Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Night Music.....

6-6 and I watched the Rules all day ( he watched CNN and I watched MSNBC - we yelled back and forth to each other)....and he chose the song tonight....kind of poignant that he picked this what you think....Queen...LIVE Wembley....One Vision...

The Amazing Men Dancing, their FINALE Dance on Britians Got Talent...they brought it!!!

I posted "Signatures' Other two videos...I still love their First the best...But this one is alright...wonderful. Tonight was the Finals of" Britian's Got Talent"...I will post in the Thread WHO won...( I have Kate&Gin and also Christopher's videos below- they also reached the finals). Sometimes you gotta root for the Ordinary Guys...

Liveblogging the RULES Meeting in DC...


Here I sit......typing away...and watching as usual...feel free to join me, this is my way to document this whole process...

After The Rains...Saturday Morn.

"Tears are like Rain.
They loosen up our soil,
as we grow in different directions".
Virginia Casey

So I waited for all day yesterday to have the Cable and Internets Fixed...the very nice Cableman arrived at 9 PM and for 2 hours he tried to fix it, he fixed part of it...and he did get my Modem fixed, and a couple of cspan and no news channels.....Turns out Someone Disconnected the Cable right at the house...a "Mistake" was made. ( that is not what I called it...) Anyways, the Cable Man is due back today to Try Again...wish me luck...

Anyways....I think many of us will worry today...about the Rules Meeing in DC....I hope that Rules are not Broken as Hillary is seeking....that it is done fairly and respectfully....

So today I have 2 small Posts over at Peace Tree, you are welcome to come find me there...He has a beautiful blog there, so many creative souls...

( The Song is "It never rains in Southern California" by Albert Hammond......dedicated to California yearnings...West Coast yearnings...I had this song humming in my head last night as it rained and rained....)

Today the DEM RULES Committee is meeting in DC today, it is being broadcast on CNN, MSNBC , FOX and Cspan. And yes I am watching it, and will important dialogue or comments in the Comments thread....

Friday, May 30, 2008

So SOME Men Can Really Dance...Watch Closely, Especially the Sweeper

Watch is not quite what you think....and Watch the sweeper...he steals the show...If you like Bollywood movies you are in for a treat....My Favorite Video of the Week...( and there is a Followup Video that is even better...) This clip is taken from the show "Britain's Got Talent", which is more like the Apollo Theater, than American Idol. The Two "Dancers' are actually just normal people, the " Jackson" dancer is a Law clerk by day, and the "Sweeper" is a store clerk....But what they have here is far from Ordinary.....It will leave you Smiling....I betcha....

So Do See the Video Down on the Next post to See WHAT they did Next...It will knock your socks off....yup...

So the Men that Can Really Dance What did they do NEXT? See Below....

You know even Ordinary people can do Extraordinary things....always...

THE PEACE COOKBOOK.....( Thank You Naj...look what you started)

So over at Naj's Blog...she came up with the Idea of sharing ideas about Food, and Reciepes and Great resturants...and in the thread there was talk of a Peace Cookbook, more sharing and it really got me thinking.....what a great idea.. and left me sooo hungry...and thoughtful...if we could just all sit down somewhere and share a meal...a really good meal...wouldn't we talk and share more...wouldn't that help heal so much strife...I think it would....We could sit and sup and talk....So In this Spirit I am sharing My Curry Chicken....and Please do go see Naj's Blog and give some receipes...and also go see Fallenmonk, he is talking Spam over there....So What are you cooking this weekend....Or do you have something to go with the Curry Chicken?

12 Chicken thighs ( Amish if you can - no antibiotics, or steroids)
one can of Coconut Milk ( 12 or 16 oz)
A&W Orange Creme Float Soda ( yeah, sounds odd- but it works)
2 cups of strong coffee
2 tablespoons Coffee Creamer ( amaretto)
1 tablespoon Butter
5 garlic cloves chopped very fine
red onion ( half cup)
Half English Cucumber ( bitesize chunks)
Half cup chopped Cantalope
20 grapes ( green or red) Chop in half
3 tablespoons Red Curry
sprinkle Nutmeg and Cinnamon
Old Bay Seasoning sprinkle on Chicken

Mix the Wet Ingredients, use mixer or Blender, then put in Casserole Pan, and put the chicken in and add the chopped onions and fruit...Put in pan, put lid on and bake at 350 degrees ( if glass pan) cook for one hour, it metal pan you can up heat to 375, but the fruit does not taste as sweet. So I reccommend a glass pan...

**{ And the Music is Linked to the Title...something special for your Friday...Good Music to cook by}**

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Night Music: Holding Back the Years.....

So I watched Keith tonight interviewing Scotty and I kept realizing How Many years have passed....How we have almost lost our Entire Democracy...Our Constitution....WHO we are as a People...a Nation....So Many Many years....So the Music for tonight is "Holding Back the Years" by Simply Red, a beautiful live acoustic version....Thank you to all the Bloggers for covering What Matters All these years...

Scott McClellan On Countdown Tonight:::Exclusive Interview

Keith Olbermann is interviewing him about the TELL ALL Book.....Haven't all of us been hoping for a Deep Throat or a disgruntled Secretary to come forth with the Truth ? Watch Keith , this is the FIRST and only Interview he is giving on Cable today...Keith is the Best person to Interview and ask Questions...

*** In the Interview on Countdown TONIGHT..
Well, Some REAL Revelations....
(1) Bush Made Iraq Decisions NOVEMBER 2001 weeks after 911 and after troops sent to kidding...what we all knew all along...

(2) He Did talk to FBI and Grand Jury Feb 2004....about Plamegate...he did tell them that Rove and Libby were involved...a-ha....
His testimony did indeed NOT correlate with Libby and Rove...( THEN Why is Rove NOT in Jail ???hmmmm)

I will post the Youtube tonight....

Breathtaking...( thursday gift)

This Is the most amazing video......
It will take your breath away.....
Thank You DK for helping me finally figuring out how
to get Embedding to work ;-)

Amazing Dog :Kate and Gin

A Friend sent me this in the middle of the night....
The most Amazing Dog....
"Bloody Brilliant"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


New Posts below...Top Post is on PTSD, as it is finally getting some Media Coverage and the numbers have dramatically risen in the past 2.5 years. Also a post about Hot New Books. Scotty McClellan's Book in particular covers and reopens Controversy about the Plamegate Case. I think the Real Question will be Is there a Difference Between Propaganda and Lies ? The WhiteHouse is reeling from the WHAT HAPPENED book's explosive allegations. Bigger Question is WHY such a Loyal Aid would come out with such a book, is it a Matter of Conscience ?.....

Blog Round Up Later tonight....



