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I live here in Ohio and so the next few days, even with my battered hip I will be phonebanking, and canvassing as much as I can, and Voting Early......Especially here in Ohio I am encouraging people to Vote Early. I am rearranging posts so that I can refer people here, I send them to Obama's Blog and also to my blog since I blog on issues revelant to the Campaign. Anyone who knows my blog that is in it's 3rd year knows that I have been trying to blog on Humanity Issues and Hope for a long time....So thank you for your patience.Have Hope...

I voted Early Today, Leap Year Day, at the County Election Center, and I was amazed, it was packed, there were no parking spots available. And then inside there was metal detectors and
wanding and Bag and Coat Checks. ( I hate to say this- but I guess I am not surprised that the Election Center might have had some problems and need protection, it is about our County.)There were long lines inside and little Voting Stalls inside all set up and all packed with lines. I am going to view this as Positive. I also met two Repugs in Line who were voting for Obama, it was their First time voting DEM- ever. ( I gave them lots of support).So just to lt you all know Ohio is Voting, and I would bet it will be in record Numbers.....

Barack Obama and Why He Matters To So Many and to my son and me....

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UPDATE: 2..23.08
I had a really really bad Day yesterday and ended up spending a huge chunk of it in the ER, and we know since I am uninsured that will be so costly.I had a really bad fall and bruised my HipBone , atleast we "think" it is not broken....long story. BUT ALL I do KNOW is that I have tickets for 6-6 and I to see Obama tonight...and we are going....Because Obama matters to Both of us, more than I can say.
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{{{(Explanantion: I am just asking that people watch the Video attached to the Title, and think about What we have lost these past 7 years, and and what we need to heal. I support a Obama & Edwards Team,In 2004 he gave the Speech at the Democratic Cinvention, this video is made from the speech-it is clips woven together.( I encourage you all to go see the WHOLE speech on Youtube, parts 1&2, it is about 15 minutes total on Youtube, video here is 4 minutes.) The Media has spent alot of time showing Hillary speeches, but I wanted folks to be able to see a piece of Who he is. Just for this weekend I wanted people to be able to think on this and see him. We don't have to agree....that 's long as we all are thinking about our future. I also posted this video because many people abroad don't know about him.And they too are worried about our future.}}}

In 2004 as an Exiled Refugee Whistleblower in my own Country I was living in an old dilapitated Rooming House in California with my son.By the Time we had gotten there, we had lost Friends, a Home, pets,Meaningful Work, and a marriage of many years , ALL Under the Bush Regime.And in many ways Faith was Lost, Faith in Justice, and Faith in Our Own Government. We were just one family of Millions that have suffered under This Regime. But that summer my son was very invested in the Election, we watched Cspan, Crossfire, and read everything we could. We were Huge John Edwards Supporters in 2004 and still are today. I was trying to desperately teach my son that we were still part of Our Country...but Hope was beyond fragile at that point.I Like so many Other Americans , Under the Bush Regime had Lost Everything.....and yes, I was indeed Hung Out to Dry by my Government....So I was Looking for Something...
Someone to say This Is Not Forever, There is Change.....

In 2004 Barack Obama spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention....I was standing washing dishes and I heard this Voice From the TV and this Voice spoke of E.Pluribus Unum and Unity. Out Of Many We Are One. I stopped what I was doing and with my son I watched the TV and we listened. And 6-6 ,barely a teen , said " He should be President". He still believes that.

I never ever forgot That Moment.

Please watch the Video in the Link, it has Highlights of that 2004 Speech. ( when you go to watch it, on YouTube you can see Parts 1&2. Please watch ALL of it.) And if you have time go get the Book "The Audacity of Hope" , his Book. I bought it for myself for Christmas last year......That book has given my son and I something to Hold On To...Hope.

But Since living here since 2005, I have watched and seen so many others that need Hope and to no longer be disenfranchised and Invisible. Homeless VETS with PTSD that I worked with downtown, the people losing homes by the thousands ( Slavic Village is just ONE devastated neighborhood), More than 250,000 Unemployed Factory Workers, and So Many young people whose schools are in shambles.....But So Much of the pain I see we have seen across the Country.....So many people needing Hope...and to feel Empowered and a part of the Country...again.

But this is not just about us.I tell my pieces of my tale here on this blog, because for People that Feel Left Behind, Abandoned, Disenfranchised by this Government he represents Something..I have been watching him and he Connects. He Reaches Out. He Cares.He has Vision. He Has Courage. He Has Hope.

( I wrote this post because I got many emails from so far away, Canada to Thailand asking me, WHO is Obama ?This is WHO he is....Spread This News and Spread the Hope. )

Please email me if needed

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So it is the morning after the Debate here in Cleveland, and Obama did a good job, he was Presidential. It was an odd debate, and to be honest 20 Debates is just too many and I think most of us are tired of the Debates and also of the Debate Process. It is so odd because if Obama had lost 11 in a row he would be told to gracefully concede for the Good of the Party and the Election.Yet the Media is still rooting for Hillary, they keep asking HOW can She Save IT, yet they are not acknowledging that Obama has run an AMAZING race.

I have to say that Hillary has not really spent much time in downtown Cleveland, and neither has Bill, there have been no Big Hill Rallies in Downtown Cleveland. She has held most of her events at Private Highschools here on the outskirts. I mention this because she spoke at the Debate at all the People that she has talked to , yet the truth is she has not taken time to talk to people in Downtown Cleveland.She has had very controlled visits to Plants in Youngstown and Toledo, but again very controlled.CSU was closed for the Event last night, and students could only attend if they won a ticket or volunteered.So access to her has been limited and controlled. The Obama events have been open to all and huge, because people are not turned away, he filled Halls in Dayton, Toledo, and Cinncinatti, he has made every effort to reach as many as possible.

Obama was very calm and collected and poised, and gracefully handled Hillary's attacks and disgruntlement. Obama I think consistantly shows that he is thoughtful and careful with his answers. He was Presidential. He has drawn huge crowds throughtout Ohio, throughout the State, people are listening to him and learning WHO he is. Obama also has a well organized Campaign here that is reaching millions and is focused on the Issues here. He is trying to Unite the Dems, but also unite us as People that have suffered for 7 years.Tuesday will show us WHO is really meant to be Our President.MSNBC has a phone text poll, as to WHO won the Debate. 97,000 people have voted in the MSNBC Poll, 70% for Obama and 22% for Hillary.
We had about a foot of snow last night and it is 15 degrees here with winds. And since it is bitter cold and the roads are worthless. I will be working the phone banks the next few days, but for today I am giving my hip a break.....and watching films with 6-6 and making alot of hot coco. Be safe out there......Namaste.

[Click the title + Kenny Loggins "Conviction of the Heart"]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I will be LIVEBLOGGING the Debate in the Comments...this is the 19th Debate? It is being held here in Ohio, in Cleveland at the Cleveland State University.It is a wonderful Venue to hold the Debate.Sadly it was not open to the Public, so it will be a small polite crowd. ( In the Comments we of course can be as rude as we want...). Read the Post Below- we have some Bets going.


