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Thank You and Happy New Year to all of Our Amazing Listeners and Guests on Awopradio

Awopradio was just starting back in the summer, in July. And I came on the show as a guest to talk about my book, invited by Perry. At the time I was a nervous wreck, I had never done a full radio interview, and never done any interviews on the book. "Silent Fallout" was done, and I was wading through final edits and legal reviews, but I thought I should find some courage and take the plunge. On another note I have had a deep curiosity and longtime love of Radio. I miss Air America terribly and I even collect old radio shows ( on tape). So for those that think I found my courage, actually I think I found my passion. I am still shy on the radio, and Kim and Perry are relaxed and funny and that makes it all go better. I am so blessed to be able to help the show and schedule guests, and contribute to such a venture.

Kim has a Molly Ivins quality that I adore and Perry is the political wonk, she reminds me of Linda Ellerbee. And then there is Nunzia who used to work at CNN and is a true journalist. This is a top notch team....And we began inviting all kinds of guests....and amazingly enough they came, and all of them were and are wonderful. So The Video below is to thank our Amazing Guests who helped make the First 6 Months such an amazing ride. So the video below has our Amazing Guests and some of their fine works. ( Please know that we tried to find photos of @WhoDat and @EileenLeft and @Symbolman, @PirateLarry .....if I get their photos I will add them. I also added our January Guests.Please know that I am still new making videos. this is only my 3rd one, so the order is not quite right.....)) But the Video is really a way to Thank Our Wonderful Guests...

Christmas 2011...Giving Thanks and Looking Forward....

To all that come here....I am so grateful to know you and talk with you and share...I would never have dreamed that this blog would still be we go on the 7th year...

This year was quite a year, so much to see, watch and learn from...The World is Changing, and I can only hope that America is part of that waking up process, Occupy shook up and woke up many. And there was the Arab Spring, I will never forget watching all of it unfold this year......

And there was Japan and Fukushima...and Gabby Giffords...and the horrible incident in Norway...all lessons in courage...and that Time is indeed a Gift...Life can be so fragile..fleeting....treasure those around you and what and who they are....No One knows what tomorrow brings......

And for me...I made peace with many things this year...MS....My Book ( which is done and will be available in January). And I tried new Things I worked for Democracy For America and even explored ( and fell in love with Internet Radio)....and I found that going down to Occupy eased a lot of the pain of Poverty....and I was so lucky to have a Garden...and I took this year to come up with a Better plan for 6-6 to help him reach his NYC /Education Dreams......

And to all of you, everyone who connected to me Here, or Twitter or the Radio...I am so grateful.....I wish the best for all for the New Year. Much Love, Much Light.....Namaste....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Solstice Post....And Some Thoughts about Courage and Who Matters...

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."~Ambrose Redmoon

About Courage....And Why It Matters....
Courage matters in so many ways, large and small and sometimes even silently. I am mentioning this issue because I am tired of watching a Smear Campaign unfold day after day over on Twitter. There is someone there who is attacking really good people, I am not even sure why, maybe it makes him feel good or "Bigger", or maybe it is for attention. But this I do know most people are having a hard time this Christmas, his attacks are cruel and baseless, and unwarranted. So many people are dealing with illness, and job issues and economic issues, his attacks could seem Petty and small minded. But they are damaging and hurting the Fabric of the Left. I have lost friends because of his attacks and lies and smearing. I have lost Followers on Twitter and Facebook and even gotten emails that were hate filled and senseless. I am and was a whistleblower, I know a thing or two about attacks, trolls and hate. Yet I have to say there is nothing worse than Hate on Our Own Side that is spun into a frenzy and fueled by people acting like Children. It is why I wrote the Cyberbullying Post, because I don't think Silence helps anyone. ( The post I wrote on Cyberbullying is here that I wrote earlier this month.)

I share here and on Twitter and Facebook..I share my life, my home, my political thoughts. And yes, I post my Home, because in many ways I open up my heart and my home to all, I share. And yes, if you are rude to me, or my friends...I shut the door, I have to.....( On Twitter or Facebook that means you are Blocked...)

So I am just saying it right here, right now. I stand by my friends, and I say what I mean and mean what I say...... And there are certain people I value, not all of them get along or are even friends...but I love them all and value them...very very much and I have told them Publicly and Privately. The past two years working on the Book there were certain people who really were a Rock ....and I am grateful...very. So as this Solstice reveals and unfolds this year , I value those in my life and also those who have been there for me....I honor Who and What you are, and I KNOW you...

Is it Wrong to want Peace here and in Twitterland ? Is It Wrong to not want to be gossiped and slammed like a Highschool nerd ? Is it wrong to want Peace for dear Friends ? (seriously I had enough of that so many years ago) Is it wrong to want Solidarity on the Left ? Is it wrong to expect and hope that People will act like adults and have Compassion ?

Praying for Peace...We Need It.

A Video for Solstice...


"Every day you either see a scar or courage. Where you dwell will define your struggle. " ~Dodinsky

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Christmas Wonder...

More Christmas Wonder....

"When peoples care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul."~~Langston Hughes

Anonymous Donors Pay off KMART Christmas Layaway Accounts
And a Gift for you....Stunningly Beautiful Video....just watch....

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Awopradio Show For Sunday December 18th, Eric Byler of the Coffee Party and An Update from Occupy Pittsburgh ...

