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Have a Good Thanksgiving...

"It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it."~Albert Einstein
May you spend this day with those that you love...Give to Something that matters and feeds your soul,sadly 49 Million people in our country are struggling with Food Issues, please do give what you can. I did also set up a Twitter Page to learn more about Food Banks, and where to give.
....I am going to spend the time with 6-6...and give to those around me at the local Foodbank.... and I am taking the week to work on the book (Silent Fallout)....take care of sure scroll down to see the Maya Angelou Video ("And I Rise") and read Jenny's Story below.
This song is "Swim" by Jack's's about Surviving...being grateful for what is in one's life...Here is more about Andrew McMahon and how he continued to make music while he battled Leukemia (ALL)...

"No one has ever become poor by giving."~Anne Frank
I will be back in December to continue the Health Care Battle.....Namaste
"When you come to the edge of all that you know,
you must believe in two things:
there will be earth upon which to stand,
or you will be given wings."

The Story Of Jenny...Health Care Story MUST Read...WHY we need Reform..

{ This story originally posted 11.15.09 and now Huffpost and Countdown are sharing the Hough's Story this week, please do read the Story linked to the Title as it is Midge explaining what Happened to her lovely Daughter-in-law and unborn is a story that must be told and shared.Thank you.}
This family went through hell...watching a young mom die without Health Insurance and without adequate care. Please read the story linked to the title, and you will be haunted how this young mom got so sick and died.As a young pregnant mom she needed prenatal care and good care,especially with the Swine Flu attacking young moms she should have received better care,whether or not she was Insured. As a nurse her story haunts me...worries me. Today her brave mother-in-law Midge went to a #HCR rally where she was met with the Wrath and stupidity of Teabaggers....What kind of country are we-that we let young moms die like this ? Where Self Righteous Repugs and TeaBaggers can insult a grieving mom at a TownHall Meeting about Healthcare for all of us ? How Broken are we ? Are we so Broken that a Lack of Compassion is clouding our Judgement as a Nation ? First do watch the video of Midge telling her family's story:

The Houghs went to a Town Hall Meeting this weekend, with Dan Lipinski.The Rep did indeed try to keep his cool, explain about the HCR bill as it is now, the crowd is hostile, volatile....This is the Teabagger crowd that yelled hurtful insults to this brave grieving couple who go to these events to share their story about WHY Reform is needed...( For Twitter: Link : )Midge Hough wrote this to me when she sent the video,"It's not pretty it shows the evil in humans who should be taking care of each other". She is right to raise this issue, is this why People can not understand this Bill , This Need, is it because they have No Compassion or not enough ? Do watch as Midge bravely tells the story of what happened to her daughter in law, and how she and her unborn baby died and she bravely confronts the audience, some of whom were laughing at the pain of her family. The Video is very well done.

The Houghs Description of their video: "The Chicago Tea Party Movement reveals their true side at Rep. Dan Lipinski's Town Hall Meeting on November 14, 2008 in Oak Lawn IL. It is hard to believe just how ugly they have become."
This story must be shared please do forward either on Facebook or Twitter or on the Blogs. Thank You.
This week, Other blogs and media are sharing the Houghs Story::
November 23rd Raw Story did the story and updated it.
Huffington Post also did cover the situation Nov23.
Think Progress ran story 11.23.09 also exposing the Heckling Teabaggers.
Wednesday November 25th, The Houghs were interviewed and their story told in the Ed Show MSNBC:

Jenny's Memorial Tribute video:

"And I Rise" Maya Angelou

This is my favorite gives me hope...for all of matter how bad things are...
(originally posted 11.12.09)

Free Health Clinic in Arkansas Over Weekend

The Arkansas Free Clinic really did a wonderful job this past weekend, as Keith Olbermann explained on Countdown Monday eve.
1500 showed up to receive care, there were again direct admits to the hospital, even one Heart Attack, and 4 suicide preventions and others that were diagnosed with Diabetes.And again many that showed up were Working Americans or those laid off this year and who have no access to care or Insurance. Again I have linked the National Free Clinics website to the Title if you wish to give or need information about the Next Free Clinic in Kansas City.

Think Progress had more on the event, and reported what we needed to learn about some of the details.
This local Arkansas article from the weekend interviewed people that attended,and once again showed how many Working Americans have no access to Affordable Care.
The National Association of Free Clinics is the non-profit organizations behind the event. It's an advocacy organization for the more than 1,200 free medical clinics nationwide, but officials say free clinics are not the solution for the uninsured.One by one uninsured Arkansans are called to see a doctor for a physical and routine health screenings free of charge.

Asa Muhammad says, "I have had health insurance for my family for the last 14-years, now since I don't have a job, no insurance. If I could afford to buy insurance I would."

Muhammad was laid off a year ago and wants proper health care for his kids. He says, "You are afraid that they might get hurt. You don't want to be burden with an emergency bill or any medical bills at all. It's difficult, it's sad, but it's difficult."

According to the National Association of Free Clinics, from 2006 to 2008 about 490,000 Arkansans went without health insurance and 83 percent of free clinic patients nationwide have jobs.

Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter says, "I met a woman who hasn't seen a physician in 5-years."
Halter arranged the location for the clinic. He continues, "These free clinics are certainly not the desirable solution, but they are an important part of filling a very important gap. We simply must have comprehensive health care reform. Our health care system cost too much, leaves too many people uncovered."Until then, folks here will get information on local free clinics for follow-up care.

Dr. Kimberly Garner adds, "Our health care system is broken and we need prevention of problems, we don't need to wait to treat somebody until they're sick. These people aren't the people that are homeless or anything like that. They fall in that area where they don't qualify for any kind of benefits, but they can't afford health care."
Local NPR reported how 1200 Volunteers assisted with the process caring for 1500 others in the one day event.
"NAFC Senior Director, Carrie Thompson says over 12-hundred volunteers participated in the Little Rock event and provided sometimes critical care for the uninsured who came. A final tally on the clinic showed that more than 90 percent of those who came had three or more life-threatening conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, cardio-vascular, and pulmonary disease."

