Monday, October 31, 2005


Here it is Halloween Eve...BOO BOO BOO
Other Wonderful Blogs are making predictions....some more accurate and some more fanciful fiction.Here are the Enigma Predictions for the next two weeks: ( Hey Blogenfreude over at Agitprops ...if I get less than 50% I will send you a prize)

(1)He will nominate one of the Rightwing Texas Edith's or he will nominate Alberto or Ted Olson....if he nominates Ashcroft I will vomit on my TV....

(2) The Lord of Lies will have sudden heart problems with his little heart unit...and need to step down for health reasons...Rudy will be offered his throne....( although Allen from Virginia will vie for it, as will Pataki) this will happen by Thanksgiving....

(3) Mr.Sharp is probally giving much advice to the King, his specialities also include RICO and rackateering charges....not just white collar crime. Hmmm. that is interesting.

(4) Rove will be indicted, there is no way Scooter is going down alone. Ari will be seen doing cartwheels on the Green....after he has a bitch slap session with Scotty on the WH lawn...

(5)CBS - 60 Minutes will turn over what they know about the Forgery Nigeruranium documents over to Fritz from 2004.....

(6) The Noe Scandel will reach Rove's Door with More Indictments and more revelations and twists and turns ( Gove.Taft, and State's Attorney-Blackwell)... Golf Records will be requested from all over the country....

(7) It will be revealed WHY Harriet really turned the Nomination down, and why she spent many days with Uncle Dick last week....maybe looking at calendars.(read the Indictment....there is a WH Counsel 7, para18)

(8) Miller and Pincus will be called back to the SP for questioning..... ( Pincus needs to answer some questions about the article he wrote on June12,2003...Indictment p5para10)

(9) Christmas will come and Miller will still not have a book deal, and she will be seen having lunch at a Red Lobster with a Penguin Rep.... He will offer her tea and sympathy and a crappy paperback deal.

(10) Maureen Dowd will be put back on Sundays- where she belongs....and NYT will end their friggin Select Program by Christmas after they realize they are losing money....

Bonus Points: I know we all are susposed to think that the Offical A - Senior White House Official is Rove, but what if it is not,
what if it is Cheney ? that would be sweet.

More Bonus: Bush will have a good ol'Tantrum during the press conference while the Prince is visiting....
Stay tuned Plamegate Timeline will be updated again by Tuesday.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


( to my two loyal readers this is a blunt letter to MrBush, it might make him "Sad")

I saw your Speedy -Gonzales -87-second Saddened Speech today out on the Lawn, after the Indictments that were announced 2 hours earlier. You came out all snippy ,inconvenienced, gave your little speech, and then huffed to the Helicopter to go away to Camp David to lick your We-Got-Caught-Wounds. You said you were "saddened" by the Indictment. What the ??? Sad ? You should be Furious that Your Administration is Rife with Corruption. Or did you misspeak, and meant you were sad that Ol'Scooter got caught and your bud Rove is being Investigated still ?

I guess the Only speeches that you show any balls are the ones where you get to be One of the Guys standing on a Pile of It-was-them-Evil-Terrorist-Let's -Fight'em-Rubble with a Megaphone and More Gusto and Bravado than a Beer commercial on a 99 degree day. But God Forbid if you face Evil in your own House, that is a different story. There are Rats in the WhiteHouse, large dirty unscrupulous rats. And these "evil-doing" rats need to be exterminated out of the White House.

I am a voter, a taxpayer, and I think still an American, whether you like it or not.
And I am a woman, a woman that does not support your right-wing-religous-crap.
And as a Woman living under your Regime I can tell you All about Sad.

About Being Sad. There are some Sad Statistics that you should face.
47 Million Uninsured. 37 Million Living in Poverty. 1 in 5 Children living in Poverty. Now that is Sad.
2000 dead and over 17,000 wounded because you and the WHIG team had dreams of Oil and Greed.

Because I gotta a theory that maybe Your Administration doesn't like Women.
See Alot of us think the Outing of Valerie was about the War and the Missing WMD's, and that you wanted to
go after Mr.Wilson because he was a Whistleblower.I don't think it was that simple- because it was decided by you and the Boys up on the Hill that his wife was Fair Game- a Target. You didn't even care that she worked for the Government.
You all didn't care where she worked, but that she was a woman and That made her Fair Game-a way to send a Messege to old'Wilson. Sounds like a Klan Tactic- go after the Woman. "That'll teach'em".

We learned this week that Valerie Wilson, a mom with two small children did have threats and when she reported them to then FBI she was not offered any protection. She was told to call 911. I think about Valerie and Joe Wilson and the Hell they must have endured in the past two years.

I may not own a rapin'n'pillagin' gluttonous profits oil company.I may not be one of your crony chums in your base but I sure as hell matter. And as a woman I have watched how you treat Vet Moms, you remember the mom in the ditch-Cindy. And then there's Government Whistleblowers Like Bunny, you remember Bunny who blew the whistle on the Halli Goodie Contracts over at the Pentagon. And the whole world saw how you treated the NOLA moms, setting in the heat and misery of the Superdome and Convention Center with some white ass-in-Heckuva-Job-dockers claiming he couldn't see them.
We all watched Katrina, and wondered if you were rascist or drunk, or was it that they were Poor.
But as a mom I did think a fair number of the ones left behind were women and children, and elderly.
According to Hidden Government Records over 12,000 are Missing or Dead adults from Katrina, and 2600 missing/dead children.
I can't wait to see How Long You Can Cover Up Those Numbers .
But I had noticed that you covered up the Missing and Dead Children and Women with Great Ease..
You have had many photo-ops now down in the Hurricane Zone, but the Missing and Dead are not even mentioned.
In your eyes they are Invisible, they do not exist.

