Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Gifts...11.30.07

Do you ever play the Lotto Game? If you won Millions of Dollars , What would you do? Would you take trip ? Would you buy your EX a better car? or send him to grad school ? ( I would)....Would you send your son to a NYC Film school ? I would....and I think of all the Great Things that I could finally give what they need....Pet Shelters, AIDS programs, Programs for children, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch....Okay I could go on and on.....What would you do ?......

And Make it Good, we are dreaming Big....( hey it is up to 33 Million...)

( Van Morrison Into the Mystic is you music today.....)

Have a good Friday...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Night Music....11.29.07

"We want the Facts to fit the preconceptions.When they don't, it is easier to ignore the facts, then to change the preconceptions." Jessamyn West

MrBush trotted over to the Pentago, to look Militaryish, in kind of a Musharef glory...Crying poor mouth, and saying How Employees are going to be laid off ( which raises serious questions what happened to all of those Billions already budgeted), and then some Amazing Claim comes out about Iran and their Navy. How in the hell can he be so hellbent on wreaking more havoc in the 400 days left......Okay....enough of Enigma 's grumbling....for now.

So I am almost ready for my "Inspection" tomorrow at 3pm...I have tidied , rearranged, glued, painted and made everything as nice as I can...thank you all for the jokes, and humorous stories and comments down below, you kept my spirits up and made me laugh..and helped dissolve my foul mood....

Have a good night. Snuggle Drink Warm Cider.....

29 Hours and Counting....Emergency NUKE Power Plant Shutdown.

It is 29 Hours after Perry Power Plant went into Emergency Shutdown after problem with Cooling Water Feed Lines. First reported at 11PM on Channel 3 News last night, Please See Updates on Post Below. ACTUAL SHUTDOWN WAS 11.28 AT 7:32 AM.

29 Hours and STILL no NRC Updates or Inspections. When a Plant experiences Emergency Shutdown, they are susposed to be On Site....anytime there is a Change in Cooling Water Flow there is risk of Meltdown. Due to Safety Issues NRC is required to be on site.

( Still Blogging light, trying to finish Inspection Preparations.)


*{Originally Posted 11.28.07 11:48 PM , 16 Hours after Emergency Shutdown}*

So I was watching the NEWS at 11pm, and I was listening closely because God forbid LeBron got injured, so I was paying very close attention. And low and behold I learned that the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, shutdown at 7:32 am, THIS MORNING. Now I watched the news three times today, and I had heard NOTHING. And the anchors just read the teleprompter,like it was a weather report, there was NO Statement from a First Energy Official or from ANY Government workers, or spinmasters. NOTHING has been said....nada. I am a little stunned that there has been no information for the people that live near the plant, and very curious WHY I did not hear about this until this EVENING, and it didn't even make the CNN "Money Report" until 6:38 PM.

Now I am no expert but a Nuclear Power Plant that goes into Emergency Shutdown mode , related to COOLING WATER PROBLEMS is NOT A GOOD THING. ( Anyone remember 3 Mile Island???). So Suposedly NRC is "rushing " there TOMORROW.....oh, that 's special- do WAIT 24 hours before you send in the "EXPERTS"....( Hmm, seems to me that Someone should do Geiger Readings and Other Risk Assessments BEFORE 24hours ? It is on Lake Erie, and there also should be water checks going on, especially the Discharges ? ) And then I looked at their Safety Records and gee, they have had "Some Problems", so maybe Concern is Reasonable ? Prudent?

Now one of the People that has indeed had Concerns about Energy Issues in Ohio is Dennis Kucinich, so I will post his Phone Number here and in the Credits so people can call and ask for a Full Safety Investigation....and some Answers.

PHONE NUMBERS FOR DENNIS : DC: 202-225-5871 or 216-228-8850 or 440-845-2707 or 202-224-3121, I called at 12:21 AM on Nov 29th. I will mail letter tomorrow, the Service at the Website would not let me email him.....Good Luck and let me know in the comments, if you get any responses. ( NRC has NOTHING AT ALL on their website as of this posting, and no safety information, or timelines for Safety Assessments, or ANY information or even a press release. This is Very Serious. The NRC phone numbers are in the Comments. Please also forward to Keith O. thanks)

Worse comes to Worse you can always call the Pres Hotline: 1-877-41-DENNIS

You know I will Update in This Issue in the Comments Below- if ANY Ohio Folk have more information , please post as well.

Information: Do you remember 3 Mile Island? Need Information? I have linked a video in the title about it , that Highschool students made, it is actually a good assessment. The best Book about it is is called MELTDOWN by Wilborn Hampton, it explains the Different Nuclear Disasters and the Consequences, as well as the components of each crisis.

( Meanwhile on the CNN GOP Debates, they are debating Geesus, the Bible, the Right to Life, the Right to Kill People, and Guns.....and people wonder why I am not a patient I scrape vomit out of my keyboard).

IMPORTANT UPDATE:::11.29.07 11AM :IMPORTANT UPDATE: So I did call Dennis Kucinich 's office last night DC office, they returned my call this am. Apparently I was the ONLY one to call them about this, they called to find out HOW I knew about it, and ask my concerns ( WOW ...did I mention I was stunned ? shocked ? grateful? It was kind of sad that I was the only one to notice or call....I guess I caused a little concern, they wondered HOW I knew about it....I told them, it was on Channel 3 News at 11, just once, one sentence. I told them I was worried about the people of Ohio. I told them I was worried that NRC had not been there, I told them that as far as I knew the Company had still not released a Statement and neither had the NRC, as matter of fact there is NO Notice or Press Release on the NRC Website. I asked " Am I right to be worried , there are safety issues involved?" The response was" You have no idea". So stay posted I will put a link to Dennis's Website.

Stay Posted....I will update Comments...About This Important Issue.

Teacher found Guilty ? 40 Lashes and Imprisonment

1:20 PM English Teacher found Guilty of "insulting Islam" under Sharia law during "trial" today, sentence was changed, from 6 monthes imprisonment to 15 days, but there has been no word on the 40 lashes. The Police have surrounded the Court Building, and if she is to be flogged, she will have the punishment today at the Courthouse, in another room. She is sentenced to 40 lashes and Imprisonment. President Bush has made no statement about this Concerning Human Rights, Woman's Rights Issue. MSNBC is following. Our State Department has Nothing to say. Media was banned from the Courtroom. I guess Condi would only intervene if she was wearing Stilletos.

Ms.Gibbons "Crime" ? She was teaching children about Compassion for Animals, the Stuffed Bear was named by the Children, they chose Mohammed, a name that they share with the bear. They are Seven year olds, they will now see a beloved teacher, a Woman beaten and punished for trying to teach them, and honoring their heritage.

MSNBC is covering, as is CNN (sporadically). UK Papers, and BBC covering better.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

About Housekeeping....Against my will 11.28.07

*{Click the Title: Micheal Hedges of Windham Hill "Aerial Boundaries"}*
While in the middle of jobhunting, it is important to also be forced to do Something that is Totally Irrevelant.
Allow me to explain, last summer I worked very hard on my Front Porch and My Yard, I needed a lovely little refuge, a retreat. So I decorated, painted wicker furniture, and planted petunias, and peonies and pansies. I hung windchimes and made mosaics, and also pillows. NOW in the middle of all this, my house got inspected. Where I live the Community Inspects garages, porches and yards. It is an old battered neighborhood, a college neighborhood. Not a Fancy Gated Community. So I find it absolutely laughable that the City "Inspects", but they do, and they also Cite the Homeowners, or Landlords if they don't like what they see, it is a very subjective thing, and I am pretty sure the City makes Money off of it. ( Have you guessed that I am MORE than annoyed at this point ???).

