Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Night Music 8.31.07

[Click the title: Brenda Russell "Piano in the Dark"]
So it has been a long week, Summer is indeed winding down. I am going to hang out with 6-6 and maybe play some Scrabble and watch Bad Sci-Fi Movies and Keith Olbermann's Dragnet segment.Apparently there is Another Resignation coming tomorrow, Craig ( suposedly the Bathroom Bust is The Least of his problems, there is a "Page" problem). It has been a month of changes and shifting landscape. Have a good night , relax, be safe......and stay dry.

Be Sure to go over to Left Of Centrist, his new Blog is really hopping and he also has given out all kinds of Awards, wonderful blogs....and be sure to go see PT Cruiser and wish him well ( see post below).

Take care out there....have snacks...slow dance...namaste.

Plumbers, Pancakes, and Painting......

[Click the Title:Song:Tears for Fears "Everybody wants to Rule the World", Free Pancakes if anyone can tell me WHY I love this video]

So my son and I were having the perfect crisp almost Fall day. We were painting his room, and finally finishing This Project that has taken alot of hard work. ( The College kids that rented my beat up old house before us, had for some Unknown Reason painted the Best Bedroom in the house Electric Piss). His room is now a beautiful Tropical Torquiose, with white trim around all the windows, and new creamy egghsell curtains. So we had decided that when we were done we would have pancakes.....I also told 6-6 that I would wash all his sheets and his favorite quilt so that it wouldn't smell like paint. Sooooooo.

I went trotting downstairs and put the laundry in the washer, in the basement, and came back upstairs and threw on my favorite jammies, getting ready to make the beloved pancakes....humming, relieved that the Painting Project that has haunted me most of the summer was Finally done....phew....and THEN.....KABOOOOOM...PHOOOOOOOSH...
and then me running down the stairs and kerplunk kerpunk to the basement...and Yes, a Pipe had exploded in the basement and was shooting water like a friggin Geyser 20 feet throughout the basement... It was very very noisy, so noisy I did not have have to worry about the Foul Language spewing out of me...So I ran upstairs and banged on my Side-by-Side neighbor's door ( because I know they have MORE tools than me), and Yelled for Help Like A Screaming Idiot...And of course NO ANSWER....(because they are the neighbors that pretend daily that I do not exist).

So I ran down the street and banged on my friend's door, Ms. Canadian, and begged for tools, and she ran up the street with me and we played Plumber, or tried to, turning off most of the Valve -Like Things in the basement.....and slipping, and both soaking wet and me still cursing....and me of course phoning The Landlord, attempting to sound Cool, Calm and Collected in my messege.... ( Now it is Thursday Night of Labor Day Weekend, so it is 50:50 chance he is in town.)

Now here is the Thing...anyone who reads this blog,KNOWS that I have spent Many Many hours cleaning up my basement- that it was flooded most of August, and I JUST GOT IT DRY 2 DAYS yes, I am not happy. Anyways you got a canoe? Come on over....

So today I will be attempting to get a Plumber....because I really think I need Water for Labor Day weekend...and so here I sit with Tropical Torquoise in my hair....and a soaking wet basement....I hope that I get a nice plumber...hopefully one that knows how to swim and has a sense of humor.

Best Wishes and Love to PTCruiser....

I can't believe PT is leaving and has posted his last post , but he please go give him your love and let him know that he will be so missed.....PT this photo always reminds me of you and all of your wonderful blogging...and the CLICK the TITLE: Song Tribute is SHOUT by Tears for Fears, to let you know NONE of us is going to stop fighting this Criminal Regime, I promise you that.....Namaste Good Man....Thank you for all of your wonderful Blogging and Hard Work.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


[painting by John Singer Sargent, click the Title: SEAL: "Lost My Faith", changed the song, 6-6 pointed out that the "Waiting for You" song sounded like a stalker found an older Seal song- that actually is very interesting, has Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery...yup...Sean in a music video?....and also if you need HUMOR , well go to Agitprop on the blogroll- he has a Craig video that is just too funny]

So we all survived the King's visit to NOLA, and the MSM didn't totally abandon the folks there.And I guess the King has had a terrible week, and really a terrible summer. As he spoke alone by a bridge, I thought maybe part of this summer is that he now gets to learn about Abandonment firsthand. I also wondered is he worried about Craig and the Bathroom Bust ? It is interesting that he does not give Statements about Things That Matter anymore, The Mining Disaster or Morality failures, or the Surge Failure ?

About MSM coverage, Anderson Cooper did a good job, he even had footage from 2 years ago and he didn't back off on how the folks have been treated, or mistreated. I am grateful that he has gone back over 20 times, I just wish other Media had shown the same level of Integrity.

I am going to spend the next few days painting and cleaning, and get ready for fall. I realize people will be going away....I wish I had somewhere to go. I used to always go to the Beach during Labor Day week.....oh well...If I could go anywhere I would go to Maine and sit by the beach, go for long walks, and eat lots of buttery lobster and corn on the cob.....sigh....More tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Remembering Katrina, and What has been Lost.....8.29.07

The Flag is been posted in Solidarity with other Katrina Bloggers...
It says it ALL.

(The Flag is by Suspect Device, visit Blue Gal to learn more.....)
Please also go see Left Of Centrist, Robert has made a beautiful Video. It is amazing.

* Please Click the title: "The Day the Music Died" , slideshow set to Don Mclean's Song*

Dear MrBush, Heard you went out for dinner with the Creole Queen, You Should have gone for a DRIVE to see the Truth

If you click the title you will see the True Devastation of Katrina and the Lower 9th Ward. It is no better all of these many monthes later. But Mr Bush felt it was more important to pay tribute by dining and drinking , and pretending to care.I hope and pray that come Election Year we VOTE for the 1000's effected by this Criminally Negligent Regime....And yes, as this is the anniversary of Katrina, I will be posting on Katrina everyday this week. If you click the title, it is part 1 Of the Drive, Lower 9th Ward by NOVAC, beautifully done and poignant, as not much has changed since they initially filmed in December 2005.

Wed. Update:MrBush gave a speech today, on a Bridge to Nowhere, a nice contrived little Lonely Pathetic Photo op, the Delusionator that he is, he did not even acknowledge the Death and Destruction that NOLA has endured and is still suffering.

It is too bad that CCN is not smart enough to reconize their Journalistic Duty and AIR ALL of the Video that they have from 2 years ago, as well as video by Spike Lee and Greg Palast. They are airing Soledad's Special and also Anderson Cooper's Special , but they could have dedicated a whole week to it.

Please feel free to vent, and share your thoughts below...


Today is the anniversary of Katrina...and I don't have many postive things to say...I wish I could say things are better down South..but that is not true...the video above is by Greg Palast: "Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans". (Click the Title)Greg Palast has a whole series , that are investigative and also probing of the Inadequacies. FEMA remains a four letter word in my book. Mr.Bush has made many false Promises regarding Katrina, for this criminal negligence fiasco alone he and his cronies should be indicted. Shame on this Administration. Which is the Bigger Crime Iraq or Katrina, it is too hard to say.....

Later today I will have links for Organizations doing good work for the people there....stay tuned.

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

So this summer, Mr.Bush's vacation has not gone smoothly, which is not tugging at my heart. It seems that some of his most trusted buddies even jumped ship as this Titannical Regime hits more Icebergs. August has been Resignation Month, from Rove, to Tony Snow and now Gonzo.And for some reason, especially after the Gonzo resignation, it just feels like there is Another Shoe to Drop.....

Is anyone else feeling This or is it just me ?

* Please click Title for Smoking Gun Documents on Wide Stance ".

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tea and Empathy....

I have thought alot this summer, about Change. I also just returned in June after having much time to Think, Reflect and make some decisions.Even when I returned I did not know what it would be like to come back, and even if there would be anybody waiting on the other side of that Door Of Return....I remain grateful everyday that there were people there , waiting and kind and compassionate. But I also knew that I could not blog the same way, that I needed to take a Gentler path, one of the Soul.I also wanted to give Something Back...a piece of my heart....and Blog about Matters of the Heart.