And Mr.Bush don't you dare think about Firing Mr.Fitzgerald in Saturday Night Cox Manuever, because he is trying to bring some Integrity and Justice and Truth back to this Country and the White House. And Millions of us are Watching him. And we will watch if there is a Trial, All of it. 86% of Americans support the Investigation of the Leak and the Coverup.

And Mr.Bush I know you are "Saddened" by what you think befell Scooter, but at some point you need to apologize to the Wilsons.Especially before you think about Pardoning ol'Scoot or Rovey. These Indictments were not "Tragic", they were and are Criminal. And maybe you need to think about writing an apology to some families in Iraq. And some vet families here. And also the family of MrDavid Kelley in England.

Criminals go to Jail and Criminals that hurt Women are not liked in the Big House. Think about it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Often you read this column and wonder about the nurse with the pissy, pithy insights and comments. ( all two of my readers that is...) I also am a mom. A good piece of me sees the world though my son's eyes. I try to see what he sees, and sometimes I try to see what his eyes are searching on the horizon.

"Teach your children well" .I have been walking around with this song in my head all week. You remember that song from the 1970's, by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. It is a song I lullabyed to my baby when President Clinton was in the White House. I would sit and rock him for hours...

When I was pregnant I walked in Peace Marches, at that point in time it was the build up to Iraq- the first one. I collected Peace buttons and sang peace songs left over from the sixties. My son now has usurped my music collection and all of my buttons. He also is now the same age I was when I had my Watergate Summer. Which over the past few monthes has become more and more haunting. Teach your children well, does that mean teach them your own history.

I grew up with Nixon and Vietnam. I didn't like Nixon, from early on. As early as eight when he was campaigning I called Nixon a name at the dinner table. To this day I see Palmolive, and I cringe and think of Mr.Nixon. I called him a name that I had learned while playing hopscotch on the playground, I wasn't even sure what it meant- but I knew it somehow suited him. And to be honest his name was Richard, so "Dick Head", could be just considered another version of his name. I also sadly grew up in a Very Republican family where early on I was viewed with great horror and shock. My grandfather once exclaimed "if she doesn't turn around soon, she'll soon be turning into a damn liberal Hippie". Somehow that career path now held bohemian charms and allure, now that it had been condemned.

( Years later I would learn that there were Closet Democrats in the family, it would have been nice to know that while I was gagging on the green Palmolive).

Back to teaching Your Children, So I have tried to teach my son well. I have tried to teach him about What Matters. That we take care of each other in this world. That we look out for the elderly, the poor, our neighbors. That we try to do the right thing, even if it feels uncomfortable. That when someone is in trouble that we do what we can to help. That we don't bail on people. That Bullies are never to be tolerated. That whistleblowers are to be valued and protected. That Honesty and Integrity are more than mythical, they are valuable qualities to be embraced. And he watched Katrina with the same horror that I experienced.

As he is a boy, early on he started looking for heros in books and movies. And in the past five years he has been looking again. He has seen them all Bond,Spiderman, Zorro, X-Men , Batman etc. He even jokes about it," I think I am looking for Heros, because I am not going to see one on the news". I tell him to read To Kill a Mockingbird. He says "Maybe I am looking for an Atticus.
Geez I am looking for things that aren't here". We read All the Presidents Men and he says, "Whelp we don't have a Carl or a Bob, so how is this gonna end without them ? "Hmm, I don't know....

"You know none of the people that the news says are corrupt really go to jail. I mean look at Enron and all" ( I try to remind him of Tyco and that Some have gone to jail.) And he points out it is not Real Jail. He is worried that we do not have a Justice System that works in this Country, and I am running low on proof.

"The Rackateer is not someone dressed in a black suit with a diamond stick pin. Sometimes it is someone outfitted in a grey flannel suit.....When the rackateer bribes local officials and secures immunity from police action, the price exacted by corrupt law enforcement -incalculable in dollars-is paid again by the public. In short, organized crime affects everyone. It cannot be be the only concern of law enforcement officers. It must be the urgent and active concern of every citizen. "
Robert F. Kennedy is quoted in Theft of the Nation by Donald R.Cressney.

He points out I was lucky I had heros, people that left their mark and made a difference, I had Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, and even Rosa Parks. I tried to tell him that there have been different people that have tried to make a difference. We talk about this Plamgeate Investigation late into the night and we review the "Players", the inpacted, and the bad journalism that is indeed a player ( NYT & Judy Miller). He reads alot so some of his mentors are writers, Howard Zinn, Al Franken, and John Stewart, and more. And he has been watching this Investigation closely, and he said "You know Joe Wilson is a whistleblower, and he and his wife are being mistreated because he spoke the Truth, Joe needs a Hero too. He needs Someone to tell the Truth. It is different than Watergate, Watergate had Carl and Bob, we don't have that this time. We don't even have Peter Jennings anymore.We have John Stewart. But there has to be some Justice, and a Hero to bring it."

So he's Watching and Waiting. And he also knows his future is being determined by Lies and he doesn't want
to br drafted to fight for the Liers. And he knows it could happen. He also knows his mom won't let it happen.
And I sit and wonder will History repeat itself again leaving him jaded and cynical, and wiser.
Or will the process leave him bitter and confused.

Or will the Next few days deliver a Hero, an Atticus, to bring some Justice and Truth for all of us. Is Fitzgerald our Atticus ?
Is this Plamegate our Watergate ? Are we at the Tipping Point ?

"We must accept finite disappointment,but we must never lose infinite hope." Martin Luther King

Friday, October 21, 2005



and In Memory of David C. Kelley ( 1945-July 17,2003)

[please note all relevant documents and links will be posted at the end or placed over on Plamegate Timeline Blog. This is a long column involving some serious questions, no Google Game tonight).

