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Please do Read Vicky Reggie Kennedy's Washington Post Op Ed about the Current HCR Battle and Bill

Saturday Morning Update:
Saturday Morning.......Senate floor debate of Bill is going on CSPAN2 right now . (I am watching it live and twittering it- so are others. DC is indeed Snowed IN... Good.Twitterfolks are calling is #Snowmageddon...BUT the Senators are indeed there trapped by the snow.)Please do read Vicky Kennedy's post Here or linked to title.
( I stand by my Post below on HCR . Still).
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

As an RN :The HCR Battle at this Moment,and Where I stand.

"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die." ~Senator Teddy Kennedy #hcr
{{ Please do scroll down :HCR updates and Videos, including Dean's Video 12.15}}
Over the past few days I have gotten many emails and messages from Twitterland and Blogland asking What do I see the Fate of this HCR Bill and Healthcare Reform at this point. First I am a Nurse of 20+ years and I am UnInsured, which means that I have a perspective that is not always Politically Driven or Calculated. I have always blogged how the Events and Politics impacts our lives. I also have a son, so I look at this Reform measure as an important issue for his future and the next generations, to provide for their physical health but also their economic health. All that being said, I do recognize that we are at Critical Juncture and that many Wise Entities are Abandoning the HCR in all forms, and that there is much tension as to how to proceed and WHO and WHAT to Support.Please read Entire Post to Understand and Hear my position and it may help you in your Thought Process.

After reading ALL the Bills that have now led to the Formation of the Current Senate Bill that is now being Backroom Brokered, I do have some concerns, and hope over next few days to have more Information to better evaluate the Following:
Current Concerns & Facts as an RN re :Current Senate Bill

(1) WHO and HOW MANY will indeed be offered access to Health Care and Health Insurance. We currently have over 50 Million UnInsured, (47 Million based on 2007 Census Numbers,and 6.6 Newly UnEmployed this past year during Economic Plunge). We have atleast 30 Million UnInsured due to Preexisting Conditions. 17,000 Are losing Health Insurance and Care a Day. 112 Are dying per day without care. According to Harvard 45-47,000 are dying per year without proper or adequate Health Care. The Numbers justify a Crisis and Timely Action. But as this Current Senate Bill has been Whittling and Chopping away the Medicare Buy In and the Public Option, we need to know what is going to Available and Affordable and truly accessible. And that Question has not been answered.
(2) The High Risk Pools to be Created offer more questions. WHO will be in the Pools and how will their care be cost ratioed ? Supposedly according to the Current 2000 page bill the Pools will be available to People who have been refused and denied care due to pre-existing conditions. BUT it also categorizes AGE as a High Risk Factor and allows people to be basically fined higher fees for their age- it is treated as a "RISK". I worry that some of this language about risk means that People are being Insured as if they are Clunkers. And the one thing that could have been placed there is Rate Control for UnEmployed and Low Income, Poverty and Economic Distress are not acknowledged in this Senate Bill. The Economic Factor should have been embraced and Sliding Scales set up to Lesson Hardship and Improve Access. While for months UnInsured have been Reminded Daily that they are Costing TOO much, there has been Nothing addresses Cost Controls for Coverage to Working Poor, Middle Class or Lower Middle Class Working Families.
(3)Big Pharma is still controlling Costs and this means that many people will still be choosing between Meds and Meals. Please See Gotta Laff Post Below, scroll down. It is a valuable post to read, especially as this Current Senate Bill does Nothing to Protect Patients as they try to pay for meds every month.
(4) About the Outlawing of Pre-Existing Conditions, to provide care to those with such disease statuses, it remains unclear and very muddied in ALL the Legislation about WHO will Monitor and ENFORCE and Protect the People who have suffered Discrimination and inability to access Affordable Care. WHICH agency ? Because as it is now there is NO agency to protect Patients as they attempt to get care. DHHS seems to be struggling to handle current workload with even the H1N1 epidemic. And Secretary Sebelius has been less than effective speaking or engaging in HCR in a Leadership role.