(Posted 12.15.11)
Nothing better than Sunday Evenings to tune in and Listen up to Internet Progressive Radio. First we have the 99 Report and then we have Perry @mommapolitico with her Undercover Liberal Report ( involving a trip to a Gun Show ), at 7:30PM and then we have our Guests. We continue focus on how OCCUPY Movement is helping focus on real American issues. At 8PM we have a Report from an RN,Marcy that has been working with Occupy Pittsburgh and she will update us from her state. And then there is Eric Byler of the Coffee Party at 8:30PM who will update us multiple sites of Occupy and also share his experience of being arrested while photographing and reporting/tweeting Occupy in LA as it was raided by Police. And there will be plenty else going on as well as chatroom will be open, so please join us....7PM EST on Sunday Eve. ( Just Click the Radio over on the Side Bar.) Or you can click here too...
LINKS to share and Read

(1) Eric Byler Filmaker and Co Founder of the Coffee Party shares his story of being arrested while Filming Occupy LA, it is a compelling well written piece....
Listen to internet radio with AWOP Radio on Blog Talk Radio

99 Report Awopradio Sunday December 18th....."The Bush Depression"

My Question for the Week:
Why Aren't we calling this Bush's Depression. ? Bush spent two years pretending we were not in a Recession , ignoring it , and then bottom fell out in Summer of 2008. ( Remember the Reporters were not even allowed to say the "R" word). Meanwhile Bush gave Many corporations and rich individuals tax breaks, all of this contributed to this Economic Situation. And yet in the Debates Bush or his Damage are not mentioned. And yet it's Christmas and we have kids sitting on Santa's Lap asking for a "Home" or a "Job for Daddy? "

And these are the Numbers for the Wars that the Bush Regime waged:
Cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom: $806 billion Projected total cost of veterans’ health care and disability: $422 billion to $717 billion.

Business Insider has more stats about Vets, from Prison rates to Suicide. ( Suicides are at 18 /day, 600,000 Vets Sleep on the Street per night, 29% Unemployment Rate, 236,000 Vets home from Warzones Jobless, and 26,000 Military serving lost their homes last year in foreclosure. The Wars have hurt this country, especially Our Own Military and their families.

One in Two People are Low Income....NPR...good read.
Update on #OccupyCleveland
(1) How they helped to try to stop an Eviction in Orwell ( and it did get media coverage via Newsnet5 and MSNBC).
I was going to go and take photos and video , even had press passes ready, but got sick as a dog all week. ( Post will be up later tonight).
(2) They are now looking to occupy an empty office building downtown ( there are plenty, I am still putting together my photo montage, if anyone can help me do a Video for Youtube I really need lessons).
More on Another aspect of the Bush years : Bank Failures
(1) Really Interesting Article on the Bank Failures and what led to them in the last decade, and how it's a bigger under reported mess than we know. 88 Billion Dollar Mess....yet why aren't we seeing Banking Regulations examined , reinstated ? and why aren't there JD investigations about these Banking 's Behaviors ?
Who in the 99 Percent can we Help this week ?
(1) I have a post up below about the Fuller Family down in Kentucky and their battle with cancer, AJ is nine and they really are battling it, for over 4 years. Dad serves our country and is for now stationed in KY. Please help me help them have a Christmas, driving to Nashville for AJ's cancer care is really hurting their budget, read more here how you can help. They are a really wonderful Family.
Other #99 Reports :
(1) Foreclosures And Homelessness and Displaced families really are a bigger problem than we can truly appreciate.
(2) Stats to Share with Family Over Holidays and the Stats really tell the story of Working Poor, and our vanishing Middle Class. We need to really educate people.
(3) Poverty ( especially Children) Is another aspect that needs our focus as the Economy has really effected our Children. This Christmas do try to give to Charities that are really working with Children. Salvation Army and Feeding America.
(4) Suicide Prevention tips, I mention this as it has been helpful on Twitter. Sadly due to the economy the Suicide rates are up, and also Vet Suicide rates are at 18 /day.

FDR talking about People who didn't support his efforts on Social Security and Care of the Poor.....really interesting Parallels to the Republicans of today and their lack of concern for the Poor and Middle Class in this for Thought.
"Merry Christmas Here's your Orange" a story about the Christmases during the Great Depression in the Plain Dealer in 2008
My Video..."Another World is Possible"

99 Percent Occupy Fall 2011 ( test video....)

I am trying to figure out how to make Youtube videos...Music is by Josh Woodward "Ovethrown"

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Tacky Christmas ....More Dec. 14th

My Attic...My Tacky.....and Christmas Lights...( I think it needs more Lights....I have Blue and White up...So far...)The Christmas Tree was from the local Dollar store, under 10 dollars...( and we are waiting to see how long it takes for 20PoundWonder Kitty to bring it you all remember he took down my Tree two years under 24 far we are now on day 4 I have some hope). I made all the ornaments over the years , some with 6-6 and some before he was born, and they have traveled all over the Country with us....My fascination with Lights and Tacky Christmas started with my Grandmother Flo, or Mimi as we called her...she would drive us around in the evenings we would sit in the back seat eating Silber 's Cookies and look for the Best Lights, the more the better, the tackier, gaudy the Better...and she would play christmas carols on the Radio....And when my son was little I did the same with him for many years....So even now I find myself searching yearning for Lights and Music....That is all i really need to know it is Still Christmas.
One of my Favorites....Greg Lake singing " I Believe in Father Christmas"

And some Sax..The Christmas Song....( and yeah, it's Kenny G...)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Help Give This Amazing Military Family Fighting Cancer a Real Christmas

Last year I shared my refugee work with you all, an Iraqi Family needed our Help getting Settled and Welcomed to the States, and that family with the wonderful pregnant mother and the 5 children was so blessed by you all. This Christmas I am sharing another Family that needs our help and our love. I want to tell you about the Fuller Family, they are a wonderful Military Family that is on a path that needs our Love, Prayers, Light and Support. Dad Adam serves our Country proudly and is now stationed in Kentucky. Their son AJ has been battling Medulloblastoma, brain cancer for over 4 years. He is a really special little boy, feisty, funny and really a Fighter. And his Big Sister Delainey, who they call Laine or Lainey is really amazing as well. AJ is 8 going on nine and Laine is 11 years old. For AJ's Cancer treatments he needs to travel all the way to Nashville, which is alot of gas money twice a month. ( They are a Military Family, money is very tight, and that Trip twice a month is really eating into the budget on all levels).