( Data was accumulated for a long time to create the Plamegate Timeline Blog as well as this piece, reputable sources follow: Daily Kos, Guardian, Truthout, Alternet, BBC, PBS- NOW, Scotsman, Digby, Ragged Thoughts, RWresearch,WesPac and Clark Community Network. This post has been on hold until Judy finally told some of what she knows to the Prosecuter.)

{{ Please note reread NYT articles by Judy Miller from 3pm Sat. Oct. 15th, Timelines and Blog posts have been corrected]]

After reading the Grumpy Ol'Man this week, I have thought alot about what he witnessed on TV. I thought alot about Jose Couso, a photographer, trying his best to bring the world film footage, even Live of the events of Iraq. He was brave and cared deeply about his work. He also cared about getting the Truth Out. ) I think here in the States we saw only part of this foootage- sadly, but I remember it well. Most journalists I have known are driven, many relentlessly crossing Danger Zones pursuing the Truth. For the most part there are two types of Journalists, the Truthseekers vs, the Glory Seekers. It is important to recognize that fact when reading print or watching broadcast. And I have to sadly admit the past five years there were some journalists that left me boggled which path they were treading. Jose was a Truthseeker. He died trying to bring us and the rest of the world the Truth. And hopefully, it will be up to all of us to honor him and hope that his killers are brought to Justice.

Many Journalists have died in this war, more than any other. And some have died under precarious circumstances attempting to keep us informed. I remember the Palestine Hotel being shot at. I also remember a cameraman being shot outside Abu-Garib. ( I can not find the data or artlcles on his death, I believe he worked for Reuters, but if anyone knows that would be helpful) I remember both of these bloody deaths, because our military was involved, and their deathes were on the air. And because they died Watching as their own death befell them with the film rolling.

Not all journalists have conducted themselves with Honor. For when journalists pursue their own Glory more than the story, trouble brews. And it is a soup that grows thick with clouded observations and self-serving conclusions. If a journalist is bound to a story by their own conclusions before they have amassed all the facts, and their famed reputation is at risk, the story suffers. And the readers bear the consequences. Always.

Judy and the NYT, our crippled tattered tainted Ol' Grey Lady have indeed taught us all this lesson in ways none of should forget or forgive. Real Whistleblowers and Real Sources and Real Data are to be handled with respect and care, and never treated like tabloid gossip,They are Never Fair Game. Lives are at stake.

I heard a guest on one of the Pundit shows this week say something that greatly disturbed me, " Well, I think this Plamegate thing is blown out of proportion , and Ms.Miller's Role in it, as well. It's not like any lives were ruined or lost due to this issue. She didn't even write a story about it." That is an amazing statement. We were dragged into a War, with false statements and propagana about Missing WMD, and 1000s are indeed dead and or wounded from this "mission". We have lost honor and credibility in the world thanks to BushCo. Judy wrote many articles about the WMDs and Weapon Threats before the war. She had a responsibility. Iraqi's, And Iraqi Civilians, and that means women and children too, and soldiers and reservists have indeed died. And even a WMD expert.

(Another time I will tell why this blog is called Watergate Summer. And why I never forgot my Watergate Summer. )
Today my focus is on journalistic Integrity. This week many were mentioning Watergate, my son started asking really good questions. I wanted to make sure I had all my facts straight, and my old copy of "All the President's Men" is tattered, waterstained and missing pages. It is "decrepidly embarrassing" said the Son. So I thought I will spring for a new copy. I went to the Bookstore, and I had a hard time finding a copy. I finally went to the counter and asked the cute young 22yr.old hobbit like creaure at the counter, he was reading DUNE, I said "Are you out of 'All the President's Men". And he said" What the heck is That Book about, it has been selling off the shelves the past two weeks- is it cause of that new Geena Davis Show ?"

I stood for a second dumbstruck, and then I asked " Don't you know about Watergate ?"
" Ahn No, I am more of a science fiction person"
{{ Needless to say this poor fella got an unexpected earful. He Knows about Watergate now....}}
Anyways we dug around and came up with a paperback copy for me, the Last One in the building.

So I came home and then called other stores, sure enough the book is selling like wildfire.
It is kind of like the Google game- statistically somehow meaningful in a Hmm way.

So I spent the week rereading It,the 1974 wonder, and realized that these two writers realized Something Was Very Wrong, and even though they were young and had it ALL to lose , they risked It. But so did their paper, the editors and the publishers. They all had to have guts, adn they all worked together to confront hurdles and blunders and Lies and Hubris. And the reader rode the Story with them just like the tallest, oldest creakiest Rollercoaster at the Beach, hanging onto the rollbar for dear life, with eyes wide open. And once those steel wheels and casters started to glide on the track you could feel it was going to be a Hell of a ride.

And Watergate did indeed unravel and we all rode the rollercoaster that led to the demise of the corrupt Nixon regime.
And if any of us thought of it later we would have realized that Nixon and his Cronies did indeed have to Fall, for the Viet Nam War to end.

And this we also know now, Judy is no Carl or Bob and if she had some illusions about Scooter being Deep Throat she indeed was deluded, not just glory seeking. And the NYT is not the Washington Post and that was evident with the Jayson Blair debacle in an unapologetic fashion that still makes the hair on my neck stand. I never saw the remorse that was so due to so many loyal readers. And we never will.


Anf Judy what did she think about in prison ?
Did she think about the boys over in the sand? and the boys over in the battered targeted Humvees? did she think about the troops over there searching for something that she has known for along time weren't there- the WMD. Does she have any remorse about the wild goose chase she sent them on ? Does she think about their funerals ? Especially the ones that did recon ? Does she think about the wounded ones that have returned to lost homes, lost marriages, and lost jobs ? And the
ones that have PTSD and can't hear abus backfire without twitching,sweating and hitting the ground. Did she ever think of the wounded reservists that only get two years of medical care- no matter What the injury ? Hell did she even think about the mom Cindy sitting in the Crawford Ditch ,the mom who lost a son in those early days of the mythical WMD searches ?

