Monday, January 30, 2006


So last night we learned that the Senate did indeed vote to vote and end the debate of Scumlito and I guess we now for sure we will be seeing his Stand-by-Her-Bigot-Man Olivia Dehaviland reholpolstered wife up in the balconey with Mrs.Prozac tonight. And so sometime between the Vigorous Debate and the Cloture Vote The Democrats lost their Balls, can Anyone explain that to me.Is it like a Game of Clue? Frist did it in the Coat Room with a Hanger? ( okay I admit that sounded rude, but 38 NAYS and then for cloture it was down to 25???) I mean did they leave them over at Signatures Resturante? or in the Hillary's handbag? I want to know damnit, because it Mattered.,,,and it still does.I have seen newborn chimps at the zoo with bigger ones.

That being said I am grateful for Kennedy and Kerry for giving it their best shot, and if all of us need to write and call and raise Hell again I would do it in a Heart beat- because it was better than sitting here on my ass waiting to be spoonfed More Badshit Results. It was worth the Fight. ( and yeah , I need to put $7.45 in the Curse Jar for this post- so just grin and bear it- this is raw baby)

Now that being said, tonight is the King's Big Moment in the Pompous Delusional Spotlight . He struts out all cowboy swagger and the Band plays and he pretends to be all Humble and Shucks and Gee ain't I great - so kiss my ass Harry...and his wife smiles demurely from the Balconey with some stooge. ( My favorite will always be CurveBallSlamDunk Chilabi- but I am a traditional girl. I know that there will be some Token Purple Fingered Iraqi from Detroit and freshly scrubbed Katrina Victim Faces).

And I will keep my score pad : I get to eat MM's for the following words after I have tallied up. And yeah I have my case of marshmallows and a pair of old slippers I am saving for the Big Finale.
(1) FIGHTING TERRA ( cause it's my mandate)
(2) THE WORLD CHANGED AFTER 911 ( cause I say so, so that is why I have to break the law and spy on ya')
(3) We're Spreading Democracy ( like fresh manure on Dale's farm)
(4) We're experiencing Economic growth ( really tell the Ford employees that...)
(5) We've had a prosperous year ( well, shit yeah- Exxon has)
(6) We are fighting crime, that is why you are safer, and cause I say so ( hmm, does he mean Rove,Duke or Delay or Scooter)
(7) The Medicare System has brought signifigant changes to better the lives of our elderly ( yeah, tell that to the old people buying catfood to take with their meds)
(8) Katrina taught us all So Many lessons ( yeah like to keep a fucking ax in the attic and write your name and social security number on your arm with Indelible Sharpie so that when you float down the street- somebody might Know you had a name and a home.)
(9) Katrina brought us ALL together ( shit yeah, unless you were black, poor, mexican, elderly, vietnamese, children, or sick, it must be a new Selective "Togetherness")
(10) Some Shit will be spewed about how Well the Iraq War is going, and the Changes and Freedom that NONE of us see because we know how to read and watch the News on TV. ( and not the Pat Roberts News)

And of course he will Belly Up to the Podium and lean all over it like a Tuesday drunk reaching for Friday's high.
And he will try to be Folksy and Cute, Victorious and Inspiring, and EveryDay Redneckman Done Good Patriot. ( and my sincere apologies to any Redneck members of the enigma posse).

And will the Senate or the House in anyway Honor US ? !? Those that Elected them and put them there. And yes, I am one of those people that wrote letters and emails all week BEGGING them to Vote NO on Alito and also to turn their Backs on this Lying Sack of Shit Criminal of a Leader....Or even better Walk Out....


Thursday, January 26, 2006


Now you all know that I hate waking up and having a Elvis moment. I had a good American morning, I woke up and walked my dog past the homeless people sleeping on grates on my broken urban streets. And then midmorning I made the fatal mistake of turning the TV on to check on the world's events with my morning caffeine. And yes, there he was the King Criminal driving the podium for a "Special Presidential New Conference" grandstanding the View. Now other than I was not fully stocked and prepared with my Marshmallow Weaponery, it actually had some little highlights that were worth suffering. ( I do Hope to hell that Fitz was watching and taping). I am struck that he now out pretty much daily whoring his Illegal programs, as he was just on the screen less than 48 hours ago. It reminds me of Nixon, and how he went on camera EVERY chance he could snag to attempt to rewin the people.Sigh another Glory Watergate Memory. Fine, he can keep coming out and giving these Watch&Cringe Speechs, it does not make the Case for Innocence.

In some ways I do feel Imprisoned in my own country and having the King give speechs every two days does seem to confirm that the Regime is attempting to make their Own Laws is enforcing that Concern. For most of four years they operated in Complete Secrecy, and now because they are out every few hours telling us WHY they Broke the Laws and violated Constitution I am susposed to magically Absorb that revelation and feel oh-so-Safe ?