And the Reason I am blogging about them, is because there is no money for them to have a Christmas, and they are a family that is helping Serve Our Country, while AJ is Fighting Cancer. We Need to help them with their Battle Against Cancer, and we need to also help them have a Christmas as a Family. If you want to help you can email me to learn more. Any Money that is raised here on the Radio I am buying them Gas Cards and also Walmart Give Cards as that is the Closest Store to them and that way Mom can go pick out some Special Christmas goodies for AJ and Lainey. You can also follow me on Twitter @watergatesummer if you want to help Tweet This and raise money and support for them.

This is the Website that explains more of their situation ( written by Ann AJ's Mom, it is called the Caring Bridge.

This YouTube Video has more of their story, and was made my Ann and AJ to tell their story...that has gone on for over 4 years....

The Address is in the comments....
December 19th Update:::
I want to thank Twitterland, AWOP Radio Listeners, and Watergate Summer readers:
Thank you all so so much, I was able to send Mom Ann a Walmart Gift card so she can go get Christmas goodies for Lainey and AJ and also some gas money. I sent it all off yesterday and some huge homemade cookies, and I also learned from Ann that others folks had sent goodness in the mail...I am humbled and so grateful that you all are so giving ....and generous....even in Hard Times. Thank you again.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

"One More Step "Video : Beautiful Inspiring...Please Share

This amazing video shows NYC on November 17th, and has the words of many profound. The title is based on Dorli Rainey the 84 Seattle Activist who after being PepperSprayed appeared on Countdown and said " Take One More Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone". The video shows the People Rising....Marching all over NYC and over the Brooklyn Bridge. And it highlights the beautiful inspiring Bat Signals that were shown onto the Verizon Building that night....I am Thankful for the Occupy Movement....I am Thankful We Are the 99% and We Are Everywhere...We Are Together.Another World Is Possible.

(hat tip to Sassy Songstress...Sharon for finding this...originally posted 11.24...)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

99 Report AwopRadio Sunday December 11th : Foreclosure Stats

(1) First I am going to highlight the Numbers from Last week Poverty Numbers and UnEmployment Numbers as combined with the FoodStamp Numbers they tell the story of America and the 99 Percent and why OWS is fighting for the 99 Percent. There are huge numbers of People Impacted. I watch these GOP debates and they talk of their God given rights and family values and I would just like to ask them, even one Why they think it is Acceptable for them to let their neighbors live like this ?

And if someone has lost their job, you can bet that they are either on Foodstamps or living in their car, or buying Catfood for dinner or having to send their Kids to School Hungry. And While Real Americans, Millions of them are facing these Living Conditions GOP is Gutting Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Planned Parenthood. And I have seen these Republican Candidates say well let them seek Charity and Churches for help. Well news to them, in many of the poorer Cities the Churches are even closing due to lack of funds. All of these folks are our Brothers and Sisters, they are Americans and they are the 99 Percent. So I say give what you can and Occupy The Vote and do what you can to help : Salvation Army and Feeding America do stellar work and do Support the Occupy Movement.

The Stats that Tell The Story of the 99 Percent
29 Million UnderEmployed and UnEmployed
46 Million Living in Poverty
49 Million as of this Month on Food Stamps and SNAP
22 Million ( or 12 Million depending on sources) Of our Elderly living in Poverty or eating catfood
On In Four Children going to bed hungry
22 Millon Children living in Poverty, this includes living in shelters,or hotels, and Hunger Issues
8 Million Foreclosed Homes 2008-2010, 4 Million More so far for 2011, and 2 Million facing foreclosure next 90 days
( Example for Cleveland that is 25,000 Empty Homes. Water Depts. have the Best Records on this)
Commercial buildings the Foreclosure Rate is even higher over 9 Percent ( which explains the empty buildings downtown)

****** THIS NPR MAP has imagery that shows the Economic Mapping, so you can examine your area and see UnEmployment and Foreclosure Issues Mapped.Really raises questions were the Banks Targeting Certain Neighborhoods and areas ?

*** Meanwhile here in Cleveland where there are 25,000 Empty Homes, The City Council Here passed an Emergency Resolution in support of the Occupy Movement, it is four pages long and beautifully written and describes the movement as related to the Economic Distress of our times, it was passed 18 to one. You can read more here, and see the Resolution.

(2) Occupy Is moving their focus to Homes and Empty Buildings, trying to save Homes from Eviction,
as well as reclaim homes for homeless families and also reclaim Empty Structures for use for shelters.
( Some folks would say that this is encouraging "Squatting", I would like to point out in parts of Europe Squatting is actually legal and that folks are allowed to squat as long as they keep structures clean, don't burn anything, or mis use fuel, and
they leave the Water on so that people can keep themselves and the structures clean).