Did she sit and fret, worrying that Joe Wilson was getting more attention than her? I mean his situation was making her look bad, and her book sales were way down, not like after 911. And her one book on Bioterrorism was hardly selling at all. The prosecutor had wanted to speak with her, and for her to appear before the grand jury. Did she sit and wonder who might have seen her and Scooter at the St.Regis hotel ? Did she sit and wonder where THE Notebook was and WHO knew where it was ? Did she sit and wonder how she would look if her memory was faulty, it worked for other compromised people in the past. Mr Reagon used that line for the Iran Contra Hearings and no one doubted it. ( of course he was older and feeble, like a loving-granpa -forgot- where- he- put- his- keys kind of credible, but she was cute and perky,with her girlish charms it could surely work.)

As someone who watched her Pre-Jail Interviews I kept thinking, suspose she is not protecting the Truth but is protecting a Lie(s) .( And I have a reason for thinking that wretched little thought, and if you are patient it will come out. And it involves Judy and Someone 1000's of miles away who is dead now, and it isn't pretty, at all).

My main question is : Judy, when you were in the cold damp little cell did you think about Dr.David Kelley ? Did you ? You once viewed him as a friend ? Did you think about the summer of 2003 and his death ? even once ....

Let me help Judy remember....I do remember.

Maybe this line will jog her memory: " Many Dark Actors Playing Games ."
The poor soul when he wrote this to her on the day he died, how could he have known she was indeed perhaps one of the Actors ?

You might not remember, June and July 2003 were full of Toil and Trouble on both sides of the ocean.
Questions and Discussions had grown heated about the WMD questions. There were hearings and leaks occuring on both sides of the Ocean, even media was recieving scrutiny about How WMD Facts were displayed and peddled before the leadup to the war. BBC was recieving flack and so was the NYT. The Mushroom Cloud remained painted with broad strokes above most speeches and photops by the WH and Pentagon officals. The fear mongering and "War On terror" were still roaring in the Mussolini night, yet less people were in the Dark then in March 2003. (go to the WH and Penatgon websites- June alone there are atleast 15 such"events").

June 2003 was a month the WH and Pentagon worked hard to Pump their agenda and propaganda , day and night, Rummy and the King, and the rook ( Uncle Dick) all working hard Still pimping the WMD story....( see links for data, timeline and players at Plamegate Timeline blog)

I am sure Judy remembers the "Actors in A Dark Place " statement. A Real Journalist would and should remember the last words of a dead man. I wonder if she thought of that haunting line, that could so easily describe a "journalist ", a Glory Seeker , sitting in a cell with questionable ethics.

I think the family of Dr.David C.Kelley must now be wondering about you Judy Miller, and those final emails of July 17th, 2003. And the dark actors playing dark games, regardless of What the Hutton report found and what it didn't find.

For some that don't remember him that well, he was David Christopher Kelley. Minister of Defense Official and a member of the UN's Inspection WMD Team, and after a series of controversial stories on the BBC late May 2003. By July 9th 2003 he was identified as one possible source ( mole) for the BBC stories regarding "Sexed Up" WMD Intelligence/dossier ( ie. now known as the DSM). July 15th and July 16th 2003 he testified on Hearings before Englist Parlimentary Oversight boards and the Hearings were aired LIVE on BBC and C-span, on both sides of the Ocean.

*** And yes, Novack's Infamous Article came out on July 14th, 2003.***

About Kelley's Last Day:
By July 17th he went for his usual afternoon walk near his home,and never returned and was "Missing" for over 18 hours. He was found less than 24 hours later , propped against a tree, standing up- Dead. Search parties had already searched the area previously. He was found with an odd slash on his left wrist ( foresically improbable for depth and blood loss to be effective suicide) and with four electrode monitor patches on his chest, No signifigant blood volumes at the site. Only toxic element on exam : 1mg/1ml of co-praxamol. There was no note found at scene. No cellphone at scene. There were bruises and abrasions on his body that reports tried to explain that he had injured himself in the "Underbrush" of a well groomed pathes of the parks near his home. His friends, coworkers, and family remained devastated and asked for an Inquiry. Six months later the Hutton Report was released. His death remained called a Suicide. On his final day he went for his walk, before he dissappeared, he emailed Judy. Forensically his family should ask that the Investigation be reopened.

Here are the emails: ( go to the Plamegate Timeline Blog to see full detailed Timeline) It also would appear that the Special Prosecutor is looking at Ms.Millers notes , emails etc. I do wonder if he knows about these emails below.

JULY 16,2003 : Judy Miller emails David Kelly : "David, I heard from another member of your fan club that things went well for you today. I hope it's True. J"

( Remember July 15 and 16 he was testifiying on Aired hearings about the Iraqi WMD issue on BBC and C-Span. And also remember that the July 14th Novack column came out the same week)

July 17,2003 : Kelley responds to Miller's email : " Judy, I will wait until the end of the week before judging-many dark actors playing games. Thanks for your support and I appreciate your friendship at this time. Best, David."

How many people have died because of the WMD lies ?
Photojournalists, reporters, Iraqi families, women and children, American troops and contract workers, foriegn contract workers and aid workers. The List goes on and on. But David Kelley was the first WMD expert to die out side Iraq after questions were raised about the validity of the WMD motive for war.

Did Judy think of him at all as she sat in the damp mildewed cell for 85 days. Did she ever worry What Kelley KNEW when he wrote" Many Dark Actors Playing Games".

Or was she waiting for a Messege from Her Fan Club ?