For many years I known this Painting is susposed to represent the Creation of Adam, yet to me I see Something totally different. I see it as a metaphor about Relationships, that at times they are fragile, so fragile that people can barely touch,barely connect. I also see the crack behind their hands, and I see that as HOPE, because even though things are fractured, cracking at the foundation, they are still able to reach, with the Hope of touch and connection.
{{ UPDATE:: Originally This Post was published on November 18,2007, it was to help families as Thanksgiving and Vacations and Leaves approached. PTSD Stats have been difficult at Best to locate. This Week in the News it has finally been revealed that PTSD has risen sharply, the VA is claiming that 40,000 are battling the Disorder. from Iraq alone. How accurate this is, is questionable. in 2006 it was revealed that almost 100,000 are on Disablility due to the disorder, and new stats reveal a 50% rise since 2005/2006.Hopefully the new numbers are more accurately assessing the victims suffering this from Afganistan, Iraq and first Gulf War. }}

Background of PTSD:
This Anxiety Disorder needs so much more study and serious examination and people who are willing to explore how to help those ill with it as well as their families. It is not a mood disorder, or an underlying personality disorder. The Government and the Military are funding HUGE studies right now trying to prove that it is a pre-existing condition and that it needs mood disorder or schizophrenic medications. This is a huge disservice to those suffering with it. It is also indeed a longterm disorder, not a short term or merely a temporary condition. It is an Epidemic of Crisis Proportions right now and not even being statistically monitored properly by the VA , and the National Guard that have returned home with it are only receiving healthcare for 2 years upon discharge, after that they have no Care for mental, neurological, or physical deficits or damage caused by their service to Our Country in a War Zone.

In 2006 Over 100,000 VET Disability Claims had been filed for PTSD, even though thousands went through the assessment process, many are still awaiting only limited care. the VA lacks caregivers and Trained Professionals to treat and care for the suffering. Yet they are willing to spend 38 Million to Study it and prove it is a Mood Disorder, that means VETS are being denied care so that the Govt and the Military have an opportunity to Inaccurately "prove" it is a Mood Disorder and Pre-Existing Condition. Meanwhile in 2005 alone more than ( Please do see the two previous posts on Suicide below) 6500 VETS committed Suicide, I can not help but wonder HOW MANY had PTSD, how many needed desperately to get Care and Treatment ? How Many had been told that they were not Ill ? How Many even died waiting for an Assessment or care ? ) PTSD is Not a "Mood Disorder or a pre-Existing Condition" , it is a Anxiety Disorder that is Triggered by Stress or Trauma.It is also to be evaluated with exposure to IED Explosions in Iraq, whether some of those that are suffering symptoms are also suffering brain trauma and neurological damage.

The other issue is that People with these symptoms or that have had head trauma as well, should be treated as though they have Neurological Damage and should not be returning to service, and should not be carrying firearms. And many of the VETS are being reordered to the Front or Battlezones without proper care or even a proper assessment. Many that have PTSD and attempt to return to normal Homelife or Previous Work are struggling , and many can not work due to concentration problems, yet they are sent back to the Front ? This may indeed have much to do with the Huge VET Suicide Rates.

If you take someone for care , be sure to look for Mental Health Professionals that specialize in Anxiety Disorders. I am not a Doctor, I am a nurse, I am merely trying to provide Public Health Information in a time of a National Healthcare Crisis.But please use this blog as a stepping stone to do more research and pursue better data. I also have to say some of this research is from being research done as a nurse, and some is learned from Downtown Cleveland Homeless VETS with PTSD. For those families living with it, please do email me if you notice symptoms I have missed. Thank you.
(1) Depression & Withdrawal :
Many people will say that the person appears withdrawn, or even barely connected, or say that their eyes were dead and there as a flat effect or even an absence of emotion.

(2) Jitters/nerves/ shakiness/nervous tics:
People have noticed that there may be tics, or shaky hands or extremities, the tic may be the eyes, or head region or their entire body. Some that have had head trauma- it is unclear which is causing the uncontrolled movement.

(3) Substance Abuse/Reckless Behavior:
Many that are showing any of the symptoms on here, and especially who are not receiving treatment or care may start to pursue self medication or anesthesia, especially ones that are having sleep difficulties. All manner of drugs may be pursued to dull senses and memories, and toleration will exceed old norms. It is not just that Drugs or Alcohol are being used as an Escape. I also include in this category, Reckless behavior ( there are enough Single Car accidents here, involving trees and Alcohol, that I have been curious if this issue has been examined). Be proactive, remove excess alcohol and hide keys if needed.And the same goes for guns in home.

(4) Nightmares and Flashbacks ( Effected Sleep Patterns):
Both of these occur, and sometimes simultaneously, which means also that for some people, especially if they are sleep deprived and have been for long periods it effects reality and distorts events and perceptions.

(5) Relationship Problems:
After many monthes from home, with others that may suffer or suffering, they are unable to relate to ordinary life and also feel "Alien".( What is needed is more support groups for those that have returned to encourage that they support each other and know that they are not alone, and that their feelings are "normal" and shared.)

(6) Anxiety Attacks:
Random and also ones that seem perdictable, The random ones cause more frustation and discomfort for all. There were Propananol studies ongoing, and Inderal to study the effects that these drugs had on lowering heart rate and adrenalin reactions to events( they had good effect, yet I can find no current VA studies on these drugs). but be sure to have the persons' heart rate and EKG done, as well as BP, as many are returning with High BP.

(7) Inability to pay attention( Job performance effected):
Concentration is alter, even on minor tasks, so driving and other more major tasks should be monitored with care.

(8) Mood Swings:
This runs the gamut, if you are concerned, start logging and track so that you can try to look for triggers or events or try to find things that provide comfort and stabilty. You might not. You also may have to let the VET find for himself what brings comfort, it maybe just sitting on a bench on the porch, and be sure to always offer to be there, alot of this is letting the person knowing that they are cared for, they are used to being hated and scrutinized, but you need to observe quietly and try not to ask too many questions, but just be available to talk, and be a good Listener, and be willing to listen and know that it might be hard to hear- but they need you to be willing.

*** Also upon return or Holidays, be sure to check WHAT they want- they may want lots of rest and peace and quiet, not a ton of visitors and Parties, they may not feel up to it. ( Fatigue is a part of the mood changes).

(9) Memory Problems ( Short term)
There are many different kind of problems with memory, short term to long term, Short Term tends to be more common, do not be surprised if they can not remember holidays and day to day celebrations. Be patient.

This list is some of what you may see and what you can do to help. If you see more than one of these start documenting and logging ( you don't have to tell them ). And talk to another friend or family member and try to come up with a plan to help this person and start planning to get them supportive professional help that I mentioned above. I know the VA Assessment Wait is 6 months or longer, I recommend that you get them care, even if you have to take them to sliding scale Mental Health Clinic, and with that you are letting them know that you care, and YOU would never make them wait. You can always keep receipts and Bill the Federal Government later. And especially if they exhibit any of the Suicide symptoms below, get help right away, do not wait.

Tomorrow at this Blog: Support for the PTSD Families and Caregivers.

*{ Music in the title: Natlie Merchant "What's the Matter Here"}*

You can email me with comments or concerns or leave comments below

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


" It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end".
Ursula K.LeGuin

I am trying to clean up my yard....and my heart on a couple of issues....and of course my porch....I don't have much to say....I am still reeling from watching some of the events of the past few weeks...We need to have closure and start getting ready to fight McCain for the Whitehouse....So today I worked on my potted plants, cleaned my porch, and made new cushions. I need to be able to go out on the porch and Just Think....

Any Thoughts ?....The Porch is open ....

