Thursday, August 31, 2006


Keith Olbermann blasts Rumsfield democracy protest

This is the Most Important Commentary Keith has ever done. And for all of us that watch Countdown and have since day 1, we know that Keith risked his job to say WHAT needed to be said regarding Freedom of Speech. Call MSNBC and give support. Write Countdown@MSNBC and give your support.( I could not find the NYC Countdown Number- but if anyone has please leave in comments). We need his Voice, and we need Journalists like him heard defending What is left of our Constitution.Thank You. 6:42 minutes that are worth all of our time.


Mr Bush and Mr Cheney have been going around the country this week, OUR Country, humping their Terra Agenda.
They have been calling Pacifists and Dissenters many names- inaccurate and out of context. Apparently they also have not read the words of our Founding Fathers.Ol Rummy loooking like a bitter old man batty and disturbed,like the disoriented sweaty uncle no one wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving Dinner. He spoke to retired VETS and may have found a whole new group of Non-Supporters. He was calling Patriotic Loyal Americans "Appeasers". HUH? And he went so far as to basically misquote and twist History, proving once again he is morally bankrupt and indeed intellectually challenged especially where History is concerned. He said that many Americans (ones that don't agree with the Bushco Regime's Policies as being "Intellectually and morally confused". Well, that is interesting since this week even GOP Top Dogs came out and started speaking against the War in Iraq. 61% of Americans do not support the war in Iraq- and that number includes Democrats and Republicans. Does an Inept Military Leader that has lied to Americans about the REASON for war ( ie. Missing WMD ) have ANY Right to accuse Americans of being Un- American ?

This is a Country where we are suposed to have Freedom of Speech.
Where Dissent is Suposed to be part of Healthy Democracy.
Where there is suposed to be Free Will and Free Thinking.
I guess Rummy didn't get the memo, or like Bush he didn't read it.
Rummy also managed to totally distort history and twist it into something unfamiliar.
Mussolini would have been so Proud of his Terra Rhetoric.
These leaders do know more about Hitler than they let on, and
it is up to all of us to set them straight.
Also Stalin, remember educators, writers, artists, and
Dissentors were Purged under Stalin.
But it started with Silencing the Voices of Reason first,
and don't think that Stalin did not learn from Hitler and
Mussolini- he did. He Studied how to Silence the Masses.

Keith on Countdown set the Bushco Regime Straight- video is on Crooks and Liars.
He spoke bravely and eloquently, and with stunning clarity.
WATCH and call MSNBC- or he will be silenced like other journalists-
hours later the video was down on the MSNBC website- I hope it is because
there was too much action- but I am not sure.
He risked his life and his job for Freedom of Speech tonight.
Beautiful Commentary. Courageous beyond compare.
Freedom of Speech.
For Now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


[ I originally posted this October 20th,2005, mere weeks after Katrina. It was reposted in January 10th,2006 after one of the King's shameless Jim Beam swaggered visit. Impeach and Imprison remains my solution...]

I wrote this and called it" Why NOLA has to be Rebuilt". At the time on TV there were lots of Experts arguing about rebuilding NOLA, mostly the Business Sector. But I was concerned about it's Heart&'s Culture, it's Way of Life. Now I just call it remembering NOLA, that is all I can call it. It is about What Katrina did to this country, it reminded us that Racism alive and well. We have been given a Wake Up Call.



It is a Way of Life,
It is deep hearted Blues,
It is gin soaked Jazz,
and grits,hushpuppies,and
fresh cornbread.
It is panfried shrimp with limes and hot sauce.
It is three day Gumbo that leaves you sweating and
It is Sunday Church where the buildings rock and
seismic sway.
It is the slideguitar pleading in the still of the night.
It is another Lonely Crooner sending shockwaves in an old
riverfront garage.
It is women swaying in gauzy dresses and men in
timeless suits.
It is granmommies lullabying babes, and singing
This Ol'Man with a hum and a roll.
It is where old folks are tended with loving gentle hands
and Respect.
It is where Family is a Way of Life.

In New Orleans a clock is merely an instrument,
But Time is a Place to be.




****{{{ and since I am in a Katrina Funk...head over to MEL"S on the Blogroll- she has a great Limerick contest up and running- and in true HarperLee Wines Flannery O'Connor- she will feed your soul a much needed dose of satire }}}

Monday, August 28, 2006


"To put the World in order, we must first put the Nation in order.
To put the Nation in order, we must first put the Family in order.
To put the Family in order we must first cultivate our personal life.
To cultivate our personal life, we must first put our Hearts right."

"The Hearts affections are divided like the branches of the cedar tree;
if the tree loses one strong branch,it will suffer but it does not die.
It will pour all it's vitality into the next branch so that it will grow and
fill empty space."
Kahil Gibran
Lebanese poet,artist,and mystic

Here is your Monday Mystery Quote:

"Peace cannot be kept by force.
It can only be achieved by Understanding."


cat wheel by Richard Norton

I found this and was so inpsired that someone took the time to find a way to entertain The Cat....
He looks like he likes it...although if he had a Hamster on it I think he would like it more.

Xena our 10 yr tortoiseshell beauty would laugh at it, she would probally sleep on it.
She was trying to use my Treadmill as a scratching post...and now I had to put a rug down
to protect the Tread, so she sleeps on it....
She loves paperbags and boxes...
But exercise?
Not gonna happen.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Train - Drops of Jupiter


I will do what I do every Saturday night, clean, tidy, do bills, go to Wendy's,work on Silent Fallout ...and obviously end up where I end up every Saturday night....But tonight is special...I found my missing Patchouli Oil and I found KEY LIME PIE at the Market...

Have a great Saturday Night....


George Bush Music Video - Primary Colors

I am working on tomorrow's post....and in the mean time ..

Friday, August 25, 2006


Katrina: A Man Made Disaster


(thanks for Skippy and First Draft for posting as well)



Thursday, August 24, 2006


I try hard not to promote TV, unless it is Something that really needs to be seen.
There are two shows that I am promoting this week, Spike Lee's Documentary on HBO on Katrina.It will indeed break your Heart. Maybe some of the Elected Reps will watch it while on "Recess". I can only hope.

The Other Show I am asking people to watch this week is called "Out of Control: AIDS in Black America", it is on tonight at 10pm ABC. This was the last documentary Peter Jennings worked on before he died, and there is a segment in which you can see him at his finest. Terry Moran worked on this Special for over a year, it is about a Hidden
Crisis in this Country. AIDS is Huge in Black America in this Country. It is being ignored and denied on so many levels, yet it is rampant. And it is about Sex..and Lies.
Lies about how we Talk about It...How we Teach about It....We need to find a way to teach our Young and Talk to Our Young...And Protect them. We need to find a way as Men and Women to talk about Sex.

We can not be Treating AIDS and SEX the way it was treated under Reagan,because it is
already causing staggering rise in Numbers in HIV and AIDS in all ages, and male and female....We can talk about AIDS in Africa- but we ignore Here At Home ? WHY? How can that Happen? And why are we letting it ?