England is Examing it's role in the Iraq War...and it's Legality

This article in The Guardian linked to the title, is interesting as it presents a Story that has not been in the media here, the English are questioning their role in the Iraq War, and the legality of the war and the thrust and rush of going there, and was it a ginned up effort.Sadly they are hitting legal walls and difficulties putting together a panel- but the article asks interesting questions and raises concerns. If they are willing to examine the History of that period of time and decisions made, when will we ?
They are also starting to examine of their soldiers violated the Geneva Conventions, The Independent has more about the Investigation. It would appear that Britian is looking not only at their role in the Iraq War, but also their conduct.
11.24.09 The Guardian reveals report with Evidence of Complicity in Torture...
11.24.09 The Independent has more revelations as to how the Drumbeat for Iraq War began LONG before 911, Most of the UK papers are starting to point out that Blair was led by Bush down this path.

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Photo Essay on Mother Jones: Seven Families lay their Fallen to Rest...

Really beautiful poignant post...and the photos are amazing...Before any "decisions" are made about More troops anywhere these stories should be shared. Sadly our MSM is so focused on Palin and Crappy Vampire Movies they are missing stories like this...

So Where the Hell Was Senator Voinovich that he Missed this Historic Healthcare Vote in the Senate ??? Oh do read this...He is indeed a Schmuck

What do we say when a Senator Abandons his Constituents on such an Important Issue as their Health and Wellbeing ? You can click the title , but I also encourage you to read below.
(Enigma Background with Ohio)
I live here in Cleveland, and have for over three years....I have been astounded HOW the Political leaders here treat their citizens....and sadly it is not just Repugs that seem to disregard the citizens and their plight, it is also Dems. This county is facing huge unresolved corruption issues.( What else can you say when the FBI & FEDS bring U Hauls to town to clear out garages and offices ?) And we all remember the Spectacle and Demise of the 2004 Election ( I was not here for that...thank heavens..) BUT....In that time I have been to a HCR rally with Marcia Fudge ( and got to see Teabaggers up close), and then there's Sherrod Brown who I admire and respect and sent me two very nice letters about HCR.

And then there is Voinovich....The Senator has been a disappointment over and over.His office will rarely let one leave a message( either office DC or here.) I have never gotten Any responses to any letters or emails. What really bothered me is that earlier last year I heard when I was canvassing for Obama that is how is as a Senator and how he was as a Mayor as well.

( and for anyone that does not KNOW our History here, Alot happened under Mayor Voinovich, and the City has never really recovered fully and suffered.Dennis Kucinich did try to repair much of the damage when he was mayor....but it has never recovered financially or on any level business to education ).

So then we come to Voinovich MISSING this Historic Vote in DC.....He was here, in Cleveland...Celebrating his Reign as Mayor 30 Years ago with a Party for himself. I can not even fathom with Thousands and thousands UnderInsured and UnInsured here, the Foreclosure Capital of the Great Lakes, and Hundreds of Thousands losing their jobs, and he was Giving himself a Damn Party. What do we call that ? Arrogance ? Greed ? Narcissism ? What message does this send to his Constituents ? His People who are struggling everyday with Financial Burdens and 190 lost their Health Insurance and Health care every day, What is the Message that he sent them tonight ?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Congressional Switchboard Taking Calls Today :202-224-3121. Just ask for your Senator's office.

Lines have been Jammed do keep trying...Remember the Stats::
>50 Million UnInsured, Millions more UnderInsured.( the US Census of 2006 results has 47 Million, but over 6 Million have lost their job since then.)
17,000 Losing Healthcare everyday, that is >500,000 /month( >6 Million this year).
>70% of Bankruptcies are due to Medical Debt- that means that many are losing their homes and business due to Illness.
>47,000 /yr Die without Health care or Insurance.
500,000 are currently fighting cancer without adequate Healthcare, Cancelled by their insurance.
8 Million Children are UnInsured and without Healthcare.
People very day are dying without healthcare, one every 12 minutes.....Remind our Senators that Our Health Care Crisis effects Democrats and Republicans....
Stats: Harvard Studies,Kaiser Family Studies,US Census.

HCR Battle today...on Cspan2...Hopefully it will be Cloture, 60 Votes and then on to the Debate....find me at twitter @watergatesummer

I will liveblog it and Twitter it during the day....This is D-Day folks... Scroll down and you can read more about the Senate Bill.

(1) Center for Policy Analysis breaks down the House Bill.
It is worth looking over, even though the Senate Bill might be stronger, and has no Stupak Amendment.

(2) This report by the compares the Senate and the House Versions ( Both of these were found by Ray Beckerman).

(3) Delusional Ignorant Sarah Palin got her hate on early this am, Putting on her Twitter page to KILL the HCR Bill. ( And sadly she has 25,000 of her dumb RWNJ's as followers ).
2:40PM today Blanche Lincoln will be voting Yes tonight at 8PM, that makes 60, and Mary Landrieu is the stayed tune for 4 PM Floor Debate....8PM Vote
Teddy 's Passion WHY we need Healthcare for ALL-1978:

Teddy blasting on HCR:

So they Voted whether to was tense, voted at their desks...Senator Byrd arrived, pushed in his wheelchair....
and It was hard to hear the Responses...But we tweeted when we heard them...and finally it reached 60 YAYS and 39 Nays..
oddly Voinovich did not show and did not vote...really strange. I don't know WHY he did not show- but truely a coward.
His "letter" is posted in the comments, still unclear why this Historic Vote he would not vote. The News Coverage was pathetic, CNN and MSNBC both broke in with a little 2 Minute update- that was it. FOX covered "it", mostly be letting Repug Senators come on and whine....

BUT we should all know after many monthes of hard work and battle that we did get what Millions of UnderInsured and UnInsured Needed....a Path to Reform.....

So after Thanksgiving...the Debate and battle will begin anew...
A post by a watcher...friend in the UK about Health, it's an Open Letter putting it all in Perspective....

