Thursday, January 31, 2008


I really hope and pray that they Stick to the ISSUES....Iraq to Economy to Jobless to Homeless to VET Issues to Healthcare.....We don't have time for Petty Bickering created and abetted by petty moderating ( and yes, I mean Wolf and his pandering baiting questions)...



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hope that Edwards Joins History and Joins Obama's Campaign

I am sad about John Edwards leaving the Presidential Race. I am hoping that he joins Obama's Campaign. I personally think he would make an outstanding VP for Obama. I think the two of them working together could really bring Real Change...and work on the Real Issues that really matter from Iraq to Homeless VETS, to Healthcare for ALL, to Katrina , to the Economy, to Homelessness and Houselessness, to the Jobless,and All Issues of Poverty, to Civil Rights, to the Patriot Act Atrocities.....

I have Hope that the John Edwards in all his Integrity and Wisdom will know how to best Help Our Country in these Troubled Times...and how to help bring Real Change.

John Edwards Leaving the Race......

There is an announcement that is coming today from John Edwards in New Orleans at 1pm.He is leaving the race. I am truly sad about this, he brought up so many important issues that we all needed to hear and have Americans thinking about. I supported him 2004 before he joined John Kerry, and then again earlier on this year. All of this time I stayed on their email list.My son is who introduced me to Obama, but until that point I really was grateful to have John Edwards in the race. Poverty is something that is rampant in this Country, and should be spoken off with such honesty and clarity.Homeless VETS , 200,000 of them, mostly from the Gulf War and the Iraq War.His Healthcare Plan is as good as Obama's ( parts of it were better).And I will be forever grateful that he always remembered Katrina and the Gulf Coast. The Media gave him such shortshrift that it is Shameful.He showed us WHAT Passion and Dedication are, and that there are Issues worth fighting for, Always.He made us look at America, and realize there are indeed TWO Americas, and that there is always room to fight for People that Matter, this is OUR Country. My son and I will be writing him and his family a Thank You letter.

And to Elizabeth and his family I am so grateful that they gave it their all, that they showed us that Love is a Powerful Uniting Force in these Dark Times. I pray for her, that she has much time with the man that she loves as much as she loves this Country.She reminded us that even people fighting Cancer love this Country, that Life does not end with Cancer.



Stormy Weather Last Night.....

Huge Storms hit here by Lake Erie last night, Temperatures went from 54 ( yeah it went UP first), then within 3 hours, the temp dropped to 10 degrees and winds were 50-70 MPH. Our house shook all night, and we lost Power Again....just got power and heat. Sat up and by candles talked with 6-6, from politics to crappy movies to 80's Music to Life Matters. Funny thing, I always end up being grateful for these nights....they remind me of What Matters.

BREAKING NEWS (from Ohio) : Bill's Back Door Service

I heard today that Bill's Events for Team Clinton went swimmingly in New Jersey. Not so in Ohio.

I think People in Ohio may indeed have Longer Memories than One Campaign would wish. Today in Cleveland, Ohio Bill Clinton came to Town, he first went and spoke at a Local Community College- oddly NONE of the Stations have had footage to show. From a neighbor I learned that it went rather rough, that the Q&A got a bit "testy" and lengthy. Hmmmm, My curiousity has been raised, and I will try to learn more and post later this eve.

After speaking to young ,yet no naive Community College Students and attempting to convince them how wonderful the 90's were, then Bill went to Dante's Resturante, which is known for it's luscious cuisine and beautiful fundraising dinners. Poor Bill had to sneak in a BACK Entrance, because Out Front there were many Protesters chanting " Bill Go Home". Now this is interesting, because I don't ever remember Bill, a Former President Using a Back Entrance. ( Now to be honest while living Downtown Bush and Cheney were chronically snuck into events via Back Entrances ). I am not trying to be petty, but I think Mr.Clinton might want to Understand that he indeed has overstepped the Bounds of Decency in his attacks on Obama, and Ohio, a Land of Manners did indeed take note.People here are polite, they say "Please" and "Thank You", and many have Southern Roots and families. For them to disturb Anyone's Dinner Plans is signifigant and meaningful, especially a Former President.

*** [ Click the title Dixie Chicks + "Not Ready to Make Nice"}***

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

IF Florida and THE Candidates were told that their Early Primary was Illegal, and THAT NO Campaign Events were Allowed......

Marie Antoinette Action Figure
So that Hillary's big "Victory" Speech is NOT Legal.....Because she is using it to Campaign, by giving her BIG Stomp Speech yelling as Her Usual, that is NOT playing by The Rules. ( She went there last weekend for a Fundraiser that also was questionable)....I am sorry, but really so The Rules ONLY apply to the OTHER Candidates, not her......If this isn't Rovian Politics I don't Know What it is....So She can ONLY WIN By Cheating ? Haven't we as Democrats learned MORE than HOW to CHEAT From Bush& Rove ?

So Funny- that in 2004 I never saw her ONCE Complain about Kerry&Edwards were hurt by ILLEGAL Voting Practices and Problems - we never heard her comeout and say "Let' make Sure the Votes Count!!" ..I guess it is only if HER Votes Count....

*{ IF she cared SO MUCH about "Counting Votes" , where was she in 2004 when the Election was Stolen? I didn't HEAR her say a word?}*



Rudy Dressing for His Departure Announcement at Reagon Library Tomorrow....

And to the 911 Workers, thank you for spreading the Truth about how NO ONE took care of mattered....
And to the NY Bloggers who really worked hard to educate People.....
( Wasn't it just mere 6 monthes ago that the MSM said it was going to be a Battle between Rudy and Freddy)

Not Again!!!...Ohio does have Problems...Again...

I did not live here in 2004 or 2000, but in Ohio, there are Certain Counties that are known for Trouble for the Voters...Democrat Voters...And of is not resolved. And please watch the ACLU case that has been filed- it may indeed be important...and sadly I have NO idea what it means as far as voting in March- but it is worrisome. ( It effects approximately ONE million Voters). Stay Posted, and Google AP press ACLU+ Cuyahoga + Voting. ( I will link in the title when I find the best info).

*{ I moved here spring of 2005...and have voted since...on a Diebold in November 2006....I don't know what machines are planned for use in March...I will try to learn more.}*

Email Struggles ( Tuesday 1.29.08)

There is nothing worse than Email woes....If any of you are writing me via Earthlink- my apologies.I am not rude- it is having troubles right now....ALL earthlink accounts( atleast the Northern ones...)So please do leave messages on any of my blogs and I will get back to you as soon as I can...thanks.

Hope For Us All...WE THE PEOPLE....E.Pluribus Unum

{originally posted 1.27.08, new posts below}
When you come to the Edge of All that you Know,
You must believe in one of two things,
there will be Earth upon which to stand,
or you will be given Wings.
I recieved an email yesterday that when they googled "We The People" they found my Blog...I liked that , it made me smile all day. WE THE PEOPLE.....that is Something we had almost Lost...BUT just maybe we are finding our way E.Pluribus Unum, "Out of Many : ONE". 500,000 Democrats showed up to Vote in South Carolina, that says to me that we are finding OUR way back..... I took 4 years of Latin, and that was the most important thing I learned......and hold dear. E.Pluribus Unum.