And we have hourly Viagra Ads and Cialis WHERE are the CONDOM ads, we should be seeing them on as much as more than the Wonder Drugs. STD and HIV Numbers are up in the 13-23 age group, and that can only be blamed on Abstinence Programs and a lack of Education and a lack of Protection. Leading cause of Death in black women 23-44, AIDS.Black Women HIV infection rate is 14-20 times that of white women. We need to examine Why this is happening. It is not just about Relationships, it is about socieconomic situations, about healthcare, and about Hidden Stigma....When do we talk ? When?
68% newly diagnosed HIV- Black women. Women should matter more than becoming a blaring statistic. If it were a White Women Epidemic would it be getting noticed?

And yes, it is also about the Religous Right and how they have Infected our Government, and it does have effect on Medical Decisions and Care. The Stem Cell Debate and the Right to Die Debate is all effected by these People that have limited Medical Knowledge forcing their beliefs into Policy. It is Wrong, and it is indeed Killing People.

So I am asking you to watch this Special tonight, and ask some hard questions. I also am asking that you watch with your kids, and ask the Questions together, and that you each other....about Sex and about Love...about Relationships.

*** Painting by James Gwynne called The Embrace, available on Absolutearts. Go Explore, beautiful art.***

*** Yeah, and for the weekend reading I will post some of my AIDS stories as an old nurse. I think I need to post them***


So I was stumbling around Blogland, I went back to the Rude Pundit, this post of 8-18-06 is beautiful,and has now haunted me for days.It is Touching, it is Real.
The Tattered Katrina Warzone, Hell with Weeds One Year Later.

VOTE in November to end this Criminal Regime....for Good.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have a little story...
I took Lilly for a walk this morning.
I was half asleep,and a bit blurry eyed.
It was early, I try to take her out before the Construction Activity and Traffic gets bad.
I live on a main Artery where there is Huge Construction now with Huge Earth Movers,
and Back Hoes, and other gigantic yellow dirt monsters.
I always wave and talk to the construction guys, they are nice guys, family guys.
I see them alot, sharing sandwiches, cigarettes and laughing.
And they are even nice to my little dog throwing little left over lunch snacks.
So this morning I took her out, and I was foggy brained asleep.
I am sure these construction workers have seen me stumbling around with
her these past 5 monthes, and always wondered if I would fall in a hole with her.

Today I came back inside, drank tea and watched Cspan, still trying to get rid of this
friggin' cold. And it dawned on me hours later, that I had lost my cellphone.
Now I assumed it was lost in my apartment.
But I could not find it anywhere...

I was a little worried, cause I just fired SBC this week,
and it really is my only link to the world.
And if my son needs me...
And all those applications I have sent out.
But no phone.
( Not like I could call someone for help?!)

So at 1:30 pm, after lunch I take Lilly out and while I am walking something almost magical happens.
This older white haired construction fella in his flourescent vest says
"Hey Lady, You lost Something?"
He asks with a shy smile.
And then he holds up my phone, and nods to the Pit next to him.
I could not believe it.I obviously expressed my thanks and was so happy,
gave him a big dusty hug.
"Yeah, and I bet you thought Chivalry was long dead?"
"No, But I have definently had my doubts about Humanity."


Str0 -

OKAY, I know enough with the snakes...
My son and I found this on the YouTube...and it is really really bad.
Imagine Kevin Federline doing sock puppets, but is also really funny, it
is that bad.

And I have to laugh, I am susposed to take my son to see THE SNAKE movie
this week...geez the things we do for our kids...

Monday, August 21, 2006


Okay was only The King....not a snake...I only wish it had been a snake..

So we had the "pleasure" of watching the King piss and moan at the Podium. I don't know who planned the Press Conference, but it obviously cut into the King's Hangover and /or Drinking schedule. And he wavered between having a Royal-you-may-NOW-kiss-my-ass Snit Fit and Who-the-Fuck-let-women-in-my club Snottiness. He was rude, arrogant, and ignorant all in one fell swoop. He made it abundantly clear that he , as "President" AKA:" I stole-this-godamned-leadership-forever-Dictatorhip-so-you-gotta-do-what-I-say" rambled on and on about Terra-insurgents-terra-security-democrats-suck- terra-more terra etc blah blah....

I tried to listen I did, really but I got destracted around the time my Xena cat heaved a giant hairball across the living room floor ( incidentally it was right around the same time He belittled Helen Thomas, so I reckoned it was a Sympathy Hair Ball).

The Main thing I heard spewed out of his Jack Beam Oracle was " We will NOT be Leaving Iraq while I am President".
I think that about summed up the Thrust of his godamned speech...Right? I mean please if I missed Something , tell me now....

Please Somebody, Anybody, Some Poor Sumbitch give him a Blowjob so we can start the Impeachment Proceedings.....

Saturday, August 19, 2006


SADE Nothing Can Come Between Us it is Saturday Night...Time for the Enigma to go to YouTube...yes, I do live there on Saturday night. I cleaned, I dusted, I did laundry, and I went to the grocery store...and yes, indeedy this is My Reward....And then I try to find the BEST Saturday Night song.

Tonight it is Sade....
I love this song.
The Fim Noire Smoothness....
I love the way they Move together....
The Fluid Synchronicity...
They Flow...

And I love the Words.
It is About Faith.
It is About Trust.

Have a Great Saturday Night....


Addicted to YouTube

Okay over the past month I have become a YouTube addict- and it isn't my fault.
It all happened over at Craig Crawfords' Blog- it is all his fault- I went there and
there was a great music video- and I have been hooked ever since...

This video is a Tribute to the Addiction...Enjoy...

Friday, August 18, 2006


Hurricane Katrina: TRAILER for The Drive

This is the Trailer for a beautiful, haunting Documentary about the Ninth Ward. The Viedographers went through and Drove it.

I still worry about NOLA, about what happened last summer, about What and Who was Hurt and abandoned and died.

If you are compelled after seeing the Trailer, the FULL DRIVE is posted below after the tribute to Ethel Freeman.

I am reposting these because of the Souless Criminals that are still in power.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


****[ It is now almost the One Year Anniverary of KATRINA and over the next two weeks I am going to post some Anniversay Posts regarding KATRINA, because while we have Criminals in the White House that let People Die, we need to Honor What was Lost Last August. This is Followup to the Story of Ethel Freeman- the lady that died sitting in front of the Convention Center, she died waiting for Aid, food , water, and shelter. Her son was forced by the Authorities to leave her, and it took monthes for him to find her. I originally posted this in November 16th,2005 and then again February 11,2006. This week her son filed Suits against the Federal Government. This is the Story of Ethel and her son , Junior. ]*****


( This piece is to also honor the other Lost Souls of the Disaster that are gone, but not forgotten)

*** This Piece was originally posted on November 16th,2005. I am Reposting it since I am honoring Women this week.
and Since Brownie appreared before the Katrina Hearings, and maybe some people need to remember ALL that was lost.
And yes, this post is about the Woman who died sitting in her Wheelchair by the Convention Center and was seen by millions.

