemic Proportions, one would think that this would be concerning the Medical Commmunity. One would even Hope that the AMA would come out and make a stand and a Statement about the Lead issue. Even the recall was handled like RSVP 's to a dignataries' Birthday party "You may simply return the gift for EXCHANGE". ( Surely they must be kidding, so people are suposed to exchange for What? yet another lead lined toy?). The Toys should be thrown out, but sadly they will even need to be thrown OUT with care, and sent to Contamintated FillZones.

Now back to the issue of the Olympics. So 6-6 brings up a couple of issues that I had not even pondered. The First One, WHO is providing Security for the Olympics ? Will Blackwater Cowboys be protecting our Athletes and Teams? His other concern, that during the Summer Olympics that is when Bush will make his next Warmongering Move, if Something did happen at the event, and some great tragedy were to god-forbid befall the Athletes, and then (cough) he will be forced to declare Martial Law before the Elections. He also pointed out that we are MORE hated Around the World, than Anytime in History. The Example he sited, " The Miss World Pageant, when Miss America Came on Stage, she fell, but the crowd was booing before she fell". He is worried that our Athletes are hated by and for what Bush has done.

He also pointed out that suposedly Iraq was bombed, shocked and awed due to many False Reasons, and that one of the False reasons was Evil Brutal Dictatorship/ Regime and Crimes against the People, yet now we are suposed to go "Play" in one of the Countries that has the SAME Problem ? The Hypocrisy is glaring and not lost upon the World Watchers.

And lastly, we talked about China and their Human Rights Abuses and their Communist Rule and how we constantly use that against OTHER countries, such as Cuba. Yet we are trading with them, and encouraging trade and even giving them American Trades, and Industries and Jobs. ( At our house, for Many Reasons, yes, we are indeed Boycotting ALL Chinese goods.)

I actually don't have an answer as to whether we should be planning a Boycott of the Olympics. But for the First Time Ever, I am actually giving it careful thought. And More Thought is needed. So tell me what are your thoughts....

{as always you can always email me at ]

Woman of Courage Returns to Pakistan

This brave woman, Madame Bhutto, is trying to return to Pakistan , facing the Dictatorship 's strife and discomfort. She was the first woman to be PM for an Islamic Country. She faces possible detention, jailing again, and even death. Her relationship with Musharref is tenous at best. She does hope to arrive home to work on creating more of a Democratic Country vs the Military Dictatorship that is in place. If you have the time, she has a wonderful book that she wrote on Foreign Policy in which she wrote of Coalition Building, as well as Human Right Issues, and Health and Human Services.. Millions will line the streets and the Airport for her arrival today. She herself has perdicted that she could easily suffer consequences for her return. Her return poses conflicts for the Extreme Islamists and the for the Military Regime. She gave an interview on CNN and I was struck by her courage, that she spoke strongly with No Fear in her Voice. Many prayers for her safe return as well as the safety of her and her family. This is a situation that should be watched with great care as she arrives on October18th.

"Nothing in Life is to be Feared. It is only to be Understood."Madame Marie Curie

*{Click the Title: Gloria Estefan "Coming Out of the Dark"]*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby ,What'd I Say ?.....Wednesday Night Music

Okay So I got Some Things on my mind....that I need to talk about. So have a seat and let me get you a Coke....or Diet Pepsi, I am not picky. So today was such a Strange Day, Mr. Bush hit a NEW Low, depending on which Poll you want to read. I watched him giggle, snort and chuckle through the Congressional Medal Ceremony for the Dalai Lama. I was shocked that he would behave with such manners.I was also struck how odd that the Humble Buddhist would speak so tenderly about Peace, Non-Violence, and Compassion. Was the Irony lost upon the War-Mongering ,Hate Mongering Mr.Bush? Did anyone else feel shame at this Contrived Event ? How come Darth Cheney and his lovely writing wife were not present, that is odd.

Mr.Bush sat there looking bored and uncomfortable during the Moment of Irony, like a small child that is suffering through the sunday church service again.Or maybe since his "approval" ratings are surging to 21-24%, he felt like his prescious time was being wasted.I didn't want to watch Mr.Bush, but I did really want to hear the Dalai Lama. For Mr.Bush we know he does love the Pomp and Circumstance of The Event. ( Or maybe that he is relishing yet another Pompous Moment. ) My First Impression was that Perhaps there had been a Luncheon Event and perhaps he was again driving the Podium again Drunk.....again..