President Clinton....Arkansas Needs Recognition of it's HCR Crisis....Put aside your Ego...Please

Please read the attached FDL post about President Clinton, who has a problem with the Free Clinic there...because he is carrying a grudge against Olbermann. We have Problems in this Country, Millions without Healthcare,Food, Homes, we don't have time for our past leaders to let Egos get in the way of Taking Care of Millions. Click the Title to read the post about Clinton.

8 Million Children UnInsured....Daily Kos Story...

Unemployment Map.....Click the title..There is No State that is "safe"

Do click the Huffington Post article and explore the details.

Wonkette has posted the Teabaggery Video...Mockumentary...

Click and watch.....amazing little piece of work...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Senate HCR Bill Was released Online, Please Click the Title

(Sadly I could not open this file until 2AM, so I apologize the post on this Bill is late, but I will be working on it tomorrow).
Up front it is looking better than expected. There is a Public Option, and even though the State OpOut Part is there, it is set up that it can not go into effect for atleast 3 years. There is NO Stupak Language or Amendments that I have found. Young Adults could and would be covered on their Parents/Family plan until 26 years old. And up to 31 Million of UnInsured would be covered.
I will give you more information tomorrow. ( Click the Link to the PDF- it is large, over 2400 pages).
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ made a List of some of the Major Points::::
Opt out for the public option -- that doesn't kick in until 2014.
Penalty for individuals who don't purchase insurance is $95, also beginning in 2014.
It doesn't include the Stupak language, but the public option won't cover abortion services.
The opt-out mechnism is a law -- so it would have to pass both houses of our Legislature and be signed by the governor.
Subsidies would apply to a family of four making up to $88K or 400% of the poverty level.
Medicaid would be expanded.
No denials due to pre-existing conditions.
They raised the trigger limit for the tax on nice health insurance plans.
Medicare payroll taxes would rise 0.5% on couples making more than $250,000.
Think Progress has the breakdown on this bill that is worth reading...

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NOLA Free Clinic (held Nov14th, reported Nov17th by Countdown.

Linked to the title is the story about the Nov14th Free Clinic.
Another amazing post about this story is written here by a Countdown producer, Rich Stockwell, really beautifully written, it really does show how much need there is in NOLA for the working people there to have access to affordable Healthcare. Sadly Countdown is the ONLY MSM that has been reporting on these Free Health Clinics. The MSM has continued to not cover the extent or gravity of the Health Care Crisis in Our Country.

Do watch the video in the post below to hear about the Clinic.

Countdown and the NOLA Free Clinic...

the Free Clinic in NOLA. New Orleans really needed this clinic, many that came had not had medical care in years. 80% of those that came have jobs but no Health Insurance and therefore No Health Care. 4 People that came were admitted directly to the Hospital. More than 1500 received care, more would have been served but they still lack resources in NOLA. The Next one will be later in the month in Arkansas.Please do watch the MSNBC Countdown Section on this.

Top Four Posts are regarding the NEW Government Issued Mammogram Guidelines

As a Woman, a Nurse, and coming from a family that has battled Breast Cancer, and as Someone who was Cancelled by Insurance due to the Breast Cancer Family History, I am gravely concerned and disturbed by the New Guidelines issued by the Government Prevention Task Force.

(1) Please see below The Task Force has NO Practicing Physicians caring for Women with Breast Cancer.
(2) The Guidelines were made with No Consultation of Breast Cancer Experts, the Main Dr.Petitti who has been the spokesperson on the News is NOT a Medical Doctor, she has a Degree in Economics.
(3) Was this "Change" in recommended Care based on Preventing Higher Costs of Care ? Improved Screening Saves Lives WHY would it be changed at this point as Breast Cancer still is battled by One in Eight Women, and is still the Number 2 Cancer in Women. WHY were NO Cancer Experts or Organizations Consulted about this Issue ?

Please do read all the posts below and you will see WHY there is Concern about these New Guidelines for the Safety of Women. Please do talk to your Doctor and also do continue to see the American Cancer Society's Stance on this issue.

Please Do read the American Cancer Society's Stance on Mammograms is....
They Continue to Stand by their Recommendation for Yearly Mammograms for Women in their 40s, and Self Checks as well. I will post their stance in the Comments as well.
In the Posts below I raised concerns that NONE of the "Doctors" that were hired by Bush and were to focus on these Prevention Strategies were Actual Practicing Medical Doctors- Especially CANCER Doctors. I also noted below that the Main Spokesperson for the Task Force is an Economics Professor, Dr.Pettit.

NOW the Other Link I was seeking about Task Force was DO they have a Connection with the Insurance Industry ? YES they do. I went back to their website and sure enough they set up Special Centers to Study Prevention , I posted the List in the Comments,PLEASE SEE THE LIST BECAUSE THERE IS THE INSURANCE LINK- BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHEILD....

Breast Cancer Doctors are Stepping Forward Questioning the New Mammogram Guidelines...

Below I have posted Concerns raised by two Breast Cancer Physicians, I will continue to post articles and links.
The Charlotte Article linked to the title raises some concerns about the New Guidelines in these Snippets, do read what Dr.Coomer a Breast Surgeon says about the New Rules :::
"The task force contradicted the American Cancer Society’s guidelines that say all women should get a base mammogram done by the age of 40 – some women considered "high risk" should get a baseline by age 35. The cancer society recommends that women over the age of 40 should have a mammogram repeated annually until the age of 75.

Dr. Cynara Coomer, a breast surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and Fox News contributor said she disagrees with the new guidelines for several reasons.

"There are many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer between the ages of 40 and 49, solely on mammogram findings," Coomer said. "Not only that, this is not about survival outcome. This is also about treatment options that are available to women at an earlier stage. If you are diagnosed earlier rather than later, there are more treatment options available and the treatment is much less aggressive."

She goes on to raise more concerns :
"Coomer said 40 percent of the breast cancer patients she sees are under the age of 50 and many of them have been diagnosed from a mammogram.