Or was she merely waiting for her cue from Stage Left ?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


UDATE 10-28-05
(enigma via CNN. 12:44pm 10-28-05 CNN read press release
INDICTMENT OF I.SCOOTER LIBBY of FIVE counts Press conference
planned for 2pm with Special Prosecutor)

for the full timeline of the players activities.

1.Rove ?
2.Scooter ?
3.Karen Hughes ?
4.Mary Matalin ?
5.Alberto ?
6.Harry Miers ?
7.Hadley ?
8.Hannah ?
9.Millerwise ?
10.Ari ?
11.Condi ?
12.Bartlett ?
13.Bolton ?
14.Grossman ?
15. Powell ?
16. Tenet ?
17.Rummy ?
18.Negraponte ?
19. Ashcroft ?
20. Goss ?
21. Andy C.
22. Barney ?
23. Jeff Gannon/ Dale?
24. Doug Feith
25. Wolfowitz
26. Wurmser
27. Addington
28. Bush ?
29. Cheney ?

REPORTERS: This is a list of reporters that allegedly may have been part of investigation or Leaked to, this list is incomplete:
Novak, Miller, Cooper, Russert, Walter Pincus, Glen Kessler, Matthews who else ?

*Barney? yes- Barney the Dog.....Dogs watch....Doesn't mean he is a criminal- just a witness.

[ I know other blogs have a more "complete" list, this is just my little list...of all those who remain suspect. I would say all that anyone that left the Realm, AKA scene of the crime, in great speed or under "unusual circumstances" may deserve a little closer scrutiny.]

REQUIRED READING VIEWING: ( at this point we need a playbook- rent ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN, better yet READ IT AGAIN)

Article: "Bush whacked Rove in CIA Leak" In NY Daily News, by Thomas M.DeFrank. Maybe the Daliy News is going to show the NYT what real journalists do. Read here,,
( okay, I suck at links- so go over to Blue Collar- he has the whole article, and some interesting insights)

[[1]] I have heard many say that this Administration is all about LOYALTY. A thought, That loyalty crap might be true in a Godfather Ethics way, but I also think this administration doesn't treat the "help" or the "grunts" well, I mean we have seen how the troops are treated, and I just bet there are quite a few assistants finding OLD emails, letters etc....A Leak can go both ways....
Especially when it is a Coverup to hide a Conspiracy.... Conspiracy to go to War based on Lies. The Slash and Burn Administration I am sure has an enemy list Behind the Castle's walls that is longer than the King's arm.
*** Rawstory has the real take on this and does a much better job than I could ever attempt..***

[[2]] And one more little tidbit to ponder - what if a Fake Journalist had been planted in the Press Pool with White House Press Pass and Security Clearence to see if The Media were taking the Bait regarding the Wilson/Plame story ???? WHO? WHAT?
I mean think about Gannon- you remember Jeff Gannon, also known at Press Conferences by DALE as called on by the King,
as in Dale remember right- Dale as in the fame....and that the news was NOT the only thing he pimped. What if he was planted there not just to improve the King's image with planted questions, what if he was also there to see who was Eating the Bait about the Wilson/Plame story.??? yes, I have added him to the List- right under Barney. And for anyone who is interested Gannon is still in DC- last seen in September at the PRO-WAR rally carrying a banner with a buddy ( sept 25th,2005).

[[3]] And as the Prosecutor starts zooming in on the Circle of Loyalty- 'The Clusters with Roots" ( Scooter's quote in the Aspens letter to Judy.) I expect we will have more Distractions: babystroller threats, tunnel threats, and other wonders. As to Real Distractions that should be monitored, Meantime 300 mile wide WILMA is screeching Pissed Off Showgirl Style through the Carribean. She actually might be a bigger Bitch than Rita or Katrina As of noon today, sustained winds are up to 175MPH. ( Yes, now that we all are Hurricane Experts, that means she is indeed a CAT FIVE). Enigma the weather-wanna-be-girl is perdicting Landing Destination Sometime Late Saturday Night between Clearwater and Naples. And if I was on Sanibel Island I would be thinking about evacuation more than where-the-hell-did-I-put-the-duck-tape....

*****ENIGMA NEWS ALERT II: ( oh-to-be-a-fly-on-the-wall-moment) BONO AND BUSH had lunch at the Castle, Bono had the pasta dish, and the King dined on crow and some humble pie. And the Queen sat and batted her prozac glazed eyes.*******
*****ENIGMA NEWS ALERT 4PM: TOM DELAY- ARREST WARRANT ISSUED, go to Skippy, or Raw Story, Best of Blogs,or Agitprops for the full cockroach update.... Hey Bubba cleaned up yur cell for ya' real good- hope you look good in orange jumpsuits and those special little flip flops*****

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So here we still sit waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am sure that over the next few days there will be more baby stroller threats, and hours and hours of Avian Flu coverage. And also the Saddam trial will most likely be aired LIVE, in a feigned attempt to justify the War in Iraq that is now hemmorhaging support by the hour. And Wilma is churning out in the Carribean, so there is even another distraction on the horizon that Bush would be wise to notice.

I have wondered of the media coverage of this whole event, the Fair Gamegate Investigation.
Many of us have been calling it Plamegate, and I have been thinking that maybe that is not fair to Valerie Plame.
( Remember Mr.Wilson was told be another reporter who too had recieved a Bait call from the White House the summer of 2003 that his wife was "Fair Game."....)

I think about her, and how her life has been torn asunder, and thrown upside down, and all because she was trying to do her job. And I have thought alot about Joe Wilson, and I am rereading his Book, and I realize that their lives were basically destroyed because this Regime was hellbent on lying about the WMD, they were merely collateral damage. They are not the 1st messengers to be shot down. But Americans should never be treated in the manner that they were treated, and that is why I think maybe the situation should be called Fair-Gamegate, or even Bushgate, or Cheneygate. I think that Cheney and Bush lied about weapons and caused so many to die and destroyed a country. The irony is that they are the traitors, there was no patriotism in lining their pockets. And it was never about terrorism. It was about Greed, Oil, and money.

