Saturday, March 25, 2006


David LaChapelle.

So the White Castle has been having a rough few weeks, let's Hope that the King's World is getting Shook Up. Sinking Poll Numbers and Sinking Support for the King and his ( ahem) "War on Terra". The Numbers are so bad that they can not and have not even been released in recent weeks. Even a trip to the Heartland did not shore up Invisible Propagandized Support. The King and his Henchmen propose new regulations to Improve "Protection" by laying out Some Severe Illogical Dranconian Measures that would turn 11.3 Immigrants into Felons merely because they are trying to Work in this Country. The New Laws would also Penalize, Punish, all those that "associate" with the "Felons". Even people that offer Shelter,Employment, Health Care, Pastoral Care, and Counseling, and Support face being charged as a Criminal, A Felon, and 6 monthes to a year in Prison.

Over the past week Thousands poured into streets around the Country to Oppose these Orwellian Measures. We should remember to use our Fingers, not just our feet, to let our Lawmakers that we do not support this UnAmerican Path.Think about WHAT these Laws will do to America- this is NOT Our America that would enact Such Laws.

This Country was made of Immigrants. And today Immigrants are a part of Our Country. We The People also means them, not just Men in Suits making Irresponsible Bad Decisions.Call and Write and Raise Hell. Our Country Needs Saving. And please remind MrBush that this is Still Written on the Placard, a Poem by Emma Lazurus on Ellis Island that 13 Million people read as they arrived to these shores.To this day when we look at Lady Liberty, the Beautiful Statue that she is, these are the Words we All hear.

"Give us your Tired,
Your Poor, Huddled masses,
Yearning to breathe free.
The Wretched refuse teaming to your shore,
Send these the Homeless, The Tempest-tossed
to me.
I lift my Lamp beside the Golden Door."

There is Nothing about the Door Being Locked by a Greedy King and People treated as Criminals.
Have we returned to a pre 1890's Era, where people are to be treated as Dogs, Baggage and Slaves ????

This is Enigma Cafe Blog Round Up.....of March 27th, 2006.
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Okay Enigma Cafe here it is Sunday Afternoon March 26th, the coffee will be cold, scones burnt, and bagels maybe even stale.But please do talk amoung yourselves,even while the distracted Barista spills and dawdles. I am totally absorbed by March Madness. For years I have rooted for smaller Unknown Hardly Noticed Teams, and Finally they are Kicking Bigger Teams ass...Which means for the first time in Years I have teams to root for in the Elite Eight and the Final Four. I am totally heartbroken that two of my Favorites are playing each other LSU vs UCLA...Ouch.

(SUNDAY BLOG ROUND UP later tonight.)

Well, atleast I have teams to root for for, One Way or Another.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Dear Mr.Bush,
You came to Cleveland this week to give a speech at the City Club to the Elite and Wellheeled. No GOP Dignataries arrived at the airport , or even introduced you at your Luncheon. You proceeded to drive the podium once again intoxicated with yourself. But you took a Intricate Route to your event so you would not have to see the Shredded Streets or the People of the Broken Hearted Inner City.You didn't take the time to see the Real People of Cleveland. The Real People were not standing with your handful of supporters. The Homeless and Disenfranchised of this City should not be blurred as you speed by in your motorcade. They have names and faces and stories. And your "Leadership" is killing them. In my mind they are not Invisible, they are Angels amoung us, teaching us what we need to Embrace and Remember, and hold dear as part of We the People.

I live in the heart of Downtown Cleveland. My Son wanted Urban, he wanted Gritty, he wanted to live in the Old Section of the City. We have lived here almost a year it as comfortable as old shoes now. Yet there are parts of it that still tug at my heart. Last summer I decided that I wanted to make a documentary about the Homeless Here. Susposedly there are 10,000 that live in downtown Cleveland, and maybe as many as 3000 of that Downtown Number are Homeless. Last summer I met a fair number of Homeless because I walk my dog 5 times a day. ( Earlier I wrote a post about Robert a homeless VET). But over time I have realized not all of them want to be filmed, if I can get them to talk and make eye contact, it is a gift. Over time I take the time to learn their stories. Last summer I gave out Water and Sandwichs, and I know this summer I will do the same.