"These recommendations put women at a risk for being diagnosed at a later stage, and as a result, we’ll see an increase in morbidity and mortality in women with breast cancer," she said.Coomer said all women – especially younger women – should perform self-breast exams periodically, in order to be aware of changes in their breast tissue.

"If you aren’t getting mammograms, and you check yourself, you may feel a lump and that could prompt a further medical workup," Coomer added.

"The other thing is that if the motivation is cost-savings – if we are diagnosing women at a later stage, the cost of taking care of those women will far outweigh the cost that we’ll be saving by decreasing the number of screening mammograms," Coomer added.
Another Radiologist speaks up about his concerns for the for the new rules and the effects it will have on screening. Dr.Petitti has been the main spokesperson on the News reports working with the Government Prevention group, She is NOT a Breast Cancer Doctor or an Oncologist. Please do see the post below about the Prevention Task Force and look at their Credentials, not one is a Breast Cancer Doctor.

"That is, the likelihood of having a false positive test with all the attendant anxiety, the additional imaging tests, perhaps even leading to biopsy that may have been unnecessary," Dr. Diana Petitti with the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force said.

Now below do read Dr.Lackey's Concers as a Breast Cancer Doctor.

"The idea of stopping screenings because somebody's feelings might get hurt is ridiculous," Dr. Charles Lackey with St. Mary's Breast Center said.Dr. Lackey is a breast imaging radiologist with St. Mary's.He said the report ignores previous studies that show a 30 percent reduction in breast cancer deaths in the U.S., and worries the government and insurance companies might base reimbursement decisions on these guidelines, so if women want a mammogram before age 50, they'll have to pay out of pocket.

"That would really result in a lot fewer women doing it, especially in this time of economic downturn," Lackey said. He said that means more cancers detected at advanced stages when women are less likely to survive."This will result in more women dying of breast cancer, and these are our mothers and sisters and wives," Lackey said. "The government is more interested in saving money than in detecting cancer at an early age."

This puts him in the same group as the American Cancer Society, which is alarmed about how these guidelines might impact women's health."

LiveStrong Responds to the New Guidelines, Please do share this....

From the LiveStrong Website and the Statement released by Doug Ulman today::
"Today, LIVESTRONG President and CEO Doug Ulman issued the following statement in response to the new guidelines issued by a federal task force that contradict what women have been told in recent years about performing self-exams and getting annual mammograms beginning at age 40:
“We at LIVESTRONG fear that as a result of these new guidelines, more women will be lost to breast cancer.

Since the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued these reversals, LIVESTRONG and our partners at the American Cancer Society have heard from legions of women under 50 who are breast cancer survivors and many more whose lives were saved as a result of a routine self-exam. The work that has saved their lives must be sustained, not discarded.

We must break down the barriers to screening and early detection, not create new ones. We must empower women to be well-informed about their health, not send them conflicting signals. And we must foster greater cooperation among the trusted voices in the fight against cancer to create clear guidance.Many women feel confused by these dramatic changes. We urge them to talk to their doctors about making the best possible choices for their health and to seek medical attention if they feel something is amiss, regardless of their age.”
Big Thank You to MoonAngelWings on they forwarded this to me earlier in eve, and it was very helpful.

Mammogram Guidelines Changed this week by the Government Prevention Task Force

Breast Cancer Guidelines were released by a New Prevention Task Force that works for DHHS. The real issue is that the American Cancer Society has not supported these New Government Recommended Guidelines. ( as far as I can find they also were not consulted ?) I went to the Government website, and was stunned reading the List of Doctors, not one is a Physician who Works with or Cares for Breast Cancer Patients. We have been told that the New Guidelines were set up to cut costs and save women anxiety on the Evening News CBS Nov17th.

Do Click the title to read about the Changes. It is unclear WHO if anyone will be better served or protected, especially low income women who may not be getting regular screening or care, will now get less care. Spending Less on prevention is Not Prevention, it will in the end raise Cost of Care for everyone, and limit options.

If this Prevention Task Force starts recommending More Elimination of Screening Tools, PSA for Prostate Cancer, PAP tests etc, I think we have to demand some answers WHO they work for, or are they merely a Schill Group that is set in place to Prevent Higher Costs to Insurance Companies.
Breast Cancer Doc list Govt List not ONE single Breast Cancer Doc
Full List is in Post below.

Sebelius finally releases Breast Cancer research related to Health Care Reform ( sadly it does not address screening for those at risk)

(originally released 10.24.09 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
This report was accessible from site, I blogged about it a month ago, "Health Insurance Reform and Breast Cancer: Making the Health Care System Work for Women". NOW the report has been pulled from the site,as of this week the same time that NEW Mammogram Rules have been put in place. My original Complaint when I blogged about THE Missing Report was that it did not address Screening and Mammograms at all.

I wrote to the DHHS at the time to Question WHY Mammogram and Screening Costs were NOT in this report and evaluated as a Prevention Cost. NOW we see that Mammograms are being Eliminated for those under 50, and even Over 50 they are being reccommnded only every other year.BOTH of the NEW Guidelines will NOT prevent Cancer, they will prevent Early Detection which will lead to Higher Mortality Rates and Higher Costs for Late Stage Treatment.
On the Website that had the report it this Snippet::::
“Thousands of women and their families are impacted by breast cancer,” Secretary Sebelius said. “We are fighting for health reform that will help improve treatment for women with breast cancer and doing all we can to encourage women to take the simple steps that can help prevent this disease.”

The new report highlights the problems in the health care status quo that significantly impact women who are diagnosed with breast cancer or are breast cancer survivors. The report notes:

Breast cancer is the second leading type of cancer among women. The disease will affect one in eight American women during their lifetime, with treatment costs totaling $7 Billion in 2007.

Breast cancer patients with employer-based insurance had total out-of-pocket costs averaging $6,250 in 2007, higher than out-of-pocket spending for patients with asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or high blood pressure.

Breast cancer patients, even when in remission, are unlikely to find meaningful insurance coverage in the individual insurance market. A full 11 percent of individuals with any cancer said they could not obtain health coverage in the individual insurance market.

