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Alan Grayson Explains #Occupy .....Why It Matters as a Movement....

Educating PJ Rourke on Bill Maher......

In October on Rachel.....

Monday Wisdom....

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” ~~~Robert F. Kennedy

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Awopradio for Sunday October 23rd,Our Guests include Denis Campbell, Nicole Belle, and Erin Kotecki Vest


Please join our Radio show on Sunday Evening 7-9 PM EST. The show's main hosts are Kim @awopradio and Perry @mommapolitico and I am a contributing host/producer. And then there is @NunziaRider who also helps with the research, blogging and editing and Chat Room. Our show is reaching out across the Country to the Occupy Movement, covering Political Events and Battles, and also honoring those Fighting the Good Fight Day in and Day out. We strive to honor the 99% , Real People, Real Stories.... You can Link here or the Radio over on the Sidebar...Tune In and Listen up....

Our First Guest is from across the Pond, a fine Journalist, Author Denis Campbell, and is another soul who keeps Twitter lively with his political insights and observations. He is known on Twitter as @UKProgressive, but he is also a renowned journalist working with ITN and Al Jezeera and BBC Wales, The Guardian and many other fine UK publications. During the Egypt Uprising he became one of the many to really track the Movement on Twitter. Yet he also was astutely tweeting American Politics. This year he was one of the first to recognize the strength of Twitter during the Egypt Uprising, and it is woven into his book "Egypt Unshackled" that has just come out. And taking it to the next step he has been tweeting and appreciating the Occupy Movement in a global sense.

Guest #2 on Sunday Night will be Nicole Belle, one of our favorite Poltical Bloggers from "Crooks and Liars", who has been keeping us on our political toes for the past 5 years and is one of our Favorite longtime Women Bloggers. Her coverage this fall from GOP debates and other GOP dashing silliness to analysis of other timely interviews has been stellar. Do be sure to see the Paul Krugman Interview and analysis. She shows clips and dissects and analyzes better than any of the MSM talking heads. Through the Bush years, Nicole's posts were always timely lessons of painful times. One of my personal favorites is her post that she wrote called "What goes around comes around and is on was on the ACLU website, it is a poignant personal post about an Iranian family living in America after 911 written in 2008, that one post reflected our Civil Liberties in the clouded mirror that arrived during the Bush Regime ( and still remains in many ways unhealed even today.)

Erin Kotecki Vest is our 3rd Guest, many on Twitter know her as @QueenofSpain , she is doing her best as a Media Strategist, wonder Blogger, but she is also an amazing mom, and is battling Lupus.Her blog is touching and insightful from Mom Moments shared to day to day revelations about Lupus, her "Queen of Spain" blog is beautifully written. We plan to talk with her about her ongoing Lupus Battle and hope to help spread the word about this disease that does not get enough public attention.
We All Are The 99%, We Are Here, Connecting, and Changing Our World.

Do you live in Ohio ? Learn about Kasich and his Union Busting Manuevers, and Fight Back SB2, VOTE NO ON ISSUE2

Here in Ohio, Gov.Kasich has created a very hostile Environment, pitting Workers against Workers and via a "Concerned Budget" agenda, he and the Republicans had decided to cut the Benefits and pay and negotiating powers of 350,000 workers across the state via passage of SB5, from custodians, to teachers to police and fire, to Nurses. Basically this Union Busting strategy would effect a huge number of families across the state. He also has cut jobs and staff in this state, already eliminating over 21,000 jobs and with 30,000 at risk due to SB5. ( No MSM has talked about this worrisome statistic and trend).

So this summer many of us worked to collected petition signatures, over 1.3 Million Signatures were gathered, one of the largest numbers ever in an effort to overturn SB5 via Referendum. Destruction of Collective Bargaining Rights effects Worker's Rights. You can also learn more at "We Are Ohio " group's website has all the details and latest you can do to help the Working People's Efforts here. And here is the webpage that explains the Facts Vs Myth and clears up much of the confusion.