NOW then I happened upon THE PRESS CONFERENCE over on cspan he held. Now I am concerned and confused, was the Presser held Before or after the Award Ceremony. NOW I have to ask was he Drunk ??? or Is he Losing HIS MIND??? He sat there and called it the Bully Pulpit, and he meant it, and he gave a psychotic performance, alternating laughing ( yes, really) and then stuttering about World War III. At this Point he should not be driving the Podium, much less OUR Bus.....It made me uncomfortable, it reminded me of October 2002, when he snorted and giggled through press conferences, mugging and lying.

Footnote about the Song:The song with the Title is Ray Charles, his very first Appearence on the Ed Sullivan Show, Decemeber 3rd, 1967. I remember this show...I remember how I was amazed that he KNEW what color dresses the ladies were wearing....I was seven, I was at my grandparents for dinner, I was happy I had survived the Canned Peas again, and yes, I danced all around the living room.
Happy Birthday to Dizzy it's her birthday this week....stop over and see this amazing woman's blog and wish her the Best....She writes Everyday....Go to the Blogroll...she is there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Night Music...10.16.07

So a present for Renegade, who needs a little more Jody Watley,Click the Title, this beautiful song is "It All Begins with You".
We are waiting for the Indians& Red Sox Game to I posted this late last night, and now I am posting it for the music for tonight...

We need Art to feed our Souls....

*{Click the Title: a Gustav Klimt gallery tour set to Music]*
He gained great fame due to this one Painting, "The Kiss". He was raised by a father that was an engraver, hence his loving use of Silver and Gold. He loved the ladies, and he painted them with love and some say lust, he was the source of much controversy due to his erotic paintings in the Victorian Era ( Art Noveau era). He originally had a studio with his brother and a friend, but by the time he reached his forties he was alone and he poured himself into his art, he specialized in mosaics and also murals, today he would be called Mixed Media Specialist. He was ahead of his time in so many ways, and yet his way of weaving medias and subjects was inspiring. His paintings of trees and nature were embracing and modern. His best works were created in this lonely era, where he explored his own boundaries and matters of the heart.

Have you thought about leaving the States ?

*[Click the Title: Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes" Live]*
I confess after Kerry "lost" (cough..cough was Robbed) of the 2004 Election, 6-6 and I entered into a deep funk, and we often talked about Leaving the States. ( Broken Hearted Pissed Off Enigma more than the Teenage Son ). So we would sit and throw darts at a map.....that is how "scientific" our "Search " was, and it never went further than hole in the map...But do any of you think of leaving ? Where would you go ? Now I am not saying anyone should leave, I was just wondering....

Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh

*[Click the Title: Kenny Loggins& Messina 1972 Singing House at Pooh Corner]*
I saw Kenny Loggins in concert, quite a few times many years ago, and I loved how Kenny told about writing this song when he was 17 in highschool. It was very much written as a coming of age song. I recently told my son this story, and then we ended up having a very interesting discussion about Pooh Bear and what the story Really meant. I was stunned when my son wisely pointed out that this simple story and wonderful book that we all great up with , actually has another point.

6-6 pointed out that actually it is a story about Differences, psychological differences.( 6-6 is a teenager and he has grown up with this book and the stories). He said that sadly he thinks Pooh might indeed have an eating disorder, that he is an emotional eater,and possibly suffers Bulimia. He said poor Piglet is probally suffering PTSD or some anxiety disorder. He said EEyore is depressed. And Tigerr has ADHD.He said that owl is probally suffering some early Alzeimers. He said Rabbit has OCD, but he fears that he enjoys it. And then there is the Christopher, he said that Christopher Robin is actually the psychologist, unknolwingly helping all deal and cope with their problems , as well as accept each other's differences. I was struck by what he said, and that it in many ways made sense.

It's funny how you don't think they are learning and paying attention and you always wonder "What" your children absorb. But in my heart I am grateul to Ol'Pooh Bear.
So Fran and Fallenmonk in the comments taught me something wonderful about Pooh, and through them I found the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet, they are both companion books written to better appreciate the Virtue and the Zen of the Pooh Characters. Benjamin Hoff wrote them 10 years apart, and the Te of Piglet focuses more on the wisdom and lessons of the other characters.So to both of them I say Thank You.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Night Music 10.15.07

Summer is definently gone this week, and all the leaves are changing.
This is a photo of for Leaf Lovers , it is West Virginia...kind of makes you want to just take a train ride there, and put your iPod on. I have been lying low with the Cold-From-Hell. This weekend the best thing was the Indians Middle of the Night Win over the Red Sox, 11th Inning Miracle. So tonight the Indians play the Red Sox I could ask for you all to root for them, but I know alot if Red Sox Fans come here too...Namaste.