Ethel Freeman was finally laid to rest this week,Today. It is now seven weeks since Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. She was a strong woman with a frail body , she survived the Hurricane with the aid of her capable son, but she did not survive the Abandonment of the Aftermath. She was a fine woman and mother of Herbert Jr. "Junior" was known for taking beautiful care of his mother with love and attention to details. Matter of fact he had taken care of her for many years. She lost her Herbert Senior in 1976, so he has been the man of the house for many years. She was a grandmother and a great-grandmother. She had lived in New Orleans for many years, many of her neighbors knew her for 30-49 years. She was a humble quiet woman that was a part of the neighborhood in an gentle unassuming way. She worked for many years at the Tulane Medical Center, so she definently understood the importance of people recieving good medical care. In 2000 she broke her hip and within monthes her health slipped rapidly with heart problems that needed correction with a pacemaker,and also a feeding tube for her nutritional and hydration needs.

Katrina barreled into New Orleans and people battled it out at the Superdome, on roofs and in the Streets. They took care of their granbabies and their granmommies. We should hold these people with the greatest respect and admiration , and as I posted earlier in October there are STILL more than 12,000 MISSING OR DEAD ADULTS AND 2661 CHILDREN. ( please see post dated 10-10-05, and it lists PDF that is issued by the government). The Government' Silence and Lies is not honoring of these dead families.

Junior rode out the storm, the worst storm in America's History with his mother. And then the flood waters rose, and after 30 hours he and his mother were rescued by boat and taken to the streets leading to the overpass. Junior pushed her in her black wheelchair to the overpass, through streets of flood slime and garbage and rising fetid waters to the Convention Center as they had been instructed by local officials. He pushed her there consoling her and telling her that there would be medical people to help take care of her and help rescue her and take her to safety. He pushed her with care as she was 91 years old and fragile. He worried about the effects of the stress and heat on her already weakened heart. And they arrived at the Convention Center to find 1000s of people languishing in the Heat with no food and no water, and no rescue imminent. They waited together there for FOUR days. He thought that she would be rescued first and instead he was ORDERED on a bus to places unknown. There was never any medical care at the Convention Center, never any food or water, or any one offering Comfort or Answers.

And he knew that Thursday morning that she was alone and frail, and that yelling for food, or water, or medical care was fruitless, there was no one and nothing. He could hear helicopters flying over, but he knew that they were not coming for her. He carefully placed a note in her pocket with all the needed information about how to best contact him. He wrapped a plaid shaw around her shoulders with tenderness and made sure that her soft pink terry slippers were still on her feet. He knelt with her and prayed.

And that same day Kyra Phillips on CCN around noontime got in a heated argument with Mr.Browne from FEMA, you all might remember it . he refused to acknowledege that people were trapped at the Convention Center.He even said things are going "Relatively Well". He claimed he wasn't aware that 1000s were dying and starving at the Convention Center, he also said that "These people had Refused to Evacuate, they did not heed the Advance Warnings" implying they deserved their fate. He was interviewed with Ted Koppel in the same 24 hour period, and Mr.Koppel came right out and yelled ' Don't you all watch TV ??" And now we all know thanks to his own self-righteous pompous emails that he did have access to TV and was mostly worried about his grooming, and his resturante meals, and his appearence of being "hardworking". He had to make decisions about how to roll up the Norstrom sleeves to send the right Image. And the same morning the Flyover President went on morning talk shows and said speaking for his own arrogant self that NO ONE Expected the Levees to fail. And all watched the Lies continue. ( And the lies have persisted in the past two monthes with the Criminal Mr.Browne even getting paid for two extra monthes as a "consultant".) And millions of Americans emailed, made phone calls and tried to get help for the Abandoned Folks of the Katrina Hellzone.
And we yelled WHAT is Wrong with these "Leaders" ? Are they Incompetent ? Are they Ignorant? Are they Rascist ? Is this Genocide ? Is Our Country being run by the Klan?!!

Are these Men in fresh pressed shirts Souless? Clueless ? How can they be so utterly detached and heartless ?Do they have a Conscience ? Don't they have grandparents and children ? Wrapped in yet another ill conceived illusion they keep saying they are doing a Good Job, and are Hardworking....

And meanwhile sitting in her black wheelchair with her weak heart and her empty feeding tube, and with 1000's of other distressed folks, all trying as best they could to look out for each other. Ethel got weaker and weaker, but she sat as tall as she could and hoped and prayed for rescue, just like Junior had said. She wondered where that bus took him. And she got tired in the heat. And she died.

And sometime that day some well intentioned soul pushed her over by the Employees entrance and hoped and prayed that someone would come back for her. And by later that day there was another soul placed with her wrapped in a white blanket. And photographers were horrified, and furious and they took the pictures of the fragile souls by the Entrance to Hell. And Anderson Cooper even showed her on LIVE TV, and you knew he did it because he was worried that she was alone, someone's grandmother, that was loved and deserved better. There was nothing exploitive in the footage. We all felt his agony and his pain. His outright grief-stricken Horror. The Outrage Knew no Bounds.

But our agony does not compare to that which Junior would experience in Alabama worried only to see pictures of her fate across TV screens and newpapers. And then his continued angst as it took SEVEN weeks to get her body back from the Government run Morgue in St.Gabriels. And finally today Junior was able to bury his beloved mother with love and care , as he had cared for her in life. And the Reverand said "It took Courage for Herbert to do what he has done and experienced".

But I have to say that we all know that Herbert Jr. is not going to picture her cared for , and loved and well tended this loving son will be haunted forever by the image of his mama sitting in the Katrina Hellzone, sweltering and abandoned by her own government. Was she abandoned by Arrogance ? By Greed ? Was She abandoned because she was Black? Because she was Poor ? Was she abandoned because she was Elderly ? Was she abandoned because she was frail and in poor health ?

We hear so much from this so called Christian Right To Life Compassionate Conservative Regime that teaches and preaches Intelligent design , yet what we see is that it is coming down to the Survival of the Elitist, the Richest , and the Arrogant.
And Ironically Mr.Bush has placed many Lawyers in positions of Power, thinking that even if they are incompetent, that any situation can be Lawyered. Even if people have died, he has rationalized. He is Incorrect and it is about to be proven as Junior has hired some very fine lawyers to sue the FEMA and the Federal Government, because Ms.Ethel "was an Incredible Symbol of Neglect".( The Government failed Ms.Ethel and dishonored all the fine years of care that Junior provided).

Mr.Bush , I have a messege for you, when you have come home from your Imperial Road Trip you need to sit down and write Mr.Herbert Freeman Jr. an Apology. And before you ever set foot in New Orleans again to have another Dramatic Well Lit Disney Moment, maybe you should go to Miss Ethel's grave and lay some white roses to show honor and respect. And Bow your head in Shame.

The story above was compiled from over 40 newspaper articles. I had spent weeks attempting to research the Bodies by the Convention Center as well as the 1000s still Missing, like many other concerned bloggers. Please do read the Previous article on Oct10th regarding the Missing and Dead, this issue will haunt this country for many years to come. Whole families Gone.lost and dead, More than 12,000 adults and 2661 children.