(1) First he kept humping the NSA spying program was Legal and the Constitution was NOT "circumvented" in ANY way . ( The more he said it with a snicker and a sneer and a stutter it continued to lose steam over the reporters). He is now saying that the World is a different place and those 1978 FISA laws just don't apply and that Micheal Hayden of NSA is USING the Spying the way that it needs to be used. He would not address that he basically has destroyed ANY credibility of the FISA Court or the legal process of That court. [ I could not help but wonder if the judges of the FISA court were watching and cringing]

The reporters tried to ask about the Illegal Spying ( and Finally that Damn "Eavesdropping" word has been deleted from the dialogue). The King made it pretty clear that he and Micheal Hayden had a stratgy meeting yesterday, and that it is going to be very difficult to give much information to ANY Upcoming Investigations without giving up National Secrets.

(2) Katrina came up in the dicussion. The President seemed a bit miffed and peaved that the State and New Orleans have not come up with alot of Preparedness Measures as the White House has requested.It is really hard to come up with Preparedness Plans when the state is in obvious shambles. Oh, and Nevermind that He has not been Forthcoming with the Documents and Data about WHO Knew What WHEN before Katrina whalloped NOLA into Oblivion. Never mind that there was 44 page MEMO warning the Whitehouse 48 hours before Katrina HIT. Nevermind that Brownie is a Criminal that should be charged with Knowing Endangerment and other crimes.

(3) Those Damn Abramoff Pictures came up atleast five times, and he was miffed that it was a subject that would not go away.He claims that he is photographed many times , especially at Christmas. He would not answer Where the Photos are, but it is clear that there are indeed photos.It was also VERY unclear if the Whitehouse has been Helpful to the case in supplying said photos.He repreatedly said he doesn't "know the guy". Yet, he Expressed NO concerns about the misuse of money, or that his chief folks are being Investigated for stealing and misusing millions of dollars, not even one iota of some of that fake "Ain't it awful" carpetbagger crapola.

(4) He also reminded us that his speech next week is going to be the same ol' "Peace& Prosperity" speech that he always gives. He is going to focus us on the Wondrous Economy. Good I will invite some Homeless and some Katrina Refugees up for that golden delicious moment. And hell Maybe even some Ford Employees.And maybe some homeless VETS with PTSD would like to come heave marshmallows with me as well.

(5)Here's the thing Mr.Bush don't come driving the podium in my living room unless you can say something Meaningfull or atleast half truthful. And don't come on my screen every 48 hours and try to convince me that you have the RIGHT to spy on me and my neighbors. You don't have the Right. Even Criminals get Air Time, but it doesn't make them law abiding. It's called Propaganda.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Well, Well Fluffy got a roomate this week, meet the Pragmatic Pussy. ( We'll call her Mrs. PP for short). Yup , I don't have any weapons, but I am armed to the teeth with these two new Critters. Pragmatic Pussy is pissed because SOMEONE put the CONSTITUTION in her litter box, and she is not a forgiving creature. Please don't let that kind angelic furry face fool you. Poor Fluffy now has to contend with two ranting females. In the meantime while I try to call the UN' s Special Animal Husbandry Operations Diplomatic Unit to negogiate the Peace at the Enigma Cafe, the King and the Crony Court indeed had a Heckuva Week....Here is just a short Round Up.

*** And just to let you know apparently Mrs.PP has a record involving charges that she "threatened" a certain Mrs.Beasley with some rude comments down in DC.Oh Goody a Kitty with a Rap Sheet.

[[[ Again the Creatve artwork is done by Mr.6"4" son who is 14. Obviously the cat was obtained from the Virtual Community, and is not the vicious cat that actually lives at the Enigma Cafe.It is dedicated to our Cat Philo , our 20 pound Marmalade wonder who "died" a year ago.]]]

Our Ex- Vice President gave a Kick Ass speech on MLK day over at the Constitution Hall. He spoke with Fire and Passion about the "President" Breaking the Laws of this Land. He spoke about our History being Shamed. He talked about some of the Bigger Problems that we ALL as Americans are facing. He talked about the King and His Men participating in High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and that it is time for Checks and Balances, and Accountibility. It is time for Whistleblowers to be protected. ( Words that melted the Enigma's ol'pissed off heart). He Spoke with conviction that the Congress and the Senate Better Start doing their Jobs for the People. He actually showed us What a Real President Can look and Sound like.
[and at some point while The Gore Man gave his Speech , the King went and looked at that Piece of Paper about Slavery, The Emancipation Proclamation , and he scratched his head wishing Laura was there to explain it to him because those Big Lawyer Words hurt his head.]
And the ME-dia had ALL week to cover and dissect this KickSomeAss Gore Speech, but instead they sought the Sexier Stories, the Hot stuff, of Missing White Girls and Grooms Overboard for the lighter fare. And for the Main Course they Served up the Hillary Plantation Moment and the Choclate Milk Nagin Moment. And then Hells Bells they got real Lucky when Yet Again Yet Another Osama Tape appeared at a magically delicious moment to save the King's Terra Battle.
( The Good News is that C-Span did indeed air the Speech over and over and over.)
[and just to Drive the Gore Speech Home the Conyers Impeachment Basement Hearings also kicked yet some more ass, thank you again CSpan. Please go to Conyer's Blog and give this man some love or Fluffy and Mrs.PP will be coming your way.]

