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Rep.Grayson got it right damnit... Let's be real..People are Dying Without Healthcare...

Here on this blog, I have posted the Numbers over and over. Numbers that represent Real People that are effected by our HealthCare Crisis I will post them again in this post. The reason that Grayson said what he said was that he read the Harvard Study about 45,000 dying per year with Inadequate Health Care and Insurance. (( He was on CNN in the "Situation Room" explaining what he thinks of the Repugs, video is posted down below.))

(1) Originally in August I found research that Kaiser and Urban Institute stated that up to 22,000 Per year are Dying with No Health Insurance and inadequate care. The Truth is that the Insurance Companies ARE the Death Panels dictating Care, and cancelling care and treatments. Early September NYT published the Harvard Study that said that more than 45,000 are dying per year.

Here is the NYT Article about the Harvard Study of ALL the People Dying per year with Inadequate care and healthcare insurance....45,000 a year is alot of people. That is 123 people a day, and 6 an hour....that is alot. Think of it this way, every 12 Minutes Someone is Dying Without Healthcare....

(2) 500,000 People/a year are fighting Cancer without enough care, after their Insurance is cancelling or capping Care and Treatments.( Cancer Organizations verified these numbers).These same people are losing Homes for Care and going Bankrupt. 62% of ALL Bankruptcies are related to Medical Debt, it is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy.

When President Obama has spoken about the Healthcare Crisis, he has admitted that 30 Million have been Cancelled by Insurance Companies. It is a Civil Rights Issue, people being cancelled for their own History or Health are being denied Care, that is Discrimination. Millions of people denied care and now at risk of Dying Young and dying without Care. Have we lost Our Moral Compass ?
Want to Thank Grayson for speaking up and out ?
Orange County Office
Alan Grayson 455 N. Garland Ave, Ste. 402
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Washington, DC Office
Alan Grayson Washington, D.C.
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Does the WhiteHouse have it's OWN Healthcare Bill in the Works ?
Today the WhiteHouse released More Stats and Information about how badly this Insurance Crisis and HealthCare Crisis could be based on studies by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.Please read the Whitehouse post.
The Actual Study that the Whitehouse is examining about how Badly we need Insurance and Healthcare reform, from Robert Woods Johnson Foundation clearly shows how the numbers will skyrocket of people without Health Care and Without ain't pretty.
Here is Grayson on the Situation Room CNN on 9.30.09 Today setting the Gang straight,Thank You to Human for finding check out his blog too, it is a good read... :

And since the Repug Ignoramuses demanded an Apology...he gave the Dead.

Another Huffpost Healthcare Horror Story...of a health professional that went through hell due to medical debt, also shows you what I have been saying for months- if you are a health professional of 20 years....good luck trying to find any work...much less a job with healthcare benefits...
Thursday Update :
Pelosi at her weekly address stated that the House Bill will have a Public Option, Period.

The Healthcare Battle Continues...and America Still Has a Healthcare Crisis....a message from Enigma

Why I blog this....
I have blogged and written on Healthcare now for many months. I am a merely a single mom, an UnInsured Nurse, that is trying to get healthcare for my family and my neighbors.I Live in Ohio, in an area of Cleveland that is truly the Foreclosure Capital of the Country. An area that is truly blighted by families losing jobs and homes. I have seen Dads working at home after losing their jobs, trying to repair little outside projects and keep their self esteem intact. I have seen people lose their homes and lug belongings to the curb. I have seen tears and rage as Tow Trucks haul away cars that could have helped people continue job hunts.I have seen many many empty lonely houses. I have seen people sleeping in their cars. Unemployment here is close to 14% so it is reported, I would bet it is much higher. On my street two neighbors died last winter, and they did not die with the care they needed, they died alone and without care, and then the banks took their homes. I feel sick when I walk by their homes. And many of those still here are struggling to buy food and take care of their families, many homes have atleast one member unemployed. And Most people that are neighbors, very few have Insurance or healthcare, except for those on Medicare.

On a more personal level I am battling my own healthcare situation....and job situation..and this battle is personal. I blog about the Healthcare Crisis because I know I am not alone, that millions are struggling right now, just like me and my son. I want my son to have a more stable future and access to Education and Healthcare....without Struggle.

It has been draining watching the Summer of Hate, Watching Fellow Americans behave like spoiled 4 year olds stamping their feet and yelling about wanting their America back. I have been mystified by the level of rage and anger, and worried. When Obama came and spoke here , he spoke of an Empathy Deficit and how it had effected our Country. He was right, there in many ways has been a crippling lack of compassion and greed nurtured by huge Corporations....

Down Below there is more information to help anyone learn WHY we need Health Care Reform , not just "Insurance" reform.
Everyday I do try to post new articles to share and read and post on Facebook and Twitter. I try to post the Human side of this Story. Also if you scroll down I do indeed take apart Baucus's Crappy Bill piece by piece from Fines to other Insurance gifts. At this point we need a Public Option for the 30 Million that have been denied care and cancelled. Close to 50 Million UnInsured and Millions more UnderInsured. I hope and pray that many in DC over the next few weeks find their Moral Compass.
Anyone with Healthcare news is welcome to email me, if you send hate mail I will delete. This blog is to inform and share, it is in no way a place to mock anyone struggling in this time,and yes I will continue to blog this issue until we have Real Healthcare Reform for all of us...I believe in the power of Compassion.
Pray for those in Heaven, and fight like hell for the Living. Mother Jones
MUST see Report and Charts of WHAT Insurance Premiums are doing to American Families ( Reported to Whitehouse September 2009) ::: Please do share this link and share on facebook and will take your breath away.
*originally posted 9.22.09*

Jay Rockefeller really deserves alot of thanks...he kicked ass...

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8.3 Earthquake in American Somoa, Tsunami Warning issued in Pacific, 15 Foot Tidal Waves after 3 Minute Quake

7.9 quake hits South Pacific, tsunami alert issued
Updated 4m ago
APIA, Samoa (AP) — The U.S. Geological Survey says a powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck in the South Pacific between Samoa and American Samoa. A tsunami alert has been issued for the region.
The temblor hit at 6:48 a.m. Tuesday midway between the two island groups. In the Samoan capital of Apia, families fled their homes amid severe shaking that lasted for up to three minutes. Local media reported people were fleeing to higher ground.
The USGS said the quake struck 20 miles below the ocean floor and was 120 miles from American Samoa and 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Samoa.The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a general alert for the South Pacific region, from American Samoa to New Zealand.
USGS upgraded quake to 8.3, from initial 7.9 estimate (MSNBC Becker of Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) Tsunami waves have been detected in Somoa.Phone reports of cars moved in waters, and people evacuating to higher ground.
MN NYT update here that has more details about the quake and the Tsunami effects so far....More in Comments about Warning issued for California starting at 9PM their time.

