Wednesday, December 28, 2005


And we ain't talking Birthday candles.
Okay, I admit that this is going to be my one of my most unladylike posts ...ever. ( okay- this week). Now to those with Moral Sensitivity or Delicate Constitutions ( or healing ribs and lungs- my friend in California), I apologize profusely. This will give some a brain cramp... Now that being said....


Now that you think the Enigma needs a straight jacket or a stiff one ( a drink that is). Let me explain the "thinking" behind this little Revelation. I am Really Confused how this leader that Condones and Orders Propaganda and Torture and Secret Prisons and is Clearly a Racist , and is now shitstomping across the Constitution with his I'm-a-bad-ass-tough-guy-but -geesus-lovin-son-of-a-bitch-Corrupt Cowboy has admitted SPYING ON 1000's of Americans, and intends to Continue DOING IT. And the media SAT on the Story for OVER a year , because HE asked them to ???!!! And Now we KNOW it was DATA MINING, and that ALL International Communications were MONITORED and SOME WERE even Intercepted. ( AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS OKAY WITH THAT? DON'T THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE BEING MONITORED AND SURVEILLED TOO????)

So here is my thinking : 1000's DEAD, WMD LIES, lies, 100's of lies Exposed ,lies, Corruption Exposed at MULTIPLE come-to-geesus GOP levels,1000s spied on WITHOUT ANY LEGAL JURISDICTION, 1000's dead AFTER Katrina, lies, Civil Rights Trampled beyond Recognition, lies,PLAMEGATE AND ESPIONAGE, 74,000 PTSD suffers on Disability, 1000's Dead Iraqi's and Americans....Please tell me I don't have to keep going here- that you are already on the Impeachment Bus...( cause frankly my hand is getting tired).

So here is my thinking, WHERE is the Main Stream Media ? This weekend the NYT sank to ALL NEW low ( I know , I did not think that was possible...but). They had a POLL ( no, not about IMPEACHMENT) but about DATING A REPUBLICAN. OMG- just when I thought that Nothing would make me throw up so early in the Day....And WaPo won't DO an Impeachment Poll because it isn't JUSTIFIFED YET???

So go ahead climb on the
  • Impeachment Bus.

  • So I have decided that the "liberal-kiss-my-ass" Coffin that they rode in on is just not big enough. It is Time to Examine some Recent History. ( IS there Anyone out there THAT really thinks the Media ain't Bought and Sold ?....I didn't think so).

    Now President Clinton could do No Right. He left with the Books in order,didn't even have to rob the poor, and didn't go Bomb anyone for OIL or any other handsome lie, and didn't flood us with fake religous speeches ( I admit they were long winded and better than sleeping pills).

    WHAT got him Impeached? Or led to the Hearings ? ( after years of fake little Investigations by Mr.Starr, and 200 FBI agents and 40 million dollars). What got him in trouble was that he fell for a fat chick that lived at the Watergate, and yeah, he should not have even thought twice when he saw WHERE she lived, but ....Hey she probally was willing to fix him chicken and bisquits,and kiss his grits any time he wanted.and let's be honest guys, Who looks like she has better chicken? Hillary or Monica? ( Okay the truth is I am not a Huge Hillary fan...more on that another time).

    Now I don't support Affairs, and I don't think that anyone who goes down that path doesn't realize that certain Risks aren't Inherent. But on an interview and in Bill's Book he does indeed explore WHY he did it. He has also been asked WHY and he always comes clean ( now). He says it was the WORST REASON, because he COULD. That means he Understood that it was Hubris, doing something that was granted by huge powers, and that did Not make it Right. Now if you ask Most Right Wing Nuts WHY Bill was impeached, some will say it was because he Screwed Around in office, and some will say it is because he Lied about it. ( Neither answer compared to WHAT we are living with NOW makes ANY sense and frankly seems ludricous, I mean he didn't LIE about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION OR TORTURE ANYONE or ejaculate us into a War).

    *** [ okay about the torture Hillary might not agree..sorry]

    Okay, So here is What I am saying let's get this friggin show on the Road, Let's get Dubya a Blow Job. I mean it, let's just get it over with. And I don't mean no farm animals or domestic creatures ( Libby style). I mean some big ol' Buxom Babe with Breasts that reach from now 'til'tuesday, with Teased UpTexed Up Hair and Stilleto Heals, and That she bat her ol' eyes like Harriet and that she talk like Karen Hughes and walks like Condi. That she Turn Him Fucking On like lites at Christmas.

