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Historic Storms and Tornadoes Shred The South...



Massive storms and Tornadoes ripped through the South, leaving a path of destruction through 9 states and killing 300 and wounding hundreds. ( Photos above are from Tuscaloosa Alabama , one of the cities worse hit by this destructive cell system.) It destroyed Police Stations, Fire Departments and even Red Cross Centers. These storms left huge damage to homes, businesses and lives.
Death by a Thousand Papercuts Blog has the Aerial Photos and the Aerial Fly over footage that shows the extent of the damage.
HOW TO HELP ::: (this list will expand as I gather more information)
(1) Salvation Army is organizing it's Disaster Teams and has a very extensive website that allows people to give a variety of ways. Click the link to learn more...
((Enigma Note :::I am encouraging people to give to Salvation Army as I am very impressed with their disaster teams work. I have some significant questions about the American Red Cross, and I say that as a former Red Cross Disaster worker. I Specifically have questions about their Work and expenditure of funds in Haiti. I will not be giving to them again. I do totally support the work of International Red Cross. Another real logistical issue is that Red Cross Centers were effected in this storm, so it is better to donate to a group that has more Mobile Units, which Salvation Army does.)
Really Good Article explaining the Destruction of Tornadoes ( The Guardian April 28,2011)

Trump Sponsors of the Apprentice to Contact:NBC,Clorox,Snapple,Disney,Sprint

Please do contact Sponsors of Donald Trump's Apprentice and let them know that you are writing to ask them to pull their sponsorship of his Program after the Racism and hatemongering that Trump has been broadcasting . Please do Tweet when you have written or made contact with the Companies. Please be polite in your efforts and in expressing your concerns. If you did or do use the product do explain why you will have to boycott their products if they continue their relationship with Trump.

The attached List has their addresses and also their email addresses I am encouraging that people write to NBC and explain their concerns about the Racist Mr.Trump and that due to his actions and racist hate mongering speech, patriotic Americans are very concerned that NBC has a relationship with this man and have been Silent during his recent antics. People are concerned that NBC embraces Trump and his dispicable behavior. Please tell the Corporate Execs of the Entertainment and Business Divisions that you will boycott Apprentice but ALSO ALL NBC shows.
Brian Steel
Vice President, Public Relations
201-735-4778 |

Focus Features
Adriene Bowles
President, Worldwide Publicity and Executive Vice President, Marketing
818-777-7499 |

Jeremy Gaines
Vice President, Communications
212-664-5133 |

NBC Entertainment
Rebecca Marks
Executive Vice President, Publicity
818-777-3030 |

Kathy Kelly-Brown
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Media Relations
212-664-3457 |
Interesting Clorox as a Company has a very serious Code of Conduct , it supposedly guides them in their advertising and their corporate relationships. Please remind them of this when you write to them.

Here is where to write and call::
1221 Broadway, Oakland, California 94612-1888
(Address of principal executive offices)
(510) 271-7000

Donald Knauss, CEO
The Clorox Co
Joe.My.God Blog has a more complete list of Specifics that can be boycotted that includes Trump's products and Properties that need to be boycotted. Also some of this list was started by Julie Driscoll of the Chicago Examiner, I just expanded it and added more addresses and contacts.
Enterprise Holdings
Andrew C. Taylor
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Enterprise Corporate Office
3525 Nw 97th Boulevard
Gainesville, FL 32606-5062 map
Website:Information not found
Phone: (352) 332-9966
Dan Hesse, CEO
Sprint-Nextel Corporate Office | Headquarters
6200 Sprint Pkwy Overland Park, KS 66251
Bristol-Myers Squibb
John Elicker, VP Investor Relations
Robert A. Iger, President and CEO
Walt Disney Company
Groupon ( who already severed their relationship this week, please contact them and THANK them for their integrity.
Andrew Mason, CEO
Dr.Pepper Snapple Company
Larry D. Young, CEO
c/o Board of Directors
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
7-Up Bottling Co. (fill in information)
Corporate Headquarters Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. 5301 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 Tel: (972) 673-7000
More Updates on Sponsors and Contact Info. will be listed in the Comments and then I will update this post.