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Found Dead on 9.12.09 -Census Worker Hanged In Kentucky with "FED" written on them, WHO to Blame? Glenn Beck ? or TeaParty Mobs ? WHO?

First the AP Snippet Released Tonight, The Body of this Poor Man was found On September 12th- WHY only now are we finding out about this ??? AND WHY was Glen Beck Allowed to have his Tea Party In LIght of this ? WHY ? DO Click the Title to read WHOLE article, and I will also put the whole article in the Comments.Please do note that we are not told much about this man, I for one was it a Hate Crime Motivated Sheer Government Hatred ? Why has the Media NOT reported on this ? And will they ? 1900- 1920s Kentucky had an impressive History of Lynch Mobs that perpetrated many hangings, it is one of the places that led to the word MOB causing such fear.Glenn Beck should be Questioned The Man was Found Dead with FED scrawled on his hanging body. Hate Speech and Hate Mongering Leads to Hate Crimes. And We Need an Edward Murrow to Cover this Story NOW , before Someone else gets hurt....or dead.
*** DO watch Rachel Maddow tonight- she is covering it ( National News did not).
Snippet AP Article :::
WASHINGTON — A U.S. Census worker found hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery had the word "fed" scrawled on his chest, a law enforcement official said Wednesday, and the FBI is investigating whether he was a victim of anti-government sentiment.The law enforcement official, who was not authorized to discuss the case and requested anonymity, did not say what type of instrument was used to write the word on the chest of Bill Sparkman, a 51-year-old part-time Census field worker and teacher. He was found Sept. 12 in a remote patch of the Daniel Boone National Forest in rural southeast Kentucky.
The Census has suspended door-to-door interviews in rural Clay County, where the body was found, pending the outcome of the investigation. An autopsy report is pending.

Investigators have said little about the case. FBI spokesman David Beyer said the bureau is assisting state police and declined to confirm or discuss any details about the crime scene.

Our job is to determine if there was foul play involved — and that's part of the investigation — and if there was foul play involved, whether that is related to his employment as a Census worker," said Beyer.
Enigma Thought: I am sorry but Someone has to Evaluate For FOUL PLAY- He was HANGED and FED was Engraved on the Body- what are they going to call it - Natural Circumstances ???
Attacking a federal worker during or because of his federal job is a federal crime.Sparkman's mother, Henrie Sparkman of Inverness, Fla., told The Associated Press her son was an Eagle scout who moved to the area to be a local director for the Boy Scouts of America. She said he later became a substitute teacher in Laurel County and supplemented that income as a Census worker.

She said investigators have given her few details about her son's death — they told her the body was decomposed — and haven't yet released his body for burial. "I was told it would be better for him to be cremated," she said.

On another aspect of this :
(1) Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachman have indeed been harping on the Evil of Census Workers all summer, More HERE from Media Matters starting in June 2009.
(2) As someone who lives in Ohio, I can tell you that when Sarah Palin and McCain came through here and Kentucky last summer- that the Census was one of the things they trashed....and they stoked the hate fires all over this area....especially Palin.
(3) HuffingtonPost did a great job covering this and we know they will closely follow it.
From Rachel Maddows Show 9.23.09

Huffington Post has more about how the body was found details about his death that are concerning. Including how he was ductaped at hands and feet, and his ID badge was taped to him. There is no way this was or is a suicide.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craig Ferguson on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.....


This LA Times Article linked to the title says it all....the Snippet Below just tells a piece of the story, at some point it will be revealed of the Millions of Dollars of Stolen Care in this Country, the people without Insurance are as Vulnerable as those with Insurance....
"But documents obtained by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and released today show that the company's employee performance evaluation program did include a review of rescission activity.The documents show, for instance, that one Blue Cross employee earned a perfect score of "5" for "exceptional performance" on an evaluation that noted the employee's role in dropping thousands of policyholders and avoiding nearly $10 million worth of medical care.

WellPoint's Blue Cross of California subsidiary and two other insurers saved more than $300 million in medical claims by canceling more than 20,000 sick policyholders over a five-year period, the House committee said.

"When times are good, the insurance company is happy to sign you up and take your money in the form of premiums," Stupak said. "But when times are bad, and you are afflicted with cancer or some other life-threatening disease, it is supposed to honor its commitments and stand by you in your time of need.

"Instead, some insurance companies use a technicality to justify breaking its promise, at a time when most patients are too weak to fight back," he said."

17 Year Old 's Insurance is dropped due to Celiac Disease

This week I am trying to find stories of Real Americans having Real health problems and real health Insurance Issues, I think it demonstrates how and what people are battling on so many fronts. Real families are struggling with Huge Bills and sleepless nights. Sadly the Media is compelled to cover Whiney Republicans and heartless teabaggers, so the real Health Care Crisis in this country is not getting covered properly. Click the title to one Story of One American's Struggle for Health Care....

If You have Insurance you better learn what Rescission is ...

If you don't understand WHY and WHAT "Rescission" is , you need to ...It is all about how the Insurance Companies have been Controlling and Dictating with Care of Millions of Americans, and if did not realize it, yes We do Have Death Panels here, they are called Insurance Companies and what they have been doing in refusing and limiting care is shameful.Click the Title and learn what has been happening and what this term really means.

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David's story about his son and his letter to Obama...and WHY we need HCR

David is helping care and raise for his special needs son, and he has been writing to Government and leaders to share his story and his concerns about healthcare for Americans. He was on MSNBC yesterday with Contessa Brewer, and he did a great job ( we are trying to get the video). Click the title to read his letter to President Obama.

Teen With HIV diagnosis denied Insurance...

Click the title to read this story....If you have not read this story, you should, it was on HuffingtonPost this week and all over the Internet about this young teen that was discovered to be HIV postive, and then mistreated by his Insurance Company. The Health Care Crisis is not just about People living and struggling without Insurance and Healthcare, it is also about people WITH Insurance being mistreated, and lacking adequate care or at the constant risk of losing care or being financially stripped. The Rest of the world is watching, mystified that we are being hogtied by Giant Companies that are making sure that Millions of Americans don't have access to affordable care.

(( this case is getting resolved and I will post updates in the Comments section ))

Bob Cesca's Take on Baucus Crappy HCR bill....