When I came back June 20th, after much soul searching, I decided that I could not always write with angst, and with fervor. I could not write even good rants, or even good investigative pieces. I was tired of trying to get the MSM do their jobs, and I was tired of trying to get our Elected to do their jobs. I was tired of writing and calling.I felt like I was yelling down an empty well. And I was tired of waiting for America to come Home. And I still feel like I spend of time standing on the shore looking out to Sea,and worrying that the Shipwreck is there and I can do nothing to help....except let people know that I am here....still on shore . Waiting.

And the Enigma Cafe changed, instead of being a place with fevered irreverent midnight discussions about this government and the mess we live in, I unconsciously, yet maybe mindfully decided that maybe I just wanted to serve Comfort and Cozy,I was seeking warmth, and I thought maybe others were also...and Peace and Quiet...Soul Food...Because at this point That is all I can offer....Tea and Sympathy ( or is more like empathy?)...and a smidge of Hope. So I will keep playing soft music ( Click the title) and putting New Art on the Walls and Messeges of Hope...Because I am worried about our Spirit and Our Souls, and that we are being bullied and hammered too much every day...So I hope that is Enough...

So I hope that you don't mind if I do That ...for is ALL I can do for now...

I learned tonight that PeaceChick and Divajood are leaving their blogs...PeaceChick even shut hers down...and John Good went and saved the Spot...I am heartbroken that these two wonderful women won't be here everyday...and I promise not to take any of you for granted...I love all of you and the door is always open...Always....
The title is linked to Thomas Newman. He is so musically gifted, from Erin Brockavich to 6ft Under, to American Beauty.It is a photoscape to his music. Soothing.
[later in the week I am posting my photo...I want you to know that I am REAL...and that I am Here...but for today it is another painting Miranda the Tempest by john William Waterhouse painted 1916 during another war.]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Night Music 8.25.07

Click Title: "All You Want" by Dido.
Saturday Evening Thought:
"Religion is for people afraid of going to Hell,
Spirituality is for people who have already been There."
There are good things about is just hard to remember in the midst of the Storm....have a Good Saturday Night...find someone to slow dance..and be with...or just take a nice long walk......or eat Cold Chinese and admire the moon.....just take care of each other...tomorrow I will have new posts up...and the Wellstone Awards.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Night Music 8.24.07

[art by Alberto Vargas "Jeane" 1942]
{music : Sade: "Nothing Can come between us".}
I can tell you right now, she is more dressed than I.....
I am just going to sit on my porch tonight and wish for this Godawful Heat Wave to break....I am going to light some sandalwood incense to drive off the bugs, and light my gardenia candle in my hurricane lamp...I am going to sit and wait it out. And try to see the stars and the moon....If we all look at the moon I feel like that connects us, it is shining down on you, me, and moms in Iraq, and soldiers in Iraq....That Moon.

Mr.Bush is down in Crawford pretending to be the Decider, must help to have his Jim Beam and his turdblossum at his side. It was a good week, he didn't fall off his Segway, he did fall off messege and it did bite him in his ass. He should never have brought up Vietnam to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He can not hide from the Failure that he is, he can not hide from the Bloody Mess that is Iraq. And he can even send out spinmasters about Problems at home. ( I love that Pidgeons are now to blame for the Minnesota Bridge Collapse....)Every Great Dictator Suffers from the Delusional Fall From Grace, it is always a Matter of Timing. First all of their Collaborators have to jump ship...usually during a long vacation.

I will sit and eat Nachos. ( 6-6 is watching Buffy, so he is not be disturbed, until he needs food). And maybe when the Pepsi runs out....

Enigma 's Nacho Receipe:
Big Bag Of Keylime Tortilla Chips
(Fill up a glass pie pan with them)
Shredded Sharp Chedder Cheese
Cilantro - chop fine
Scallions -cup fine
Catalina Dressing ( this is the secret ingredient)

Put the tortillas on the pan, cover liberally with cheese, and scatter scallions across, and drizzle Catalina lightly across the top.Heat in over, 300 degrees for 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Scatter chopped cilantro across the top....when done.
We like ours with Pepsi and lime....but Something stronger is good too. Have a good Friday night.

About Change...

So It is Friday Afternoon,and this song linked to the title is about Change by Eric Clapton, and has been bouncing in my head everyday all week as I sweep Rains and Muck out of my basement. (and I am lucky, the rest of the State is suffering too, worse Flooding in 100 years).It is over 98 effin degrees, 104 Heat Index, and so humid I can scrape the" air "off my arm with a butter knife. (Heat Index104??? whateverthe-Eff that means???there are suposed to be Thunderstorms rolling through this eve ). My son is battling a horrendous ear infection and I have been battling a sinus/resp crud ( ala basement petrie dish ). So we have been eating alot of soup and not talking much...because my throat is sore and he can't hear ...ohmy...

It is true I have a pension for men wearing jeans playing ballads on their Guitar. So yes, today it Eric Clapton, Knopfler, and Nathan East singing about CHANGE...and yes, I was a BIG Blind Faith fan too....( Swear to god if The Edge [from U2] ever walked in here strummin, well I would die and go straight to lie..and I don't even believe in Heaven....).

"Somebody Must Change....or I can't find My Way Home". That refrain has been stuck in my head all week. Sadly I realized that is why I watch Cspan relentlessly, it is this quest for Hope, For Change....for listening for Someone to say What is my head and my heart and Someone that can lead us Forward....

I will be back later tonight....with Friday Night Music and more...

Worst Floods in 100 Years ( Ohio) 8.24.07

The Good News: I live on a Hill.
The Bad News: I could give canoe lessons in the basement.
( Seriously I have been sweeping it every day....but I don't think I will ever get caught up...)
Nothing more to say....I am very very lucky....Many are out of their homes....and it is the Whole Region,
Midwest is struggling, All of it Wisconsin to Michigian, to Iowa, on and on.
Song in the Title is Fire&Rain by James Taylor.......
More Storms on way tonight.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Saving a Prayer....

Click TITLE: "Save a Prayer" Duran Duran.
This little blog is many things, it is a place to connect with what has been lost or misplaced. And yes, it is a place for people to connect.And To Reconnect to the Heart of the Matter to the Soul of WHO we are or were.Because over the past six years pieces of us have been broken,shattered and misplaced. During WWII In France the Underground Resistance had a Spiritual Side, it was made up of people that wanted to fight back, but not in violence, but in Peace. They left beautiful grafetti on buildings that was full of Hope and even compassion.They believed that if they fed people's souls they could give Strength and spread Courage. They did what they could , providing Refuge, hiding All KInds and Jews, and helping print and distribute the Underground Newspapers and Messeges. Many were Ministers and priests, and some were just spiritually driven. The Nazi's called all that Assisted with the Resistance "Insurgents" and "Terrorists", it was haunting realizing how Much of the Language is So Similiar,merely recycled Hate Mongering.

Much of this Information about the Underground Resistance has been removed from the Internet, and that saddens me, as this is a Beautiful Brave Part of History for the French and for us.I know that people in other parts of the World KNOW that we all are NOT War Mongers, and that we are NOT All seeking Power and Corruption. I think part of Why I write about my porch , or my Soup, or my animals, or my son, or my long-gone grandmother is so that I make certain that in the Midst of this Hellish Regime Our Humanity is not lost or trampled(more). And yes, I share my own pieces of Bush Regime Tale, and not all are pretty, but they are My Story of surviving an Evil Regime. They are small in the face of it, but I have to have Hope that One Voice matters, and that Many Voices are Powerful and Strong, and Growing.