*[Click the Title: Peter Gabriel with Paula Cole "Don't Give Up."]*

Friday, October 12, 2007

Anderson Cooper is Doing the Carol Gotbaum Story on CNN AC360 Tonight New Updates

I know I was disheartened that the Media was not investigating the Death of Carol Gotbaum story with any respect. I stand corrected, Anderson Cooper is investigating her death, and I watched part of it last night, and he is asking Valid Questions. ( Some of the questions that we were discussing over on my post at Cosmic Messenger even came up, please see my post over there if you are not aware of the Death of the This Mom in the Arizona Airport). So to AC, I say thank you. Very Much.

*[Click the Title: GooGoo Dolls"Name"]*



Friday Thoughts...10.12.07

*[Click the Title: Favorite Fall Song: "Iris" by GooGoo Dolls]*
Friday Thoughts:
I am going to lie low this weekend, as I have a horrendous Cold. I am going to post some reciepes and snuggle under the covers with my hankies and books and nag 6-6 to order some more Netflix.It is hard to negogiate with a teenager about Netflix, unless you want to watch alot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Alias.
But I did want to put a few thoughts and some music up for the weekend.I tried to post some thoughtprovoking pieces for the week, so please do scroll back. There is art, quotes, book ideas ( read the comments).

About My Neighborhood Buddy:
I wanted to post about "Buddy", He belongs to my neighbor, Ms.Canadian. He is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever known. He has an amazing temperment, and a joyful spirit.I am his dog walker when his mom is at work. So WHY am I blogging about him? Because I adore this fellow. He is merely a pup, under 10 monthe old. And he was diagnosed with Hip displasia and arthritis, and as the weather changes it is more and more apparent that he does have sore joints , in his hips and leg joints. So I am posting about him because I know all of you are dog lovers and many have such wisdom, so I am asking is there more that we can do to help this Buddy ?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Everywhere that we have ever lived my son has hung This Poster. He said it is Courage. It is the Tank Man from the Tianamen Square Protests of 1989.He was not even born during those Protests, yet he cherishes the Story of Tank Man. During the Burma demonstrations he said it reminded him of the Tank Man, and he said he knew it was not going to end well. We had long talks about how the Monks of Burma are trying to save the Future generations, they educate all the young there. So the question became WHO here in this Country, Our Country is teaching the young to have Courage.

Al Gore may win the Nobel Peace Prize for taking a Stand for Something that he cares deeply about. He had the Courage to make a slide show that showed Something that Mattered and spread the Word. The Pictures told the story and he was brave enough show them to all of us. A few weeks ago we saw Courage in Motion , we saw the Monks in Burma walking proudly and quietly in the streets of their Home defying a Military Regime , The Police State of their Government. Have you ever had a moment of Courage or seen Great Courage and hoped that it rubbed off on you ?

"It is better to light a Candle than to Curse the Darkness". Chinese Proverb

"Every Man of Courage is man of his word". Pierre Cornielle

"The Brave Man is not he who feels no fear,for that were stupid and irrational,but he whose noble soul,subdues its fear and bravely dares teh danger nature shrinks from". Joanna Baille

"Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can."
John Wesley

*{Click the Title: GreenPeace Video, Song "You Get What You Give", by the New Radicals]*

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Curl Up with A Book.....10.10.07

*[Click the Title: "Rise Up" Alter Bridge, song loved by 6-6,my teenager, about Change Needed]
Summer is ending, so that means it is time to curl up with a Book, there are so many good ones out there. Here are some of the ones that 6-6 and I are reading. What else is being read here at the Enigma Cafe ? Tell us what you are reading......

When Moms Die at the Airport....

I wrote earlier in the week about the Tragic Senseless Death of a New York Mom traveling to Rehab, that died a horrible Death in a Airzona Airport. I am encouraging you all to still go over to Cosmic Messege to read it, because it is still being avoided in the Media. We are in a Police State, but her story needs to be heard, shared.....
  • Cosmic Messege

  • *[click the title: Oleta Jones " Woman In Chains"]*

    Wednesday Night Music 10.10.07

    *[Click the title: "Shout" by Tears for Fears]*
    Summer is finally ending here in the Midwest, and the Heat Wave is over. So it is wet and rainey here, perfect weather to write and work on The Book.I am working on three other posts right now, and the blog will be updated soon.Please do head over to the Cosmic Messenger, and read my other post that is about the NY Mom that died under tragic suspicious circumstances at the Arizona Airport. Come back later tonight...I will be updated.