So WHICH Hillary are we going to see Tonight? The Misty Eyed Emotional Concillatory Hillary ?The Ranting Lady Macbeth Taming of the Shrew Hillary yelling about SHAME ?As a woman I am embarrassed at all of the Sides of the Labile Hillary we are being Shown, and it is Quite a Show. I am just Hoping that Obama stays Cool...Stays VERY Cool...For me it is like watching the Heat of the Night...and Knowing that it is all about Staying Calm and Collected and Poised....because that will lead to Her Unraveling....and it is Needed.

( How sad is it that Someone Who wants to lead us, is so Unperdictable ???).

So I am just Curious , WHICH Hill do you think we will see tonight? and HOW Long do you think before Her Meltdown ? Seriously I am taking TIMED bets ....

Monday, February 25, 2008


Hillary is showing us ALL sides, last Thursday at the debate she tried to show us her "softer" side,then this weekend she screeched about "Shame on You Obama" at a presser in Ohio, In the Local Footage- you can see people lowering their heads and shaking their heads in disgust,and People LEAVING the room....The Flyers that she had Her Fit over, were sent out to help educate Ohio Voters ( because cable is limited here),it actually is accurate and quotes her in it. The Flyers were to educate Voters about issues( and have been out for about 2 weeks).Then in Rhode Island she showed us her Lady Macbeth moment, being dramatic and mocking. But when she is "mocking" him, she also is mocking his supporters and the Hell they have been through for 7 years. So as Democrats and Voters we are now to be mocked by her for having Hope ?

I Have News for Hillary, Bitter Venom won't Drive the Bus into the Future.It is time for her to pull her Broken Bus off the Road to the WhiteHouse.

*[also Bill is having more FairyTale Fit Moments here in Ohio airing only on local is beyond embarrassing]*


[photo of Cleveland Convention Center, approximately 7000 at the 2.23.08 Rally]
On Thursday, I went see Michelle Obama speak at CSU in downtown Cleveland.She is a wonderful speaker and is eloquent and yet also Real.At that rally I learned that tickets were available to see Barack on Saturday night in Cleveland. So I went and got tickets take 6-6 and see him.

{{{Now then along the way I had a bad incident at home on my rickety stairs. ( I live in an old 1894 house- the stairs are all different heights and lengths- and I have spent much time making them less wobbly, with marine glue and wood paste etc.) But the bottem line is that if one rushes or takes them too fast it is easy to fall.Ce la vie.I guess my theory that I am "Bounceable" and "Indestructible", is now officially debunked.Now I mention this fall, not for pity, but because it becomes part of the path to go hear some Hope...and perhaps See Our Next President with my son. My biggest worry all of Friday was not only did I break my hip but would I get to see Barack Obama ? It mattered. I blog it all here and even how Politics overlaps with Real Life....}}}

( read other Post called Hellthcare in America about that experience).

Now about the Obama Event. So my son and I both got ready, we showered and dressed warmly.And we left our house at 4 pm, allowing time to park and find the location. We arrived downtown, it was sunny out and the snow glistened in the sun.And we knew exactly where to go because there was already a line along the street, and hardly any on street parking to be found. Obama is scheduled to speak at 8:30Pm, and people did know to get there early.

So there we were in line, with hundreds and eventually thousands.There was much good humor standing in the sun, sharing of snacks, water,and talk.Some people brought folding chairs and blankets. Amazing that it was bitter cold and people were lined up so many hours ahead of the Arrival.The amazing part about The Line.... People talking to each other, talking about WHY they were there, and HOW they got to this Place in time.People shared insights and humor and stories.I realized that we as People we don't talk like this as much as we should. I was glad that I had brought a bag of snacks and extra gloves. I was glad that 6-6 and I were there in The Line , listening.The Media says that Obama brings a "Buzz", but what it really is, is people talking to each other again.

So the Line Moved inside, they opened up the Doors about 5:30PM, and we stood in line to go through the Security Check, there was a metal detector and police checking bags and coats and there was Wanding and Frisking. My son said loudly, "Wow, my first frisk".And he worried that his New 4 Obama Buttons would get lost in the Shuffle.But he took it all in stride. Everyone cooperated and was relieved to see such top notch security.

As we all sat in little tiny seats there was more talking....more sharing. There was a palpable excited tension as people waited to see Obama. Out for Snacks I met College Students who said that the lines to hear Obama in Akron were too long - so they drove up to Cleveland. And while in line it was discussed that Hillary has not held any rallies or Group meetings in Cleveland. One Student asked it " Is she scared of Downtown Cleveland?" Another Student piped up " We are too black and too poor for Hillary, we are not Middle Class enough she wrote off South Carolina and Louisanna, I guess we are like them". And there were many nods, not even disgust, just simple acknowledgement.

In line people did talk about WHO should be Obama's VEEP, and across the board almost everyone I talked to said that it should be Edwards.No one else was even suggested.

So we sat and waited. There was "YES WE CAN" chanting, and " WE WANT CHANGE", and "FIRED UP, READY TO GO". And there was THE WAVE that went around the room over and over.....Much good humor and laughter.

So by 8:30 Pm different people spoke and we all consoled ourselves thinking that Obama must be late getting up from Akron, and that he must have a good crowd there. ( we heard that he had over 6000 there).We watched all the Cameras ( we were in the Prefferred Viewing Area, which meant we were up behind the big Camera line ,and also had some on the walkway behind us. ( 6-6 who wants to go into Filmwork, loved it, and the NBC Camera was right behind him ). As More and More of the Cameras got manned , we knew Obama was getting closer.

A few moments after 9 PM he entered the Arena, and there was a massive rush to see him down on the Floor Area ( or the Mosh Pit as we called it). And he greeted the Surge with grace and humor, and reached back and shook hands and we watched as he greeted the Floor people as he worked over to the Stage. Everyone was standing...there was a collective Flow of energy. People hugged each other , clapped , some held their hands up in a fist of solidarity.People did not speak, they held the Moment.... It was a Moment.

Then he took the Stage and for an Hour he spoke, people listened intently. He talked about Everything, from Homeless to Jobless to Poverty, to Stolen Jobs to Healthcare Hell, to Students needs.He shares his story and his life and what we need to Do Together.Different Parts of the Rally really brought people to their feet, were when he spoke about The War and the Constitution. And people responded, jumping into ovations and standing off and on as he spoke, and clapping, yelling back, and it is a Conversation, a Dialogue....

I saw George Clooney on an interview with Charlie Rose talk about Obama, how when he enters a room people gravitate to him, want to be with him, and that when he leaves the room, you want to follow...Anywhere....I have to say now that I believe George got it right....

It is a Movement. It is Real.Barack Obama will make a great President, because he understands what has happened to Our Country, and how to Unite us again as We The People.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Night Music and Thoughts....

I do believe that life is made up of Moments woven together, encounters where lives touch each other.....and effect each other.If we Dream together and our lives overlap and our dreams and goals overlap......I believe that we Make Change.

I was trying to find a great Anais Nin quote about Change.....but this is what I found...

"Our Life is composed greatly of dreams,from the unconscious, they must be brought into action. They must be woven together."