See here is the thing, I moved here because my Downtown Cool Apartment Loft Building got Foreclosed- in the middle of Winter, so in the middle of the Coldest Part of Winter, I moved, yup Siberian Moving, 22 Straight Days of Sub ZERO weather....And It was a haphazard move- I did it, all alone. No Help. But I did it.

Then I loved into my beat up old Victorian House, that had only been lived in by College Students for many years, Art Students that did not like to Clean.So I spent monthes, scrubbing, cleaning and scraping, and painting, attempting to make it look somewhat normal.....And I worked on it all spring and all summer. And to be honest the Porch and the front yard was biggest accomplishment. I painted, cleaned and fixed every single room. And after 5 moves around the Country in 5 years, I also tried desperately to make sure to put everything in order for my son.

And to find out that I got "Cited" , has really made me angry, I won't lie, it really upset me.

And to work So Hard to make Something Rotten and Unloved look so Nice, and to know that I got cited, has been very upsetting. And to be inspected, like I did Something Wrong, is very stressful. ( The City is inspecting ALL of my landlord's it is NOT about me). And it is near Christmas and I live with a teenager, so my house is of course a mess....and I have No One to help clean or paint....which normally would of course not matter.

And I have to move the porch furniture ( that is called "debris"), and ALL the plant pots, and Porch Goodies, and that means Many Trips to the dreaded Basement. And the yard I worked on alone all summer and fall, and frankly I spent the last three weekends raking, and I am tired. ( and oh, yes, the Side-by-Side Neighbors I have suck- I forgot...she is a princess, and can not clean or help...with the yard, god forbid, she might get dirty or break a nail). And I still have this lumpy swollen ankle that I have been hobbling up and down the stairs with....adding to my cursing and grumping...

So for the Next Two Days I will be tied up with this Project, of getting ready to be inspected again, and cleaning like crazy.....and well, not really in a good mood...because all I want to do right now is Get a Job and finish finding all my Christmas Goodies, NOT cleaning....I hope and pray that my attitude improves, and that I am not so tired that I can not get this done.....

So I apologize ahead of time, and for my bad mood......and say please know that I will be thinking about you all.....It you want to leave me a nice thought, or a funny joke that would be great....I should be back by Friday Afternoon, after the Hideous Inspection.....

( Or you can email me at

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiting for the Waves of Change.....11.27.07

*{ Al Stewart Dedicated to Patriot in the Northwest that loves Al, this is the BEST version of "On the Border", it is a very political song.....this LIVE version from 1988 is amazing, Peter White totally calms and soothes the restless masses with his guitar, it is magical. And then the orchestra sweeps in.....and the Crowd starts waving flags...}*
I am waiting for Waves of Change to Sweep in....We need it at this point. Someone tell me HOW could the president sit around yesterday afternoon and SIGN a DEAL with Iraq, signing OUR LIVES and MONEY away FOREVER. AND No One said a word, NOTHING...... I can not be the only one that feels this Rage building across the Country, people fed up that this Dictator does Whatever he wants, whenever he wants.And yes, it worries me HOW it was done, and with such Hubris, and with such Incredibly Bad Timing, he KNEW that Tuesday was the Middle East Peace Talks day, WHY sign Anything before speaking to other Countries in the Region, especially the countries that are absorbing Millions of Iraqi Refugees....Or was it all because the UN Sanctions for US Occupancy expire soon....

The Waves have to start soon before the Psychopath of a Misleader Makes any more "Deals".......or Worse. What can we do to Help the Waves ?

"Genius is the talent for Seeing things Straight.It is seeing things in a straight line without any bend or break or abberation of sight, seeing them as they are, without any warping of vision." Maude Adams


FOOTNOTE: Please do Stop over to Cosmic Messenger, there is a New Post up that is very interesting.....especially for those of us tired of having the Media Telling us WHO to vote for....
And I have a favor to ask, People have been trying to figure out Where Chuck of Bushamericka2 is ? and is he okay? If ANYONE knows anything, or has News...or an email address please email, thank you.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lessons From Kennedy , 44 Years Later....11.26.07

** Originally Posted 11.24.07 , reposted and moved to Monday Night 11.26.07**
*{Click the Title: This YouTube is called What John F.Kennedy would say to George Bush, it is Profound , it is Disturbing, It must be seen. The Photo is from our Friend in the Northwest, it is JFK at Love Field in Dallas, the Crowds reaching to touch him, to touch Greatness.}*
" When we got into Office, the thing that surpised me the most, was that things were as bad as we had been saying they were" John F.Kennedy 1962
Many of us remember Greatness, remember where we were when we heard that the Light had been snuffed out of our Dreams and Hopes. I was merely a child when he died, and I remember it clearly. As we watch all these Democratic Candiates on the Election Trail we find ourselves looking for Greatness, for Hope, for Courage. We find ourselves reflecting on the words of this great leader, the man who was the President that was Destined to greater Greatness. I find myself looking at these Candidates, do they project Strength? Do they speak Bravely of Needed Change? Do they confront The Truth ? Do they Acknowledge that OUR Constitution is In Trouble ? John F. Kennedy would have acknowledged ALL of these issues....he was doing it over 40 years ago, and with the help of YouTube you can still hear his Words, his Wisdom, his ability to Speak the Truth.
"The Great Enemy of the Truth is often not the Lies, deliberate, contrived, dishonest, but the Myth, persistant, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of thought."

I think JFK would have realized that Mr.Bush is living a myth, that he is trying to be comfortable with the Mythical False Legacy he has created that has cost millions of lives to be lost and damaged.

There is a Book on sale at Borders right now, that you need to see, and buy for $4.99, it is called "Remembering Jack", by Jaques Lowe,, It shows John F.Kennedy and Robert F.Kennedy , and the family during those early 1960's, it will remind you of those days, and it also has quotes from the family. Robert F.Kennedy Jr wisely points out that those photos keep his history intact, and help him realize his part of that time in History.

I am asking each of you to take a photo of yourself and write what you would tell President Kennedy today ? And when the Candidates come to your town, think of him and Robert Kennedy as AG, and realize that there would be NO discussions of Torture, and Illegal Spying, and Constitutional Abuses,Gitmo...Ask Brave Questions , Ask Questions that JFK would have asked. This is NOT a time to Show Fear, this is a Time to be Brave, for ALL of us.

I am a citizen that stood up and blew the whistle on a company that was doing horrible criminal damage to land, soil, animals, water and people. And it was knowing Endangerment to the People of one small County, and the Federal Government was given ALL the Data and Documents of the Damage, and Investigations were opened, and then Mr.Bush came to Power. And my life became Hellish at best. I was put on No Fly LIsts, and Phone Lists,and my mail was disrupted, all because my little Non Profit studied Environmental Health Damage from a Company that was friends with the Bush Family. I was told by a Senator's Office in 2004 to Hush and Keep Quiet because Executive Decisions had been Made. I shipped my belongings across the Country, and when the Pod arrived it had been opened and a Letter was Inside From Homeland Security, saying that it had been checked for Explosives. The Homeland Security Operatives STOLE: my Science Books, Including My Books on Rachel Carson and Madame Curie, and Chemistry, and My Books on Religion and Buddhism, and My Books On the Kennedys, both John F.Kennedy and Robert F.Kennedy. They even Stole My "Profiles In Courage" that John F.Kennedy wrote.