“Today, breast cancer patients incur thousands of dollars in debt, and breast cancer survivors struggle to get the affordable care they need,” Sebelius added. “Health insurance reform will bring costs down, make care more affordable and prevent insurance companies from discriminating against breast cancer survivors.”

List of the Prevention Study Team for the DHHS- NOTE NOT ONE Single Breast Cancer Doctor

This list is the Group that came up with the New Mammogram Guidelines, sadly it is unclear if ANY Cancer Orgs or Doctors were consulted about Screening, and Prevention Changes and WHO benefits from Changing Guidelines.
Please note that Dr.Petitti has been the Spokesperson on the News for this Issue-please note she has an ECONOMICS DEGREE ,SHE is NOT a Practicing Medical Physician.
Members of the USPSTF: ( Government Prevention Task Force)
The USPSTF comprises primary care clinicians (e.g., internists, pediatricians, family physicians, gynecologists/obstetricians, and nurses). Individual members' interests include: decision modeling and evaluation; effectiveness in clinical preventive medicine; clinical epidemiology; the prevention of high-risk behaviors in adolescents; geriatrics; and the prevention of disability in the elderly.

Current members of the Task Force are listed below. They have recognized expertise in prevention, evidence-based medicine, and primary care:
Bruce N. Calonge, M.D., M.P.H. (Chair)
Chief Medical Officer and State Epidemiologist
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver, CO
Diana B. Petitti, M.D., M.P.H. (Vice Chair)
Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Susan Curry, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Public Health
Distinguished Professor
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Allen J. Dietrich, M.D.
Professor, Community and Family Medicine
Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH
Thomas G. DeWitt, M.D.
Carl Weihl Professor of Pediatrics
Director of the Division of General and Community Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Kimberly D. Gregory, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Women's Health Services Research
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
David Grossman, M.D., M.P.H.
Medical Director, Preventive Care and Senior Investigator, Center for Health Studies, Group Health Cooperative
Professor of Health Services and Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
George Isham, M.D., M.S.
Medical Director and Chief Health Officer
HealthPartners, Minneapolis, MN
Michael L. LeFevre, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of Missouri School of Medicine, Columbia, MO
Rosanne Leipzig, M.D., Ph.D
Professor, Geriatrics and Adult Development, Medicine, Health Policy
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Lucy N. Marion, Ph.D., R.N.
Dean and Professor, School of Nursing
Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA
Joy Melnikow, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Associate Director, Center for Healthcare Policy and Research
University of California Davis, Sacramento, CA
Bernadette Melnyk, Ph.D., R.N., C.P.N.P./N.P.P.
Dean and Distinguished Foundation Professor in Nursing
College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation
Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
Wanda Nicholson, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.
Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
J. Sanford (Sandy) Schwartz, M.D.
Leon Hess Professor of Medicine, Health Management, and Economics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA
Timothy Wilt, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor, Department of Medicine, Minneapolis VA Medical Center
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Mom faces Prison to care for baby...Click and read...

49 Million in Food Battle... ( Karoli's post on Hunger in America)

Karoli is a Twitter wonder, she also wrote this amazing post about 49 Million that are struggling with Hunger Issues in our Country, she wrote the beautiful post that is attached to the title. Please do share it, and with Holidays coming think about how you can give to your local community.

US MOST Ineffecient HC system in world

Click the title , read the attached study and you will see it really explains many of the Broken aspects of our Health Care System.

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We lost a Wonderful Soul in Blogland this week,Grumpy Old Man.....

For more than five years this wonderful wise old soul was a part of the action here in Blogland, cursing Bush and his Regime, telling us stories of his life abroad with his lively wife.He turned 75 just a little over 3 weeks ago. He taught us how to be angry,how to cuss,how to laugh,how to fight back...he was truly a good soul. I was lucky because I got to be friends with him writing him offline,sharing our love of the Northwest. He died last Thursday, he did not feel well, and died of a heart attack on the way to the Hospital, he died in the ambulance.If you wish to write to his lovely wife please email me- I have contact information.His wonderful blog is still up, his last post on Veterans Day was one of his best.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wedding Entrance Song.....its been a long here you go..

Now they are using their song to raise money for Prevention of Violence programs-good for's been seen 31 Million times...( I will post the Pam&Jim Office Wedding Version Is just as sweet...)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day....the most amazing post...very beautiful.

This photo was taken my John Moore, of Getty Images, it is heartwrenching....a photo of Mary, at her sweetheart's grave,Jimmy.Do read his thoughts about Arlington and love and loss...Beautifully written. ( Click the title to read his post on the Getty Image Blog).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomorrow on Veterans Day VETS eat Free at Applebees....please pass this on..

Military eat free at Applebee's on Veterans Day November11th,2009
In appreciation for their service and sacrifice, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar restaurants coast to coast will honor U.S. veterans and active duty military with a free meal on Wednesday, Veterans Day. All U.S. veterans and active-duty military with proof of current or former U.S. military service will enjoy a free entree from a selection of six signature favorites. Those meals include the house sirloin steak, Chicken Tenders Platters, Fiesta Lime Chicken and others.
And do you ever wonder has the Health Care Crisis hit our VETS ? yes.....more than 2200 Veterans died last year alone without Health Insurance or Healthcare.....

Monday, November 09, 2009

20 Years ago Today the Berlin Wall Came Down...November 9th,1989

U2 Celebrating the Wall coming Down ( 3 days ago,MustSEE Video with Voices Singing& Historic Footage)

(the irony is that MTV would not air this concert here...)
I remember it well...the Crowds, and how ordinary citizens showed up, but also artists, and musicians and journalists, and the crowds swelled, and then there were the Bright lights. I remember watching people reach out to each other and pulling others up. I kept wondering if in the summer there had been more cameras and Bright Lights and more journalists would Tienanmen Square have turned out differently ? It was a hopeful nervous watching those 24 hours. The Guards who were so young standing quietly and not doing anything as people climbed the wall and eventually tore it apart with sledge hammers....And as the Wall came down Something Bigger broke open....