(3) Residential Foreclosures 2008 to 2010 = Over 8 Million ( yet not all the numbers have been fully disclosed).This year 4 Million so far and another 2 Million are facing it in the upcoming 90 Days. Commercial Real Estate is over 9.1% which explains many of the empty urban regions.What I did start examining are Regional Maps ( from NPR) that I am including in the Post on Foreclosures that clearly show that only certain areas of larger cities had Foreclosure Issues, and the neighborhoods with certain middle class jobs and incomes were indeed targeted, and the JD should be investigating those banks that targeted those Hoods. ( IE. In Washington State Washington Mutual which sold their debts to Bank of America should be scrutinized). And another article also explained that the FDIC did know that 1: 200 Homes were starting to face Foreclosure in 2005. ( Some articles also pointed out that some of these homes were VA Loans and possibly related to change of employment due to war Serving). So even in 2005 the Foreclosure rate was rising to 250,000 per quarter, and it kept rising per year.

********Here are some of the Stats::: from the FDIC.

(4) The Occupy Stats are explained more here in the Thanksgiving 99 Report, and are great for explaining the 99 Movement to folks.

(5) The Post On Poverty and Children in America from last Sunday is a Must Read and has more information.

To Folks who say " I Don't Understand the 99 Percent Issue, or the Occupy Movement" I say "Which Side Are You On?"
It's about Americans being being Attacked by the GOP under 8 Years of Bush and the Current Congress, So Do Occupy the VOTE, but also do talk to your Neighbors, Know your Neighbors. And to President Obama I say, you do need to Acknowledge the 99 Percent, many of us Voted and helped get you to the Whitehouse, and are now facing Homelessness, Hungry Kids and Joblessness, and yeah, Millions of Us VOTE.The Occupy Movement is truly about the Middles Class being destroyed, and the Republicans and Tea party continue to be hell bent on destroying working class jobs and also taking away any efforts to help the Economic recovery.

99 Report Help ZONE...These Fine Folks need our Help and Support...

(1) First please do head over to Rump Roast and learn how you can help with the fundraiser for Strangeappar8us , it's a serious situation and if we all help it will make a difference.
(2) Do send good thought s, prayers and Light to Xeni Over at Boing Boing as she is newly diagnosed and battling Breast Cancer.
(3) Please Do check back I have information about an Situation of a Family who has been helping their child battle Cancer ( AJ) and we need to find ways to help them. ( Twitter friend @ohthesweet forwarded this info) This is the Family's Homepage, where you can learn more about how to help the Fuller Family.
(4) Salvation Army is really helping families in need this Christmas from food to warm clothes to bedding to Christmas Gifts for children and families, please do support their work. And then there is Feeding America DO contact them in your area they do so much with so little, and every little bit helps.

Awopradio Show For Sunday December 11th : Guests Faydra Deon and Walter Brasch

Sunday Night on Awopradio on BlogTalkRadio 7-9PM EST we have a great show planned with two really amazing writers. First we have the 99 Report 7-7:15PM and then we have Perry @Mommapolitico will give us the rundown on Kitchen Table Politics. ( This Week on the 99 Report the focus will be the Foreclosure Crisis and the Occupy Movement's Focus on reclaiming homes and empty buildings. ( The Post below will have details 99 Report of the Foreclosure Mess and Occupy Homes, and also more data on Vets losing their homes.)

Faydra Deon

And Our First Guest at 8PM is Faydra Deon, who is well known on @Faydra_Deon as a real Twitter Wonder, and Internet maven. She also as a Blogger is writing and publishing her first Books. Her First Book is Called" The Pride" , an amazing book about 4 Strong Women. ( She has two other books upcoming "The Village " and the "The Project". ) She has been on Twitter for over 2 years and has truly forged a presence there as well, helping people learn how to blog and also connect. Her main Website is here and has links to so many of her projects. She does not just help folks with Wordpress, she also is now helping folks get self published. And then there is the publishing site that has more info on how to get her books, on solamente publishing. She is offering really good help for folks trying to navigate blogging or selfpublishing.

The Pride

Our Second Guest at 8:30PM EST is Walter Brasch who is an activist and journalist. His newest book, "Before the First Snow", is extraordinary and spans from the 1960's to right before the Gulf War starts. Great Blog by Walter called the Wanderings has more about his book "Before the First Snow". And his website is really wonderful and worth a read as well, Walter's Website on his activism and journalism.

This is the World of Progress Radio logo ( Which I am trying to add to the Sidebar.)

You can click here to listen to the Show.
Radio Promo Kim's Radio Promo ( Audio) awesome...
Listen to internet radio with AWOP Radio on Blog Talk Radio


Occupy Movement is now Focused on the Foreclosure Crisis....

The Occupy Movement this week moved it's focus to the Foreclosure Crisis, and the number of empty Homes and Buildings and the number of Misplaced families and Homeless. In 25 Cities Homes and Buildings were reclaimed and families settled, and in other cities Homes were occupied in an attempt to save them from Eviction. This Washington Post article covers in some detail. ( I will try to post photos from Ohio, from Cleveland and Toledo over the next few weeks, I have been taking photos of foreclosed empty buildings and homes. I am not trying to put together a film of that project, or YouTube).

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cyberbullying....And Why We On The Left Should Be Talking About It...

Why Talk About Bullying ?
( Originally written and post December 7th)
I am bringing up this issue for two different reasons. I have been witnessing people on Twitter getting Bullied on a regular basis. I have witnessed the Insults and hurtful words that are thrown at different people. And I have witnessed it being perpetrated by people who say that they are on The Left . For many years many of us have dealt with Bullies that appear as Trolls from the Right Wing hurling insults at us on Blogs and Twitter, but never from our Own Side. I have even see good people leave Twitter due to this behavior, and people who were new to Twitter and were immediately bullied and confused and hurt they left.