"People living deeply do not fear death."

"Dreams are necessary to life".

"If all of us acted in unison as I act individually there would be no poverty and no wars. I have made myself personally responsible for the fate of every human who has come my way."

***{{And for something nice to do....stop by and wish Gryphen of Immoral Minority and wish him Happy Birthday....Music Linked to the Title is Enigma" Rivers of Belief"....have a nice night....Dream a little}}***

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oh my ANOTHER Debate ( what number is this ???)...Thanks Hill .....I don't know about you, but I am sooooo tired of these.....This one is in Texas, and not open to the public ( neither is the Cleveland one next Tuesday). She is now behind by 11 Contests, so I would bet we will see the Shrill Hill tonight, the attacking negative Hill. ( Tonight's event is being moderated by Campbell Brown, so no Wolfie- thank heavens). Will Hill yell ? Will she cry? Will I end up throwing a whole bottle of TUMS ? or will my Swear Jar win great rewards ?

Follow it in the Comment Thread...feel free to join in.


Atleast 1000 came out to welcome to Michelle Obama and listen to her speak...


{{ these photos were taken by Chris the Obama photographer- I got to stand with her on the steps, she took great photos, and was wonderful to hang out with.....see more of her photos on the Obama Blog }}

Michelle Obama came to Cleveland today......and hundreds showed up at a local University to greet her and welcome her to Cleveland. She was scheduled for 11:30am, people started filling the Student Center at 10am,.There was much buzz and excitement. There were students, parents, and downtown business people, and a full balconey of Cleveland Digantaries. She spoke at the Student Center, that is a large area surrounded by 4 levels of open air balconies, and the stairs and baloconies were also full of people. It was exciting seeing so many people ready to greet the Next First Lady.....First we were treated to the Mayor Of Cleveland, Mayor Jackson has not endorsed until today, and once he did endorse Obama, the crowds cheered. Michelle arrived and she was beautiful, all class dressed in a black suit. She is tall and so poised, with a strong voice and she looks around the crowd and makes eye contact with people in the crowd. People talk back to her, encouraging her to tell her story and Barack's Story. She reminds us that we are all in THIS together, that we can make History together.

And yes for me it was a moving experience, so much more than watching her on CSPAN. She is REAL, a hardworking mom speaking truthfully about our Country and WHO Barack is and WHY we need him as President. I was so lucky to be able to go see her. I stood on the Stairs and was lucky enough to stand with the Event Coordinator and also the Obama photographer. There was also moms and one mom with her baby, Ellington. I kept looking at him and thinking that we need to give him a Better America.....If you go to the Website tonight please see the wonderful Photos by Chris. ( Please note the pale redheaded Enigma is great at ducking-so you won't see me).

The Other wonders of this Event- we got a real treat when Michelle announced that Barack is Coming to Cleveland Saturday Night, and we got to learn where to go get tickets for a special viewing area. The Crowd cheered. ( and yes, I did indeed walk downtown and get the tickets ). And yes, I waited in a line to greet her and get my "Audacity of Hope" Book Signed by her.....

It was a Great Day....and yes, I am Fired Up.....

***** I will have my Phone Photo up later, 6-6 has to help me with that.Liveblogging the Debate is down below....*****


*{originally posted 2.2.08 moved to top, 2.13.08 ,then reposted 2.21.08}*
If it were a Big Old Lame Horse at a Racetrack, we would have already had to Put this One Down, that is HOW Bad it is.

There are Many Issues that need to be discussed regarding the Broken Healthcare System in this Country. It is broken on so many levels, but it can be repaired, but it will require Drastic Changes, and Admission by the Government that it is Broken. The Government Employees have some of the Finest HealthCare in the World, and the care that they have should be available to all of us.

47 Million People are without Insurance ( that is MORE than the Population of ALL of Canada). This Number has not been updated in almost 2 years, the estimates are that there are 2 Million more that NEED Healthcare and are NOT in that Original Number. ( The Un-Included are VETS and the Returned Guard that LOST Health Coverage after being home for 2 years, 90,000 Disabled VETS with PTSD that are getting NO healthcare or are on Waiting Lists for Care, and More than 200,000 Homeless VETS, and Atleat 1 Million that are Homeless). It is therefore possible that the More Realistic Number after we include the Populations I just named as well as Unemployed, College Students,VETS, and Homeless,Bancrupted that the Actual Number is Closer to 50 Million. It is also important to recognize that ONE in Seven have NO insurance at all, and that ONE in FIve are Under Insured or Facing Cancellation.So we are talking Millions in ALL neighborhoods of this Country are facing and living with this Crisis Everyday.


It is Important to Understand that Healthcare and Health Insurance in this Country has been treated as Luxury and NOT a Right. One of the things that needs to Change is we Need to View it as a Fundamental Right. When Speaking to lawmakers ASK them, "DO you Have the BEST COVERAGE AND HEALTH CARE in the World?" AND then ask" Why shouldn't my family have the same Care and Coverage as You?" Those TWO Questions are Important. The Government Works For us, it makes no sense that Federal Employees have Better Care and Coverage, and that is WHY the Government has taken so long to recognize that OUR Care is not even Adequate.It Should be an Unalienable Right that ALL Americans have HEALTHCARE.

*[Always remember this is NOT just an Issue of Insurance it is about HEALTHCARE}*

All Doctors and Nurse have to take an Oath, "To First DO NO HARM". I think that we should make Our Lawmakers also take this Very Oath. So that Everytime they Make a Decision, they too will have to remember that they have Made A Promise.


First we start Talking about it, Let's Start below:

It means that ALL people, should have Care available to meet their needs and the needs of their family. It means that NO ONE should be getting turned DOWN for Coverage. People in this Country are being Denied Health Care and Coverage Everyday because the Insurance Companies are Refusing Care and Coverage for Millions of Citizens For "Pre-existing Conditions" and "Potential Conditions" Or " Problems with their Health History" and Also After Doing Credit Checks. In many States Women are beign refused care and Coverage if they have Cardiac Problems in their families, also Breast Cancer, Diabetes and other Conditions. The Insurance Companies are Descriminate in Determining WHO gets Care. Think about that, that Companies are Descriminating Against Citizens, Denying Care at ALL levels, some of it Preventive and Some if it is LifeSaving and Essential. Insurance Companies Should not be Deciding WHO gets Care and Who Doesn't . And Yes, this is a matter of Justice and Human Rights when it is causing People to die and Suffer before Death.

First Off let's Change the Discourse, PATIENTS ARE PEOPLE THAT NEED CARE, THEY ARE NOT LONBER ALLOWED TO BE CALLED CUSTOMERS.So please refer to yourself and your family in that way, because that is the truth.

Some of The Decisions of Care, are not even made by Medical Staff at the Insurance Companies, it is merely decided By Cost and Lists are written that determine Which Illnesses and Diseases are the Most COST EFFECTIVE AND CHEAPLY CARED FOR UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. This also means that at any point in time People can still be cancelled or denied care. To say this Situation is Dangerous and Inhumane barely scratches the surface of this Problem.