I met Iris last summer. I met her because she was taping her glasses together. She is Jamacian and in her 50's. She has training as a nursing assistant. She is a mother and a grandmother. She has been on the streets since last June. She left an abusive drinking husband, " Very bad Man". She talks about him quietly, and with such dignity. She had to leave, she said he would kill her if she stayed. I have hardly seen her during the winter. But I saw her about a week ago, as the crocuses appeared. She sits on a bench in front of the University in the evenings. We spoke and she admitted that she is going to take the bus and go find her sister in Florida.. ( Since I have been here I have ended up giving money to people to leave, take a Bus Somewhere, Anywhere.)

I asked her is she had a place to go at nights. " I go where I can be safe. One of these nights I may join the Angels".
She states it so factually, there is not emotion , no tears.

So Mr.Bush I have to ask, why should this fine woman be on the Streets? Why should she suffer? Do you care that she is one of the Grate People that might freeze to death? When you left downtown Cleveland did you see people staking out the Grates downtown with their blankets and bags?

Mr.Bush,Did you see the Metal Men with their grocery carts driving about the city, peeling copper plating and spouts off buildings? Did you see their clothes, rags held together with rope and duct tape? Did you see their raw hands and bloody knuckles. Do you understand the desperation that makes them search dumpsters for Metal ?


The Night you came I saw James and Denise in Front of the closest Pizza parlor. I have given them money , when I have it.
I feel guilty getting my small pizza on Fridays in front of them. I always feel guilty getting such a luxorious item in front of them. So I give them some dollars and I always get them muffins and drinks if I see them on my way in to pick up the Pizza.
They have been together for a long time. Denise has MS, and James is a VET with PTSD. I give them some money, but I can't give them a Home, or Shelter, and I can't get them off the Street. And it tugs at my heart that my street is FULL of Empty Buildings and yet people are sleeping on benches and under bushes and on the Grates.

So Mr.Bush, do you have a conscience? Because you gave your delusional speech, but I know that you don't Know We The People.And I know that they are the Invisible and I worry that they are as Iris said Merely Angels Amoung us.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It is Tuesday March 21st eve and I am trying to fix my bear with me while I work on this . Blogger is giving me a hard time as well...

Monday, March 13, 2006


We are living in Uncertain Stormy Times.A King that rules with Imperial Arrogance and pawns on the board that sometimes seem less than willing to Brave Fierce Storms. It is up to all of us to take care of the Serfs of this Kingdome. That means educating ourselves and advocating for the needs of all. Here at the Enigma Cafe, We The People is proudly carved into the counter. So Here are some blogs that you need to wander and wonder, they will make you think and grow. I also had to repair my blogroll this week you will notice that you are sitting at the Counter with new Friends.You might not know this, but Albert spent alot of his learning years meandering through coffee houses, he viewed them as part of his education. Have some Coffee, share a scone.

{{{If you are new to the Enigma Cafe of Watergate Summer, Please also the Post down on the page Called SPEAKING TRUTH TO is a piece that will speak to you heart in these Troubled Times }}}


Einstein witnessed the Purges of Europe and even became part of the Exiled Community of Writers, Scientists, Activists, Lawyers that had to leave the 1930s' Germany. It left him hungering for Peace and Justice. It also left him a man of the World, and a man without a country. It was a World that he embraced with protective wisdom.


" The Special Relativity Theory had Consequences that reached Beyond Itself."
A.Einstein 1919 Letter.


( all are over on the side at the Enigma Cafe Coffee Counter )

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NO BRAVERY: (bottem of Blog roll)This fine vidoe with James Blunt's song No Bravery is beautiful and haunting. It features photos and graphic footage. It is Not for the faint of heart, but it will give you a perspective of the Devastation of the Damage to the Iraqis and the Soldiers that is Needed. It is also linked at Huffingtons.

At the Bottem of the Blogroll is Your Zen Moment. There you will find Peace and Serenity.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


This week March 20th , 2006 Mr. Bush came to my town on the Third Anniversary of the War. He arrived at the Airport, no GOP Dignataries arrived to greet him or shake his hand. And Ohio is full of such GOP Strong Men, Mr Noe, Mr .Voinovich, Mr. DeWine.It was a striking moment watching him come down the stairs of the plane and search the empty tarmack with his eyes. It was a telling moment of the State That Susposedly Gave him this Presidency of 2004, now the Touchdown of a Failed Presidency.

The Protestors showed up by the 100 in the town center, and only a handful of his supporters showed up across the street dressed in Red, White and Blue and carrying small feeble signs. They huddled like lost soccer moms, and only held their signs waiste high, before they left quietly.

He gave a speech at the City Club to a echoey chamber of the Elite, another belly up to the Podium Moment.He rambled, he cajoled, he snickered and made strange inappropriate jokes. He seemed out of touch, like the Drunk Uncle at the Thanksgiving Dinner that no one wants to sit next to, much less get into a sparring match. The applause was tenative and polite like what you would hear at a Golf Tournament when an Old Timer makes a safe shot, but needs a Mulligan.

His speech was susposed to reassure and impress, but the problem is that the carnage from Iraq and the Katrina Zone outweigh his words and render him impotent. His poll numbers continue to sag like an old woman's dress drying in the breeze on a stormbent clothesline. His Blunders are now measured daily in dead bodies, and the whole world is watching.

He can't Drive the Podium, so the bigger question is should he be driving the Country ?


Today we are to Celebrate the Strength and Courage of Women.

May the Voices of the Women below Inspire us to reach for More....
or atleast think twice about it....

" I stand at the alter of the murdered men and while I live I fight their cause."
Florence Nightingale

" When you get into a tight place, and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you cannot hang on for another minute, Never Give Up then, for that is just the place and time the tide will turn."
Harriet Beecher Stowe

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the World. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

" Don't give or sell your soul away. Hunger for the taste of Justice. Hunger for the taste of Freedom. All that you've got is your soul."
Tracy Chapman

" I always wanted to be Somebody, but I should have been more specific."
Lilly Tomlin

"Everybody talks about people, but nobody does anything about them ".
Fran Lebowitz

"The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of transciency, or change. That Everything changes is the basic truth for each exsistance"
Shunryu Susuki

" Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.Do not seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live Everything.Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answers."
Ranier Maria Rilke , Letter to a Young Poet

[[[ and just to make you smile : guess Who said the following: "It's not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on".]]]


For those who arrived late to dinner...yes, it was Marilyn Monroe....of course. (But the guesses were wonderful...)

Now for Number II: Let's see who gets the Brass Ring this time...

"Life is about not knowing,
Having to change,
Taking the moment,
and making the most of it,
Without knowing what is going to happen next."

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We woke this morning to hear that Dana Reeve, 44, Christopher Reeve's Wife had died of lung cancer.She announced her battle after Peter Jennings died in August 2005. We watched her all these years as she cared for the love of her life after his riding accident. We watched her speak with such brave eloquence about the importance of caregivers recieving care and support as well as the need for Research. We listened to her speak after her Superman died, and knew that her heart was broken yet her courage shined as she spoke. She showed that being a caregiver and a wife and mother could be done with Grace. Last year she spoke on Oprah with her son by her side, showing that even in grief there is joy, as she looked at her teenage son Will with loving maternal pride. You taught us well Dana.... Rest In Peace Dear one.

"Love bears all things, Believes all things, Hopes all things, Endures all things."
I Corinthians 13:4-7

" I honor the memories of those of us who are gone and I bless and honor the presence of those amoung us who stand tall like Evergreens."

[ Please leave thoughts and messeges below I will forward them to The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. For each messege my son and I will donate $5.00 to the Foundation. Namaste.]


If you wish to leave Condolences for the Reeve Team or family , or donate please go to the following site: ,

[If you wish to know more information about the Foundation and Ongoing Work and Projects , please go to
http:// , this site explains about the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center . ]

If you wish to snail mail a contribution in Dana's name:

The Christopher Reeve Foundation (CRF)
636 Morris Turnpike , suite 3a
Short Hills, NJ 07078

phone: 800-225-0292 or 973-379-2690


Okay My son saw the other post and pointed out I sound kind of snooty, like I am "ladylike" and would never smoke cigars. ( ahem , cough, hmmmm he might be kind of right). So I am putting one of his favorite stories here. And on another level I am just tired of documenting our travesty of a a"government" right now, and I am tired of monitorinng Plamegate, Katrinagate, Locked&Loaded Dick, and Dukegate, Tommyboy's woes, and Casino Jack etc etc. So I am giving myself a break....

When Son was four I was off from work and I was supposed to be cleaning the house. I decided that we could clean the Kitchen Floor with Shaving Cream. It was a hot summer day, and we were pretending it was Snow. We spread it across it the Kitchen Floor- TWO cans worth. It was Very Very messy, and we both ended up covered with it , head to toe. In the midst of this slippery sliding mess, the Doorbell rang. I fell twice trying to get to the door, but my son made it to the door. Smiling through the shaving cream. ( he looked like the little tub kid out of the MrMagoo ad).

And this is what I heard as I laid on the floor.

"Hi, I am spreading the word of God. Is the Lady of the House Here?"

( As I slid around the corner I could see what looked like a very nice lady in a dress with a purse and pamphlets, I kind of thought she might be a Mormon.)

And my son responded" Oh, Lady I am sorry, but there are no Ladies here, you can try next door. My Mommy is lying on the Kitchen floor". I could just make out the stunned look on her face as the door slammed shut.
( oh, great now it sounds like mommy is intoxicated and passed out!!!)

And he slammed the door and ran back into the Kitchen, sliding and proud of himself.

Yup. No Ladies here.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Everyday when I walk the dog there is a Cigar Shop I pass. I could cross over and go another way, but I take this route on purpose. Sometimes I take this route slow, so that I can do something taboo. Yes, it is true I love breathing deep those scents, it like standing in my Grandparents coat closet, the comfort of my grandfather's favorite cherry vanilla tobacco wrapping around me. And on another level it is my chance to do what I love, another taboo,shhh, Eavesdrop.

Why do I Eavesdrop ? Because it is like a Man's Salon, and they gather and laugh and talk. The people that go there Intrigue me, all kinds, men in overalls, men in sneakers, Suited men in fine clothes, retired men,Cooks, and lawyers, men in Cleveland Browns jackets. All ages and socioeconomic status, and religions. They laugh and tell stories.

I would love to go in, I would love to just sit and listen to them as they puff and talk. I think in a past life I must have spent time at a Saloon listening to men talk and spit. ( Let's be honest I don't think there's much demure Lady Activities in my past). Last Friday three men came out laughing and comparing Lists on Wrinkled folded pieces of paper. They were Arguing -goodhumoredly.I had to ask I was just too curious. It turns out that they have been keeping Lists of the Bush Failures, and trying to figure out which ones are High Crimes.

And the Lists were Long....Much longer than I thought they would be. So here you go....I am asking WHAT would be on your rumpled list and Would it be just a Failure , or High Crimes.It is just a list....And we know it is long- but maybe just put your TOP TEN ....and hell tell me What kind of cigar would you try ?....
( okay , one small request NO Monica jokes .,..please)