Scroll Down...there are some great Videos Linked to the Titles, Keith Olbermann to Obama to beautiful music and there are some thoughtful posts about What is going on around us, as well as what is going on Today....And if you are tired of reading me.... there are some wonderful Blogs to read this Week, Cosmic Messenger, Cartledge over at "Grubstreet", and Christopher "From The Left" has wonderful Obama updates and Tomcat over at "Politics Plu"s has a great post up from the weekend...

By the Way, I wanted to Thank Everyone that still Comes here, I lost alot of Readers because I don't support Hillary, so I am grateful for those that are still here. I am grateful that we can discuss the issues.

Update: Apparently I am having Email troubles again, so if I am late responding, please do leave messeges here or at ENIGMA CAFE...and I will try to get back to you...

*[Click the Title: Dan Fogelberg " To the Morning" beautiful video....]*

Monday, January 28, 2008

DC Town Hall Meeting at American University Today : Ted Kennedy Will Endorse Obama, Caroline Kennedy will also attend

Please check the Obama website there is a Town Hall Meeting, I believe it starts at Noon, But check the site for the time. This will be a Historic Endorsement......and Moment in OUR History.

Be sure to "Read From the Left" and Gryphen's Blog today too...

*{[ Click the Title: 2004 Democratic Convention Obama Address- Combined Shorts set to Music- beautiful and Prophetic}}*

Liveblogging the Last Address by King George on his Titannical Regime Tonight.

Nothing Worse than a Drunk Monkey with Weapons....

Okay, so we are all pros by now , at watching him blather and drive the podium drunk. But tonight I am adding a New Element to the Watching. I am going to have my Lemon Creme Mylanta Shooters ready,flip flops to throw at the TV, and I also will have Money Jars Set up and labeled. and For Every Mention of Certain Issues, I will put a dime in each jar. I have cleaned out my knapsack, purse and the sofa and the car....and I have all of my change ready. So WHAT are the Score Words & phrases ? Why do I do this ? Because at this point I think that many of us are Blogging Everything these Criminals do, it will come in handy for the Nuremberg Trials later....As this Titannical Administration careens through the Final Ice Fields of this year.....350 days to go....THIS IS HIS LAST ADDRESS....

LIST: Terra, Al-Kada, Sacrifice, Surge is Working,Economy is Stable (?),I-Ran, Hard Work, and WHATEVER else you all can think of ? ( Money will be given to the Obama campaign , you all are welcome to join...if you want)

{{ Oh and there is of course the perenial "You DUM MOTHERFUCKER " jar- but that jar get's ONE Dollar Bills- that is for my son's College Fund....}}

I am also holding a Lottery for the Time? HOW long do you think this LAST address will be ?
( I am setting it as his Shortest.....)

AND WHO WILL SIT WITH LAURA up in the balconey ? Tom Cruise and his Stepford Wife ? Some Golf Person? Karl back from under his Rock ?Brittany with her British Accent? Will the Damn twins show up to clap for their daddy ?

Will Cheney sit there and pop "TicTacs "? ( nitros?) OR will he just fall asleep ?
Will he show up Pissy and Petulent ( aka DRUNK ) ?
Will he mention GOD or Jesus at All ? ( or does he still hear God's "Voices" in his head ?)
Will he talk about his frigging Peace Tour this Month ( and his Warmongering Arabian Sword Dance Moment )?
Will he mention Mushi and the MESS in Pakistan ?
Will he meniton Madame Bhutto's Death ( of course not) ?
Will He get All Teary Eyed as he Misses His Partners in Crime that are Dearly Departed ? ( and it is a long list- Gonzo, Turd Blossum, Rummy, Tony the Snowman, Trent Lott, Denny Hastert, Bolton, Wolf-has-not left-yet-Witz, Bartlett, WHO did I forget from the Titannical Administration?)

Join me if you want....I will be here cursing and mylanta chugging ...and Blogging.

*{{ Click the Title: Gnarls Barkley singing "Crazy " On Dave Letterman...seemed the Perfect Choice}}*

Sunday, January 27, 2008


(originally posted on Saturday Night 8:34pm 1.26.07 )
HUGE win...Wonderful.....This is a Huge Victory after much of the Clinton Negative Destructive Campaigning of the last 2 weeks.

[[About WHO voted...and how they Voted... And just so we are all clear about this, he also won with the White Male Vote under 40...yes, deep breath. So He won with all demographics ( much like he did in Iowa, except in a White Souther State....which is a very big deal).]]

DO BUY the NYT tomorrow, Caroline Kennedy has a Editorial About Obama tomorrow...MUST READ. It is up over on Huff Post tonight, it is beautiful, she explains WHY Obama is inspiring to people the way her dad was, and why he matters today, just like 1960 needed a Man of Change. Of Everything that I have read, this piece really moved me beyond is incredible, mostly because it is all true.She is recognizing Greatness, and honoring it.

CLICK THE TITLE TO SEE AND HEAR THE AMAZING VICTORY SPEECH tonight....( IT even left Joe Scarborough stunned , asking are we Witnessing History...yes, Joe- we are....)


Keith Olbermann Explains to CCN his Ethics and Importance of Journalism in these Dark Times....1.27.08

Click the Title and watch the Video. Keith is a True Patriot......I would marry him tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Keith !!!.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Night Thoughts and Music...1.26.07

Most of us are trying to not watch TV today, because I am sick of the Clintons....and frankly it is too nerve-wracking.The South Carolina Primary is going on...and so I am cooking today....I think Eating is a Fine Hobby on a cold snowy day. So I spent the day cleaning, cooking, reading about art and listening to music....Anything Non Political. I love this painting....I think someday I need to find this dress ( or make it). The painting is called "Blue Passion".

Two Kinds of Grilled Cheese:
Soft White Fluffy Bread with Mixed cheese, Velvetta, Chedder and Gouda and thinly sliced Tomatoes, with some Dill sprinkled light across.....


A Sweet Version with Gouda, Havarti,and Muensters, add thinly sliced cucumbers and Mandarin Oranges....and a dash of Ginger...Definently my favorite....

And for desert:
I am making a big batch of Oatmeal Gumdrop Cookies.....
and Ooolong Tea....

*{Click the Title: Sade + "Nothing Can Come Between Us"....}*

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Night Music and Thoughts....1.25.08

"Hope begins in the Dark, the Stubborn Hope that if you just Show Up and try to do the Right Thing, the Dawn will come.
You wait, you watch , you work, you don't give up." Anne Lamott

{{{I found two of her books in the trash at the curb, and it is true I will read Anything. Even yes, Books left at the curb. But this woman is interesting, she is concise and reasonable and real. "The Ham of God " ( no it is not a Cookbook), and "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith".}}}
I know many of us will be watching the Primary tomorrow, and I think many of us have Hope for Obama and Edwards that they get the support that both of them deserve in that State. And after watching the Debate the other night, it is also that the bickering won't thwart people from Voting. I view the Vote as a way to Shout at DC, Shout for Change, Shout for the Real People that NEED Change.