When I say "Available" I also am referring to the VETs that have to travel 1000's of miles to get care or proper care or wair for many monthes to get care. Available Care should be near to the patient and take into account the Illness and situation of the Patient.No Patients should suffer Hardship of Wait or travel to get Good Care.

This means that there must be a system that is Designed so that ALL people can pay what they can afford and they should never ever have to lose their home or their cars or their jobs and belongings because of an illness or accident. There should be sliding Rates Created So that people can pay what they can. It should also be taken into account that a Patient that is Very ill ie with Cancer or even a Chronic Disease like MS, can not always pay, because they Might NOT be working. We have people in this country Missing Meals and Eating Catfood so that they an buy meds. That is NOT Right.

This means that ALL people can get care, NOT Some people Some of the time. That People Sick or Well can Qualify for care whereever they live or work, or if they have to move to another state for a job. Many People at this point are having to travel and move to other states, but their Insurance often is NOT travel or Relocation Friendly. And the Care must be available to ALL.

The Senators frequently talk about how their Healthcare is Wonderful, and that they have CHOICE, The Care that they have is through Numerous Health Care Providers and Insurance Companies and ironically technically they have Socialized Medicine at it's Finest and basically a Single Payer Plan. We as Citizens should be able to ask Questions about their Care, and the Plans, and be able to try to put together a Plan that would meet the needs for all.

Also Parts of the VA System and parts of the Medicare System and SCHIP Plans have sections that are effective and provide Excellent Care- and there should be a way to Collaboratively and Creatively Put ALL these Plans together that Provides care for the 47 Million without Care by Expanding Plans and Programs that Work. Example : MEdicare Expand it to 55 and up and ADD Chronic Illnesses. Schip Expand it to Families that make under 75,000 and also to College Students with Excessive Loans up to Age 25. These are just Some Ideas of HOW to make the Existing Programs Work Better and Work For MORE.

Read what I wrote above and DO Listen to your candidate speak to THESE issues. Both Obama and Hillary have been speaking on Healthcare on the Campaign Trail. And carefully watch the Speechs and Answers to Questions as well as READ their Websites.

He basically has a plan very similiar to Edwards, and embraces Much of what Edwards spoke to. He does Support HEALTHCARE FOR ALL. That there should be choice, that is why his plan would allow people to stay with existing Care and Providers. His Plan would be paid for with Tax Subsides from the Top 2%. ( This means that the Wealthiest would be helping to give Back, and frankly Exxon made 40 Billion In Profits- I think there is Some Money that could be given back to the People). He speaks that the Plan will be an Expansion of the Plan that is offered to Congress, and that would include Preventive Care and Care for ALL. So he Does Support Care FOR ALL, and that it should be Affordable,Accessible, and Avaialble.

He also has said that there would be NO MORE Closed Door Negogiations with Insurance Companies, and that there would be improved regulatory Measures taken so they no longer Dictate Care. ( *** that is very different than Hillary she says that her Plan will offer Similiar Care to ALL FULLTIME WORKERS and be like what the Congress and Senate has. She also has said that there will be reduced rates, and that CURRENT RATES WOULD BE CAPPED. BUT that is NOT good enough, not when Americans are maxed out Already, that is TOO Little TOO late. )

His Plan is about setting up A System that will make the Whole Affair Public and show the brainstorming and Solutions on Cspan. This idea would put all Players at the Table to Problem Solve With the People, For the People and In FRONT of the People. The Last 7 years have taught us that Cspan can Empower the People and let them be part of the Process. Basically His Plan is to find Ways to Creatively Provide Care for all, and that would be called Universal Health Care. The Details of HOW it would be paid for he admits will have to have Creative Soltutions and the People must be involved in the Process.

Her plan she has repeatedly said in speechs and on the trail that she would Relook at ALL existing Plans and Measure the first 60 days up to 6 Monthes. And that she would Make It Mandatory. So the Problem is this, She is acting like it is Car Insurance. That People just need to buy Insurance, that is NOT the Issue. People NEED Care. They need to be able to be Provided Affordable Care, NO ONE has Refused Insurance, Millions of People have been Denied Care because of Conditions or Financial Problems BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. The People should not be held Responsible For WHAT the Insurance Companies and Government have allowed. There must be Change, with Regulatory measures in place Protecting People from the Neglectful Practices of the Insurance Companies.There needs to be Regulation and Oversight. She NEVER offers this or dialogues on this Issue- she wants to cut Deals "negogiate" with the Insurance Companies. This will Solve Nothing is Very Much WHat when wrong during the 1990s'- because Closed Door Deals caused Strife and Anger....and Division.

Hillary's Plan is basically she is saying that Under her Government her administration would make Health Insurance Mandatory ( that is NOT the same as saying that ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES MUST PROVIDE CARE !!!and that It must be affordable- she has said that the Existing Costs would be capped, and that rates would be negogiated by the Government- which means ONCE AGAIN the people are NOT part of the Solution or even consulted WHAT Problems they are facing. The Insurance Companies and Drug Companies Would be Running the SHow with Her Blessing and Helpful Negogiation Skills. People Would be given "tax credits". That is not going to help lower middle class, and the working poor- that means they still will having to struggle to pay and wait to see at the end of the year if there is any money coming back ? She also has spoken about Medical Savings Acccounts - which is what Bush Instituted are totally ineffective- now to be fair, I have not seen it On her website recently, but I have heard her speak about the Accounts. The Bottem line is she is still treating it like an Insurance Issuee, not an Issue of Millions Not getting Care. She also never addresses that the Government will regulate Care or Cost, or that it will subsideize ANY of the care, so the Costs is still on us the Citizens, the taxpapers.These are some of the Critical Differences.

Of Both Candidates I encourage you to Read, Watch and Ask Questions. But I have to say Obama's Plan is Better, and is more open to Correction and Adapting to What the People NEED for Affordable Accessible Care.

About the Repugs They are not offering ANY Debates on Healthcare or discussing as Even a Problem. So the DEMS atleast have Brought the Issue to the Table, and it is Critical, So if you have any Repug or Independent Friends Share that Fact with them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MOON DREAMS AND HOPE....Thank you to Hawaii and Wisconsin

Here it is by Lake Erie, down to 7 degrees tonight, a little too cold to sit outside and watch a lunar ecllipse. Today the Media barely acknowledged that the Voters of Hawaii and Wisconsin Spoke Loud and Clear.....they Want Change and they have Hope.

I am going to Hear Michelle Obama speak tomorrow.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Bitter cold here tonight in the Buckeye State ( by the way What the Heck is a Buckeye?)...Ready for a Late Night Monitoring the Results.....Coco on and some popcorn and cookies ( hopefully unburned)....I will post about the Obama Work here closer to the End of the Month ( and yes Ohio is on fire).....Thank you for all of the wonderful Messeges and Quotes below....I have just been trying to battle My Same NeverEnding Cold and take care of 6-6 and work...etc.....But I am still Here...

Let's get to the Results....