    I mean the way that Poor Laura has been dolling herself up and that Prozac Glow her eyes have, we Know that she ain't getting Any. So what the Hell, let's send in Some Honey. And let her wear a BIG ol'gold Cross and say things like "Lord Have Mercy,ohhhh geeesus, I never have seen one that big...." ( she is talking about his eyebrow- but we don't need to know the details). After all Letterman Calls it Bush Magic, oh, let her Feel the Magic. Oh, just let her coo and let the Shock and Awe begin.

    And then just like True Swiftboat fashion let her brag about it at the Beauty Parlor and to ALL her girlfriends, and then let it spread and spread.Hell let it spread through the White House "like Reporters Gossip". And that in true White Trash Style she Saves all the stained garments. ( I am sorry but of all the revelations of that whole debacle that was THE Thing that really grossed me out, Monica SAVED the stained Dress- ugh). And the BEST part, let her be a cousin of Jerry Fallwell, graduate of Bob Jones, and have a brother that is a Producer at FOX. ( Okay it is a fantasy after all..sigh).

    Okay I am worried that THIS is WHAT IT will take to Bring this Bastard in Residence to his Knees...and give us back Our save What little is left of Our Democracy.

    Now I am a Patriotic Woman, but I ain't his type....But I am one of the Invisible....too bad...Because someone should really Give One for the Country...And then MAYBE we could get the Impeachment Proceedings Started....
    Because Every Day is One Day Too Late....

    UPDATE 12-27-05 9PM
    (1) Must like" Hard Work"
    (2) Must be a praying woman
    (3) Measurements must be????
    (4) Must be VERY patriotic-willing to do it for the Country
    (5) Must Like Clearing Brush
    (6) Must be able to hold her liquor ( and hide it well)

    SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED....( oh go on be very know you want to...)


    Reposted from December, this is a friendly reminder of What this Blog Means. I have once again had some problems with trolls and the trolls followed me home from some other blogs, so I am explaining my rules of little cafe.I blog about WHAT matters, and I encourage people to come here for thoughful posts and people are welcome to come for dialogue. That being said Trolls are not welcome, or tolerated and will be swept away as soon as their presence is known. All of us cope with much in our lives, this little blog should be a place to feel supported and meet and greet with like minds and souls.It should be a place that is one of comfort, a respite from todays troubled times.

    The original post is below.

    I have thought alot about this Blog , and What it Means, and Where it is going. And Why I keep it going. And Yes, I was contemplating a name change, but it is destined to remain named the Watergate Summer. ( Especially now that it is No.1 when you google Watergate Summer !).

    [Even though Google has labeled it "Questionable Content", oh how they flatter me...]

    This Blog is many things, I want it to be a place where you can come to get a cup of Hope, and maybe sit a spell and Think, and sometimes laugh. And yes , somethimes I write about Things that Matter like our Kids,VETS, Homeless, and yes other times I call our "leader" a Dickhead, and that he needs a blowjob. You will never hear me call him my President, because he isn't My president. And yes, sometimes I will make you cry and sometimes I will definently give you a laugh. We need to stay Connected and Know that there is Still Humanity left in this country. We are at a CrossRoads, and what happens over the Next Year will Determine the Fate of our Democracy. I am not being morbid or cryptic saying that. We all know it is True.

    And yes, in a way this Blog is a Cafe, a place to nurture and take care of each other, to get through this time. I welcome visitiors and yes Rude Trolls will be sent packing, and not tolerated. This Blog is to take care of all of us, and I can't take Care of Ignorant Fools, they have their own cafes. And because I am a nurse, yes, if you are sick or under the weather I will nag, that is just the way it is.

    I started it as a place to vent, and so I wouldn't yell at the TV so much, and so my head wouldn't explode. Some of you have said I am passionate, that is true. You mess with my kid, my neighbors or my friends and you will know that the I am not to be trifled with. I was raised by Southern Women, not the wilty delicate kind, the kind that cuss, tell great stories, and drink bourbon. They also, thank heavens taught me about Southern Men that lie and scheme. ( They taught me how to play poker and chess).They also taught me Values, about Liars and Thank You Notes. They gave me a Code. A Code I can't and won't break.