***{Click the Title :: "Games People Play" by Alan Parsons Project }***

Monday, May 26, 2008


It is up to each of us What and Who we honor on this day....
and how we pay our respects and hold dear the Memories.
There are families here with an Empty Spot at the Table.
There are Broken Bodies at the VA Hospitals and on our Streets,
some without homes or someone to hug them today,
and there is NO Honor in that.
There are families and struggling wifes of Soldiers on food stamps,
there is No Honor in that.
So I am asking you today...
If you see a Homeless VET buy him lunch...
and give him a Hug...or more.
And if you know a Military family...
Offer them support while they wait for
a loved one to return...
And there is another side to this....the ones that Come Home have Nightmares to live with...and Broken Hearts..
They are not the same as when they left.....we need to take care of them....and fight for them here at Home.
And sadly we also need to remember there are those over there that are suffering..mothers with broken lives
and empty arms...hundreds of thousands....We need to End This...For the Sake of Everyone.
Click the Title : The Video is Called "Question", Originally the song was written by the Moody Blues in the 70's, and yes, it is an Anti War Song, about Vietnam, but they are playing it again.....It is about War, All War....the Slides are graphic, please do not watch if you have a loved one in Iraq or PTSD.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Evening Thoughts......

"The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.
No good thing can be withheld from the forgiving state of mind".
Catherine Ponder

As Memorial Day approachs, I have been remembering people and places loved and lost....and I have also been thinking about how I have conducted myself. I have written Some Things that I am not so proud of, and even shared angst and anger and frustation.....yes, my post about Hillary on Friday even caused me even more reflection. But after getting some Hate Mail , I had some other thoughts. That maybe I was in some way feeding a cycle of Hate, that I don't even want to be part of, yes, by WHAT I wrote....And on another level I have friends that supported Hillary, and I don't want them to think that I am narrowminded or that they are not able to grieve or be sad about how this campaign has gone....I want to be able to fight McCain with people that care about how this country has been ruined in this past 8 years....I want Healing..somehow and someway...I just don't quite know yet how to get there...there is no road map....I wish there was. I am tired of the heartache and the tension.
I am watching the Special about Truman on PBS tonight, he really was a man with varied experience...not really Presidential Experience at all....but American Experiences....I do this while I am fixing a broken Rocking Chair that I found in the trash....When I am done I will have a rocker again....Lovely. ( I'll post photos later in the week). But as I watch this and also fix the Broken Chair, It really Always comes down to Fixing What is Broken...with some good glue, patience, and Love....

**{Click the title AL Stewart and Peter White " On the Border"...1988}**

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Best Obama Photo of the Week....

"We don't need More Heat in DC, we need More Light"....Obama 2.08

"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, not politic,nor popular,
But he must do it because his Conscience tells him it is the right."

This photo was from an Oregon Friend...when Obama was in Oregon last week...It has a real Norman Rockwell quality..I love how he is talking to this little boy....I was going to finish doing a bloground up- but I am doing it tomorrow...Over at Utah Savage ( or Madam Savage as I call her) she is asking people's VEEP pics- really good discussion of WHO would be great with Obama...Down below I am just taking a break with the Beatles...trying to feed some souls...well, mainly mine...I think yesterday shook a lot of folks..not just me...

The Music Video linked to the title is "The Story in your Eyes" by Moody Blues...really amazing live version...

BEST Damn Chicken:::
Marinating right now. Chicken Soaking....Marinade: coffee 2 cups, 5 cloves of garlic, fresh cilantro, Cinnamon,Raspberry Vineagrette Salad Dressing, sliced oranges.....

Have a good night....more later...

"Men often hate each other, because they fear each other.
They don't know each other,because they can not communicate,
They can not communicate, because they are seperated."

**{ New strategy for dealing with really rude people: if you leave a really offensive horrible comment, I will leave it for others to see- so they can see WHO you really are....Deleting just doesn't work..}**

Saturday Evening Thoughts....Beatles,Potato Salad, and Monty Python...

I can not change What has happened this week, what has been Said...or Done.I can only offer this...Spend this weekend with those that you Love...shower them with what is needed.....whether they be close or far away...My son 6-6 said we need to get a break away from the "shitmongering" ( teenagers always have the best language). He is right, he said we need to eat Lucky Charms and Find the BEST Song....we have a Beatles Vs.Rolling Stone Challlenge on right now....And later I will make hotdogs and potato salad...So if you were here, I would give you a hugs offer you my BEST Potato Salad and put the Beatles or the Stones on for you....and give you a's all I got...( well, maybe some Monty Python Clips....or Lewis Black).

((( I am down to my Top 3 Beatles Songs....I have them ALL posted here and linked to the it is down to Revolution, Let It Be, and Imagine....)))

IMAGINE .....( Click the Lennon song?so not really a Beatles song )

Revolution.... ( click the title)

Friday, May 23, 2008


It's is Time for Hillary to be shown The Door. This is Outrageous, this is not a time to be polite. One week ago, I wrote a scathing post about Huckabee's Idiotic Offensive "Joke" about Assassination of Senator Obama. Today Hillary Clinton made a statement that she is Waiting for June to play out because THINGS happen , and she brought up the Murder of Bobby Kennedy in June of 1968. NONE of us in America need a History Lesson from this Scorched Earth Candidate. None of us need to be reminded of what we lost in 1968 in the Public Deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.None of us need to be reminded of HOW History was altered and What we Lost. Apparently the ONLY person who does need a History lesson is Hillary Clinton.

As an American this Statement sent a dagger through my heart, chills and nauseating disgust, that this woman is beyond Insensitive. She is Narcisstic and self focused in a way that is destructive and self serving.This remark was the culmination of Events and Language and Pandering on her Part ( and Bill Clinton as well), that has caused many Divides and Damage.How bad is the Damage, and are the wounds deep, time will tell.

In her Statement in South Dakota it was clear that she is Justifying her Staying in the Race because even though she is desperate and broke and losing support and money by the hour, she is entitled to stay by siting Our Own Horrible History. If I was a Kinder woman I would say she is merely Fear Mongering, but at this point her Statement Shows Elitist Arrogance and Cultural Ignorance that is irreprehensible and outrageous. Bobby Kennedy's Murder was one of the Most Traumatic Events in History, it was a tragedy of mythic proportions, especially in the light of the loss of Martin Luther King and John F.Kennedy.It snuffed Hope for Change for 40 years.

Hours Later standing in a Convenience Store she gave a little offhand "Apology" for her statement, I did not see Remorse, I did not think she apologized to The People. And the worst thing is, she did not apologize to Senator Obama. She did halfheartedly Apologize to the Kennedy's. BUT if you listen to it carefully, she says "If I offended anyone by what I said". That is not owning up, that is NOT showing any fortitude of responsibility.It was a Homer Simpson "Mistakes Happen" Apology. What struck me most about Her RFK statement was that she seemed very comfortable stating it, too comfortable. Which makes me ask HOW MANY times has she said this. Have she and Bill been saying this with ease all along to people? This will be a test for the Media to show some Journalistic Intergrity.

This Whole event would not be so Catastrophic IF she had run a campaign based on Intergrity and Honor. She has not. There have been constant disparaging remarks and insinuations and dark comments. There have been references made to racial Issues, From Jesse Jackson Sitings, to "Hardworking White People" statements.She Won in West Virginia and Kentucky because she was embracing running in an area that needs it's racial history fed and acknowledged- she did both with her "hardworking White People" statement, and she did so with Pride, not regret or shame.