Click the title to read Bob's post about Baucus's Bill. I decided that you all had heard me blather plenty about the Baucus Bill, so time to let you read another take on it, and Bob has a colorful way of putting it.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009


{{ Snippet of Article- rest linked to the title}}::::
"Harvard Medical Study Links Lack of Insurance to 45,000 U.S. Deaths a Year
As the White House and Congress continue debating how best to provide coverage to tens of millions of Americans currently without health insurance, a new study (PDF) is meant to offer a stark reminder of why lawmakers should continue to try. Researchers from Harvard Medical School say the lack of coverage can be tied to about 45,000 deaths a year, in the United States — a toll that is greater than the number of people who die each year from kidney disease.

“If you extend coverage, you can save lives,” said Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a professor of medicine at Harvard who is one of the study’s authors. The research is being published in the December issue of the American Journal of Health and was posted online Thursday.

The Harvard study found that people without health insurance had a 40 percent higher risk of death than those with private health insurance — as a result of being unable to obtain necessary medical care. The risk appears to have increased since 1993, when a similar study found the risk of death was 25 percent greater for the uninsured."
Earlier I posted that the Urban Institute estimated that the Number of UnInsured Deathes 18,000-22,000 per year, 179,000 Since 2001. This new study is very interesting- I will research more on it.
This number does not include the 25-50 Million that are UnInsured and lacking care, or the 500,000 per year that are Fighting Cancer with NO Healthcare that was already capped or cancelled.
My earlier post of the week about Mortality Stats on UnInsured. ( I have done 4-5 this month alone, let me know if you need the other studies- email me).

The Baucus Bill is a Nightmare and the Horrors are in the Fine Print- Insurance Companies must be so happy with Baucus

Note to Reader: I sat up and read this tonight, it is basically the same bill that was leaked two weeks ago which had an Ex Wellpoint Employee name on it. So these are some of the finer points that I picked up after first 2.5 hour read through. I will keep dissecting it daily for revelations. He came to the Podium yesterday alone, with no other Senators or anyone. He stumbled through the press conference,bumbling and stuttering. I wondered even then if he had read it....and he also did acknowledge by name WHO else was consulted....that bothered me. So I am hard on him, 20 years as a nurse I expect People to be cared for, not turned away by Government Enabling the Insurance Industry...

Before you read below , remember that more than 50 Million have NO Health Insurance and NO healthcare. 500,000 currently are fighting Cancer after being cancelled and denied care, and remember these are the ones that had Insurance. 22,000 die per year with NO healthcare, more than 179,000 have died without Care since 2001. We need the Public Option and we need a Plan that does not FINE middles class and working poor. Please keep these numbers in mind when you call your Senator and the Whitehouse 202-456-1414. ( Reconciliation might be only option left for Senate).
{{{Before you read this there is an Elephant in the Living Room we need to discuss, (and no it is not the Baucus 3.1 Million Dollar Insurance Payment). The Elephant is that we are in a Healthcare Crisis, that was created BY the Insurance Companies Deciding WHO and WHAT THEY would pay for, and THEY have created a Crisis leaving 50 Million People without Healthcare.500,000 People are currently fighting Cancer with NO healthcare and No Insurance. 62% of ALL Bankruptcies are caused by Medical Debt- and this is including people that had Insurance and were denied care. }}}
Baucus has had all year, and summer to consult with VNA, AMA and existing clinical programs and Doctors and Nurses, if he did, this bill is not written in that manner. Patients have been turned into mere customers, even though that does not acknowledge the Aspects of ILLNESS and Disease. This was written as though this plan is for healthy people looking for healthcare. In this Country we have Millions that have not had any access to ANY care in years, and yes some of them have health problems. It also barely addresses the need for Preventive care, Holistic Care, Dental Care or Mental Health Care,so payment for those are not acknowledged as needed care.
In Baucus Bill ( Click the title to download actual bill) ::
The name of the Bill is " The Healthy Future Act" ( Healthy for WHO ? It should be just called the Rape and Pillage Bill... It will be healthy future for the Insurance Company if this goes through.)

LIE No1::Pre-Existing Conditions have not been converted into "Risk Factors".
Baucus came out yesterday and said it was a good bill and that it would bring new rules and laws, and that the Pre-existing Condition Situation would be changed. He was not kidding. NOW IN THE BAUCUS BILL PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS ARE RISK FACTORS. I call this Semantical Surgery.....For example: AGE and Geographical Location will be used to set Rates and Assist the Insurance Companies in deciding WHO gets Care and What they pay. ( Older adults could easily pay 5 Times as much as someone younger-and it's allowed, it's formulated into the plan ??!!).

"Pre-existing Condition" ( especially those that have already been refused coverage already) is decided BY the Insurance Companies and they can decide WHO and HOW many of Certain Conditions,and they also can CAP Care as these individuals are thrown into "HIGH RISK POOLS".

Here is Something Interesting that No One has ever revealed before, the HIPPA law that was passed in 1996 was always taught to Nurses as a Law that protects Patients Privacy. But in the Bill there is more details of the HIPPA law as it was Originally written:
"The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA, P.L. 104-191) established Federal rules regarding guaranteed availability, guaranteed renewability, and coverage for pre-existing health conditions in the individual market for certain persons eligible for HIPAA protections. HIPAA guarantees that each issuer in the individual market make at
least two policies available to all ―HIPAA eligible‖ individuals, and renewal of individual coverage is at the option of such individuals, with some exceptions. HIPAA also prohibits individual issuers from excluding coverage for pre-existing health conditions for HIPAA eligibles. In addition, a number of states have enacted guaranteed issue and pre-existing condition exclusion rules. Guaranteed issue refers to the requirement that an issuer must accept every applicant for coverage."

This means that for over 13 years Insurance Companies BY LAW were supposed to be offering care and coverage and NOT capping care, or refusing care or coverage. They were already breaking the Existing Laws.
According to the way this was originally written NO ONE should have been denied or cancelled due to Medical History. So in the Past 13 years WHY and WHEN did Insurance Companies Give Themselves permission to do this ?
Other wonders I am still examining in this bill :
(1) FINES $950 to $3800 For UnInsured Individuals and Families, this will mostly fall onto Middle Income Families that can not afford excessively high priced plans and there is NO Affordable plans or options in this bill. NONE and no protections for families, even healthy families. And what of families coping with Cancer, chronic diseases, or birth defects ? Correction, Originally the Bill 2 weeks ago had the Lowest Fine set at $750 And NOW it has been raised to $950. This is Unreal.

(2) It is very unclear What is to happen to Older Adults especially those who are pre-Medicare age. It also seems that if they are older and have a pre-existing condition or illness, they will be tossed in a High Risk Pool and the Insurance Companies will still set rate and WHO and the Rate, and then the Cap is still allowed, and there is NO ONE for people to go to for help or assistance.