I am also blogging about this because I have had to assist late at night with two suicide situations, one of which involved Twitter Bullying. I am not saying these incidents are connected, but I am trying to point out that Bullying is Dangerous and Damaging to many involved and we as a Community of Adults should be able to talk about it and Recognize it and Stop it, if it is Damaging To Our Twitter Community.

Look Closely at this Sign, ALL of these Bullying Behaviors have been happening on Twitter, a small group has been Bullying Other Twitter Folks on the Left, for no real reason, except that they can. ALL of the Behaviors have been seen by other people as witnesses, and yet the Bullying Continues. Why Anyone on the Left would Bully Others is beyond me, this is an Election Year when Dems and those on the Left and Liberals should be coming together. Some of us have noticed that the Bullying is happening to people who are viewed not progressive enough ? Or Not Supporting Obama enough ? Could they be paid Operatives ? Why would they be so relentless ? So heartless to others on the Left ? They sometimes behave as cruelly as Right Wing Trolls ( and many of them actually are paid) , So it is a valid question.

"I've been actually really very pleased to see how much awareness was raised around bullying, and how deeply it affects everyone. You know, you don't have to be the loser kid in high school to be bullied. Bullying and being picked on comes in so many different forms."
Lady Gaga

Definition From
The definition is below with explanation, With Asterisk****, I have elaborated how this definition corresponds to what we have been witnessing on Twitter.
Cyber bullying is bullying through email, instant messaging (IMing), chat room exchanges, Web site posts, or digital messages or images send to a cellular phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) (Kowalski et al. 2008). Cyber bullying, like traditional bullying, involves an imbalance of power, aggression, and a negative action that is often repeated.

Cyber bullying has some rather unique characteristics that are different from traditional bullying:

Anonymity: As bad as the "bully" on the playground may be, he or she can be readily identified and potentially avoided. On the other hand, the child who cyber bullies is often anonymous. The victim is left wondering who the cyber "bully" is, which can cause a great deal of stress.

**** Instead of the "Playground" let's suppose the "Battleground" is Twitter, a giant open Chatroom, or Blogs with Comment threads, or Facebook with Comment Threads. On Twitter people have Codenames or handles, their True Idenities often hidden. This gives the Bullies more power in an uneven landscape.

Accessibility: Most children who use traditional ways of bullying terrorize their victim at school, on the bus, or walking to or from school. Although bullying can happen elsewhere in the community, there is usually a standard period of time during which these children have access to their victims. Children who cyber bully can wreak havoc any time of the day or night.

***** Please note that this site says "Children", but Adults acting like 12 year old children can also Bully other adults. Yet the Accessibility issue also is true for the Twitter landscape. On Facebook, there is a Safety division and people can be reported for behavior that is not appropriate, where as on Twitter there are no Safety Moderators to report harassing or rude behavior. So Bullies can act with abandon and no that they will not meet any fate or reprimand. No Consequences for the Bully and No Protection or course of Action for the Victim.

Punitive Fears: Victims of cyber bullying often do not report it because of: (1) fear of retribution from their tormentors, and (2) fear that their computer or phone privileges will be taken away. Often, adults' responses to cyber bullying are to remove the technology from a victim - which in their eyes can be seen as punishment.

*****On Twitter there is No Authority for the Victims to report the Bullying. Yet an interesting pattern that has occurred on Twitter that people that face off with the Bully are often later suffering Hacking or computer virus problems, which could just be an ugly coincidence that happens more often than not.

Bystanders: Most traditional bullying episodes occur in the presence of other people who assume the role of bystanders or witnesses. The phenomenon of being a bystander in the cyber world is different in that they may receive and forward emails, view web pages, forward images sent to cell phones, etc. The number of bystanders in the cyber world can reach into the millions.

*****Witnesses and Bystanders who witness Bullying on Twitter are often left trying to ascertain what to do, how to help and how to stop the Bullying.

Disinhibition: The anonymity afforded by the Internet can lead children to engage in behaviors that they might not do face-to-face. Ironically, it is their very anonymity that allows some individuals to bully at all.

******The Cyber Bully is empowered because he/she does not have to show his/her face or reveal his name, it is like being slugged in the Dark Alley by someone wearing a Mask in the dead of Night.
I have been trying to Tweet Solidarity to the Person(s) being attacked. I have been trying to change the dialogue, to provide support to the person suffering. I have at times also been at the Brunt of this small little gang on Twitter, so I do understand how horrible it can be and how it can hurt some many involved. I don't have any solutions or answers, but I have concerns, and I can no longer be silent watching good people getting Hurt. Something has to stop this behavior on Twitter.
From Twitter This Tweet Was Posted tonight... From John Dean::: " I'm writing on CYBERBULLYING: If you have experience(s) to share, on or off-the-record, send me a note:"

Suicide Prevention Tips ( For Use on Twitter/ Internet)

(originally posted 11.29.11)
(1) If you notice someone in their Timeline is Voicing Depression , Hopelessness, "Wanting To End It" Wanting Out" Etc. Do Read their Whole Page, try to see what triggered this line of thought, do see if they are talking to Anyone ? Or are they talking to themselves. If they are talking to themselves, this also means that they are still willing to talk, and NEED to talk. Do Engage, but ask quietly, nicely " Are you Ok? What is going on? I am worried about you? I care.."

(2) If they don't respond it is fine to send Tweets of comfort, hope, caring, let the person know they are not alone. That you are THERE, you are not going anywhere.

(3) This does especially come up at Holidays. If they tweet that they have reasons, let them talk, let them cuss, voice concerns, even get pissed. That is fine for if they are pissed off, or venting, atleast then they are talking, and not engaging in hurting or harming themselves.