It is time for Hillary to be shown The Door. There is No Graceful Exit at this point. The Woman lacks grace or dignity or respect for Our History.

*{Link to the Title the RFK statement by Hillary on Youtube , her Statement About the RFK Statement given Hours later is posted below }*

***{{ Keith Olbermann gave a Special Comment regarding her behavior- it is posted below with the Her"Explanation" as well, and no to the Emailer that wrote me- I had this post up BEFORE Keiths Comment..}}}***

**** {{{ I have a New Post up over at PeaceTree with more thoughts on this called "Remembering 1968", also please read the Posts about this at Immoral Minority, DUSTY, and Left of Centrist has a really poignant post about it, and I will post other blogs to connect to this....}}}***



Thursday, May 22, 2008


WHY do I call Him McSimpson ? oh come on -doesn' t he remind you of Granpa Simpson ?
Weekend Mini VP Camp Schedule :
(Matching TShirts and shorts are handed out at the
Airport to Willard Romney, Charlie Crist, and Bobby Jindal.....
kind of like Weekend at Bernies mophed with No Country For Old Men)
7am..........The Baroness Serves Coffee and Crumpets
7:30am.... Prunes and Geritol
8am.........Morning Walk and Am Crap
9am.........Morning Nap
11am.......Morning Snack served with Dick Cheney Slideshow on Pointers
On Corruption,Obstruction,and VP Manuverings
12am.......Time to Argue about How to best Use the Worst Prez
ever in the Lead Up to the Election...All Parties retreat
as Granpa McSame leaves room to call Joe Liebermann
for More Contrived Reasons...
1PM.........the Beer Barones Serves Lunch on the Veranda and
is called Names by the Old Coot...
1:30PM....Afternoon Nap
3Pm........Viewing of Medical Records is validate
how young and youthful the Senator is...

Okay you get the idea, I am going to call him McSimpson for this weekend, because he really reminds me of Granpa Simpson. I mean he did not vote for the VETS this week, is he such an old man that he is hording sugar packets in his shoes and getting Cindy and his Mom Mixed up. WHY would he not Vote for the Vets? So about the Slumber party...Seriously What do you think they will talk about ? And Why wasn't Lindsay Graham invited ? Where is Joe Liebermann - hiding in the Bushs ? And where is Huck, after his stellar (cough) "performance" at the NRA I would think he would be a shoein for the VEEP job....WHO do you think he will pick ?

[Breaking News::: Thursday Eve, he had to Break ALL ties with the Two Leading Radical Church Leaders he had sought for many monthes...Parsley and in just a matter of hours he pissed off the Military Families and the GOP Religous Families.I think that once the DEMS are able to get themselves organized and resolved, watching the Repugs struggle with their idenity and image might prove very interesting...]

**{Click the title to watch the RECOUNT Tralier...HBO 5.25.08 }**


A Walk To Beautiful is about 5 women, and their quest to heal , as well as renew and reclaim their lives. This beautiful documentary is about Childbirth Injuries in Ethiopia.....and how they make their way to one hospital to be receive proper medical care....This NOVA Documentary is on this month on PBS, Click the Title to see the Trailer.


Our friend Tina over at Fuzzy&Blue is going through a rough patch...and sad loss in her family...we all appreciate the wonders of grandmothers and what a gift they are...I ask that you go see her...and leave messeges of love and support....thank you....namaste..

THURSDAY BLOG ROUNDUP....Cruising Through Blogatopia

"I am not concerned that I am not known, I seek to be worthy to be known." Confucius

There are times when we stumble around Blogland and stumble onto some unexpected wonders.....It is just a matter of exploring....I worry because alot of bloggers have been getting tired or quitting the scene, so I always try to keep the circle growing....
First Off KID has a post up that is Very Concerning... How Concerning? He is alerting us to a situation that is WORSE than Huckabee's " Joke"....( we need to take action about his top post....and then scroll down , there is more, and great cartoons).Scroll down to the post about the Beacon, Georgia Paper...and how it is treating Obama.
  • Kid's Pirate Satellite

  • Then there is Poetry Mans PeaceTree, he has wonderful Blogs, and this Project is amazing, full of art, thoughtful posts and beautiful music.
  • Peace Tree

  • Then there is Utah Savage, she has a wonderful blog that is written with wisdom and well crafted posts that are sharp and insightful...written with a colorful edge...Somewhere I think Flannery O'Connor is going Right On.
  • Utah Savage

  • The there is a new blog that I am still exploring, but it is interesting and thoughtful.
  • I Eat Gravel

  • The there is a blog that is full of homespun warm wisdom, by Maui Girl.
  • Maui Girls Meanderings

  • *********************
    FINAL TREAT:::: CLICK THE TITLE and see the Trailer for "Recount" on HBO May 25th. Denis Leary and Kevin Spacy have recreated the 2000 Election From hell, with humor .....even though we all know it ain't funny...

    A Video that REALLY reminds me of Hillary's Campaign at this point ( MUST like Monty Python) Click the Title ...

    GEORGE CARLIN ON VOTING ( just click the title)

    IT'S A GAS.....

    Soooo Today it was up to 130 dollars /Barrel....( Does anyone else remember that oil was 28 dollars a barrel the Night Before Bush launched his illegal war...???) So how are you all doing with the fuel gauging ? Have you altered habits? Are you filling up less ? Doing the Half Tank Dance ? Have you changed plans and vacations because of it ?

    {{{ Click the title....Supertramp " Crime of the Century"...}}

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008


    The news media announced that Senator Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor,it will require radiation, and possible chemotherapy, and possible surgery. Many many prayers to the Courageous Brave Lion.

    {{{{ This is very sad .....he really has been looking so good...but the seizures did sound very concerning....He has a wonderful wife, Vicky and so much family...this Dynasty, and this man has been such a part of American History...and watching him this winter fight for Barack Obama was so moving, it was breathtaking....On a more personal note, a Whistleblower, his office has always been good to me and reached out gave me contacts when I was in the thick of that....and I can not imagine him not in DC fighting for The People....I hope and pray that he has the Gift of Time and as gentle a path as possible....namaste}}}

    ((( a song....Click the title: Neko Case "Hold On, Hold On" }}}

    LIVEBLOGGING THE PRIMARIES ( Oregon and Kentucky after 6pm)

    I will try to blog this as results come in, I can not promise that I will not yell at the punditheads....but I really don't want any battles here tonight...the comments thread is just where some of us talk...I am not really wanting any kind of "discussion"...last tuesday was kind of really ugly....and I can not do that again...I just want a place to log it while results come in...and also monitor the numbers...and talk to each other...

    I will be back at 9pm....


    Utah Savage who is very interesting....posted this interesting MEME...and I thought if I politely acknowledged everyone and commented nicely that I could whistle on by....nope...DK put me on her list...Hmmm, I should not have brought up her old photos....( I was hoping she would post one with the meme- they are really amazing..oh well..) So here goes....nothing..I should add I am terrible at them, even though I love reading forgive me...I suck at this...