The Line indeed has been crossed when a Patriotic Mom and a Nurse has been labeled as an Enemy and placed On LISTS, and There is indeed Fascism endangering Our Country, over 300,000 people have been labeled like me to spied on at Will in the Name of "Security". More than 80,000 can not fly. Look at your Friends, your neighbors, and tell me, WHO would you put on a List. Who would you think Deserves Less Freedom? The Student next door ? The Lawyer down the Street ? The mom who volunteers for the ACLU ? WHO?

"Profiles in Courage " was written before JFK was President, it was written about Eight Great Americans, not just about their Courage, but about their Codes of Honor, their Integrity. And in the 1964 Special Edition, that was stolen from me, was the Famous Dedication written by his brother Robert that said ," This is not just Stories of the Past, but a Book of Hope and Confidence for the Future, What Happens to the Country, to the World, depends on What we do with What Others have Left Us." For many years I have carried that quote and the quote below in my pockets because they give me Strength and Hope.
"The Chinese use 2 Brush Strokes to write the word "Crisis". One Stroke stands for "Danger", and the other "Opportunity".In a Crisis be aware of the Danger,but recognize the Opportunity. "( April 12,1959) John F.Kennedy spoke these words before he was ever elected President. We are as a Nation at a Moment of Crisis, let us Face the Dangers, and see it as Our Last Great Opportunity to Save Our Country. Start to look at the Candidates and ask Hard Questions And Listen for Courage, Integrity, and Truth. Our Future is in Our Hands.

Monday Night Music 11.26.07

*{Click the title" MrMister " Broken Wings"}*
Not a bad Monday.....Mr.Bush had a private meeting with Al Gore, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that...and Mr.Cheney is not feeling well, something about his "heart" ( I always find that comical, that he actually has a working heart). And another Repug Mainstay is quitting, for questionable reasons. I find it soooo interesting that all of these Diehard Repugs are jumping ship, not even offering to help with the Presidential Elections...and tomorrow the "Peace Talks " are being held in Annapolis. ( WHY Annapolis? I have no idea, but I guess a Naval Base sends that Military Tough Guy messege that Bush loves). And susposedly Mr Bush signed Some Kind of Deal to keep us in Iraq Forever, we can talk about THAT all week...

Hope Everybody got home safe and sound....Have a good night.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Night Music ....11.24.07

[ Click the Title: Jody Watley " Borderline"]
"Don't compromise yourself.You are all you've got." Janis Joplin

It is Saturday Night, crisp and cold and a full silvery moon hangs in the sky. Are there times when you hear music and it makes you feel young again, and yet older and wiser all at the same time ?Tonight's Music is dedicated to Renegade and other friends that love Jody Watley. Have a wonderful Saturday Night, dance and drink hot coco....stay warm.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Night Music .......11.23.07

"One can never pay in gratitude:one can only pay "in kind" somewhere else in life."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This is Thanksgiving Friday, this is the weekend that you curl up , eat popcorn and watch movies, from Hitchcock to Bond to cheesy movies that I never saw in the theater. Thank You Netflix and Cable....Here is some Friday Night Music....Went to many concerts by this fella...He can play guitar and melt anyone's heart. Curl up watch movies and listen to some good music.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Thankful......11.22.07

"Love is a great Beautifier" Louisa May Alcott
I am so thankful...grateful for so much.I am thankful that my son really is a Gentle Giant, in all of his 6-6 glory,that he has a big heart and a good soul, and that even though he is a teenager, and I annoy him, he knows that I love him.I am thankful that the sick cat arrived , wandered into his life and keeps him such gentle company....I am thankful that we found this old Victorian Wreck of a House that needed so much work and so much love, that has been so good for us.I am thankful for the battered old porch and the garden and fresh dirt.....And I guess I am happy that my Downtown Loft Building did Foreclose,as it made me find us a New Home. I am thankful for this lovely old neighborhood with such nice neighbors ....and all of the trees,birds,possums and skunks....I am thankful that 6-6's dad got to come this past summer and stay a WHOLE month, it was heaven. I am thankful that I survived 2005 and finally recovered most of what was damaged, I am so lucky...I am thankful that I have made so many wonderful friends here in Blogland that have been so good to me and my son over these past 2.5 years....Very Grateful....very.

May your day be full of wonder, food, football, friends...and hugs.
So Thankful...for so much...I would love to give everyone a hug....
I know there is alot wrong...but I also know that I am so lucky....
so grateful for all that I have...very.

I will be back on Friday.


*{please do Click the Title: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and the lower posts also have Goodies too,mostly silly funny Turkey videos]*

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Wednesday Night Music....11.21.07

It is the Night Before the Turkey Day...Tonight is Chop and Dice Night here at the Enigma Cafe, I really like to have Mozart on when I am slicing and cutting, it makes me feel like a professional chef, even if the Finale involves Bandaids. ( I have only had one Thanksgiving that involved Fire extinguishers, and that was not my fault and involved an error in my youth telling my sister that Popcorn made Great Turkey Stuffing never thinking that the poor bird would explode or that she would actually think I was serious). Be sure to click the Titles of the Thanksgiving Posts Below, there is Some Great Humor on Board.......Especially the post below with the Celebrity Bric Brac Theater ( Pilgrims played John Madden + Christopher Walken). Okay back to the Stuffing....Goodnite.

Happy Thanksgiving...

I decided to post some Videos for Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for all that you have given to me this past I wanted to give Something back...So I decided I am going to find Some Good Food ( you must go to Jamie's at Durward Discussion, she has wonderful receipes). and Something that will have you laughing.....

So the First Video is a hoot, it is Called Bric Brac Celebrity Theater, and they have cast the Pilgrims as John Madden, Christopher Walken and Sean Connery. ( I wonder if Will Ferrell has a hand in it...)

Click the Title for another Great Gobbler Comedy

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Late Tuesday Night Music...11.20.07

So everybody is getting ready for the Holidays.....Me ? I am just tired from Cleaning and Waiting hear about the jobhunt from Hell....BUT...I am so grateful for the company and friends that have kept my spirits up all this time....Tomorrow is gathering the Goodies for the Turkey Day for 6-6....I will blog when I can...Have a good night...

BREAKING NEWS:"WHAT HAPPENED ? " Tuesday afternoon....11.20.07

**{Click Title: Dedication for a Friend, Cheyanne, Dixie Chicks" I am Not ready to Make Nice"}**
It is a funny thing, but today Something happened that may indeed lead to a "Watergate" Christmas.....So Unexpected and yet so Overdue. I was sitting here nursing my stress fractured foot, cursing my melting peas, and David Shuster came on a little after 4pm on MSNBC and broke a HUGE story. ( and for now I am telling you to go to Crooks and Liars for more) I found myself sitting here wondering WHERE is Fitz, and gee I sure hope he has a TV on....