(4) Offer to help, ask if there is anyone you can call for them, anyone that might be able to help. ( This is also to remind them that there are others close by that care about them and that would miss them. )

(5) By looking at their page try to ascertain do they have Intent, Means, ( ie weapons, alcohol, pills, drugs, razors, sharp things, even rope, hints do happen, especially on twitter ). Again do keep them talking, tweet at them , tell them they are Loved, that they matter.

(6) Do not try to deal with the Situation alone-do get help and try to work it as a team, do try to engage people that are known to the person to also help, even dig through their tweets trying to assess their followers, friends etc. If needed try to find out their name , location etc, even from the friends.

(7) If they say they want to be Dead or Dead by a certain time, and if they show photos of Plan etc. DO CALL POLICE. Be specific. If you live in another state, be emphatic when you call. Do explain why you are concerned. Do also Screen Save the Page and keep track of time called etc.

(8) As an Old ER Nurse and Old Time Blogger I have seen these situations turn out a number of ways, bottomline unless you re THERE, you don't know the facts, so you have to assume the person is in pain and needs help, so you must do what you can. If you see someone Taunting them or Bullying them , or worse Daring them Shut THAT DOWN. It is Critical, as taunting like that can literally push someone over a psychological edge. ( I mention this as there are many bullies in Cyberworld and they tend to show up during crisis times, and compassion can be lacking.) Cyber Bullying is very real , and they do say things like "Oh Just do it" "Stop Whining" etc etc. So for every tweet of compassion you send, do know that there are other tweets out there that are pushing that person, doing damage.

(9) No one due to distance and Internet constrictions, No one can make assumptions or yell at the person " attention seeking" or worse, because no one knows the state of mind of the Person Tweeting. But if they are tweeting Pain, Death Wishes etc, they must be in a good amount of pain.They Need Compassion and Help. And if a Team works together, it can make a difference.

** This page was written due to concern over an Occupy Seattle Person tonight who did have a plan and was in the middle of acting on it... and there was a massive effort to mobilize resources and help. And Police were contacted, and even Other Media searched for this person. Please know that at the different Occupy sites that there are problems of depression, PTSD and especially among Unemployed, VETS and homeless, these are Real Issues, and Real People in Real Pain.**
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - With Help Comes Hope
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255): Suicide hotline, 24/ 7 free and confidential, nationwide network of crisis centers

Friday, December 09, 2011

Tacky Christmas Day 9 and Some Music....

Occupy Boston Survived Their Raid tonight...

This Marine Showed up...with his uniform and his sign to support #OccupyBoston. The Police Showed up and the tried to evict and shut down the Park encampment,so the people moved to the streets, setting up their tents ( ironically in front of the Federal Reserve.)

Friday Flash Mob Wonder....Some Christmas Cheer

University of Minnesota....School of Management was visted by the School of Music in November...300 Very talented Musicians...wait and watch for the Security Guard...and the Mascot....

Thursday, December 08, 2011

More Inspiration for #Occupy Everywhere....More Music

Imagine.....RIP John Lennon....

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." ~ Walter Winchell || Occupy is about Not Walking Out...when the Rest of the World does...I think John Lennon's spirit is alive in NYC..and across the country in the Occupy Movement....
Jamie Gilchrest "We Are the 99 Percent"

Occupy The Street Song

By John L. Samuels Jr.-Esco (

Tacky Christmas Day 8....

Truthfully I love this little trailer, and it was found on a Tacky Christmas Website...but I think it is lovely...almost Zen....and now for a little Music...Frank Sinatra...singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas"....

Monday, December 05, 2011

December 6th: BlogTalkRadio Lucinda Marshall Interviews Feminist Legend and Writer Robin Morgan Tuesday at 2PM EST

Earlier this year @Awopradio welcomed Lucinda Marshall on to discuss Health Care Issues and legislation. And now that she and her Feminism Network have moved to Washington DC she continues her amazing work. She also is entering BlogTalkRadio and has her first guest on tomorrow. Lucinda founded the The Feminist Peace Network in 2001 and BlogTalkRadio will help her ongoing work interviewing Voices or our Times. ( Yours truly is fortunate enough to be there co hosting this wonderful Interview). Her first guest is a Walking Talking breathing legend for women, and so inspiring with her lessons and writings over the Years, Robin Morgan. ( Do Click the Title to Listen to the Interview.)

Robin Morgan is known for her feminist activism and writing. She is a poet, a novelist, and has also written non-fiction. Several of her anthologies are classics of feminism, including Sisterhood is Powerful ( Stunning Anthology). Many of us that read Ms.Magazine remember her as an editor of Ms. Magazine 1990-1993 after serving as a contributing editor for many years. (Robin Morgan, as a child actress, had a radio show and appeared on the television series I Remember Mama.) You can read more about her on her own Website and her Writings and Works, including her latest book " Fighting Words" : A Tool Kit for fighting the Religious Right.

To Read More about her Lifetime of Work, in 2007 The Humanist Org. Awarded her an Award, and wrote this fine piece and Interview with her that is a wonderful read about her Work and her Legacy for all of us, that truly examines her work in a different light, as a Humanist, work carried out with compassion, and wisdom.

Some Favorite Well known Robin Morgan Quotes::

"I am an artist and a political being as well. My aim has been to forge these two concerns into an integrity which affirms language, art, craft, form, beauty, tragedy, and audacity with the needs and vision of women, as part of an emerging new culture which could enrich us all."

"If I had to characterize one quality as the genius of feminist thought, culture, and action, it would be the connectivity."

"Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible."

"Don't accept rides from strange men -- and remember that all men are strange as hell."