    Well, the Day did not quite work out the way it was supposed to..But I hung around the house waiting for the plumbers, as some of you may remember my life story revolves around things blowing up in my basement, usually involving much swearing, enough water that there are waves and tall boots and canoe lessons...The Dear Plumbers who I call Mutt& Jeff were due between 11am and 4pm ( which of course actually meant 6pm)...So I got up early excited to do laundry (not really)...and waited for them, walked the dog, fed all critters, nagged my son to study for his GED, found him instead watching Arrested Developement and Buffy not the GED CDROMS, and then I nagged again, and then it was time for some snacks....then I cleaned and kept eye-ing the Mount Laundry in the Corner of the bathroom which is now taller than me....because the Washer has been broken since before Mothers Day....and if one lives with a teenager that means TOO LONG.... Then I washed dishes, brushed the Old Cat and she kept giving me that WHO ARE YOU ? Look...then I worked on painting a chair I found and the Garden Suitcase I am Painting ( it is too store all the Garden tools) and I met up with a Neighbor who brought me Wonderful Exotic Incense from Japan ( that made my whole day)....and every few hours I blogged...because I keep worrying I might miss Something...Obama Watch ya' know.....Finally Mutt and Jeff came and we had a lovely political discussion in my basement ( that is for another day's post )...then I made 6-6 dinner...then I watched Keith...and then my son and I sat and made fun of the Batchelorette... ( Sooo I did not work on my book or clean or work on my yard....THOSE were on my list)
    (2) 10 YEARS AGO....oh I do feel old...sigh..

    I was still married at that time and living with son and Hubby in very nice apartment in Seattle. I was homeschooling my son, who was about 7.... working weekends taking care of a barn of Horses so he could have riding lessons/therapeutic riding.....and taking care of our own little animal hospital (3 legged turtle, hedgehog, 2 rabbits,2 mice, 2 hamsters, 1 very old Budgie, 2 guinea pigs,1 Walking Stick creature, we had just gotten Bassatt Hound named Abby from the Bassatt rescue to keep our old Scottie company ), My son at that time very much wanted to be a VET (hence the "hospital"). We would watch alot of Arthur C.Clarke, Discovery and Learning Channels, and spending lots of time at the Library, and my son who was seven was hooked on reading...We both were still missing the 2 lovely girls we fostered the year before ( they had been returned to their mother), and While doing ALL of this, I was still taking my son to OT, PT and other therapies to help with his coordination. My son was a premie, but also had excessive growth- which means that when he was little, even though he is gifted, he has had muscle and coordination issues since he was little, and I speant years helping catch up and learn skills. ( when he was little he would work on balance or gain strength, only to have it wiped away a month later, this made learning hard for him , even though he is an amazing in other areas, he also has a graphomotor disorder). But that year was very exciting we got our First Computer an IMAC and finally he could write and draw on the computer, it opened a whole new world for him....

    ( I was still doing some nursing on the side....and taking care of AIDS friends....but it was mostly about my son and trying to be a wife...)
    {{3}}..FIVE PLACES I HAVE LIVED....( other than by lake erie...)
    (2)Pacific Grove,Ca.
    (3)Sanibel , Florida
    (4)New England::Vermont/ and North New York
    (5)NW ( Bellingham and Seattle)

    {{4}} ONLY THREE BAD HABITS ( oh how I wish that were true...oye)
    I am very complicated (part Mulder/part Scully )...too too sensitive, too passionate ( phone ads and Extreme makeover make me cry)......Way too detailed oriented...focus on way too many things at once...terrible at saying no especially involving kids or animals.....and I read too much...and I kinda have a thing for things spicey and sweet, like Thai food...and yeah I yell and throw things at the TV way too much ....and I am way too political...okay I will stop...this could go on and on..and on...

    {{5}} FIVE JOBS :: ( other than nurse...)
    (1)Lifeguard/pool manager
    (2)Research for a NEWs station ( while in college)
    (3)Rickshaw bike driver in Baltimore's Inner Harbor ( yes a real Rickshaw... bike style)
    (4)Tons of Waitressing and Bartending....( to pay for nursing school)
    (5)Lights for Bands ( at a very seedy Baltimore Bar"No Fish Today"-long gone)

    {{{ I consider being a mom my most important job even though I have kind of bumbled through day by day year by year...( I kinda raised it really was a learn as you go thing....poor 6-6).
    I would invest in Windfarms, Sugar Cane fuel, Hemp farms esp in rural areas and also near Reservations...and I would set up a Poverty Foundation, there are too many that are struggling, they would not have to do anything then tell WHY and WHAT they need.......I would call George Clooney and ask about how to work with UN, I would publish blogger books ( like Utah Savage, Dean Wormer, Poetryman and me), I would give to my favorite AIDS charities, and Refugee Care, VET care( PTSD),I would set up a Make a Wish Foundation for Adullts.....and Also invest in College Funding for kids like my son.... I would also heavily invest in special programs for Children to get art and music and Public Schools just don't have enough funding...and Finally I would invest in that program that is trying to put a laptop with everychild...BUT I would make it happen here in America...oh and there is a Tribe in the NW that I owe much...I would give to them...

    There....that is all...just me...

    NOW WHO TO TAG......
    Gryhen of Immoral Minority......MAUIGIRL.....Blueberry.....Dusty.....Poetryman.....Hmm, this now will get interesting...

    {{ Cick the title: GooGoo Dolls..."Name" I will be back later this eve to liveblog the Primary..cuz that is What I do...}}*


    Sunday, May 18, 2008



    *{Click the Title to see 3min Condensed Video from the Rally- just a snippet- but it really captures what 80,000 people feels like..and sounds will make your heart sing..}*

    Thank You Oregon, and the Northwest....

    "JUST WORDS" ???......Power to the People




    Saturday Night Music....

    Tonight....All the flowering trees and shrubs are wet with rain...Everything smells better....

    *{Click the title "Unchain My Heart"....Joe Cocker is good rainy day music}*

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Saturday Morning....

    I don't have alot of good news to offer this rainy Saturday...There is Burma that is still suffering Cyclone Damage, and over 2 million facing homelessness, and thousands in need , and the Military has continued to not allow AID Teams in. And then in China, thousands still missing, millions displaced and homeless, and Now this AM they are evacuating thousands of refugees due to Dams about to burst.In China the Government and Military are aiding the people as they flee destroyed villages, and working with Other AID Entities. The numbers from both Catastrophes are staggering. Both of these Disasters will continue to have consequential damage, as they face disease and starvation. Many NGO's and UN are still trying to assess if AID is getting to the people, as their teams are not allowed in.

    I would ask that maybe people light a candle today and send thoughts of compassion to these people.....or Incense. Many of the people in both these regions are Buddhist and they will not even be able to grieve or bury or cremate their dead. The families in China,they are only allowed to have one child, and if their Only child has died at a State School, they have lost their Future. Very sad.

    Posts below, vary from issues of Huckabee Stupidity to Racism to a Sinkhole to a Zen Garden...Scroll down.

    I will be back later today after making calls to Kentucky, ( and I hope they go better than the calls last weekend).If you want to email me you can enigma4ever@earthlink ( esp. if anyone finds the Gator photo). Also if you want to go to the Lighter side of Life, THE ENIGMA CAFE over on the blogroll has some more ZEN postings, music and art....even some humor. Have a good Saturday.

    MIGRANT MOTHER, Her Story.....

    I often put this photo "Migrant Mother" with my posts...I have been haunted by her, so I researched her and wrote about her over on Peace Tree today.