Saturday, February 16, 2008


So it is President's Day Weekend. I won't be here much...the Obama Campaign has arrived full force in Ohio (SIXTY events in NEXT three days!!)....And this weekend there is much to calling to Wisconsin....and Canvasing here in Ohio. Tonight was a rally at a Baptist Church and tomorrow there is a meeting with Teddy Kennedy ( IF I get in....) And more meetings on Sunday and Monday.Please know that I love you all and love having you here....but I have to do this..I promised my son I would help Obama all that I could in Ohio....

So eat Cherry Pie and Know that I will stop in and give updates when I can....and you all leave messeges and updates too.
Be good to each other....fill the coffee and share the cream....throw your BEST Abe ( Quotes) at me...and at the end of the weekend I will tell you my fav...I bet you won't guess it...

DK over at Redheaded Wisdom has a post up about Writing Superdelegates, or contacting them, today over on Obama's Website the Campaign Manager also a post up about writing to them and expressing your View as a Voter....DK was as usual onto a good idea......Think about doing it...

( Once again Blogger is NOT forwarding comments from the Blog, I am checking back but please do email me at if you like.....)

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Happy Valentines Day...Love Still Matters....

Share the Day with Someone you love....share what you have...share what matters...maybe burn dinner...or make long as they know you love them...

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At a little after 5pm Reports came on the news, very scattered and very vague.
15 Shot at Northern Illinois University. Susposedly 1 shooter,is dead. And 2-3 other Victims, of the 13 other victims, "many", atleast 5 are Head Wounds. Prayers to those families and students.





( I GOT 148,737.... WHICH IS A DIFFERENCE OF 1042....and since there is a difference of 1709 votes)

Another Question: Does this include the Absentee Ballots ?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HAVE HEART, HAVE HOPE....Happy Valentines Day

This Blog during the Heat of the Campaign Season has been dedicated to Issues related to the Campaign. It is true that I support Obama, and I do it with great pride and great Hope.Those that know me,and what my son and I have been through, KNOW that I have been writing about WHAT we need as a Country all this year....about needing a New Vision and Healing and Hope...and a Path Back to Humanity.And that I do want a Better Future for my son...for all of us. But since this is Valentines Day, please know that I ask that we try to find Some path back to Unity and ways to be kinder to each other. We should be embracing Change and the Enthusiasm that is surging through
the lifeblood of this Country, Our Country.We have too Much at Stake,Lives in the
Balance, We Need Unity and We Need Real Change.

{{{ The Posts below are on Ohio Issues, WHY Vote,and Why My son and I Support Obama, and Healthcare Issues, I have rotated them up for new readers. If you click the title of each post you will always find relevant Music. If you want to check my other Blog ENIGMA CAFE you will find Soulfood. If you want to write me please do }}}

Hopemongering For Change and the Fierce Urgency of Now...2.1.08

[Originally posted 2.1.08 moved 2.7.08 moved to 2.13.08]

"Change is the Law of Life.And those who look only to the Past or the Present are certain to miss the Future." JFK

"Dogmas of the quiet past are in inadequate to the Stormy Present. The Occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so must we think anew." Abraham Lincoln

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,but the ones the most responsive to change." Charles Darwin
Please Click the Title and there is Beautiful Video Linked to the Title called "Passing of the Flame". It is especially poignant for those of us that remember the 1960's and were inspired by great Heros of that era and see that Dream Alive in Barrack Obama.
Here in the Northeast we did indeed have more storms and snow and wind last night. And in the quiet of the night, more people watched the LA debate and learned more about Both of the Candidates. We learned WHAT Kind of Change they both represent , and we got to hear them speak to Issues. Obama really explained carefully HOW he is different than Hillary, and his goals and what he proposes about the Iraq War and Healthcare. CNN and CSPAN both have been reairing the Debates today, this is good because more people can now become educated. This morning did endorse Obama this am.

Change is on our Horizon for all of us. It is within Reach, it is Real. Hope is being spread from State to State, we can Embrace it and feel it and spread it.

I will be blogging on HealthCare issues this weekend, that post is down below to explain HOW the two plans put forth are so different. Obama's Plan is actually much closer to Edwards Plan ( even though Hillary keeps saying otherwise). But the Differences are important, and can be explained with clarity and simplicity. I will try to have up that post by Saturday Night.In the Meantime 'From the Left" has great updates on the Obama Campaign. And there is more Good News and info over at Lydia Cornells' Blog.

Pass the Flame. Pass the Hope.

(originally posted at 4am 2.1.08)


Susposedly just now at 2pm Hillary has FINALLY agreed to come to Cleveland to Debate Obama with Moderators Russert and Williams 2.26.08. She had been refusing due to being offended by Shuster's Comments. It is still sketchy HOW this came about, it will be on Channel 3 ( NBC). Now this is odd- NO Public tickets will be available, according to Channel 3's website. I will post more when I learn it.The Debate will be held at a Beautiful facility in Downtown Cleveland, part of Cleveland State University ( The Students are being told that they are not allowed or invited).


Thank You to ALL who Voted and Worked So hard to make this Such an Amazing Night. On to Wisconsin and Hawaii Next Week.
The Photo is from his Speech at College Park, an amazing photo. ( 18,000 Estimated Crowd). Please look at thread post below and you can see the Actual Counts. On the Obama website they should Post the Amazing Speech in Wisconsin, it was at the Kohl Fieldhouse BIGGEST Crowd ever held at that Site, 18,000. Amazing Night. Let's Keep this Momentum Going.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


First Off you need to know that my little neighborhood of Old Houses and Apartments has been wrestling hard with Winter Storms wiht Sub Zero Temps, Icey Weather, and Winds, and it did a number on Our Modem Hub- and 100's in my Little neighborhood were without Internet- or spotty internet, and spotty cable ( and cellphone troubles too). This all added up to Many Hours offline and Frustation. My Apologies....

While We await the Results tonight.
Some Reading:

(1) Do go to Huffpost and read about Hillary's MONEY troubles- I think they are more severe than we know, and have been apparently bad since Iowa. Also do read all the articles about her "new" Campaign Manager Maggie Williams. I think this is a HUGE issue that for some reason the Media is Barely touching....Do we really want Someone in office who can LOSE their Campaign Warchest on less than 4 weeks ? Please do read up on Ms.Williams she has a long history of being there to clean up messes from the Clinton Whitehouse years.

(2) In Cleveland Ohio there is a Debate Planned By NBC on 2.26.08, she is refusing to commit ( and yet a week ago she was demanding a debate a week). The Debate for Texas has been ALL planned- and is Feb 21st, and is on CNN and will be translated to Spanish and there will be a "CNN actor" as "moderator" for the debate ( this was announced on CNN today, I don't know what that means). She "says" that it is because of Shuster's "comments" , but I think she did not want to face HARD questions by Russert or Brian Williams.

Or maybe she does not want to come to OUR part of Ohio, since she does not think that the Urban environment will be favorable to her. I find it despicable that she won't come and Answer Questions in my adopted State, I wonder if she has written off my State like she did Louisiana ? and South Carolina. There are MANY Working Class Families that have lost Job Security, Jobs and Work, and HOMES , and Also more than 200 Military Men and Women have been lost in Iraq. There are Hard Questions that could be answered in Front of these Good People.