(I also think that at some point that Decrimination against People that are ill AND denying care is Criminal, but it is is also a Civil Rights Issue, but that is an issue that this HCR will never fully address, but this bill atleast opens the issue up for scrutiny,as well as issues concerning Rescinded care.)

(5) The Concern that is most worrisome and that has gotten the least MSM coverage is the that the Proposed Bill when it went to the Backrooms Suddenly Inserted a NEW Clause regarding CAPS on Care per year and Lifetime that will post HUGE risks and Calamity for Families coping with and caring for those with Chronic Longterm devastating Illnesses. There is NO protection for them and indeed they may face Hardship and Failure of Care, and that this was done in such a Dark Secretive Fashion is deplorable.
(6) Dr.Dean in the video below raises many valid concerns when says to Kill the Bill, and I really do share many of them. I also know that Dean has Given Up on things Sometimes Pre-maturely. And yes, I am talking about 2004, for many of us that worked on his campaign and believed in him, there was concern he left the Presidential Race too early.( Please know I am saying that as someone who truly believes and trusts his wisdom). I also know that as a Nurse, well, let's just put it this way, he would not be the First Doctor that I did not support ALL 100% of the time. I am glad he spoke up, but as a Nurse and as a Liberal I don't think it is Time to "Kill the Bill".
(7) Another issue that has barely been mentioned is that the Original Baucus Bill, and this bill to a lesser degree would have fines imposed for the people that remain UnInsured or don't have care.But if it is indeed due to income or poverty issues there should be no Fines, or punitive action of fines and penalties.
Those are my most pressing Concerns and Worries as an RN. Now that Many Progressives and Progressive Leaders bravely Spoke out yesterday stating to "Kill the Bill", it would be easy, even comforting to join them in stepping away from Bad Weakened Even Questionable Legislation. BUT....and it is a HUGE BUT.
I currently view the HCR Bill -Senate Version as indeed a VERY sick Patient, Critical Condition at this point. But as a Nurse I have never walked out on a Patient during a Critical Moment, I have never stopped Listening to all the Research and Learned Advice. I have kept digging and working to save the Patient. Even though the Patient may indeed come out very damaged and weakened, the Fight is still worth saving What and WHO matters.So for me, it is a Time Game, Time will tell WHEN and if to walk away from this HCR Bill and stop all Resuscitation Efforts. For me I think it is still worth Fighting FOR and About. The Battle is Not over, Not yet.

I also in my heart think Senator Ted Kennedy would not want us giving up...not yet. He would want us still Fighting, and Fighting Hard. And in the end I also think we still need to pursue Healthcare for ALL as a Constitutional Right, so that it is Protected and we never ever have a Bloody Battle like this again.

"Pray for the Dead,but Fight Like Hell for the Living."~ Mother Jones

{{So at this point I will still be fighting Tooth and Nail to get Real Healthcare for Millions , not just Insurance Reform, that means I will still make phone calls, write letters, and continue blogging and twittering and posting research .}}

Please Do Still DC and tell them What kind of HCR We The People Really Need.
Senator Harry Reid
DC: (202) 224-3542
Carson City: (775) 882-7343
Las Vegas: (702) 388-5020
Reno: (775) 686-5750
Call your Democratic Senator too -- Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Call the Whitehouse:: 202-456-1414
A song For Tonight "American Prayer"::

Wednesday 12.16.09 HCR Update::
Nasty rumor circulating Internet that Liebermann revenge driven hateful man that he is, is planning to NOT be the 60th vote on HCR but run for the RNC in 2012. Time will tell if this is just a rumor.
Here is another post that does explain parts of the Bill that are worth knowing about and WHO has worked behind scenes.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HCR Battle today Tuesday as of December 15th,Dr.Dean takes a stand to Kill the Bill...and more

During the day people called their Senator Offices, Reid's office,and the Whitehouse one more time Voicing their concerns.The Fly in the Ointment remains Lieberman, and it continues to be deplorable that one man can have such power over a bill effecting lives over millions. Countdown covered the twists and turns of the Day. Countdown Video of Day Must be seen to appreciate how troubled the Bill is at this point.