It was the photos of people hugging or crying or reaching out to each other that really choke me up....people whose heart strings were tugged by their friends, neighbors,family on the other side of the wall. I hope that other countries that are divided or "walled" begin to see the reality of taking Down Walls ....That Unity can bring Greatness...It can make a Country Stronger.
MUST SEE VIDEO:: Peter Jennings at his finest delivering the News about the Fall of the Wall
Another Perspective about the Wall coming down ,reflecting 20 years later (The Guardian)
Google Pictorial -History of the Wall
KOMO News Coverage 1989,that I watched living in Seattle...really amazing.
20 years ago tonight ....Where was I ?
In the early part of the evening I was working an inner city Seattle hospital in the Neonatal Nursery (NICU) I worked with a Nurse named Mia. Mia was from Iran, she had left in 1979. As we cared for the tiniest of premies, new to this world, fighting to be here. We watched as pale East Germans emerged that day, many were silent and crying. Mia Cried, she said it reminded her of her family whom she had not see in 10 years.Mia with her quiet defiant tears reminded me of the Pain of Separation...Of Exile.

For night shift I took the bus to the AIDS Hospice where I worked Night Shifts, a well loved newly owned fixed up Victorian Bungalow in DownTown Seattle. Being one of the first true AIDS Hospices in the Country, it was really just a Home where a small group of Nurses and Aides cared for AIDS patients in their last few months. That night I worked with Micheal, whose relatives are in Cuba and we sat and watched in a room with a patient from a War torn Africa Country. Each person saw the Wall Falling in a Different Light. Micheal saw it as Hope Emerging, that it meant good things for Cuba, for the Young People there.He pointed out "It is always the Young People who bring the Hope and the Strength, the Energy". And for the African Older Man who had worked as a Mercenary and a Guard in Different Countries in Africa he pointed out that it was the Guards who Changed History With the Quiet Strength, the Determination and perhaps even their Defiance. At the time we did not know if he was right, but we did watch they standing stoically quietly amidst the crowds. For George, he said it gave him renewed hope for South Africa and it's future.

For me it was about watching The People, they came together, they stood together they waited for each other, and made History Happen. People say that "Politics" don't effect them ,doesn't change their Lives, yet Politics creates Walls, Divisions, and hurts people....Only the People can Change that, but it means having Great Courage, Great Strength and Great Hope.
7 Minute Video explaining History Of The Wall ( EUROX TV channel)

Amazing Footage,song by a German " Wonder Could Happen"

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The HealthCare Bill passed in the House...after a long day of Battle...

I spent all day at Twitter and watching was quite an interesting Battle. Here are article about the whole Battle.
(1) LA Time article about the battle and the Vote
(2) Huffington Post has a wonderful post with lots of amazing details...

(3) This article about RepJoseph Cao from La. is an inspiring read about a man who humbly,quietly bravely stood up to his Repugs and stood up for his Constituents....really amazing story of the LONE repug vote.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Massive Shooting at Fort Hood,Tx., If you live in Area they need Blood,Please Contact Red Cross

4PM :::CNN is updating site on regular basis, 11 Dead, and On shooter dead, 2 More Shooters in custody, more than 31 wounded. Please click title for updates.Shooting occurred at the Readiness Center. Scott&White Hospital near Temple ( 20 minutes from area) is receiving Victims, they are in need of Blood, ALL Types. Please contact them if you are in area and can give blood.
ScottWhite Hospital Contact Information , please do check WHERE to go to give Blood, as they don't want ER flooded. You can also call 254-724-4097 to learn more about Blood Donating, the Hospital needs ALL Types. Round Rock Hospital is now also recieving Gun Shot Victims, I will post that info when I get it.

About Needed Blood::

5:30PM One Alleged Primary Shooter is named by CNN as Major Malik Nadal Hassan (39 or 40 years old) , two others are being held as well. Hassan was shot and killed at scene.He supposedly used two handguns, but details are still coming forth.

6:30PM His name is listed two different ways, also Major Nadil Malik Hassan has a Virginia Psychiatrist , drug rehab specialist, and also worked with PTSD, and it is unclear how many tours he had already done, he was on his way to Iraq. Rather than a Political or Religous Motive, I hope that the PTSD issue is scrutinized closer.He worked at Walter Reed, no details of his life or family at this time. ( Updates from Twitter,Jeremy Schahill and Paul Reikoff) Here is his WalterReed /DC address

MSNBC has footage of first Texas Interview.
Please do not flood region with phone messages. Please do TEXT, as this will free up phone lines.

You can also contact Red Cross and list your status as safe or leave messages They provide this service during crisis or disaster.
6:30PM Update:::
Photos from Fort Hood
Breaking News on Rachel at 9PM
During the Maddow show it was revealed that the Shooter is a Psychiatrist and has been working at Water Reed for the past 5 years, and is single and lives alone. He worked with PTSD patients at the StressCenter. We also learned that he is indeed injured and alive, and did survive the attacks, it is odd that we were led to believe for many hours that he was dead or had committed suicide. I am unclear as to what the Facts are and am merely for now posting what is being revealed on Rachel.

More about the Breaking News about the Shooter (YahooNews), YahooNews Report:: This is very strange how now they are re-writing the history of this event , I am having Tillman worries....

Questions about the Shooter
(1) Was he caring for mostly PTSD Patients from Iraq ? Had he himself done any tours in Iraq ? As a Caregiver, he mostly likely could have had a Caseload of up to 700 patients at one time ( that is the Average Caseload for VA Psychological Workers). Dod he have enough support ? Help with his caseload ? Enough Rest and Respite time ? ( Even Caregivers need support and strong work Environment. Lack of Staff and Increased Stress can indeed enable a Dangerous situation. Were any of those killed or wounded his patients ? Was he forced by HigherUps to let PTSD Sufferers return to Iraq ?

reveals more neewly released info from the Army. (Interesting we have Seen NO statement by Army or Base or Pentagon Folks, or even Gates. So sadly it is just Media Punditheads "reporting" or "speculating".
More from Huffington Post about the Status of the Shooter, raises more questions.