(3) Obama ads are running here in Ohio, about his mother and her death of Cancer, it is a really good ad, I will try to Link in title tonight.


REMEMBER THIS...He is doing well with the numbers, the 20 States that he has won- he has WON WELL.

I will be posting ALL results on Comments Thread during the night.


Keep the Faith. HAVE HOPE.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


TONIGHT OBAMA WON....Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Virgin Islands,he won by good percentages 60-67% to her 30's, and he won 90% of the Vote in the Virgin Islands. That is important as many Foreigners are watching in these Island Countries......and he gave an Amazing Incredible Speech in Richmond Virginia....People cheering and chanting and yelling.( I did not expect this from a Black tie Dinner Event in Virginia).
We still have the Maine Caucuses tomorrow....And the Cheasepeake Primaries in 2 days.

Two things to Consider:
(1) Obama has been Winning in Many Red States that McCain has won and Lost in...He can beat McCain...
(2) Someone needs to Assess HIS Support amoung VETS and Retired Military .....That might Explain some Huge Numbers he has had in Some Key Red States....It is a Demographic that No One has ever mentioned...

As long as he keeps focusing on bringing the Troops Home..Ending the War..and Universal Care For ALL- EVEN the VETS....and that he can Beat McCain. To All of those that are working the Obama Trail, thank you for all of your hard work and all of your phone calls and Blogging.....and Keep Giving, Every Little BIT helps.....A Huge Thank You to Everyone that Voted.

Friday, February 08, 2008


{Originally Posted 3am 2.7.08}
UPDATE SATURDAY 2.9.07: OVER A 100 BLOGS HAVE SPREAD THIS INFO THANKS TO MONKEYFISTER, PLEASE DO GO SEE HIS LATEST NEWS AND PHOTOS...thank you....and keep spreading the word.(The South and the Heartland has had a Terrible week between this the Storms, the Sugar Refinery Plant Explosion, and Shootings in NOLA and Missouri....we need to read out and help our Neighbors. His blog is,and he lives in Tennessee.Thank you.

We all in the Light of a New Day were able to see what the Horrendous Tornadoes left in their wake in the South....71 Tornadoes ripped through five States and wreaked Havoc on people's lives and killing dozens.I went through a tornado as a child, under a bed with my is Something you Never Forget, it is like being Run Over by a Freight Train..... We need to figure out ways to Help these families.MonkeyFister came to Skippy's Blog and is trying to help people in his area get through this, go to Skippy's he has all the Details, and Please do spread this idea to other blogs.....I reccomend Calling and Finding Out WHAT they Need and how you can help....Middle America is US.
( Please not these Southern States have very Little available as far as Guard and Vehicles and Materials, we are talking about less than 100 per State- in the 60's and 70's Hundreds of troops, trucks and generators would have been sent.)

Please write or call and find out how you can Help:
Mid South Chapter
Memphis, TN


*{click the title: "Lean on Me" Bill Withers}*

*{ My apologies I am having trouble with Blogger otherwise I would do the Links}*


Seattle , today Noon....20,000 People Strong for Obama Rally....Another 3000 outside that he also spoke to. Kris Gregoire the Governor endorsed Obama. His Website has more photos and also ANOTHER song...."Fired Up" by one of the Members of Pearl Jam.There were another 3000-5000 outside that also got to listen to Obama. It is amazing that whenever he shows up the lines go for blocks, and he still finds a way to speak to the Voters, so they did not wait for naught. ( They could have been turned away, but they are not, ever.).The Crowds just larger and larger to see and Hear Obama and his messege.His Speech was also live on 3 Seattle TV stations.

He explained His Healthcare Plan, Universal Healthcare for ALL that need and want it.( Hill was down the street, saying that it was NOT Universal Healthcare- very deceptive and Wrong. I hate it when Candidates bend the truth).

I am a Northwest Person So I felt very lucky to see the Event Live on, and live stream it, and it is also saved in their Video Archives.

*( Meanwhile this evening McCain held an event at the Westin Hotel, 800 showed up.
They had a lovely dinner}*

*** Please do read the Post Below about HEALTHCARE PLANS - scroll down, it does analyze both plans - it is a long post- but it explains all about Universal Healthcare and what is needed as seen by a Nurse of 20+ years ( On Obama's Blog he now has a Handbook that you can download that has ALL of his policies and programs and goals, so go check out his BLUEBOOK...Also please do see the post below- Skippy pointed out that the Storm ravaged South needs our Help.******


"Wisdom never kicks at the Iron Walls it can't bring down." Olive Shriener
originally posted 2.06.08
Barack Obama did Amazing last night , he WON 13 States. ( And it will be 14 if New Mexico is counted). MSNBC "perdicted" many elections way too early and they tend to "call" them based on the Exit Polls, instead of the Actual Numbers and Counts. Barack Obama in Some Amazing States that No One would have ever perdicted a month ago.
We have Many States and days to Go in this Battle to Save Our Country.
Do not lost Hope or Heart......

((( Amazing Video in Link, just Click it. Please do go to Thread below if you have Voting Story to share and also I have been tallying results in the Comments last night in the Voting Post below )))

Thursday, February 07, 2008


10,000 Strong in Omaha Nebraska, just like he did in Idaho and Kansas and Missouri.This is WHAT Change Looks like.....This is WHAT One Nation Looks Like.....This is HOW we get back the White House....1000's across the Country are Lining up to Make Change.

The Queen has a Empty Purse.....

So today we learned that Hillary has run out of funds for her Campaign....that her workers are "DONATING THEIR TIME"....hmmm, have we heard that before ? Oh, that's right...we heard it from that Rudy fellow....Oh, I am so glad that her Husband and she were able to give FIVE Million to THEIR Campaign...What a relief. This really bothers me, because she "susposedly" had 110 Million in Her War Chest as of the end of December, and then after Iowa she had approximately 28 Million, and then during New Hampshire she had about 10 Million Susposedly.... So where is ALL the Money ? I think if you are going to run the Country , you have to be able to be frugal and spend money wisely. And the Colonel Mustard Pantsuits and eye makeup should not cost that much - right? Am I being catty ? No. I just think while I am scraping and to pay for food and sky high heating bills and taxes soon, I have a right to worry about Money......

And I watched her on the talk Shows Last weekend, talking about how People that can't afford to pay for Health Insurance, she said "we will go after their wages"....that 's right WAGE GARNISHMENT for poor people who can not afford Excessively High Absurd Insurance Payments.....So when you hear her talk about MANDATORY HEALTH INSURANCE ....remember she had to lend her campaign money and HER PEOPLE are working for FREE right now...DO THEY have Healthcare ? Great the people who work for Her Own Campaign are not getting paid....Maybe this is Her" Reality Check".

***PLEASE READ THE POST BELOW: I wrote the post below that her money problems were something that bear watching, also People support candidates by giving. Barack has raised Money from lots of little people, $10 and $20 at a time....

((( Click the title "Money " by Pink Floyd )))

Hillary's Broken Piggy Bank: The "Reality Check" ( Originally Posted on 1.7.08)

{{Click the Title: Read Edsell's Article over at Huff Post about Hillary and her Campaign's Money Trouble}}
{{{This Post was originally posted On January 7th, 2008}}}
Is there Financial Trouble in HillaryLand ? There is an issue that I have not heard covered covered in the Media, it is being covered in Blogatopia with great scrutiny.