I think Judy and her article last weekend has brought out a lot of emotions.
I still am puzzled WHY the NYT has done such a crappy job on the whole story- and then I sigh, and realize their Investigations Unit has been sanitized, and is of diminished strength. I am wondering if they are under any gag orders regarding the Investigation, especially after the Notebook was FOUND in the DC offices. If you read the articles over the weekend it does not say that Judy found the notebook. It merely says she answered questions regarding the Notebook.

And the story by her fellow reporters was less than flattering, not even supportive, and surely not forgiving.
They wrote knowing she has tarnished their paper, and the damage might not be repairable, not at this point.

We should support the press, because right now we all Need the Truth, and Freedom of the Press, which surely has been placed in jeporardy. I wonder if we encourage the Press, the Media and our representitives is that going to make a difference.
A part of me does think that Fitz should have the Silence and Quiet to complete the Investigation, that maybe that will let him get the job done......

I will say this the media has been very skimpy on covering the issue well enough- but the blogs have been very thorough-
thank heavens....

And about the Fair Game- I wonder how the White House feels the Game is going that they no longer hold all the cards. Maybe the lesson is that people's lives are never Fair Game.

Monday, October 17, 2005


So here we sit...waiting for more arrests, muckups,bumblings, supeonas, firings of cronies, hiring of cronies, and hearings, and INDICTMENTS...and Impeachment Proceedings.
((( RED Alert: Please someone tell the King that WILMA is now in the Caribbean- is that a Hooker or Showgirl name ? like her big sisters Katrina and Rita ....)))

**** By the way please make sure to watch the highlights of the Russert's Meet The Press this week-
it was bloody , poor Condi probally stilleto fled from the building after her Spamalot Moment...He asked her WHY Bush has
only a 2% Approval Rating with African- Americans...Ouch. He also asked if she had been called before the Grand
Jury about the CIA leak...another ouch.*****

(1) ACOUSTIC DAD: See the great cartoon about hitting Meltdown..We all know how that feels.
(2) Baja Canada Seattle : Great Blog by Meldonna, and Wonderful New "Likeness" of King George, & Katrina Ponderings
(3) Grumpy Ol' Man: Points out some ahem amazing Problems for Judy re. Loyalty issues in his usual poetic fashion
(4) Recovering Liberal: Insightful as always.......
(5) Blue Collar Liberal: Judy Judy Judy...excellent as ever

Some of us play the GOOGLE GAME.... ( See posting of Saturday eve on this post- Bush's latest Google scores)
( It isn't my fault it turned into a Marathon version- thanks to NASCAR in the SNL slot)

I am still working on my next post on "FAIR GAME-GATE"...but still have a bit more research to do.
( By the time I get it updated- More will happen- you just know it. It is getting hard to keep up with this level of corruption....)

MOVIES TO SEE : "Chicken Little" or "Good Night and Good Luck"
TV Alert : TCM: Nothing but Hitchcock for SIX days starting Oct.24th
RADIO ALERT : Give Al Franken lots'o'love this week- His co- host has left to go and write a book....
THE JOURNALISM AWARDS THIS WEEK: CAFFERTY, just because, and Anderson Cooper on Oprah made some pretty profound points regarding some critical issues like homelessness, the Katrina, pointed out- our Country is in Trouble ( thanks AC you are spot on). ( And Kudos to SNL for casting Seth Meyers to play him SOOOO well). And Gold Star of Excellence to Keith at Countdown for Rounding up the Propaganda Terror Chronology- esp. after the Baby-Stroller Alert of two weeks ago.
DUMMER THAN DUMB AWARD: The Police chief and Mayor in Toledo for not being more "selective" and "sensitive" when they
"Gave" The Neo-Nazi's the "right" to march in a older Black Neighborhood...and then they whined on nationwide TV that they could not understand WHY people were so upset ???!!!!

So here are some more mind-bending and boggling Games to break up the suspense:

[1] Judy Miller dined with Scooter at the St.Regis for brunch June 2003, What did they order ?
and just to make this a bit more interesting- listen to song" Afternoon Delight" and take a peek at the
elegant dining room where they dined on either " Light Cuisine" or "American Fare". I was dissapointed that they
have discontinued their Scum Fare menu.....I betcha that Judy had a little drink with a cherry and an umbrella.

( Oh, and by the way, in HER Own "article" she states that she did not recognize Scoots when she ran into him
in August 2003 at a Rodeo out West...yeah , for real- a rodeo ?...oh, yeah I bet she knows all about calf ropin',
and hog tying...look how she treated her readers and NYT managers/editors, and gee she sure knows Bull)

[2] On the Show The Office , last week they played a game Called " Island "....
"What would you take with you, Who would you do, and Who would you rather?"

[3] Plamegate/ Traitorgate Needs a Theme song.....Doesn't matter how old or how odd it is...Be Creative.
**** No elevator music and NO disco****

[4] Beat The Clock: Perdict Turd Blossum's Big Moment, although at this point it is a Dead on Race with Scooter: Perdict the Time and Date and HOW MANY COUNTS...for either ahem- ugh "competitor"....

[5] WHO should have been made Bond ( not the blond creep that has been picked- maybe we should ask for a recall ? And yes, I know it could have been worse- ie. Jude Law....)