Earlier this week wise Canadian said that they are praying that we get IT right.( the Next Election). I too am praying , praying that we don't let another election be hijacked like the last TWO. And that we as a People can stand against these Criminals, because the whole world is watching....and depending on it. And a small band of Criminals has turned OUR Country Upside Down,and harmed millions and caused too much death and pain, and made many lose Sight of WHO and What they are and WHAT matters. We are having a Spiritual Crisis, not just a Political Crisis.

I am praying for the Strength to Return.
I am praying that Souls Connect.
I am praying that People look inside themselves.
I am praying that the Next Generations do not have to carry on with This Burden.
I am praying for the Power of Collective Conscience.
I am praying for an End to This Regime.
I am praying that we have the Courage to do what we need to do.
I am praying for Peace for all, Iraq and Here.
I am praying that the World can Forgive us.......somehow.
I am praying for ALL of us, that We The People get OUR Country Back....
I am praying that this Never happens again...

When The Truth Is Miles Away...

[we need to get them]
I spend way too much time looking for the Truth, and especially the Truth about Iraq, and it is not just that it Miles Away, it is not being told to us properly on a Daily basis. At times I think it has merely become a Covert Mission that occasionally get propagandized for Republican Glory Events.But we aren't getting the Truth, we are being spoonfed lies daily, and most of us know it.

I was digging around on YouTube last night. I was actually looking for 911 Footage to see if Iraq is mentioned in those early days after 911 ? ( It was to settle that question that has been rattling around my head now for monthes). And I ended up looking at 911 Footage again. And what haunts me is that the footage from that day, we really were on OUR Own, it was the First Katrina if we think about it. I mean literally for hours we had NO REAL Accurate Information. And the people that got us through that day were actually "Journalists", on CNN there was Arron Brown, and on ABC there was Peter Jennings. And what I remember is that both of them STILL even in that Castrohphic Moment , they still knew HOW to ASK Questions and they did not try to Edit or even Editoriliize the Moment. They just ran the live feed and the footage as it came and they asked questions when they could get Someone on the Phone. Even though it was painful they strove for accuracy. They aired the Reality of the Moment.

Arron Brown was just starting at CNN , matter of fact that was his first day.All day and most of that week that is who we watched on my street in the Northwest. Arron is teaching Somewhere now. And Peter Jennings has died from Lung Cancer, but there is still a Journalistic Chasm there.

And now to my point I was thinking about Vietnam and WHAT really Brought the reality of War Home. It was not just the Statistics , or that the Draft, or that the Middle Class had had it. It was the REALITY OF IT ON TV everyday , every night for many monthes, People could NOT take IT anymore. But it was not just the Pictures, and footage, it was the Journalists Let the FACTS speak and they aired IT, ALL OF IT, even the BODY Bags,the Bodies, the Tears, and the Blood. The Government did NOT Dictate the News, Censor it, or Edit It, or Control It. They Do Now. THIS HAS TO STOP, and WE MUST STOP IT.I have some ideas in September how we can pressure the News Medias ( and no not Faux , but others). It is one thing to Have Us Numbed Up , and it is another to have us Numbed Up and Dumbed Down. And we are not going to get OUR Country back and End a War until we work on Both Problems. And Also WE NEED THE MSM to start being Responsible and Accurate.

During the Week of Katrina in 2005 We had REAL News Again, and it made all of us look inside of ourselves and each other and DC alot harder, and Finally A Real Event was properly documented for the sake of History.We need More of THAT. ( And the media should have learned that their Ratings Soared. And it was better when we were not told to go out and "shopping").
I KNOW Keith Olbermann has had a huge Impact, but we need MORE. And we need it NOW and we need it on Iraq and we need it NOW.

And here's Why, because some parts of the Country are not much different than the 1970s'. Not everyone has cable and not everyone has the Internet. It is up to the rest of us to Help Advocate and Educate the Others. And make the Media do their Job again, instead of the Infotainment Crap, we NEED Real Journalism Again. The Reality is the Truth, and we all need it NOW.

***Click Title: "Gimme Shelter", Rolling Stones, and it is a historical Perspective of Vietnam.I also need to say because of the number of Iraq Vet families that come to this site, and the Number of VETS that come I try hard NOT to post images that are painful. My blog is about many things- healing, soulfood, comfort. And yes,at times I do write about the pain and mess of ALL of this, but because We Need Change as a Country.If you are a VET don't watch this video. If you are 18 and want to enlist- watch the Video. ****

Coming Undone

So in the papers this week there are reports that American Pain Pill use has doubled in the past 5 years, is Anyone really shocked by this news ? I am not shocked at all, saddened and worried, but not shocked. We are living in an era when many people feel the need for anesthesia. Reality is painful at times, downright drive a nail thought my foot excrutiating.I am not saying that to complain, I am pointing out that When Reality gets painful everyone seeks their Medicine, that is a fact. I choose to read and get my Newsjunkie Fix, because my head and my soul crave cerebral overdose. And that is the way I have trained my body and mind to fight back, with Knowlege. But Others can not navigate without some sort of analgesia. Pain Killers are not the only Sales Anyone should look at, Also up are Sleeping Pills, Liquor, and Anti-depressents. Please understand me, I want people to get what they need Medicinally, but I also know when you start looking at it all statistically People are In Pain and Suffering.The Stats show they are Coming Undone. The Question is How Many of Us are Undone....or coming Undone ?

How many are suffering under this administration ? How many are suffering ? And what are we doing for the suffering of our fellow man , are we just letting those around us suffer ? Are not even noticing that they are suffering ? Are we reaching out to those around us ?If we take care of each other and acknowoledge the pain of this era will take make a difference ?

* [I think that we are suffering under this administration...and have been for the entire time, and one of my goals with this blog is sooth , offer a bit of comfort and allow a place to talk about some of these issues...and a place to think.].

**** Click the Title: Duran Duran: Come Undone. is the song. Haunting Video, metaphorically accurate of our Times, of Sharks causing feelings of Entrapment.....***

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soup for the Soul...8.20.07

[Click the Title: For a musical treat...I stumbled over to Divaood's this weekend and found wonderful music by Eva Cassidy. I had never heard her, if you like Karla Bonoff from long ago- you will love this woman's Voice.Beautiful video too..."Imagine"]
"Never Doubt that a small committed group of thoughtful,committed citizens can change the World,indeed it is the Only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

So here it is Tuesday afternoon, the rains have calmed for now , "Erin" is still punishing the Midwest."Dean" is still roaring through Mexico and seems to have been blunted by the Mexican Shoreline. ( But we will need to see how the Islands fared). The Decider is still in Canada attempting to repair frayed relationships ( ahem, gag....that HE damaged with his own assfractured diplomacy). The Mine Disaster remains unresolved, and the Safety Issues Unexamined. Iraq remains lucky if it makes the Below the Fold News, and the Surge is mentioned in a whisper. So for a friend...Here is the Cheese Soup Reciepe that I had mentioned....The Reciepe is for two, but you can always make more. Enjoy.

One block of Sharp White Chedder (shredded)
One Block of Monterrey Jack (shredded)
6 Oz. Low fat Amarretto Coffee Creamer ( you can use real Cream if you want)
1 cup Milk
Half Stick Butter (unsalted)
(Mix all in a Soup Pan, stir over low heat, nice and slow .)
Then add :
3 tsps. Worstshire Sauce
Hungarian Sweet Papricka-sprinkle
Dash Of Old Bay
Nutmeg- Sprinkle on top
Smidge of Sherry for taste
1 Cup Mushrooms ( Caps chopped)
One Small Spanish Onion
One small red onion
Sautee in a seperate pan,drain and then add to soup.