    And yes, over the past few weeks some of you have learned that the Enigma has a past, a darker place , and has been through Too Much.Sane but wounded. And don't be alarmed if I chose you to hear my tale, even bits of it, I want the Truth Known. And yes, I have been through Hell, and yes, believe it or Not , The Administration played a role in my past five years. And it is not a pretty story, and yes , it has left me cynical and judgemental. But I know What I lived was Real and I know Who was Responsible, and I know that me , a mom and a nurse will never be the same. I can't be and I shouldn't be. But if I have shared even part of my tale with you , know this it is because I thought you needed to Know that this Country is indeed in trouble. I don't expect Sympathy, or Heros, just Humanity.That is all.

    It is about Endurance, about What we teach our children. It ain't Rocket Science.
    We are at a Place in History where we will need to Shake the Trees, to shake out the Truth. Our Kids will thank us later.

    So come here to laugh, to cry, and learn a thing or two, and share, and maybe even learn from each other. And yes, the Enigma is at times Fragile and at times on Fire, but will do her best to have a cafe that gives you Something...Something to hold onto....Hope.


    So last week over on FireDogLake and Shakespeare Sister they were playing this old game, is a list game....but a nice break from Everything....for us Bad People:

    [[ Please play and have a good time....Enigma has to take a couple days off and clean the Cafe...the Dusty Bunnies- a whole Herd of them are threatening a coup...and have chased off my Cleaning Gnomes Goodenuf and Slacker, so I have to handle the Coup all by myself...wish me luck. I'll Be back by the New Years Eve. ]]

    I will go first....

    Lifeguard,watiress( had to pay for nursing school),nurse,and research ( environmental/health forensics)
    ( okay mom counts a job)

    too tooo many..but will try later...

    Truthout, Alternet, The Guardian, and some asian journals....

    Vermont,California Coast,NW/Puget Sound, DC area
    ( and yes, now Lake Erie.... Florida and New Mexico- long ago)

    ( NOLA long ago...)

    Italy,Bali,Thailand,Japan, India

    Real Pasta, Key Lime Pie, Anything Thai, Anything Curry

    Anything Hitchcock, To Kill a Mockingbird ,Film Noire, Mixed Nuts

    To kill a Mockingbird, Silent Spring,Zen &the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance,Profiles in Courage

    Seinfeld, Countdown, Office, LOST

    anything U2,Anything Peter Gabriel, Coldplay,

    David Letterman,Bono, George Clooney ( yeah-right), Maya Angelou
    ( and yeah Anderson Cooper..don't laugh..he did Katrina right..)

    (well some Fitz indictments and arrests would be nice too)

    Time at the beach, an agent , better publisher and ???? I am drawing a blank.....
    ( a full night of sleep- just once)

    Clocks ( Coldplay)
    Iris "Remember My Name" (Goo-goo Dolls)
    Calling All Angels ( Train)
    In Your Eyes ( Peter Gabriel)

    Monday, December 26, 2005


    Tonight the Patriots and the Jets play the Final Monday Night Football. I am stunned , this is tradition, more than Apple Pie, or Dick Clark on New Years Eve, it is like losing a relative....I am not even a huge Football fan, I confess I am Basketball Fan. (Don't bother me during March Madness)....Ekk gads What will this do to Hotdog Sales, and Doritos, and Heaven have Mercy - Beer...
    I just want to know what idiot decided over at Disney to abandon this part of American Culture ? There will be Curses and Toasts passed about at Art Donovan's tonight....( To all the great players I have met Art to Brunell- this ain't right) Thanks ABC for 35 Great Years....

    Sunday, December 25, 2005

    Christmas 2005: Pumpkin Soup, Pancakes,Popcorn & Promises

    Christmas was very quiet at Enigma's urban loft. The Xena warrior princess kitty ( who thinks she is a dog) and Lilly the deaf barkless Basenjii ( who thinks she is a cat) took turns lying in front of the fire. It rained by Lake Erie and there was a dingy grey haze that enveloped the city. And the temperature rose to 38 tropical degrees. ( and after the below Brrrr Zero of last week- we were beyond happy for the tropical 30's). It was Pumpkin soup, popcorn, and pancakes.Our little tree is up in the corner with 20 years of reglued handmade sentimental ornaments.The ornaments are just part of a larger broken picture.