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Passport to Nowhere :: Birtherism Questions Proposed into Passport Applications

A travel agent friend sent me this article from Consumer Traveler about Proposed Changes to the Passport Application forms and Process.The New Biographical Portion asks Questions that would be near impossible for most to answer. The Friend asked me is it possible that this is from The Onion or a joke ? Yet when I clicked through the links to the post it seems that most of the links are legitimate. State Department proposed the changes in February with a 60 Day Comment ( complaint/concern) Window, which is closing this week.

The questions are so absurd that it will cripple the process and perhaps ruin the ability of many to obtain a Passport, which has never been a problem under previous administrations. Why is it now being retooled in such Draconian Fashion ?
How drastic are the Questions? Take a look ...
( Excerpt from "Consumer Traveler")::
"The U.S. Department of State is proposing a new Biographical Questionnaire for some passport applicants: The proposed new Form DS-5513 asks for all addresses since birth; lifetime employment history including employers’ and supervisors names, addresses, and telephone numbers; personal details of all siblings; mother’s address one year prior to your birth; any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth; and a variety of other information. According to the proposed form, “failure to provide the information requested may result in … the denial of your U.S. passport application.
It seems likely that only some, not all, applicants will be required to fill out the new questionnaire, but no criteria have been made public for determining who will be subjected to these additional new written interrogatories. So if the passport examiner wants to deny your application, all they will have to do is give you the impossible new form to complete."

More Information and Resources:::
(1) The Consumer Traveler article has all the details and links of the Proposed Application Changes.

(2) This is what the new proposed form does look like and has the Biographical Questions on it that are so concerning.

(3) Here is the Actual notice from the State Department Explaining the Proposed Changes and WHO and Where to write to, as the 60 day window comes to a close there is still time to write and call and raise concerns. I also recommend that you contact your Elected Reps and raise concerns.

(4) Raw Story has more about the proposed Questions in the Biography, that is a must read.
Enigma Question : Yet reading the Questions the language and content is very similar as to what we hear being asked of President Obama by the Birthers regarding his Own History and his own Biography...It raises questions : Are there those in DC that are obsessed with Heritage and History of Who Lives here ? Are they so obsessed that that they would try to use that information to restrict Rights and Travel and Work of those that live here. If so, It is a Serious Issue, with darker implications and shadows of the 1930's Rising again....And the ugly vision of "Papers Please".

Republicans and TeaThugs Juggle Sharp Knives.....

In the Fall we watched the Republicans heave themselves into power, bloated with Koch power and money.They arrived in DC like perky young empty headed peacocks strutting about in new overpriced suits and squeaky shoes. They campaigned last summer peddling Jobs and Values and Budget Reform. Basically acting like Carney Hucksters throwing rotted corn to starved crows. Old school yellow bellied Republicans realized that the Teabaggers were new to this Political Gauntlet run, so they didn't need to present strong policies or solutions that would require critical thinking or actual math skills. And so the Republicans arrived in DC, many new to Government practices or lacking even basic negotiating skills. I call them TeaThugs as I watch them manhandle and pillage basic Laws, Rights and Protections and Social Programs.

The Wicked Twist :Women and Children ....First to be thrown from the Lifeboats...

Instead of inspecting programs and assessing which ones may be losing funds, misspending,or fraud plagued ( that would require actual math skills and a calculator). It's true that some programs are decades old and may have problems, but they also have worked for many decades providing needed services for millions. Many also are already subsidized and paid into by Citizens, yet no Media ever reminds the Republicans of this. Working taxpaying citizens basically contributing funds to help care for fellow citizens. Programs such as Headstart, School Lunches, and Road Services/Repair and Firemen and Elder Care all provide care to Americans that live and work in this Country.