Lawrence ODonnell hosted Countdown tonight, he spoke with Dr.Dean and Dr.Dean expressed his concerns about the Events that continue to plague this bill. Dr.Dean brought up some concerns that are valid. ODonnell who worked in DC during the Clinton Years,knows the process well and asks valid questions. Senator Wyden also is interviewed about where he stands on the HCR Bill at this juncture, he remains committed to the Bill and the Process. Dr.Dean at this point admits he no longer supports it, and Why.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Truthout has more about Joe Lieberman and his absurd power in all of this.
Josh of TPM has more about Reid and his manuvers with ain't pretty.
DailyKos analyzes more of this crippled Bill,and Dean's statements,
ALERT:::MUST read post by Ezzra Klein this early Wed Dec 16th am. He explains what is left in the bill and what is still worth fighting for.
Atlantic Wire has an amazing post about What Liberals have won,lost or gained in the HCR battle, it is a Must read, and has great article round up.

Mother Jones weighs in their Position at this Critical Juncture of the HCR Battle

( Kevin Drum of Mother Jones is worth reading and following, he and David Corn really investigate and thoughtfully approach all issues, and consistently give balanced information and opinions based on facts.) In this post linked to the title, or you can read here he explains why the Bill is damaged and imperfect, but also why even in it's current crippled form must go forward. He does not gloss it or try to pretend it is even a a good bill at this point, but he values where we are in this mangled process.

Ezra Klein's Wapo Post is a Must Read about HCR, and it's status as of tonight 12.15.09

Please click the title of the post to read Ezra's Breakdown of WHERE Lieberman's options stand, the fate of parts of the Bill and the actual Process Timeline.It explains how Reid was left negotiating with people that were and are problematic as well as the 60 Vote milestone. There are hurdles of different Senate members stalling and manipulating the Bill to their own wants, Lieberman,Snowe and Nelson are three of the main Obstructing Roadblocks. Ezra carefully lays out how cumbersome and belabored the whole process has come and shows that finishing by Christmas remains an almost inhuman rushed feat.

Anthony Weiner 's Blog lays out his Position on the #HCR Battle....

Anthony Weiner is one rare Fighter, he had started a Blog and movement back in the Summer mostly focusing on the need for a Public Plan, he appreciates the need for a Universal plan, and his blog had consistently explained why a Single Payer and or Public Option would provide more access to affordable care to more numbers.He has been updating his blog daily ( linked to the title).He is a tenacious well informed fighter, and consistently has a calm future thinking approach on the Battle. As this bill is prepared to go back to the House in Conference, Weiner's Blog is a good source to follow, and he remains a pivotal person to watch and read.

Senate Says No to Importing Low Price Drugs....This matters during this HCR Battle

GottaLaff ( amazing progressive twitterer and blogger) writes at the Political Carnival Blogspot and is worth following,she covers events and politics with an astute perspective and keen eye for detail. She covers all politics Bush Regime Blunders to HCR to Gitmo to Torture. Please do read this post about Drug Costs and the Senate's latest Blunder to provide affordable meds, this Senate Mistep coming during the current HCR battle is beyond stupid, and shows how Out of Touch DC can be to the economic challenges for Millions. Once again this Senate gives us one more dose of Bad Medicine, but this should not deter efforts to bring Better care to Americans...even if the Senate does not understand the gravity of the Costs.

Monday, December 14, 2009

PublicOption Dead???About Lieberman and his convoluted role in the HCR battle,

Lieberman has become a turd in the punchbowl of HCR....So do see Keith's take on this 12.14.09 and then there is the Sunday Video of his performance on CBS shredding the Medicare Expansion and PublicOption in one swoop. But then scroll down and there he is ON VIDEO THREE months ago SUPPORTING MEDICARE BUYIN.....As of tonight,yes it appears the Bill has indeed very much been deflated...and yes certain aspects killed.