    It was a very quiet Christmas. The last Christmas was spent in a old rotting Victorian Rooming House on the California Coast in a 20X10 Room with a very sick Enigma and a dying marmalade cat named Philo. It was rainy and windy and awful and just one more Christmas in a Strange place. This is our forth Christmas in a different place....a strange not quite Home place. A refugee In My Own Country. And yeah due to being sick and not working much, the old Enigma Christmas budget was small....too small. Many people had this kind of Christmas.

    In 2001 I blew the Whistle on a big bad Evil Chemical Company to the Federal Government, I had done a County Wide Health Survey and the Results were staggering. I did it because I had sick neighbors and friends and It had to be done. I never thought twice What would happen next. I never thought my government was part of the collusion , the poison. This year the Big Evil Company sold Billions under price and they did stop all their dangerous polluting on the little contaminated town,even though they left their toxic mess behind. I never thought that IT would change Everything Forever. I was wrong.

    The Big Company was pissed and the Government , this administration was not happy with the lil' nurses data and her complaints. The Company also had a long lasting relationship with the Bush Family, but I did not know that.The Nurse was harrassed and threatened, and she kept having to move her little family for safety. It didn't always work. I know most citizens don't Believe Their Government would spy on them or tap their phones, or look at their Library records or medical records.All agencies are being used, and misused to do this to 1000's of citizens. I am not paranoid, just pissed and really tired. Most people are naive like I was, but now I know what it feels like to be poked and prodded. I know also what the it feels like to be Abandoned by the Federal Government and be mistreated by Federal Authorities and have Trust demolished. I have complete empathy for the folks of Katrina...and the Aftermath they have experienced.

    *** If you want to know more about the Enigma tale , it is under Silent Fallout over on my links, ( yes, I blogged my book) the intro, and other chapters over time will be up for interested readers.If any of you know a Good Agent I am interested. Please leave me messeges on watergate summer.***

    But this year I am with my son, and our little dog and cat and we have a nice dry apartment. And that is Something to Treasure. I watch the folks , the Survivors of Katrina and the Tsunami, and the 1000's that have lost jobs and homes these past 4 years and I know that Change has to come. And I know that I have much to be grateful for, no matter how small they may seem to others...

    And yes, our Christmas was pancakes and popcorn and promises to my son. Because Promises are all I had to give. But with Promises I give Hope and Faith for a better future...
    Blessings and prayers to Blogatopia. Namaste.


    So if you read the Enigma Christmas piece...
    You read about the Soup- Pumpkin Soup.

    **so here is the Secret Receipe...shhh**

    2 cans of Pumpkin Puree
    2 cups of water
    1 cup of Amaretto Creamer
    butter ( 3 tablespoons)
    1 tablespoon sour cream

    2 cloves garlic- sliced thin and lightly sauteed and then added to soup.

    This is my new favorite soup- I plan to eat it until I am sick of it. It didn't Look very tasty, but myohmy.

    Simmer on the stove, and when it is smokey and steamy , add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.
    Sprinkle with nutmeg, cinnamon, and sprigs of fresh basil and cilantro.

    Now about the Creamer, you could also add regular Cream and even some real Amaretto. But I didn't have
    any Real amaretto...but be creative and explore it.

    Served with buttered bread, or fresh bisquits or warm buttered cornbread it is Heavenly. Enjoy.


    Christmas Eve I ran into Jarad and he was Singing Amazing Grace, with a pretty good voice. And in the Grey wet stillness it was echoing off buildings and sounded sweet....

    In an earlier post I wrote about Robert, the Homeless Iraq Vet and how he hung out in the little park near where I live and where I walk my dog. I also mentioned Jarad, another Vet in that piece about Homelessness and PTSD and Vets. Jarad was in Iraq I, and has PTSD and self medicates a bit with alcohol, and that means he isn't always allowed to sleep at the shelter. And he has sort of a job, he calls himself a MetalMan. Here in Cleveland and in other cities around the country ( Baltimore,Pittsburgh ) Impoverished are finding a new way to make money.Used to be people collected cans and went to transfer stations to get money. Now it is Metal, any kind, copper gutters, ribarb and plaques off old abandoned buildings. We have this giant hole across the street where the City is I think trying to fix some kind of problem, it has metal sheeting and rods holding the hole together, and letting the Steam out and keeping the dirt and debris from falling Into the Hole. It is a Hole of about 20X10 feet.