(2) At this point PTSD sufferers are also causing a ripple effect in families ( Military is even studying PTSD in families and caregivers and have not made that Research of Stufies public ). There comes a point when Caregivers Need Care too. I am still curious did he serve in Iraq yet- was this his first time after caring for PTSD patients for 5 years , it makes sense he would be very leery of Iraq. Also has he served on any Rendtition missions ? or at Gitmo ? ( it is a valid question)

(3) In 2007 the Military was giving a variety of Drugs to PTSD patients, including Chantix, and Zoloft that were causing increased Homicidal and Suicidal Urges. ( again this has not been publicly revealed or announced, but I reasarched it in 2008)

(4) Many of the Bases have been coping with Increased Suicides and Acts, and Homicides as well. PTSD needs more funding and study. People with PTSD should not be in Military or returning to Iraq.

(5) The Number of Military Suicides exceeds Civilian Rate... ( WSJ article)

(6) This WaPo Article was posted after MN, About Increased Strain at Fort Hood, due to repeated Deployments. A startlingly honest article about Mental Health Issues for this Base and the Miltiary.
"This year, 117 active-duty Army soldiers were reported to have committed suicide, with 81 of those cases confirmed -- up from 103 suicides during the same period last year. Ten suicides have been reported at Fort Hood this year; more than 75 of its personnel have committed suicide since 2003. Fort Hood's high number of suicides is also linked to the fact that it is the Army's largest base, with more than 53,000 soldiers.An estimated 30 percent of those returning from combat suffer mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Such problems grow worse with repeated deployments and the constant exposure to danger and the sights, smells and emotions of seeing others killed or wounded, according to Army mental health surveys."
4AM LA Times update About the Shooter, the Doctor and what led to this moment, that is known so far. Still no information on wounded or their conditions, and Still No Statement by Gates.
I will be posting more information and research related to PTSD here later tonight.
I sincerely hope that Counseling is being offered to the families at Fort Hood after this traumatic tragic event.
I will leave you with this video for the night and some thoughts. We are currently in TWO misguided Botched Warzones right now. The Consequnces have been huge, millions are effected all over the world, but also here at home, think on this the Soldiers come home and see their families abandoned as they lose Jobs, Healthcare and Homes.They themselves come home suffering PTSD, and recieve little if any treatment and can not find work or feel good about their "work" in Iraq or Afghanistan. And add to this, 40,000 of them or more are DISABLED by PTSD, their futures are ruined ( unless they get Proper Compassionate Care.)Suicide Rates within the Military and Homicide Rates are up in the Military, and these issues must be acknowledged. So I leave you with this song as I pray for the Wounded, the Dead, and the families connected to Fort Hood.
John Denver " Where have all the Flowers gone"

10 AM friday update
HuffingtonPost has more this am about the Condition of the Shooter, it is still unclear why they thought he was dead. He is on a ventilator after being shot 4 times. Over nite the number of dead rose to 13 and 28 wounded. Still unclear of wounds to Shooter,and if any were self inflicted (ie brain wound?) .Also were any of those shot people he knew and worked with.
12 Noon:::
This a photographer's account of what happened when she went to photograph at Fort Hood.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

An article about Renditioning and Horrendous Torture under the Bush Regime ( CIA)

Click the title to read this....I have written enough here to fill a book on torture, this is just one more piece of the puzzle.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Serial Killer Coverage.....a Warning.

In the past few days we have learned that we have a Serial Killer here in Cleveland. I have only lived here several years and this story is haunting, hearing Helicopters fly over and over, knowing Dead Bodies being found so close by is disturbing. I am also haunted on how Authorities and News Teams have handled it. But after living and working here these past few years mostly I am haunted that this Man lived amoung us and maybe killed women on the East Side.So I am blogging this grisly crime....If you have a delicate stomach I don't reccommend the posts below. Sadly it needs coverage, especially for the people that live here.

A Killer Amoung Us, and How it Happened...Meet Cleveland's Serial Killer..and pray it gets better News Coverage...

Anyone looking at this house in a East Side lower middle class neighborhood would never know that it was a house of horrors.....Last Friday that all changed...forever.

Here in Cleveland we have some problems,joblessness,poverty,foreclosured homes rampant on the East Side. We now have a problem that may have gone under the radar, but now is about to get National Attention...We Hope. Because Something Smells Here in Cleveland, more than just the Rotting Bodies at Imperial Ave. And while we still have Backhoes there, we need National Coverage of this mess that went Under-reported by Police and Media and while Countless Women are still Missing.

Did the Police Fail to Protect an Entire Community from a Sexual Criminal ?
The facts broke Halloween Weekend just like a grisly Stephen King novel leaked...Bodies found at an East Side Residence after Police came to talk to the resident about Sexual Assault Complaints were filed against the Owner. The Owner is a 50 year old man who served time for Sexual Assault& rape,15 years in Prison.In 1989 he assaulted,strangled and raped a woman, he was arrested for this crime and then served 15 years in prison for this crime. In 2005 he left prison he was only required to register his address to his parole officer.Periodically the Police would check that he did live at address he gave Authorities. Meanwhile the Neighborhood had NO idea that a Convicted Rapist was living in their neighborhood these past 4 years. The families and women in that Hood should have been warned. Also one has to wonder were there ANY complaints by women while he lived there ? According to news stations various reports interviewing neighbors, there were calls and complaints about actiivity at that house.