Junior was evacuated to Alabama and he also met a lovely woman named Veronica that has been his support through much of this wretched ordeal. I like to think that Ms.Ethel in way had a hand in in helping her son find Love, a caring soul in this Disaster. Junior is engaged to marry this other brave tempest tossed survivor.


My Great Grandmother was a Strong Southern Woman from Kentucky , she was widowed young and raised two headstrong willful boys in a small apartment. Her name also was Ethel. We called her Granny Ethel. She took in knitting, sewing and taught piano to make ends meet. She taught me that there are times to play the piano, knit socks for soldiers, and take care of neighbors, and also that Elders are to be respected. She taught me how to Set-a-table, cut Fresh Mint with scissors for the SunTea, and how to put lemon and basil and cilantro in Egg Salad and sprinkle with paprika. She also taught me how to call a Bluff. She also taught me that Evil Men can be and should be openly Cursed. During Watergate Summer, as I cleaned her tiny apartment, because by then she was blind , she was listening to the News, and she said , " Have they arrested that Evil Son-of-a-Bitch yet ?" And I said No. She said in her toughest not so lady like drawl, " Well, they Better, he's getting those boys in Vietnam killed."

And I knew by that time that part of her savings had been used to send my one compassionate cousin ( with the low lottery number) to Med School in Canada. Our family had conscientious objectors and soldiers, it was an interesting tense time.

{{ And for those who have read of my Palmolive moment a few posts back for calling Tricky Dick a" Dickhead "one Thanksgiving when I was eight, she had heard about the event and the next time I went to see her she taught me how to make Angel Food Cake to compensate for the Palmolive moment.}}

My Granny Ethel tried to teach me how to knit, and how to play the piano, all without success. But she did teach me poetry. Below is her favorite.

Another Note to Mr.Bush:
The Next time you are in New York, maybe you need to go back to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, if it is open to the Public yet. It has a poem called "The Collusus" that is honoring the Great Lady, but also is honoring the Plight of ALL Refugees. And at this point we have 1000's of Refugees that need to be remembered , sheltered, tended and loved.

"....Give me your tired,
Give me your poor,
your huddled masses,
yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of your teaming shore.
Send these the Homeless, the Tempest tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door."

Emma Lazurus 1883


Hurricane Katrina: The Drive: New Orleans Lower 9th Ward

If you watched the Trailer of DRIVE and it haunted you ...
this is the rest of the Drive, all of it .
15 minutes that will change you forever...
Thank You for Being Brave enough to take the Full Drive....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Me: Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

I was really struck by this piece it is really well made, and slightly disturbing. Is she changing ? Is she the same? Does three years pass that fast ? Sometimes it does....Did any of us think that three years ago Bush would STILL be President? ( ugh...or was that Dictator ? Head Thief ? Criminal King ?) Did anyone think we would still be there in Iraq ? Think about it...Summer 2003 where were you...what were you doing ?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Okay, Now that I have gotten your attention.....I am going to tell you to watch TV- TODAY.
The International AIDS Conference is going on in Toronto, and parts of it are on CSPAN. The part you need to see is the Panel Discussion that was filmed on Monday in which Bill Gates and Bill Clinton are Interviewed about AIDS. This discussion was the Best Thing I have seen on TV in monthes, it actually really flowed, and touched all the Important issues that are interwined
with AIDS: Poverty,Cultural Issues, Eduation, TB, Malaria, Potable Water, Access to Healthcare for ALL, Treatment of Women. I never thought I would see the day where we would see these TWO Bills talking about Stunning.

( Addendum: Want to read a more personal post about AIDS: read my CHINESE NEW YEAR that is reposted below )


[[ This is actually a Tale about AIDS and was orginally posted for Chinese New Year 1-29-06. I was an AIDS Nurse for many years in Seattle Washington. I am reposting it to Honor The International AIDS Conference in Toronto this week.]]

So tonight it is Chinese New Year. Some folks start celebrating it at Sundown and some at Midnight. It is the Year of the Dog, the Fire Dog. The Dog in the Chinese Horoscope represents Loyalty, Everlasting Friendship and Infinite Courage and Mighty Fortitude, and Hidden Strength. It also is true in Chinese History , especially in the years of the Fire Dog, represent Much Change and Upheaval. I say this with great optimism for Change in the year to come. On the West Coast some resturants have big parties and banquets and Celebrations. There is much wonderful food, music and Fireworks. Some resturants have one night for the public and one night for the resturante families. It can be festive and jubilant, and truly welcoming, or a more traditional quiet holiday. And for some it is a time to resolve rifts and wayward relations, and for others it is a time of Reunion, and even Thankfulness.

I originally started celebrating this many years ago, and for me it is a quiet reflective time. Some celebrate it with gusto and great enthusiasm. Some celebrate it and welcome it with huge gatherings of food and family and friends. It was never like that for me, a time to gather , take stock, review and honor the past and those that are gone. It is quiet and full of solitude.I clean like crazy for a week, I re-organize, tidy even the closets that are best left dark and dusty. I scrub the front door and make Red banners with Caligraphy ( Japanese or Chinese), that have warm thoughts of peace, prosperity, and inspiration ( Couplets). And my son loves that no one but us really knows WHAT they say. ( When he was little he used to call them the Secret Banners).

There are fresh flowers, lotus and irises, and sometimes Lillies. And since Rob was little I have fixed the traditional Long Egg Noodles symbolizing long life. And all kinds of tea. And Red Envelopes, with good wishes and trinkets, chocolates, and nuts. ( and of course the Neatly pressed Money and polished coins) ALL to bring good luck. And the Dim Sun ( Sweets) puchased from some little Chinese eatery as well as Fortune Cookies. I would wear Songbird Colors, and put lotus candles in the bath water. And even when many holidays were havoced in my life, this holiday I always loved and cherished, and it's simplest of rituals made me whole again.It was so heartwarming to believe that WE Create Our Luck. And at Midnight I would burn 9 sticks of incense with tenderness , remember those that have gone and honor Who and What they were. It was a simple holiday that held Hope. Always.

I worked as an AIDS nurse in Seattle in the late 1980's and one of my favorite patients Rick, became a friend. He was a talented artist, this friend that taught me about Buddhism and how to find my way with it. He was an artist and a poet that had worked and taught Art and English in Asia. I first took care of his partner Steve in 1988-1990, and as I taught him the finer graces of nursing to care for his partner, he taught me so much more. He taught me intricacies of Life even when dying. His partner was nauseous alot, so Rick would spend hours figuring out what SMELL made him feel better ( S'MORE's fresh in the microwave and vanilla mint icecream on the bedside table were some of the best Comfort results). He taught me how to make "Russian Tea" ( Which is Tang and Iced tea powder mixed and served steamy and hot, a heavenly concoction). He explained that a part of Buddhism is science and reading, and putting those into action and having faith that the Universe would help the Healing. I liked how he explained it and that it was not a matter of "Leaving it up to God". ( Who personally I felt had failed miserably).