Do watch the Videos below, and read all three articles- they are consise and thoughprovoking.We need to have facts in hand to hit the next part of this Battle.And after you are educated, I am asking you to call Whitehouse TODAY this AM because President Obama is meeting with DEMS this afternoon and I think he needs to be able to tell them that Americans are OUTRAGED at how this has been handled.AT THIS POINT WITH 47,000 A YEAR DYING WITHOUT CARE IT IS INDEED A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE::: 202-456-1414.

(1)Here is Ezra Klein's Take on the Public Option Demise and please read before you watch the Countdown Interview below.
(2) Many of people on Twitter know Karoli, here is her take, on it, her insights are valuable and she is looking at the Bigger picture of this as a Civil Rights issue.
(3) Article in New Yorker about Obama's Long View, it is worth the read, and gives another angle.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


((This is the link to the PlumLine that explains Lieberman explaining about his support of Medicare BuyIn three months ago this year.


Watch CBS News Videos Online

Watch ALL of What Lieberman's Comments- I need Transcript if anyone has any ideas how to get- let me know.
(orignally posted on 12.13)

20 States Cut Cancer Screening and Service and care to Poor,Mostly Women...

Article explains about the Care that is not being delivered to Millions,due to budget constraints, especially those under 50, and especially to women who need sceduled routine Pap Smears and Mammograms.
Click the Title to read the rest of the article linked to the title,
"As the economy falters and more people go without health insurance, low-income women in at least 20 states are being turned away or put on long waiting lists for free cancer screenings, according to the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network.In the unofficial survey of programs for July 2008 through April 2009, the organization found that state budget strains are forcing some programs to reject people who would otherwise qualify for free mammograms and Pap smears. Just how many are turned away isn't known; in some cases, the women are screened through other programs or referred to different providers."I cried and I panicked," said Erin LaBarge, 47. This would have been her third straight year receiving a free mammogram through the screening program in St. Lawrence County. But the Norwood, N.Y., resident was told she couldn't get her free mammogram this year because there isn't enough money and she's not old enough.

New York used to screen women of all ages, but this year the budget crunch has forced them to focus on those considered at highest risk and exclude women under 50.
(( Many Health Departments and Free Clinics and Low Income Clinics have had to cut services to Those In Need. In my city, the Free Clinic has no openings and has had none in over 18 monthes,that is why I even I an UnInsured RN don't get care there, I do wonder if I was over 50 would that move my name up on the List.))

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"We're Dying For Healthcare" ( Diana and Gina Interview)

Gina and Diana Williams tell their Healthcare Story,I wish I had more information on them and their situation..but their story is haunting and familiar 12.09:

If you want to post on Facebook or Twitter:

Must Read Post on a Walter Reed Nurse Punked Palin....

MUST see this post- will make your whole the Title and read Linked Article..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the fate of Healthcare Reform (as of this week.)...Two Important Articles need to be read....

First do read the article by Ed Schultz about the Free Clinics that Our Elected should Attend...
This week Ed Schultz attended the Free Clinic in Kansas that provided medical care to over 2200 people, as MSNBC and it viewed donated and promoted this Clinic Ed came to see it and report it and he did a fine job.It is to be noted that the MSM has sorefully neglected this Story and the Need and Horrific Plight of Millions. On HuffingtonPost he shared his thoughts and concerns, as well as said that the Senators and Reps should come and hear the stories of real Americans.
Again more than 80% of these folks are Working People who pay taxes and work very hard, but can not afford or have access to Healthcare or Insurance. Our Country has a crisis, and these Free Clinics show how severe the problem is.People going 5,8 and ten years without Medical and Dental care in a developed Country is something we should all be ashamed of. ( I have also linked his post to the Title,as an UnInsured RN I am always grateful when people report the true extent of this HealthCare Crisis.)
THE FREE CLINIC WEBSITE if you wish to donate or volunteer or find a clinic in your area for care.