The Women Go Missing.....And No One Knows ?
Over the past few years women started disappearing from the neighborhood. Yet it was not reported on the Local News. Now this week, finally we have seen fliers of these Missing Women and we hear their stories, many are young women with families and children. Yet until this week we knew NOTHING of their Vanishings ? As a woman, a mom, I am outraged. How and Why this happened. Was the Silence about these Missing Women because it is an impoverished area of the East Side ? Was it because the Women are Black ? Because they were poor? Or because Police Services were cut to that district? WHY didn't the Police publicize the Missing Women and take their photos and names to the Local Media ? Would the Media Have Covered their Situation ? Down Below I will post their photos and information I can find on them.At this point We need to know how many are actually missing. Within a one block radius of the House on Imperial supposedly it is up to 8 women Missing. Didn't the Police Map out the Missing Women and Wonder WHY a Cluster of Missing women are from the same area ?

Police had been to Sowell's Home 4 times this past year,Why was he not arrested or Foul Odors Investigated ?

Mr.Sowell was arrested on Saturday Afternoon after Police and Federal Marshalls searched all night for him.They began their search after arriving at him home to speak to him about a woman that claimed she was sexually assaulted at his home on Sept22nd. ( The Public is mystified WHY it took over a month to arrive at his home and question him, much less arrest him for these allegations that involved sexual assault,rape and strangulation with an electrical cord.) During recent days we have learned Police visited his home in December 2008,March2009,June 2009 and September 2009.We learned that supposedly they did not enter home or investigate the foul odors coming from the home. They also did not arrest him or take him for questioning. One other women supposedly filed charges this year, but then dropped her charges due to "Intimidation", and even that was not investigated. On Friday Evening October30th, he was not at the home, but this time the Police did enter and they at first found 2 decomposed Bodies on an upper floor. Over the next 24 hours they would find another partially buried in the basement, and then one in the yard and then two in the backyard. Six Bodies were found by Sunday,in various states of Decomposition, and beyond recognition. By Sunday the Museum of Natural History was contacted by the Police and Coroners Office to help identify bodies, date the decomposition and gender of the bodies. All six so far are women and 5 are known strangulation ( local news reports, there still has been NO formal report or press conference by Police or Coroner's office).

What we learned from watching the Vigil on Monday Nov2nd. About the Missing Women.

Monday Night Clevelanders watched the local news and a Vigil had been planned to be held on Imperial Ave. More than a hundred showed up and not only grieved but shared information about the Missing Women. From local news reports it looks that there are atleast 8 Missing Women from that area of the location. The Families shared fliers and outrage as they realized that none of them knew about Sowell in their area, a Known Rapist, or of the other missing women. And yes, questions started to swirl as People started asking HOW did this happen and How Many are really missing ?

The Issue of the Odors in the Neighborhood
So even Friday Night when the News Crews showed up when questioning people in the neighborhood about Sowell, most did not know him or the house, but many reported a Foul Odor in the Neighborhood." Oh, so bodies were found there, THAT must be the Odor" I saw three separate interviews on different stations where people reported the Odor. On another station a person reported that Neighbors had always thought the Odors Originated from the Sausage Factory. On Monday Channel 5 went and interviewed Sausage Workers, and they too had smelled the Odors and said they did not know the smell came from. All described it as a "Rotting Animal Smell", one Sausage worker said " I thought maybe some animal had died in the Sewer".

Sowells History :::Scraping and Many Boxes of Large Garbage bags
On Monday Nov2 Channel5 News Ron Reagon went and interviewed the local Grocer in the Neighborhood, and the owner admitted that yes he knew Sowell quite well," because he was frequently in buying LARGE BOXES OF LARGE STURDY HEFTY GARBAGE BAGS" .Tuesday November3 the street was closed and Excavation equipment and Cadaver Dogs were brought to the Imperial Street Address.

Channel 4 (Nov3) interviewed the man,Don Laster, that had helped rescue a woman that was found outside naked on the ground by the home in September, supposedly she was not clothed barely conscious and bystanders called 911 and gave a tshirt, supposedly medics came and took her to hospital. No Police reports from that day have been found or released to the public.One of the men that tended to her said she was barely conscious and was under debris in the yard and he took photos of her under a pile of debris. Sowell was naked in the yard and yelled, begging not to have Police Called.It is unclear WHY police did not come to this event, even though Sowell yelled to bystanders that she was his wife ( like that would justify her being thrown off a porch nude ? ) Why wasn't he picked up and questioned about this injured woman ? EMS supposedly did go to home- where are the reports from that day ?

Tuesday November 3rd Updates:::
News Crews have been by home all day, 3 Coroner Vans have been to home today,and cadaver dogs. Atleast More Body Bags have been removed. Police today are saying they do not know how many are there. Excavation equipment is still there. Many are concerned that this man was a known Scraper, going to East Side neighborhoods looking for scrape metal. Very concerning is that this man might have been looking for empty houses. Today digging continued at the houses, the basement, the garage.

There are more Questions than Answers here in Cleveland....
More Articles on this.
(1) Nov3: Channel 19 NEWS now has a LIVE feed and Camera Set up and Hourly updates
(2) Philip Morris's Excellent post in Cleveland Plain Dealer explores more of the issues involved with this case.
(3) More from the Examiner on this case.
Channel 19 has POSTERS of Many of the MISSING WOMEN
Thursday November 5th Update:
Three Bodies have been Identified.
Tuesday Tonia Carmicheal (53) first one identified from Backyard remains.
Thursday Nov5th, Telacia Fortson missing since Junest , and Tishana Culver 31 ( resident of Imperial Ave) both identified.
( * The "T" names -Coinicidence )
( Am attending site on Friday will post more at that time from the Missing Wall- as no MSM station has posted All the MISSING WOMEN Posters that are on Wall there) 123rd)

Photos of Anthony Sowell : Please do look at these and see if you recognize him from Scrapping Expeditions,or if live on East Side

He was known to go scrapping looking for metals, if anyone recognizes him please contact police. The real concern is that did he put bodies in other places, if so he would know where empty houses are. If you live in a neighborhood that has empty houses and Strange Odors, I encourage you to contact the Police.

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Autumn Skies.....

Taking a Autumn break...Beautiful Leaves eh? ahhh the wonders of a back in a few days...need a break from blogging about Health Care Battle..

FBI Watchlist ( and No fly List)

Click the title to read this...we have to stop these programs that have hurt millions..