Rick would sit by Steve's bed and read to him from the I Ching, and chinese poetry, and from Confuscious, and Teachings of Buddha. He had rituals where he would serve tea and tangerines. He put ginger in the tea.He consulted a Feng Shui expert and they reviewed the horoscopes and rearranged furniture and brought in different colors to help Steve's comfort , and amazingly it all helped. And Rick would smile and gently leave books out for me about the Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscopes, and "The Barefoot Doctor". He was the first to explain to me that I was a Rat, according to the horoscope.. ( After the initial whiff of Insult , I learned quickly that Rats are Special, trustworthy, resourceful, take good care of their community, and have courage. So I decided to embrace this little part of me, and cherish what I could strive for.)

I took care of AIDS patients in Seattle 1988-1998, and this was quite a feat, for a good part of those years I lived on Capital Hill near many of my patients and my neighbors. And yes, as many of my neighbors became my patients there are also were lessons to learn about boundaries that became blurry and soft. I did homecare and also worked at a lovely little hospice that was called Rosehedge. ( and still worked other shifts on the side , including ER and PEDS). ( I had this grand idea that if I could just work alot of different areas- I would never burn out as a nurse).

Steve died first in 1990 and in less than two years I got a call that Rick was very sick. And by then we were stll friends, but I took a job at a nursing agency that I knew would take good care of Rick. Rick was shocked to realize that he had AIDS and that he had CMV retinitis.( He had been HIV postive for almost 8 years when he went into AIDS, he took amazing care of himself, even while caring for Steve. ). He called me and said:
" I can't believe this, I am losing vision every day. It is so odd, it is like the colors are being washed from the sky. You think living in Seattle where it is so grey and rainey , that makes it worse?"

The saddest part was he was still grieving Steve when he got his own bad news, and it spiraled him into a huge depression. He gave up painting- totally. So I would go see him, and so would his friends, and we would all try to figure out what to do. I finally took the Phone number list off his frig and organized a Plan. I called Everyone, all his friends and neighbors, his "Care Chain". I set a a huge old Value Village Bowl on his front Hall table,called it the" Blessing bowl", and we all started leaving goodies in the bowl, to help him heal, to help him paint. Handmade playdough beads from my son,silvery gum wrappers, String, a birds nest, copper wire found in the Alley, cards and even tangerines and fig newtons and fortune cookies. And day by day he could not pass the bowl and not be tempted by what gifts were there. And slowly after many monthes, I arrived one day to find him painting with his head bent close and putting wire and beads on the canvas, and he said.
" I can't really see clearly, but I can feel the texture, and mostly I can FEEL Again" he lifted his head, and through the paint and glue and woven into his hair and face, I could see a wide infectious smile. And for the next few monthes I would always make him my last stop of the day. We would paint and weave, make paper with a dilapitated blender, and laugh and listen to music. And yes in many ways , I think that it was Grand Conspiracy that his friends and I pulled off. We were able to get Rick to paint again.

If you come to my apartment, I have many of Rick's greatest paintings.
I have packed them over and over on my precarious journey.
( and even ones we painted together, that I know in my heart are priceless)
I look at Them and they are not Just Art :

They are laughter at glue spilled on ugly old linoleum,
They are coconut shavings and melon seeds stuck on my clogs,
They are the the 1962 Hamilton Blender that vomited home-made paper on his kitchen ceiling,
They are homemade Minestrone Soup and Opera on Fridays,
They are the 16lb. bowling ball that "fell" out of the 3rd floor window.
They are courage against angst,
They are watching Willow 26 times,
They are Winter in Seattle, without the Grey.
They are Chili Cookoffs and "Friends& Sienfeld".
They are sandalwood Incense and tangerines,
They are Light in the Darkest of Darkest Shadows,
They are Chinese New Year...and Eternal Hope.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Carly Simon - Coming around again

I have had this song on my head ever since Ned Lamont won the Primary. I keep humming it, and for the first time in many monthes I feel hopeful, Really Hopeful. That Change is Coming, that People are Waking Up.

( and yeah, three of our Blogger Friends had Birthdays this past week- and I also wanted to let them know that They are Coming Around Again as well....)

Have A Good Week, Spread the Hope....cause it is Coming Around Again....


Sleepy Baby Monkey named Mercutio

So we got through the weekend...and here is a Little Something to start your week.
Something to make you go "Ahhhhhh". Something to take your mind off the Chimp at 1600.
And maybe realize that Life is Indeed so Prescious...even the Little Tinyest beings...

( Okay we are going to be posting alot of Primate videos,
we will be doing Primate Enrichment at the Zoo this Fall...)

Have a Great Monday....

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I have had this blog for just over a year, I treasure this blog as part of a larger more Important Community. I have even been approached to publish it by two publishers. I am indeed a Diehard Liberal, and also a Buddhist, I am a Woman of Peace. But in recent weeks it has come to my attention that SOMEONE with a rather Evil Spirit and Cruel Intentions is leaving Messeges here as well as also going to other Blogs and USING the NAME ENIGMA and saying some pretty Horrible Things. I am deeply sorry Someone would use my name in such a manner, and attempt to hurt others. I will be leaving messeges on MANY Blogs today about this, and ask that you forward this post to others as well. IF anyone leaves messeges , rude comments, or inappropriate comments and Claims that they are from Enigma, or Enigma4ever please do forward them to my email address (, also please do get the IP address, that is VERY important and allows the emails source to be located. All effected Blogs so far are off my own Blogroll, and some have Halocscan. Again my deepest Heartfelt Apologies.
In Deepest Pain. Namaste.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Dear Junior,
I think I would like to return the Medal Of Freedom that your Dad gave me in 1993.America is not feeling so Free and Freedom is being used to hurt other countries. I was proud to work with your papa.I was proud to have handed the Reins over to him, I felt like he was a Good Republican. I felt like he was an Honorable man. I also worked with Joe Wilson and I have been watching what happened to him and his wife and I am appalled. He was a fine Ambassador. I don't understand Why your papa didn't teach you that People that devote their lives to this Country are to be honored.

I may have made some Mistakes, but I still valued the Constitution. I even valued the Founding Fathers. Some where along the way you have lost sight of what this country is about, and you have taken it on a Path of No Return. I even owned up to my mistakes, I even apologized. But you seem to think you don't make mistakes, and that you aplogize to no one. I don't agree with that son....

I also know you like to say that you care about the Land, and that you are at a Cowboy at heart. I have my doubts.
Nancy said that she tried to come talk to you about Stem Cell Research. She says that you were Arrogant and tried to preach to her. You broke her heart. No One breaks my Nan's Heart. Shame on You.

The President Reagon
A True Republican

**** (this is of course not really written by Dead President Reagon...but somehow his ghost leaving a letter on George's pillow is comforting...)******


Me and a gorilla

So I am doing what I do every Saturday Night.....trolling the Depthes of Blogland, I always end up at YouTube, searching for something to make me smile, laugh, or hell even scratch my head....Maybe you too will enjoy this one. This video is three guys basically attempting to not be in the way of a huge Gorilla, a Razorback in Rwanda. It is Massive, Powerful, Beautiful...What do you think ??