Click the title and yes, it is the Song Shout. The lyrics of this song are interesting, about WHY and WHEN we Shout and why it matters....
It is cold here up by the Great Lakes , very cold. So We have been throwing nuts, and seed out and toast, and peanut butter on fruit. We do what we can for our little neighbors.....they come out in the afternoon sun and gather the snacks and eat with joy.
It you live somewhere cold, do remember the little furry neighbors.

Have a good night....share your coco and be good to each other.

PLEASE PLEASE do go see Pursey and wish her she is closing down her Blog, her wonderful Blog...and please give her lots of love....


Kucinich Leaves the Race.....

Dennis is leaving the Presidential Race, and if you live in Northeast Ohio you know he has a battle on his hands for his Congressional seat....We need him representing Ohio, so I am relieved he is focusing on that battle. I also am very grateful that he did focus the campaign on issues that matter , from Healthcare to Economy to Iraq. I am sending him and Elizabeth a Thank You note.....I am grateful to him for being a Voice for all of us.

( and now he will have more time to spend with the Goddess - as the college fellas in my neighborhood fondly call her.)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"No Country for Old Men" ( aka the Repug Debate)....Thursday Eve 1.24.08

So I am watching the Debate.... and I will Liveblog it in the Comments....
I am still writing notes from the first half was perdictable- it was about Economics....Tax issues and Restraint of spending....cutting programs blah Blah....NOW they are talking about Iraq all of 5 minutes- that will be in the thread....

( if I was a drinking woman and allowed shots for :"Al Queda " I would be dead with a triple the legal llimit alcohol level)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It is so beautiful out.....There is a beautiful is sitting up there looking so inviting....and there is this lovely bit a wispy veil that keeps floating across...So I laid on my bed this eve and looked out the window....I have this amazing window....(I decorated it after I took 6-6's tree down).I hung the Handmade Beaded Ice Sickle Ornaments on a Silver Ribbon and White Christmas Lights and I made lovely Snow Flakes from orgami paper that are painted with glitter and shimmery paint. But the best part in the winter is that the Moon sits right in the Middle. ( In the summer it is a Treehouse Window with leaves abound). I had an amazing day with my son, the kind of day where we really really talked...about all kinds of things that Matter : from Unexpected Death of a young actor, to Making Really Wonderful movies ( he wants to be a director), and music ( why disco sucks), and WHY he wishes he could Vote in the Next Election ( which he can't- he is too young..)

We watched SpidermanIII, and we talked about watching it be filmed. In 2006 It was filmed in Downtown Cleveland, at the time we lived in Downtown Cleveland, and it was filmed ON OUR STREET. It was very exciting, and we used to go get Starbucks snacks, and hit the curbs, and watch as they set up scenes and fix up the sets and FILM. It was very exciting in kind of a slow methodical way, but as 6-6 wants to make Movies it was a helluva learning experience....He loved it in a quiet critical way. We moved from downtown a year ago, because our Loft Buiding got Foreclosed, we were very lucky to find another home. But we do both miss the Loft...and we loved seeing our old Street all gussied up for the Film.

Today we ate too much popcorn and drank too much Diet Pepsi.....and we laughed as we looked at our old Street. Which was the best Medicine, the laughter or the Moon. I may never know....I don't think I need to know.....(The Moon knows it is the Boy with the Blue Eyes that makes me laugh...and warms my heart.)

***{ If you have children or grandchildren, this video attached to the Link will make you is Snow Patrol, a song my son loves, it is about Growing Up....and growing with your is from the Soundtrack of Spiderman III, it is called Signal Fire}***

The Story of the Wounded Nutcrackers....A CATostrophe my son collects them, he is a teenager, but he has collected them since he was little, he has about 16 of them...all different sizes and dimensions....They were acquired through tragic circumstances, from trash to the Sale Bin at Pier One. I have repaired , painted and rebuilt noses and arms. ( I am the Paper Mache Goddess...) I have added braids , ribbons and even fancy little beards. Now About the Current Battle They Face....

So this Christmas I put them in 6-6 's room , set them up around the Christmas Tree, looking regal , standing Guard. And 6-6's big Marmalade Cat , all 17 pounds of him decided that THE Tree needed the tree was taken down early....and the Sentinal Nutcrackers stood tall as the Tree was removed. ( I am sure I heard TAPS being played). And I thought that I had done the right thing about saving The Tree. Apparently Harry was bored.....Very Bored.

So today I cleaned 6-6's room, and cleaned up after the two males that reside in that room, and I decided that it was time to put the Nutcrackers away....What did I find? Some VERY Wounded Nutcrackers. THREE are completely Missing their NOSES, there are TWO broken Arms ( one is missing a HAND), and most are missing buttons, sashes , and one sword, and a ripped beard and a one smashed head and broken neck. I sat and carefully packed them, and made a list of what I need to fix. Harry sat looking at me , Innocently licking his paws in the window looking demure and gentle as I cleaned up the Wounded Nutcrackers.

So I looked over, and I thought...hmmm, Has the Cat been listening to me on the phone this week ??? Because I have indeed been making phone calls about Altering HIS Manhood , if you know what I mean....because I can not help but wonder if he took his Angst out on the Poor Stoic Nutcrackers.....I would have to call it Nutcracker Irony , wouldn't you ?

***{ Click the Title : And you get to hear my favorite Cleaning Song....Train "Drops of Jupiter"}***

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

About Hillary...As a Woman I have a Few Things to say....and It ain't pretty.

2 Posts Down the Entire Debate is Logged in the Comments Question by Question;
If you need to review or question this post that is based on the CNN debate
A few weeks back I was at Starbucks, and a Couple, a Husband and Wife got into a squabble. The Wife was very dramatic, with many sideglances at the Audience as she got her barbs in. The Husband was quiet, dignified and trying to quietly settle her. There was NO Settling of the Woman, she was enjoying her moment, and you could tell she thought the Limelight was favorable. It wasn't. People were retreating for the Door, Restrooms,Condiment Counter, Anywhere away from The Discussion. As I stood still awaiting my coffee, the man next to me even joked, " What the hell were they even fighting about?" I had to admit, at a certain point I think my hearing was just turned off, I could not even remember What they were saying.

I was raised by Southern Women, I was taught that Real Women do not nitpick Men in Public. I was taught that to be Shrill was undignified. I was taught that Women should have arguments at Home, not in public. I was taught that if you want people to really Listen, you should talk softly. I was taught that if you work with Men and Talk with Men, Listen Closely and Talk softly. That if you yell, People don't listen to What you have to say.I was also taught that if you want Respect, you have to give it. That is you only tout Your Fighting Skills, you are viewed as an Attack Dog, not as a Woman. And for the most part I learned that everything they said is true, atleast I know that it was true working as a Environmental Health Advocate in the Northwest in many meetings with men. I learned it is more important to Talk Softly With People , than to yell at all. It is true that I have never worked in DC, but I think for the most part what my Aunties taught me was true.