Why Nurses are Voting NO on Issue2, to protect Safe Staffing Levels,

And why Firefighters also say NO on Issue2 as SB5 puts Communities at risk,

In August when Petitions were being passed around the state, even the Clergy came out and supported Worker's Rights.

#OccupyCleveland...Click this title for Updates....

If you are a Nurse, please do Volunteer your time to help with the OCCUPY Movement

National Nurses United is helping with the Occupy Movement and setting up Medical tents at the Different Occupy Locations, as a Nurse I encourage my Nurse Sister and Brothers, do find out how you can get involved and donate time , skills and supplies to this ongoing movement.....We are needed....Click the Link for more info.

Best Bumper Sticker of the Week : "We are the 99%"

I saw one of these stickers this week, and was immediately wondering WHERE do I get THAT !!!?? And then today I got the email that told me how....Democracy for America ( Howard Dean's organization ) is making the sticker......Love it...Want it...Must Get !!!

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Awopradio for Sunday October 16th : Mike Farrell,Director of Death Penalty.Org, and also Jeni Decker author


This Coming Sunday we will be welcoming Mike Farrell to Awopradio. to have a Discussion focused on the Death Penalty in America. The Execution issue is regaining focus due to the Execution of Troy Davis and the GOP debates ( and Perry's Record). Mike Farrell is known by many as a fine actor and for his work on M*A*S*H as B.J.Hunnicutt , but he also has worked as an activist for 30 years, educating and advocating on many Human Rights Issues, including the Abolition of the Death Penalty. You can read more of his fine Human Rights Work on his own website.
Brave New Films video introduced by Cenk Yuger for "Meet the Bloggers"
Some of the Mythes that are mentioned in the videos and on Cenk's blog are still issues that arise today ::

Myth: Death by lethal injection is painless and humane.
Myth: The death penalty provides "closure" to families of victims.
Myth: The death penalty is enforced only after all efforts for appeal have been exhausted.
Myth: The death penalty is faithful to the Constitution.

On GritTV ( Ann Flanders) (Sept2011) ( 2 Min. PSA on Death Penalty)

On GRIT TV with Laura Flanders speaking on many issues, (17minutes) Sept 2011, including speaking on Healthcare ( please see the 2 min PSA on Single Payer, Medicare4All in this video).

On Mike Farrell's Biography and his organization, WWW.Death Penalty.Org , you can read more here.

Huffpo post on Issue has an article by Mike Farrell from 2010 that is a must read.

We also will be having Jeni Decker on the second half of the show to talk about her upcoming book about living with and raising her two Autistic Sons. Jeni Decker (@Jeni_Decker). "Author of I Wish I Were Engulfed in Flames." Earlier this Fall we had her on with Kat Nove as she is the Co-author of "Waiting for Karl Rove". We are looking forward to talking more with this creative writing Mom.

Listen to internet radio with AWOP Radio on Blog Talk Radio

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About The Death Penalty.....

~originally posted 9.29.11~

About Life....
I have a Bird Feeder on my back porch.It was set up lovingly for both the birds and my cats. A couple of weeks ago, things got rough at the Feeder, and a little one got pushed off the food dish and fell to the ground and died. My little neighbor who is five came to me crying, " Can't you fix him, put Life Back in him ? You are a nurse, a grown up, are you going to just let him die ?". Together we buried The Little Dead Bird we tried to give him some dignity as we wrapped him in Basil and Morning Glories, and put him in a spot where the Cats would not get to him. And I tried to explain to her that Life was so fragile sometimes, and that even Big People can not always "Fix Life or Save All Living things" . "But you try right ?" She Said with such urgency....

It was the same day that Troy Davis was executed, and her pleading voice and her Big Eyes haunted me.....
About Death.....

Ever since watching that GOP Debate where Perry's Record Execution Number was met with thunderous applause I have been haunted by the issue of what the Death Penalty really means to us as a People, as a Country. It was not just one person who clapped, and the clapping was not polite golf clapping, it was actual enthusiasm. And Perry smiled shyly, smugly in the warmth of the applause, not a drop of shame, not even a single moment of moral intrepidation. It was like expected applause or praise for this "Record". And I can not comprehend that he feels "pride" in his Execution Number, that he is proud to have ended other's lives. In yet another debate he proudly said that he is Pro Life, I am confused how he can honestly make that statement when he has knowingly ended more than 200 lives.