So the King and Gonzo are out this week Attempting to Resuscitate the 'TRUST US TO PROTECT YOU WHILE WE SPY ON YOU." So the King went to a nice whitebread college in Kansas, and the students were properly scripted and coached for this contrived event. So the Incompetent Cowboy bellies up to the podium to await the nerf questions. He leaned all over that podium looking for another JimBeam coaster to absorb these Quesions or his Script for the Contrived Unscripted Kiddies. Why the Hell No One gives him a Breathalizer before he drives the podium is beyond me.

Yet sadly NOT everything went to script, some damn girl must have read the New Rolling Stone Magazine about THE BUDGET. She had the Nerve to ask about the Slashed, Raped , Pillaged Student Loan Program.
"Excuse me , but can you tell us Why 12.7 Billion dollars is to be CUT from the New Budget, and how that will help College Students ?" And the Kowboy King did the proverbial Reach for his ear, feigning Cochlear Damage. The Poor Girl had to REPEAT the Same Question THREE Times before he could HEAR it. ( actually Kudos to the well spoken Audacious Lass, because this way her Question got Plenty of Air Play). It was also So Interesting that the Questions now come to the King from the Air, I guess the Media and CSpan have been Ordered to NOT show the Godamned Citizens when discussing the Godamned Consitution.

And yet another godamned liberalass student had the nerve to ask the MagnCumLaude Question asking if the President Enjoyed the Movie BrokeBack Mountain. The President blushed all cowboy-like-allshucks-you -caught-me-naked-mama look. Hmmm, The ah-gee-ain't-I-Cute look recieved dead Silence.[ In Honor of the King please do go over to the Skeptical Observer and admire the Two Creative Versions that Newsguy has of BrokeBack Mountain.]

Some Student did ask SOMETHING that we as viewers were not allowed to HEAR, but the King was clearly miffed and wanted the Offending Student and HER ADDRESS and he yelled that out to his Goons three times. "Get ME the Address" ( I will bet soem good money this is edited out of the CSpan tape).

He continued his Belly-Up-to-the-Podium-Ginned-Up-Pissed-Off "speech" and explaining how he was protecting us from TERRA, BLAHBLAHLIEBLAHVOMIT PUKE ETC ETC AD NAUSEUM. And yes the Enigma ran out of Marshmallows to thunk at Dear Leader. ( which we know is fine for tommorrow there will be yet another Repug Thuglet trotted out to rehump the same crappy speech.)

Any Enigma readers of the fall know there is NOTHING that pissed me so Badly as KATRINA. ( How many other Bloggers do you know that Called and Wrote the UN , yes the one in friggin Geneva and reported the Friggin King and His Men for Crimes against Humanity , for the appalling treatment of OUR REFUGEES OF A NATURAL DISASTER on AMERICAN SOIL. And yeah there are indeed International laws that ALL Leaders and Pretend Leaders have to provide BASIC CARE to their Refugees. ( and the Convention Center and the Superdome and the Streets was even by 3rd world standards considered Sub-par.)
{please see Enigma's Posts of September and October about Katrina- there are lengthy thoughtful fairly well investigated posts]

SCUMLITO VOTE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A SLAMDUNK AFTER ALL: The Democratic Senators ALL found their respective balls and indeed voted NO on Scumlito, which continues to of course now feed the Enigma' Lush Filibuster Fanatasies.

Now last week Fluffy had some amazing visitors at the Enigma Cafe , please go visit some of the great Blog Roll here and give some love and laughes....And later in the week I am going to add some new great blogs. SO because I am having blogger trouble tonight I can't do the Click and Link thing- but ALL of these blogs are right here on the side so enjoy. ( actually ALL the Blogs on my Roll totally Rock).




Thursday, January 19, 2006


HEY THERE NSA , CIA, AND FBI TALON.... ( and anyone with a delicate constitution - have the salts ready- Enigma is uncorked). You want to spy on me? Fine, BRING IT ON. Yeah, Mr.Bush, you are such a big Cowboy you think it is Okay to spy on Doctors and Nurses and Moms and Quaker Grannies baking Cookies for their Anti War PEACE Meetings. I didn't get the Memo- since when did Peace end up on the Data Mining List ? Or Concerned Parent? How About Poisoned Parent? How about Concerned Educated Whistleblower ? Or People that Need to be Silenced ?