I watched the Debate last night and felt like I was back at Starbucks watching the Woman needle her Husband for the love of the Limelight. It was disrespectful and disturbing. I did not watch and think "what an amazing woman", I watched with embarrassment and sadness. This Debate was held in South Carolina, and on the Anniversay of MLK's Birthday. In her attack she came off as Imperious and arrogant.And yet the Media continues to tell me as a Woman that I have to support her, I have even heard it in the Blogatopia Circles, I even know my numbers are down because as I a woman I do not support her tactics. But as a woman I can not support her, or her methods. She is attacking a good man, because she knows that his messege of Hope has reached millions. His Message of Wanting to Unite is valuable and needed, she comes off as petty, jealous and narrow minded. He also has a Messege of Change. Because for Some People, Many of us, the Clinton Years were NOT the Wonder Years, they were just years that were in between the Bush Years. I was still working two jobs trying to raise a son, it was Nothing Special for me or my neighbors, so please let's put that Illusion to bed.

As a Woman I also say to the Media, Shame on you for attempting to define WHO we as woman vote for or should support. Shame on you for distracting away from the Real Issues, of People that are suffering in this Country into a petty scuffle on the back porch of the Whitehouse, and keeping the Limelight off the Blundering Mess of Bushco. We have MORE to face than is being talked about, from 6000 VET Suicides to 3 Million about to lost their homes in March to 37 Million going to bed Hungry. I want to hear real discussions and problem solving about HOW to fix this Mess all of us are looking at daily, from Homeless Wounded Vets on my Corner, to the old women buying catfood for dinner to the mittenless cold children with empty stomachs walking to dilapitated schools in my neighborhood past rows of Empty Abandoned Houses. I want Reality....and Humanity...and if I want to hear petty Bickering and needless nitpicking , I can still go to Starbucks.

**{ Click the Title: Fleetwood Mac and "The Chain", because it is time to break the Chains of the is Time for Change}**

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dr.Martin Luther King Speaking On "Greatness" 1.21.08

There are some wonderful posts on Dr King....please do read Lydia Cornell's Post, Tomcat at Politics Plus, and also Fran 's post on Ramblings....I would post links...but you all know your way around the blogroll. These three posts have it all, the Heart and Soul of What MLK was...and what he meant...from speeches to photos..really these three posts are wonderful......

( Sorry- I just finished watching the debate again with 6-6..and I am too tired..sorry).

ANOTHER Debate....and yes, Enigma is Blogging it, in the Comments, All Welcome


Okay, about The Photo....A YEAR from tonight, this Regime will be packed up...but we will still have to deal with Much Baggage...we watch a NEW Regime Take OUR Country back ....But Until then we must keep storming the Castle and that means sadly, watching MORE debates.....Tonight is CNN's Debate....sigh...groan....Okay so I will summarizing it and writing commentary in the Comment Section...If anyone wants to join me...please do....I promise not to curse much and to not throw ....too much at the TV.

I spent the afternoon working, cleaning, and making Mushroom and Onion Soup, and Rattatouille, and Noodles....and yes, BROWNIES....for tonight.
(yes, I am going to eat my way through the debate....I know, I know...)

*{ Click the Title: Fleetwood Mac +" Landslide", really beautiful version where Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham forgive each other....very touching.....about putting the Past Behind..also be sure to watch the two video links I posted below, they will give you a whole new perspective in what we need in a Leader.... }*

We the People Have A Dream Video

This video that is linked to the TITLE, is amazing and is with the voices of Americans speaking his message...very moving.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Night Music 1.19.08

Very cold....12 degrees right now...and that is without the wind.And we are due for Snow, Big Snow tonight. So I walked to the store and got what we needed, Hot Coco to noodles to soup and tea to popcorn. I went bundled up, I looked like Ralphie's Brother from a Christmas Story. I plodded home with my bags full of goodies. And as I walked I did alot of thinking.

Okay , so Hillary did win Nevada, BUT she did not win by the Huge Margin that everyone expected, she won by a small margin, and Obama did pretty well in a state that he was not even perdicted to be close a month ago. And that was with Bill and Hill playing much shenanigans and games.I realize that means we are in for a Battle, state by state, but that is fine, I would rather have that , then her waltzing away with it.....

So tonight was a night to have soup and garlic bread and watch the results. I make about 20 versions of Tomato Soup ( perfect with grilled cheese too).

Tomato Soup #23

Tomato Soup ( canned)
Butter ( two big spoonfuls)
Alfedo Sauce ( Newman's Own) half cup
Chunky Medium Salsa :half cup
Dill big pinches
garlic ( grill half clove in pan with butter)

Cook over at nice low heat....and watch the butter melt.
Great for dunking garlic bread ...

*{ Click the Title: "Big Love" + Fleetwood Mac}*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moon Mongering....1.18.08

Beautiful Night here.....Crystal Clear. The Moon is just appearing. I look at the Moon and I think , shouldn't we be allowed to Hope and Dream even for a little while, even if times are troubled ? In the 1960's, people were allowed to Dream, and Things Changed, Things Happened.I have promised my son that he too will have a "Sixties" in his lifetime, I don't think it was wrong to have offered him Hope...Hope For Change.

The video that is attached to this is more Moon Mongering....enjoy.

*{Music is Alan Parsons Project + Sirius+ video is The Moon}*

Thursday Night Soulfood :It is All in How you Look At It....

Is it a Tree or a Dancing Woman ? Does it take your breath away ?

I had this photo over at my other blog, ENIGMA CAFE, and people loved it, so I am posting it here.
I have a more serious post below, but I wanted to post something Soothing here, just for a moment.
Blogger is still not forwarding emails , but is posting comments, if you want to contact me, it is Have a good night.

"We must perhaps accept finite dissappointment,but we must never lost infinite hope". MLK

"When I despair , I remember that all through history, the way of Truth and Love have always won.
There have always been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but they always
Fall. Think about it....Always." Ghandi

*{{ Click the Title for Music : Dave Matthews "American Baby", really beautiful video, shows the Many Faces of all of us }}*

***Do you need a laugh tonight...then you must go see the Snoring Symphony over at Mary's "Get Your Own"....*****

Faces of Working People....

The Economy is in trouble....Big Trouble.Three Hours of Hearings today with Bernanke today, and while he testified the Market dropped another 300 points ( that would not be a show of confidence).....There was a feeble admission that the economy is malingering.....The "Crisis " word was even used.

I am curious what Other People are seeing and thinking. I look at faces and eyes , at the grocery store, bustop, and at construction sites, and on the Street. I see People Worried, I see people having trouble buying groceries and heat and meds. 47 Million without Healthcare, and Another 3 Million about to lose their homes. ( Yet my neighborhood is full of empty houses).These are all Real Problems, from joblessness, to homelessness to penniless. Bernanke talked about the Stock Market and how it needs Stimulating....I guess I con't understand how $200. 00 would help anyone?

See I think it all started when the Gas Prices Soared, which is when Everything Rose for Working People, fuel, Food, and all supplies rose atleast 4.1 %. Yet the Fuel Companies have had the Biggest Profits EVER, WHY should they not be taxed, or asked to Give Something Back, instead of letting them rob and pillage Real People ? That is my two cents......

Let me hear Your Thoughts....

* { Click the Title: Music John Mellencamp singing about us,We the People song "Our Country" }*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hope For Us All.....