So here I sit watching Hardball wondering if the Media will bury the Story. Apprarently Scottie McClellan , the press secretary that I had so unkindly called The Pinata, and apparently might indeed have a Conscience and does not like being Part of a HUGE Lie. A lie that involves Rove, Libby, Andy Card, the VEEP and yes, Mr.Bush. ( Please see the Plamegate Timeline over on the blogroll)

Well, Well....So the Scotty The Pinata was TOLD to Lie, and he is writing a Book about his tenure, and WHY would the Publisher put out his Statement NOW ? Why ? Does it need a to release a Teaser ? Or did Scotty finally realize that he wanted his Truth Out There, for some reason he wants to set the Record Straight.Why and Why Now ? And of course the MSM ( Hardballs etc will wrestle with how to spin this Revelation....and surely it is a BIG piece of Coal for the Whitehouse Stocking..)

Well, I think while eating the Turkey we all have Something to talk about Now... So Many Questions NOW on the Table.

So Bush pardoned Scooter, WHY to Protect HIS OWN Crimes ? Does THIS qualify as High Crimes and MisDemeanors ? Is Impeachment Back on the Table? For ALL of them ?

The Name of Scotty's Book is " WHAT HAPPENED"......well, apparently we might Still Find Out....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning Thoughts....11.18.07

So it is Monday and most people are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have a series below that is mostly about VET Issues, for all of us to learn more about PTSD and Suicide prevention, I know it is not a nice subject, but the stats and the Seriousness of this Epidemic tugged at my heart, and since MSM is giving it rather shortshrift I am even more driven to blog on it. I am sorry if this offends anyone, but it needed to be done, and hopefully it will help all of care for VETS, not just their families. The three posts below are on the PTSD/Suicide issue. There are other posts that are more soothing of the soul and provide solace.

I did update the Blogroll and there are some wonderful new links, and I will do a bloground up tomorrow, please email me if you think I missed your blog or have news for the Round Up.

*{Click the Title:The Music is Tracy Chapman "Talking about Revolution."}*

Sunday, November 18, 2007

VET Suicide Rates:Part II of the CBS VET Suicide Story:Click this Title

(originally posted 11.16.07 )
About Suicide:
I am posting this series here. I also have to say I did get emails about this Post and the Suicide Issue. As a nurse, I have worked Psych, and ER , and also Homecare,and with PTSD VETS, where I learned more about suicide that maybe I should share this weekend as Thanksgiving Holiday approaches.The tricky part of this is that PTSD indeed might have different suicidal patterns and warnings and clues, so please bear with me as I explore this. Please know that if Someone you love is exhibiting ANY signs that concern you or worry you, please get them help, if that means going to a local ER,or Mental Health Specialist, then do it. Many of the Reports that I have read involved Time Lapsing while someone waited to be able to have a loved one seen at the VA. If you have someone that you feel is in crisis, do not wait to take them to the ER, atleast this also sends a messege that you Value this person, that YOU would never make them Wait. There are two times when Suicide Rates are up, when VET is home on leave for holiday or vacation or when VET has returned from assignment.

*{FACTOID: Important as of 2006 there were over 100,000 Disability Claims filed for PTSD, only one third are from the Gulf War, the rest are from this era Iraq and Afganistan. That is a large number- and how many are getting propercare and support, and meds, we don't know. National Guard Troops that were there at the start only had health care for TWO years, so most of the ones with PTSD are on the street or homeless, and I have not been able to find suicide numbers- but I am working on it.Considering 25% of all Homeless are VETS, this number is important.}*

Warning Signs:
Important: These signs are those that a nurse has noticed over 20 years, but I am not a Doctor, if you notice any of these, or more than one think about getting this peron help, and not necessarily from the VA, get to a good ER or psychiatrist that specializes in ANXIETY disorders, PTSD is NOT a Mood Disorder. VETS are being told that they have "mood Disorders", this also means that they are not being given MUCH needed Anxiety meds, and they are being told that they have a pre-exisiting condition, so that the VA actually does not feel responsible to treat the PTSD. If the Person has the symptoms below, they need help- immediately- not in 6 monthes or 4 weeks, and they need care, not a PTSD assesssment, they need meds and psychotherapy, support and professional care. ( The families usually need help too).

(1) Obvious Depression Symptoms ( which also can be a part of PTSD). Altered Sleep patterns ( this can include too much or too little, and difficulty getting to sleep, or using substances to get to sleep).Dead Eyes, Altered eye contact. Altered sense of humor or ability to connect. Person limits contact with others,seperating or "Caves". Person seems disconnected, angers at people suggesting connection or asking too many questions. ( Alternating Caving with Clinging- as one commenter has mentioned).

(2) Emotionally this person can also cry, or be quiet pensive. Atleast offer once a day, softly, and quietly without pressure "Do you want to talk?" and watch the response, but keep offering every day. If you give up trying the person sees that as you have given up on them. It can also be a rollercoaster, huge emotional swings- silence to rages, but what is noted is lack of pattern, and control. It is important that you remain calm and nonjudgemental and give unconditional support and care, remember it is not the person crying and lashing out in pain- it is the Illness, and it is a very serious illness.

(3) Patterns of care, does the person bath, care for self, and that includes eating and drinking fluids, are they connected to their own needs. This also includes substance issues, are they only drinking or taking pills to numb themselves and forgetting to eat.

(4) Is there anything that seems odd ? Are they putting everything in order, cleaning and tidying, and giving away Belongings. Apologizing to old friends, People that have planned a suicide for a long time will go to great extremes to put everything in order.Watch for this. Are they writing alot of letters and journaling excessively.

(5) Is there Reckless Behavior going on, more than usual. Sex, Drugs, or Driving, or "playing" with guns, or knives. ( If you notice anything that rings a bell with this- Be Proactive- remove the Pills from home, remove the Knife or Gun Collection, don't take them hunting, and put Keys away after 9pm, LIMIT Risks).

(6) The TV clue: Are they connected to what they are watching and interested at all, or are they just staring, watch what they watch, and just note, whether it be CNN, or game shows, or Violent movies. Look for patterns.

Suicide Prevention:
IF you have concerns, please talk to another family member or friend, you will need a team and a plan to help someone that is thinking of Suicide. Remember this, the person might have been planning for quite awhile, they will not want to be confronted, they may even be angry, defensive. You can ask :" are you okay?" If they vocalize at all" I don't want to be here or I can't do this anymore" , keep them talking, get them to talk as much as you can. It is about being gentle and if you keep them talking and let them know that they are loved, the chances increase considerabley to get them the help or care they need.

** { Other posts and blogs to read Lulu Maude at "Take Your Medicine" , Spadoman about PTSD, and" From the Left" and also Jim over at Average American Patriot, all have revelant posts up about PTSD and VA "care". }**

If you have more suggestions or observations or need more info please email

The Killing Fields Are Here, Over 100 VET Suicides Per Week Here, Go to Crooks and Liars and See the Whole Story

I have wondered for quite a while WHAT the Actual VET Suicide rate is, I read the Obits here in Ohio, and I suspected for over 3 years as I lived all over the Country that Something was Wrong. I have said this before, DEAD PEOPLE DON'T LIE, THE ANSWERS ARE ALWAYS IN THE OBITS. The Other HUGE issue attached to this Story is that we have a PTSD problem here in the US.And the VET Suicide rate for 2005 ALONE was more than 125 A WEEK Across the Country......That is over 6500 for that year alone, MORE died here at Home than In Iraq, in that year alone....CBS did their own Investigation, and went state by state tracking the Stats on their Own, the Federal Level failed miserably when questioned for Data and FOIA'd. Watch this story , learn More, Someone 's Live May Depend on it. And Lets See if CNN has enough Balls to bring it to the Debate tonight.
*[Buscho should not just be Impeached, they should indeed be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity]*

****On November18th, I will have a post up about PTSD....and Suicide Signs******

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Night Music.....11.17.07

"It takes time, love and support to find peace with the restless one" Diedre Sarault
It is cold and rainey tonight, a good night to snuggle, listen to some music and make some warm snacks.....light a the fireplace....maybe slow dance....or curl up with a book.