You want to open my Mail - fine - help yourself. What did you find ? Oh, so SCARY- lots of Homeschooling Magazines- stuff about Albert Einstein and Other SCIENTISTS. And National Geographic Magazines and Maps- I bet that makes me look real Suspicious. And I ordered that Book on Religions of the World- that probally is flagged too. And Yeah, well, kiss my ass I am a geek and I LIKE to read Quantum and Nuclear Physics in the Bathtub- Hey- it ain 't sexy- but it isn't any of your fucking business what I do in my bath tub now is it ? But see at some point I blew the Whistle on the Big Bad Chemical Company- so your Ol Friend Lee - who was a big cheese at the Ol Company but first was friends with Daddy Bush and a Big Ol'Cheese at the EPA, said hey we got some bitchy mamas out West giving my ol' Company a Hard time- can we keep an ol'eye on them? Cause you see under Bushco the Big Chemical Companies didn't have to fix their gates, or their fences , or their security holes, but they could give lists of "troublemakers" to the Government. . ( Now when you read that- you know that means lists of people that the Companies viewed as troublemakers.And Yeah, Homeland Security has the Lists.).
( He was such a big ol'Cheese he was on the panel this week on cpsan for the 35th EPA anniversary...Lee...)

And well, Sure enough you sat down with Gonzo and the Boys and you were already making Lists and checking them twice, so what the Hey, let's put some more Suspicious Folks on them lists, make sure they don't make no trouble or talk to people that might be trouble ( Human Rights Watch, ACLU, Greenpeace ). And Hey Let's tap their friggin phones and also label ALL their packages that they should be checked for explosives, that'll teach'em a lesson. And yeah, the Enigma's House had wires hanging off of it that looked like spaghetti wall. The Feds were working with the Local amatuers and they did a crappy job. So crappy my neighbors used to come over and take pictures and laugh at it.Them Moms complaining about Mercury and Heavy Metals Hurting their Kids- the Fucking Nerve. And that Damn Nurse going and educating 1000's, even the plant widows and those Indians and calling the EPA and the CDC. Didn't she realize that she was also asking for help for Indian Folks- that crossed another line. She needs to be taught a lesson, let's mess with her car like they used to do in the Days of COINTELPRO. Shitman it 's just the Brakes- No one will ever figure it out. WHOWEEEE look at all them wires hangin' off her house that will shut the godamned Redheaded bitch up, that way we can watch her and know when to run her off the road with a logging truck or red tanker truck.....Shit if she doesn't shut up we can always shoot her, and make it look like an accident. Make her an Enemy of the People, stick them Good Ol'Boys cops on her house 24 x7 , ya' know put her on one of those Hippy Ecoterrorist Watch Lists, shit the FBI will love that. Give them something to do...I mean shit , she is JUST a Godamned woman and godamned that makes her Fucking Fair Game. Even send people to interogate her with fake badges and cards.

And just for fun.let's put her on some No Fly Lists, ya' know so she can't go nowhere.And yeah, her pets, well they are just fucking animals, and she did bitch about poison.That will fix her. The nerve of this woman studying Mercury and Methylmercury,PCB"s, and Dioxins and radioactive waste, and what it does to kids, VETS, and old people, and pregnent women. I mean come on, Gore said it on Monday " In Early America Men Feared Women and Burned Witches". Hell , there was a lesson that the Kowboy King of Krawford just couldn't learn fast enough. And hell she ain't even a Christian , she is one of those NON - Christians....shit that must be as good as burning a damn witch , right ?

So whoa- the Enigma seems a bit pissed. No shit Sherlock. Every Christmas Present or present I have gotten since 2001, yeah, BEFORE 911, has been PRE-opened and gone through and Broken...hell, sometimes things just get kinda of broke. ( and some packages I just never got at all- that would be called INTERCEPTION. And When I moved and I shipped ALL of my favorite Books, Rachel Carson, and SCIENCES, and yeah, Albert E., and Buddha, and ALbert Schweitzer, and Oppenhiemer, Edison, and Ben Franklin, and Euripideses, and hell even Books about Martin Luther King, Biko, and the Kennedy's.Did my books arrive in my new home- my fifth in 2.5 years due to harrassment and threats ? Hell. No, because the Goons took "stuff" out of my shipping containers while "checking for explosives". Yeah. They took my godamned favorite books.

And hell, I am a sinner. I go to the nearest Walmart every two weeks and I tidy and rearrange, I put the Gun Magazines behind the damn knitting magazines so kids won't see them. I been doing it since Columbine. Yet you Fuckers Check my packages and mail for Explosives and Weapons, you even put stickers on my packages and tell me you did this. Didn't your little SS Homeland Security Goons feel kind of STUPID checking my packages for Explosives- and Stealing my books on Buddha and Ghandi ? And didn't they even feel stupid going through my trash and my house , looking for what ? Am I a Criminal because I read ? Care About People ? Worked as a Nurse ? Took care of my neighbors ? Reported Poison? Does the President KNOW what it feels like to be spied on, have one's home rooted through? Am I terrorist ? NO Am I a Criminal? NO.