It was a grueling sad week last week....
and this week has still been rather tense,
and hard to watch...
but I still have Hope....
The Debates last night
we had Three People talking about
Things that Effect US, WE THE PEOPLE....
and that gives me Hope.

Barack Obama is right" There has been plenty of Heat in DC, it is time for Some Light".

If you want to read a really good post today, go over to Lydia Cornell's, and also in the thread, Larry, Bartle,Cliff and Mike really have a nice thread going with news, information etc..It is an oasis. She is on the Blogroll. You also can listen to her radio show ( or stream it on your computer).

On the Enigma Homefront:
I am getting a NEW Furnace today FINALLY...( those who read here Know I have been waiting since November, as I battled with my 1951 Vintage Moncreif Furnace...and with a very stubborn Landlord. My furnace definently wanted to retire, it creaked and groaned like the one in a Christmas Story. So hopefully by tonight 6-6 and the Critters will no longer be confined to the 3 rooms on the 2nd floor....I am so excited I can 't stand it. Thank you all for letting me Grumble and Groan. And by the way, last week when I was out of power and poking around in the dark searching for candles , guess what I found???? yes, My ever prescious so dear 10 year old LLama Soft Grey Fingerless Gloves that my Ex gave me many years ago....I was so sad, they were my last thread to the special. Well, I must have Black Out Angels, because the gloves are found....( and I also wear them to type I am so happy to have them again..) is Very Cold here by the Lake, but we re going to finally be warm. Thank you all for listening and being so kind as I grumbled....Be nice to each other and share the hot coco. My Power might be out for a bit as they put my Heater in, but I will be back in the eve.Namaste.

*(Click the Title, Amazing Song : Bono + MJ Blige "One", it is not just a Love song, It is about Us, how we are One People....that we need to "Carry Each Other"...powerful Messege"*

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Sleepless by Lake Erie....2am

Can't sleep ( that is kind of a joke- because we all know that Enigma sleeps about 4 hours a night)....Watching the Debate Again ( it is much better the second time)...Leave thoughts if you are still up.....

*{Click the title: the Song is by Sade, it is called" Nothing Can Come Between us", this song has been on my mind,
there is a refrain " It is about Faith, It is about Trust". For me , this election it is that simple, it is about who I TRUST, who I can have faith in....}*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Debate......

6PM BREAKING NEWS CORRECTION (8:14PM) ::: NEVADA SUPREME COURT JUST RULED THAT KUCINICH WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN DEBATE( the Sources are in conflict, and last heard ,on Air America they were reporting that he was in Court, My Apologies...).Tonight is the Debate on MSNBC. There will be an Open Thread in the Comments. I hope that All of the Issues are thoroughly discussed, and Questioned. I hope that it is Not Another Debate full of Republican Talking Points. I hope the Iraq War , Healthcare,Poverty and Economy and Other Critical Issues ( ie. ilegal spying&torture) are given full discussion.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Power of a Movement.....When The People Changed the Path of History

This is The Speech that changed History, it gave all of us the Power to Dream. Watch it with your Children....your Neighbors.
Martin Luther King inspired people that were lost, devastated, impoverished, disenfranchsed....He gave them Hope. He gave them Hope when they were in the midst of a War, Joblessness, Homelessness and feeling Lost. He created and led a Movement during a Dark Time in American History. He helped the People steer a faultering Leadership onto a Path that was long overdue. Click the Video it is The "I Have a Dream" speech from August 1963 by MLK, please share it with others, and post it this week. We need to Honor History and King.....and Honor Ourselves. We can Change History.

Here are some of His Words that moved millions and Changed History.

"A Lie cannot Live"

"A genuine Leader is not a Searcher for Consensus, but a molder of Consensus"

"A Nation that continues to spend more money on military defense, than programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom".

"All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem leads us face to face to another problem"

"Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, Only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out Hate, only Love can do that."

The Power to Dream.....

All of these men Dreamed of A Better Life for their fellow Americans, and they inspired each other and Millions of People. They were able to create ripples of Hope.

Their Role In History can not be denied and must be held dear.
When Martin Luther King was assinated, Bobby Kennedy was in Indianapolis about to give a speech as he campaigned to be President. In that moment, he recognized that he needed to impart a Messege, and Honor King as the great Leader that he was. It was in a way an impromptu Eulogy, it is more than eloquent. I could not find decent video, but I did find the Audio, please click the title. In this Video, Bobby explains about King and WHAT he gave this Country.....

Bobby Kennedy and King both knew what it was to Dream....even in the Worst of Times.
Lincoln, John F.Kennedy, Robert F.Kennedy and Martin Luther King, their paths created Our History.

Do you have a favorite Memory or quote that you treasure, please share it here.....

*{ the Name of the Painting is "They Dared to Dream" by Carolyn Mends }*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Are the Candidates really looking at WHAT the Economy means to you and me?

This photo is from the 1930's by Margaret Bourke White, she captured the Irony of the Moment. We are in another such time of Irony. 3000 people lined up for 200 New Jobs at a New Walmart, and the Media reported it shocked and stunned, like it was so unusual, and yet it is common now. The Tale of the Common Man has become just obligatory wallpaper to sensationalized tales of failed sports heros and prescious antics of celebutantes.

The Only Candidate that has consitantly gone out and talked to people about Poverty is John Edwards. He has championed this issue with great heart, even while he and Elizabeth had their own Battles. He took college kids with him down to NOLA after Katrina. I have thought about how powerful that was as a lifelong lesson, that he mentored them in what poverty really is:what it smells like, looks like in person. They will never forget the Mold, the dead bodies, rotting houses of the 9th ward. He taught them that it was alright to see the ugly mess, as long as you roll up your sleeves and offer to help. He taught them that beneath the mud and debris there was also damaged souls that needed to know they were not abandoned or forgotten. This lesson was sorely needed after the Flyover President and the Brownie Debacle. How can we not be grateful that this man was humble and caring during an Era of Entitlement ?

And yet I have not heard KATRINA mentioned once in a debate yet, the People, the Lives and Homes lost remain an Invisible Stain on all of us. And the Scattered Refugees of that Human Disaster are rarely mentioned or acknowledged. They are not even displaced and forgotten, they are Invisible. Worse yet, there has not even been preparations take to prevent another such Disaster.

And we are all in Trouble at this point. It is not just about floundering Stocks, it is about Homes, Jobs and Food on the table, and can we care for our children ? And can people take care of their loved ones if they get sick ? It gets to the point that families are juggling and trading Meds for Food for Heating Bill for Gas for the Car.....This is the Reality of living in Bush America.

What do you see as the Biggest Worry Economically ?

**** {{ Click the title :The song is John Mellencamp Paper &Fire, these are the faces I see where I live, and I hope that they Vote in Numbers and come out and let it be known they are not Invisible. The song has many messeges }}}*****

PLEASE DO WRITE ME AT, I have given up on the other address, as it is not working of 12 noon Sunday, it is FILTERING ..and emails are not getting please do use Earthlink for now...My apologies.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Home is where the Heart is ......

Are people losing their homes in your area ? Do you have empty homes on your block ? Do you have alot of For Sale signs ? Does the Media in your area cover the Situation? Do they do stories on Predatory Lending ? Over Christmas it really hit how empty our neighborhood is and how many people have left......and lost their homes.