    Jarad had his old rattley grocery cart with him and had already harvested some placards and old rusted gutter pieces. I tried was trying to explain that he should not pull the metal that was holding up the barrier around the Hole. He was nice about me pestering him in his efforts, and I realized that he was just doing "his" job, and that my Engineering Rationales don't mean much when someone is Broke and Hungry. I knew that when I came back walking the dog, that the metal rods and more would be gone. My arguments were wasted breath.

    And I came home and found an email from the Edwards, so nice and very kind. And it had a photo of them, and John looks young, but his eyes are so tired and old. And Elizabeth looks tired and ever hopeful. And there were the words that I had just heard Jarrad, the Metalman singing as he salvadged Metal.

    "Through many dangers, toils, and snares, we have already come.
    Twas Grace , that brought us Safe this far.
    Grace will lead us Home."

    And the E-Card wished Grace....

    And I was struck that I don't KNOW what Grace is anymore, not really. I wish I did. But it is lost to me.
    IS Grace something I can still find....And if it is a Place...
    I need a better Map or a Guide....

    Friday, December 23, 2005




    As of 11:30pm 139,838 have voted, and 85% have voted YES; "BETWEEN SECRET SPYING ,DECEPTIONS,LEADING TO WAR,THERE IS PLENTY TO JUSTIFY PUTTING HIM ON TRIAL ? ( yes or no, or others)

    {WHOA that is one big lump of coal, considering most people were out eggnogging and last minute shopping),
    or Google MSNBC + Impeachment poll
    update : 8am 142,900 have voted, still 85% for Impeachment

    Merry Christmas ......

    Thursday, December 22, 2005


    .....with a smile.So let 's get to it.

    As some of you know the Enigma has been in a Really Bad Funk, some of it due to Snot Freezing Lake Erie Weather and some of it due to the King's Illegal Secret Spying Program. But thanks to some incredible blogging minds and due to some Big Fat Lumps of Coal in the White House Stockings I am feeling a little more positive....It is true that I hit my head getting cookies out of the oven earlier, but I intend to enjoy this head throbbing giddy glee for a little bit longer... hell ,even ten whole minutes.


    Okay, I know that sounds particularly dirty, or like something Scooter or Lynne Cheney would have in their Literary Wonders. Sorry to dissappoint. But here is what I mean. Earlier tonight I took my little Lilly dog for yet another popsicle walk in the Frozen Lake Erie Tundra and while we walked and skidded about I had a few little epiphanies. Poor Lilly is still having trouble with the ice- she looks like Bambi wide legging on the Black Ice as we cross the street. So we get to her little park and we have what I can only describe as a Ralphie Moment from a Christmas Story....I was walking along and suddenly I looked down and noticed that Lilly was not moving and she had her head down. But then I noticed she had her mouth open. She had found an old French Fry Under about two inch Chunkette of ice, and her tongue was stuck to the ice. Now while I debated taking my cellphone and calling 911 ( and how thrilled the Fire Department was going to be with the dumb redhead...) My Brilliant dog somehow got her tongue uncemented from the ice.

    And while I was laughing at her , it occurred to me....isn't this like Bush in a way ( well, except we know that Lilly is Much Smarter). The More he licks at the I-Gotta-have -me-more-spying-power SaltLick, he is getting himself into all kinds of Trouble. He has licked so Hard at it and it is Hard Work, that he is Stuck now, Don't you think? And it isn't little trouble, it's Yur-Daddy-can't-Save-yur-ass-on-this-one Trouble. How big is the Ol' Trouble ?
    Well, well Let's Count the Lumps of Coal , shall we....