    Why did Enigma put the SHOUT song up for tonight? Well....

    I have one thing I have to say, I saw Mr.Bush gave a little speech yesterday about "No Child Left Behind". How in the hell could he in good conscience give a speech like that after only days ago Vetoing a bill that would have provided for Health Care of Millions of Children ?



    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Let's Pretend, Enigma Cafe gets to Host the Debate, and YOU ask the Questions?

    So tonight is the Repugnant Debate, it is suposed to be just Economic Questions, which means that they don't have to worry about wrestling with Too Many LandMine Questions. ( You know like the women's rights questions, and those damn people wanting their kids insured,and those 47 Million that have no healthcare that also might be repugs, no medical mari-juana questions for Mitt, and etc etc.)

    It can be any question you want, you get to be the Divine Sorcerer and ASK the most probing questions you want. ( and please no toe tapping ...... or bathroom breaks).

    [ BTW Heads Up, Mary Ellen, the DIVINE DEMOCRAT has a great write up about is a must read]

    *{ Click the Title for Music: Music picked during the Heat Wave last night, still warm here- upper 70's. "We don't have to take our clothes off"....let's hope NO One does that tonight at the debate!! ]*

    John Mellencamp Takes On Jena

    I think Music can send a messege and be powerful, and open dialogue and heal wounds and hearts. I have great admiration for John Mellencamp and I have found most of his music has a messege. He takes on Jena in this song, and so far it is not getting alot ot attention or airplay. Give it a listen and a watch, share it and your thoughts below.It is powerful, intense and yes, graphic. I can not apologize for what is not comfortable.

    *{Click the Title for the Song]*

    A New Post at Cosmic Messege...10.09.07

    *[Click the title: Coldplay "Clocks"]*
    Once a month I write for the Cosmic Messenger, and today I have a more serious post up about Our Humanity, but I would like to share it with you.I wrote about Something Tragic that has been underreported in the MSM, but that deserves our attention and thought. It is about the Needless Death of Mother. The Cosmic Messenger has a wonderful blog with amazing writers and issues presented. I will have more here later today....but for now , for today, I am encouraging you all to visit over at Cosmic....
  • Cosmic Messege
  • Monday, October 08, 2007

    Monday Night Music 10.8.07

    [Click the Title: More Kane Gang"Don't look any Further". Powerful song.]
    "Individually we are a drop, Together we are an Ocean". Rusnsuko Satoro
    So here we are it is Monday Night, The Heat of the Perpetual Summer continues, it is sweltering, I am sitting here in surf shorts and a tank top lapping up popsicles like a lost Snow Cone Queen.....the Indians are playing in New York. I wish someone would throw me a bag of peanuts. It is 7th Inning Stretch, so I am off to make Nachos.

    New Post by Enigma is up over at Cosmic Messege. I write there once a month, I am so fortunate to be able to write with this amazing group of writers. it is a Serious post about looking at an uncomfortable issue further. It is about looking at Our Own Humanity.

    So please come over for a read to
  • Cosmic Messege
  • Gas Me Up Baby.....

    *[Click the title: Kane Gang "Motortown" true or false, see if you can see Brad Pitt on the FireEscape playing cards?]*
    So it is still Hotter than Hades by the Great Lakes , the Land of Perpetual Summer. There is nowhere to drive and cool off. I wish there were. I don't drive much these days, due to the recovering eyeball and due to the gas prices. I try to walk most places anyways, my son and I have a thing about it. So all weekend on the news they kept saying that the Price of Fuel had "dropped" . Now I am no fool, but it has not dropped here, so I am so curious.....

    WHAT are you paying where you are ? spill the beans below.

    ( And if you like this poll , I am posting another Burning Poll Question tomorrow...)

    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    Sunday Night Update in Blogland....