Stir the Soup over a low heat. Serve in a hearty big bowl, sprinkle some fresh cut cilantro and throw on a couple of croutons.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hard Times, Painful Lessons

"I have come to believe, over and over again, that what is important to me , must be spoken, made verbal and shared even at risk of having it bruised or misunderstood. "
Audre Lorde
There are times in your life when you need to sit down with an older wiser soul and be handed a cup of very strong tea and some strong wisdom.And this summer, I am indeed at such a point....and I stumbled onto this quote and it suddenly put many things in perspective. As a mom I try hard to teach my son that his words and beliefs are valuable. As a mother I also have taught him sadly there are times you do have to stand up for what you believe, as well as know that there may indeed be consequences.And yes, sometimes the consequences are painful. We study and read alot of Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King,because they were the Masters of Troubled Times. They were the ones that knew when and how to speak and how to say what needed to be said. We have have no such Voices today to Lead or Guide us through these Dark Times.

Alot has to do with the Times that we are living in , Bullying has become a respected "Art Form". And bullying of women,minorities and people that are suffering is condoned and often even embraced with glib pride. Elizabeth Edwards attempted to explain this on Hardball to Chris Matthews a few monthes back as she battled Ann Coulter. She tried to explain to Chris that the Battle is that we live in a Culture where Certain People have empowered themselve with Hate. And I heard her loud and clear, it is dissappointing that we even are seeing it in the Progressive Side of Life. We need to be able to look at each other with eyes of compassion, not judgement.

I have had all parts of My Being called into question this year, and not just by Repugs. A Neighbor, a liberal informed me that my pacifist Buddhist side was not helpful in fighting this Regime, and this was told to me with a great degree of Anger. I was stunned. And she also went on to condemn me as an 'inadequate protestor", because I do not go to rallies or protests, the "Ones that Matter, the BIG Ones." I tried to explain that Not all people can go due to Health reasons or Financial, but that there are many that find other way to help Bring Change. I told her that it will take all of us finding our own abilites and gifts to make the Needed Changes happen. We all need to look in the Mirror and see who we are again, and that we are no better or worse than our neighbor.Yet we all are suffering and struggling.

We are indeed in hard times you can be called into question for being too "liberal" or not "liberal" enough. Or if you raise Concerns and your "Motives" can be questioned by people that you thought were on the same path. This is concerning and yet I think this is what the Bushco Regime wants, chaos on the playground. They want People not able to play or work together, because they are too busy looking and judging the Differences and not embracing What we all have to Work For or Towards. Divisions Created by the Cultural Shift created by this Greedy Regime. We must Embrace What Matters again, listening to each other, taking the time to find Empathy and Compassion.

My Grandmother used to say "Pick Your Battles", and pick them carefully, and you can "fight with words, but you don't always have to yell, you can speak softly and sometimes you can say nothing at all ....As long as you are true to yourself and what matters". All of us have been on a Hellish Path this past 6 years. But somehow we do have to find a way to Walk Together Again. Unity is about having enough empathy to know that we need to navigate the treacherous path together and not judge each other's shoes or trekking skills. And I say this because we have Miles to go....

[Please Click the TITLE it is Bono &MJ Blige again "ONE", it is a song about "Unity" Listen Very Carefully to MJ's Part it is Powerful]

Sunday Afternoon Blog Round Up....

I used to get up and walk to the nearest Coffee Shop and grab a New York Sunday Times, and then stagger home in bleary fashion tripping over the dog and spilling coffee....ready for a little bit of heaven. But now I don't do that. I sit in bed in my jammies reading I thought I would share some morning Stumblings with you. My Stumblings usually have a little Art, and Music and Some Food For Thought....and Do Click the TITLE, there is a soothing only for a rainy Sunday.

Heavenly Sunday Blogs:
  • Grubstreet Journal

  • Thailand Gal

  • In Good Time

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  • Guilty with an Explanation
  • Jenna's Upcoming Blessed Event....

    Over at the Gay Agenda they are busy planning the Jenna Bush Blessed Event, yes, the Wedding. We here at the Enigma Cafe would hate to be accused of not giving our fair share, so here are Some Lovely Classy Goodies for the Event. So Here is what little Jenna needs to make her man happy.....( Pursey I found them both on Special at the" Redneck Wedding Event Extravaganza" cheaper then Walmart ).

    Sunday Morning Hurricane Dean Updates 8.19.07

    Preparations are ongoing, and all maps indicated Dean is indeed a Monster, and yes, headed to the Gulf. Governor Perry started issuing orders and making preprations, the State's websites indicated that he is taking this all needed steps, including approaching the President for needed Orders.The Cone of Uncertainity is showing the Brownsville region ......The link to the Title is still the best one I can find. I will put Updates in the Comments , please do so as well....

    Hurricane Updates : August

    Okay so you all liked the Hawaii Website that I found for the Hurricane Flossie this week. Now we need to watch the Atlantic, especially as Erin is still giving Texas a whipping. NOW we have Dean to watch and he is a monster, partly because of the HEAT, look at this map- the water temperatures are too warm. The Oil Rigs in the Gulf and Atlantic are being evacuated as we speak. Now CLICK THE TITLE or go to WeatherUnderground on the Blogroll. It is a wonderful site with Great Maps and Graphics and tons of data. Stay posted, leave updates if you want. Stay safe folks.

    Saturday Night Music 8.18.07

    My Son and I just put this book on the Amazon Wish List. You better get right over and order one. This is a wonderful book by Our One and Only Poetry Man. We are so proud of him, and proud that we know and love his fine writings and his beautiful blog. ( and yes, I guess we also are so happy that all that nagging paid off, we kept telling him we needed him in a Book.)
    On the Homefront:
    I can not say where Dean is headed, I can only hope and pray that the Coast Guard is ready again...and from what I hear they are. ( So that is the good news). Now about FEMA and HLS- they must have the "plans" in a secret bunker. Anyways Keep watching the Storm - the link on post below is still great.It is Saturday Night , so you know there is Music in the Title.
    And yes, it is Saturday Night, and it is raining and feels like fall, so it must Be ?
    Well here is my little story that goes with the song.
    The First Time I heard this I was 17 and I was sitting at a late summer beach party, pretending to be much cooler than I was. And I was drinking a very sandy Rolling Rock, and a guy came over and sat on my burnt ol'log and he was more than Fine, and he was wearing old faded tattered Lee jeans and a very faded ripped Tshirt and all he did was kinda smile and played 6 chords , very very slow ....and he said "Ehhhhh,Baby".....And I Knew I would never be the Same....
    WORK like you don't need the money.
    LOVE like you have never been hurt.
    DANCE like nobody's watching.

    *** And play the Song Above and find someone to slowdance with...promise me.***

    Friday, August 17, 2007


    [CLICK THE TITLE: YouTube ONE by BONO and MJBlige.}
    So it is Summer, hot and humid and when it is like this I always end up doing things to cool off, looking at Winter Photos and listening to Christmas Music. And this photo got me thinking. Aren't we all tired of the Merry-Go-Round ? Riding it round and round, and praying it will stop. And yet over the the summer Some of the Bushco Puppets have fallen off,first it was Rove, today Denny Hastert and Tony Snow fell off. Hmmm, WHO will be next ?
    When 6-6 was six he rode this Merry-Go-Round with his best friend who was living with us at the time.It was a brisk December Northwest Evening and we had just finished watching the Nutcracker Play. And they both rode beautiful Painted Horses Next to Each Other, and nobody fell off. And they laughed because they could not reach the Brass Ring and they did not care, they had each other. And to this day, 6-6 laughs and says he is just relieved that he didn't throw up.

    Have a Good Night...Listen to the song..Things will get better....

    Friday Thoughts 8.17.07

    In many ways this indeed has been an awful week. We learned that there was Genocide in Iraq this week. We learned that there was was a small village that was vulnerable, and also may have been religously vulnerable. Yet Bush said not a word as over 500 in a small Iraqi village lost their lives. Is it any wonder that the Suicide Rate amoungst VETS is the highest it has ever been.
    The Utah Mine Disaster continues, an absolute Horrendous Night. Another Collapse, and 3 dead, and 6 seriously wounded. It is also said that 2 of the injured are Federal Officials. We have not seen the Owner, Mr.Murray since this all happened last evening. ( 6:30 PM Mountain time). And the original six miners remain missing. The Miners are also the rescuers working day in and out at the mine, some on thier 11th day. This is Not safe. This has been going on for many days now. And everytime the Workers tried to Voice Concerns of Safety, Mr.Murray would take over the Press Conference or shut it off.There are some real Questions about HOW this Owner has been treating his workers. And then we still have the worry of the Injured Shuttle.
    It is a time to examine What Matters.....