( Photo is from 1930's Depression WPA project- no credit)

email : , I am having horrendous Blogger troubles.

We Need the Issues on the Table.....

originally posted 1.10.08

"We are not afraid to entrust the American People with the unpleasant facts,foreign Ideas,alien philosophies,and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let it's people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of it's people."
John F.Kennedy
The song I have up tonight is "Long Walk Home" By Bruce Springsteen, it is a very Interesting song. It could indeed just be another great Love Song by the Boss. I think it is about What is Broken , and What do we Do Now. Instead of all of the sniping that has already started , I would much rather have The Issues Impacting us on the table and talked about again.....Because we all need to be able to talk to each other and figure out How Damaged we are, and where do we go from here.

These two issues alone have been artfully dodged at the Debates, and I do not blame the Candidates for that, I do blame the Media.....Health Care for ALL Americans (1:7 are without), and The Iraq War and the VETS,( their Care and PTSD, and the skyhigh suicide rate), need to be part of the Dialogue again, neither is Front Page News anymore.....These are just two issues that are quickly becoming Invisible.

What issues would you like to see discussed at the Debates ?

*( Before the next debates make sure to see the Websites of all the remaining Candidates, and read what their goals, solutions and policies are , and they are NOT the same...._}*

*** {{ I am also encouraging people to go over to Lydia Cornells' Blog on the Blogroll, she has an interesting post up that is very thought provoking about this issue of What Matters.....}}***

Please do email me at ( if you need to, I am having trouble with blogger & comments btw)

Blogger Woes....

"If you have Light, you have Hope"
I wanted to apologize....I am having huge Blogger woes. I am not getting comments forwarded from any of my blogs, and I have no idea why. So Silent Fallout Book chapters are on Hold this week , while this is remedied. And please do email me if you want to talk, I am dealing with a Broken Furnace and a Broken Car, so apparently I did need ONE More thing to break after losing Power the other night.

As I sat in the Dark and the Cold the other night , it occurred to me, that I am not always a patient woman, and that I am tired of the Broken State of Our Country.....and I would love to Have Hope again and Believe in Something again. I need Light and I need it now. But to be honest I am as cynical and skeptical as anyone......I just don't want to see all of us fighting amoungst ourselves, because that is what the Bushco Machine wants...

I will come back and check the comments....

Have a Good Friday Night....Namaste.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tears of Our People....

(First posted 1.9.08)

It is true that I have written a bit about the Hillary Moment, and that people wrote me that maybe I was not being very sensitive, or kind. It was pointed out that as a Passionate Woman Blogger I was not fair enough. It is true that I blog with feeling, that I do tell about pieces of my life. And that sometimes I do tell my story with emotion. When I blog , I try to weave Life Events with political consequences, I think that it keeps us in touch with Our Humanity. And yes, I have also been telling some of my story of life with my son, but as a single mom and a nurse , I am just one person's story....I tell it because I know there are so many others struggling like me. If that makes me self indulgent, then I apologize. But I also blog about what I see and the sounds I hear everyday, whether it be the Bus Stop , or my neighbors, or VETS that I meet. I am trying to blog Our Americana and still serve some Soulfood, and yes I tell it with great spirit and it is heartfelt.

If she had cried answering a question about Katrina ? Or talking about healthcare and all of the people that are Dying Uninsured ? Or the Homeless VETS and National Guard ? About the VET suicide rate ?Or the number of families and Children living in Homeless Shelters ? Or about the Families burying young sons? Or the Numbers of Iraqis that have died ?Would I still be so hard on her ? The Answer is No.

She did not cry for you or me, she cried answering a Question about HERSELF, about Her life and yes, her hair. She choked up talking about HER OPPORTUNITIES, and how much she wants to be president. That is not the same as embracing the pain and challenges you and I have every day. When she did it, I remembered how Bill said "I feel your pain", and I thought "oh,no, not again". But not because I don't think Leaders should not be able to share Our Pain...and one would hope they would.

Do I think Presidents cry ? Yes, if they care about THE PEOPLE. There is a big difference between Empathy and Sympathy, and self absorbed emotion.

So you can still write me, because I am all about us talking this out. But I have worked long and hard to try to help all of us understand and embrace Our Humanity, mainly because even though these are Our Darkest Times in Our History, if we keep talking ,we can Heal....and we can also have Hope. But it also means people like you and me are allowed to Dream of A Better America and that some of this Damage can be healed. But the Reality is there is indeed Damage, and yes, I have tears about that....But I for one am also ready to embrace Hope.

{{ Click the Title : John Lennon +" Working Class Hero" , and my email is enigma4ever AT earthlink Dot Net}}

{{{ Photo: The Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange from the Great Depression}}}

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


{Originally posted 1.09.08 at 4pm moved to top of page}

{ Click the Title:Obama 's New Hampshire Speech , it is the Most Inspiring and Hopeful Concessional Speech I have ever seen.And the Media won't reshow it and they should, because it is a Presidential Speech.}

First off my apologies, I was without Power all night during a wicked-ass wind storm here by the Great Lakes. So I am very late posting on this Primary Confusion. So I have been spending a chunk of the day reading articles, analysis and blogs. I am confused by last night. Confused how the Polls got the Numbers SO RIGHT FOR EVERYONE BUT OBAMA AND HILLARY. ( Look at the Final Numbers over on Tomcat.) And yes, I have Some VERY big Diebold Scanner Worries....But let's look at the Breakdown of the Events of the last 48 hours first.....regardless the Numbers are Huge, record setting and staggering and we do need to embrace the glory of that.

So here we all sit, pouring over the Data, which by the way only adds to the Headache....But the Other Angle that Must be examined is of course the Sympathy Card. As a woman, there is Nothing I hate more than having to examine then Manipulative Ploys by a Desperate Housewife.....I would much rather look and talk ISSUES. But Hillary brought it down to THAT level. So WHO did she Win Over with that Stunt ? Older women who took a break from Victim Movies on Lifetime ? WHO? And I am sorry but it did not look Sincere. But Fine , if she wants to keep Using IT, let the People see her Act and judge for themselves.
I think the Act will only provide some results for so long, and then she will have to reach for Another Stunt. And as a woman, I think most women will wise up and see through the theatrics. As a woman it is not respectable or respected to act like that, and it certainly is not Presidential.It is amazing if the Media had only played the whole tape, with her choking up and then thrusting into a venomous attack on Obama moments later, everyone would have really had a Moment.

We really need to LOOK at what happened the last 24 hours also, and try to figure out were we played ? played by the Media? or does it come down to Hillary 's Choked Up Moment ? Or was it the Attacks that she and Bill Launched on Obama the Man? Was it the Attacks that they launched that we the Public are not allowed to WANT Hope and Change? ( Hell they even dissed MLK and JFK and got away with it). I think if they stay Attacking people will only see WHO they really are. And as someone that once voted for Clinton, I was pretty shocked. Well, that shock will start to shake people, and they will Vote with their Conscience, not with Historical Loyalties.....Especially in the South.