Basic Update of the past 10 days
The Concern all along was that the Health Care Discussions and planning would end up in a BackRoom and forget the agony and pain and reality of real working families. Well, it has happened. as this Huffington Post article shows the talks now have started to focus on Rationing and Caps- yet NONE of the previous bills that were a part of this process even touched on these issues. Watching the Senate trash this process has been eye opening and worrisome.
I have not blogged much on the actual HCR process in last two weeks as it has slipped further and further into Secrecy and confusion. Even the BuyIn Expanded Medicare Program that would only be available to 55 and older would only benefit approximately 3 Million of 51 Million of Uninsured. It would not help over 6.6 Million that are unemployed and under 55, including young people, college people and working families or small business or self employed or Part Time Employees.
It is estimated to cost 400-600 per person/MONTH not counting deductibles and this is not affordable for many struggling and unemployed families in this Economic Climate.Further it STILL does not provide Access to ANY Healthcare for those Under 55 who have been cancelled or denied care due to Prep-existing Conditions.Millions of people are at risk due to this process, and with a known 47,000 people dying per year without Healthcare, we have a Crisis and we need REAL problemsolving that addresses the Needs of these people.

The Public Option is on Life Support with the plug dangling from the wall from what we can tell, and all that is being focused on is the is a Possible NON Profit Co-op program,and the 55 BuyIN Program ( Expanded Medicare). So there is NO Public Plan for People under 55 to access to buy affordable care. NONE,not at this time.

{{ Disclaimer:: As a Nurse, an UnInsured Nurse, who does need medical care for two chronic health conditions that are physically effecting me, and in my 40's, I am more than frustrated, and am not objective enough to really fully be able to predict where we go from here and yes, I am worried about the fate of HCR and am clinging to last threads of hope for this bill and needed care for Millions. }}
Another Healthcare Story that must be Shared as another family grapples with a Insurance Induced Health Care Crisis.
Please do share this story of a Journalist that is facing a Medical Emergency within the next 45 days as he is about to be denied much needed care and treatment.
Please do share his story and forward to MSNBC as he needs the public to hear his situation to save his life. I will post the entire article in the Comments as well. Once you hear Micheal Steinbecks Story you will see that he has NO options and that the NEW Senate plan would not offer him access to any care as well, this is a situation Millions of Americans ( some newly UNEmployed) are facing daily.

About Hope....It is a Journey, A Train Ride

{{ About the photo I wish I could remember who posted it on Twitter...I think it was MeanderingSoul, but not certain...either way it is so amazing }}
There are lessons to be learned from this year. How to still have Hope in spite of great strife,obstruction,and Hate. How to hold it dear, how to nurture it, how to sustain it. I will never ever take it for granted again. I will never look at it as the Ticket to the Future, I will appreciate that like a Train Ride, there will be bumps in the path, and damage to the Tracks. There will be other passengers on the Train, some will lack manners and befoul the Journey. But as the train moves along the tracks we can move to another seat, look out another window,we can change the ride.....
~Miracles~ By Jefferson Starship....

Sick of the Obama Hate,GOP Obstruction, Progressive Infighting/Sniping and Teabag Asswipery

I am sick of it...tired of it...disgusted by all of it....sick of being tired of it, and worried by it and the angst. I am boggled by it, confused by it, and not accepting of it.....I refuse to believe that 8 years of Bush Regime left us this broken this tattered, But the damage on all levels is real , is raw, is palpable. We are fractured on so many levels it effects our ability to talk to each other , to problemsolve ,to hear each other reach for healing.DC is going to need alot of Repair work- but I still believe it starts with us....

Obama thick is the link attached to this title.