I have been hitting the Blogs again I am still noticing this trend on more moderate blogs and also in the Media to back down about this Spying issue. I wrote last month about this issue and how critical it is ( see the Enemy Within ).
And if one more little size 2 Twinkette in Vera Wang on the screen calls it "Eavesdropping" I may have to start throwing something sturdier than marshmallows at the TV. I am sick of Religous Geesus crap and Military uniforms paraded Fauntleroy Style across my screen giving speeches about protecting the Homeland. See after my home has been entered illegally numerous times in the past three years, I don't really know much about "security", especically at home. And some other time we can talk about what they did to my Medical Records and Library and Bookstore records. ( or you can read my post from earlier in the month about Closing the Cafe).

"When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a Flag carrying a Cross". Upton Sinclair wrote this in 1933, wise soul. It ain't on the way baby- It is already here. I have Prayer Flags and a Buddha in the Bedroom- so I guess I am officially screwed or off to a work camp.

Hey CNN and MSNBC - you all are missing the Real Story, the Fucking Truth, Real Americans have been Hurt by this King. I realize that Media and Journalists have been Corpoortized beyond recognition, so that makes it hard for them to "tell" the whole story and not be good Stenographers. I mean hell I turned down 60 Minutes because they wanted to do a Tragic Nurse Story- but not TELL the Mercury Poison Story. ( yeah , editing my own damn story-so I told them something not real ladylike, and yeah, like ANY of my story is Ladylike. So I should shut up ? Because Media is Missing the Truth. ? )

You know what is really Worrying me, really ? Scaring the living Pejevens out of me...
That I bet there are 1000's of people with Stories like mine- I bet that I am not Alone. That this "Government " has been targeting people, and Harrassing them. And it ain't about Protecting People, and WHO talked to Osama, or Where's Waldo, it is about Retribution, Intimidation and it is All about Silence of the Masses.

[[[ Part one of this is WHY the Enigma Cafe Almost Closed earlier this month. Have a read- the Enigma has quite a tale- and yeah- I am going to talk about it- because the Media sure as shit won't. You also can read the Introduction to my book, it is over on my Blogroll, it is called Silent Fallout. And yeah, I may cuss a little, but I have been on Lists since 2001. It 's" Hard Work".]]]

Please go over to" How This Ol'Brit Sees It "-scroll down on my blogroll and give him a Read and Some Love- he has a great post up about thise issues. I would link you- but something is kinked up on here tonight. Artwork again by the Talented Brave Son, who we call Mr.6'4''. Enigma loves you all, but if she doesn't rant about this for a while her little ol'head will go Kaboom...thanks. Remember Silence is Betrayal.


Monday, January 16, 2006


Dear Dr.King,

We have to listen to your words and your wisdom.Now is the Time.
We have to treasure the lesson and hold it close.
We have to pray for strength. Now is the Time.
We have to faithfully guide a movement as it grows.

There's a Change A Comin'.

We have to honor our sick, our elderly, our poor.
We have to be their Voice. Now is the Time.
We have to face problems that Power is hellbent to Ignore.
We have to take care of Each Other. Now is the Time.

There's a Change A Comin'.

We have to roar into oppressive winds thick with Lies.
We have to speak Truth against thick Walls. Now is the Time.
We have to know that Real leaders don't rule with Spies.
We know that True Power trusts the people. Now is the Time.

There's a Change a Comin'.

We have to face the Powers that create webs of deciet, We must.
We have to work as one, together. Now is the Time.
We have to do it for our children, otherwise who will they trust.
We have to show them another way to peace. Now is the Time.

There's a Change a Comin'.

We have to Know that the Change is on the Way.
We have to help it gain momentum. Now is the Time.
We can't turn out backs on it for an hour or a day.
We are the momentum, we are the Change. Now is the Time.

There's a Change a Comin'.

( enigma2006)
Words of Wisdom Below by Dr.King

Yes, We must stand, and we must Speak.
There comes a time when Silence is Betrayal.

Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere.
( letter from jail April 1963).

Our Lives begin to end the day we become Silent about Things that Matter.

No Blood For Hubris and Educational Whisper have the transcript and also Links.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


So many folks left me wonderful stories,wisdom and words of encourgement, humorus jabs and yes, even Hope. I would be a fool to not listen and take such words to heart. I think I fought too hard and too long, and was willing to betray the one lesson that really matters. My son was livid with me, that I would stop writing, or blogging. He pointed out that I was the one that said it Matters, it Makes a difference. And that if I stop now, then I let him down. But that I also betray Everything I ever taught him or worked on.It was a very humbling week. ( Anyone that has a 14 year old will tell you that they can humble you with a single look,especially when they are 6 ft 4inchs). He pointed out that for over two years I stayed up night after night emailing people and writing letters- 1000's to help lead to the demise of the Evil Chemical Company."You fought them with words, not money". He told me to just listen to other people. It was about listening to the Lesson, listening to Others, and not to my own despair.The Battle is only half way over, but it isn't over, unless I let them win....and I can't do that. There is still too much to fight for....

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Enigma Cafe Suvived Winter thanks to many Good Souls

Watergatesummer is moving into winter....

and the Country is having a Constitutional Crisis....
and yet, none of our elected officials seem to be doing much...
except sending me notices that they need money....