So I have thought about this alot....
This week AGAIN we had more Terror and Fear Mongering. Is anybody else struck by how MANY times we have been told to be very scared...very.

Shall we make a list ?
( and I don't know but should we include the MISSING WMD ?)

Anthrax ?
Monkey Pox ?
White Powder at the Senate Building?
(and the NYT and NBC same time- altering being able to send MAIL to reps in DC)
Some kind of Warning about the NY Bridges ? ( and other Bridges)
Some Kind of Warning about the Subways ?
Some Kind of Plot that involved the Airlines over the Pacific ?

Can Anyone name ones I missed- cause I know I did....


So I have thought alot about the NEW Travel Restrictions that will make us all Safer. As a Mom- I think they are more than absurd. ANY parent trying to travel with children will testify that snacks and liquids are a matter of Life and Death. And anyone flying with little people that do not have snacks and drinks to help their little eardrums cope with cabin pressure changes will testify as well. And we all know that the Airlines basically treat people like Baggage or is it Frieght at this point ? There are no drinks or peanuts/ snacks on most flights, people have been bringing their own snacks for years...since 911. And here is the thing, about those 911 Hearings - one thing was forgotten, about the Boxcutters. WHO brought them on board , well according to early articles, they were snuck on via the FOOD Service Servers, which for all of the Airlines was a Food Server named Argenbright ( okay so the spelling may be wrong). But it was a Texas based company...that George used to invest in. My Point is that there are Pieces of this Damn Puzzle that have never been properly examined and still haven't . So now it has come down to Lactation Inspection and Rediculous Restrictions. And as a woman- well, yeah, hell make the poor women throw away hundreds of dollars of toiletries, that seems somehow like something this administration would enjoy. IF this does indeed EFFECT ALL AMERICANS- fine - take away Condi's Comforts too...and Lithium Laura... ( Scary...)Hell Take Away The Kings Drinks...Let's be Patriotic...but safe ....Together. But let's not inspect what is in the Freight Section of the Plane. That would be too costly.

And my other point is that as I was traveling around the blogs on Friday I noticed alot of people said that they have not flown since 911 and I don't think that it has anything to do with BEING SCARED...I think it has to do with COST and HASSLE...

Oh, and yeah, WHY haven't I flown...cause I am on a Godamned List...cause I am an Environmental Health Advocate ( aka a mom and a nurse...and a Normal American). So I only know Bus and Train Travel....But please share with me, how many of you are traveling less and why...I bet it isn't cause you're scared of Terra.


So I got up early, didn't plan it, just happened. Like any of us sleep well under This Nightmare of an Adminstration ?? And over at SKIPPY's I found a post up about Chuck Roberts over at CNN has decided to jump on the Propaganda Train and Megaphone Uncle Dick's words about Ned's Victory being a victory for Al Queda. Oh, that is just great CNN has decided to Swiftboat the first Truthspeaker of the season. Well of course, it 's August and King is "On Vacation" . ( Which means Rove can sit and make lots of phone calls and organize and properly oil the ol'Propaganda Machine. Cause ol Puppet Boy is at he gotta do something....cause there are only two things These People are good at FearMongering, and of course Swiftboating...and that is if we don't count shooting lawyers while drunk or Disaster Flyovers)

Are we going to let the Rove Machine Swiftboat Ned ????? NO OF COURSE NOT.



Friday, August 11, 2006


So yesterday morning we wake up and we learn that yet another susposed alleged Terror Plot has been broken up by Security in Another Country ( UK but with intended American Airlines, yet susposedly American Intelligence is not involved). We learn that we will exprience more Security Changes Again.Basically we are not to take any grooming products, no soap, no hand lotion, suntan lotion, toothpaste. So I guess we are Going GreyHound, and by the time
we reach our destination we will indeed be the Great Unwashed arriving to Other Shores. Will we feel any safer? I don't think so. I mean they still will allow matches and lighters,I do think those could be used to Ignite Something? And we still have to take off shoes because of an incident involving a deranged individual 2 years ago.( We are the ONLY Country that is still mandating such a thing).So even though the Airlines do not offer food water or cheapass stale peanuts anymore, and you used to be able to bring your own damn snacks and Friggin' Peanuts, now you can basically fly, starve and stink at a great expense. In the UK you can't bring cellphone, or laptop , you have to travel with a plastic ziplock bag. And has Anyone thought that Maybe the Instability that we have brought upon the Middle East might indeed be feeding alot of AntiAmerica Hatred?? ( hell I think I even understand WHY Other Countries Hate us- it ain't rocket science). So I do indeed think that threats made against our Country and the Airlines is indeed possible. I also find it Interesting that Bush was warned right around August 6th, just like he was in 2001 ( remember the August 6th Condi Memo about Bin Laden that NO ONE wants remembered???) So here is my solution FLY NAKED...some smart person should think about setting up such Service. It would require minimal security...if any. Go Over to Kvatch's ( over at the Coffee Counter)....He has a Great Post up on it.... ( very eloquent with Great Graphics).


Crime of The Century

Am I the ONLY one sick of Terror?
Sick of told to be Vigilant?
Be Scared?
Be Fearful?
Sick of the Head Games?
Sick of Criminals in the White House?

Sunday, August 06, 2006


To the Enigma Cafe ,
I see you sitting at the Counter sipping your coffee and dipping your godamn donuts.
Bet you didn't know that if I hadn't been President you would not be sitting there acting like a bunch of Overaged Overeducated Hippies complaining about your Godamned Government.
Bet you hate to admit I am a better President than this Texas Fraternity Twit.
( Hell, even John Dean thinks so).
Bet you even miss my jokes and off color remarks, and wish this Twit had TAPES.
Yeah, well quit your damn bellyaching and go eat the godamn motherfucking Birthday Cake over at the Enigma Cafe.
(And yeah, I can cuss all I want now that I am Dead.)
Still Dead Tricky Dick.


Okay so it is the Birthday for the Enigma Cafe here at Watergate Summer.I have ordered plenty of cake and ice cream.I have brought out party hats and little goodie bags ( you know the kind that have stale candy and gum). And hell, I am not sure but I heard a bit of clinking in the back of Ice and Glass and I think Mel, Dk, Dusty, and Dada, and Rory are concocting a "PUNCH".And Lilly is sitting here licking drippings off the old lineoleum, and the cat is asleep on the coffee maker. And Mr 6-6 ( yeah my 15 yr old son is hanging streamers from the ceiling as only he can.
And hell, I have even dusted and polished The Counter and even the Foul Language Jar.
( or as Honorable Son calls it " The College Fund".)

So here is the truth last summer after much ranting and raving and yelling at the TV, I decided I really needed a Blog, I had been reading them since 2004, and it wasn't really helping me fall in love with our country again. I was still using more profanity than a sailor on drunken shore leave and my blood pressure was still in the Yikes Zone. ( Now it is just in the Occasional Oh, Well Shit Happens Zone).