(3) Baucus has also added a whole section that is Creating Expectations for Care dictated for Medicare and Medicaid Care. I did not see anywhere where Doctors or Nurses or Clinics were consulted about Creating Cost related goals and outcomes. Care being dictated by measurements that were created by who ?

(4) There are also some sections of this that definitely will be curbing Existing Care and Programs to Elderly, Disabled ( on early Medicare) and the SCHIP programs that supply care to Children nationwide ( 9-11 Million Children). The Program for children if anything has to be flexible to the Economy and the Downfall of a year ago that has now effected millions of Middle Class Families, plunging many into poverty.

(5) And finally there is NO Public Plan and NO Public Option. There is talk of "High Risk Pools " and there is "talk" of creating some "NON PROFIT" Coops ( that obviously can not compete with Big Insurance and DO NOT exist at this time and it is very unclear WHO and HOW they would be set up- there is No plan even offered for Start Up funds or structure). The "Exchange" Plan is not even clearly described- it sounds like that it could be set up much like the High Risk Pools ? and that it could vary from state to state ( and might not even be offered in all states).( I will keep digging at this part- but it looks grim).
More Posts on this ::
LA Times has more on it.
Jason Linkins of Huffington Post has even more....
Do read this post by a mom about her 20 year will really show how REAL this is- HCR is NEEDED NOW...there are lives at stake...
Joshua Blog has the full slam by Keith on Countdown...
And Raging Celt says it best.....and on one it.

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Thank You President Jimmy Carter...thank you for being brave and speaking the Truth...

Senator Jay Rockefeller announced yesterday afternoon he will NOT Support Baucus's Bill....

The title it linked to the article or you can read it here and more of his concerns about the Bill Created by Baucus and the Gang of Six. I have to say that Huffington Post now has a Full Healthcare Page that is really helpful do check it out.

(( 4pm Tuesday Shuster did first leak Rockefellers comments and MSNBC reported that Rockefeller will not support a bill without a strong Publc Option ).

Please do Call and Write and Email Senator Rockefeller your support of him and His Stance on Public Option. You can email him here at his address and leave a message. You can also call at 202-224-6472

Monday, September 14, 2009

NYT FINALLY does a Post about People Dying Without Healthcare, " The Body Count"

"Struggling to get out the words, Mrs. Deal added: “The loss of a child is the greatest hurt anyone will ever suffer. Because of the circumstances she endured with the health care system, I lost my daughter.”

Complex arguments are being batted around in this health care debate, but the central issue isn’t technical but moral. The first question is simply this: Do we wish to be the only rich nation in the world that lets a 32-year-old woman die because she can’t get health insurance? Is that really us?"

Well..finally Someone asked if it is moral question...He does mention in the aritcle that 18,000 die per year without care, Urban Institute actually studied the rate and it was higher at 22,000. It does not one should be dying in Our Country without care....

We need to see how THE MOB acts.......Video from Saturday

Video of one Protester for Public Option trying to walk through the crowd....I don't want to hear another word that THESE "people" are patriotic...they are NOT- they ARE Racist Thugs...Period.

Brave New Films Film on Healthcare Crisis....On Insurance Cancelling people with Cancer

LINK to twitter:

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President Obama gave Speech Supporting Public Option to huge crowd in Minnesota

This was a great speech, he made it very clear he is not tolerating lies and distortions at all. He was passionate and forceful about the Public Option and that we have a problem, he spoke to between 15,000 - 20,000 at the Target Center in Minneapolis. ( this is the Same center that the repugs could not fill exactly a year ago ?). He filled it and people waited since early am to see him. Meanwhile in DC the teaparty crap went on. While our president spoke fiercely about the importance of this Health Care Crisis, clearly he takes it seriously...When in 8 years did we ever see Bush come talk to the people on a weekend about Something that Effected them ? ....Never.
if you want to click the title it has his full speech and interaction with the crowd from the Whitehouse Blog.....give it a will see how strong his on the PublicOption, regardless of what the CottonCandybrained Punditheads say....( yeah that means you Chuch Todd and David-Danced-With-Rove Gregory...
Part I: (first 10 minutes) "IT can happen to Anyone"

Part II:::...listen for him to speak about PublicOption

Part III of his speech
Part IV, the FiredUP part

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poverty numbers...These numbers show how the working poor and middle class are still suffering..

Please read the Dailykos story linked to the title, it is not good news, but is also shows why the HCR is so needed while people struggle to pay rent and food and basic survival bills.

President Obama 's 9.12.09 Address " Losing Insurance can happen to ANYONE"

The Numbers Of Our Healthcare Crisis Show Why we need Public Option ( Use this Information)

Thousands lined up last month standing in the night waiting for care at RAM Event in LA. This has been repeated around the country at every RAM event, at fairgrounds and Gyms. As amazing as Stan Brock and RAM are, this is not the way we should be providing care to people...but it does show how big a problem we have.
We are the only advanced democracy on Earth – the only wealthy nation – that allows such hardships for millions of its people. There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage. In just a two-year period, one in every three Americans goes without healthcare coverage at some point. And every day, 14,000 Americans lose their coverage. In other words, it can happen to anyone.
President Obama to Joint Session 9.10.09
We have heard many people blamed for this Healthcare Crisis. People that are losing Insurance or losing Care should not be blamed. We should be calling DC, especially our Reps and Senators because the DC Bubble is shielding them from listening or talk to Real People Losing Care. The People who are really responsible for the Mess, are the Insurance Execs and we need to remind their employees that their Boss is making 120,000 in an hour? There is Greed and Gluttony at the Top and it is even hurting their own Employees.

This greed is sadly also effecting decision making skills and judgement in DC. Has anyone asked if Wilson was "paid" to Disrupt the Speech the other Night. In a way he was - one of his biggest Contributors to his campaign is the Insurance Industry- more than 240,000. Money and gifts can cloud Judgement. And has money and greed also fed to this cycle of Hate and fearmongering ? And has it destroyed civil conversation and dilaogue ? Write to your Senators, reps and the Media, they all need to be educated on the Facts.