Also The Clintons in the last 24 hours in New Hampshire decided that they would attack Obama , and attack People Wanting to Be Inspired, to Dream of Change and a Better America. They even attacked Obama for reminding People about Martin Luther King and John F.Kennedy. I find it hypocritical that the Clintons who ran on the HOPE Platform in 1992 would attack Obama and Americans that are inspired again, Hopeful Again. The Clintons are attacking Hopes and Dreams, and the Desire for Change, and also they are attacking an Important Moment in History. I don't know if that will bode well . Time will tell. But shame on them. And shame on Bill Clinton for calling this Man of Substance a "fairy tale", it makes him look pretty smallminded and not very Presidential. Both of the Clintons in the last 48 hours were not Presidential.

When People Watch and Listen, they want to see WHO is Presidential ? Who is a Person of Substance and Integrity.
So I have attached the Obama Speech from Last night ,because it was and is a Moment of Greatness that Needs to be seen and heard.

Please tell me your thoughts and observations, because we do need to look on this even as we move forward at enigma4ever AT earthlink DOT net.

BEST ANALYSIS: Go see Tomcat at Politics Plus....excellent Breakdown and demographic info.

8PM BREAKING NEWS: Richardson is bowing out.....hmmmm that was about 12,000 votes in New Hampshire or 3-5% that will now have to vote for someone else.

11PM : BREAKING NEWS: Bloomberg has decided to put together an Exploratory Committee.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Embracing Obama: Voting In Primaries Today

"The time is always right to do the right thing" Martin Luther King
We all know I have been wanting a Watergate Summer, I don't know if that will ever happen, but I really feel like we are having a Bobby Kennedy Spring of 1968. We have Excitement, Fire flowing across the Country as People watch and listen to this Man of Substance. Since Last Summer we all have wondered does Obama have what it takes reach people......Now We Know.

12 Noon.Today is the Primary in New Hampshire, Voters are at the Polls. I will do More Round Up in the thread later tonight. Obama's Crowds have been phenomenal, people waiting in long lines to see him speak and hear his messege. The press and MSM remains slackjawed at the Outpouring of Enthusiasm. They are off their game. Today it is warm at the polls, in the fifties. This will mean even more come out to vote. Small Towns are calling and requesting More Ballots. Turnout can not even be forecast at this point.

Polls coming in From Nevada and South Carolina are indeed verifying that Obama was NOT a Iowa Fluke.....far from it.Obama continues to gain Votes in Elderly, Youth, VETS, and Women.

The Clintons have decided to attack him , that he is "offering false Hope", and that he should not compare himself to MLK, RFK and JFK. The Error in that is, that Obama mentioned JFK and MLK reminding people that they too brought Hope, people were encouraged to Dream. The Clintons are flawed in their thinking, and it is Shameful they do not remember that they too ran in 1992 with the HOPE Platform. Bill Clinton was walked out on and met with Stone Cold Silence in his attacks today, people have had enough of Hate and Fear Mongering....and they indeed Want Hope. Need Hope.He made a mistake when he called Obama a FairyTale, he should not an attack a man of Integrity, that is shameful.

At an Event today for College Students a young woman passed out, and Obama did something that was so touching, he stopped speaking and asked for help for her. He said "Can we get her some water, anyone have water for her." Then when it was happening fast enough, he reached under the Podium and pulled out HIS water and said,"Here give her mine" ( I may the exact words wrong...)That one moment showed me that yes indeed he is Here For the People.

I talked with 6-6, and he said, "Of course the Young People are out in Force. They KNOW WHO he is, and what he means. you taught me all about Hope, and MLK, and JFK, and RFK. You talked about the Sixties, What they meant. Don't you get it ? This is OUR Sixties. We are trying to SAVE Our Country."

The Torch has been passed.....and we as Bloggers helped Light the Flame.
And yes, Obama is The Hope.
Click the Title : Something is Happening Here....Buffalo Springfield
You can write on thread below or here, or email me enigma4ever AT earthlink DOT net.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hope On Fire ..Monday 1.07.07

This is What Hope Looks Like. This is what it looks like when we come together. Obama has managed to Galvanize people who were devastated, heartbroken, and even apathetic. Too Bad the MSM forgot to show these photos. We were not supposed to Hear This Man...Go to You Tube listen to Him.Read the "Audacity of Hope"....Each Chapter in this book has WHO he is from the Constitution to Family to World Beyond Our Borders to Race to Values.

This Man Knows WHO he is , and Knows What he is meant to do. He has Compassion, and Hope and he has had it the WHOLE time, that is WHY I have his 2004 Convention Speech linked on the Post above. also on the Sunday post be sure to see the amazing Linked Video of 2 Undecided Women. Each Post has Links. Cspan has Edwards and Obama's Speechs, please see them, especially the Meetings with People, the Q&A parts. Do go to Obama 's website and read all about WHAT he wants to do and WHO he is. Also see the RFK Video I have below, and see how we need another Voice like Bobby Kennedy, and that the Young People, Our Children, see THAT in him.

He leads today in ALL Polls, ALL. Double Digit. Edwards is neck and neck with The Hillary "Machine".(That is what she calls herself, so do her "people" and the Media ). I don't want a Machine. I want Humanity to return to Our Country. Her Experience is that she was a DC Wife, a First Lady, that is NOT enough.( If that was Enough, Laura Bush could be president). Hillary is now running Negative ads In New Hampshire. None of us need More Negative Anything. We have had enough Rovian Tactics to last a century.

And yes, I am rooting for him to run with a Solid Team, and with John Edwards by his side. Obama/Edwards 08

We can Dream. We Can Hope. We can have Change. We Can.....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

HopeMongering On Sunday Night 1.06.07....Hope as Far as the Eye can see....

All weekend in New Hampshire the Crowds have come to Every Event..Some have had to be moved to Bigger Venues, but all have been full, standing room only. People have waited in the Cold to see this man and hear his messege. Please go to his website and read and see more, and listen to the Videos. As of tonight he is up over Hill in three different respected Polls that are polling in New Hampshire.

The Video that I have attached to the title is amazing, it has two women explaining that up until 2 days ago they were undecided, until they saw him Speak, and they listened. For some reason Listening to these women, Hearing from people like me really did move me....see what you think.

And then when you done look at the video below and tell me what you think....I put that for my son..because for the Young Generation they don't remember RFK, MLK,JFK unless we share the Wisdom..the Spirit.

RFK..Fighting for the People that don't have a Voice ( RARE Video)

Friday, January 04, 2008


[originally posted 1.03.07 10:01 PM]

By 9:30 PM, it was clear that CHANGE is wanted, that people are angry, tired of the DC suits, and they came out and voted in Record Numbers, more than 212,000 came out to Caucus. ( Less than 80,000 came out to Caucus for Huckabee to win 34% and Mitt Romney had only 24%). Obama WON 37%, and Edwards still has a lead over Clinton. 2nd and 3rd are very very close. Stunning.

Edwards gave a Wonderful inspiring passionate speech tonight, Does he have RFK in him ? I think he does...and so does Obama. And the Heartland Heard Both of these men....loud and clear. ( 236,000 Dems showed up,000 was the 2004 number, less than 80,000 showed up for Repugs).