*{Click Title : Van Morrison " Have I told you Lately that I love you"}*

Saturday Thoughts..about the Damn Debate vs. the Coffee Shop Debate by We The People.....11.17.07

Are you still digesting The Debate? Are you still pondering the ludicrous Wolf Questions, and his manhandling of the event, the staged contrived HillFest that it was ? So here is the question ...WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ASKED AT THE DEBATES ??? OR WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY TO WOLF......go on ..have at it....

( and try not to wake Xena on the bed...she fell asleep about the time that Hillary cackled about her Abestos PantSuit...)

Okay I will go first....

(1) How Would You as President get the Troops Home and How Soon? And What would You do to Improve their Care Once Home? ( that is a VA Reform Question)

(2) Would you as President Pursue Impeachment Proceedings against the Bush Administration? ( This Obviously Includes Bush and Cheney and others?

(3) What is Your Stand on Torture ? ( and when answering this please feel free to share What you would do about Gitmo, Renditioning, and ALL Torture and People being held as Enemy Combatants....

(4) Would You as President Restore Our Rights as Citizens that have Real Constitution? Would You Suspend the Patriot Act in an effort to Restore Our Rights ?

(5) 49 Million without Healthcare in this Country, and Millions more not getting Proper Care from Our Current VA System, What Would YOU Do to Improve the Care of So Many Millions...21 Million Women, Millions of Elderly, and 10 Million Children?

Okay that is my top FIVE....let's see How Many We The People Can Come Up With...

*{ Click the Title: Music, Chris Issak "I'll go Crazy"}*

Eulogy to my Uncle Chuck

A few weeks back I found out about the loss of Someone that Mattered, and Someone that I did not get to see or say if you all don't mind I am going to write a little about him here and say Goodbye. I know it is self indulgent of me, and maybe selfish...but a blog is many things, sometimes it is a place make peace with the past.And sometimes it can even be a place to heal something that you did not even know was broken....or how broken.
When I was growing up things were different. It was the 1960s, a time of tumultous change, riots, to marches, to great divisions and political chasms. My family was full of division and strife and dysfunctional as a 2nd hand Pacer. I was the kind of kid that watched Everything and asked too many questions. I was the one at the Thanksgiving Dinner when I was eight called Nixon a Dickhead ( and was treated to palmolive soap). MOST of my family were staunch Repugs, except for my closet Dem grandmother Flo...I had wonderful Great Aunts( mostly from the South, May, Elizabeth, Julia- Strong women from Kentucky...)Now about my own little nucleus, you all have noted that I rarely blog on them. My dad was brilliant, and my mom was well, Difficult at best. Judgemental and Cruel at worst. I spent alot of time at my grandmothers, as a reprieve, as a time away from a rough situation. ( That would all change when my grandparents moved to Florida when I was about 11).

And then there was My Dad's family, he had a younger sister, and she was 11 years younger than him, and that is quite a difference. She went to college and when I was about nine she fell in love. She told us and we were at the Beach, Ocean City for our 2 week summer vacation. Our whole family. And she told us about "Chuck" , and we were suposed to go meet him. He took the Bus down from New York. So we were walking to meet him at the Station. As we stood on one side of the street, Carol saw him on the other side, and she turned to us, my sister and my grandmother Flo and said" Oh, there he is". Across the Street there he was standing on the corner, all of 20. He had long black thick hair and huge dark sparkly black eyes, and a smile that lit the street. My sister was so stunned that she fell off the curb and had to be grabbed by my grandmother, and I proceeded to walk straight into a STOP sign. ( Later in life we would joke with my Aunt that he really did look like Josh Brolin).
He was not only Handsome , he was SO Interesting. He was student teaching science- elementary. He worked at the school library in his off hours. He was Czech, he had come to the States during Political Unrest, so this made him very myserious. He also loved animals and was very good with them. And when he talked to kids, he really listened, looking them right in the eye. Within a year of meeting him, he and Carol got married. They were so in love and so sweet to each other, I remember them laughing, alot. I had never seen that, so I was intrigued.We went to see them one Thanksgiving, they lived in North New York on an old farm that they fixed up.

He was raising Quail, he took us to see the old Hen House that he was using on their farm. The Quail - there were eggs, and also baby quail. He took my time to explain to me about that the quail had been rare, and their numbers depleted, he very carefully explained that the eggshells held the answers. He told me about Rachel Carson, and how she had studied what Pesticides do to the Birds and their eggs. I never forgot that conversation. And as teenager I bought my first copy of Silent Spring at Yard Sale, and I thought of Chuck. As he raised the Quail, Carol raised dogs, spaniels and setters, and he would show us which dogs were Meant to Hunt, and which ones weren't, he could tell how they acted around his baby quail. And he let me hold a soft fragile baby quail in my hand....It was the first time I ever held a bird and it melted my heart.
Years later down in Florida we sat be a pool drinking pina-colatas as we all visited my grandparents, by then he was a parent with two little girls.....and we talked about my grandmother's health. ( she later died of Breast and lung cancer). And we talked about them living on the golf course. He said that he thought it was okay...but we both talked about the Golf Course, and quietly worried did they use chemicals." But you gotta love the sun...and golf is kind of fun" he said. I was still worried...and to this day I still worry about it. But the years slipped away, I became a nurse and married and rarely saw them...and our family became more and more fractured. Mostly due to my mother creating arguments and divisions and hurting people. I gave up trying to repair all the relations and moved to New England.
About 2 years ago, was the last time I spoke to my sister,( which is our norm, thanks to my mom) and she said that Chuck had been sick. I said I am sorry, is he okay? Oh ,yeah she said, "he has that lymphoma, that one that isn't cancer- he is fine. He is young and strong". And I was stupid enough to believe her. But our Family has been broken for so long, that I had to trust her. And by now you all know that I adopt people, because as a black sheep, I long ago gave up on this family that is not capable of the most important of conversations....and incapble of nurturing the most basic connections.
So here I am. I was doing research last month, on dog issues, for my neighbor with the dog that has hip dysplasia. And it dawned on my that Carol and Chuck live in North New York and raise Dogs, and hunting dogs, they might know of resources to help "Buddy". So I went to look them up....and their work, and maybe even re-initiate contact, regardless of our fractured broken family. The very first google hit that came up was Chuck's Obituary. He died Last spring. He was only 11 years older than me. He died after a short battle with Lymphoma.They held a Memorial Service at his favorite golf course. And I never got to say Goodbye or Thank you...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Night Music .......11.16.07

So I have put up the Friday Night Music, please find someone to cozy up with and enjoy.....Have a Dance on me. Below there are Two Parts to the CBS series on VET Suicide, it is concerning, but please do share the information with people and other blogs. Over on Cosmic Messenger I have a post up called " Not Ready to Make Nice", that falls in nicely with Ongoing Debate Discussions. And then earlier in the Week, I also did a Blog Round Up that is worth seeing. Have a Good Night. Namaste.