    1:30PM Friday:

    **Click the Title:[Song Is Inspiring. The Boss....Acoustic Version of Born to Run.A Working Man's Song]


    So last night at 6:30 PM there was another Mine Cave In in Utah, where the Rescuers were trying to rescue the trapped miners. As it unfolded, no one from the mines or Murray Energy actually came and gave any information.Finally 2 hours after the event, we were told that there had been an incident, "a bump" they were calling it. By MN West Coast time we learned that three were dead and 8 or 9 injured. Still No sign of the Barron Murray. Finally at about 1am West Coast time we learned that the Governor's Office and rep. was onsite. The Governor gave a Press Conference that I think many of us were grateful to hear, that decisions from now on would be based SOLEY on Safety. He also stated that the Mine was shut down, that the Miners had been evacuated from the Mine, and all Rescue Efforts Ceased. ( It is still unclear if they are continuing the vertical drilling). We await this morning to learn WHAT happened Last night. I am glad to see this Governor take a Stand against this Company and Mr.Murray.

    * I will post this governor's phone number today, please call /email and encourage him.He is the first person trying to protect the workers and has been honest about how unsafe this mine really is.*


    I need Help dealing with Google.
    This blog has been at the top of the Google page for over 2 years.
    Last night after the Vote Post, hours after I wrote it,
    my site readings were messed with on the Google page.
    It no longer comes up first and is difficult to access.
    I hope Google is not Censoring me because of my Politically sensitive
    and personal post.My Goggle pages have been totally messed with.
    I could use help, please contact google if you know how.
    (Some folks only know how to get my blog this way.)
    Thank you.

    Thursday, August 16, 2007


    30 years ago tonight the King left us....What is your favorite song? I will put it with the Title.
    I have a favorite- but tonight is yours, name your song.

    So I posted my favorite...and none of you named it.....And I found video of Elvis, looking so young, and charming, and sexy and sweet. ( And very funny too). Click the Title.

    Slink on over....Pick Your "Film" Name

    ( Sorry no pics...)
    So my teenage son came in last night and says " Hey, guess What ? If I was going to be a Porn Star, guess what my Name would be ?"

    Shocked Enigma spews Diet Pepsi across the room....
    6-6: " Oh, don't worry I still want to write and direct movies, AND NOT PORN. But I found this cool formula how you pick your name."
    Me; " Where did you FIND the Cool Formula? I mean you aren't watching porn right?"
    6-6: "Nooooo. Geeezzzz. I found the formula on the internet.So My Name would be 'Bogey Broadway'"
    Me: "Wow ...that is not too bad. I am impressed. Okay so what is the formula? "
    6-6:" You take the name of your first Pet, and then the name of the street you grew up on."
    Me:" hmmmm, that means I would be "Muffin or Muffy Beachnut"
    much laughter.......

    Okay So WHAT would Your Porn Name be ???? Come on.....

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007


    10 pm Update:
    I have been trying to gather info, but I am having a hard time getting NEW info. Quake was large, near shoreline, near Lima ( City of 7 million), and was 29 miles below surface ( that is part of why it poses a Tsunami Danger). It was originally registered to 7.5 , now 15 minutes ago upgraded to 7.9. It also has been starting to show Tsunami effects. I will try to post more as I get it, please do also check Comments- if anyone has links , or more information please post in comments as well.

    And now for your Moment of ZEN...

    "The Church says the Earth is Flat,
    But I Know that it is Round,
    For I have seen the Shadow on the Moon,
    I have more Faith in a Shadow,
    Than in the Church."
    Ferdinand Magellan

    **** Please leave me your best Wisdom and a prize will be awarded
    on Wednesday Night****

    {{{ Posts below are updated- from Hurricane Flossie to Trouble in Toyland,
    and more Hall of Shame Updates}}}

    Bye Bye Denny....

    Denny-the-get-me-a-Hambone- Hastert: Friday ....Sometime....
    Don't let the Door hit you on the way out.

    *Buffy obviously photoshopped,fat ass not.*

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Flossie & The Cone of Uncertainity

    So Flossie is still bearing down in the Pacific, and she is a Hurricane, well formed and moving along at about 20 MPH and could increase up to 70 MPH , and with winds of 130-140 MPH she is making good time, and still rates a Rating of 4. ( Alot of this will be determined by the water tempature). I have been tracking her on the National Weather Service Website, they have more information than CNN. I was alarmed when CNN weatherperson said yestrday " well, this storm is still South of the Islands, BUT it does fall in the CONE OF UNCERTAINITY...." I was struck by this phrase, and if you go to the National Weather Service they do show the actual cone diagram and it is all about the shift of the Cone , whether Hawaii , the Islands could be hit by this BIG storm. ( I guess I do worry is it being downplayed because it is so far away or because they don't want to scare tourists off?) Now I also know that you are wondering are the locals there preparing, yes, the Mayor and Governor are getting ready ( esp. on the Big Island). Now I know you are also wondering is Homeland Security ready ? ( ah, no, go to their website- goodle Flossie&HLS, and they have NOT updated website since Augut 8th, 2007, and really nothing about Flossie, oh and FEMA? even Mention).And do I need to point out that they have NOWHERE to evacuate to? Well, atleast there is some military there ( I think ) and that should help....Keep an eye on this. We should all know by Tuesday morn about The Cone.....and Flossie's Path.


    *CLICK TITLE FOR GREAT NEW UPDATED LINK: I have found a WONDERFUL Blog that is keeping track of the Hurricane Flossie- with graphics and all kinds of weather and geographic tools, and they also have a plethera of GOOD info. I am adding them to the Blogroll Under:FLOSSIE: Our Life in Hawaii for now...

    Trouble in Toyland

    As my teenage son 6-6 says"Well, you really are in Trouble when Barbie and Batman are Unsafe".

    So this Month MILLIONS of toys have been recalled because of Safety Issues. All of our favorites, mostly made by Mattel, FROM CHINA, Elmo to Barbie to Dora to Batman. The MSM has mostly downplayed the Risks and the Dangers. So it is time for some Honest Dialogue regarding something that effects our Children. I am a nurse, two of my specialities are Environmental Toxins and I also have worked Peds and ER for many years. What concerns me about the News Media Coverage is that the toxins involved in these Recalls are indeed dangerous to children, especially young Children. So I am going to explain in this post about the Dangers of Lead and also Magnets, and also give some helpful advice for examining the toybox, and making it safer. I realize the Media has Sponsers to make happy, I don't , my goal is to keep some kids out of the ER and out of the Hospital and to help some parents find some peace of mind. First I will cover the Lead issues, then the magnets.
    *[I will be updating this information throughout the week]*

    (1) Let's go to the Toybox, so far it is just the Mattel Toys made in China. It has to do with them using ILLEGAL BANNED PAINT, that has LEAD in it. Now there are some problems. Paint made 25 years ago contained lead and some paint also had other heavy metals, that paint has been banned in the US and most other Modern Countries since 1978-1982. Where China got this paint, and WHY they are using it is very concerning. I also am wondering if OTHER heavy metals have been tested for, since paints during this time sometimes contained other metals: copper, cadnium, and mercury. In the US ALL of these metals are banned in Children's toys and educational products.