And Republicans cast their false Freeloading Net wide sneering at the Poorest in Our Country and the Youngest and the most vulnerable. Making disparaging remarks about people who were suffering and languishing in this Economy, yet suddenly they twisted it into a creative narrative in which the Unemployed, the Sick, the Disabled and the Working Poor were blamed for this Economic Downturn.And their Budgetary Maneuvers and Bigoted Agenda took on a Punitive punishing quality as they targeted more and more programs and actual Targeted Populations. And it was done with loud thumpchesting falsetto rhetoric proclaiming the Poorest amongst us are costing too much ? Rich White (so called "Christian") Men blatantly lying on the Floor of the House about Planned Parenthood, even though it provides much needed Medical treatments and Health Care to 5 million Women per year.

Women watched in horror, realizing that it was not really about money , it was about so much more, it was about their bodies, their Healthcare, and men finding a new way to strip dignity from their ability to quietly take care of their bodies. Planned Parenthood has provided care to women for over 8 decades, and not in my lifetime have I ever seen it attacked for providing care. It provides cancer screenings, prenatal care, treatments for infections and STDs, HIV and AIDS, and birth control for millions of women. But it was easy for self righteous ignorant Men with Government Healthcare to paint it as an Abortion Organization.

As I watched those budget arguments escalate and programs for women and children become more shredded, I wondered, who is next ? Will it be the Disabled ? The Elderly ? Who ? Would they take destroy existing programs that work ? And on another level, I watch them and wonder is this what the 1930s in Germany was like where different People were systematically targeted ?
Because we have been watching the Repugs target Workers and Teachers and Women, attacking their Worth to this Country.

Old and In the Way.....
So this month the sharper knives did come out and Medicare has been thrown onto their hapless false Budget alter. No one has discussed that it is a existing program that has been functioning since 1965. No one has discussed that millions of people have been paying into this program for generations. I watched the Disasters unfold in Japan this spring, humbled watching the Elderly there honored and cared for with such reverence and duty. I also kept thinking back 18 months ago when Republicans held HCR Town Hall Meetings falsely proclaimed that Obama was doing to "unplug granma with Death Panels" and "ration care" , and people were horrified. And the MSM media beat it like a loud drum, reinforcing the sheer stupidity....

Yet now the other shoe has indeed fallen, and Republicans and some media are indeed gleefully embracing Paul Ryan's Plans that would literally thrown millions of elderly and disabled into freefall. ( Media calling him "brave" is like saying Dr.Mengele was a wonderful doctor). He says it is a "Voucher" program, but it is indeed Irrational Rationed Care that would leave many with existing health problems and conditions with NO Care and No Access to care. People with Health Problems would be given "vouchers" to get Insurance from WHOM ? Indeed for many it would mean that they would lose care they are already receiving. It is cruel and calculating, and discriminates against those that are ill, disabled and elderly. If millions are to be treated this way, deprived of care when they are older and ill, is this not a quiet form of genocide ? Should we not propose a bill that the Republicans buy and pay for the Cemetery Plots of Millions ? We could call it the "Old and In The Way Tax".

Required Reading :::
(1) Paul Krugman's "Let's Not be Civil" in the NYT this week is a must read. It does not say anything new, but it does say it better and louder than any talking head pundit.
(2) From Think Progress " The 46 Year-Long Republican War On Medicare "

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President Obama had a Loving American Mama.....

President Obama had an American Mama who loved him and raised him. I love this photo, it shows a young mom at Halloween. I loved that she dressed him as a Pirate. ( Of course now the Birthers will be presenting this photo as proof, claiming that he was being trained as a Somali Pirate.... or some other foolishness). I keep wondering if his Mama was here would the Birthers and Baggers keep hammering the bigoted rumors about his heritage ? Would they keep trying to rewrite his history of WHO and What and What Color he is ? Birtherism is Racism and shame on the Media and Journalists for not calling it for what it is.