The other day I watched Andrea Mitchell question Terry McCaulliffe about Hillary's Fundraising and Money on hand for the next states. During this exchange it came out that there might indeed be problems. BIG Problems that might indeed be part of the "Panic" that was being felt over at her Campaign Compound.

Andrea asked HOW MUCH did her Campaign have before Iowa ? He said over 100 Million. She asked How Much was left when they came to New Hampshire, he said, "28 MILLION" ( Sadly it turns out that his math is rather fuzzy).Tim Edsell has the MATH over at Huffington Post, and It is NOT even 28 Million. It is somewhere between 10-15 Million , with "about" 10 Million left for the next Surge of her campaign.

Here's the thing, the one thing we have learned, it is VERY important to have a President that can and does Manage Money, and understands it, Bush taught us this like no other president. But as someone that lives on a tight budget, I look at this very concerned. HOW did the Hillary Campaign Blow through over 75 Million in Iowa. Iowa???? Her supporters and all Voters really need to think about that , it is too bad the MSM does not think it is worth investigating or covering. Maybe there was more to the Crying Game then we know.


Dear Barrack,
Please Please do NOT Give in to Hillary's Requests for Weekly Debates...She is Out of Money for Airtime and Ads.
Please stay involved with THE People, Everywhere you have gone with your Town Halls and reached out to People has been Wonderful for Getting YOUR Messege Out. She will have to figure out another way to get her OWN messege out....on her own.

If you are an Obama Supporter please do go to his website and his blog and Encourage him to remain Strong on this Issue.

Also while there are SUCH Huge Disparities regarding the Primary Issues ( Problems etc. in New Mexico and California) Please think about putting a messege of Reassurance on your Site to let people KNOW that THEIR Votes Count and that You and Your Team Cares and is working on the issues...



So I helped Some Math Professors track Voting Problems the other night.....And by 3am I KNEW that 2 states were having problems....and I was worried...but that is me...I worry...But the Numbers I was tracking were not really making sense...So then I got some emails about People trying to Vote Independent in California...Many Thousands are trying to Figure out if their Votes for Obama were indeed Counted all over California. If you are one of them, you are welcome to leave your story here and also please if you voted Independent in California go to Barack Obama's website and visit the National Voter Center and file your Concerns. Now the California Papers are already Investigating Problems there ( LA Times), but the MSM has been reluctant to touch this.

Other situation to WATCH Carefully is New Mexico, Today Governor Richardson and Others have an important meeting in NM due to some interesting problems there......Especially certain Counties...

I have One BIG Question....Is if Legal For People to drive around with Voting Boxes full of Ballots in their Car ???...Food For Thought...

( I will have more on this - hopefully by Friday afternoon if you want to leave Comment below or have voting stories that you want to share privately, please email me at


It was nice to have him contributing to their confusion , especially it was insane watching him and McCain WHO would keep us in Iraq the Longest....It bothered me that he was Funding HIS OWN campaign....Anytime that a Candidate has only his OWN Financial Support- that is concerning...He suspended his the Conservative Conference in DC today 9am....He did not get supported enough, he was not gunlovin' enough, he just was not a big enough War Monger? Or was it as simple as he didn't love Jesus in the right way? Pretty sad that is how a Leader is Measured...

But there will still be monthes to listen to WHO thinks he is is the most like Reagon....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We hope and pray that these storms abate today, but so far all the states are still going on...Here in Cleveland we have a Tornado Warning and Watch until 8:30am.It was a long and stormy night from the South all the way up to Ohio Valley to my area. All Mid South States involved and it started last night a little after 5pm. 3000 Students at Union University In Jackson, Tennessee, 1200 Students at risk, trapped in storms and debris. 45 People dead, hundreds Injured, and People still missing. Search Dogs being brought to the region.

I will update this thread later in day.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SHARE YOUR VOTING STORY....Thank You for Voting

"WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR" Hopi Prayer spoken by Maria Shriver at the Obama Rally in LA on Sunday

Have You Voted Yet today ? Share your Story ( you don't have to us WHO you voted for...) Here at Watergate Summer we just want to know HOW did it go....were there Long Lines ? Lots of Youth Voters? Did you have Machines? Paper or Electronic ? Thank You for Voting...

Did you have a Problem ? Were You A Independent and were not allowed to Vote ? Were You Given a Provisional Ballot for any reason ? If you had Problems Please do go to Barack Obama's Site and see the badge: NATIONAL VOTER CENTER FOR PROBLEMS
and report your Problem.

***{I am helping track data tonight for a Black Box Voting Group- so my assigned State is California- so if you are from California Please do share- especially problems or Odd Events}***

Monday, February 04, 2008


Look at this Video, and see us as ONE People, again...the aerials show the thousands that are a part of this movement.


*{{originally posted 2.2.08 hours after it first was posted on YouTube,now as of it has been viewed 4,448,507 times
imagine if each of these people shared it with 10 Friends and each of them 10 friends...and they all Vote for Obama}}*
" We are The Ones that We Have Been Waiting For" Hopi Prayer Voiced at the Obama Rally at UCLA by First Lady of California Maria Shriver.
Embrace Change , Embrace HOPE.....If Not NOW, When ? The Fierce Urgency of NOW......VOTE on Tuesday....Vote For Change.Vote For Hope.

**** Obama, Clinton, Ron Paul, and Huck on MTV at 6pm...MUST SEE. Also Obama is On Cspan Tonight, and Michelle OBama's Speech on CSpan 5pm

**** Must SEE Obama in Missouri , RAMS stadium, More than 25.000 are out on a Cold Saturday night In St Louis, they waited all day to see him....rerun on cspan in Sunday or on cspan 's Campaign Network Website. Sunday Am Obama is on CBS's morning show and also NBC with Lester Holt.

*******Michelle Obama will be in California with Caroline Kennedy and Oprah....Hope we get to see some of that.WOW.
Notes of the Rally:::They Spoke, all powerful women with Beautiful Messeges, and there were Amazing suprises, the First Lady of California spoke so eloquently and Caroline Kennedy speaking about her dad, and Oprah was strong, and Michelle is SO real. And even Stevie Wonder wanted to speak...about Obama. The Crowd was so diverse, all colors, all ages, all together in That Moment. Maria pointed out that Our Lives are Made of Moments.....this is a Moment.

[[[[Confession: I stole the Video with Great Gratitude I need to thank Gryphen is a Great Video!!!....]]]

*originally posted Sat.afternoon 2.2.08.....the Obama UCLA Rally is on tape at the Campaign please try to see it.*


Tonight In San Francisco at 7:30PM there is a Sold Out Concert to raise Awareness about Voting in the Primary on Tuesday. The Remaining Members of the Dead are getting together to Support and Honor Obama. Want to hear it ? Live Feed I think Jerry will be there in spirit.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Come and Visit, sit a bit, or scroll down and learn about Healthcare. I Blog Everyday Life, Politics,and Political Commentary and Reciepes, and About Vets, and Health Issues, and World Events....And I love adding NEW Blogs to the Blogroll....I always treat this Blog Like a Big Coffee Shop where people can visit and talk. So Enjoy Your Visit......