I named the Blog Watergate Summer, the summer of 2005 because it reminded me of the Nixon Years when the Unraveling of a pack of Crooks began and the Heat and Scrutiny Rose and the Poll Numbers tanked. So in a sadistic way it became a Summer of Promise and Hope that the Tuth would be revealed on many many fronts. I do think Many Many UGLY Truths have indeed been revealed, and peeled back like a rotted onion. But I do agree with John Dean, this is much worse than Watergate. Much.

So The Year in Review:
{{ Watergate Summer's First Year in Review, and yes, it is going to be published, I am still picking out favorites from every month, if anyone wants to select , feel free.It is still being pulled together....So Here are some Highlights... But I will be honest if Anyone has favorites please let me know for The Book. }}

I was very pissed at King Fuckard taking so much godamn Vacation Time , so there are quite a few letters to Dear Leader that first Month. And then I blogged of course about Camp Casey and Wonderful-Mom-of-Steel Cindy and of course the War. And then Low and behold the end of August 2005 The Katrina Disaster happened- and I Blogged it ( hell I flogged it and FEMA).

September:Katrina and more Katrina and not nice letters to the Fearless King George.

October:More On Katrina, Iraq, Plamegate, and Cindy..

November:More on Plamegate, and some pieces of Katrina,
December:Christmas thoughts, as well as Iraq: "Walking Wounded and Roadkill is a post that covers Homelessness and Iraq Vets...

January: " Chinese New Year", and the West Virgina Coal Mine Disaster, and of course a bunch of snotty posts about the damn king.

February:" The Lost Souls and the Souless that Remain In Power", "April 1968", "My grandmother Florence"

March:"It's All Relative" "The Rising" "The King's Delusional SinkHole" " Angels Amoung us".And of course there is "Red Trucks and Water Lies" the Teaser for my other Book SILENT FALLOUT..( over on the blogroll)

April:"Prayers for Sol"

May:" Mothers Day"

June: I have to reccommend "Late Night at the Enigma Cafe", and it is indeed going in the book.It is about Trying to Grow up into something, that means something. And there is a nice post for Fathers Day- short and sweet. And of course the "Worm in the Bottle" and "Watch Rummy Eat Crow".

July: The Enigma got a little hooked on YouTube, and took a bit of a break of hounding 20 Issues at once and flooded the Airwaves and Bloggerland with Tunes. But some of the choice posts include: "Baking in the Sun" ( The Toupee Tragedy), and of course slightly rude "Slavery,Table Manners & Pigs". And of course "The Whole World is Watching" on a more serious note.

August:"Dancing in Reality" and "Meet me on the Veranda" two posts that are not quite what they seem...and worth a look.

This Blog led to other blogs that I assembled to meet different Needs of the Day. There Was the Plamegate Timeline Blog- so we could all Follow the Fritz Intricate Manuveurs. ( also on the Blogroll)

There was NOLACARE which was to help NOLA workers down in the Katrina Zone...
( I also sent medical supplies to the VETS for Peace to use in NOLA and quanities of baby formula to the Astrodome and Shelters in Louisiana...but I was worried about the workers and the reporters in the Zone not knowing Enough to care for themselves.)

But mostly this Blog became a Coffee Shop - the Enigma Cafe, I am not even sure who started calling it that , but it took on a life of it's own. And the Regulars became more of the Fabric than the actual blog- and I love that. I love the pithy comments and banter and dialogue, there is comfort, humor and Real Discussions ongoing. It is in essence a Real Community of Real People that I cherish....

So this my Thank You in many ways...


The Logical Song - Supertramp

I have nothing to say about the Isreal Lebanon Mess, many are blogging it so much better than me.

( Go to "This Ol'Brit" to start or see Tina over at "Fuzzy& Blue" or Rory over at
Rory Shock's - this Folks really Tell the Tale.) Also do stroll over to Anderson Cooper's Blog and read what some of the folks there say ( esp, Anderson and Amanpour and Tom Foreman). I am Ashamed of my Own Country.....

I CAN'T GET TO SLEEP.....gee I wonder why

Scrubs and Colin Hay

This song has been cruising through my head now , many nights in a row.
I could Blame it on Colin Hay being on SCRUBS.
Or lack of sleep.....Again.
As Mr6-6 pointed out.." Has Anyone noticed how many Sleep Aids are for Sale since the Bush Presidency started...geez"

And yet another good point.

His two other Thoughts for the Weekend....and the Sleepless Mother.
( do other 15 yr olds come into their mom's bedroom and ask these questions at 1:15am?....I am dying to know...)

(1) So we are watching a baseball game about to start on ESPN and they are showing the Crowds lining up, and the Announcer says " It's Bat Night Here, look at all the Excited Fans." And 6-6 says to me" Huh, Look at them all lined up, isn't it kind of silly they have to go through Security Check Points, and then on the other side of the CheckPoint that they get handed a BAT....Has Anyone looked at HOW Foolish That is?"

(2) " So have you ever wondered WHY Gerber sells Life Insurance? I mean do they know something we don't about their food? I mean is it Really Comforting to a new mom to buy Life Insurance and FOOD for her Baby from the Same Company?...."


This is not one of my prouder posts, but IT needs to be Blogged, it is not really a ladylike moment for the Enigma. So here it goes. I am not a Perfect Mother. I actually think there is No Such Thing.
I think we as Moms, as Women do out best to care for the Children of this World.
And it requires Patience, and Insight, and mostly alot of Heart.

So I say this and now I have to tell you about my Saturday Eve Trip to Wendy's.
My son and I have Rituals, they are very Important.The Saturday Night Chili and Frosty are key to the Whole Week.

So I am in line in the Drive Through, and there is a Battered Purple Intrepid in front of me,inside I can see a Mom driving and three kids of different ages bouncing around and dancing and singing with the radio. I can hear Usher wafting my way.
One little girl turns and gives me a big gaptoothed smile for a fleeting moment. Now admittedly they are not being cooperative, they are excited,hungry, and grooving to Usher.

I hear the Mother say LOUDLY with an edge," If you all don't quiet down, Somebody gonna get It".

The three stop wiggling as much...and heads start ducking below window level.
I am thinking that this is indeed a Woman of Her Word. Poor Kids.

The radio grows softer, as she pulls up to the Service Window to retrieve The Food.
She is now yelling again, " I done you told to shut up!!! What part didn't you get!!?"
And I hear a soft whimpering question mumbled from the back seat.
And then out of Nowhere I see her big beefy arm swing back- pretty much without warning and get flung towards the backseat. I had already noted that all three kids had sklunked down in their seats. But she caught Someone, she hit Flesh. SMACK.
I was disgusted, and horrified. And the nurse part of me noted how No One fought back or even said OUCH. This is a Mom that Hits. Shit.

So I was sitting there FUMING. Thinking. This Mom gets AWAY with This...ALOT.

The Next thing I know I did indeed get out of my car and walk down to the Now Silent Car sitting by the Service Window. As I approached I heard The Mother" I want My damn Fries,What is taking so long??"