This month I tried to have discussions with people I know about the Death Penalty and the "Applause " Moment. And I was struck that others were not as concerned as I was. "Well, It is part of our Justice System." "Maybe they were only applauding Perry, not the actual number". "It is more cost Effective to execute than to have people sitting on Death Row". "Isn't it better for the Victim's Families to have the situation resolved". "Maybe the number is high because Texas is large and has more crime." "Well, it is Part of Our Justice System" " You are Buddhist and a Nurse, that is why you have a hard time accepting the Death Penalty".

I was stunned at the number of rational justifications and even placid acceptance offered to me. And some of these people are very religious and morally sound and some were and are even liberal and progressive. So I am left wondering, do I not understand my fellow Americans ? Or is our Moral Courage damaged ? Do we lack a Moral Compass on this Issue ? Are we as a Country damaged when some Americans justify Killing Other Americans by stating it is Legally and Religiously Sound ? Are we really a "Civilized" Industrial Modern Nation that values Ancient Law of "Eye for an Eye" ? 139 Countries (some more developed than others) have abolished the Death Penalty since 1976, why is America not one of those Countries ?

Wisdom from Others.....

"Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders."
-Albert Camus, French philosopher

"As if one crime of such nature, done by a single man, acting individually, can be expiated by a similar crime done by all men, acting collectively."
-Lewis Lawes, warden of Sing Sing prison in NY in the 1920s and 30s

"Imposition of the death penalty is arbitrary and capricious. Decision of who will live and who will die for his crime turns less on the nature of the offense and the incorrigibility of the offender and more on inappropriate and indefensible considerations: the political and personal inclinations of prosecutors; the defendant's wealth, race and intellect; the race and economic status of the victim; the quality of the defendant's counsel; and the resources allocated to defense lawyers."
-Gerald Heaney, former appellate judge

"To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice."
-Desmond Tutu

"The most glaring weakness is that no matter how efficient and fair the DP may seem in theory, in actual practice it is primarily inflicted upon the weak, the poor, the ignorant and minorities."
-Pat Brown, former CA governor

"I have yet to see a death case among the dozen coming to the Supreme Court on eve-of-execution stay applications in which the defendant was well represented at trial... People who are well represented at trial do not get the death penalty."
-Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

"In the US the overwhelming majority of those executed are psychotic, alcoholic, drug addicted or mentally unstable. They frequently are raised in an impoverished and abusive environment. Seldom are people with money or prestige convicted of capital offenses, even more seldom are they executed."
-George Ryan, former Illinois Governor

"The reality is that capital punishment in America is a lottery. It is a punishment that is shaped by the constraints of poverty, race, geography and local politics."
-Bryan Stevenson, Death Row lawyer

"It can be argued that rapists deserve to be raped, that mutilators deserve to be mutilated. Most societies, however, refrain from responding in this way because the punishment is not only degrading to those on whom it is imposed, but it is also degrading to the society that engages in the same behavior as the criminals."
-Stephen Bright, human rights attorney

"I think this country would be much better off if we did not have capital punishment.... We cannot ignore the fact that in recent years a disturbing number of inmates on death row have been exonerated."
-John Paul Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

"I'm of the opinion that we should eliminate capital punishment. Having been involved with justice agencies around the world, it's been somewhat embarrassing, quite frankly, that nations just as so-called civilized as ours think we're barbaric because we still have capital punishment."
-Reginald Wilkinson, was a prison director in Ohio

"Death is not only an unusually severe punishment, unusual in its pain, in its finality and in its enormity, but it serves no penal purpose more effectively than a less severe punishment; therefore the principle inherent in the clause that prohibits pointless infliction of excessive punishment when less severe punishment can adequately achieve the same purposes invalidates the punishment."~ William J.Brennan , judicial opinion, Jul. 2, 1976