Yet Are they doing anything about the Dictator in the White House ?
Are they doing Anything about Citizens being surveilled and spyed on?

Maybe the 4th Amendment was just a Dream...

What kind of citizens have been spyed on ?
and Harrassed? Homes searched? No FLy Lists?
Medical Records and Library Records Messed with?
Civil Rights and Peace Activists,
Quaker Grannies....
Normal Regular people....
It will total Millions my friends...millions....

( Data Mining is something Real to Fear...get Risen's Book)

( and not because they know Osama, but because Bushco CAN, and because it is called Retribution. Fair Game, it is called Retaliation. It is called Hubris....)

and I am not sure that anyone even really cares.... or even gets IT....

I think I need to explain a few things.....

(1) I am in no way apathetic, and have in no way stopped caring about What Happens...I care deeply, if anything too much...I am fiery, I am passionate about anything that hurts people. I also have guts, and even at times courage....

(2) For those that don't know the Enigma's Tale- it goes something like this ....I was a Whistleblower on a Large Toxic Case in the West, and the past Four years have been Beyond Hellish, harrassment, death threats etc. ALL of which worsened considerably under THIS Regime. The Enigma has been through ALOT, because she reported a Very naughty Criminal Chemical Company to this Regime. ( Much worse than Erin's Story- makes Hinkley look like Disney). The Company is held in High Regard by the Bush Family- I obviously did not Know that until TOO late. Since 2002 I have had to move FIVE times, I have lost family, friends, homes, and pets, and oh, that's right, A marriage....and am still trying to raise a son. Who wisely pointed out that I have been trying to teach him the Constitution for FIVE years????

(3) So here is the thing, I have had Mail opened , and rooted through like frenzied gerbils, I have had Christmas Packages gone through- torn apart and stickers put on my packages saying that it "was checked for explosives". ( yeah, I am a nurse and a mom). And MY house rooted through numerous times, and I was NOT ALLOWED to file reports with the FBI, even though I was a witness on a Federal Case...Anyone Figuring this out yet??
( cause this ain't just about the King being allowed to ilegally "Eavesdrop"...and it sure as shit is not about Protecting you or me from Osama)

(4) A year ago when I was very sick,and needed to fly for Medical Care, (due to Crappy Insurance I needed to travel out of state for medical care), but then I found out that I could NOT fly because I am on a No FLY list, so I tried to take a train to get care....and the train broke down THREE times ( our country 's Infrastructure is in the toilet).

(5) I have had my Medical Records EVAPORATE from five different Doctors Offices....Do you have ANY idea what is like to walk in to a Dr's office and have an empty file?....especially when you are sick?

(6)My favorite Bookstore in California requested I ONLY pay for books in cash- because Someone had come there requesting records on what I was purchasing...and they were "Uncomfortable"...( yeah, they were uncomfortable)
( Yeah , I read books on Environmental Forensics, Soil analysis, Community Health, Toxic Waste, all very Scary stuff )

(7) So here is The Thing, the Reality was So Much easier when I could Blame my Problems on the Big Scummy Chemical Company, but now I see that thanks to me Requesting and Assisting Federal Investigations because ALL of my family and friends were being poisoned, the Company called on Bushco and I am on EVERY Fucking List you can think of...ME!!?? A Mom. A Nurse, a nice normal patriotic mom...I am More than Disgusted, Disheartened, Sad, Frustated.....
And I did Everything that you could think of....I went to the Media.....I have done Everything to protect my son and myself...
and for what ? ( Everything includes reports to Human Rights Watch, ACLU, and EIGHT Senator's Offices)
The President of the Company is GOOD Friends with the Bushs, and this is my Fate, My Punishment ??!!

(8) So I thought I would Blog, that it would bring some peace, a place to vent, to connect with what is left of My Country,
to write, to think, and hell, maybe even find and give some Hope...But right Now I don't feel Like I have Anything to give.

This Robert F.Kennedy quote used to be my favorite, and reminds me alot of used to Mean Something :

"It is from Numberless, Diverse acts of Courage and belief that Human History is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an Ideal , or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against Injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of Hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of Oppression and Resistance." ( RFK, S.Africa 1966)

(9) And yeah, I don't know What to keep blogging ? I don't know...I really don't...does it Matter ?


As an American NOLA has to be Rebuilt. And I am not just talking about the Business Sector. I am talking about it's Heart and Soul. I am talking about it's Culture. It's Way of Life.....that we all need to remember. ( 10-10-05)

It is a Way of Life,
It is deep hearted Blues,
It is Gin soaked jazz,
and Grits, Hushpuppies,and
fresh cornbread.
It is panfried shrimp with limes and hot sauce.
It is 3 day Gumbo that leaves
you sweating and thirsty.
It is Sunday Church where the
buildings rock and seismic sway.
It is the slideguitar pleading in the
the still of a summer night.
It is another lonely Crooner sending
shockwaves in an old riverfront garage.
It is women swaying in gauzy dresses
And men in timeless suits.
It is granmommies lullabying babs,singing
This Ol'Man with a hum and a roll.
It is a place where old folks are tended with
gentle hands and respect.
It is where Family is a way of life.