    (2) If you have these toys in your box, REMOVE them, and photograph them and your toybox. ( For your own records, chances are good that there will be a class action suit and there should be.) Put them in a garbage bag and call your Recyling/Garbage company and ask WHERE to dispose of. On CNN they said to return to Toy Store, I am not sure that is wise, since the toys are dangerous and contaminated. End these toys being in the Cycle. I will post LINK below with the list, but for now ANY MATTEL toys made in past 2 years or purchased in past 2 years and with CHINA on the label- REMOVE from home, place in garbage bag away from children and pets, and call your garbage /recycler and inquire as to where they dispose of heavy metals ( ie computers, paint, batteries etc).

    (3) Wear Gloves and clean the Toybox thoroughly vacumn and remove ALL toys that had contact with the OTHER toys. Vacumn and Wash thoroughly with strong detergent and rinse well. If Strong plastic you also can Run Seperately through Dishwasher.

    (4) If you have children under 5 years old should be tested for Lead and heavy metals. Talk to your Pediatrician. There are two tests that should be Done, the Blood test and also the hair. Doctors Data in Chicago is an excellent lab and they do good work and the kits can be ordered and sent to your doctor. They are covered by many insurance companies, and also have reasonable rates. It would be wise to get a heavy metal panel. ( that includes lead, mercury, and copper.)

    (5 ) If your child is under five, they tend to play with tactile and oral contact with toys and their hands. The risk involves that they might have stuck their hands in their mouths. Heavy Metal poisoning can occur due to HOW they play.ANY exposure warrants children being tested. Symptoms of Heavy Metal poisoning and Lead in particular: Headaches, Irritable, attention and learning problems, metal taste in mouth, decreased appetite,gait problems,coordination issues, and changes in muscle strength. If Untreated (or levels rise) it can cause Kidney/Liver and .or Heart damage ( and also brain damage). Heavy Metals can be removed from Children , and adults, but it requires medical supervision and "chelation". Keep copies of all records related to this issue.

    (6) Also the Recalls are based on Toys with MAGNETS. WHY do the Companies make toys with little tiny magnets I do not know, they were banned for many years, but under this Regime we all know that Laws have been Loosened. Please if you have small children or children under 5 , or pets, please remove ALL Magnet toys from the Home. Throw them out. End the Cycle.
    ( Suposedly the one toy is a Barbie DOG toy that involves a pooper scooper and yes, poop. and yes, the poop has the magnets in it...too strange.)

    Please come back tomorrow morning and I will add the links. ( having server trouble tonight, so might have to end this post early). If you have more private concerns about this safety issue you may email me offline

    1000 DAYS AT SEA.

    Yar Matey do you have a bit of the Pirate in you ? Do you lust for sunsets , adventure and the salty sea ? Do you crave tradewinds and the lure of the Islands? Do you just need a mental trip out of Dodge? Then have I got a treat for you....
    You must go to the Blog linked to the title- it is breathtaking and So Inspiring. This beautiful Boat named the Anne is home to this wonderful couple and they are on a Mission and an Adventure of a lifetime. Add them to your blogroll, root for their goals, and enjoy the beautiful journey they are on......

    When Things Don't Smell Right...

    Yeah...Another post about The Turd Blossum....
    First off....I had a big old Hound Dog for many years. A Bassatt , and for anyone that has ever lived with a Hound Dog, they have a way of teaching you to sniff the Air a little harder, and listen a little better to what you can't smell. My Big Ol'Hound had a way of knowing when serious storms were a'coming or even a quake.( She would go try to curl up on my lap or hide under the pillows on the bed, 80 pounds of drool and love and concern).
    So I am just going to say it , Something about ALL of This does not Smell Right.
    So here it goes....
    THE STINK:::

    (1) So we recieved this news via an early morning announcement from Dainty Perino, then a press conference at 11:30am. The Presser was interesting, Bush and Rove, very emotional and huggy. Bush seemed snitty, inconvenienced, in a hurry to get to his vacation. He seemed miffed, his demeanor was very similiar to the day that Scooter was indicted and removed.He seemed irritated, like the brat at the sandbox that just had his sandthrowing shovel taken away. And Rove was bumbling, not so smooth, and choked up and not as articulate as he was at the Dinner when he was cackling about the Gonzogate ( atty scandal).(That was the last time I saw him, in the spring at a dinner, saying how he was not going to testify and how the Dems had No right to investigate the Firings.)He was teared up, and having trouble raising his head to speak. ( reminded me alot of the Duke Cunningham press conference). He said " FOR THE SAKE OF MY FAMILY"...Hmmmm, now that is interesting.
    That is not the phrase of someone wanting to spend TIME with family....SAKE is a word reserved for not wanting to cause someone discomfort. ( And used in some interesting Agnew when he resigned at a press conference to family and friends many years ago....on local news.) He was not the Cocky Arrogant Self that would be working to help the GOP or work to help 2008 candiates. He looked bloated and pale.....And Bush spoke of him and there was not the usual Pride and was rushed and brusque. There was choked up teary emotion and the hugging, but not the expansive thanks and gratitude that I expected.

    (2) WHY NOW? why not later? why not let Rove finish the rest of the Bush Legacy Years- there is only a little over 500 days.WHY can Rove not be at the WH after the vacation? ( the paranoid part of me was like WHAT is going to happen now? )

    (3) Is Something afoot? Did Bush have a showdown with daddy this weekend? Or is it Something else. Did Gonzo lay an Ultimatum on the table because of the Atty Firing Scandel, "It's HIM or ME? I am not covering for Rove?" ( I don't picture Gonzo rolling over like Scooter did).

    (4) I keep thinking about ALL Those Hearings and how Cspan re-aired them last week ( and Gonzo really did eat dirt in them) WHY were they being re-aired over and over ( were the Sexy Sweeps for cspan? - I think not). I keep thinking about how calm and quiet and Lawyerly Spector and Leahy and Conyers and Waxman were.....almost too calm.( and NOT complacent). Are MORE Supeonas Being Drawn and Served. Is Someone going to be Indicted for Perjury? Obstruction?

    (5) And as I watched the Hearings it struck me that Susan Ralston , Rove's Assistant was never called to the Hearings . That is odd, she should have been. She had his emails, his records, his Calendars and Schedules. Gee I hope Someone thought to talk to her,and ask her Version of Things. Executive Privelege would Not Really cover her, she worked for Rove, not Bush.

    (6) Is there some other little thing brewing, like related to the Abramoff Mess? Or some Other Scandel Mess? ( like the DC Madame? or GANNONGATE? or Haggard Mess? or the Foley Mess? or the Infamous Almost forgotten CandyMan scandel? or Abramoff hookers? Or ???)

    (7)Wasn't it odd HOW Quiet it was, NO Repugs came forward to say ONE postive thing. By the eve CNN dug up Andy Card, but no one else. No Mehlman? No Tony Snow? No Cheney? No Trent Lott? No 2008 Runners? No Old Boys- Roy Blunt? Delay? No Frist? etc etc. It turned into a day of Reporters interviewing other reporters (snore). And at the straw poll with millions being spent, only about 12,000 showed ( that is quite a drop- the numbers are usually 24,000-38,000)Rove was not even invited ? wow...that says alot.

    (8) So tonight I went to the Dark Side, yes, repug Blogs. ( Go see for yourself, Blogs for Bush and GOP Bloggers, there is not the pride or warm posts on it- AT ALL....Rove is merely an uncomfortable footnote). BTW their comments are WAY ALL chat rooms, and some are not very Repug. And eventhe Repug dating sites are empty rooms.Both the RNC and GOP sites barely mentioned the Announcement. ( 2 piddly paragraphs on the RNC site).

    (9) WHAT if, he is the Tricky Dick Moment aka Stained Dress Moment that is indeed about to be Unveiled....Is that Possible? I think it is plausible and healthy to ponder this.....

    Let me know WHAT you think...or smell....Because there is Something stinking in DC....and it needs better sniffing...