    I have put the Music of Woody Guthrie with this post, "This Land is You Land, this land is Mine"....Just Click the Title. You are welcome to come see me over there today....Have a good Saturday.

    ( Peace Tree is a Blog that Poetry Man has assembled...I am very honored that I was asked to contribute....I hope I contribute in a meaningful way to this beautiful project...He has many fine writers there, so be sure to give it a look....)

  • Peace Tree
  • Zen Garden...Just Click the title

    LAKE DAISETTA OPENS FOR TOURS....( yes , it is a Sinkhole, see updates below)

    This photo is from Daisietta Texas, and was taken yesterday, it may be bigger by tomorrow. This Sinkhole formed so quickly and is still growing. It started forming just days ago on May 7th, it was originally only 20 feet wide. Now it is 900 ft long, and 260 ft deep. The geologists are unsure of how this Hole formed, but it appears that it was caused by Subsidence. It is now apparent that the Company on the edge of the hole ,The Deloach Company may have been injecting too much Salt WasteWater beneath the grounds, they were injecting 128,000 to 192,000 barrels per month. There are 100 Homes that may be sucked into the home, within yards of the Hole. Yet Friday Night the Mayor of the Town announced that the Sinkhole is now available for viewing and Tours....She thought it might reassure the Children.

    Read the Comment thread below, it now appears that Diva and Fran are going to set up travel services to the "Lake". Enjoy their planning. I am updating with photos below, Patriot found the Gator photo. I think he needs a Name, any ideas ?

    ( I am not sure about you, but seems like it might scare the kids a bit to watch it eat cars. ).

    *{Click the Title and watch the Sinkhole grow, sucking Silos, Farm Equipment, and tractors....}*

    MORE PHOTOS FROM LAKE DAISETTA....(part of the careful where you park)

    Friday, May 16, 2008


    On MSNBC Hardball, It was revealed today that Mike Huckabee former Republican Presidential Candidate, spoke at the NRA Conference in Louisville,Kentucky, and made a "joke" about Barack Obama being shot at.There was a smattering of "laughter" at his joke, but mostly silence. In light of Obama is still campaigning there, this makes the situation even more infuriating. In This Country with OUR History, there are things that are NOT ever joked about, EVER.I personally think he should be taken into a Back Room with the Secret Service and Detained and Informed by them that Assassination Jokes are ALWAYS Dangerous , ESPECIALLY at an NRA Conference......And Considering So Many Comparisons of Obama to RFK have been brought up , and there already is Hatemongering and Racial Tension....this was basically a Call to Arms by this Insipid Idiot of a man, NOT a Joke. I thank the Secret Service for their Continued Vigilant Protection of Senator Obama.

    {{Loud noise}} Huck improvised:: " That was Barack Obama, he tripped over a chair.{light laughter}. He's getting ready to speak and somebody pointed a gun at him and he dove for the floor" { some nervous laughter, then silence}.

    ( and I would not be shocked if the Media gives Huckabee a total pass on this Horrible Infraction, but hopefully they won't... I am asking that people please when you go to rallies always carry cameras....this was a Dangerous thing that this Ignorant Man did...He would be wise to hold a Press Conference and Explain and Apologize for his reckless stupidity. I will be Setting a Clock in this Comment thread to time his Godamn Apology).

    7:30 PM Huckabee Issued a Statement to the Press :::
    "During my speech at the NRA, a loud backstage noise that sounded like a chair falling, distracted the crowd, and interupted my speech. I made an offhand remark that was in no way intended to offend or disparage Senator Obama. I apologize that my comments were offensive.That was never my intention."

    **{{ Click the Title , "Sounds of Silence" is linked to Simon and Garfunkel. It is up to all of us to never be Silent about things that are hurting this Country and Our Future.....This song always reminds me of what and who we lost....}}**


    I personally think that Huckabee must apologize PUBLICLY on FILM and with the Press Present. ( this tape is not for the squeemish). ALL of us that lived through the Sixties are worried...and worried What Kind of Country are we NOW....and Huckabee made these remarks after McCain and Romney had bashed Obama at the NRA rally, it is clear that he felt comfortable in his remarks....Was it a Joke ? or a veiled threat....It was Unforgiveable.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008


    " I am Here because of Bridges that I crossed. Sojourner Truth was a Bridge. Harriet Tubman was a Bridge. Ida B.Wells was Bridge.Fannie Lou Hammer was a Bridge." Oprah Winfrey

    Before we talk about West Virginia, I think we need to think about Who and What Barack Obama is...I think in many ways he is Our Bridge to the Future....and away from an era where Racism was accepted, ignored or at worst embraced.

    I think many of us were stunned about West Virginia....I have family there , yes real live Relatives that I have not seen in Years. But what I realized this week, maybe Nothing has really Changed there since the 1950's and 1960's....Maybe this Region did not Survive the Civil Rights Movement.They are stuck in a Timewarp.

    When I watched the results come in I sat and watched with my Teenage Son, and he asked What is WRONG with those People. We sat and discussed the Results and what could contribute to them. Obama did lose by 40 point, and it was a stinging loss that does need Examination. What Contributed ? We looked up Libraries, Internet and Cable Service, and even Coffee Shop and Starbucks Numbers. 6-6 really did think that Lack of Internet was a critical element, as when we don't get thorough coverage we look it up on the Internet. ( And we know alot of people do that).We Looked up the number of Colleges and Institutions of Higher Learning. BUT......I have to sadly admit....I don't think it is any of these... Not really. It is Something Much Uglier.

    We watched the John Stewart Show and sure enough he had YouTubes of People interviewed there, it was stunning, shameful and worrisome....But sadly there are more Clips on the Internet and on Youtube that verify many locals when they were questioned about WHO to Vote for, They admitted they could not and would not Vote for a Black Man. 7% of the Voters there Voted for Edwards, to me that means 7% could not and would not Vote for a Man or a Woman. Which indeed Reflects a Timewarp....and Huge Problem with us as a Country.

    BUT this is also WHY Hillary stating that she is well supported by "HARD WORKING WHITE AMERICANS" is more than Offensive, she has therefore given Approval and Permission for Racism to Live on, and she has also condoned ALL the Hate Mongering and Slurs that go with it. And her Phone Workers use it freely when they call on the phone. And in recent states Obama 's HQ's have suffered damage,vandalism and threats, even though the media has been slow to cover it. Today MSNBC did mention the Damage at HQ in Indiana weeks ago. Hillary never did apologize for what she said and the Media gave her silence for what she did...This was not presidential and lacked Leadership.And sadly because the Media silently accepted WHAT she said, the Playbook can now be handed giftwrapped to McCains' people with big bow.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton for all their Legacy, will indeed have to find a way to Show Leadership on this Issue and repair the social damage that they have wrought and proliferated. The Flyers and emails and phone calls that were made in States, about Muslim Heritage, and listed his middle name, and called him a " Half Blood" or attacked his Patriotism and his Faith. Some of these were sent many many monthes ago, they can not be blamed on McCain. And sadly the other backlash of WHAT has been done in Hillary's name also reflects on the Good Souls that did trust and believe in her and wanted to help her, and are now disillusioned and shamed, and battle weary. They also now feel like they have NOWHERE to go and no one to Support, they worry they will be disenfranchised and shunned. Bill and Hillary, will both have to learn to Apologize and also show Some Grace and Mend Fences and attempt to repair this damage. They will have to show some real Leadership as they exit.