Prizes and Awards and Honors will be posted on this site for the (?) Winners ......Have Fun !!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Once again it is time for the Rude and somewhat eerily accurate GOOGLE GAME.The rules are always the same as before, enter Google and the word and watch the "score" or "hits", ( or as some say the "Smacks"). It is still a relevant indicator of what people are googling and talking about online. ( Whether the White House likes it or not-and they "ignore" all the polls anyway- so Who cares??!! Yet somehow the Google Game always seems to correlate with the polls....hmmmm)

****HEY, A LITTLE WARNING TO REPUG THUGS; Every time I have posted this somewhat mildly offensive and rude game , I have been visited by some pretty rude comments.I don't have time for such crap- and will quickly and quietly sweep you off my blog. Oh, and the last more persistant prick was outed on my blog for his employer ( FEDS) and his porn problem ( I did indeed do a little Research, when he got way too rude)...Don't trifle with me....I ain't got the time for your slime.

**** The above rhyme is lovingly and respectfully dedicated to Dr.Seuss*****

Disclaimer::::( For the Math Scholars and Statistical Wonder kids- last
Round of Google Game was played on Sept.11,2005
feel free to compare results..there are some signifigant changes)

President +failure = 56,500,000
Bush + failure = 24,700,000
Bush + lies = 22,900,000
Bush + criminal = 20,600,000
Bush + war criminal = 17,000,000
Bush + murder = 16,600,000
Bush + stupid = 16,300,000
Bush + conspiracy = 13,200,000
Bush + illegal war= 13,100,000
Bush + dirty = 12,100,000
Bush + war crimes = 11,900,000
Bush =propaganda = 11,600,000
Bush + Fired = 11,200,000
Bush + fraud = 11,700,000
Bush + jail = 10,600,000
Bush + arrest = 9,670,000
Bush + rascism = 7,270,000
Bush + Nixon = 7,180,000
Bush + corrupt = 6,840,000
Bush + drunk = 6,440,000
Bush + Hitler = 6,020,000
Bush + idiot = 5,940,000
Bush + nazi = 5,800,000
Bush + indictment =4,020,000
Bush + no balls = 3,430,000
Bush + dictator = 3,620,000
Bush + small balls = 2,180,000
Bush +fascism = 2,570,000
Bush + arrogant = 2,600,000
Bush + incompetent = 2,430,000
Bush + impeach = 2,070,000
Bush + prick = 1,570,000

** Please note that the [ Bush + murder] did in no way refer to
threats to him, it was in reference to his own illegal activities.
**** Someone has been "tidying" Rove and Cheney's numbers-
which takes all of the fun out of this project. sorry.
***** Our apologies that once again No Balls outscored Small Balls.
We just report the results, can't rig this thing.

Saturday, October 15, 2005



and then
Hit the "I'm feeling Lucky"......

What happened???!!!
pretty good huh?
( Beats watching effin Nascar for three hours tonight and having to still watch nascar, when it was susposed to be Saturday Night live- way to go NBC.....)

Monday, October 10, 2005


For a variety of reasons that mostly don't matter in the scheme of things, I have not written for over three weeks.It does not mean that I stopped watching, breathing or paying attention to this World of Ours. It certainly does not mean my "Aides a.k.a Ass-Kissing- Lackies" are going to have nervously hand me a "BEST OF' Handmade DVD with Current Events on it.( Hopefully you all catch my drift about our Leader being handed such a DVD, and you of course know better than to think I have "Lackies", unless you count a feeble cat and deaf dog).

It means I had Some Things I had to take care of, and Some Other Things that Fate dealt me that led to a Temporary Blog Withdrawl that was rather painful and unexpected. During that time I was trying to read less, and watch less TV, but the truth is that I am a News///Media Junkie.....So I continued reading and watching, but I did have to take a break from writing so much. But now I am back. And there are Some Things on my mind. So sit back grab a cold one and lets mull a Few Things.
And I will be honest, it ain't pretty.

What is so odd is that over three weeks ago, we were still all reeling from watching the Devastation of Katrina and the
Failure of the Bush Regime to properly address basic Humanitarian Needs. And to be honest the Main Stream Media really kept the limelight on Bush's Blunders, and rightly so, and they helped ALL of us re-focus on the Human Condition which deserved our full,undivided Attention while Mr.Bush looked the other way for FIVE FULL days and continued to stumble the rest of the month with his Helluva Job Browie Blame Game. The Situation Needed our Anger, Our Angst, Our Phone calls, Our Emails....But then in the past month some interesting Distractions have been coming dribbling across the news, screen and and print... I have a name for them:


And now since then , we have been plundering through an assorted array of Creative Distractions.Offered to us like stale fingerfoods by the Host at a Tupperware Party Gone Adrift. ( And yes, that does mean I am comparing MSM to a host of a sagging Tupperware Party). First we had to suffer yet more Hurricanes named to honor favorite past Playgal Pinups and Vegas Showgirls. There was Rita, Katrina's screaming baby sister that also seemed determined and relentless to unleash her wrath on the Gulf's Oily Armpit, dragging ATLEAST 24 Rigs all over with gleeful abandon . And then there was the Supreme Court Soap Opera, and in true Opera fashion the first act was a fulfledged snoozer.( I am sorry but let's be real, even Roberts' own damn fine, doting Donna Reed of a Wife was caught nodding off on C-span. So I am not the only person who with the Dramamine "Excitement" of Mr.Roberts almost suffered lockjaw from world record setting yawns in a 6 hour period.) And now it looks like the" Harry" Follies will start soon. ( And let me be the first to say she will be confirmed with her Church Lady Ways and Attire, regardless of the scary Kathleen Harris Eye Liner ). Just more Distractions from the Truth. And the Truth is that Katrina has been set aside like an Ugly Sickly Old Aunt that No One wants to sit next to at the Thanksgiving Dinner. But By Thanksgiving Dinner Someone, ALL of Us better be sitting next to ol' Aunty Katrina Again and asking Some Damn Hard Questions.