    Monday, August 13, 2007


    Announcement made issued from WH, by Dainty Dana Perino at press conference. The Turd Blossum will be gone before Bush returns from Vacation. WHAT ? WHY ? Did Mitt Hire him? Are there too many Supoenas flying at him and the WH? is he just now one more Rat jumping ship? WHAT gives?...Thoughts?

    *** UPDATE : at 11;28 Rove and Bush gave press conference before flying off to Texas to vacation. They were both all choked up and emotional.Rove plans to go dove hunting and spend time with his family. ( I could not help but wonder is that phrase some kind of sickass joke?) I hope Leahy is working on supoeanas.....( yes, I changed the photo, Bush looked very incovenienced, snitty just like when he had to let scooter go....) I hope that this is MOVE that means something....not just more slithering of snakes in the grass...

    **** Photo is not real....please just accept it for the photoshop vision that it is...gotta have hope.

    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Blog Birthday 8.12.07

    This weekend Watergate Summer turns 2. This is my 3rd summer blogging. I started reading blogs during the 2004 Election year.That spring I became as hooked as I was reading newspapers. I used to read 5 papers a day, but all of that changed. I now only read what I want to read on certain sites, and I have not bought a newspaper in a long time.The blogs used to highlight revelant news, much of it being missed by MSM.One of the first blogs I got hooked on was Skippy. By 2005 summer I had had it with This Regime, and I knew after throwing alot of things at the TV I was going to have a Blog....and by the time King George went on vacation I was committed. This blog has blogged Katrina, Mine Disasters, Elections, Corruption,Iraq, VETS,YouTube, PTSD,Homelessness,Urban Living,memories and reciepes.Over the past two years I have tried to weave it together, the emotional aspects of life with the finer moments, whether it be art or music or just stories. I mostly wanted to create a place that was warm and real, where we could share.It became in so many ways more than a place in time. I am so grateful to many that have riden out many storms here.Thank you for reading my little blog.....and being a part of it.

    ** DK nominated IMAGINE by John Lennon...and she is right, this song is what my Blog is ALL about....thank you.**

    Merv Griffin dies ....8.12.07

    Merv Griffin died this evening. He was 82 years old and he died from Prostate cancer. I loved watching him as a kid, he was the first talk show I ever saw. I was not allowed to watch Johnny Carson, he was considered too inappropriate, which cracked me up because Merv Griffin is the one that had all the GREAT comedians. Yes, he had Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby and the great George Carlin. The year I was 10 I missed most of 5th grade home sick with a blood disorder, and I loved 2pm because that is what time Merv was on.(immediately followed by The Wild Wild West....). I was hooked, and I felt very grown up as I laid there and watched. I would lay there and drink Fresca that my Grandmother had brought me and eat UTZ potato chips, and watch all the wonderful guests. I liked Merv because he was such a gentleman, so polite and well mannered.

    And then in recent years I watched some shows out West and they showed him accompanying Nancy Reagon to many events, and he even bought her a dog after Ronnie died, and they would walk their dogs together. I just thought that was so kind and thoughtful.....He was a good man...

    Rest In peace. Mr.Griffin.

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Saturday Night Music 8.11.07

    If you all have noticed, I have not been Blogging alot of Politics recently, I have been blogging memories and thoughts....and trying to work on SILENT FALLOUT.....Some of what I share is to sooth and to give you something to think about...But my apologies if you have come here seeking snark or wisdom...More Carly Simon singing "Do the Walls Come Down"( if you click the Title)....Have a good Saturday Night....Be good to yourself.

    The Strawpoll has Some Interesting Results.....

    Okay so I try not to follow the Repug Results too hardily....BUT.
    The Iowa results are in and they are actually fairly interesting. First off Mitt won the Top Scarecrow Honors for most Hay wasted, he susposedly spent over 1.5 million to win this honor. And that was to "claim" 4000 votes( so he won a third of a vote). So let me get this straight- he spent that Amount to get 4000 votes...WT? ( would we really want him in charge of OUR budget and OUR money....nope) But read on over at Skippys and see who else faired well on this contest- Poor John McCain barely got 100 votes, he and Poor Rudy did not fair so well....where did I put my little violins...

    Saturday Night ..... 8.11.07

    *{Click the Title: 2become1 by the Spice Girls, read the story below to learn Why]
    So here it is August, and every August I remember 2 girls that our family fostered when my son was 6. And this song reminds me of them.The younger one was 6 monthes older than my son, and her name was Taylor, and the older one was named Chrystal and she was 15.They came to us because they chose us as their safezone. Their mom was strung out on Everything, from meth to booze to coke. Chrystal mothered Taylor and kept watch over her, and everytime their mom went off the deepend , she would choose a new safezone for them. They had been in Protective Services before, but that had led to them being seperated.I didn't know any of this when we met them. I met them at the Pool of where we lived. I was in my mid 30's and my Doctor had just told me that I had to have a hysterectomy. I was crushed, I wanted more kids. ( Anyone that knows me will tell you I should have had a slew of kids). But that summer we moved in an apt complex in the Northwest that was full of kids, and they hung out at our apt or at the pool. I made alot of spaghetti, and alot of cookies, and read them alot of books, and at odd hours kids would show up.In many ways it was very good for my son, an only child. Suddenly doing chalk art, and making playdough was more interesting with different kids around.

    But in August everything changed, I had given Chrystal my number, in case she ever needed a sitter for her sister.But by September her mom was strung out and I got a phone call asking for me to come get both of them. I thought it odd that she asked me to drive over to get them, they lived within walking distance. I arrived and their bags were packed by the door. Both had been crying and their mother was passed out in the other room, and the apt was in total dissarray, and there were two men passed out as well, one in the Living room and one in the bedroom. The place reeked of bourbon and drugs and sweat and vomit. I was beyond horrified. Chrystal took me to the frig and opened the door, and showed me WHAT was in the butter container, and never said a word. Her eyes said it all. I picked up the bags, and Taylor held onto my hand while Chrystal wrote a note " We have gone to stay with friends, we will call you.We can NOT stay Here." She stuck it on the frig door with a piece of chewed gum and great force. There was desperate anger on her face.

    We drove home, all of 5 blocks to the other side of the complex. The silence in the car was painful. Taylor sat next to me and still held onto my sleeve and tears rolled down her face. Chrystal sat in the backseat silent and angry , but tears rolled slowly down her cheek, and she did not even brush them away.

    We got home and 6-6 was watching "Home Improvement" with Mr.Enigma. They both saw us enter with Chrystal and Taylor and were stunned...but stayed silent.Taylor went and sat on the sofa with my son and snuggled next to him, and he pretended to annoyed,but moved closer to her. She was a tiny blond waif with twinkly blue eyes. I took Mr Enigma into the Kitchen and discussed the situation while Chrystal went into the other room and called her grandmom to let her know that they were safe. I explained to MrEnigma that their living situation was not safe, and he nodded, and said well, they can't go home.He asked How long do you think they need to stay and I said I don't know, but they can't go home. And he said okay.He was and is a Good Man. And he rode the Girls Roller Coaster for the next 6 monthes, through Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas,and all that Fall and Winter brought with the situation.He even played Santa for these two girls and even turned our Reading room into a bedroom for them.

    Chrystal told me their story, and we did as best we could. We made their mom get help, and explained that while her life was spinning out of control that it was unsafe for the girls. The Grandmother lived many hours away , but we did talk on the phone and tried as best as we could to coordinate a plan.....and we did this for monthes.And yes I did have to go and confront the Mom that she was Unwell, and to get her shit together, and that until then the girls were staying where they were safe. I also explained that I was willing to call in the Professionals and Protective Services if needed, and that did knock some sense into her.