    In the Meantime we can not wait for the Clintons to take off their rose colored glasses and take responsibility, we must take that responsibility into our hands. For the Safety and dignity of Senator Obama it is up to us to speak honestly and clearly when we see or hear Racial Slurs or Insinuations, that will make us Better Americans. And Help us cross a Bridge to the Future, and Oprah described People as Bridges, and if that be so, Senator Obama is indeed Our Bridge.

    "But Suppose God is Black ? What if we go to Heaven and we all of our lives have treated negroes as inferior, and God is there , and and we look up and he is Not White, What then is our Response ?" Robert F.Kennedy 1968

    *{{ Click the Title and it links to Robert Rouse found an amazing Interview video from West Virginia, that clearly shows how much of a problem we have...}}*



    ROVE WATCH ? Get the cuffs ready...

    The Clock is ticking.....Mr.Rove has ignored many supeonas, and Contempt is a serious issue. The latest round involve what Happened to Governor Seigalman, and his refusal to answer questions. The Matter is now in the hands of the House of Representitives, and Mr.Conyers. Mr.Conyers has made it clear that it is not going away. To read more you can read the Site linked to the Title, Mr.Wexler interviewed on Dan Abrams, or read Huffington Post. ( I will post updates in the Comment thread).

    McBush says he will Leave troops there Forever, but bring some home by 2013

    2013....2013...2013...2013....2013....2013.....How MANY will be DEAD ? HOW MANY would even make it Home....we need them HOME NOW....THIS is why we need to fight McCain tooth and nail.....How Many VET Funerals From THIS Iraq Mess has McCain attended- People at Rallies Need to ask...He is deluded that there is ANY kind of Victory in Iraq....but he has no qualms saying that he is Happy to leave Troops there Forever.

    California Courts Overturn Marriage Ban....

    Finally my friends out west...I am so glad that you can get married now...and I hope it spreads State by State....It is really simple, all relationships where couples are in love and want to make a committment...that should be honored and is that simple....and Important.

    ( Hmmm, so does this mean Angie and Bratt can tie the knot? He said that if Marriage was legal for ALL , they would....)


    As Democrats that is The Question ....just One a nurse who believes in Healing.... I have this question banging in my head.....Daily. I have No Answers.... What do you think ?

    There is alot of tension and anger....and it is spilling out all over Blogatopia...and it is indeed concerning.
    We can not fight the McSame if this not healed....

    **{Music: Click the Title Natalie Merchant " Break Your Heart".....perfect song about Heartache and Damage and how do we heal}**

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008


    Dear John Edwards....this is such an Important Moment....We need you and we are proud of you , that you are showing Wisdom and Courage....Welcome Back....Thank You...

    *{ CLICK the Title: the Full 17 Minutes of the endorsement, and listen to John talk about ONE America ....I am still looking for the Obama Speech }*


    Is it 1958 or 2008 ?
    So last night was the West Virginia Primary, and as usual I liveblogged it- and I do this because I want to keep a record of this season...and I also do it so we can vent, share and talk to each other. I Liveblog the Debates and the Primaries, and sometimes I vent and sometimes I cuss, and I try to keep it Real. For the most part if anyone wants to go back and read my posts, they can see that I have been fairly polite about Hillary, and actually said very little. I admit that this week Hillary with her "Hardworking White People" Statement trampled my last nerve- for good. She has pretty much crawled through every patch of mud that she could during this Campaign season, and created a Festering Wound of a Democratic party at this point. And this past week she decided that Racism is her Best and Favorite Platform. And yes, Obama Supporters, including this Obama Mama is against ANY AND ALL RACISM. PERIOD.

    So in the Post the Night of the West Virginia Primary I had a visitor in the thread..( he has only been by occasioanlly in recent many monthes actually.) Yet the tone of his visit became clear, and that bothered me. And he has been blogging on his own blog about the problems with Obama supporters- if I had known THAT I would have seen what was coming....BUT I did not. So after a few snitty comments by him I went and read his blog and realized that he came looking for a fight. BUT he claimed he wanted to talk Unity, but if one read his LATEST post about What he thinks of Obama Supporters they would see that is NOT why he came to visit. ( I hate to mention him , but he has made it clear that I am a problem , and I need to be able to defend my blog, I think that is my right).

    So I will say what I have said before- this Blog is for people that are rooting and working to support Obama.It is actually for anyone, but it has indeed become a refuge for Obama People, because some other blogs have not been as welcoming these past few monthes. And there are some that visit and are letting go of Hillary ( I know who you are and I am glad to see you again). I don't like it when Anybody comes here to pick a fight with me or my readers....I am not cool with that. I have avoided many blogs for monthes- so I would not piss off Hillary supporters, so this blog has been my main Refuge and I also know it is a refuge and retreat for others....If I post an open thread and say that it is to Vent ( usually about the crappy media) that is MY choice...and I also do it because I am not into have Arguments and Heated Discussions, other blogs do that kind of Forum, NOT mine. ( I admit that in the thread last night- I did indeed get heated- because this is a serious issue as far as I can see...and frankly, it is my blog....and If I support Obama- you can bet I will be supporting him strongly.) And yes, I blog about the Clintons and how they have campaigned- once or twice a week I blog about what they have been doing State by state, and about what I honestly have been watching as a Blogger, a Mom, and as a nurse. That does not make me a Bad Hateful Person ready to be does not Make me a Bad Democrat either. It means I am Worried about Our Country.

    Unity is about People respecting each other, and not going to other blogs and picking fights or attacking the Writers or the Blog of another.....or Insinuating that People that Support Obama are not smart enough or trying hard enough to Unite the Party...THAT is far from the Truth. There will have to be Healing, but the Healing will start once Hillary leaves the Race and stops her Hatemongering and Fearmongering and her WhiteBread Campaign Strategy, which is angering alot of people , rightfully so. She is Running the Campaign of an Bitter Elitist White Woman, and she has been since South Carolina, like it is 1950 and she NOW is pretending it is based on "Values" ( How Rovian can she go ?). She and Bill have divided this Country like a Broken Pie, so before Unity is Embraced, they will have to show that they are ready to facilitate the Healing. They have spent months speaking divisively and negatively about many people and states in a destructive manner.Healing is about Forgiveness, but there has been some Unforgiveable Behavior that needs to be addressed.

    It will be up to ALL of us in Blogatopia to find ways to Heal this Party , but it starts with People behaving with Respect and Integrity...and Speaking the Truth....And that Means that Racism, used as a Campaign Strategy has to be Faced Head On. and Not in November....NOW.

    *{Click the title" Which Side are you On" Natalie Merchant}*


    So late last night after it was all said and done, 6-6 and I sat dissecting the race and he said something that blew me away...He said " I don't think that it was just the White thing , or the Wright thing, or the Gas thing that gave her edge there" So I said do you think it was Education ? "No He said, I think that it was something else" I said what ??? He said the Internet...He at first wondered How Good is the Cable there, but he said MOST of the Obama Myths have been fairly well dispelled by the Internet.

    I wonder if he is right. Maybe the Obama People should include that in their Canvassing.....