In New Orleans a clock is merely an instrument,
But Time is a Place to Be.

{{{{{This piece is dedicated to a great NOLA chef who died last week-
Austin Leslie of Pampy's Creole Kithcen, and Chez Helene fame. He died in
Atlanta, but he had survived Katrina. He had been on his roof for 2 days with his
wife Victoria, they were brought to the Superdome and then the Convention Center,
and then transferred to Atlanta. He was in the Hospital last week, but still wanting to
get back to the Kitchen. He died last thursday. He was 71. }}}}}

January 10th, The King in all his JimBeam-laden-swagger came back to NOLA this week-
while they are in the midst of buldozing the Ninth ward...and declaring huge sections blighted
Imminent Domain ( AKA Developers Wet Dreams).
Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers, they are Lost.


Articale II Section4

[All Civil Officers removable by Impeachment]

The President, Vice President, and ALL Civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for , Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Dear Mr.Bush,
In the past month we have learned that American Citizens have been spied on by their Own Government. I realize that you want to call it "Eavesdropping". Eavesdropping is what strangers do in an elevator, what you have been doing is NOT eavesdropping.
You have been spying on Citizens, secretly, under false pretenses and utilizing multiple agencies to carry out your demands. We learned two weeks ago that Pentagon has been keeping files and investigating Peace Activists and Anti-War Protestors, and others of" Concern". That means that you and Mr.Rumsfeld are afraid of Quaker Grandmothers that Bake cookies and hold "meetings" ? What makes them terrorists? We have watched you and Mr.Cheney fight our Elected representitives over Torture, as more and more stories come out about Rendtion: secret prisons and planes and Individuals tortured. And now we find out that you have been spying on American Citizens Illegally for Over three years, and misusing powers and laws and agencies to do so. We learned that even though you had the access and power of the FISA court and the Patriot Act you Needed Other ways to Spy on citizens. You have Violated the Constitution that you promised to Faithfully Uphold and the very laws that you vowed in January 2001 to Faithfully Execute.

Presidents that Lie to the Citizens and the Congress and do not uphold Our Laws are Impeached.

We have learned that 1000's of Citizens have been monitored, emails and also phone calls. We also know that you have authorized the FBI working in Conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security to monitor and Investigate people's records, including Library Records, as well as Medical records, and book purchases. If the Patriot Act even allowed your Administration do spy in this manner, WHY would you need More Ways to Spy by using the NSA in an illegal Manner. And we know that since the NSA was involved it will be almost impossible for Americans to learn WHO you thought were and are Terrorists in your mind.Tonight before you go to bed, you need to take a Long look in the mirror and ask , Who does threaten you Mr.Bush, WHO is the Enemy Within ?

Are they Muslims? Are they People of Non-Christian Religion that you do not feel comfortable with? Buddhists? Are they People with Names that you can't pronounce? Are they people that speak in a different language? Or are they Anti War Grannies? Are they Gold Star Mothers that have lost children in your Oil War? Are they Scientists? Are they Researchers ? Are They College students studying Political Science ? Are they Lawyers that represented People that you do not respect ? Are they Military Leaders that did not Agree with you on War Tactics? Are they Writers ? Are they Ex-Ambassadors ? Are they Whistle Blowers that went to the Press and tried to get the Truth out ? Are they Vets who happen to be against your war ? Are they Ex-Federal Employees who left in disgust with your regime changes? Are they Civil Rights Activists ? Are there any Environmental Or Health Activists and Advocates on your lists ? Are there any Nurses and Moms on the Lists of People You authorized to be spied on ? Were The People on Your Lists that you felt Threatened this Country just " Fair Game" ?

The Founding Fathers wrote Laws and Created Our Constitution to help Protect us as a People against Abuses of Power and Hubris. They wrote laws to Protect us, We the People, from Tyranny, from the Enemy Within.

( originally posted December 19th, 2005, some Quakers asked me to move to January...I will post the links in the Comments about Quakers being on spy lists now- Jan.14th, 2006)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It is 3:08 in the morning,Finally a Press Conference was held by the Company, and the Bossman came out and Admitted that the 12 Trapped Miners were found Dead, and one Critical. Why the Sam Hell it took More than FOUR hours to identify 12 DEAD people, I can not even begin to Fathom.
( I have been watching TV for hours and I have been following the Miner Story. It is in my Blood. I come from kin in West Virginia and Kentucky, I have studied Mines a bit, but that is a story for another time. Please read this I am only writing what I am seeing , there are no online updates or accurate information to give with this post)
( Now at 2:46am Lynnette Roby with her son and daughter Kiki and Travis came out of the Church and ran over to CNN Anderson Cooper and told him that the News was Wrong. She told Anderson that the Mine Owner had come to the Church at 2:30 am and he said that only Errors Were Made and that there was only one survivor. She also said that he had come to the Church earlier and said that the Miners would be brought to their loved ones before they went to the Hospital, but that now the families were being told that the Miners were indeed dead.The families were horror stricken and you could hear yelling and screaming and fighting up in the Church. Right after this interview The Press Conference began by the Bossman of the Company).