    The Girls favorite song was This Song,the Spice Girls song, they would sing it ALL the time. Chrystal really did look like Scary Spice and she was beautiful. And the little one really could grow up to look like Baby Spice. My son would sit on the sofa and watch them in awe as they sang. He didn't mind having sisters that year....not one bit.He didn't mind the Barbies, and the arrival of many pink things, and that I tried to teach Crystal how to cook. I hear this song and I think about them, and how I tried to teach Chrystal how to take care of her and her sister.And how hard I tried to give them what they hadn't had. I hear this song and I hope they know how much we as a family loved them......They moved that following spring after their mother finally got clean, and needed a new start. So we had to let them go.....

    I still miss them...and yes, in my minds eye they are still 6 and 15....It's been 10 years and I hope that their lives are better...and that they are still together, in a better place.

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    Friday Thoughts 8.10.07

    [Click the Title, a Van Gogh Exhibit set to Don McClean's "Vincent"..and yes, the art is Van Gogh]

    *Fragile Conditions*
    It has been an odd August already. Seething Blistering Heat spread across the Country. The Minnesota Bridge Disaster shedding light and questions about Our Fragile Infrastructure. We are right to ask questions and want to know more. And now the Mine Disaster in Utah. The feeble King has snuck off for his "Vacation" without any Comfort to be offered to the Masses.

    * Stormy Heat Relief*
    So during this Heat this Month, I kept hoping and praying for some relief, some Big Rains. Here in Ohio and the Midwest we had Huge Storms and some Tornados this week,last night I got to see Huge Funnel Clouds ( that was not comforting). I stood in line at CVS and looked out the window at them, the three girls working there wanted to know what to do.We talked basements. I thought about my flooded basement that I had spent two days sweeping out, thinking that I had no desire to go down THERE....but I bought snacks and flashlights anyways.And I bought More Chocolate.I have decided it is more important to be prepared than to fret about damp conditions..... And It did indeed cool things a bit.

    You all take care out there....stay cool. Share Your Lemonade and be good to Your Neighbors.

    The Disaster Down Below.....

    So this week we have been watching the Mine Disaster. It is believed that they are trapped 1886 feet below ground. That is a great distance....I remember the Sago Mine Disaster, and how horrible it was, and how poorly handled. This week we have seen the Mine Owner Blame God and Nature. ( USGS website clearly does not identify this incident as a Quake, it appears by most scientific data and analyisis that The Cave In registered as the earthshaking event that it was.)Accountabilty needs to be a part of the Dialogue again, not nonsense from a Coal Barron....We all know that Energy Barrons operate with great impunity during the Bushco Regime and treat their workers like serfs. We have not really been told much about the Mexican Workers, I find it very interesting that the Mexican Consulate contacted Mr.Murray, makes me wonder were they here working legally ? Were they working under subpar conditions ?

    These men are brave , but WHAT conditions are they working under and are they safe enough ? And do we get good journalistic coverage if Coal Companies are sponsering their coverage ? Was there any Methane problems? Have we even been told any oxygen, Co2, or methane readings? Was there any problems with Heaving ? or Slumping? Was there any history of Pillar Collapses? Were they legally still using Retreat Mining ? (it is not to be done below 1000 feet or if there is a history of slumping or heaving). Too many questions....and not enough answers....

    Prayers to the families as they wait and the rescue work continues for the fifth day.
    Prayers to the Miners, that they know of those above praying and working to rescue them....

    [Click the title Alison Krause and Union Station singing "Constant Sorrow"....Kentucky Miners are in the photo from the 1950's}]

    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    We Need Some Doctoring Here...STAT.

    Intrigued ? Want to learn More? Want to know if Dr.Smokey is still around sharing his smokes or his wisdom?
    Come over to Sirens Chronicles today and learn More.....

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Summer Dreams....

    {photo by Mack Sennett in 1917: He was the person who filmed silent comedies and early talkies, and he made Charlie Chaplin famous. He knew how to film spontaneous moments and comedic moments.He was a photographer, film-maker,actor and artist.This photo shows how he can Catch the Moment....I was struck by how he caught these two girls reaching out to each other in the Moment.}

    I have been having dreams about my Grandmother Flo*. Summertime always reminds me of her. In the summer I used to stay with her and she used to make wonderful Sunday dinners, Baltimore Crabcakes ( her version), deviled eggs, potato salad, tomato aspic,and for dessert Ice Cream Pie. I used to sit on the counter and eat the melted Coffee Ice Cream. She would take me to Church Rummage sales and she let me buy any books I wanted,thanks to her I read Ian Fleming before I saw any Bond movies.She would take me to the library on Saturday mornings and let me lay on the marble floor chewing Juicy Fruit and reading in the Reference Section. I still am amazed that she didn't rush me or even question what I was doing. Later she took me to see Love Story, Dr.Zhiavago, and even my first Bond Movie.She always shared whatever she had, whether it be mini-sprinkled treasured Purells, cold coffee, or stale peppermint lifesavers in her purse.

    When she went down the hall the faint smell of Yardley Lavendar soap and Camay soap,White Shoulders dusting powder and Estee Lauder Lemon Spray Mist perfume followed her. I would see my grandfather sniff the air when she walked by. At 10 I thought that was romantic, as much as watching them slow dance on the porch during a Thunderstorm. They had been listening to Johnny Mathis, but the music stopped due to the storm, but they kept dancing. She had her head on his shoulder, the soft auburn waves. He smelled of cherry tobacco and Old Spice aftershave, and he was lightly humming. She was wearing a cotton dress that lightly swished and she had bare feet....And there was an owl hooting in the old elm behind the house,and the scattered hum of crickets and frogs and it smelled of wet geraniums and roses. I dream about that evening alot.

    I also dream about going shoe shopping with her. She and I wore the same size, 10AAA, not a real easy size to find anywhere. She had beautiful taste in shoes, she loved the Italian leathers in soft colors. All of her clothes were in soft colors, peaches and lilacs. At 10 she even let me try on the expensive shoes " so I would know what good shoes feel like". And she saved all of her old peach silk slips for me,because she knew how I loved them. And when my mother said" no "to Jeans, she took me shopping and bought me my very first pair of stonewashed straightlegged Lees.And she taught me how to patch them with beautiful scraps, confessing that she wished she could have been younger to wear them. She also bought me my first Carly Simon, and Beatles albums.She understood what a young soul needed.

    The summer I was ten I had a bad summer full of normal childhood sufferings, and one night she came in and stroked my head and asked what was wrong. I sniffled "too much". And she continued stroking my head, " Even when Everything seems at it's darkest, it's not. And even when you feel the most alone, someone will always Reach Out, remember that." I have always wondered how she knew What to say, and that I needed to hear that.

    We remember what we need and it finds us when we need it. And it reaches us even through the darkest and stormiest of nights.

    [Click the title, it is Johnny Mathis singing "Chances Are"]
    * [Other posts on Flo include "April 1968" and also" Grandmother Flo].

    Keith Olbermann Moderates AFL-CIO "Forum" Tonight

    MSNBC tonight 7pm Eastern. Now this should be good, NO Tweety and of course Keith could moderate a cowpie throwing contest ( or Cowpie Bingo as they call it out West) and I would watch....and I am hoping Everybody gets Equal Time tonight....I am a little confused, why it is a "Forum" and not a Debate. I also just learned that Gravel won't be there tonight....darn. I think I will head over to crooks and liars tonight. I will try to be more polite than the last debate....I will try.

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    The August 6th Memo of 2001

    Many years ago, on August 6th, 2001 Mr.Bush was brought a Memo called" Bin Laden Prepared to Attack In US", It was a very serious memo, A WARNING, brought to him after threats were raised that summer by Bin Laden.Harriet Miers was with him when it was delivered. Weeks later the 911 Attacks would happen.... Yet we would not learn of the memo until Condi Rice was questioned about it at the 911 Hearings in 2004.Why did they Hide the Memo? Was it because they were already getting ready for Iraq, and this was an inconvenience or a propaganda problem?

    Has he learned how to Read yet ?
    Has he learned how to tell the Truth ?
    Do we Trust this man that has trouble reading?
    Do we Trust that he can and does Tell the Truth?