    So it Leaks out this week that Americans may have been spied on Illegally, by our own government,and gee not by the FBI or some other Homeland Security Special Task Force, but by the NSA. And Bush comes out this week and gives a little "I-Am Here- to-assure-you "speech about how it was ONLY foriegn emails and phone calls with TERRAIST connections...hmmm, color me paranoid, but gee I bet not. So now 36 hours later, ooops, it turns out that well, it was NOT just Foriegn Soil emails, it was ALSO Domestic Emails ( no shit ). And now here is what is so interesting, READ Jay Rockefeller's Secret Hidden Handwritten letter to Mr Cheney about the New Program, and read what was causing him worry, it was about BATCHES, AND IP NUMBERS. Hmm, were they Data Mining? ( I don't think Warrrants cover that ? ) Or were they just requesting LARGE Batches from Broadband Companies ( Does the FCC Allow That, can we ask Powells son? - I mean Janet's Breast wasn't allowed to see daylight ), and HOW DID they KNOW Which Batches to get IF THEY WEREN"T ALREADY SPYING ???? And Jay's letter talks about Interception. Well, I don't think reading an email is the same as TAKING IT AND PUTTING IT IN A SECRET SAFE SOMEWHERE NOW IS IT ???

    Now if he already had the Expanded Powers of the Patriot Act , and was using the FISA court like a Carry out Resturante, and Homeland Security had Secret Special Task Forces doing some of the scut work, and the Pentagon was Spying on the Real Threats of Vegans and Cookie Baking Grannies- WHY would he need more Spypower ? Maybe because he was already doing the spying on a larger scale, and needed a way to continue his activity...So what does it mean when a President spies on SO MANY ( besides the fact that he is maybe Beyone Paranoid ?) This is not about protecting me or you is it ? It is about HIM being real scared of Something?
    Something like what ? Like People knowing he is Corrupt and Lying About a Phony Oil Driven War? Gee , that might be a way to Spy on them nasty Writers, and those Damn Enviromentalists,and those Damn Democrats, and those Damn Quakers,and those Damn Liberals, and those Damn Anti War Defeatists. This is NOT about Protecting Anyone, and NOT about Osama or Terra anymore.

    (2) So earlier today we learn one of the FISA Court Judges is resigning over concern over Warrants that were written , that the Secret Program might have been used to issue those warrants. And then in Thursdays' WAPO it is revealed that the FISA Court and Judges might not have known about the Secret Bush Program....oooops. JUDGES DIDN'T KNOW ???..... that is a little different then they were not comfortable , hell , they didn't know??!!! So does that mean for THREE years they were writing warrants based on ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE- ( well, gee that is a Violation of the Constitution's 4th amendment, altough the 1st Amendment might be in there too).
    **** Here is an Off Topic Observation: Every Time the President gives a speech the Flag is right behind him, but it NEVER has the Olive branch - it is ALWAYS the and see if I am right....Hat-tip to my son for that is haunting.****

    And then to top it off, we also learn this week about the ACLU and 2330 pages of FOIA that show that all kinds of folks were being surveilled- Environmentalists, Poverty Advocates, and time will tell who else.( Greenpeace, and PETA of course). Does anyone think this is sounding like an ENEMY"S LIST ? ( and how come when ever they give these speeches about the Homeland Threats, and lists, they never mention Hate Crimes against Muslims? or the NeoNAZIS ? or the KKK ? and these are alive and well in Certain States)

    And we also learn that there were multiple speechs given Supporting Renewal of the Patriot Act, and even ON FILM, where he says no rights were violated and that the Constitutional Rights were upheld. ( Dates: 4-20-04, is the best footage so far. I will post the other dates at the end if someone is having cpsan urges)

    (3) So the Patriot Act didn't get kicked through after all, so today he came shitstomping across the Lawn and gave a little snippy-pissedoff-ginnedup- speech about how the Patriot Act expires January 1st and that we all are going to be in Danger if we don't pass it, the Terrorists are gonna Lurk and get us. So Osama is going to "Get" Us because George can't find another way to spy on HIS OWN enemies? Does he think we're stupid or paranoid like him? He will sure drag those 3000 exploited 911 corpses out every chance he gets. ( godforbid Someone, Anyone brings up the Hidden 15,000 Fresh corpses of NOLA and Katrina, shhh )

    [[ So WHO helped him come up with the Secret Program Mis-Using NSA and FISA ? Was it Gonzo? hmm, or maybe it was our favorite Church Lady- Harry ? Or was it Soaring-like-an Eagle Asscroft ? George Curveball Tenet? ( shh,yes) Did Chertoff of Homeland Security Fame KNOW about this Program??? Take your pick folks....Or maybe it was ALL of them.