And Now we all are suposed to be scared knee high shitless of this Mythical Bird Flu that is A-Comin-to-Get -US. I am sorry I am not buying it- not now and not wext week. Because to be honest after Katrina I don't think they understand Public Health Emergencies- AT ALL. Period. ( Unless we want to give obligatory "Credit " to the New -This- Month Mr. Duck Tape FEMA that he might understand basic hygiene, more than the previous Horsehit Director). If they can not understand how to Air Drop Food and Water , how am I susposed to pretend that they are SOOOO competent that they Understand a Droplet Spread Disease ? Or that they even begin to grasp the Goals of Hygiene can play in Disease Path? For example- leaving 1000's without water of any potable kind sitting in sewage for days on end may have indeed contributed to the deaths of 1000s'. And this isn't just the rant of a mom, or a nurse, it is merely common sense. And last year, there was some sort of Secret Problem with the Flu Vaccine- and so the Administration vaccinated themselves and their workers- 2 million vaccines worth- and then announced that there was NOT Enough- and proceeded to blame it all on Chiron. Yet CDC, and the DHHS had also UNDER- Ordered the vaccine ( atleast 14 million or so). So there was NEVER enough even planned to be distributed. But we all are suposed to Not Remember That...because now we are suposed to be Scared and Fearful of a New Flu....I am tempted to call it the "Duckin' Flu'. Because it is giving this administration a New way to Duck Other the Mess in Iraq or the Unresolved Issues of Katrina. And yes, It is indeed a Foul Situation, just not a Fowl Situation that the Leader would rather us focus on.


And my-oh-my there is quite a list of Unresolved Issues, but for now I have One that the MSM seems to have neatly sidestepped once Rita had finished doing her dance across the Gulf. The Friday before Rita hit ,and actually the whole week before Rita, the Media spotlighted something rather Tragic- a consequence that Almost went under the radar- MISSING CHILDREN. And so CNN and then MSNBC spent almost an entire week dedicated to running pictures of Missing Children.
Photos were displayed on the side of the screen, and I believe at last count a fair number, <100, CNN actually assisted with actually reuniting the children with distraught families. We know that families were literally torn asunder by the Raging Surge and the crumbled levees, but that is ALOT of Missing Children....And so tonight I am flicking over the screens and surfin' the net, and I see ( Forgive me Father for I have sinned....) yes, Geraldo Rivera ( who I NEVER watch....) over on FOX ( also NEVER) and he is interviewing a Wellspoken, ever so Patient woman who is explaining to Geraldo that according to Project Alert, a group that works with other Missing Children Projects- that according to her group- there are indeed 2600 children STILL MISSING from Katrina as of today October 9th,2005 .

I spent all night looking at the photos on the Missing Children site- baby photos, and junior high graduation photos. The Photos tug at your heart, moments of pride and recognition pryed from a tattered scrapbook. Moments from Christmases and family gatherings and picnics, irreplaceable moments stolen and scattered. Faces scrubbed clean glowing with hope even with missing teeth and poorly chopped bangs. Names that ring across the page, Hope, Faith and even a little one named Heaven Butler. I look at her photo, her beautiful baby photo, I know her mother never meant for her name or her photo to be on the Missing Katrina Children's page. She named her that name believing her God had indeed given her a little piece of Heaven to hold in her arms.

And the more I thought about it, I thought Where is the Outrage- Where is the Horror. WHY aren't more people Screaming out in Pain, that is alot of children to be LOST ? I mean all summer every time there was a missing white blond teenager- there was much Angst and Horror liberally buttering the News by the Day. And now 2663 Chlidren are STILL MISSING , LOST, from Katrina. There must be weeping mamas and granmommies for these beautiful children that are bewildered and bereft. Yet I thought about it , and if there were griefstricken families awaiting news and still searching, they would be raising Hell by now. Because that is what Moms do, they YELL for their children. And instead we have Silence. Deafening Slience.


I think I might have indeed accidentally found part of the reason. I don't think we can Blame all of this on Mere Misplaced People Scattered Far and Wide. Part of me, the Pollyanna- Ever- hopeful side of me, was indeed drifting to that path. Yet part of me kept asking where are those Screaming Moms? And Dads? WHERE? There should be Lots of Noise by Now.
And then I stumbled onto a little PDF on a site called
Distractions are created so we will look out the Window at something else, anything else.
Just not at the Ugly Disgusting Truth.

If your go to the site you will see the page laid out so that you can look at missing kids from both Hurricanes. And also not as noticeable, yet present on the site, a link to And then you can link to This document was just "updated" and placed in pdf format as of 10-7-05, and you can download as a pdf, it is 182 pages long.
It is 182 pages of missing Adults.
It is the Deafening Silence.
It is WHY there was NO Outcry for the Missing Children. It is Missing Families.
It is an oddly compiled, slightly organized, vaguely Numbered List of Missing adults from the Disaster Zone- it is JUST Katrina.
It is 182 pages with 50-60 Missing adults per page.

That means that there are 9100- 10,920 Missing Adults from Katrina, that we are NOT suposed to ask about, or think about.
And it makes sense that 2,663 children are still MISSING or LOST if they were with their families that are Lost.
And that there is now a Deafening Silence.
There might Not be anyone to Yell.

So I am Yelling Now, in my little Blog. WHY is the Media NOT covering this ???!!!! 1000's are still Missing, and they all did not just get dispersed asunder, they actually may be Dead. Even the Crappiest Papers Know how to Write Obituaries-properly.
It is time Someone Write the Obituary properly on this, and not distract us with other pleasentries of Tweety Flu and inflated Judicial Gossip. As a mom I want the Truth about the families on the pages, the children, the moms, and the dads and the grandparents.

At the Very Least I think we owe it to a little baby girl named Heaven Butler.
I Need to know if she went to Heaven with her mama.