There are some numbers we have not been told and have not even been discussed, and they should be. The Numbers alone tell WHY the costs are so astronomical and WHY the Current System is Broken.And why we have a Healthcare Crisis.Please do share them, please also send to the MSM, or when you write to Senators and DC and the Whitehouse.If you write your Senators and Reps Do it again,and forward a copy to the Whitehouse, and Do write to the Repugs and Bluedogs too.And do it NOW, Time is of the Essence.
Medicare 47 Million ( This number includes Disabled-early medicare as best as I can find)
Medicaid 48 Million ( This number includes working poor, impoverished families, and only lower level working poor).
VA 50 Million ( these are VET numbers, I am not sure if this number includes families and Military that is currently serving.)
( I went through Govt links- I will post at the end if anyone wants to see).
9 Million Children recieving SCHIP.
Another number we have not seen mentioned at all is how many people actually have Insurance through Federal Employment, numbers are 12.4 to 14 Million, This number has rarely been publicized, but Bush did increase and expand Federal Employees by thousands and is graphed at the BLS. ( ie the Homeland Security Dept ?)
This means that currently over 168 Million have access to Government Managed Programs, and this does not even include the State Employees and their programs. With that many having access to such programs, why shouldn't small businesses and the UnInsured and UnderInsured have access to more affordable accessible care ?
The Repugs and the Tea Party people keep saying that People Wanting Publicoption are in the Minority. That is not true, it turns out. It might actually be people with Insurance are in a Minority compared to people already accessing Government Insurance Plans. And sadly at this point the Repugs have shamed people without healthcare, so they are not comfortable to speak out in this current Hostile Climate that is filled with anger and hate.

According to New Census data released that does not have the the Economic DownFall Data, which President Obama admitted to the Nurses at his conference on Thursday is 6.6 Million, says that over 47 Million are Currently UnInsured. So that Number is Clearly over 50 Million Uninsured, at approximately 53 Million.

State Employee Numbers also have to be considered as they are people getting Government Healthcare, even though most states are currently struggling providing care to current employees and retirees under 65. The Bureau of Labor Statistics are updating all of their numbers this week, so I am having a hard time finding current numbers.

President Obama also said that the UnInsured numbers are still rising, with 17,000 a day losing care.( the previous number that had been researched was 14,000), That means that a HALF MILLION a month are losing Healthcare right now. That Means a year from now, the true Number of Uninsured Withhout Healthcare will be over 60 Million.The Number of People Losing Healthcare and Insurance is rising higher than the Unemployment Rate.

From the Speech:
Finally, our healthcare system is placing an unsustainable burden on taxpayers. When healthcare costs grow at the rate they have, it puts greater pressure on programs like Medicare and Medicaid. If we do nothing to slow these skyrocketing costs, we will eventually be spending more on Medicare and Medicaid than every other government program combined. Put simply, our healthcare problem is our deficit problem. Nothing else even comes close.

We have other numbers we have to consider, People losing Jobs and Homes have damaged credit, they too can not qualify for Insurance. Especially the people that have had to declare Bankruptcy due to medical debt ( the Number One cause of Bankruptcy is Medical Debt).People who are renting after such events, or struggling to find part time work have no money for Private Single Insurance Plans. The number of people on FoodStamps in the highest ever, over 35 Million, they too are working poor and have no money for Expensive Private Plans.

The dialogue on this issue has to be more focused on Working Poor, Poverty is an issue for people in that they can not afford to live. And the Repugs need to be schooled that the American People, even their Constituents are hurting, and among those numbers of Undermployed or Working poor. It is NOT just Democrats that need affordable Accessible Healthcare. And President Obama also pointed out that the Whitehouse is literally tracking Millions that are being denied care and losing care, we as a Nation Cannot turn out backs on Millions of people.22,000 People now are dying per year without healthcare , 179,000 Since 2001, Does Anyone really want to see how high that number can grow ?
(1) Mortgage Crisis Numbers.
(2) WashPo. Article on Federal Employee Numbers.
(3) AFMSCE has press releases explaining why the biggest State Employee Unions support the Public Option.
(4) DO READ President Obama 's speech again,really does explain alot of WHY a Plan is needed- he spoke for 7 minutes on the Public Option.
(5) Bureau of Labor Statistics

Worst Sign of DC Teapartyasswipery...

horrible...horrible evil people..

President Obama to speak at 1PM in Minnesota....meanwhile the teapartyasswipery is in DC...

From the Million Moron Rally in DC right now.,Read the Shirt, His sign is odd, and mentions Militia?...(thank you Stephanie....)

Depek Chopra.....How to cope with Fox news...( I know people are watching to check on the moron protest)

Bill Maher with Anthony Weiner explaining Healthcare issues, click the title....

The true story of the Woman that was heckled as she sat in her wheelchair.....

We all remember the woman that was heckled at a town hall meeting in NJ as she tried to explain her situation and ask a question. I am writing to Ed to ask him to have her on his show....She has a name and a story and a Message.....Must read the whole title.
“This country is a completely different place to live in when you get sick,” she stated at the Congressman Frank Pallone's town hall. “Please protect me from the extortion of the pharmaceutical giants.”
In our conversation she elaborated. “The minute I was diagnosis it was like the medical system strapped on the feed bag.” She described how, even though she has Medicare, her medical costs are nearly $10,000 per year.

“I made a big mistake when I became eligible for Medicare,” she explains. “I had six months to purchase a supplemental plan and didn't know it, and now that I'm sick no private insurer will cover me.” The next chance she will have to purchase private supplemental Medicare insurance will be her sixty-fifth birthday.

She told me how the new biological drug Enbrel worked wonders after being bedridden for two summer months last year. But when the free samples ran out she was unable to afford the $600 per month co-pay for the drug that was priced at $1,600 per month. “I've chatted with people in other countries and these drugs are available and affordable. The world is watching us have this debate and they find it appalling.”

Friday, September 11, 2009

Honoring 9.11.01.."Shattered Dreams and Unsung Heroes".....

{{ first posted to Blog on September 11,2007 and these were my thoughts that night....Thoughts Now 2009 are at the end }}
Post below was written on the eve of 9.11.01, I have never put it on my blog before.I wrote this about 12 hours after the 2nd Tower Fell.I was living in the Northwest in a small town in a little house with a little picket fence at the time, my son was 10,and I was still married.I wrote this sitting on my porch, late at night.I have lived in 6 places since then, and my son has grown into a teenager....I have tried to always make him a Home....and give him a sense of Peace and Community.My own heartbroken path has taken me on spiritual journey that can not be denied....and yes,it is intrinsically woven into the Dark Time in our History and has been drastically affected by the Bush Regime.I am even more sad for this Country, Our Country, then when I wrote this....I still treasure what matters....I blog it everyday.namaste. 9.11.07}}
Shattered Dreams and Unsung Heroes 9.11.01... 11pm

We went to bed last night and we woke up and nothing will ever be the same.Our televisions brought us such images of death and destruction that have never even been portrayed on movie screens.Not at home, Not in Our Backyard. Not Here, Please not here, not in Our Home Lands.Not in the United States.And then we listen to familiar Voices trying to explain what can not be explained, Peter Jennings and Arron Brown so calmly trying. A New York Skyline resculpted by a monsters plan, a shredded symbol.