    NURSE NAG :::: So I am going to say this- please keep calling Senators, Media, ANYONE , write letters do what ever you can MAKE NOISE....our country needs us to save it. I have said this before, and I will say it again, If Paul Revere was alive today he would be a blogger.....

    (4) Conyers deserves a Huge Gold Star and a Hug, read up on his work and DSM that came out yesterday, most Big Brass Alliance already know. And hey - he too has put forth the Impeachment Option, on the Table now with relation to the War and DSM.

    (5) FINALLY FINALLY the Senators are finding their Brass Ones and Just in friggin time....Now if they can just Not drop them Again....

    Okay I am going to stop counting for now....and get ready to count more tomorrow.Please Santa Bring us a little Coal every day for Ol'Big Brothers Stocking at 1600 Pennsylavannia Ave.

    As Tongue in Cheek as this is...We are living in a Police State, and some of us have already experienced Surveillance . 1000's will end up having been on Enemy Lists. Suspect for What? Do we want to find out How Many this President is Capable of?
    THIS IS IMPEACHABLE.....High Crimes and Misdemeanors are Real and Happening in your Country.... We Need to take back Our Country.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005


    Did anyone watch the Katrina Hearings ? I know the MEDIA SHOW we are susposed to watch this week is the Bad-Dictator- Saddam Trial, it's being displayed on all the channels and properly spread across the Media like Fresh Buffalo Manure. And I know that the Bird Flu and the Broken Borders Crap are also being broadcast in Classic Diversional Fashion. Not me I scrambled to find the Katrina Hearings, and they were well worth the search. ( Check C-Span- there will be late night re-runs) They were beyond Amazing. First off we need to give some Brass Ball Awards to the fine people who come forward to DC, and testified to what they saw, heard, and the Extent of Misery that was experienced by those in NOLAZONE during Katrina . These Fine People testified to the Arrogant at their Prescious Comfort Zone in the Marbled Halls of DC. They were eloquent and lyrical, even riveting in their descriptions and testimony.

    And my-oh-my some of these "fine" reps had a Come-to-Jesus moments during these Hearings. The "R" word came up and the "P" word came up. Oh-Holy-Shit these men in suits did indeed turn many shades of paler pasty pale. ( oh ,and yes the words that came up over and over was Racism and also Poverty , echoing like shockwaves in this little Republican Shark Tank, because the Democrats are boycotting these hearings, geez, I sure as Tuesday hope that someone taped it or TIVO'D for them).

    *NOTE TO READERS ( ALL 4 OF YOU) : Please do not be offended by reading this post. If I speak disparagingly of the Men in Suits on the Hill, please note that it is directed at their apathy and lack of concern for their fellow Americans. And yes, I am very worried that Color did indeed play a signifigant role in the Katrina Disaster. I am not the only one that has pondered WHAT IF the Disaster had Struck a Mostly White Upscale Golf Community in Florida- would things have been different ? I think we know the answer......hmmm, and Imagine that- the Katrina Hearings are not on cspan today....I wonder why. And the White House is to be supoenaed next week for the Documents that have been witheld up until now.My anger is not directed in White Men in Suits, just The White Men in Suits on the Hill- who appear so stupidified and confused.

    There were some Priceless Moments:

    (1) So Shay of Connecticutt asks, for some friggin' unknown reason, " Can we hear some examples of Good or Hopeful events that came of this Disaster"
    ( oh, yeah as we all watched TV during that week from HELL, that was the first thing that I thought of after CNNing for 6 days straight....)
    So one of the panel members , who is an attorney says " Well, I know that seeing the Looters feeding the Hungry was an Inspiring Sight."
    There was a collective THUNK as the white men jaws hit the table.
    And then the Lawyer explained about the Looters and why it happened, and the whities sat and scratched and squirmed , realizing that maybe asking for Heroic HAPPY Patriotic WHY I LOVE America tales was not a bright move.