I waited until the Service Girl talked to her. Then I approached. And I Confess I did not use my nice let's talk voice.
" Look as a MOM I saw WHAT You just did, and it is NOT Okay at all.You shouldn't hit your kids EVER. And Kids if your mom hits you , Like That - you go to an Adult and get help. This IS WRONG.Got IT?"

She turned out to look quite a bit bigger and beefier up close stuffed in the Intrepid, yet she was still sitting in the car. She Started to stutter and spurt through an answer that came out something like" WHAT THE????"

And I stopped her. I said "Look you can't argue with what WE ALL SAW you do. And I am asking you to go get some help, and be better to your kids. But know this I got your license plate and I would be more than happy to call the Right People to STOP You from Hitting. Got It? Good."

And while she was still sputtering and cussing I walked back to my car.

The guy behind me in line, in a big ol battered Ford Pickup I guess saw the whole thing, he gave me a BIG Thumbs up as I got in the car.By the time I got to my car, she had pulled out. I am not even sure she got her godamned Fries.

So I pull up to the Service Window, still can't believe I did Something That Impulsive. But still knowing that I had to do it.

The Window Girl says " either really brave or real dumb, but I am kinda glad that you did That." And the three other workers behind her were nodding in the same stunned way.

" And yeah, well as a mom there are THINGS YOU DO NOT DO...AND HITTING KIDS IS ONE OF THEM".

So here's the Thing I guess, I think sometime Violence requires someone like Me to get out of my godamned car and comfort zone and do the Right Thing...Let's just hope it's not part of my Saturday Night Mom Ritual.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


So last weekend I did something silly.
I KNOW I should be oh-so-embarrassed.
I went to Craigslist and looked up MEN for this area.
It turned out to be an unexpected moment to giggle and outright laugh.
My son has joked that I should "get OUT THERE", which sounds almost exciting, even somewhat interesting- like a Travel Channel Show I might TIVO...."OUT THERE& How to get there & WHO to meet There".

But then over on Craig Crawford's site I read how Sheila - Sensible Sheila met a man
on Craiglist.( I think she hired a plumber first, and that went well so voila. I bet I have this story messed up- but you get the general romantic novel drift here) I was more than intrigued and even slightly inspired.
So I hooked up to the List in my area.(for some reason it felt forbidden, in a kind of good way...and I am not sure why.)
So there it was a List of Men in my area.
Some wanted Women - proportionate, some wanted SOME areas to be BIGGER than others, no one wanted Motherly women raising teenagers or children ( that's nice) and 40 apparently is NOT the new 30 ( yup another crappy myth shot to hell- good).

NOT ONE posting was looking for a Woman of Substance...or that had Strong Values, or a Good Heart, or a Sound Mind. Nope, ladies it all comes down to tits and legs...and some ass.

And some arrogant little men even posted that they Wanted Women with a Job, and Good Income. ( I guess it was all about wanting "independent" women-joke-gag-spit)

There were men seeking Polka Dancers ( " Must have strong legs, like accordian practice and MUST Enjoy Polka Dancing THREE nights a week). Another one that intrigued me " Moving to Ohio in August , would like to meet good woman to help resettle. Signed , married in New Jersey).
Yup, that was my WTF moment????

Are Men really This Shallow, or only in Ohio?
I am not really looking I guess...after all.
But What a Reality Check....
Is it wrong to think that men still like women of Substance?

Whatever happened to curling up Sunday Mornings with newspapers and coffee and newpspapers or blogs ? ( Planning The Date on the Phone)
Whatever happened to Long Walks in the Rain? ( Date#1)
Whatever happened to meeting at a gallery and not talking for 2 hours, and letting the tension build? ( Date #2)
Whatever happened to Dinner in small Italian Resturante ? (date #3)
Whatever happened to Dancing Real Slow in the Moonlight ?( date #4)

yeah, I know it is 2006, I am living in the wrong damn age. Sigh.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Don Henley Inside Job





This song is the Return to Innocence by Enigma. I am not sure at this point that we can return to Innocence.It is too late. FINALLY revelations are pouring forth that the 911 Commission might NOT have investigated the 911 Events fully. Should we be shocked ? Should we be stunned? My son who was only 10 at the time really nailed it ( that day), he came out of his room and saw the Towers on Fire, and said " If they aren't going to use the Emergency Broadcast System TODAY, WHEN are they?"

How many of you have read the actual 911 Report ? My oh my it is better than any Stephen King novel, full of enigmatic discrepencies and Blackholes in the timelines,especially the NORAD, Pentagon, and Rummy and General Meyers.

My honorable smart son also has another theory that ol Dick had a good ol heart attack on 911, because about a year ago they were giving an update on Dick's"Health", and the Twinkette said that he had had a heart attack Sept 2001 ( Rob turned to me and said SEE.)

And yeah, we have been looking at the video here of 911, over and over....especially the Pentagon...The site doesn't look all.( No disrespect to any effected).

So my question is what now? What do we do if we have questions? Were we duped? Were we fooled?

Smart Questions never made anyone less Patriotic....


So while we sit here and back let's review events of the week.So King George is off to his " Vacation", and oh gee kiss my ass he is cutting it short and only taking TWO weeks. ( Well ,cry me a fucking river and call me stupid- there were polls all over the Internet asking if it was long ENOUGH????) Is he going to "clear more brush" with Harry Miers? Oh, that 's right it is a "working vacation", meaning he and the Boys will strut around the ranch and act like they have balls.

Maybe when the King goes down to Crawford he can enjoy The Americans that arrive to visit Cindy.I hope they give him a hearty welcome, or he can just fall off his bike( or was it the segway).Or maybe he and Lithium Laura will BBQ some roadkill and charge $15,000 a paperplate.

And where the hell is Uncle Dick? Is he going to the Aspens ? Maybe he should request That Special Ken Lay Room Service....

I am being too rude...
what with the Lovely Hopper sun picture...
and the lovely company....
oh, well, another $5.75 in the Foul Mouth Jar....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


All Aboard The Crazy Train

Okay I need to see this film...the Pounding Fearless Wonder of Water, Thousands of gallons of Water.

( yeah , on a hot as hell day as this who doesn't fantasize about Surfing)


The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony


How HOT is it ?
Now the joke is that is the 4pm temp in Downtown Cleveland ( that is minus the nebulous Heat Index added in). Hasn't been that hot since 1917- so oh great the only people that remember this Kind of Fucking Heat are already Dead.

Well, I will tell you....
So Hot that:
1. Lilly my intrepid pup has to hop while she pees.
2. My I-can-Survive-Anything Flip Flops melted and cracked on a Mission Quest in seach of NO FEAR Energy Drinks.
3.I burnt the inner cannulas of my ears because there was Cheap-ass-CVS-METAL earbuds I was wearing during the NO FEAR Quest.....( this is The Song I was walking around listening to during the Quest, it is the Perfect Urban Trudging song).
4.I walked into a mailbox because I was too busy fantasizing about the HEAT WAVE CURE I have Blogged next post......

So Tell me your Heat Wave Horror Stories and Also Your CURES: