Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Losing a Steel Magnolia: Molly Ivins

While still working on my moving project I heard on the news that Molly Ivens died this evening.
She bravely battled Breast Cancer since 1999, and went back into the hospital 3 days ago.
It really tugged at my heart, I remembered seeing her on an interview last year saying how she could not die with Dubya
in the White House.And I found myself cussing" Son-of- a-Bitch".....And then I thought about it, and realized that Molly is not your Usual Angel, but she still is an Angel. We need Angels that can cuss and swear and call an Ass an Ass.
I like to picture her having lunch with Ann Richards and talking about George, and what an Absolute Ass he is.
I like to think of them laughing and telling good stories with That Great Southern Woman Wisdom.
Please God Don't take Any More of Our Steel Magnolias, we need them damnit.

In the end of "Bushwhacked",( one of her Finest) the last Sentences say it all...
She talks about How We All are in Big Trouble and.....
"Time to raise Some Hell".

*** Blogger: please note this IS a Public Domain Phote- don't screw with it.thank you kindly.***

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Thoughts 1.29.07

This weekend was very moving, Hundreds of Thousands came to DC and Voiced their Concerns about Iraq, the Lies that led to the War, the Troops, and the Climate of Corruption in Our Government. Our Founding Fathers would have been inspired by their Courageous Unity.

The Corrosive Corruption that has held a Stranglehold on this Country for 6 years is now facing some true Problems on many fronts. Please know that if you Blog, write letters , or make phone calls, or educate your neighbors then you have indeed helped to re-strengthen Our Country. Have Hope and keep up the Great Work, because it is making a difference.If you are writing and calling about the SURGE, keep reminding our Congress and Senate of the WAR POWERS ACT OF 1973, it was designed to limit a Power Hungry President from Misusing OUR Troops, especially The Guard. So Please Keep Storming the Castle. WE THE PEOPLE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, BUT WE CAN NOT LET UP....CRIMINALS ARE IN THE WHITEHOUSE.

Enigma is going to be out of pocket for the next few days....but please know I will be back. Be nice and share the bagels and cream cheese, and pour the Coffee for each other. I will be back with treats and fresh pastries....

Here is the Thought for the Week : A year from now what are your Biggest Hopes and Dreams for you and the Country ?

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Watergate was all about the Coverup...
So is Plamegate.....
So Sorry But Impeachment is NOT off the Table...
There....your Sunday Sweet Thought....

Remember ALL that are guilty would be Impeached- not just Dubya...
(( new artwork- thank you Spado- the other picture was creeping me out)

[[ Remember that the TurdBlossum had an Assistant- Susan Ralston- and she already had meetings with Fitz...
and she kept track of his schedules and records....hmmm, I wonder how "helpful" she was , and how much she liked her boss?Just Wondering.....]]

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Thousands and Thousands of Beautiful People showed up to March for Peace in DC.According to CBS Bob Sheiffer Hundreds of Thousands came to March on DC. I can't be there I am in the middle of packing and moving. But I am going to blog it as I watch it on cSpan, it is my only way to say Thank You to Everyone there.Leave Comments below, use "Other" if Blogger gives you a Hard time. Thank you. Namaste. Peace.

** REAL photos of the March from Today....kind of "borrowed". The Peace Sign with lights is Budapest. The other is a photo kind of of borrowed from Boston Globe.**

End the

If you can get to DC to March for Peace, Get there, 500,000 are expected. cSpan is supposed to cover the Protests, I hope they do this time. If you can't get there make signs for your home and your car. Email the Media and tell them to Cover the We the People that are there trying to Bring the Troops Home.

Decider or Dickator: You Make the Call.....1.27.07

So here it is Friday Night by the Great Lakes, Blogger has suposedly Changed My Blogs, yup all 5 of them. I won't lie, I am incredibly nervous about this. Enigma Hates Change, especially if is supposed to just sit and obediently watch. But I also know that Blogger probally has to make changes as they get more and more people on board, so I will try to adjust with minimal cussing and some hair left on my head. So as the Icey Winds Howl and my nerves are frazzed, I just hope that the Blogger gods ( or gremlins) are kind to my little humble blog. I also pray and hope that everyone arrived in DC warm and dry and ready to send the World and the Country and DC a Messege. We need to End the Occupation of Iraq and Bring OUR Troops Home Now.

So all week it is has been on my mind, if Bush is not willing or mentally able to LISTEN to ANYONE about Iraq, besides showing Mental Instability and Incompetence. Has he crossed into a WHOLE New Land , Has he decided that he is now a Dictator? I am not joking about this. I looked up the War Powers Act of 1973, and as far as I know it has not been repealed , merely just ignored. It was a law that was created to attempt to reign in Nixon and his powers and ineffeciency dealing with Vietnam...I am wondering WHY this Law has not been used against Bush and his Delusional Plans....

And the Other Thing that has been on my mind, I was always taught that the National Guard Belong to the States, and that the Governors of those States can control their Destiny based on the needs of their States. Should we be campaigning ( aka nagging) Our State Governors to Bring the troops Home to Each and Every State?

Okay enough thoughts for tonight, we will see how this looks and posts.

Thursday, January 25, 2007



New Post will be up later tonight.
Enigma in the Middle of Moving- So please have a little patience with me.
I am in the middle of slogging Boxes about while it snows here.....
Need Inspiration today?
Click the Title for MLK 's Anti-War Speech ...
Or go to Crooks&Liars and watch Hagels Shoe Salesman Speech...
Put the Coffee on...I will be back later....

HE FORGOT ??? I don't think so....

Dear Mr.Bush,
You gave your State of the Union, and for some unknown reason you did not even mention Katrina and NOLA at all.
There is NO excuse for what you did, other than to say you are indeed the Bigot in Chief.
If indeed your Memory is that impaired, then you are indeed Incompetent, and you and the VP need to be removed from Office-NOW.Maybe you need to watch the Video below and take some stock of your "Christian Compassionate Conscience".
Shame on you, and Shame on the Congress and Senate for remaining Silent on this Issue.
Pissed Off Mom with a Conscience

PS. Please also go over to Crooks and Liars Nicole put up the Arron Neville" Louisianna " NOLA video- so beautiful...or click the Title to see it.

Katrina: A Man Made Disaster


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Senator Webb " We'll show you the way"

So Senator Webb gave his speech after Mr.Bush. He was strong, credible, and he educated Americans about His own History and then he spoke about American Presidents.He spoke up about the Value of good Leadership. He spoke of his family's History serving Our Country, that is why I have included his Vietnam 1969 picture, because this is a man that clearly understands War and it's losses. He spoke for nine minutes, and he spoke about Issues that matter, the struggles of the Working Class, the Healthcare Debacle in this County, and the Abandoned of Katrina. He was Intelligent and Eloquent. He could be President one day, he knows What Matters.And when he spoke of the Iraq he called the President Reckless. At the end of the Speech he offered to Mr.Bush that the Democrats could Show him The Way.This is not a man to be Duped or Trifled with. Please do write his office and say Thank you.

*** If you need to see the Webb Speech again, I know I did, it is right below.***

***** PLEASE DO GO READ: "The War that Swallowed a Presidency" written by Tom Foreman over at Anderson Cooper's Blog on the Blogroll- Excellent Summary of a Bad Situation. I betcha Wolf didn't read...."*****
State of the Union - Democratic Response

Webb rocked this speech. He can drive the Bus anytime- even when Bush has left it without wheels.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of Delusion Speech: "It's Iraq Stupid"

Okay so the Speech is tonight, and we are all waiting with baited breath. Okay , that is an out and out lie. We are waiting with nausea and mylanta at the ready. The Media is having a hard time humping this as 51 minutes of revelations.They are even having to use words like" hostile" , and "tough crowd". The Media is having to mention other Great Sagging Number Presidents like Nixon, and they also have to mention Vietnam. ( Gasp , we even have heard the Watergate Era mentioned). Some of the Issues that Bush is going babble about, Perdictions of the Enigma Cafe:
(1) Iraq: the Great Delusional Bloody Mess, putting blame on the Iraqi's and saying how they should thank us.The Word Sacrifice will fall out of his mouth atleast three times. Iran and Syria will fall out of his mouth in a Fearmongering way....
None of the 650,000 Dead and the Daily Blood Toll.
(2) The Booming Economy: What an Effin joke, but he can't hump his Corporatocracy without mentioning it and spreading the manure in an even layer across "growth" . If he uses the word "Booming" I will have to scrape vomit out of my keyboard again.
(3) HIS Health Care Taxcut plan: Whoa, what a load of shit, I mean I am sorry but how the hell is this going to "help" 47 million Americans that have to skip meds and meals in the name of Healthcare in this Country. As a Single Mom, a Nurse this is Personal and Inexcusable that I don't have Healthcare. I also am sick of helping the elderly pick out gravy cat food at the pharmacy so they can pay for their meds. So he can take his damn "tax cuts " and shove them in an orifice.
(4) Energy Issues. Suddenly because Iraq is not pouring Oil on his front lawn with gratitude, instead it is just blood, he will be interested in "Conservation" and Rationing of Oil and Gasoline over time ( which usually happens during a war anyway), but it will guised as Concern for the Environment. His Energy plan is as empty as those Harken Drilling Holes of His Past. Gee, I bet that will give him AN IN to talk about Nuclear Energy.
(5) Reaching Out: Will consist of basically telling the New Dems to get on board or else, this man does not have any Diplomacy Skills, there will be Chill in the Chambers that can be cut with a Chainsaw.

King George's List of Unmentionables ( and I ain't talking undies):
(1) The Sacrificial Lamb Scooter Libby's Trial that suddenly casts Long Dark Shadows on the VP : Lord of Lies Dick, and also the Turd Blossum Rove. The First Day Opening Statements by the Attorneys sets up HUGE Problems for the White House.
Poor Scooter- he susposedly is suffering a Faulty Memory and also is being set up so that the Turd won't have to take a fall ( that is not a a very comforting defense). Fitz is now going to put Kid Gloves on apparently, I guess prosecuting Thugs and Mob creatures has been the perfect training ground...hmm, I guess they did need Depends for that Leak after all.
(2) Medicare Debacle : The Real Numbers of Abandoned Elderly
(3) VET care that is in a Giant Toilet ( 98,000 collecting Disability for PTSD alone)
(4) The Incompetent Errors of Rummy and Rice. ( Like Rummy facing War Criminal Charges in Germany)
(7) Borders
(8) His Repug Corruption List: Abramoff, Delay, Hastert, Frist, Santorum,Ney,Noe, Foley
(9) HOW Well the Repugs have helped DC and the Country....
(10) And God forbid the Poverty Numbers in this Country- 47 million and counting...
(11) The Defecit that is beyond His Math Skills...
(12) Army gave COST estimates today- 70 Billion Price Tag given for increasing army...well, that sucks...
(13) Global Warming...and Al Gore in the same breath...heaven forbid...and that he is Right...nope Bush wants all that put in a Lockbox.....


The VP , the Prince of Darkness, is indeed the Star of the Fitz Show today in the Scooter Plamegate Trial. Oh my and on the day of the SOTU, such Amazing Timing....And FireDoglake has the Liveblogging of the Events of the Day, And in a way Wells the Scooter defense attoney is trying to paint Scooter as such a good lapdog for the VP doing "His" job. I can't wait to see how the Old Broken Ticker Dick looks tonight, pale and pasty might be too generous a summation. I better call COSTCO, I am going to need way more popcorn. Again if you need Plamegate Timeline refresher, it is over on Blogroll with Names and Dates....


  • , for the Liveblogging of the Scooter Trial.

  • , Plamegate Timeline that lines up the events of the Summer of 2003.

    Monday, January 22, 2007

    The State of the Delusion : Tomorrow Night

    The State of the Union is tomorrow night. I predict Dear Leader will be pissed off and petulent, alternating between being Authoritative and Yelling at us like Hitler, Being Oh-so-concerned-about-our-safety like a ever so caring drunk Uncle that none of us wants to sit next to. I predict he will try to exude macho gonna-getcha-cuz-we-are-powerful terra testosterone that will fall as flat as a Penny on the drunken podium. I predict he will be ginning up His Iran War Aspirations, under the guise and cloak of Protecting the "New Democracy" of Iraq. I would love to see Our Elected people , the New Dems greet him with stone cold silence, and skip the contrived showmanship of golf claps and looking interested. ( If I were a New Dem I would wear Black and if he talks about going against the New Dems, I would stand and turn my back. Please Enigma Cafe Readers write to Senator Webb and Howard Dean and the Democratic Party and tell them what You Care about as an American. Also write to Senator Webb and tell him you have his back.) I can only Hope and Pray that the New Democrats Hear Us, We the People and that they act on our behalf and let the Delusionator know that We the American People have had Enough.

    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    Candles of Hope for Jane

    Today John Amato of Crooks& Liars has an Jane of FDL Update, she is out of the hospital today.Please light a candle above (click the title) and continue sending support, prayers and light to Jane. Over 300 candles from 18 Countries are lit at this time....Thank You to Renee of Ohio for starting this beautiful chain of Light....and Hope.


    We all have been recieving Different Messeges from Many Democrat Grassroot Groups, but the messege that is being sent says "March and Lobby for Peace " in DC on January 27th. I personally find that slogan nauseating and deeply disturbing. The LAST word I want to Hear that will or would save Our floundering Democracy is "Lobby". And the Approach is ALL Wrong. WE THE PEOPLE should not have to lobby Anyone. This is OUR Government and OUR Elected officials, they should be Listening to us, they should be Joining WE THE PEOPLE. So I am imploring you Write and Call OUR ELECTED, ALL of them, REPUG and DEMS , and ask Them to JOIN WE THE PEOPLE IN DC January 27th......MARCH FOR PEACH, LET'S TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT FOR WE THE PEOPLE.

    *Please also forward to ALL Media, we NEED Freedom of Speech again as well. And they need to cover this Peace March.*


    The past 24 hours the losses to families here was staggering, more than 20 in less than 24 hours, And untold number of Iraqis. And FOX is busy humping the Iran Agenda. People we need to Stop this Escalation before it gets Bloodier, Neither Leader is Supported by Either Country, Bush is a joke here and Malaki is a joke there, neither is respected. The Media is a bunch of Pussies, and are not showing the Truth. There are so many families here suffering, they should be showing Funerals, Lord knows we had to sit through Enough Ford shit, the least they can do is Show Other Patriotic Families and What they are experiencing with their Losses. Write and Call your elected and the Media- ALL of them. The Media has to stop being a Big Bushkissing Propaganda Tool. We the People Want the TRUTH. Silence is Betrayal.

    *Oh, and to my "friend" who said that I have a "Controversial" Blog- Well, guess what Dude,DEATH is NOT Controversial- it is fucking Painful. So kiss my Patriotic Ass. And while you are at it, get off yours and do Something for Peace.*

    Friday, January 19, 2007


    Taking Down The Empire

    Beautiful inspiring song by Dar Williams, video has Great Signs in it, get inspired and start painting.
    I may not make it to DC ,because I will be in the Middle of Moving- but you can bet my car and my New Place will be Decorated with Signs...BIG SIGNS. Peace Friends.


    {{{ warning: this is NOT is Satire.period}}}
    This week a Mysterious Brown Package arrived to the Enigma Cafe, and inside was a TOP SECRET video messege from yes, Barney, snuck to us by that famous Underground Radical Patriot Group the SCOTTIES AGAINST BUSH. Inside was a video and letter from Barney. It turns out that Barney has been trying to escape the White Castle for monthes and has been trying to poop in code on the Front Lawn. But alas only the Dear Leader keep stepping in the Code, so there has been no rescue coming to save poor Barney....and now it appears that Barney because he does not support the Escalation , Surge, the Augmentation, he may have met a demise ? go to America Weeps...learn the Title.

    Dear American Public,
    I have been trying to escape the White House for many monthes. I do not want to support the Demented Man's plans for More Troops. I am planning to go to ALL protests coming to DC. I do not support the War at all. I do not support his dumbass friends and his dumbass daughters. I am trying to escape, I plan to make my Big Break during the January 27th DC Rally. Please meet me at the Lincoln Memorial and help me get out of the Bush Gulag. I have peed on all of their shoes and still I can not get free.....I Protest this Illegal Criminal War and I Protest the Escalation.The Leader lied when he said I support him.Please Someone Free Me from the Madman....

    Signed ,
    Patriotic Barney....

    Friday Night Music and Reflections 1.19.07

    Heavenly Memories : [click the title : Duran Duran "Sunrise", good music to drive a Jag and yes, the Art is indeed a Aberto Vargas Girl Pinup 1942]

    It is finally Friday evening. There is snowstorms here by the Great Lakes, beautiful , cold and windy. A good weekend to curl up by the fire with some books and the Blogs.It has been a long week. ( I will let you know what I think of Obama's Books).I stomped around for days in the freezing rain, and I found a new beautiful place to live, thank you for all who rooted for me and my son. Now you all just have to put up with me as I pack,groan, and pack. I have thought alot about us Bloggers and the gang at the Enigma Cafe and the Hurdles we face and the Hope that Binds us.
    Some Thoughts for the Night...
    A long time ago I was in highschool. I went to an All Boys Highschool, and there were very few girls those first few years in the 1970's, and most of them were "girlie". I was a Tomboy, and I decided to go to the highschool because it had Things I Wanted, like really good science classes, and physics and Trig.It let me explore things that as a girl had never been made available to me.
    One rainey day at Lunchtime I was hanging with some friends by the Track, and Hurdles were all set up. Low and High Hurdles, and one of my friends, Billy B, taking a drag off a cigarette joked- "Betch Can't Do Them". Hmm, Big Mistake to say That to Enigma, especially the "Can't " part.
    So I looked at them, and I looked at him, and I said "What do I get if I Can do them ? "
    He looked at me and laughed. "I will send Brett over and take you to dinner and he will pick you up in an Antigue Jaguar , wearing a Tux."
    [ Background: The person mentioned had already graduated and did indeed have access to a beautiful old 1964 sleek Jag- and did not know I was even living and breathing. I was a mere nerdy junior and 15, definently not on his radar or his hemisphere.]

    I mulled it for a few seconds, as I watched Billy B smoking the growth stunting Lucky Strike.
    " Do I get to Drive the Jag ?
    Billy looked back at me in total shock , "What ???!!!"
    I said "Do I get to Drive It, even for a few seconds ?"
    Billy shook his head, and laughed again, " Shit if you can run High Hurdles I will even pay for the gas.
    I looked back at him " Okay, Done. Meet me here at 5pm, I can't do this wearing clogs, and don't blow anymore Lucky 's in my face. And bring the gas money".

    Okay, now for The Confession.
    I had never ever run Hurdles, low or high. Now I was a little of a tennis player- and I used to like to jump the net all the time, so I figured that I could atleast jump, how high I had never really contemplated.
    My Great Aunts had taught me how to play poker, so obviously I had learned The Bluff part well.
    I sat up in the Locker room and put on my Hockey cleats and decided that they should work okay on the muddy wet track. I also decided that I better figure this out quickly. So I went down to the Library. I needed some Inspiration .I had read Babe Didrickson's Autobiography the summer before. If you don't know about her, you should look her up in Wikipedia- she is amazing. ( Babe Didrickson Zaharias). Anyways the thing about her was that she greatest woman athlete of all times ( in 1975 anyways). And she played Golf and Basketball and also Hurdles.She also was a Very Classy Lady. So I went and read and thought about her, and how she just Put her Mind to Things, she never thought" I can't do it", she just tried to figure out How to Do It. Whether it be High Jump ( head first ) or Hurdles or Golf.

    So 5pm I went back to the track, and in true "let's make her feel bad" fashion, Billy B. brought a gang of friends, so there was a nice little crowd, and they had set up a betting pool.

    So Billy said "So how many times have you run them before, you know, the LOW ones ?"( nice and loud with a snicker, so everyone could hear)
    I said quietly, " None, ever."
    I watched the money now being passed between hands with great enthusiasm.
    He laughed, " None ? Not the High or the Low ?"
    I looked at him" Yup. None. But you said "Betcha Can't". So I have to prove you Wrong,cause the only reason you said "Can't " is cause I am a girl."
    He nodded.
    So I looked back at him, " So here's the deal, I hope you brought the gas money, and about the bets, I want 20% of that betting pot, is that clear ?"
    He looked nervous. "Sure".

    I ran the Hurdles that day. High and Low. I don't reccomend the Hockey Cleats, but they worked for that day. I only knocked over One. I ended up running Hurdles on the Boys Team that year, Thank You Title IX. And oh, yeah the Betting pool bought my dress, and yeah driving a Jag even for 10 minutes is Heaven.

    Moral: Never Ever Doubt Yourself Especially When Others are. Your Destiny is in Your Hands. Always.

    Enigma Blog Round Up.....1.19.07

    Okay, I suck at Links, and Blogger is kind of giving me a hard time tonight ( because I am an old Blog). But on a Friday night there is nothing I love better than to sit home on Friday night and have soup and grilled cheese and hot tea and read the blogs. So let's see what goodies there are tonight. I call this the NINE WONDERS.....

  • Blue Lotus
  • This blog is full of the most beautiful scrumptious foods....A Canadian woman that lives in Japan and should open a resturante, but if you need Culture and
  • Spadoman
  • This wonderful man can write and tells the most wonderful stories at the Round Circle.
  • Duedderson
  • Here is a Blog that has snark, and humor and irony.
  • Durward Discussion
  • Always has Wisdom and Wonders ( great post this week for AAMilne)
  • Coffee Messiah
  • A Lovely blog that soothes the soul.
  • Gay Agenda
  • This blog is a Hidden Wonder of creative souls and is never what it quite doesn't seem to be.
  • The Immoral Minority
  • This man from Alaska is so cool...what a great Blog...and a Hidden Gem.
  • America Weeps
  • This Blog has a way of making you think, in a good way. So go ahead and go there...I promise you don't need Kleenex, just an open mind.
  • Gone Like the Wind
  • Dr.Know of Crooks&Liars has a way of making you ponder things a bit closer and with a new tilt. It was like stumbling on a great new coffee and needing a second cup, before the first was even finished.

    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    HOPE and PRAYERS......


    So many Bloggers know this already..but just a little messege over here at the Enigma Cafe. Jane of FireDoglake has begun a journey that we should follow ....and as she begins her next battle with Breast Cancer may we send her Prayers, Hope and Light.
    All threads over at Crooks&Liars and FDL have been full all day, if you want to leave comments or messeges here I will forward over to FDL ( or C&L).



    Oh, and About Being Mugged.....It Sucks.

    Okay, so I finally decided to blog about this....It took me a little while.
    It happened on New Years Eve, during the day.Broad Daylight. And yeah, I have had some Close Calls living Downtown.
    And I mostly carry money on me, so that I can have a way to deal with street people, strung out or otherwise. And yeah, it is true that I have talked my way out of Trouble a few times since being here. And that I had to walk through Heroin Alley in Nursing School and I worked ER so I feel plenty Tough.

    But the thing is I am going to blame this on a Construction Project that has torn apart my street and my neighborhood for monthes, And it has cut off any normal foot traffic- it is a Giant Maze full of Cones, Barriers, Huge Diggers and Hoes and HOLES. And electricity has been cut off and poles removed so it is plenty dark most nights. And the cops are being pulled from our District- cause there are no people except Meth-Heads left at night. 60% of the businesses have closed up on my block.

    So New Years I walk to the store not far from me, about 6 blocks to pick up the Dimsun Supplies and the Fondoo Fundoo for my son, but they also have a bunch of canned goods for sale. Including Canned Peaches and Baked Beans ( Family size with maple and brown sugar- Bush's). So I bought a bunch of canned stuff and knew that I was going to be carrying a heavy paper sack with the Cans, and also a my old beat up Beach Bag on my shoulder full of other goodies.

    So I am walking home , Sun is setting and I have my iPod on, listening to GooGoo Dolls and also Christmas Music. ( Yeah Enigma listens to Christmas Music YeaRound....). And I feel/ hear someone come up along side me, my left side. ( The side that I had no bag....). And also a Waft of Greyhound Urinal Aroma.....

    I could not hear so I took one Earbud out "WHAT?" I said as Bus drove by.
    I looked at the guy, he is totally strung out and missing almost all of his teeth. He has a rumpled huge coat on, but I eyeball him- he is about the same height- maybe 15 pounds more. His Hair looked like he stuck a hand in a socket- and he had Manson eyes. Hmmm. Not good. And on one level I also worry ALOT, because in the moment I see that Look in his eye I know I have NO money and that this is NOT going to be a Talk My Way out of it. And on a deeper level I also Know I live Urban, ALONE. I have NO ONE to call....this is my Gig- ALONE. Shit. Oh SHit.

    " LADY I'M SOOOOOOO HURTIN'" And he kept saying this over and over- Broken Record Stuck.
    And somewhere inside of me- Something Exploded, like YOU are Hurting? , YOU don't know the FIRST thing about HURTING??!!

    I tried moving 2 feet sideways- away from him. Then suddenly he lunged behind and tried to grab my shoulder bag and kind of grabbed. It also means that he had basically moved into my blindzone. But I remember watching Donahue ( we are talking A LONG time ago and how Groceries can be a weapon). I decided he was probally not on meth at that moment- just weak and strung- it was worth a try. ( And meanwhile there is this broken record of a prayer going in my head over and over "Please God, Don't let him having a fucking knife or a fucking gun"....over and over.)

    So we are moving in tandem right by the Theater- and Still NO People.Kind of like really bad dancing. Where are the Godamned People , WHERE?Anyways I go for my Donahue Show Manuver Circa 19??? I swing the Bean Bag with all my might at his Tender Region.And it was amazing, like a cartoon off YouTUbe, he went down so fast, crumpled in a pile.

    A Block away I could still see him there.
    I was so lucky he didn't have meth on board.
    I won't get THAT lucky a 3rd time.

    And yeah, the Buddhist in me feels bad about it. But not that bad.
    And since he didn't reallyu get Anything....maybe it was not a Real Mugging...right?

    and oh, yeah. did I mention I am moving ? yeah.....


    Cool off in California

    These waves are so soothing....hypnotic....
    and my favorite beach in the whole world...
    used to live 2 blocks from it...

    Enigma Cafe Dedicates a Song to John Amato....


    Snowing by the Lakes....This song goes out to Crooks & Liars John Amato and all the C&L gang....I can't give out Medals of Freedom but if I could I would...because his blog has kept us sane, brought us Truth on the Midnight Thank you...Namaste.

    *[BTW this song goes nicely with the Beach waves below...but I have no way to combine them...but one day..]*

    Tuesday, January 16, 2007



    Edwards about Danger of Silence...On Betrayal...On Accepting Responsibility....on MLK...Pass this Incredible Speech Far and Wide...send it to Elected Officials...send it Everywhere..Spread the Word..and Be in DC on January 27th to tell the King NO....It is time for ALL of us to stand up to the Dicktator.....NOW....


    Draft Obama 2008

    Right Now ....Right Here....HOPE...Enough is Enough....

    Mr.Bush, You Were Wrong...again. WOMEN do it better than you think...

    Studies came out today, and it turns out that Women , 51% are living Alone.
    ALONE...that means that We Do Count.
    ( Just not in your dumbass administration).
    Gee, I hope the next Election considers that.
    So Democratic Leadership- please don't treat me
    like a Soccer Mom- okay?

    TROUBLE BURNING IN KENTUCKY..turn on your TV (12.30pm)

    Huge CSX train derailment in Kentucky- within mere hours Huge number of people mobilized to Derailment and Fire in Zonetown Kentucky. Area within one mile has been evacuated, Governor already there and National Guard has been mobilized. 11 Being treated for chemicals. People are being told to stay in their homes. 80 cars and atleast 5 involved in the fires are carrying Hex chemicals- water? not to be used... Atleast on car carrying Chlorine Other cars carrying Propane. ( Why Propane and chlorine and chemicals all on same line during Passenger hours I am curious ???)All response personnel has been pulled back. CSX Officials already have used the Regret word at Press Conference. ( CNN not following for some reason, actually only FOX has been covering.)

    Monday, January 15, 2007

    Honoring MLK: Bobby Kennedy's Messege 1968 in Indianapolis....

    If you go to Robert F.Kennedy's Grave in Arlington, carved with care on the marble tombstone you will see the following sage words of Aeschylus :

    "He who learns must suffer and even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget , falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes Wisdom to us, by the awful grace of God.

    Bobby knew these words by heart, and when he was Indianapolis the night that Martin Luther King was killed in April 1968 he offered them in comfort. He offered them to The People in great empathy and compassion, he shared in their agony, he embraced their pain. In this moment of Great Sorrow he still delivered such a Messege and stood by their side.

    Please see the video below..namaste.

    ***** If you click the title you will see and hear more Inspiration*****



    Martin Luther King's ANTI-WAR SPEECH....History is echoing his words. Great education for our kids and the ones that were not here yet.....we must educate how to Protest Peacefully. It is time.

    April 1968: In Honor of MLK

    [This was originally posted twice last year, in honor of MLK I am reposting].

    Whenever I think of the year that Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were taken from us, I also think of my Aunts. In particular my Aunt May. She lived in downtown Baltimore on Eutaw Street in a mammoth old brownstone during the 1960's, her last decade.

    She was my great great Aunt. Her real name was Margeret May , her stage name was Margeurite.She had lived quite a life by the time I stumbled bandaids and chewing gum, into her historic living room. Her house was like a museum, full of trinkets and prescious relics from around the world and a lifetime of adventures and secrets. She was born after the Civil War in Kentucky. She spent her early years wandering with her dad, from Virginia to DC to Kentucky. And as she grew older she would help carry his supplies. Her mother died when she was small, and she was always blaming that for a lack of ladylike manners.

    Her dad was one of Lincoln's photographers, he traveled with the Brady Pack. He didn't make alot of money, but he did get to keep the rejected plates and the faulted pictures. ( And in case you are wondering- Lincoln was NOT photogenic, and he really did have a good side, and a not so good side). The old photographes were kept up on the 3rd floor, lined up around the walls. They told of a Lincoln that we never saw in the History books. They showed him dozing in a chair, playing cards in a tent with Union troops, and hugging one of his sons. There were none with his wife "And Don't that about say IT All, although I heard she didn't photgraph so well." Aunt May used to say. There were also photographs of battle scenes, bloody carnage and singed buildings that remained stained with blood , even though they were not in color.These graphic pictures fascinated me. Even shots from surgery tents."Whelp, she is fascinated with the bloody medical stuff, she will be a surgeon or a Killer" Aunt May would joke to my grandmother. Flo would tell her to shush.

    I would go to visit my Aunt May with my grandmother ,especially that particular April as my mom's Dad was in the hospital at Hopkins that spring, and we had just moved back from Indiana that winter, and she needed my sister and I out of her hair. Aunt May 's museum was my first choice, my sister went to a friend's house. Aunt May had pictures from around the world, places she had traveled and sang.Her house was abig lumbering Brownstone it was a Museum that you could smell and touch the past. When you opened the door it hit you in waves, the aromas , dusty books,Strong Black Tea, French Perfume, Myr and Patchouli from India,and Okra Gumbo steeping on the back stove. She was an Opera Singer and Actress in the early 1900's. Her stage name had been Marguerite. Her old programs were also in a box in the 3rd floor. She was a beauty, she sang, danced, acted and did Vaudeville. She had long flowing hair and beautiful eyes. She was even painted by some pretty famous painters in Europe, in some very interesting outfits.And yet when she spoke she still had a Kentucky lilt. She told amazing stories that were all her own.

    She would come up to the 3rd floor with me and sit on an old velvet stool and show me the old photos from all over that her dad had taken, of the South after the war, freed slaves, and coal miners, and also urban pictures of life in downtown Baltimore in the Victorian Era, and even of the Balitmore Fire ( when her dad ran out to get the pictures and almost lost his house in his own fiery enthusiasm. ). She had saved them all, the plates were carefully seperated with felt and tissue. She also had her Entire collection of National Geographics, she had been one of the First Women to join the "Society", and she was proud of that. She also was one of the first women to vote in Baltimore. She gave me my first Brownie camera and said I was going to be a photojournalist.( I used to wonder if she knew I became a nurse, and was she dissappointed.) She and my grandmother would give me little notebooks and I would question people at the family events and write down their stories. ( My pictures never quite turned out).

    Now the funny thing was that some of the other peripheral Aunties , that I was not close to , but who did come to the Family events used to say that she was a "Lesbian", in that loud hushed falsetto whisper that would make any one cringe. She used to laugh about it. One day we were cleaning her room and she said with a bold "Do you want to meet my men?" I of course said "sure".
    She brought out a huge old hat box, inside were photos and love letters and it was pretty full. My grandmother walked in , right when I was asking " But Granny Ethel says that you like Women better than Men ?" She and my grandmother both laughed.

    " Well, I have never been able to know what to do about That, I guess I should have told the truth. Ethel is my cousin and she is a good godfearing Christian, and I was afraid if she knew that I had had affairs with quite a few married men, that all my holidays would have been spent listening to how fast I was going to Hell. And for some reason the Women story was just easier, it rendered her speechless.She had Jesus and I had my men."

    We were at her house the night that Martin Luther King was shot dead and Robert Kennedy spoke about it on TV. Aunt May said " Now the Trouble will Begin." I didn't know what she meant, and I didn't know why she was so upset, I only knew that I had chills and a deep emptiness. She hustled into the Kitchen and began making soup, this she did whenever she was troubled. She would chop, dump and stir, and the pot would boil and hiss. Flo said " Now May you don't know that...for certain". "Oh, Yes I do." Flo didn't say another word. She used to say that May had a way of Knowing Things. I asked her was it like fortune telling.I needed to Know. She said it was more like perdicting weather, and that of all the Aunties , May always Knew things first. Things that Mattered.

    I remember watching Robert Kennedy that night, and I asked" Aunt May if he was Hated too? ""or did people fear him? "She shook her head and cried as she stirred the soup witb rage, angst and sorrow. She was 90 years old. I was almost eight, just days away. And that night there was singing outside, hymns and gospel songs and Aunt May went and got candles to put in the windows.She was too upset to sing. We stayed and then went home late.It rained as we drove home. Flo said "Maybe God was crying with us". I remember hearing the wipers squeak and handing her kleenex and lifesavers out of the box on the seat. It was a sad rain. And the lifesavers tasted salty.

    Later that spring as summer came Aunt May explained that she had had voice pupils that now were grown and taught in Boston and that they told her about Coretta Scott King, and how she went to Boston, and that she had the Voice of an Angel. And that she fell in love with Martin in the early 1950's and he fell in love with her. Aunt May talked about how they loved each other and how they Believed in each other. She said, now that isn't Romance, that is true Love. They Marched together. They shared a Cause. She said" Now , yes, if I had found That, I would have been married." She also explained that she Knew that Coretta would Never remarry. She talked about their Love, and trying to raise children with bombs and threats and Martin being taken to Jail. She used to talk to me about it, becuase she said she was worried that I wasn't get "Taught Right at school. They keep everything too Damn Polite".

    Aunt May lived in an all Black section of downtown Baltimore, but she had lived in the house, and owned it herself for over 50 years.My grandmother was always trying to talk her into moving uptown with her and Ted, but she would shush her pretty fast. She was very stubborn. "This is MY Home and these are my neighbors, and we all know each other. They don't treat me like some fragile old person, they treat me with respect. They don't care what color I am. You go home and tell Ted that." ( Ted was granny Ethel's eldest son and he had some strong feelings about the eccentric old aunt that refused to leave downtown ). And later that summer The Riots happend after Robert Kennedy was killed and we came to her house one day and found Baseball bats behind her door. Flo was not happy about this find. "May???". Aunt May shook her head. " Please , please think about coming Uptown with us?"
    " They are grieving, angry. They are my neighbors. I will not abandon my neighbors during times of Trouble.This is my Home."

    It turned out that each evening the Men of the neighborhood would come and sit with Missy May, and guard her house. And yes, they were black, and it didn't matter to her, and it didn't matter to them. They were neighbors.She would serve them soup and they would talk as Downtown Burned. And yes a bottle of best bourbon was shared for strength and they sat there in the dark with baseball bats. And she would sing softly. She got through the Baltimore Riots with not so much as a broken window.

    She used to sing "This Old Man" and "Where Have all the Flowers Gone"," Amazing Grace" and brush my hair, and later when I had a baby of my own I realized how grateful I was that she taught me that lullabies are for Troubled Times and Troubled Souls.Once again we are living in Troubled Times.

    May Coretta be remembered as the Brave Wise Woman that Marched with Martin by his side, and sang to his Soul, and carried on his Work and his Love, and The Dream.

    Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Saturday Night Music 1.13.07


    I have put a little music on on the jukebox....and think that tonight we need to just sit and soak up some Blues, some Soul.....It was an awful week ( for some of us)...So I am going to lay over on the windowseat... time for some Real Music and ...... Homemade fudge....


    Brian McKnight - Win

    Friday Night Thoughts...1.12.07

    "Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see law flouted-when we tolerate what we know to be wrong-when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy, or too frightened-when we fail to speak up and speak out-we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice."
    Robert F.Kennedy

    "Justice in the life and the conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens."
    Author Unknown.

    "The heart has eyes that the brain knows nothing of."
    Dr.Charles Parkhurst

    The rains are falling here by The Lake. It has been a long week, it is very late Friday night. We have been confronted by more Evil from the King this week. And on my own homefront I am stumbling along, trying to find some wisdom and some Hope....
    More later....


    The video below won't ever be shown on FOX or on CNN even.
    It is what it is like in Baghdad for a Doctor trying to care for his people in his own city.
    It is Shameless and also raises many interesting questions as to how 21,000 American Soldiers will help ?
    Will increasing Occupation really help a Civil War ?
    Will it really make things less bloody or more?
    Please forward this your Elected Folks, it might help them ask Questions, and
    Vote with a Conscience.
    I am forwarding to Media.

    One doctors story from one Hospital in Baghdad

    Atleast Vietnam Years had Decent Music...

    Saturday Anti War Music

    We need more Anti War Music....( I can't keep digging up all these oldies ...or can I ? )

    Friday, January 12, 2007

    FITZ IS BACK....1.12.07

    It's Anniversary for Dick, and his friend, the Lawyer. Yes, folks a year ago today Our Vice President shot a friend while on a Hunting Adventure, it was termed an "accident". I wonder if Dick and Scooter joke about "the accident" or have drinks and chuckle about it ....Dick and Scooter are up for an Interesting Week....
    Because Lies from 2003 are going to come to the surface, Finally.
    And Plamegate is Finally going to Unravel.
    You will need to keep head over to Crooks & Liars or FireDogLake
    and watch the Trial Coverage, it starts January 16th, 2007.
    ( And if you need to relook at the Timeline- I have it over on the side PLAMEGATE TIMELINE)
    Fitz is back...and I am still wondering the Ten Dollar Question :
    Does the Fitz Investigation Collide with the Abramoff Investigation ?

    Anderson Cooper back In NOLA 1/12/07 [Day 500]

    In the midst of Bush and his Surge , there is actually other things going on in the World. In the " Mistakes Have Been Made " Category from Helluva Job Land, Anderson Cooper has gone back to NOLA to investigate how well the Progress is NOT going on so many fronts, from Clean Up and Rebuilding and Crime and of course Corruption. We salute Anderson and his efforts to not let NOLA be forgotten like the contaminated slimepit that it is. This is a City that is really Hurting and Struggling, and the murder rates and the PTSD and suicide rates are through the roof, yet it is mostly ignored by the Media. So head over to the Blogroll and read Anderson's Blog- it is full of Wonders.

    *** I have One Thing to say: IF THE TROOPS WERE NOT OVER IN IRAQ....They could have been Here AT HOME working helping rebuild and clean up and yes, Protect NOLA these past 500 days. That is what the National Guard was set up for, to take care of Our Nation At Home.***

    Which is the REAL Bush ? Vote Here.....


    Okay Newsguy down below has suggested that the Straight jacket is not quite the Whole Picture of Our Dear Leader....So I have added some Other Sides of make the call...Which Picture is the Real Bush ?

    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Bush Needs a New Straight Jacket

    So last night MrBush gave His "Plan" to the American People and the World. And we found out after the "Speech" that he had held an afternoon Gloom & Doom Huddle with the Major News Anchors. ( Probally missed his afternoon nap). He did the "Well, if you knew what I knew " tapdance. Then he came out and gave his Speech for the American People, which was a whole different kind of tapdance. Actually kind of pathetic for Former Cheerleader. So basically we learned we are supposed to basicaly just hand him 21,000 of America's Finest to do what he wants.

    Here 's an idea, if he wants to Play with Little Green Men and GI JOEs maybe we should just send him some and he can play on the nice carpeted floor of the Oval Office.I have some old ones in my son's closet that he outgrew but I would love to pack for him, I can send them tomorrow. Now I don't have 21,000, but I know I have a few that I would be more than willing to Sacrifice. Maybe they should be delivered on January 27th, in DC in person. Maybe we should all Bring them to him, save him the Trouble.

    And sure enough the Decider decided to go ahead and pick a fight with Iran and Syria, right there on TV, in our living rooms. What the Hell is Wrong with him ? What State Department Folks said THAT was a Good Idea ? And all through the speech he kept saying "WE". I want to know WHO WE is ? Is it Barney ? Laura? The Twins? Dick ? WHO??? Is he stable? I have heard that the Insiders are calling him Caligula. I could be wrong , but that is a Roman Tale that does not have a happy ending.

    I wonder if the Happy Ending includes Huge Mistakes and threats involving Iran and Syria, because Bush already laid the groundwork for even grabbing Another War. Hell he is even moving Carriers around and looking for Pretext to do Something Shocking and Awing ?

    Then today Condi in yet another designer suit ( that looks like car upholstery) trots over to have some Hearings today and we learn that this Really is NOT an "Escalation" or a" Surge", it is just" AUGMENTING" the Troops. ( What the hell does she think she is accessorizing her show collection???). Do they really think that by Semantically Manipulating The Language that we will all fall in love with The Plan, or do they just want us all playing more Scrabble. Boxer kicked her ass across the room, she even tried to fill up ( cough-gag-puke). Obama even brought out the Failure Word. And others Even Repugs Brought Up the VietNam War, to teach these NeoCons. ( and yes, the Keebler Elf Gates was trotted out with the Script, and yet he admits he knows "little" about Iraq, and that was so reassuring. Yet he also announced he WANTS 92,000 Increased Troops in the next 4 years. Oh, Yes, it was Holy Shit Day on C-span.)

    Well, if that is the case, I just pulled some letters out of the bag. See if you can SPELL this Mr.Bush: I-M-P-E-A-C-H.
    See That word means You and Dick would have to Sacrifice YOUR Power, and maybe even face Criminal Charges.
    But shhhh , that is Only if "You Knew WHAT We know".

    [ Last sentence said in seriousness by Nixonian Junkie, not meant to feed disturbed Leader's ongoing Paranoia.]
    {Addendum: Yes, Enigma went protesting in the land of Apple Pie, pictures soon.]

    TIME TO PROTEST THE "SURGE" and the Delusional King

    We all watched the President's Speech tonight. This Delusional Man is Violating OUR Constitution.
    It now seems that he indeed wants to take MORE troops there so he can escalate the War in the Region.
    He even threatened Iran and Syria during his speech. He is determined to sacrifice Our Sons and Daughters- not his.
    We are out of Time to stop this Madman.He is listening to No One. We have No idea WHAT is next.
    We need to Impeach and Indict this Criminal Regime- ALL of them.


    UFPJ , Win Without War, are some of the sites you can learn more to the Just say NO Campaign and
    Protests planned in Jnauary 11th, 2007.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    SURGE AND SACRIFICE...and Everything Nice

    [ Reposted from 1.03.07, reposted after THE Surge Speech ]


    So today it was leaked to America by the BBC( in the articale linked in the title) that Bush does indeed intend to "Spend" More Troops and Lives in Iraq in SURGE And SACRIFICE. It really isn't a "Plan" as much as Bush sticking his draft-dodging pinky into the hemmorhage at this point. He has been so busy "Listening" this Past month ( must be hard with his fingers in his ears, and hiding in that Thick Crawford Brush ).The Iraqi Study Report which was longly awaited was oh-so- quickly dismissed by the Southern Comfort King. Even this past week Voices of the Dead have reached out to Bush telling him that Iraq is an ill-concieved baseless "War".Even the new Defense Chief Mr.-Keebler-Elf-Gates traveled to The Godforsaken Bloody Prize and came back to report to King Delusion, I can only wonder WHAT the King heard.

    So I have to ask WHO came to the Tea Party down at Crawford, and WHO is the Mad Hatter at this point ? Is it Condi ? Is it Dick ? Have they all fallen down the Rabbit Hole ? Was here any talk of Logic and Proportion ? Don't they realize that sending More troops will only incite More Violence and More Rage and More Hate and More Blood and More Death and More Destruction.( As if Saddam's Lawless Hanging has not brought enough Agony ? ) Did Bush take Pills labeled Victory and they made him "tall". Did he hear the Rabbit ( General Casey) say it 's Too Late ? Did Anyone tell him that if you chase rabbits you will fall down the Hole. I think Someone did. And Nobody ever listened to the Doormouse at all...

    Because as the article above states SOME Invisible Nameless Republican Stated that at this point This Is Alice In Wonderland.

    In the song below , in the refrain it talks about " Feed You head, Keep Your Head". But It's too late, I think Bush has lost his Head, His Mind. It is Too Late to Feed it Any amount of Truth or Logic. The Song even accurately talks about the Red Queen Being Off Her Head. It talks about The Men on the Chessboard Speaking up and telling the Queen Where to GO, and I think maybe we need the Military Brass to Speak up and tell the King where to go. Or Who will tell the King where to go, the new Senate ? the New Congress ? You and I? WHO?

    The Question is WHAT are we going to do about it ? I don't know about you, but I don't want to see One More Life Wasted over there. Enough is Enough. Bring Them Home.....

    No More Troops Down Bush's Delusional Rabbit Hole.....

    Go Ask Alice



    Okay so the King is going to give his speech tonight. Here are some questions that the Media FORGOT to Ask, and had better start asking NOW. TONIGHT.

    (1) WHY is Bush taking Orders from the Embattled New Iraqi Leader?
    (2) Is Malaki Actually Experiencing a Coup in Baghdad ? WHY else is Baghdad in Chaos?
    (3) If Baghdad is In Such Strife ( which Bush was denying merely a month ago ) WHY can't Bush or any of the Repug Leadership come out and call it what it is :CIVIL WAR ? Is Bush allowed by the Constitution to Sacrifice OUR troops to a Civil War ? ( The answer according to Constitutional Law is NO).
    (4) The American and Brits have trained over 400,000 Iraqi troops in over 8 provinces- WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING SHIFTED
    (5) What happened to the "Coalition of the Willing?", and HOW MANY are left Mr.Bush ? ( Can you count them on one hand?)
    (6) So we have a NEW Defense Director- HOW Come we have heard NOTHING from him- not a Single Word - since he went to Iraq? How bad is it that he has now gone MUTE.If Bush is not heeding advice of Penta Brass then is he now a Dictator ?
    (7) IF ONLY 10-11% of Bush's base support the troop Increase - How many will support him after tonight?
    (8) If Bush is not even supported by Repubicans, WHO is left ?



    *[for anyone interested, famed NAZI leader is Diekman- this is him looking gleeful, his own troops turned against him eventually- after he murdered thousands]*

    *ejaculate is now how Enigma is terming the Surge-it is more than accurate*

    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    At the Enigma Cafe this Week....

    This Week is looking Awful Long, and it is Only Tuesday....Let's hope and pray that the Democrats find their brass balls, they are are going to need them. The Fireworks are Wednesday night when the King yet again swaggers to the Podium demanding more Troops and Money.May as well sit at the Cafe and have some brew, it might be Fresh. If you scroll down there are posts on a wide array of subversive delights : Impeachment to the Days of Old: MLK and Bobby. Tonight there will be 2 New Posts up On "AIDS in America" and a" Mercury Dilemma" , two new pieces.

    (*EXTRA TREAT: Click most titles and there is music now*).
    *** WEDNESDAY NIGHT: I will have Cafe open for Open Thread, which means a place to Vent while we watch the Evil King.***

    Breathe - Hands To Heaven


    Dear Nancy,
    We the People Need YOU.
    We need to you stand up to these War Criminals.
    We need You SAY NO to the King's illfounded illegal Requests for Troops and Money.
    We have only you and the Democrats to Show Real Courage and Protect Our Troops.
    We all went to the Polls to Give the King a Messege.
    Now we need You to Deliver It.
    Just Say NO.
    We will support you.


    Monday, January 08, 2007


    The Imperial KIng has decided that he will Cowboy his Victory Delusions Hell or High Water. He will listen to No Elder Wiser Statemen, Experienced Pentagon Brass, not even Dead Presidents speaking from the Grave. He is determined to have more Flesh and Blood, Our Friends and Families, Our Children Maimed and Murdered for the benifit of His and His Alone Oily Wet Dream. ( Okay Dick's too). He "Wants" 20,000 More Troops, but listen carefully my friends it is JUST FOR BAGHDAD- HE AIN'T TALKING ABOUT THE WHOLE OF IRAQ. That's right he is only talking about ONE city, so there you go he gave himself wiggle room, so that he can get MORE TROOPS. And he is thinking in that Jim Beam addled brain of his that if he asks for MORE Troops Surely Everyone would Support Giving More Money for More troops. Because let's be real folks- "The Money" never went to the Troops- not really -it went to ALOT of real questionable Contracts....not for Armor or Protection , hell even meals and socks.

    There are over 3000 articales out in the past three days on this issue alone, in EVERY paper you can Imagine, Get the facts and get Ready, Because your Job is Clear, get out Your Dialing Finger and start calling and Emailing DC, it is time to remind DC, ALL OF DC, that WE THE PEOPLE PAY TAXES AND SUPPORT THE TROOPS, BUT WE WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER DIME TO HELP THIS DELUSIONAL LEADER BRING MORE HARM TO OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS, AND BROTHERS AND SISTERS. WE SUPPORT THEM BUT IT IS TIME TO BRING THEM HOME.

    Don't just call your own reps , go ahead call other states, especially Repugs, because they need to hear from ALL OF US. It is our Money and our Troops. And Bush views the Troops as HIS TOY SOLDIERS TO BREAK. But the Money, is ours and not his, so call DC today. Also send Letters to the editor, and post them to your blog, and if you local paper won't print, send it here I will. And go talk to your ministers, ask to organize a Prayer Vigil for the Night the King Gives his Greedy Demand of a Speech.
    Put signs in your cars and House Windows, saying " BRING THEM HOME, NO MONEY FOR GEORGE".

    We gotta get THEM Home, before more Blood is senselessly shed.

    *[Beatles below singing "MONEY"]*

    Beatles - Money (That's What I Want)


    Okay- Look at this GREAT PHOTO, are they nude ? Where are they ? Who did this? Learn more go to Dada's Blog over on the Blogroll and also go to KVATCH and read ALL about it ....And Call Conyers Office and call your Elected in DC amd Write to as many as you can , say Enough is Enough. Impeach these Criminal Bastards.


    We can do this. They both are War Criminals. Let's show the World America does not support these Murderers.

    *Yeah, Enigma is back.*

    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    A Simple Messege....1.06.07


    It is very very late Friday Night. I am trying hard to get the Enigma Cafe tidied. I have to spend a couple of days away from The Cafe, tending to Some Life Matters.We all go through Changes, it is merely a part of life. Change when it effects everything, requires reflection and careful thought, and even some Solitude. Mindfulness is a big part of being Buddhist, but it takes time and patience, but it always brings Clarity.

    I call this Geogaphical Fate, sometimes it is all about What we need to do and Where we go , and who we need to be with on the Journey. And sometimes we actually are allowed to look in our heart and listen and make decisions that help our families and those we love. And sometimes Fate and Destiny collide, and no they are not the same.

    So I have put up some posts for the next few days. The Train to Somewhere , Journey one is beautiful and soothing....
    Most titles have links to sites, articles or music that hopefully you will enjoy.....

    Take care of each other and be well. I will be back on Monday ( or so).


    Robert F Kennedy, gotta serve somebody

    * Please click the title, for more inspiration from the Greats*

    Friday, January 05, 2007


    When one is on a No Fly List , one examines Other Modes of Transportation, of Flight. I am on The List because I was an environmental health activist when I lived out West.I investigated a Large Chemical Company who had many ties to the current Regime.( When my book Silent Fallout comes out you all will learn alot more.It will be out in the next year and a half, before the next election). It is true I also worked on Human Rights Issues as well, because when people are being dumped on that is a Human Right Issue. And I brought some Issues Of Knowing Endangerment to the Federal Government. That led to Federal Investigations. Some were not so happy about these Investigations. They were less than polite. It brought Changes to my life, a journey that I am still on. And somehow even provided me the rather ominous distinction of placing me on a No Fly List. Yet now as Time has passed I have learned that Many are on The List, thousands of wonderful Americans just like me.The funny thing is I have always loved trains, they are beautiful and move with a rythym that stirs my heart. I can hear the Hum of the Land and Beat of the People.
    This song is by Tangerine Dream. I often dream of Trains and riding them. I have taken them all over the Country. If you take the train below you are in for a Beautiful Journey. It you click the title you can take Another Train, a train to a Different Time and Place. Enjoy the Journey, which ever one you take. Because in the end, it is all about the Journey.
    Love On A Real Train

    We The People need more Keith Olbermanns....Now.

    Who should the Media be listening to? This is more an open thread that started in my head , so please bear with me, while I ponder this. My question is this, the media has for so many monthes humped the Delusional King's Agenda. There have been very few Voices that have brought Truth to the People. I came name them on one hand. They are indeed Brave Souls and they Risk their jobs daily. Keith Olbermann has led the way. Anderson Cooper also has shined. Jack Cafferty is definently on the List. Joe Scarbourough seems to have also joined in, even though he is politically conflicted at times, but he seems to have indeed entered the Frey. We need More Voices.

    We the People have resorted to News and Information and even Investigations from some very odd assorted "Sources", BBC, The Guardian, John Stewart, Dave Letterman, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Harpers Magazine,The New Yorker, The Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair.It is even true that Book Sales are up. It is true in all previous Dark Times in History when a Government Muzzles the Press and Speech , people seek Comediennes and Underground Papers. We are in such a Dark Time.

    Why doesn't MSM, especially after this last Election Tsunami , try to work more with the New Journalists, yes, Bloggers and online Papers. There are many fine Blogs that have been filling in the Sinkholes that MSM is waltzing around. Crooks& Liars, Raw Story, Daily Kos, Truthout, Media Matters,Craig Crawford,Skippy,Democracy Now, Huffington Post, FDL and so on and so on. They should start to recognize these Blogs, Online Papers are actually covering Real Issues and Read Everyday by Real People. They don't answer to any Big Money Companies or worry about Ad revenue, so they actually have Integrity. And if only they would interview People with Integrity too, not just the AEI ( American Extortion Institute...). Is it really too much to want Integrity and Truth back in Journalism.

    My Point is that this Bush Regime has been Wagging the Dog to damn long, and Now Lives Depend on Change More than ever. 20,000 to 30,000 lives to be honest.....Journalistic Integrity has become a Mather of Life and Death.