At 10:30pm we were told that the Miners had been located and were told that the Miners were Found, and found Alive. That the Waiting Families were told this information waiting at the Church. And yet, all eve only one ambulance went by. CNN spoke with the local hospital, and the ER doctor they said had been dispatched to the site. ( As an old ER nurse I am thinking that is not a good sign, sometimes in small towns the ER doctors are also the Medical Examiner). Yet the company said Nothing, and there was never a Press Conference, UNTIL 3am. Most of America has already gone to bed, thinking that the Miners were Alive, because NO Company Statement was issued. ( As of 11:30pm I switched over to Dave Letterman, and I was still thinking well they say that the Miners are I was thinking well, we'll see how many to go to the Hospital and what condition they are in).

[No Families or Media were allowed to the mine site, and the Results of the Carbon Monoxide levels have never been made public, the ones obtained by a robot yesterday. So I am still thinking that Something is NOT Right. So this was nagging me....and so at 3am I am thinking whelp I will check CNN one more time and see what is going on, and that is when I see the Press Conference... and the Redfaced Bossman is giving a conference, and admits that the Carbon Monoxide levels were well above 300ppm. That is too high, not compatible with life for long periods of time.Dead Canary High.}

The Bossman ( his name was not on the screen) said that he went to the Command Centerto Celebrate the Miracle and he found out 20 minutes after the Initial reports and that some were Dead. NOW WHY the hell NO ONE said Anything? It would not be hard to give a report and say "We are concerned that some of the Found Miners may be Critical or Dead". These West Virginia Folks are smart- they know mining, hell if they knew how high the Methane levels were , those families would have been prepared for the worst.( I think it was very deceptive of the company not to release the levels earlier- it means they knew that the Company fostered False Hopes and caused the families pain they certainly did not need).

Even in the past three years since the last wretched Mine Disaster ,it is known that many Protective Regulations have been rolled back and altered and it Deserves Scrutiny. ( The Company was operating with a slew of Safety Violations, total of 208 , enough to close the Mines). I also find it very odd that the last time that this happened in Pennsylvania, there were atleast hourly accurate updates. Once the families were confined up in the Church and the Media and the families were not allowed at the Mine site and Media not IN the Church, I think some Problems are going on. At the last Disaster, Equipment was shown, Mining Experts on site were Interviewed and Information was shared, partly because when information is shared this keeps Families Calm. I am wondering now that Mining and Energy is under the Government Reigns and Clouds of the Defense Dept. and Homeland Security did not BLOCK effective Communication to Media and Families. And it is also very obvious that the COMPANY was controlling the Outlet of ALL information. But if you were watching like I was you would have seen that the Media Coverage was Muzzled and Ineffective. And it was not for lack of trying, CNN, MSNBC and even Fox had all their best in place.The Company had HOURS to Correct The Mistake, instead they let the "Good News " sit for Hours.The Company let the Families "Jubilate and Celebrate" said the Bossman.

Randall MacCloy is the only survivor Minor, 27 years old and he is in Critical condition and was unconscious. He is now on a ventilator and being transferred to a Level One trauma level.

Sago is a small town, a Company Town, a mere Hollow in West Virginia, 418 people that all view each other as Family. Why did the company lie to these good hardworking people after 40 hours of Anguish....Ask yourself this....

We are living in a Culture Where LIES are Embraced and Perpetuated....and there is fallout...and we are seeing it. Has the Mining Regulators and Safety Monitors experienced a Femanized Agency ? And indeed the Mining Owner who knew 20 minutes after the Miners were found that they were indeed Dead, WHY didn't he say Something. I guess we do indeed have another Heckuva Job Brownie Award to give out ?- to MrBossman ( Mr Hatfield Blaming the Miscommunication....Now I don't know ALL the details , but Intentionally letting these families wait at that Church to see their loved ones for Hours, that is Lying, plain and simple. And Lying by Omission of Facts Doesn't Clear ANY Blame.)

One Family member ,Anna, one brave woman standing in the cold rain told Chad OBrien at 3:30 am " We was told that they were ALIVE and that they was going to bring them up here to the Church, then we heard Nothing for Three Hours. No one said Nothing. We Deserve the Truth, we are Americans, People should be Angry for and with us."

Families were and are so Angry and Hurt.....We should share their Angst and Rage.This Ain't Right.

UPDATE: as of today Friday January 6th, the International Coal Group has posted three small notices FINALLY on their
website about the disaster, and set a Fund for the family , and posted the names of those effected, and the Dead.
I will be updating blog over weekend with mor information. Skeptical Oberserver has been following closely, and has good info. and also ALF-CIO has good information about this situation- google them + Sago Mine.