    "The Better Part of One's Life is One's Friendships" Abe Lincoln
    *{click the title; Van Morrison" Moondance"
    This is just a quick Sunday Night Update:
    ( and please note there are not links- you all can find your way over to the blogroll-right? Give enigma's old eyeball a break- okay? thanks....)
    (1) RAMBLINGS:
    Fran over at Ramblings is getting out of the Hospital , and she has been very sick with a Kidney Stone, please go give her a Hug, she has been through Hell....
    (2) JOSIE'S PLACE:
    Josie went through some real Soul Searching about continuing her blog, and she is ....phew...So she has a new blog , and it is on my blogroll- JOSIE"S PLACE....
    (3) MIRTH:
    Mirth left for a bit, and many of us were heartbroken, and we had no way to tell her how much we missed her. BUT now she is back, more bold and beautiful than ever.
    Bluegrrrrl is back, I am so happy to say, and her blog is so amazing, with photos and prose that will take your breath away.
    (5) BlOGGER ROUND TABLE & Proud Progressive:
    Has really interesting information and updates on Burma
    (6)GAY AGENDA:
    Spado and the Missus have a big Anniverary coming up,and the Grandpalace is indeed gearing up for a party- we have not had a good party in a long time....go and join the celebration.
    (7)Please stop by and see DEUD, and wish him well, he entered a Big Poker tourney...and he has had a hard time lately...we are his friends and his circle..let him know that....
    **** ADDENDUM: Truthout has an amazing roundup of ALL posts,articles and information on Burma from all over.

    More Later....namaste.

    Sunday Afternoon 10.7.07

    *[Click the title : More YouTube Live AID '85. I never saw it the first time- so I have been watching it all weekend. I only listened to it on the radio that year.]*
    So for some reason it is the Dog Days of Summer have descended on the Middle of the Country.And it is not cooler by the Great Lakes, it is More Humid and Sweltering. 89 Effin Degrees and melting thank you..... I have been cleaning, and then taking breaks to lay in front of the fan and listen to music. ( The Little Yellow Dog and I both have been fanhogging). The cats are draped like wilted hydrangea by the various windows.I have three new posts to put up later tonight, but for now I am heading off to the store to find Hotdogs for the Game tonight, and then horrors of horrors 6-6's remote has Dead Batteries, so I must go. I am also going to get POPSICLES...

    Hang in there my other Hot Friends...Fall will come...hopefully. ( Gee maybe that Mr.Gore was right, maybe that Global Warming thing is for real...gasp.)

    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    Saturday Night Music...10.06.07

    Click the Title: Otis Redding
    Waiting. Waiting for Change.We all are Waiting for Change. I have been thinking about the 1960s' everyone says that the music was what helped bring change, but it wasn't just the AntiWar Music and the Rock and Roll, it was the Soul, the Blues,the Gospel,Stax, the Motown. All of it fed the Soul, the Heart.

    ( If you want a good time, go to YouTube and watch "STAX " videos, so amazing.)

    I have been listening to "Green Onions " by BookerT and the MG"s all day, but tonight it is time for Otis. I watched a Special today about him on VH1 and read up on him on the Internet. Did you know that he was only 26 when he died in 1967 in a plane crash, such a loss of such an amazing Voice and such a Gentle yet Passionate Soul....what a tall drink of water he was...and how we were left thirsty. So I tried for over an hour to post my favorite song here to share with you. But I am doing something wrong, and YouTube is giving me fits. So I couldn't get my favorite song to download properly, but I was able to get my second song Otis song on for you. ( and no, it is not "Sitting on the Dock on the Bay"). Have a good night....

    So what is your favorite from the Era of Great Soul ?...I am curious. Click the title for one of mine...

    Just One Thing.....10.06.07

    Prayer Flags In Nepal

    Click the title: Kenny Loggins "The Real Thing"
    Do you have Hope in your Heart ?
    If you have Hope, do you have Courage ?
    How do you know you have Courage ?
    Do one thing each day that you did not know that you
    could do....
    Just One Thing....

    And then....
    Do one thing to support Someone Else's Courage...
    Just One Thing...

    And before you know it.
    You have created a Wave of Change.
    A Wave of Courage.
    A Wave of Hope.

    Just One thing.


    Friday, October 05, 2007

    Friday Night Music 10.05.07

    Click the title: Jody Watley Sings "Borderline"
    After a really trying week...sometimes you need to put on Something Special and dim the lights and light some candles and open the windows....and put on some music...blues ?...jazz?....Something Sultry.....Somthing Soothing....

    **[Click the Title: Jody Watley singing a Very Smokey version of "Borderline" that is how the song should have been done]**

    *** FOOTNOTE: For all that came this week and supported me during the Seige...I say thank you and I appreciate you. Also because I made a pact with myself, I feel better, and it helped having your company and support. What was the Pact you ask ? for every Hate Email I put a dollar in the Jar- and the money is going to, and it is a tidy sum....If anyone else wants to do this after the awful week they had, I say go for it. I decided the VETS had a worse week than the ol'Enigma.....namaste.

    Have a Good Night Friends.....