** {{ So if you need some Christmas Music go see Robert's new Music Video- that is Christmasy.....and more}}**

****{{{ Are you fretting THE Thanks Dinner....fret no more....go to Jamie's Blog- Durward Discussion on the Blogroll...she has the Best reciepes for EVERYTHING....stuffing.gravy...hmmm pudding....}}}****

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Night Music 11.15.07

If you survived the Debates you deserve a treat....So here it is.
As ever I always remain committed to finding Beautiful Strong Women Performers and Artists......So do click the title.... The Music for tonight is Anggun, she is lovely and an Enigma and an Amalgam. She is one of the few Asian Women Artists to cross Many Barriers, she is Indonesian, from Bali. Yet she is a Known Star in Asia, Indonesia, and Europe and Canada and America. She sings in English, Javanese, Indonesian, and French. She is also Muslim, divorced twice and living with her husband in France and she is also a Mother. She has sung for and With Peter Gabriel and Enigma, and Duran Duran.She has a very powerful voice. The Name of this Song is "I'll Be Alright" , She wrote it after her first divorce, and it was all about her finding her way on her own as a Woman from Bali. She Sold her Record Company she had there so she could try for International Markets.The Video shows both worlds and how they collide, and also highlights the beauty of Bali, as well as her Balinese Dancing......She is a wonderful performer and if you like this song, check out "Snow on the Sahara". Have a Good Night.

*{Please do read the VET Suicide post below, it is important. And also please do see my Commentary over on Cosmic Messenger today. }*

The Debate aka Mudbath is on CNN...

Wolf has gotten the Rove Play Book out and also taken Lessons from Tweety on Interrupting....Best Open thread that is still on Fire Crooks and Liars....If you think Wolf indeed Sucked as Moderator DO Write to at the Enigma Cafe Pens are out.....

New Post over at Cosmic Messenger 11.15.07

If you come here today I am not here, I write over at Cosmic Messenger once a month, and this month my post is called " Not Ready to Make Nice", please come on over, Cosmic has a great blog and I know that I am lucky to be able to post there once a month. See you there, thank you.

Please do come over,

  • Cosmic Messenger
  • Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Wednesday Blog Round Up....11.14.07

    [Click the Title: Gloria Estefan " Coming Out of the Dark"]
    "Conquer Lies with The Truth"

    So I have been tied up with My Perpetual Job Quest....but I have to say that there are many Fine Bloggers out there spredding the Truth and shedding Light on What Matters.....Here are Some that are not to be missed...and I will have another Roundup later in the week....Remember Only 432 Days to go....

    Fine Bloggers:

  • Omnipotent Poobah
  • , Please go so the Great Poobah and let him know he was missed and Welcome him back.....

  • Crooks and Liars
  • , It is true that I have loved Crooks and Liars and read atleast twice a day, but today they have a post up that is amazing, it is about NICK NEWS ( Linda Ellerbee) and a segment called Rebel With A Cause....

  • Immoral Minority
  • , Gryphen up in Alaska daily blogs on so many issues and news that the MSM misses, he truly is one of our greatest blogging warriors. Read him once and you will be hooked.

  • Redheaded Wisdom
  • , is by DK, a new Blog by an old Blogging Friend, her blog has wisdom, humor and insights.

  • Newsguy
  • , Newsguy has a wonderful blog called Radio Boys in Yucca Valley, On my Blogroll I have always called him NEWSGUY, because that is his name and his blog has changed names a few times. He covers all kinds of issues and being as he is a real journalist he has real insights that are so needed in these dark times.

  • Dada
  • , Dada has a wonderful blog and the video he has up right now will make you smile, I know it.....and be sure to read his post on "Walls". Speaking of Walls....

  • Ramblings
  • , Fran over at Rambings has a wonderful blog, and her latest post is a Must, it is ALL about The Wall.

  • Spadoman's Round Circle
  • , Spadoman has a post up right now about PTSD, and it is beautifully written, and written with such Heart and such Wisdom , that I am giving him the Enigma Cafe Paul Wellstone Award this month......for his Courage, and His Ability to always share the Truth.

    Poor Xena......

    I have had to put Xena on a diet, I didn't want to do it, but she has gained alot of weight, and I know it is because I spoil her....It still saddens me, I just don't think it is right ( we are on Day 3, so now is when the guilt and regret seeps in)....She is 13 , and I just think that in her Elderly Years, she should be able to enjoy all that she, and cream, and chicken with gravy,and shredded Turkey and American Cheese. ( I am a great cat chef). She started really gaining after we took in the sick stray ( who turned out to be a named Harry and weighing in at 17 pounds). I think she was eating out of depression, but now I think she eats out of joy....she purrs while she eats....She has a lovely perch in the Kitchen that lets her look out the window while she eats, and when she is done she can bath and lay in the sun. I really don't want to do anything to take away her pleasure.....

    All I know is that when I am old, I hope someone cooks me chicken on Sundays and saves the last of the Cheesecake for me....

    What do you think....should I have my Old Lovely on a Diet ?

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Honoring Our Vets....11.11.07

    Inuit Version of Amazing Grace

    There is not enough Thanks for the Veterans of Our Country....we should be able to ensure their care and shelter and job status, and yet the Government has let them down.....I am grateful to all the VETS I know, and the ones in my family that have passed on....Namaste.

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Saturday Night Music....11.10.07

    Tomorrow is Veterans Day. We are so fortunate in Blogatopia to have many wonderful Bloggers that have served Our Country and are still Noble Warriors, please pay them a visit this weekend and share your love and honor them. Also stop by some of the Military Families that we have and give them Support and Thanks.

    New posts up tomorrow...Have a good night...share the love...namaste.

    Blogs to Visit:
    Spado at Round Circle, who has an amazing post up about being a VET, Newsguy,Dada who has an incredible post up about Walls ( The Wall) , Deudersonn and An Average American Patriot, Mary of Get Your Own, and Dizzy.......and I will add others as my feeble brain remembers...or email me others I

    Saturday Afternoon ...11.10.07

    So here is the Scoop , you think you have the World's BEST Chili Receipe, right ?It is your Pride and Joy right ? And it is a Classic, has "Goodies" in it and Special Top Secret Ingredients....So if you think you have the Best Receipe,put it in Comments. Now the PRIZE, yes there is a Prize, DemTom of the Northwest has nicely donated a Prize, a really good one. Valerie Plame's Book....

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Friday Night Music (Bad Girl Version).......11.09.07

    *[ Click the title: Alterbridge;" Rise Today ".....6-6 Almost chose Wolf Mother, but ce la vie...this was better}*
    I live with a teenager, so every now and then it influences my Musical choices....he wants to make movies, and he is very much artistically driven, believes that music is as important as the characters. He demonstrated this the other eve, by pointing out that is why porn as genre has basically failed- the bad music means that people are less interested. ( and to be honest he has a point....and of course this led to a lengthy discussion about whether he had been watching Something he is NOT allowed to watch...) But he is right some of the best movies we have seen have been scored by great musicians. I like the fact that he likes this song about Change and Rising Up.

    We had a talk tonight where I actually confessed I have a Bad Girl Past, where I thought I was Hot ( and probally was surely not). ( between you and I, I was 19, I wore low riding ripped LEE jeans, and black Danskin leaotard and silver Hoops ,and my hair down and smoked clove cigarettes or tiparillos.... still in my Hippy era).