Ironically if ANY of the Media did their homework and looked up the Laws or questioned some Citizenship Lawyers they would start to realize that the Birthers whole premise is Broken. President Obama was born to an American Mother on the Island of Hawaii. Yet if she had been An American traveling abroad and had had a baby, that baby would still be an American Citizen.
If any of the Media and Talking Heads had bothered to research Birthright Citizenship in Wikipedia they would understand that because of his Mother's Citizenship President Obama was BORN an American, period. Existing American Laws protect Obama and his Heritage and his Birth.

Apparently the Republicans are now embracing Britherism as an "issue" for the 2012 Election. First it was Mr.Huckabee, and then it was Mr.Trump. And now this week we learn that 46% of Republicans are questioning his Birth and Citizenship. And instead of the Journalists exposing this for the Xenophobic Racist notion that it is , the MSM has been continuing to trumpet the antics of Trump and Bachman.

I for one wonder at the Republican Convention of 2012 will they be handing out Tin Foil Hats or White Sheets ?
This is the Link to the must read NYT article "Obama's Young Mother Abroad." ( Sadly the title alone will still feed the Birther's Wet Dreams...) Do read this article it will give much insight into our President, how he was raised and nurtured. Personally I keep wishing Someone would write a book on President Obama's patriotic grandparents. His Kansas grandfather fighting in World War II and his grandmother working in the War Factories of the NW to help the World War II efforts. There is no Real problem with his very American Story.

What do you see....What do you do....Open your this video

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About This Blog....and Changes...

‎"One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest."~Maya Angelou
For the past 6 weeks I tried my best to track the Disasters in Japan, I mostly tracked them on on Twitter and Facebook. Here I have been having troubles blogging, mostly that my computer crashes while editing. I am not sure of the diagnosis on that, but it needs repair. I blog disasters so that we can learn from them and also track what is needed and how to help our global neighbors. For the past 6 years I have also blogged other aspects of the Human Condition and how Politics impacts that Condition. I am often left wondering why our Compassion is impaired, and what happened to Critical Thinking ? Once the Computer is repaired I am mostly going back to Political Blogging as it is apparent that the TeaThuggery needs confrontation and that the Election cycle has begun. I will also intersperse some soulfood along the way and some thoughts that need to be shared.

Spring Rains have come....

"Some People just get wet, Some feel the Rain" Boy Dylan
I love that she is Barefoot and that she is running and that Trees are there.....I love that she is in the Midst of it...I love that she is moving towards her Future....This winter was wretched...and it has been relatively cold this this spring, but finally Rains arrived this week and maybe Spring is coming....or trying to....and I ready to embrace it....

For hopes...

To the People of Japan I pray for you....for your Losses and the Missing...and for your Recovery.....

For your spirits and your community and that you rebuild and are able to have beautiful Homes again.....

For your health and for your children....

And for those in Fukushima who had to survive the Quake and the Tsunami only to evacuate in a hurry, thinking that they could return....Their lives, their homes , everything suspended in Time......I pray that they can Start again....that they get all that they need to move forward....
I Tweeted it as accurately as I could for 6 weeks....but out of sadness and worry....I need to step back ....and breathe...but I still carry Japan in my heart. I was so struck by the photos how much the NE Coast reminded me of the Puget Sound and the touched me and also saddened me....I hope and pray that the people, the land and the sea are able to recover and are monitored after this devastating series of disasters.........I will still watch and monitor, but I can not blog it daily or even is too heartbreaking...

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Japan Disaster Week 3 Updates

Birds returning to the Tsunami ravaged Coast......Looking for their fishing spots and food, but if these birds start to vanish off the Coastlines we can expect to see the Radiation Zones to expand....

People are still being screened for radiation in different regions within 50 KM of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster
From Newsweek: Photos Japan: Inside the Exclusion Zone. Note the vegetation and also the stillness, no animals or birds to be seen.
April 5/6
Most of the focus of these posts will continue to be the unfolding nuclear disaster,but also will focus on the rebuilding and recovery efforts being made after the Quake and the Tsunami. The two situations do effect each other as evacuation zones shift effecting shelter, food, farming and fishing.
New Focuses and Problems as Week 3 starts, include clogging the Sea Water leak at base/foundation of Pit near Unit #2 which was resolved late Tuesday Night. Now the focus of concern is Unit #1 with a renewed leak of Explosion due to Hydrogen Buildup and an Injection of Nitrogen has been approved to prevent the explosion. ( Unit #1 has already had one critical event, an explosion on March 12th).**Updates will be posted on this issue later today.**

(1) From Japan News Daily regarding the New Explosion risk, this article explains
Focus on preventing explosions at Japan nuke plant Unit #1

(2) IAEA was informed, TEPCO has been authorized to begin injection of nitrogen into primary containment vessel of Unit 1.(Note it is the Containment vessel-not the fuel rod pond that is now at risk, the containment ponds above and their status is not mentioned. The Containment vessel where the core is presents great difficulties, risks, so this situation is to be watched.
(3) From IAEA On 6 April 2011, the IAEA provided the following information on the current status of nuclear safety in Japan.
(4) More from the NYT US NRC sees array of new threats from Fukushima Plant, this article explores what scientists are seeing and concerns them going forward, it is a Must Read.
Updates on the Sea Contamination and the Leaking Radiation from the Plant Site
(1) Update per NHK as of Late 4.5 the Leak near Unit #2 has been stopped. ( Many attempts were made to Clog this "Leak", from sand, gravel, cement, to Newspaper to trash mix, to finally a Liquid Glass ( Vitrified Glass ? silicon mix ?). (More from Reuters Explains about the Leak and the risks it presented)
(2) Sadly atleast 3 Millions Gallons ( 60,000 tons) was dumped/leaked in a 48 hour period and even though TEPCO tried to reassure that this was Older,"Less Radioactive" water, there was and has been damage to the Fish and Fishing industry. Fishing Halted in Japan's Ibaraki After Radioactive Water Contaminates Sea (Japan News Daily)
(3) (Via DailyYomiuri )
Fish from Ibaraki to face tighter checks; Fisheries minister ripsTEPCO for not telling him about N-plant water release.

(4) From JapanNewsDaily
FDA Will Screen Japanese Imported Fish for Radiation . America and other countries are checking the Fish and imported goods.
Especially Raw goods such as vegetables are being screened as well, by multiple countries including Taiwan,Korea and throughout Asia. Some countries have set in place a Ban as they don't trust the testing and readings from Japan, India is one such country that is banning all imported food from Japan.

(5) Sadly some of the Spin has started, this article tries to allay fears by saying Japan fortunate to have "one of most iodine-rich diets in world". This "Nature" article does go on to explore radiation vs. health risks .

(6) For years to come there will be questions as to why TEPCO dumped the radioactive waters in the sea. From DailyYomiuri TEPCO's slow response in dealing with pools of contaminated water left it with no option other than to dump it at sea. It has been portrayed on the news as merely a LEAK issue, but there are still questions about How it was Leaked, and whether the bigger question is was it also being dumped.

(7) More regarding the Sea Contamination : From Japan Times Radioactivity in sea up 7.5 million times; marine life contamination well beyond Japan feared .

Other Concerns and Developments worth Watching::
(1) JAIF data on radiation trends around Fukushima , these maps are worth examining as the Radiation maps show a growing radius of contamination. More testing is occurring 30-50 KM (miles 18-30) It is important to note that these maps are in a region where there is/was much farming and fishing.

(2) SOIL Issues : (NHK) Plutonium still being found soil samplings near plant ||scientists admit it's related to Fukushima nuke disaster

(3) From Nature News : We don't know enough about low-dose radiation risks on a continued daily basis in regards to ongoing longterm exposure ( including food,air,soil and water)

(4) More from the NYT regarding the Screening of Seafood, Screening the Day’s Catch for Radiation will be an ongoing issue.

(5) Japan/Tepco looking at RadiationShields ( Sept?) radiation too high to put in before then ,they would construct Sheilds to place around the Leaking Reactors on site, or acutally around the Site at the Fukushima Plant.

TEPCO has starting offering Damage Relief Funds...12 Dollars a Person...
(1) From Kyung Lah of CNN her story on local reaction to TEPCO's first token offer: $12 per person.
(2) More from CNN From producer Whitney Hurst Town near Fukushima nuclear plant rejects Japanese utility's 'token' offer
(3) More from CNN: Namie's mayor says Tepco's token gift of $12/Namie citizen is "not enough. We lost everything."

Other Radiation Concerns to Consider::
(1) Radiation testing begins in 1,400 Japanese schools and nurseries this week ( BBC)

How Bad is the Radiation from the Damaged reactors ? According to Some Environmental Groups, Radiation From Japan's Damaged Nuclear Plant Off the Charts


Milk Concerns....Raw Milk is being screened from multiple prefectures...Sadly the NE Coastline was full of Farms and also most of the fishing for the Island, supplying much of the food from Rice to vegetables to Milk and Fish.

Images from Japan Week 3

A man talks to a dog at a Shelter, many of the displaced have been allowed to move with their pets to Shelters. Estimates are that 250,000-450,000 are still displaced and living in shelters as of Week 3. Many have moved in with relatives on other parts of the Islands, and the government has started building shelters and housing. Unfortunately the Fukushima Evac Zones are expanding and are now up to 18 Miles from plant is being voluntarily evacuated, with most focus on families with young children or pregnant women.
Photos from Japan Week 3 ( more posted on Twitter @watergatesummer and on Facebook-whole albums ( This Newsweek: " Inside the Exclusion Zone" album is haunting. Watch for more areas within 50 KM from Fukushima to be evacuated

Along the Tsunami ridden Coast debris has been cleared to make paths and leave markers.....

From the DailyYomiuri A Chiba Prefecture resident has painted an inspirational message for the nation that reads "Fight on, Japan."

From the DailyYomiuri : A Miyagi man stands by the foundation of his destroyed home and a red flag he planted to tell workers "demolition ok". Even though it appears that the Tsunami did most of the demolition. Home owners in tsunami-hit areas put up green flags to say "do not touch", yellow for "only clean up wreckage" and red for "demolition ok".

Children have returned to school this week, some of the schools are still serving as shelters to thousands of displaced due to the Tsunami and the Quake. In Schools along the NE Coast, especially the fishing villages, many students and families were lost, so the some school populations have been cut 50-80%. Sadly the quake and tsunami happened as many parents were going to pick up children from school.

Bodies recovered from Tsunami zone neatly covered and set in orderly rows await burial ( in a School in Miyagi ).

People make their way through a Debris field attempting to locate belongings or locate possessions

Fishing Industry of NE Coast of Japan has been ravaged as boats were tossed like toys up onto the Coast. Researchers reveal tsunami's greatest height was 37.9 metres in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture ||that's 124 feet...?height of 9/10 story building?

A reporter traveling in Miyako found a Tsunami Evacuation map in the debris....

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Japan Disaster Day 23 (4.2.11):: First Two Fukushima Workers Bodies Found at Reactor #4 And More Radiation Leaking into Pacific

Condition of Fukushima Reactors #3 and #4 after Fires and Explosions ( by the 16th there had been atleast 4explosions in 4 days and episodes of Overheating, Smoke, Fires, and Steam Releases and some episodes called "Hydrogen Releases".

Note The Number of them and remember that the Reactors are only 200 feet apart. So Violent explosions could effect the other reactors. Do See that Reactor #4 experienced explosion March 15th, but may have been experiencing heat from explosions of #3 on the 14th. ( Do See Videos Below as they detail more of the events and damages).
Day 22 4.2.11 at 11 PM EST :: It was released via numerous media that Two Bodies had been found dead at Reactor Number #4 in the Turbine Building. Media Per Tepco reported that these two young men died in the Tsunami that followed the Quake. They were 21 and 24 years old. Immediately within first few hours all media picked up this story and released it as is. Yet there are are some questions that need to be asked. The Weekend of 3.12-3.14 The Public was told by Tepco to the Media that ALL workers had been accounted for within the plant. Then the First Explosion happened the weekend of the 12th, still the reports came that all workers were accounted for. Then came the Explosions of the 14th, and still no reports of missing workers.

On March 15th there was an explosion at Number #4 and workers were finally pulled from the scene, and it was reported that 17 were wounded , injured and that Two were Missing. And the Status of those two Missing Workers has never been reported or revealed. ( It was reported by Numerous Papers, including The Guardian, NYT and Reuters. I have included the Links Below. The Missing Two Workers were even admitted to be possibly, or last know to be in Turbine Building of #4. It is Important that this be properly clarified as if these two Brave Workers did indeed Survive the Quake and the Tsunami to Lose their lives Fighting a Nuclear Situation, they need to be Honored and Remembered for the Heroic Efforts of what they were trying to do.

I am asking that Some Responsible Media Source Look into This Situation and further investigate How these First Two Fukushima Workers really did die ? And is there any possibility that these Two Workers are ineed the 2 Missing Workers from the Explosion of Reactor #4 on March 15th ?
References for the Dead Fukushima Workers :::
*** MSNBC reporting the discovery of the Dead Fukushima bodies 4.2.11 and again the Natural Events are blamed and the Nuclear situation is not mentioned. More from CNNI Traumatic injuries in quake/tsunami caused death, as two Bodies of nuclear plant workers found.******

(1) NYT revealed that Bodies of Missing Fukushima Workers Found at Japanese Nuclear Plant had been found, but indicated that they supposedly died in Quake and Tsunami. ( No mention of March 15th Explosions or fire of Missing Workers from that series of events.
(2) CNN also covering the discovery of the Two Bodies, but no mention of the Missing from March 15th.
(3) Two workers missing after #Fukushima explosion, last known to be in turbine area of No.4 reactor via #AlJazeera
(4) More from Reuters on the Missing after 15th Explosion of #4, 2Missing Workers After Explosion Fukushima Tuesday March15/16-AND they were In Turbine for Reactor#4 .
(5) From the Australian 2 Missing Workers After Explosion MARCH15th via Australian/Reuters reported Missing, And they had been in/near Reactor#4.
VIDEOS Related to Explosions of March 15th and Status of Reactor #4 and Missing Workers::::
(1) This Video is by RT (Russia) and NHK Explaining Explosions at Reactors #2 and #4 on March 15th, and subsequent Fires, also shows the structures and the explosions and explains the huge risks of the Spent Fuel in #4 and efforts that had been made to cool it since it's cooling systems were knocked out. Title of video "Fresh Fire at Reactor #4"

(Question raised in videos:: More on the Spent Fuel Fires in #4 ( confusing if this is before explosion March14 or 15 ? says fire was ignited by hydrogen ?))

(2) RT/NHK video explaing Explosions and Fires at #4

(3) Very brief video shows actual Burst and Explosion at #3 ( March 14th or March 15th) But raises questions about the explosions and the damage.

OTHER UPDATES On Radiation Leaking into Sea Water and what is being attempted to stop the Radiation Leak::::

Excellent & extensive summary of Fukushima crisis (cont) From @silvermanman has the latest Report from Concerned Scientists explains all that is involved with the Fukushima Reactors at this point, both Core Issues and Spent Fuel Issues.
LA TIMES reports Japan radiation leak: Concrete fails to plug leak at Fukushima nuclear plant
During Night it was revealed that Cracked Reactor Pit "Repair" is being attempted with "DiaperLikeMaterials" (Reuters)
This Article in the NYT explores the forensics of the current situation that is being examined by Scientists far and wide.