As these images flash across the screen I am left with images in my mind of people trying desperately trying to get to those they Love.Firemen groping in rubble and smoke.Unsung Heroes who ran into buildings to help people because that is their calling.

Reporters and cameramen filming while running desperately trying to still get the Truth Out.I am stuck with the realization that hours earlier, they had breakfast,walked their dogs,laughed with their kids..Hours later they may have been clutching perhaps a wallet photo and whispering "Goodbye"and "I Love you " into a cellphone...Courage is found in the Rubble and the Dust,dark smoke does not cloud such Bravery....Rubble,ashes,and paper falling like snow, like tears.....a Deadly Rain.

Tonight my son is drawing SuperHeros with his friend, and they are eating peanut butter sandwichs, and my dog is in the yard, and my cat is still pestering the Canary outside in his cage under such a blue sky, and those skies are so ominously silent.My husband is a flight nurse and I look expectantly at the skies, for the first time EVER I don't want to see him flying.I want his feet on the ground.And I am haunted by the date, 911.. Emergency.

So What do we do now my son asks ? It is a good question. Then he asks about the People Wanting Revenge, and I have to tell him that for this level of destruction and death,there is perhaps there is no Retribution, that Revenge does not measure out when there is Such Evil at Work.We have to stay calm and focused,being careful not to judge What we can not understand.

So what to We Do now? .....Perhaps we try to take care of each other,hug our kids a little harder,check on neighbors,give blood, and we pray and we light candles. Be gentle to each other my friends and have Hope. And remember days like these are full of Unsung Heroes that can be eclipsed by the tragedy of the moment. They are People just like You.
September 11th 2009.....Millions of us voted and worked for Change....
We as a Country are still recovering from 8 very long broken shattered years....the Damage that occurred was not really caused by the was caused From Within....and the Aftermath...It is in many ways like Katrina, it was not the Storm that was so was What happened afterword... We have a new leader..and the Wounds are deep,because the Bush regime took our country in a dark direction, there was spying and Lists, and lies and Illegal Wars, and torture and more lies about the lies...there is much Healing needed...and so we push on ...looking for the Hope...and holding it dear....Change has come...but the Fabric is still tattered..Worn to the threads...So we keep looking for the Light and to each other...its up to us to repair the fabric..together....with gentle hands....and our hearts...Reclaiming Moral Courage is a whole different path.
And every year I light 11 candles and play this song...."Hands" by Jewel...

And then there is this song, A Very special version of Shower the People....after all of us had worked for so many monthes to Change...we came together.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Speech.....

The full text of the speech by the LA TIMES, or you can always link to the title where I put the Huffpo edition. It should be read, there are details that might have been missed in the heat of the moment. It was an amazing speech, not just that it was about Healthcare reform,but in the fact that it also was about Compassion, Empathy, and some people being Foolish liars being busted in public and with cameras rolling.

The Irony was that for 8 years we had a president that did nothing but lie and ham it up when the cameras rolled, and who even used that podium to justify an illegal war. Now we have a President who stood there and told the truth that our Country is experiencing a Healthcare Crisis, partly created by Insurance Companies, and that people are dying without Care. As a Nurse, that is a first in my lifetime.He spoke with compassion and conviction,perhaps not as passionate as the speech on Sunday, but this speech was about teaching America how to find their Moral Compass in a Crisis.

He shared Teddy's Final Thoughts from a letter, to remind all of those that worked with Teddy that Teddy had died working so that everybody could have improved healthcare. And in a way it was a chance to remind all those there that Teddy had lit the way on this issue, to not let him down.Teddy's Letter about Healthcare that he shared with everyone with Vicki looking on... It was a moment.

Now many will be critical and say that it was not enough, and I am sure there are progressives that say it was not enough. But it was a start and a foundation for a much needed plan. The repugs looked absurd and childish and he looked like the adult who had come to school them. And sadly that is what was needed.
( and just for grins - 3 hours later his approval rating was up to 67% for HCR after MN by CNN....I don't think I have ever seen a rate rise like that after a speech, but more importantly- it means that people watched...when he spoke about Healthcare and Changes needed.)
Another footnote, he did not even mention the Baucus " plan" ( that we called the Wellpoint Plan) even though Baucus sat there looking smug-by the end of the night it was clear that Baucus' plan had been set to the curb especially when he talked about how no one should suffer hardship paying for care.

He also spoke of how the number one cause of Bankruptcy is Medical Debt, and that is true ( I have been twittering articles on that and stats for weeks). I was relieved to hear him speak some of those horrendous stats, for me that shows he gets how bad the problem is. And he spoke of how that Debt is contributing to Our Financial Crisis. Not a single news entity or journalist ( on air) has ever pointed this fact out. ( yet Krugman and Reich have said it over and over). And that reality had to be set into the record to justify moving forward.
In the Comments I have put some of the substantial chunks and over at Dailykos they have put up all of the videos in pieces to watch, example the Public Option piece is actually 7 minutes, and there is also the whole speech as well.
If you want to support the President's plan and goals for HCR, sign here- it sends a message to Congress and Senate..

When the GOP decided to act like 3rd Graders at the Speech...

During the Speech tonight Some behaved badly, Joe Wilson in particular yelled out during the speech "YOU LIE", loudly, and clearly..I personally would have loved it if the Sargent of Arms had carted him out the door for Time Out, but that did not happen. In this clip watch Pelosi and Biden,they both are on it in second, Pelosi has a Stiletto in your eye stare, and Biden looks like the dissappointed Uncle. President Obama is unflappable, unwavering and Stern.

What can we say.....About the Asswipery behavior of the night, there was other bad behavior, including Bill Gohmert wore a sign around his neck " WHAT BILL?" ( hmmm he does not know about HR 3200 in the House? really?) One would think that in a serious Discussionm about Healthcare, only the Second Joint Session since 2001...that maybe everybody would take this Seriously ? ( do see Gohmert's sign 1:40 seconds in and also do see the LIE part of the video at around the same time).
Do watch this video- it is beautiful how President Obama makes it very clear he won't have the Elderly lied to or Scared or fearmongered at....awesome moment....( the MSM could learn a thing or 2 about the word LIE).

Consequences that Occurred after the speech::
(1) Well it turns out that Rob Miller is running against Joe Wilson in South Carolina, and within 3 hours of the Outburst,
40,000 was raised for Rob Miller's Campaign.
(2) Wilson did issue an apology of sorts, and he had to dance it around to few places...including Rahm and some other offices.but it was not Public,and he did not admit he was wrong- or lying- just that he was sorry he had an outburst. What a loser.
(3) Rep Joe Wilson is a Col in the US Army reserves. He can be court martialed for violation of Article 88 of the UCMJ.
Within Hours others were making shirts and donating money to #HCR and Joe's opponent, and
planning to wear them to Town Halls to meet and greet the Deathers and Birthers and they say "YOU LIE"

Want to contribute to Rob Miller Here is the Link- go for it,..
Or the Petition to sign, for Wilson to suffer some consequences- censure ?
10:23 PM CNN Joe Wilson's apology is posted:
September 9, 2009
Wilson apologizes: 'I let my emotions get the best of me'
Posted: September 9th, 2009 10:23 PM ET
WASHINGTON (CNN) — GOP Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina issued a statement Wednesday night apologizing for his outburst during President Obama's speech to Congress:
“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.”
The Morning After:::
Millers fundraising is up to over 100,000 from the incident, and all sorts of other fundraising has sprung from the event.
And here is the link to the article that Huffpo posted on it with thoughts from the Hill and his apology...cough.

Personally I agree with Clyburn...Wilson needs to man up and apologize to President person...

MORE Revelations from Raw
So now we learn some of his hatred and bad behavior could be that he worked as an aide to Strom Thurmond- so maybe some of this is his training....but in the Raw Story post we also learn that he does lie and has a temper, and that he GOT HUGE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY - THEY ARE HIS BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Walter Kronkites Memorial and the plight of Journalism

I have said before that I thought Journalism is broken, half dead in this country....and I really wanted to see the Memorial of Walter's Funeral. Here are some pieces.

And Obama's eulogy to Kronkite is was a message to Journalists:

Katie Couric's Eulogy....
Bob Schieffer's final thoughts on Walter...

Homeless School Children...1 Million this school year....please click title to read Ariana's post on this...

I will post more on this later....but for now do read this post..


Here is the first link , articles are saying fines range from $750-3800 Dollars /yr ( for single to family of four) For BEING UNINSURED, and yes, there is NO PublicOption, NONE, and none planned for later in his "Plan". His plan was crafted by Lyn Fowler who worked for Wellpoint. Can Someone please explain to me WHY this Person who is carrying water for the Repugs has So Much Power over the Healthcare of Millions ?? And WHY did he "LEAK" it to K Street First ?? WHY ? WHY were the Corporate Powers and Lobbyists SHOWN the plan before the Whitehouse ? ( See the Article below about the FINES)

Firedoglake does have the story about Wellpointe and Liz Fowler and HOW they crafted the Baucus Plan....

If you want you can watch the DailyKos Video that breaks it all down about the Baucus Sham of A Plan :great video- really explains it well.

Fines proposed for going without health insurance"
September 09, 2009 2:29 AM EDT

WASHINGTON - Americans would be fined up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance under a plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday as divisions among Democrats undercut President Barack Obama's effort to regain traction on his health care overhaul.

As Obama talked strategy with Democratic leaders at the White House, the one idea that most appeals to his party's liberal base lost ground in Congress. Prospects for a government-run plan to compete with private insurers sank as a leading moderate Democrat, Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, said he could no longer support the idea.

The fast-moving developments put Obama in a box. As a candidate, he opposed fines to force individuals to buy health insurance, and he supported setting up a public insurance plan. On Tuesday, fellow Democrats publicly begged to differ on both ideas.Democratic congressional leaders put on a bold front as they left the White House after their meeting with the president.

"We're re-energized; we're ready to do health care reform," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., insisted the public plan is still politically viable. "I believe that a public option will be essential to our passing a bill in the House of Representatives," she said.After a month of contentious forums, Americans were seeking specifics from the president in his speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night. So were his fellow Democrats, divided on how best to solve the problem of the nation's nearly 50 million uninsured.

The latest proposal: a ten-year, $900-billion bipartisan compromise that Baucus, who heads the influential Finance Committee, was trying to broker. It would guarantee coverage for nearly all Americans, regardless of medical problems.

But the Baucus plan also includes the fines that Obama has rejected. In what appeared to be a sign of tension, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs pointedly noted that the administration had not received a copy of the plan before it leaked to lobbyists and news media Tuesday.

The Baucus plan would require insurers to take all applicants, regardless of age or health. But smokers could be charged higher premiums. And 60-year-olds could be charged five times as much for a policy as 20-year-olds.Baucus said Tuesday he's trying to get agreement from a small group of bipartisan negotiators in advance of Obama's speech. "Time is running out very quickly," he said. "I made that very clear to the group."

Some experts consider the $900-billion price tag a relative bargain because the country now spends about $2.5 trillion a year on health care. But it would require hefty fees on insurers, drug companies and others in the health care industry to help pay for it.

Just as auto coverage is now mandatory in nearly all states, Baucus would require that all Americans get health insurance once the system is overhauled to make premiums more stable and affordable. Penalties for failing to do so would start at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. Households making more than three times the federal poverty level - about $66,000 for a family of four - would face the maximum fines. For families, it would be $3,800, and for individuals, $950.

Baucus would offer tax credits to help pay premiums for households making up to three times the poverty level, and for small employers. Upper middle-class households making between three and four times the poverty level would not have to pay more than 13 percent of their income for health insurance. People working for companies that offer coverage could avoid the fines by signing up.

Nonetheless, the fines pose a dilemma for Obama. As a candidate, the president campaigned hard against making health insurance a requirement, and fining people for not getting it.

"Punishing families who can't afford health care to begin with just doesn't make sense," he said during his party's primaries. At the time, he proposed mandatory insurance only for children.

White House officials have since backed away somewhat from Obama's opposition to mandated coverage for all, but there's no indication that Obama would support fines.

One idea that Obama championed during and since the campaign - a government insurance option - appeared to be sinking fast.House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters a Medicare-like plan for middle-class Americans and their families isn't an essential part of legislation for him. Hoyer's comments came shortly after a key Democratic moderate said he could no longer back a bill that includes a new government plan.

That left liberals in a quandary. They've drawn a line, saying they won't vote for legislation if it doesn't include a public plan to compete with private insurance companies and force them to lower costs.

Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., who once supported a public option, said Tuesday that after hearing from constituents during the August recess, he's changed his mind."If House leadership presents a final bill that contains a government-run public option, I will oppose it," Ross said.

Democrats are considering a fallback: using the public plan as a last resort if after a few years the insurance industry has failed to curb costs. That approach is also being pushed by Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, a moderate whose support could be critical to any health legislation.Snowe said Tuesday that Obama's been open to her fallback idea."He's been receptive, recognizing that there's difficulties with the public option," Snowe said. Republicans have cast it as a government take-over.

Baucus is calling for nonprofit co-ops to compete in the marketplace instead of a public plan.

An 18-page summary of the Baucus proposal was obtained by The Associated Press. The complex plan would make dozens of changes in the health care system, many of them contentious. For example, it includes new fees on insurers, drug companies, medical device manufacturers and clinical labs.

People working for major employers would probably not see big changes. The plan is geared to helping those who now have the hardest time getting and keeping coverage: the self-employed and small business owners.
Associated Press writers Erica Werner, Ben Feller, Alan Fram and Jim Abrams contributed to this report
And NOW it gets even stranger-NOW we learn he had BOXES out in the Hall that Someone should ask about- From Huffpo- Please do read..
LINK for FB etc:
5AM Oh it only gets better..HolyCrap he is a treating this like a used car salesman selling Lemons ...NOW Baucus has given an Ultimatum that he must have ANSWER BY 10 AM- Who made him king ? what the hell, ok- read it ALL here and try not to throw up...
Oh and one more thing-- IS it WORTH anything to the Lobbyists- this "Sham of a Plan" ???? Of Course it it- it's worth 4 Million Dollars....
From the Whitehouse Logs :Angela Braly (President, CEO, Director, WellPoint, Inc) :::February 13 (meeting with president) : I wonder if we can FOIA the Minutes from THAT meeting ? and ask WHO else was present ?


(click the title to read more)And as a neighbor pointed out to me- once someone has damaged credit rating and declared bankruptcy- they also can not get Health Insurance or qualify for any program. The Other issue is that 500,000 Americans are fighting Cancer without Health Insurance, these people are fighting for their lives after Insurance Companies have cancelled or denied care and also are wrestling with massive debt while they do this...and yes losing homes and filing for bankruptcy. This is WRONG.

In my hood, I knew two people that died, at home, without the Healthcare they needed, and their homes were claimed by the Banks...I walk by these homes everyday...haunted by this..and Knowing it is Happening all over the Country...

Monday, September 07, 2009

President Obama at the Union Picnic in Ohio....Watch it and pass it on....

On Healthcare and Public Option....Fired Up:::

RT it, FB it, Share it LINK:::
I will post the WHOLE speech when I find it on Youtube...
( and Joe Biden has a video that you need to see and share too...
For Those of us that remember the ONE Voice speech from the Campaign, I do believe one Voice can make a difference...I do believe all of us yelling and pushing for something makes a difference...but that is me...


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Final Thoughts for Sunday Night....Keep Fighting for the Public Option, Lives are at Stake....

"True leadership calls for the setting-forth of the objectives AND the rallying of public opinion in SUPPORT of these objectives." FDR

All last week there is plenty posted to pass on to people to educate them on the facts about Our Healthcare Crisis...please do Twitter it, and FB it and pass it on....It is a shame that the Media has spent so much time on the Teabaggers and Death Panels and other absurd Stupid Distractions. They should have been reporting the Facts, which are dire and staggering. ( In posts below there are links to all the articles that researched this data- or email me and I will give you more links).
50 Million and Counting without Healthcare, 14,000 losing care per day, that is 400,000 more per month.
22,000 people are dying per year with NO Healthcare
179,000 have died without Healthcare since 2001...
500,000 People are currently fighting Cancer with NO Health Insurance after being denied Care and Treatment.
In California alone, it is estimated that more than 22% of Claims and Care are denied, and by other estimates it is closer to 40%.
62% of all bankruptcies are due to Medical Debt, People are losing homes daily due to Medical Bankruptcy, People fight Diseases should not losing their Savings and Homes due to Insurance Greed.
When you stand at the Store or at a playground look around WHO would You refuse Care ? Anyone ? ...See for me- this is a moral issue, as a Nurse I took an Oath to Do No Harm and to never refuse Anyone Care...Ever.
The Media keeps saying " The Left needs to learn to Compromise", that is not accurate, No One should be compromising on Wanting People to have Healthcare, Lives are at stake.
Do go to the Whitehouse Website and write to the President, and do call the Whitehouse 202-456-1111, and 202-456-1414...

New Healthcare Reform Articles and Links for Labor Day....

{1} Do Tweet this or FB LINK:,
AMA hitting the road about the HC Crisis and Reform...

{2{Great Site,LINK:::
Wonderful site that is part of the Battle.....
( this is the group that had Keifer Sutherland make the Tommy Douglas Video about HCR,but the sound on that over at Youtube has been dismantled)

UK Paper really nails the Obama Dilemma.... ( How pathetic that only UK and Foreign papers report our Healthare Crisis better than Americans)

{4} Proposal for New rules that would pay for HCR By Senate Finance Committee, mainly crafted by Baucus I am still reading to determine if this is an effective solution, or just window dressing, there is NO Public Plan at all, and No Public Option.

{5} Weird article about Obama, says he gave preview- as of 4am, he has not given the speech yet, really strange.

{6} Great link :::
OpenLeft explains WHY Media won't report what we need to know..... ( thank you Nicolle).

"Hatriots" plan major Twitter attack this week- please read attached link and learn more and how to fight back...

I will post here and also can notify with Email and FB when they are start....let me know in comments or email if you need to be notified.

Sunday Song....Marley Get Up...Stand Up....

( If you watch Someone really Fight....turn on the Venus Match on CBS)

Sad to Report this, Little After Midnight, Van Jones Issued Resignation

From Washington Post 12:30AM:
Van Jones Resigns
By Garance Franke-Ruta
Van Jones, special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, resigned Saturday, following weeks of pressure from the right and a flurry of revelations about his past statements.

"I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today," Jones said in a resignation letter released by the CEQ late Saturday.

"On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide," he said.

"I have been inundated with calls -- from across the political spectrum -- urging me to 'stay and fight,'" he continued. "But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.

"It has been a great honor to serve my country and my President in this capacity. I thank everyone who has offered support and encouragement. I am proud to have been able to make a contribution to the clean energy future. I will continue to do so, in the months and years ahead."
Posted at 12:30 AM ET on Sep 6, 2009
A little after MN at first Chuck Todd and CNN ( Brusk) released this news on Twitter, there was no official WH press release of Statement- it was literally released as a Twitter Rumor...( This was poorly handled felt like Chuck and CNN loved sneaking out this was pretty tacky- they never thought to talk to him or interview him ? or was this how Gibbs and Rahm wanted it released ?And WHO will be attacked next by Beck and FOX....)
LINK post to Twitter or FB, Van Jones Actual Letter to Stutley,linked to the title::
Howard Dean Weighed in this am, Here's the link for Twitter:,