    What I told him was about being with a Band....I was with a band...I was told I would be "Percussion ", so I arrived thinking I was going to be playing Bongo drums, or something Cool. I arrived and was handed a tamborine, and basically given a 5 minute training lesson as a Doo Whop Girl. I asked if I could play Something else ....they handed me a "triangle", which made me feel like not so hot pathetic 6 year old. I stuck with the tamborine.

    And eventually I did lights for them, and that was much more fun. I would sit on a counter back about 20 feet from the stage, and adjust the Lights to fit the music, and sit with the Board across my lap and drink bottled Rolling Rocks ....and I had a much better time....and I knew for sure that I didn't want to be on the stage.

    Friday Gifts ....11.09.07

    *[Click the Title : Loreena McKinnett , beautiful video" Between the Shadows"]*
    The Road Less Traveled...
    My grandfather used to say that it was fine to take the Road Less Traveled....
    just Know that there will be alot of Dirt and more Bumps...and wear good shoes.

    I guess I am indeed on The Road Less Traveled, and that my job situation is indeed just another Bump.....

    ( I think of him saying this as he would offer me a bourbon on the rocks and laugh at my flipflops....)

    So if you could climb in the car and Drive, where would you go ?
    ( and pretend that gas is 2.00 /gallon again)

    Thursday, November 08, 2007


    CAPITAL HILL SWITCHBOARD CALL AND DEMAND THAT OUR GOVT TAKE A STAND IN SUPPORT OF NON MILITARY GOVT& that $$$$ Billions be withdrawn Immediately.202-224-3121 OR 800-839-5276 Thank you
    We as a Broken Democracy Need to Pay Close Attention to Pakistan and ask some hard questions about Mr.Bush's ongoing alliance with Mr Musharref, that is suposedly based on the Battle against Terrorists, and yet thousands of Lawyers and Human Right Workers are now Jailed there as "Terrorists", they are being "Charged" as "Terrorists" with "Treason", and face the Death Penalty. Mr.Bush's Cowboy Complacency about this situation is concerning and dangerous, as he continues to support Musharref's Dictatorship under false pretenses.

    *{This unrest was by her home on early Friday Morning, it will be hard to ascertain What is the Truth of her situation, and WHO is Who...but her followers had perdicted House Arrest or Worse, and they have proved to be right. What will the Other "Democracies' of the World do Next with this Military Dictator at the Helm imprisoning thousands.}*
    11:11PM Thursday Night 11.08.07 EST

    MSM has not posted or confirmed anything yet ( I guess they are still working on the Breaking OJ news), it was reported Only on BBC News on PBS moments ago, and is not even on their website yet, or any other news sites, so please know that this is News that needs verfication. No American Media has covered yet.India Times ( or the Times of India just updated their website, and she has been placed under House Arrest). I will scurry about and try to learn more. I posted earlier in the week that this is what Many Legal Scholars from the Region were worried about, especially since her house was Overly Guarded.The Strikes and Marches were planned for Noon Friday- and it is already Noon right now- so she would have been arrested before the Strikes were at full strength.I will try to find more, and update in the Comments.

    ****IMPORTANT UPDATE AT 2AM 11.09.07 Bloggers Please Read****
    It has still been difficult to get updates as to the situation in Pakistan, and since it is now afternoon there, it should be time to start getting updates. Although NYT has been asking for Citizen reports and photos, and this is concerning, as there should be ways for them to get information, so this does raise the question as to whether Any Foriegn Journalists have been detained, jailed or dissappeared. ( if this is the case maybe the International Community may take more of an interest). Another aspect of this Situation that has gone under reported on all fronts is that the Students and Universities are indeed very involved with the Demonstrations and Protests, so the Bloggers are indeed very involved with this Battle, and also they are blogging it, and doing a better job than most media. So I am encouraging people to please go and support these Brave Bloggers, and also do got to Google Blogger and look for blogs reporting the Crisis. ALSO very Important, please do go and Download Musharreff's Emergency Proclamation, and READ it, he has definently entered a paranoid Dangerous Arena that allows him to declare ANYONE a Terrorist and an Extremist, neither Bush or the Media has Mentioned or acknowlwedged this Proclamation, and if you work or have connections to MSM please get them to air and read this Proclamation ,it is Hitlerish in it's language. Please do send to Keith O or other Trustworthy Journalists. Please do read the Blogs below, and support the Brave Students and Bloggers and spread their fine reporting.

    I will add more blogs as I find them to this list, and please email me with other resources and blogs at

  • Emergency Times

  • Saja Forum

  • Intellibriefs

  • India Times
  • Decisions about Torture was in Their Hands, and they failed us, Again.

    Tonight the Vote came in a little after 11pm, and Mukasey was will be our New AG, which is unfortunate, as he is "Undecided" about Torture and Waterboarding. We have a Broken Democracy when Elected and Justice Officials are Confused about Totrure and Waterboarding. When we have our Nuremberg Trials by 2010, let us Hope all that have had a Hand in Waterboarding face True Justice.

    *{ Gryphen over at Immoral Minority wrote an excellent post on Waterboarding earlier this week, a good read and then rewatch Keith Olbermann's Special Comment again. Maybe when the Candiates come to our Towns we need to ask " AND how do you feel about Waterboarding and Torture?" .....and meanwhile NBC pretended to be Green this week, Maybe Yellow is more like it}*

  • Immoral Minority
  • Mainstream Media Continues to Tap Dance around the Truth

    *{Click the Title: RFK Video : Gotta Serve Somebody]*

    MSM deserves a Tap Dancing Award, for the Number of Issues they are able to complacently tap around. Shall we make a list ? and please let's not Soft Shoe it.....These are Five Issues ....just Five of MANY.

    (1) Let's start with Pakistan. Has Anyone informed them that JOURNALISTS were part of those Detained, Rounded Up, Beat Up and Arrested and Jailed in Pakistan ? That these Journalists, Activists, Human Rights Workers, Students and Lawyers were and are now labeled as Terrorists, and being charged with TREASON , which is an Offense Punishable by Death.When they protested they Purposefully Carried Signs in English- hoping for OUR Help and Media Coverage. So today I turn on the TV, and what does CNN have on as BREAKING ( aka broken) News, yes, you got it OJ SIMPSON ???? !!! This Critical Country is experiencing a History Defining Moment , a True Democratic Crisis.

    (2) ONE In Four Homeless in this Country is a VET, yes, a VET from the Gulf War and Iraq, after living Downtown in Cleveland, I can tell you that this is so true...and I actually think that this is a soft Number that is actually MUCH higher, here in Cleveland the number of homeless, in Downtown alone is estimated to 5000-6000 ( which the downtown population is 10,000 , so that is a signifigant number).

    (3) TORTURE , the ONLY Media that has effectively covered Torture is Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, and he did an excellent job, and has consistantly done a good job on Torture and the issues assoicated with it. What the hell is wrong with this Country that Lawmakers and Media that they can not and do not approach this issue with Blunt Brutality that is so deserves.

    (4) Bernard Kerik may indeed be Rudy's Reason to Come to Geesus yesterday, and the Media is being very dainty and delicate about his Relationship with Rudy, Here let me help you, Rudy and Bernie go way back, and originally someone that was merely Rudy's Driver ingratiated himself and formed A Friendship and an Alliance, so much so that in 2001 they became Business Partners ( Guilani Partners , Ltd).One of their big Investments was TASER, a piece of equipment that has now killed hundreds. Bernie went to Iraq and showed them how to enforce Laws and Treat Prisoners, and in 2004 Bush and Rudy even thought he should be IN CHARGE OF HOMELAND SECURITY EVEN THOUGH HE HAS FINANCIAL TIES TO CRIME FAMILIES AND WAS EVEN FACING CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS THEN ( oh, that 's right the Media has decided that it was just a "nanny" issue).