I don't believe in fearmongering...but I do think we should be aware of how dangerous and different the Hate of Obama is than anything we have seen. Sadly. Yes there was Bush Hate- but it was not in any way embracing of violence or death talk...this is very different...concerning...I pray the Secret Service is well funded ,well staffed....And after reading this link I am really furious with them about the Crashers. The Obamas should be well cared for and protected from the Teabag Lunacy, and shame on the MSM for treating them like a "Movement", they embrace dangerous rhetoric and are most likely an arm of the Klan.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday is ObamaFriday...a day to share Solidarity on Blogs,Twitter and Facebook....

"We don't need more Heat in DC, we need more Light" Barack Obama January2008
President Obama has only been in DC for 11 Monthes...and we helped bring him there,but he can not change it or revive it all by himself, and the Repugs and BlueDogs have been less than helpful.

I like to think of him looking at his mom when this was taken....did she see greatness in him?...I think she did.Now any little boy can grow up and dream to be President.
If you are on Twitter or Facebook change your's a blast...

Honoring the How We Eat....(The Copenhagen Diet)

Many are starting to review their diets, and if their diets are contributing to pollution, or Earthfriendly food. Click title to Guardian article.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"A Just and Lasting Peace" President Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize


President Obama and Michelle leave the event and are embraced and applauded, a moment that we can be proud of...
The event was momentous and I will post more photos later.I was struck that the crowd listened so carefully, and with such silence. The only applause moment was when Obama brought up the importance of the Geneva Conventions, the applause was immediate and forceful and profound. His speech was gracious, humble and amazing. It honored History, he spoke of Leaders that problemsolved and embraced Diplomacy, but he Quoted the great words Community Organizers of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. He also honored the Struggles of Movements of Hope and Change ( Burma and Iran), as well as the bloody struggle of Darfur, the Congo. He spoke of the wars that America is engaged in, not as Bush-speak "Spreading Democracy", but as missions that need resolution ,repair. He did not justify Iraq, he did explain that Afganistan is an unresolved problematic situation. He spoke of Waging Peace, not war, which showed that his goals and values are not carrying forth Bush Warmongering. Perhaps in a way he was setting forth his own Doctrine.
Do read the Speech linked to the Title, some poignant parts are below.
"So even as we respect the unique culture and traditions of different countries, America will always be a voice for those aspirations that are universal. We will bear witness to the quiet dignity of reformers like Aung Sang Suu Kyi; to the bravery of Zimbabweans who cast their ballots in the face of beatings; to the hundreds of thousands who have marched silently through the streets of Iran. It is telling that the leaders of these governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power of any other nation. And it is the responsibility of all free people and free nations to make clear to these movements that hope and history are on their side."
"I make this statement mindful of what Martin Luther King said in this same ceremony years ago - "Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones." As someone who stands here as a direct consequence of Dr. King's life's work, I am living testimony to the moral force of non-violence. I know there is nothing weak nothing passive nothing naïve - in the creed and lives of Gandhi and King."

Strange Light in Sky over Norway before Obama's Speech....

(I don't think it is an UFO- but it is really interesting...this Russian news service says it might be a Russian Rocket ?)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We Must be Children of a Lesser God? Democratic Senators Hack the Public Option :CALL DC TODAY.....50 MILLION LIVES AT STAKE

In Late Night Deals the Dems did the Unthinkable, they killed the Public Option, calling it " Compromise". Kiss My UnInsured Ass- NO WAY......Read the Post linked below from the LA Times....Call DC today- Scream...Shout....Say what Needs to Be Said- DO IT NOW.....( all contact Info is linked on the Side, Call Senators, call the Whitehouse....Enough is Enough)

This "Change"also does nothing to Help UnderInsured, the Young without Insurance, and Small Businesses...Millions who NEEDED the Public Option....

And this song below was on my mind ALL night....the Pain the Agony of captures it all.....

I am angry...frustrated right now....there is a place that is beyond fathom, beyond description....this song describes that place better than I ever could...About watching what is going on and how our Young People worked for a better Future,but so did we, we worked so hard to bring Change for them as well....with true heart,energy...power...ALL of us worked for 2 years- we made Promises to Ourselves to our Future..and Somehow we need to embrace that and remember that....

I saw this video tonight and it made me of the Riders gets hit by a man in a Nice Car in his nice suit and metaphorically really hit me that I feel like I have watched the Public Option and 50 million people get hit by a Man in Nice Suit....Hit and Run by Greed and Circumstances.....But in the video the boy who is hit opens his eyes,he gets up, he Rises, he Rides again....he is not alone, or abandoned by the Riders, his fellow Warriors...And for me that is the Lesson, None of us is in This Battle Alone, there is Power in Knowing that. 50 Million have NO Insurance, No one to care, But Each other. THAT is worth Fighting for, there are lives at Stake....This Battle is Not Over....And when they show the Fires in the Distance, I think that is what this has been like, for monthes now...but that Something Inside all of us must Rise from the Ashes, if this HealthCare Bill is a Disaster, then it will be up to us to Ride On, Push Forward, we can not turn back from OurSelves or Each Other....
Lyrics from the song:
"Into the night
Desperate and broken
The sound of a fight
Father has spoken

We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell

Into your eyes
Hopeless and taken
We stole our new lives
Through blood and pain
In defense of our dreams
In defense of our dreams"
About the HCR Bill, the Fucking Dems did the Unthinkable tonight...they murdered the Public can read about their piece of shit "Compromise " here in the LA Times....I hope Bernie, Sherrod and other don't vote for this pulverized pitiful excuse of a Bill.....Millions of lives hang in the balance....

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Then it was December ....Bare Trees and Bitter Winds and Soul Searching

The Break from Blogland....
So Thanksgiving came, and I was thankful to be with my son, that we had helped bring Change this past year.....But as the Cold Winds blew in from the Lake and the Bare Trees stood against the wind....I felt empty... as brittle as the bare branches.
And the winds batter the branches in different directions, the wind is bitter, unkind, unrelenting....I have been haunted by the past few months watching the Republicans and Teabaggers show that indeed Americans can be more than Ugly, they can be Heartless,Shallow,full of Hate....Soul-Less. We don't have a mere Empathy Deficit, we have an Empathy Famine.

I fought Bush Regime for 8 very long years,even blogged it, just like so many others.But the Diseased part of our Country and Our Government left me stunned...breathless....sickened...that they walk among us, and they are hellbent on destroying a Chance at Change, or bringing their neighbors or those that have been so hurt by the Bush Years any relief...This past summer and fall has been a massive Reality Check....I needed to catch my breath.

So I needed to take a few more days to find my Compass, the one that grounds me, settles my heart, helps me reach for Hope and relight my Heart..... Sorry I needed a few extra days.....
Joss Stone and Jeff Beck ...Amazing version of this song "People get Ready".....

Here is an amazing blog that you need to check out: Meet Kitty she is a gifted storyteller....
And some more soulfood Pink Granite is a find....

Does Music Heal ? Listen to these videos.....

Seal, Jakatta, and Thomas Newman...."My Vision"....Think Music can't take you away ? listen to this....

This video is by these brothers who think that Music can keep kids safe, and help them become creative and empowered, and they are on a mission to help young people make music, all kinds of music...It's about a different kind of Healing.
Raw Beautiful Talent..."Nuttin but Stringz" amazing...Inspiring...Read more here about Why their story and their goals to help children and young with music....
This video tells their story.....


And to learn more and hear more go to their beautiful website....they will truly feed your soul....

Speaking of Healing, does your soul need healing? Cookies are VERY the title

The Big Black Dog site has the most amazing Cookie will drool....

This Thanksgiving Deja Vu of Thanksgiving of the attached post to see why...

I blogged back in 2005...about Thanksgiving questions about War and troops in far away places.....then I was cursing the Bush Regime....and here we are...and now we have learned that President Obama wants to send troops , 30,000 to Afganistan,and I am stunned...saddened...

Margaret and Helen always know how to cheer everyone up...

These two are so funny, yet wise, do read the attached blog,just click the Title-you will laugh and feel so much smarter....