Can You Picture these two Working together to Bring Change and Fight to save this Country ?
I can.

Thank You Iowa....and let it be a Tsunami of Change....

****( The Link is the People of Iowa our Brothers and Sisters singing with John Mellencamp "Our Country"...)****


Bearded Men, Lost Scribes and Sacred Clowns

This is just a little Thank You to David Letterman, because he came back this week, and his show was wonderful,not only because he was back, but because he really acknowledged the Strike and WHAT it was about. It is a funny thing, but the Scribes of our time are what keep us sane, and with humor and satire they help keep it all in perspective. Conan and Dave had both grown Strike Beards. If we can not laugh, how can we look at this insanity around us ? We can't.

Both Conan and Dave are back and have been very respectful of the Writers Strike and also in a way helped us remember why we need These Writers in these Dark Times. Two monthes can indeed feel like an Eternity.

There is an old Native American Tradition called Heyoehkah, The tradition of the "Sacred Clowns", they were the people of the Tribe that made people look at things differently, and they presented a shock factor in how they presented their message whether it be story telling or dance or humor. The were viewed as "Contraries", because they were not ordinary, they were Extraordinary and gifted in how they provoked Thought.It takes Satire and humor to look at Hell and be able to still see the Light. The Scribes of Our Times, that provoke Thought, and Insight, are the writers on these Shows, Dave Letterman, Conan,Jimmy KImmel, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher....and even to a degree Keith Olbermann.

If you have time write Dave at CBS and say Thank You. ( I will post the best address today in the Comments). On another Note I thought I would do my first Poll here, WHICH Beard do you like better ?

A. Kris Kringle Conan Beard ?
B. Dave Cattle Drive Cook Beard ?

*{Click the Title + SEAL + "Waiting"})

Thursday, January 03, 2008

January Round Up.....Let the Healing Begin

Let the Healing Begin that is the theme of today's Round Up.We can survive this Titannical Administration, in spite of the Damage and Destructive Havoc they have wreaked. I have Hope....BUT I need to be really Clear, I am Not Ready to Make Nice at all. I want New Leadership that will Access the Damage and Hold the Criminals Accountable. Matter of fact, I don't think we can heal until the Accountability begins. In a way it is like a patient with a large festering wound, that has been festering for 7 year. Would you really want to just throw a pretty clean white bandage on it and call it good ?It would still stink and seep through the bandage. It needs to be debrided, there can b e no healing otherwise.( If you have not signed Wexler's Impeachment Petition yet, please do, it could help heal this country.)

And today is the Caucus in Iowa...but you might need a Break from CSpan and MSNBC and CNN. ( CQ Politics, Craig Crawfords Blog explains the Caucus Process really well). I have been watching alot of Cspan, and you know I think Iowa is going to be exciting, unexpected. The Speeches have been wonderful Dodd, to Obama to Edwards , even Richardson. I really am believing Change is on the Way.So over the holidays I have been scouring New Blogs and Wonders to share. I have opened the Anony Comments again, we will see how that goes.

I also need to let you all know that every Friday I am going to add to my Book, it is over on the Blogroll. It is called "Silent Fallout and Watery Lies". If you want to comment on the book, please email me { enigma4ever at earthlink dot net}, as the comments are not open. And if you scroll down there are many new blogs that I have added to the Blogroll.

  • Canadian Healthcare
  • Are you curious about the Healthcare up North, I am. Go ahead and check it out, if you read about Canadian Healthcare and see if you are inspired, envious, and awestruck.

  • Second Chance to Live
  • Is a wonderful blog written by a professional that has a story to tell, but also offers a healing perspective. Many might remember I did posts about PTSD and Suicide Rates in October and November.( this is an issue I hold dear). A Blogger Craig, wrote to me, that his blog might be helpful to those suffering with PTSD and also Brain Injuries. ( We all know that many of our returning VETS are returning suffering from both of these...).Craig has a wonderful blog that is helpful, inspiring, and insightful.

  • The Wounded Warrior Project
  • is a wonderful organization that is looking at the needs of VETS upon their return to the States.

  • This Ol Brit
  • has an amazing post up written on January First about the True Health Picture in Iraq, especially the Food and Nutritional Situation. It is heartbreaking, and shameful, but needs to be read and shared.....Remember Food For Oil, and the criminal implications of that debacle, this is the devastating sequel.

  • Ornery Bastard
  • is telling it like it is, so go give him a listen.

  • Last Left before Hooterville
  • by Alicia Morgan is a wonderful blog, but she also has written a book, so go read about her book,"The Price is Right", let's help her get on the Best Seller List.

  • Cosmic Messenger
  • Has a post up by Ceejay about Resolutions that is worth the read, it will leave you thinking and give you a different perspective as you watch the Political Landscape.

  • Smalltown RN
  • is a nurse that has a wonderful blog that is so wonderful, and offers another way to see life and her caring perspective comes across with her wisdom.

    Take care out there. Share the popcorn, and have hope as the Caucus Results come in .....Hope For Change. Hope for Justice. Hope for We The People.Namaste.

    *** Footnote: I have never once in 20 years "knitted " at work....too funny.****
  • Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    The Obamas Moving to DC this weekend....

    Read More about their Move to DC, interesting that Bush is so busy catering to his Farewell Party Guests that Proper Hospitality and Welcome could not be extended to the New First Family and their Children. The Obamas will stay in a Hotel while the girls start School Next week, and I am Sure that Michelle wonderful Mama that she is will help the girls to see it as an Adventure...But Shame on the Bushes for the Crappy manners.

    Warm Hearts and Cold Feet, and the Lost Mittens....1.2.07

    Thank you for all of your wonderful New Years Thoughts, such warm thoughts that I really appreciated. This morning it is 18 degrees and still snowing. I have no idea how much is out there. I learned yesterday that my boots do leak, but they were only 10 dollars at a Seconds Store downtown, so it was inevitable. NOW I know why they were soooooo cheap. And then the biggest tragedy, I lost my ONLY Favorite gloves. They were Fingerless, handmade finely woven LLama wool, beautifully soft, and easily worn in my cold house, or under Big Floppy mittens. They were the very last Christmas Present my Ex gave me when we lived still in the Northwest. So in many ways they were my last thread to the Northwest. I think I left them at a Neighbor's House, and I know she is annoyed that I keep asking her to check her house. But for me, they are not just "gloves", they are my last thread to my old home.....oh well...Just One More thing to let go of.

    Since it is cold, snowing and windy, I will be staying in to finish the Blog Round Up. I got distracted yesterday, watching old movies, and football. ( And yes ALL of my Teams Lost...every last one...oye). We also sat and watched Huckabee's event with Chuck Norris "dancing", it was quite a good laugh.Today I will be investigating the Caucus procedures , since I know nothing, and 6-6 wants to watch the whole process....its sad that he can not Vote, because he is in love with the Process, and has been since he was eight.... He would love to vote for Obama.

    I linked the Running on Empty Song, because I am sure there are times that after 7 years of this Regime that it feels like we are running on empty, and I saw some blogs this weekend where people said they were thinking of packing it in. I am asking you to hang in there, HOLD On, because Change is on the way......Have Hope.

    Thanks for being here......Stay Warm.