"When a juvenile commits a heinous crime, the State can exact forfeiture of some of the most basic liberties, but the State cannot extinguish his life and his potential to attain a mature understanding of his own humanity."~ Anthony Kennedy ,judicial opinion on Roper v. Simmons, Mar. 1, 2005

"Since I was a law student, I have been against the death penalty. It does not deter. It is severely discriminatory against minorities, especially since they’re given no competent legal counsel defense in many cases. It’s a system that has to be perfect. You cannot execute one innocent person. No system is perfect. And to top it off, for those of you who are interested in the economics it, it costs more to pursue a capital case toward execution than it does to have full life imprisonment without parole."
~Ralph Nader , Meet the Press interview, Jun. 25, 2000

"It's just really tragic after all the horrors of the last 1,000 years we can't leave behind something as primitive as government sponsored execution." ~Russ Feingold

Facts To Share....
(1) Amnesty International has carefully researched the Cost Issue, and shown that actually the Death Penalty is not Cost Effective, far from it.

(2)And for those that say America does not execute that many, 58-92 People are still executed per year. 3300 Are at any one time on Death Row, either serving life sentences or awaiting sentencing.

(3) National Coalition to End the Death Penalty also has more on this situation, explaining that it does not cut costs, or deter crime, or "save lives". ( President George Bush used to say that at Debates...and no one every challenged him for the Stats.)

(4) Death Penalty Information Organization ( also called Death Penalty Focus) has more information and is a site that has valuable insights.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Change in Thinking, for the 1% and the 99%

About Hope...

"All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the Stars" ~Oscar Wilde
I have been thinking alot about the Occupy Movement, I shop at the Dollar Store, and More and More of My Neighbors do too. At first it was just for Cleaning Supplies and then Toiletries, but now we also have been buying food. More and more neighbors and college students and elderly neighbors also are shopping there. I have been pondering the Numbers, Numbers that the MSM is ignoring.

Living Conditions of the 99%.....
46 Million on FoodStamps/Assistance....
1;4Children living in Poverty and Hungry.....
26Million UnEmployed&Underemployed.....
8 Million Foreclosed....
50 Million Still with No Healthcare.....
Unemployment for Under Age25 is 50% (yes, that includes College Educated)......

I am One of the 99%, I have been working part time jobs, I am definitely UnderEmployed, I am UnInsured, I have been moved when Landlords went through Foreclosure. I have watched neighbors leave, homes taken away. I have watched so many businesses gone, closed up. I have had to put my son's college dreams on hold, because the Loans that were offered were too expensive, I did not want to burden him with debt. Yet watching the OccupyTogether OccupyWallstreet Movement has been inspiring as people speak out and up and to each other. No Longer is there hidden shame silently born by so many. The Government has been more responsive to Wall Street and Lobbyists than to The People, so hopefully a shift is occurring.

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@Awop Radio Sunday Show 10.9.11 Tune In and Listen Up....

This coming week on the radio show 7-9PM EST we have some wonderful guests on our @awopradio show. @awopradio ( Kim) and @mommapolitico (Perry) and I will be welcoming some Twitter Wonders.....

(1) We have Micheal Stinson known as @symbolman on Twitter. He is very talented,creative and he is sharing with us about his 4 books and also his music. We will be hearing about his song "Corporation" and it's origins and playing it as it seems timely with the events of #occupywallstreet. (Posted below with his band Round House) We will also talk to him about his "Rouge Coloring book" that was written with his wife about Sarah Palin. (The Coloring Book Link). And more about his other his other writings and books.

(2) Another guest this week is @EileenLeft a wonderful California Progressive who started the #connecttheleft hashtag and movement on Twitter. This amazing mom is also raising five boys and she's a premie family counselor,who also works hard to help progressives work together and is a truly positive force on Twitter.