So Go See Skippy and Give him a Big Hug...and tell him you love his Blog and the Great Graphic Art that we all stole ;-)
For Many of us Skippy is the FIRST blog we read and the First Blog we ever Blogrolled, and then when we got blogrolled back- that meant alot. As a little blog, it made even the smallest most humble Blog feel like a BIG Blog. I am always grateful for any mention over there.....But I love going there anyways day or night, he has news or music that I missed.

In a couple of hours I will have my new Blog Amnesty Round Up Posted as I get ready for Superbowl...It will be hard, because I love my Blogroll, and it is full of wonderful Blogs......Check back....I will have it Posted....

I have a really wonerful Blogroll, and I want to say that so many blogs are wonderful, from SuzieQ, to Ramblings, to From the Left, to Busted Knuckles to NEWSGUY, to Redheaded Wisdom, to Morning Martini, to NEW Blog Ragebot, to Grubstreet, to Lydia Cornell, to Fallenmonk, to Blueberry to MauiGirl, but for the life of me I don't know which ones are big or little, they all are just favorite spots....I love my whole Blogroll, I spend much time tending it like a favorite Garden, and I try to give all of it my best attentions and love. Namaste.

( I was trying to do links, but my blog keeps crashing tonight- so the List is there for all to explore. My apologies. I will update the Blogroll with ALL New Links tomorrow..when I can get can get Geek help).


It was an amazing Game....WOW.....Beautiful Game...FINALLY .....None of us will ever forget THIS Game...
Click the Title...."Miracles"

( The Patriots played a wonderful game and season....thank you for all of the great games)

SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC....AND A TRIP TO SKIPPY'S...AND WAITING FOR BADTUX TO SHOW... here is The Story....I post alot of Music here, usually linked to Every Post...and when I am lazy on Friday and Saturday Nights I go to Skippy's, and I sit and listen to Tunes. And Poor Skippy, I am the pesty redhead Always pestering the DJ for 80's Music......So a few nights ago...I went over and there was this Wonderful Foreigner Song from the 80's, so I said so in the Comment Section, and I invited Badtux the Snarky Penguin to Dance with me. And then the Big Controversy Set indeed turns out that Not Everyone Likes the 80's Skippy Tonight posted FOUR Songs for the Snarky Penguin and I to Make Peace....and maybe Dance.

So Here I sit....all dressed up....Waiting...Let's See if that Snarky Pengiun Shows Up....
and you all Stop By and Give that DJ - Skippy lots of Applause...

Saturday, February 02, 2008


**( Not fit for Young Innocent Children)**
How the Ground Hog Scene REALLY went Down...Notes from the Little Bugger's Diary:
Dear Diary:
I heard Noises outside, excited Humanoids getting ready for their godamned perdictions, waking me so they can figure out if it is godamed cold out there. And I was told that Homeland Security might want to check my home for weapons or some kind of Terra Crap, so I am ready for the Idiots, all of them. I mean haven't they learned that you just don't Wake a Sleeping Rodent ? Assholes. So find I stuck my Godamned Head out and they learned that there was going to be 6 more weeks of godamned Winter- Heartless Bastards- someone should wake THEM and ask them HOW COLD IS IT ? !!! THINK IT IS GOING TO STAY COLD ? ?? So yeah, Now I am Armed because of these morons. I mean Bears are Armed, so Why NOT Me ?!!

Have a GOOD Rest of Winter , I hope you Freeze Your Dumb Asses off....



What Does Change Look Like ? Does it Look Like Long Lines of people stretching around and around blocks and down roads ? Does it look a beautiful quilt patched and woven of all ages and colors ? Does it look Black, White, Hispanic,Latino, and Native American and Old and Young, Men and Women, and Young People.I see as much White Hair as I see young hair. I see Poor People and People of Means, makes NO Difference. All of these People have watched what Bush did to OUR Country, ALL of these People want OUR Country back.This is OUR Time, there are NO Second Chances for this time. It is Time to End Dynasties, and Make New Government.

These photos are from New Mexico, and long long lines again as people waited to see Obama. The Media Never Shows this- because it is Too Inspiring , Too Hopeful. It shows the Strength of People Coming together Waiting in Line , Getting in Line to Make Change.

In the past 36 Hours., MoveOn.Org Endorsed Obama ( nationwide Membership of 3.2 Million, 1.7 Million are Voting this Tuesday). SIEU Endorsed Obama with a membership of 650,000 people. The LA TIMES endorsed him ( I don't think they have endorsed a Democratic Candidate in over 35 years).Native Amercian Times Endorsed Obama. Momentum is Moving and Roling Now.....People are Fired Up. Yes We Can has Meaning......It is Real People standing in Lines and Cramming Halls and Auditoriums. Share the Hope.

Tonight Obama is On MTV at 6pm, share this information with young people ( they probablly already know.).


(((( Click the title it is "Passing the Flame" really beautiful Video.))))

Friday, February 01, 2008


So all day the Media, Especially CNN and Wolf Blitzer's Pundits have been telling US, WE THE PEOPLE should think about having a Wonder Ticket, a Dream ticket. Wolf in a truly carnivorous fashion has all day been chewing THE DREAM TICKET idea like a warm carcass....We also to a degree have watched Chris Matthews do the same "I want a Happy Feel Good Ending".

( These are the same idiots last summer that said that Rudy and Fred Thompson would be in a Dream Ticket).

As Democrats we have watched OUR ELection Process and Whitehouse Stolen TWICE in the past Eight years, What the hell gives you the Right to think you can dictate OUR Choice of Candidate. How Dare You behave in such a fraudelent manipulative controlling manner, after all that we have suffered as Voters. Let US the People SELECT our Own Candidates, and maybe you could report the FACTS, instead of Humping the Agenda Some Corporation is handing you.

As a Voter and an American I am Fed Up. You lied about Everything the Past 8 years, so why you think you are powerful or relevant is beyond me. ( The List of your journalistic failures is staggering, from the Election Scandels, to 911, to the Illegal Iraq War and the WMD, to Plamegate, to Katrina...etc etc.). For Once just try to report the Facts and LET Us VOTE our OWN Minds and Hearts. And please come Super Tuesday Don't You Dare Perdict or PROJECT EARLY, LET THE FACTS TELL THE TRUTH.

( If this keeps up I will have to Elvis my TV....because these were the Same Idiots that Aired Bill Clinton's "Jesse" Statements and Hill's Lovefest with Mr BTV Johnson.....There has been some really Bad Behavior by the Clintons, Obama has struggled to keep the Focus on the Issues. And Edwards also was deprived of much Needed Airtime For Issues......We as the Voters have had's time for Wolf and Tweety to chew on their Agenda Carcasses Alone.)

****{{ Click the title: " Passing the Flame" an amazing video. Also NOTE KVATCH IS BACK...Go to blogroll- and see Rage Bot...he is back and better than ever !!! }}****