    (5) The AT&T Spying and Eavesdropping Issue that has been ignored and Covered Up by the Media, AT&T spied on Thousands, which is not shocking,as the Under this Regime 300,000 are on Terrorist Lists, and that means that their Mail Email and Phone calls have all bee spied on and accessed. Someone needs to figure out that if the Elections are to be manipulated again that those LISTS need to be accessed, we need to see HOW MANY are Voters, DEMOCRATIC VOTERS AND ACTIVISTS .......and so this brings us right back to Pakistan doesn't it ? People Labeled, and Targeted.....Good People...People that care about their Government...

    So the Big Question is Can We The People Save This Broken Shredded Democracy Without the Mainstream Media ?

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Wednesday Night Music 11.07.07

    [Click Title; Matchbox 20]
    About Miyabi....

    So I wrote over at the Enigma Cafe that I have been Homesick for the Northwest, especially the Sound and Seattle....I think everyone gets Homesick for People and Places and Spaces in Time....but it is about holding on to What Matters....treasuring memories...There is a Zen term , "Miyabi", it means to hold close, dear to the heart, and it can be anything that helps you feel at Home, within long as it is dear to the soul. It is a quality that is healing, because it is the part of you that is embracing and appreciative of what is dear to you....Namaste.

    "Each Moment outshines the one before.
    Whatever happens, this is the present.
    Make your home here."

    Zen Meditation.

    Catching Light....

    [Click the Title:The "Boxer" dedicated to Dennis Kucinich as a Thank You]
    I have these hanging in my Kitchen Window....Light Catchers. They glimmer, they dance, the scatter colorful rays and sometimes they have a prism effect. This morning it is 36 Degrees, windy and stormy again with Snail (that is when Hail mates with Snow). But as long as I have some Light when I wash dishes, I can pretend I am living in the Islands.....

    Other Thoughts::

    PAKISTAN: Keep your eyes on Pakistan....Bhutto is taking a stand against Musharref, a critical stand. Please also do go to YouTube and watch the videos ( type in Lawyers +Pakistan),Also BBC and France News ( on youtube) have much btter coverage of this Crisis. Yesterday was the day that Musharref 's rule as a Military leader would have been declared Unconstitutional. Also Bush still has NOT called him, at all ( admiration must be wearing him out). There are suposed to be more mass Strikes there on Thursday....These are REAL Men and Women and Students and Activists attempting to Save Some Semblence of a Civilian Government.

    Well well, Diebold Machines here in Ohio Crashed Again....Color me shocked....Let's Hope that this gets resolved- we only have 364 days until it is Critical.

    Don't forget to go read over at Left Of Centrist about Some Highschool Students that Did the Right Thing and Need OUR help....and do what you can...thank you.

    To Do List: Write Thank You Note to Denis Kucinich for his Courageous Efforts attempting to raise the Cheney Articles of Impeachment Issue to the table ( HR333) honor of him I am putting "the Boxer" on the ol' Jukebox.... DC Phone Number: 202-225-5871, or write to him, he prefers you use the Ohio Office address: 14400 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

    Does This Give You Gas ?

    Gas is up again...way up....98 Dollars on the Asian Market this am...Amazing the Way it Keeps Sliding can that NOT be gouging? And the place it hurts the most is Food...but no one is talking about it..
    Gas prices are up again as well, 3.29 here by Lake Erie...
    Does anyone else remember that the night before the Iraq War Oil March of 2003 was 28 Dollars a Barrel ????
    So What are you "paying" ?

    Late Tuesday Night Music at 3 AM.... 11.07.07

    3am so sucks....can't sleep.....So here is a place to go...and some Sympathy Music....( I think Rob Thomas has had some sleepless nights too).

    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Tuesday Eve.....Peace and a Little Night Music 11.6.07

    *[ Click title for is called Namaste.]*
    The Chinese character is for Peace....

    Really Stormy here by the Lake, Snow, Hail and Thunder. I think the Gods and Godesses are filled with the Angst at the Dems, as once again they had a spineless day, as they waffled on issues of Torture and backpeddled as a debate raged on Impeaching Cheney. I am awestruck that these elected people can not recognize that Simple Issues are indeed tearing apart the Country, not because of Republican Failures and Lies, and Iraq, but also because the Democrats constantly trip, and choke on their way to do the Right Thing. I am mystified, maybe we should send out a Search Party to locate their spines? And their Integrity ? Their Wisdom ?

    I hope and pray that there is enough goodness in people, The Real People, that they carry Peace in their Hearts and that it will in the end create a Wave Of Change.....

    Speaking of Waves of Change, I believe that Our Children are OUR Greatest Resource...I stumbled around and Mary and Ingrid said to to to Left of Centrist, that there are Highschool Students that need our Support- so run over to Left of Centrist and Read and So Something to Help this Brave Students....please...thank you....


    Monday, November 05, 2007

    End of Unplanned Mini Sabattical.....And a Thank You

    *{Click the title" Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah"}*

    It started out so simple...a "Server " Problem, that I could not fix......and then add to the Technical Mess, Other Issues.

    I once worked at the Beach for the Summer, and at the end of the Summer I had the chance after closing and thanks to a friend, to do the Boardwalk rides One More Time. The sun was setting, and I rode the Roller Coaster alone....It creaked and cracked and swayed and the gulls complained and screeched to each other as they looked for fries.....but I was alone.It was more lonely than scary.

    In the Midst of Server Issue, I was still riding the Coaster, my own Roller Coaster, trying to muddle on through, and I had had plans that a good friend was coming to visit. I had been getting ready, making my nest ready. It was Someone I had not seen in a long time. Someone that I wanted to Thank. Someone that makes me laugh. Someone that has always been good to me and my son.Someone that knows my path and has remained a friend, even from afar. But the month crept on and he didn't come.And he called and said he wasn't coming, and I said I Understood and that it was okay...but in some ways wasn't. And it left me sad, sadder than I thought I would be.

    And that news came after I realized that I had lost Someone Dear, Someone that I had not seen in years....and I had not expected to be gone...and it left me sad....Now the thing is if you have Too Much Sadness hit when you are under Stress, the Stress of trying to Make Ends Meet, and trying to stay Optimistic and continue the Search for the Regular becomes frustating....overwhleming....and a very Lonely Long Coaster Ride.

    ( And add to this, that yes, I am saddened by the continuing demise of this Country, and The State that it is in...and on the World Front- I am worried about the state of Pakistan, and that Justice and Writers and Activists are being jailed, Mr.Bush has been so busy making friends with Musharref, and warmongering at Iran and ignoring his pigepen mess of Iraq, that he has again missed the Much Bigger Picture, meanwhile the spineless pathetic Dems are still trying to assess where the hell they are on "torture".)

    But you all left wonderful messeges and you brought Hope and left it neatly wrapped on the doorstep...All I ask is that you let me write my Eulogy to my Uncle Chuck this week, because he mattered more than I ever got to say, and I never got to thank him.....

    But I am grateful for your Patience and for your kind thoughts...

    *{As a Mea Culpa I have brought the one song that I end up alot when I am struggling....This is the Leonard Cohen Version, other times I like the Rufus Wainright Version]*