"Women are not inherently passive or peaceful. We're not inherently anything but human.


** Side Note :: I grew up in the Sixties and by the time the Seventies rolled around she was inspiring millions of women. I first read "Sisterhood of Women" in a hotter than Hades Sunbeam Trailer in New Mexico in 1976 where I was staying with organic farmers who were raising Ostriches and Peacocks. They also ran a very nice new age Bookstore. I was sixteen working my way cross Country, and that Sunbeam trailer and that Bookstore were my oasis that long hot summer. For a teenage girl who had been struggling growing up in a Donna Reed is Perfect Republican Household that book and those essays were a beacon, a path to a better future. And that book was one of the books that traveled the road with me the rest of the Summer . It has stayed in my library and my heart all these years.***

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tacky Christmas Calendar Day 4 and Beautiful Music...

Just for a smile...I am sorry but these kinds of decorations, the more tacky and the more gaudy and glittery I love....When son was little I used to drive through neighborhoods and play Christmas Music tapes....searching for just this type of wonder...I will be posting One Wonder now every day until Christmas..Enjoy.

Band Aid : Best Video "Do They Know Christmas "

99 Report for Awopradio Sunday December 4th : Focus on Poverty in America and How it is Effecting Our Children and Youth

"I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?"~~Mother Teresa
Numbers Tell The Story...MIC CHECK:::
22-29 Million Children Living in America
8 Million Foreclosed since 2008 and 4 Million more due to Foreclose...In America
49 Million People on Foodstamps....In America
46 Million Living in America
One in Four Children go to Bed Hungry....In America

You can listen to the Full 99 Report here at Beginning of AWOPradio show 7PM EST.
If we are to talk about the 99% that the Right would love to paint as Losers, Worthless Hippies, try redirecting their focus. Explain to them that the past ten years have not been kind to Our Children or our Youth. That we now have more children living in Poverty then we have had in over 80 years. They also are growing up in Poverty, facing issues such as Homelessness, Joeblessness. This Holiday Season Store Santas are now being trained as to what to say to Children that are asking for a Job for Mommy or a Home. For People who don't understand the 99 Percent or the Problems that the 99 % and Occupy are trying to Highlight, need a Wake Up Call. They need to be told the Numbers and the Truth.

The Mortgage Crisis has made living conditions for Children a nightmare with no security and no permanance. One Crisis that has not been properly dealth with is that many of these displaced families have nowhere to go, they don't have the money or the credit rating to even rent. They are forced to live in their car or flea bag hotels because most Homeless Shelters do not allow families, they are divided by genders. They often don't know where they are sleeping that night or what or if they will get to eat.

Food Insecurity is the new Fancy Term the Government is using for HUNGER. The Numbers are staggering. 49 Million Americans now on FoodStamps. 40% of those are Children.

From News Change.Org ( who is monitoring and measuring Poverty in America), They have more on the shocking stats of Children in Poverty.

And that's only those who technically live in poverty — at or under the U.S. poverty line, which is $22,050 for a family of four. But a study from the Economic Policy Institute shows that families need more than twice that, at least $48,778, to meet basic living expenses. When we take into account all the families who are struggling to meet these basic needs — defined as low-income families — the number poor children jumps to 29 million, or 41 percent of all American children.The poverty rate is higher for children than any other age group. Children make up 26 percent of the population, but they are 39 percent of the people who live in poverty. Every day, 2,660 children are born into poverty.

While many still think of homeless people as single adult men, children and families are actually the fastest growing group among the homeless, making up 40 percent of the homeless population. One in 50 children in the U.S. is currently homeless.
(1) National Center for Children in Poverty.
(2) Feeding America has more about WHO is Hungry and how you can help, and the Actual Stats of Hunger.
(3) CBS has been doing an amazing series about Children Living in Poverty
(4) Current GOP plans would shove 50 Million more into poverty, read more here and remember to VOTE...
(5) Read more about Poverty in America and Learn more here, about how extensive this hidden crisis is...
(6) DO Read this excellent Daily Kos post by Erika , or @BeautyVault on how OccupyCleveland is bringing focus to Foreclosures and it's impact, on working class families and why it needs more attention...and why it is a Crisis in America.

(7) And then there is this from Miranda Leitsinger ( with MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, and the Maddow Blog ) , Miranda included in her story the Foreclosure Mess in Cleveland and how the Occupy Movement is trying to spotlight this deplorable issue...her story includes how OccupyCleveland came to help a single mome fight for her home...incredibly moving. ( In October I canvassed so many hundreds of homes, and seeing so many empty homes and notes left on the doors and toys in the was heartbreaking, I am glad that this issue is finally getting Media coverage.)
If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

Awopradio Show For Sunday December 4th, Guests include Ashley Arrington and Jordan Capatano

"The radio for these women is like television is for us today, which is really like looking at the Radio."~~Debbie Allen || Radio is again where women are connecting...And as History rolls on Radio is again making a comeback...especially Internet Radio...Connecting Blogs,Indie Media and Twitter....

This Sunday's show 7-9PM EST we have Author Jordan Catapano on her latest book, "A Girl Walks into a Bar", and LGBTQ Activist Ashley Arrington updating us on her latest work down south and all that is happening there in Asheville NC with the Blue Ridge Pride Movement. ( We last had Ashley on the show in the fall, so it will be good to get an update on what has happened there since September.) We also will having the 99 Report, Kitchen Table Politics and a call in with a report from the West Coast Occupy Movement from @OakfoSho. As well as some Occupy Music from JimmyReeferCake. You can tune in and Listen Up Here or you can also click on the radio over on the Sidebar.

Jordan is a bartender that has written a book that might be very handy with the holidays coming up as it has home mixing ideas, and also shares her stories as a long time bartender.
This week's 99 Report will be focused on the Problems of Youth, Children of the 99 Percent . ( Please look for the separate post below for more details as I post that the day of the show.) I also am giving a huge shout out to Erika , known as @BeautyVault on Twitter, as she has written a Post for Daily Kos about Occupy's Next forefront, as winter has come upon the Occupy Movement. You can read her post here, where she explains how OCCUPY will focus on on the Foreclosure Crisis , as the Cleveland Occupy targets this massive nationwide problem. ( Other Occupy sites are also directing attention to this massive crisis.) You can also follow OccupyCleveland on Twitter and Facebook....)

Tonight again we had @OakfoSho on and he shared with us about Occupy and what it means to him as a young man with an MBA, who recently decided to work Fulltime filming and being a Documentarian for the Movement. He is a fine Citizen Journalist really doing a fine job with the LIVE Ustream, you can read his UStream here and also learn more about his work as he covers the Occupy Movement on the West Coast. He's talented and really should be scooped by someone like the Young Turks....He has real broadcasting skills.

My Attic..Yes this is where I Write and Do the Radio...

Folks have been asking if I have cool Radio Loft like Kim of Awopradio, nope, I have my Attic ( in the summer I did it on my back porch..but it's too cold out there now)...actually it is where the cats and the dog lounge in the sun by the window..and do horrible things in my closet...This room was made from scratch...I painted it , pulled up the stinky 20 year carpet, to find stinky tile that someone had glued to the floor that had to be removed and then I finally stained it....I did all that in 100+ degree heat in August 2010 before we moved here...All of the furniture was "found" , not a dime was spent on any of it..the desk or the rocker or the mirrors or the Art....And it is my favorite spot to drink tea and write...And the Giant Tree right outside the window by the bed makes it feel like a TreeHouse...

Portland Raided Downtown Occupy Site Last Night....

Portland Police Arrived Full On Riot Gear to Arrest Protesters and drive them out of the Park. They were dressed in Full Body Armour, Riot Gear, against Peaceful Protesters. ( Note even the Shin-Guards are A Weapon, and how many police does it take to tackle one 15 yr old and smoosh him like a bug ?) The Protesters did what they could, stood arm in arm, sang songs, Mic Checked, and quoted the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Police did chase some, beat up some and arrested 15. There were injuries. Yet those watching the Live Stream And on twitter put out the call for reinforcements. The Police Herded them from the Park, so as they went through Downtown the Protesters gathered support, people came out of Bars, and Restaurants and joined them singing, and doing Mic Check, even quoting Lemony Snicket and 1984 to them ( Portland is a town that Reads).They eventually even reclaimed the Park. So what started as a Police action at 10PM, Show of Force, really did not disperse 300, instead it turned into a march that gathered over a 1000. ( These Photos are from the Oregonian, I will post the Regathered photos when I find them.)All of us that monitored the 4LIVEUStreams watched it unfold over 3 hours.

Enigma Editorial ....Special Comment ::::
This Comment is being written after watching 4 Nighttime Raids in one week, and multiple raids this month. Thousands of us have been monitoring Live Streams as this helps keep Citizens safer, as it decreased Police Brutality if the know they are on Film. We also started Tweeting Obama last night, his Silence during all of this Police Brutality is worrisome. Sooner or later someone, a kid or a Vet or a Granma is going to end up Dead thanks to these Massive Adrenalin Stoked Police Actions,MidNight Raids, and people will be asking questions about the Coordination or HLS "Advice" or "Training". Who paid for the Riot Gear ? That is some pretty expensive gear. But if someone ends up dead, no one will forget that the President was silent on Police Brutality on Lawful Peacefully Assembled Citizens. And No One will forget that the Tea Party Gathers were Threatening, carried Weapons, and Threatened Violence "2nd Amendment Remedies" " Reload" and yet they never were threatened with Arrest, much less Police Brutality.Taking a Stand Against Police Brutality and Loss of Liberties is part of Leadership, the President has spoke out about Egypt and Libya and the Citizens Safety there, yet here in the Dark of Night Citizens are being Beat up and Arrested by their Own Police. Is this a Police State ? Does that Explain the Media Black Out as well ? Or have the Corporations Ordered the Silence ? We the 99% do Expect and Hope that the President will at Some Point Remember we Voted for him, and helped put him in the White House. And his own Silence may indeed Determine the 2012 Election.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

99 Report for Awopradio Sunday November 27th

#OccupyCleveland NEEDS: Videocam and laptop ( theirs was stolen), also more winter wear, and they need visits, books, and company and do go down, they are wonderful folks. Every Sunday I give a 99 Report on Awopradio, this is the summary of that 15 minute report.::
(1) Best Video ever about Occupy called "One More Step" so beautiful, inspired by 84 yr old Dorli Rainey activist of Seattle.
(2) Letter by Protester's Mom Lorli Vest to Mayor Bloomberg and NYT about the Police Brutality. Please share this as of Nov27th still NO Newspapers have shared or printed this beautifully written letter.
(3) 99 Percent Blog has more to share about Occupy.
(4) #WhyWeOccupy : Sharing the Stats of the economic pain.
(5) The Full Length Video of "INSIDE JOB", narrated by Matt Damon has been making the rounds, and is a stunning film explaining the Economic Collapse and how the Corporate Greed and Ominous manuverings of the past 30 years brought us to this economic precipice, One of the finest documentary films I have ever seen.
(6) Please do help the OWS Zucotti Park Occupy as their Library was destroyed, learn more about where you can send books.