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008


    Okay I will be honest. I don't feel like Liveblogging all.
    WHY you ask would Enigma have this horrible attitude, she has liveblogged ALL the debates and ALL the Godamned primaries. WHY the change of heart ?

    Here is WHY:
    Especially after Hillary made her statement last week how she has done so well with "Hardworking White Americans", and the Damned Media Cotton Candy For Brains Punditheads gave her a pass on THE MOST DEVISIVE STATEMENT made since David Duke campaigned using a Jesse Helms Platform. ....And I have to say SNL deserves an Emmy for the Opener on Saturday- THEY said what needed to be said....Hillary did not make that statement by accident....she is in an area of the Country that is rich in Klan History....she knew damn well what she was saying and WHO would hear it. The Other Part of what she said that the Media again feigned Deafness, that People of Color are not "hardworking"???? This Elite Imperial Woman has a helluva lot of nerve, and she did a Heckuva Job when she made That Statement. Why she might as well hand out Pillowcases at her "rallies" at this point.... ( and by the way , has anyone noticed HOW Small her rallies have gotten, the camera Never pans the audience...)

    NOW....that all being said, or freed from my own mind....I have to say I have Kin in Kentucky and West Virginia, and I have to say that NOT all People in West Virginia are going to rush to support her. There are people there like me, that see right through her shenigans and her pansuited bullshit and will vote for the Right Man to do the Job....NOT all people there will embrace her Bigot Platform......So I am going to watch and see how many really are fooled by her ( other than David Gregory and Pat Buchanon).And to be honest if Keith Olbermann was not on you know I would be watching American Idol with 6-6 ( okay - truth be told- I will be doing both).

    That being said....and well vented all are welcome to visit and keep me company....I might be a bit impolite...I have to say...I am sick of the Press giving a pass to her ( On the Hardworking White People Statement , the Bosnia Lie, and even the Obliterate Iran statement)...
    ( The Foul Mouth Jar is now accepting donations for the Obama Campaign...personally I blame Pat Buchanon for my rise in foul language...just for yelling- he gives me a Headache).

    ** Need a Laugh, some Humor....enjoy the two video clips below...***



    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Happy Mothers Day....

    Mothering is a fabric of moments.....
    treasured shells and stones in pockets,
    fingerpainting with jello,
    ice-skating with shaving cream on the kitchen floor,
    handcrafted halloween costumes,
    mountains of Lego,
    milk Carton derbys,
    animals adopted under unusual circumstances,
    sand castles and bird nests,
    surgery on stuffed animals,
    buidling sandboxes....
    and as the shoes get bigger,
    the adventures get bigger,
    sharing old Movies and the Rolling Stones,
    a love of Vintage Posters,
    and Favorite Books,
    and Long talks about AIDS, Orwell, and
    Arthur C.Clarke and Hawkings....
    And the clock seems to tick too fast....

    You can only hold the time so close and so dearly ....
    and hope and pray that you have given them all that they need....
    To all the Mothers and Grandmothers I hope that you have a wonderful to celebrate Children and all that it take to raise and nurture them. And to many of those that have lost Mothers in these past few years, know that your mother always lives on in you....

    { Click the Title it's Carly Simon " Coming Around Again & Itsy Bitsy Spider. I love this song, because Carly made this album and gave this performance on Martha's Vinyard after her divorce from James Taylor. It is a song about Healing....and during the Itsy Bitsy Spider part her daughter and son come out and sing.....the Spider song is such a mom song.....}


    Another Very Funny Mothers Day Lego Video

    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    Thursday Night Soulfood....5.8.08

    "We tend to think of the Rational as a higher order,but it is the Emotional that marks our lives.
    One often learns more from 10 days of agony than from ten days of contentment."
    Merle Shain

    It is a Long and Winding Road....I used to think that phrase was so trite...I don't anymore....we have all been on this Road together, it has not really been Rational , but it surely has been emotional...But it is the Road that we are Something Change...

    ...I think these last monthes have stretched all of a way that we never expected...I never thought that Hope was meant to test Bounds or be elastic.....But I have also come to believe that Hope is woven , and we all are the threads....Namaste.

    {{{ I posted "Moonriver" over on Enigma Cafe as my music, but tonight I am putting it here...Click the title, a really lovely version of it by Katie Melua....}}}


    At this Point , she can Not Win Honestly, or even with Magical Spells or Math Wizarding Wonders......
    So here we are two days after the Explosive Primaries of the Tuesday Night. The numbers and the momentum of these past few weeks, are impressive, and they show that Obama has been able to bring all kinds or diverse peoples together, and the numbers reflect this strength. Her Refusal to look at these numbers or acknowledge what they mean is insulting. She goes from state to state disenfranchising one group after another, and she is alienating people and voters and states.She basically is trying to dirty Obama, even if it just by insinuation. This is NOT good strategy before facing McCain in the Fall, and the numbers do not support her forging ahead. And after the campaign she has run, damaging people state by state, there is much healing to do. Whether anyone can SHOW her the Math is another story. Obama has brought more New Voters to the party, more money, more voters, and more state, and more Red States.Obama has had Momentum even while facing diversity.

    We learned AGAIN that she loaned her campaign Money, a big amount again, it actually sounds like she lent herself money over and over in April, 6.5 Million total. It also says that people were not giving last month, even after she won Pennsylvania, even thought she said that she had Huge Donations the day after the Primary. ( It shows she was being dishonest again). I would like to know WHERE she is getting her Money ? ls Bill Giving her money from his Library or Foundation Funds ? I used to get Newsletters and reports and updates from the Clinton Foundation, because I supported this Foundations' AIDS work, I worry, was I really giving to a Fund that would be used later to support Hillary's Campaign Run? It's very odd, but as soon as I started supporting Obama, I was pretty much dropped from ALL Clinton Foundation Mailings. I think the DEM leadership needs to Closely Examine the Books and the Monies and WHERE they are from.( I would hate to find out later that the Clinton Foundation that does such good work globally is also funding her campaign.)

    Another issue that is attached to the Monies, if she wants to be President, could we trust her to manage OUR money ? And Make good decisions about budgets and HOW money is spent ? Could we trust her to tell us the Truth about the Money Situation ? I don't have any good answers to these questions.

    BLUEBERRY'S POST, AND ALSO MAUIGIRL....and Ramblings...and also DK at Redheaded Wisdom...all really wonderful posts.

    *{ Click the title : Katie Melua sings a great jazzy version of " I put a spell on you"}*


    AID to Burma has been beleagered with troubles,The Military Junta has blockaded most aid, although they were willing to let Petrol in.They have not been willing to admit the enormity of this event, or that aid is needed in a huge region. People interviewed on BBC and Aussie TV, Canadian TV, have not seen any aid arriving even to the more accessible regions. 100,000 are estimated to be dead, and 2 million homeless, this a Major Castastrophe. The survivors are already suffering disease and exposure damage. Click the TITLE and I have linked Daily Kos's Total List of Aid. If you have even an extra $10, you can help feed a family or contribute to medical care, drinking water, or a tent. Sadly the Monks and Monastaries who always help in such an emergency have been weakened substantially, so that source of AID has indeed been drastically damaged. ( After the Tsunami the monks and monastaries were a integral source of support to the survivors , providing shelter, food and medical care).The Monks in Burma , in reduced numbers are trying to help the people, but they have limited resources, food and supplies.