(3) @Faydra_deon is also on Twitter, she blogs, writes and is a social media goddess. And this year she wrote a book called "The Pride" about the strength of four women. Many of us met her during different Disasters as she tweeted for Humanity, she created a whole site that offers folks creative ways to give to areas that are suffering and need our help. Be sure to see about her book, and it is available digitally and on Amazon.

(4) Jasmine Beach-Ferrara will be joining the program to discuss her work with Southern Equality. Org , they are working hard for Marriage Equality in North Carolina. You can also follow them on Facebook at Southern Equality and also on Twitter at @CSElive. And if you want to read more about Jasmine her bio is here.

Please do read the Post below if you want to learn more about the Populist Movements going and want information on #occupywallstreet or #occupytogether, there is alot going on in America with real Americans really finding Voice in this Battle on the Working Class and Unemployed and UnderEmployed. And you can always click the Radio over in the Sidebar to hear past shows, via podcasts or on iTunes as we have really been honoring those that are Fighting the Good Fight.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Steve Jobs Gone....RIP.

Steve Jobs died this week. It is so sad, he was far too young.He gave us so much, and enriched our lives, our Communication. He made computers accessible for so many, he made them fun, creative and a way to connect.For me, someone who would load up the car with bags of library books, it gave me a "place to go",and for my son that lovely Bondi Blue iMac in 1998 opened up the world for him.....Steve was our Columbus pushing for the next horizon, he was our Leonardo creating what we could only dream of, he was our Edison always focused on what The People needed.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

@Awop Radio Sunday Show 10.2.11...Eric Byler of the Coffee Party and a LIVE report from OccupyWallstreet


This Sunday we have Eric Byler of the Coffee Party on as our Guest at 7:30PM EST to talk about his work with Annabell Park and the Coffee Party and their projects and the history of the Coffee Party. It should be a really interesting Round Table discussion. You can read more about the Coffee Party on their website and also about the October 29th Rally. They have a Rally planned for October 29th "Enough is Enough". The Coffee Party is the 7th collaboration between these two amazing Film Makers.Two of Eric's feature films, "9500 Liberty" released in 2010,(and co-directed with Annabel Park) and "Charlotte Sometimes" (2003) will be offered on Comcast VOD during the month of October 2011. { Coffee Party is on Twitter @coffeepartyusa and @ericbyler )

**** Do rent or order "9500 Liberty" on DVD it is an amazing film.****

Who is the Coffee Party and What are they ? Eric Byler explained to CBS in San Francisco last April,"The Coffee Party was started by Eric Byler and Annabelle Park in 2010. According to Byler, it began as an online meeting place where political and social ideology could be discussed. Byler calls it a “virtual town hall” with Facebook and Twitter as its primary vehicles. The Coffee Party boasts an email list of 80,000 people. Byler says it differs from the rival Tea Party in that everything discussed on it’s site must be fact based."

Here is a Must Read essay by Eric explaining the Coffee Party and how be became involved, as well as his history with Annabell and their political work that began with their shared work Film Making. This essay insightfully explains how politics impacts lives and how so many issues and lives are being swept up in these times. He explains and explores how Immigration issues combined with media created a real vehicle for discussion and motivation for Film and activism.


The Radio show is 7-9PM EST, and Eric Byler should be on at 7:30 PM. You can click the radio on the Sidebar..Or you can click here to listen to the Current Show or Past PodCasts.....
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH October 29th Website
Eric Byler's Coffee Party Facebook page is updated on the OccupyWallstreet Event and the LiveStream Eric's Video from Occupy DC.

On the Radio Show tonight we also interviewed Flux Nostrum LIVE from #OccupyWallstreet and he gave an update from NYC and since he is working on the LIVESTREAM for the OCCUPY Movement and Mobile Broadcast News has the LIVESTREAM Links on the website, they are now streaming video from NYC and around the Country. You can also follow Flux on Facebook.

OCCUPY Movement Advice from an Old Hippie Nurse....