    (2) Mama Dee is my new hero, this woman is the Lifeblood of NOLA, and she is the Queen of Integrity. She laid it out for these men, she rendered them speechless, Godsmacked and bewildered. She explained in her own way what the hell went wrong and is still wrong in NOLA and she did indeed bring up the R and the P words, alot. And after she was done there were grown men with hankies drying sweat and tears. She is so sharp she carefully and oh-so-subtley kept reminding these Repugs that yes-indeedy that there was mountains of tapes, video and interviews and photos showing what happened that week, alot of it that was on TV and some that wasn't. For those who don't know her, she is an Amazing Fine Woman, interviewed over and over on many channels and by Anderson Cooper and others. She is Courage in Motion. She is a longtime Community Activist, and her house was The Hub of Rescues, survivors and Response. Food to Boats this is a One-Woman-FEMA. And the media and rescue people alike went to her house as a sanctuary and for meals. Her full name is Dyan French Cole, but everyone calls her Mama Dee. She was full of stories, some would make any mama 's heart flutter. And others she told with sardonic wit and careful humor. She told about FEMA?RED CROSS and Military Air Dropping Barrel of Hard Rock Candy that was Expired. ( Geez, they should have airdropped Dentists also). And she gently chided them " It wasn't just poor black folk, it was also poor white folk. So it is still Racism, not all of it was about color, it was also about socioeconomic status."

    (3) Ms. Cynthia McKinney, rep. of Georgia showed up and listened and asked questions, the Democrats that didn't show looked arrogant. They should have listened to these tempest tossed souls with harrowing tales. As a Democrat I am embarrassed that such a stupid path was taken, it solved nothing and accomplished nothing, but was one more insult to the Witnesses to look at the Empty chairs before them.
    ( And have the Democarats Done ANYTHING to investigate this mess, or did they go to sleep on this too?)

    (4) Horror Stories were shared about the Missing, and Still Missing. And the truth about the Dirty cops, and the missing young boys down there. And the Horrors of being poor and sick and black and not being ABLE TO EVACUATE. ( What is it about these men, they can't understand that not everyone can go climb in their lexus and shimmy up the Coast and hang out in the Marriot for a few days, WHY OH WHY can't they wrap their heads around that???) And the Witnesses did also point out that WHOLE Families are STILL Missing. ( Now yes, we know that Enigma has been ranting and raving on this very issue for monthes, but according to the Hidden Numbers and my earlier posts, more than 12,000 adults and 2,661 children. And in my head that is like THREE Twin Towers falling all at once, and all of us just walking the other way).

    (5) And the last point that was brought up and is still disturbing and gave me pause and shiver, and actually made the little panel Extremely Uncomfortable. The Witnesses reported that in the 9th ward Explosions were heard.( I have read this on Blogs as well...but I had never heard it said OUT Loud). They said that many people heard and then the water rose all that night. They also said that people were wondering if the Levees failed or if something blew them up or damaged them. It was also said that the pumps went off. ( Why did the pumps go off- were they nuclear powered? And what about Nuclear Plant there- we have never heard if it was turned off or not- there were conflicting articles online that week , and yet NOW all the articels are GONE off the Internet- ALL of them have been removed.) Questions about the Explosions and about the Power Plant were actually not answered with any authority or accuracy.And I have tried to find out, but it does not appear that Entergy the Power Plant has had to appear at the Hearings, and they should. And I also wonder if the Army Corp has to appear and answer questions???)

    (6) And I have another Question, Brownie and Chertoff certainly had to plant their behinds in the Hot Seat, when is Uncle Dick or the King 's turn? I have a case of popcorn , I am ready. And I know we have not seen the Lord of Darkness or the King with live humans- unless it is to press militarized Flesh.

    (7) Another Higlight was Lawyers describing that the Superdome, the Causeway, and the Convention Center became Concentration Camps for the people left there to swelter and starve, trapped by the government in these zones. And the men with guns that would not let them leave or move. ( The Guard and the Black Water Boys I presume...)

    (8) The Witnesses have been gathering much research and confronting the Government with their OWN research, including previous statements made by Brownie and Chertoff. Other Stellar moments invloved actual Math- the WHERE-IS-DAMN-MONEY-CAUSE-IT-AIN'T HERE ???And Why aren't the Guard still there? And WHY did it take SO LONG to get them there?

    I could go on and on, in usual rant style, this I know many good points were brought up at these Hearings, and hopefully some good will come of them. But I am asking that the Witnesses be Heard, because we are damn lucky they survived to tell their stories.

    ( Please see last post on this was about Ethel Freeman,the woman in the Wheelchair at the Convention Center, who died waiting , " Lost Souls and the Souless in Power" and multiple posts on Katrina)