Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bain and Suffering : How Romney is Taxing Trust Levels of Everyone...

As this ongoing Bain saga has been unraveling I have had some interesting discussions with folks. At first people were saying " Well, is releasing his taxes a big deal ? " That question kept throbbing in my head. Yes, it is a big deal, because all of us work hard to pay our taxes and some of us even know what it feels like to be audited. But on another level, the fact that he WON'T release his taxes and does not feel compelled, really is unsettling.

Mitt is running for President of Our Country, why would he not want to be forthcoming, open and share of himself. Especially as a Proud Businessman, which is what he keeps repeating like a broken record. Wouldn't his Tax records show what an amazing businessman he really is ? Wouldn't his Records be a source of Pride ? And wouldn't he want to release them to also build Trust with those sorely sought Independents ?

And so the Bain Saga has continued over this past week to take a life of it's own. And instead of being out campaigning , hitting the Talk Shows. He made brief appearances on Friday News Shows, but really did not answer a single question. This weekend there were photos of him sitting by a pool with his son reading his iPad. This is when the Campaign heats up and he is sitting by a Pool ? And then his handlers released silly statements only inflaming the controversy, demanding an apology from President Obama and his team ? And the height of semantical arrogance, stating that Romney "Retroactively " resigned from Bain ? ( Which actually sounds like something even Palin would refudiate).

So while the Silliness squanders more and more of the news cycle, we are left to wonder would this rich pampered less than honest man be fit to lead this country, Our Country ? We have Real Problems still, a hobbled wounded recovering economy, Millions still seeking work , and millions more working in less than Living Wage jobs barely holding on. This rich pampered Candidate who can't even be compelled to provide proper paperwork to prove he is meant to lead this country does not realize the Battle here is not about Taxes, it is actually about Trust.

I am just a mom, a nurse, no Harvard Degrees what do I know ? All I know is when I grown man hides by the pool with his iPad, Something Smells....

Friday, July 13, 2012

99 Report for Friday July 13th Guests Rachel Lyn Brody of "HOT MESS " and Jason Leopold of Truthout

Today's show is at 3PM. We will have the return of certain segments : MittHappens, Occupy Compassion, Power of Five ( five things that the MSM is not really covering),Twitter Shout Outs and another stunning Moment of Clarity by Lee Camp. ( Be sure to see Lee's Website on the side bar as his New CD is out " Pepperpraying the Tears away").

In Light of the drastic weather patterns we have been seeing and ongoing discussion about man's effect on Climate Change and Global Warming Discussions we are having one of the authors of "Hot Mess" on the show.
Our 1st guest is Rachel Lynn Brody 3:10PM and she will be sharing about her Book " Hot Mess" a new book that explores Climate Change. She is an award-winning playwright, as well as an author, blogger and theater critic. Plays include Post, Playing it Cool, Mousewings and, in late 2012, Millennial Ex, a ten-minute play about marriage equality premiering at Glasgay 2012. Later this year, look out for original web series Unfamiliar Lives, co-written with and directed by Eric Sipple. Connect with Rachel on Twitter at @girl_onthego, or check out (and subscribe to) her blog at Hot Mess: speculative fiction about climate change can be purchased at Smashwords, Amazon, CreateSpace and Barnes & Noble.

Second Guest on The 99 Report is Jason Leopold. JasonLeopold Editor of Truthout and founder of The Public Record. ( You can find him on Twitter @jasonleopold) We are having him on today to share about his ongoing Investigative pieces on GITMO and the latest post revealing Prisoners being medicated with mind altering drugs,

{{ He was originally scheduled to be on on March for to discuss his current ongoing series regarding his FOIA that is revealing the Monitoring of the Occupy Movement. ( We also may be discussing some other timely issues such as GITMO and current projects and works of Truthout and The Public Record.) We continue to be amazed at his stunning FOIA investigative pieces this year. }}

MUST READ Of DAY : Jason's ongoing series on his FOIA regarding the Occupy Monitoring. Please read and do see the Video.

Jason's ongoing fine Journalism is part of my "Power of Five" Today ::::
(1) This Post about Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield on GITMO is a must read.....and was updated 1/9/12

(2) And this post from Nov.2011 is also shares perspectives from an Former GITMO Prosecutor.

(3) This November Post about the Pentagon Propaganda Video is also a Must read.

(4) This link is to the Interview with Leopold about his Interviews of David Hicks of Gitmo.

(5) This RT/Truthout Link is about Jason's Interview regarding NDAA and Ongoing Detention issues.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

The 99 Report Radio Show Returns Today with Guests Lee Camp, Joey Kirkman, and Col.Barry Wingard

Today’s Show Returns to Blogtalkradio at 3PM and I will be adding the Links and the Audio clip to this post later in the day.

Today’s Show has three amazing guests. At the start of the show we will hear from Lee Camp about his ongoing Moments of Clarity, and his Tour and his new smash CD “Pepperspraying the Tears Away”. Do see more at his website

Our second guest is Joey Kirkman who will be sharing his amazing Healthcare story, as well as telling us about his radio show down in North Carolina and his new non-profit. A tax practitioner by trade, part-time tour manager and full-time antagonists on the international show, Bully the Bullies, Joey spends most of his free time combating religious fundamentalism and enjoying time with his children. He is currently co-authoring a book with J.D. Shapiro, who wrote Robinhood – Men in Tights, about the harms caused by religious fundamentalism. Joey has managed comedy tours across the country with different entertainment companies and is the founder of Be the Miracle Network – a secular non-profit committed to activism. You can hear him confronting religious fundamentalism bi-weekly.

( There are three articles that explain this ongoing evolving situation that bears more watchful scrutiny and that I will be adding to this post). You can also read more at Barry’s Facebook page. I also recommend that you look for updates from Jason Leopold of Truthout as well as updates from Andy Worthington.

And finally we have Col.Barry Wingard who will be sharing the latest regarding his representation of prisoners at Guantanamo. There are developments to share as there have been Charges dropped against the Kuwaiti Fayiz, which is raising many questions and discussion as to what happens next for the Kuwaitis at GITMO.

( Please note I am trying to set up a New Blog/website for the 99 Report as there are ongoing problems with Blogger, so I will be adding the Links and photos and audio files during the day to both sites. Please bear with me while I make this transition. Blogger’s Layout has changed and links no longer work,. so this is an important change that I need to make to improve the show.)

More on GITMO:




#MittHappens Required Reading:

(1) The Vanity Fair Investigation Piece on Romney's Offshore Accounts,


(1) @Gottalaff and her New Parodies...I will post the Links later, but the Vagina one is very special

(2) @FlameGoddessLee Lee Ford is going to the Olympics and ParaOlympics she is an Archer so send her lots of love these next few weeks

(3) @DailyDimmick an amazing Aussie NewYorker who has Daily Videos that are inspiring and insightful and meaningful...( hoping to have him on the show before he leaves New York, but do Follow him and see his videos at )

(4) @WeActRadio and David Shuster for rocking ACA coverage

(5) @LeaderDog for their work and Services for the Blind

(6) Do follow and support @Shannynmoore for her work fighting for Bristol Bay #NoPebble against Mining this beautiful place...

(7) Prayers and Love and Light from the 99 Circle to @MaysoonZayid

"By The Way....Your Friends are people with you in your deepest darkness, not those who marvel when your star rises" from @CharlesBlow ( posted to twitter...very profound....)