(1) Do carry a Camera and Cellphone Camera. Cameras keep People safe. Mobile Broadcast News is LIVESTREAMING video from around the Country. The More Cameras the better, they keep people safe and the Cops accountable. Even if your camera runs out of film or batteries, always act like you are still filming. Make sure you share all video and photos, especially on Twitter as the Viral team will do their best to share videos and photos as we know the MSM has not been covering this Movement well enough.

(2) If you are confronted by cops or meet belligerence, remember the Cops are working Short Staffed, Lower Wages, taking cuts in Pensions and Healthcare. If you can even find a way to have that conversation with the Cops do that. If you can make eye contact or even share coffee or food with the Cops "Guarding " the Occupy Area do that. Bring Compassion and Humanity to the Table, it can make the difference and help bring level the playing field. Remember this is a People's Movement, that means all People.

(3) Do review and read Ghandi and MLK and even carry their writings with you, these brave wise men understood the Patience and Courage it takes to stand strong in heat of the moment. A Movement , A Protests takes Determiniation, Clarity and Focus, and many calm heads. Do carry copies of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with you, read it and share it. Know your Rights.

(4) Sing, In Tense Moments do SING. Sing American Songs. National Anthem, "God Bless America", And even old Union Songs like "This Land is Our Land" and "Whose Side are you on" "Imagine" "People Get Ready" "Amazing Grace". Even while being arrested SING.

(5) Do write your name and important cellphone numbers on your arm with a sharpie in case you need and lose your phone . If you have allergies or medical condition try to stay near the Medical people. All good Movements have a Medic or Medical Crew.Do pack in your knapsack supplies that might help. Water, Bandannas, Soft Teashirts, Saline Eye Rinse, Milk ( works to rinse tea gas), Duct Tape. If someone gets hurt then you have supplies to help. If you have such a condition as asthma you may ask to keep your inhaler.

(6) Practice Staying Calm and calming others, breath deeply and join hands with those around you if this helps you or others. Share your Strength and your Courage. If you have watched any of the Egypt or Uprisings in the Middle East this year, you saw how they walked tall and together and sang and stood by each other. Courage is always shared.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

OccupyWallstreet and The Brooklyn Bridge Arrests...

A March was affiliated with OccupyWallstreet, although there are some different stories about who organized it. Per my sources in NYC it was to be a Poverty March, but when they got to the Bridge things became complicated as to what the plan was. Sadly the Police appeared to have maneuvered them off the path into the street and then Kettled them with the Orange Netting and basically trapped them on the roadway. Then they proceeded to arrest them, there were a total of 700 Arrests per The Guardian and BBC. American Media failed miserably covering this Mass Arrest. ( CNN kept airing Piers Morgan interviewing Jermaine Jackson over and over again.) Those of us who watched it unfold via Twitter while the Media Blacked it out tried to stream photos and video that came through. Mobile Broadcast News from OccupyWallstreet also kept people informed.
Mobile Broadcast News is a wonderful LIVESTREAM site that really shows what is going on.
The Arrests ( from LIVESTREAM)

JP Morgan Chase gave the Police Money-is this a Conflict of Interest or do we call this Hired Guns ?
Occupy Together Website
More details from the Daily Gotham..

Kevin Zeese and Dr.Flowers explain the October2011 Event and the Occupy DC Movement....

From Eric Byler's Coffee Party site.....filmed Sept 13, 2011. It appears that many Movements and Events are coming together. The Occupy Movement is also joining with the October2011 Event in DC (October 6th,2011). The Occupy Movement is now spreading to over 30 cities this weekend.Occupy Wallstreet has now reached other cities, from Boston to Asheville to Cleveland to LA.

If you want to learn more about the Occupy Movement, has more information as the Movement spreads across the country.

More on the Occupy Wallstreet Movement and OccupyTogether

This Video below is sharing Footage of the Brooklyn Bridge Arrests, but also one Person , One normal man is sharing why he is going to DC for the Occupy Movement.

Mobile Broadcast New has Livestream links to many of the Locations and is a site that is worth exploring and seeing this Occupy Movement spread....
OccupyTogether Website, check and see how many cities are sharing in this movement. Also the number of cities WorldWide that sharing in Solidarity is growing.