Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 12.31.07

Happy New Year.....

"Love like you have never been hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Dance like no one is watching,
Live like it is Heaven on Earth."

***{I took the pretty gown lady down...after all I am sitting here in jammies nibbling crackers watching it kind of seemed well, wrong...anyways snow is coming by morning should be pretty....}***

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New Years Eve & Looking Back : Wide Stances, Falling Bridges, World On Fire and Other Wonders.... 12.31.07

It is New Years Eve....the Last 24 Hours of this Year 2007...What will you remember ? What Will you treasure ? What Mattered to you ? Are you taking Stock ? I spent all weekend Cleaning and purging ang tidying ( like I do every New Years Eve Weekend).
Since I will be Home tonight, The Song is "Home" by Marc Broussard, if it doesn't get you up and dancing.....Nothing will ....If you like Music from the Bayou and NOLA...enjoy.

There are things that I do on New Years, there is the nice food ( FunDoo), a Huge Ass 500 piece puzzle, and The Sevens Game....( other than poker with my son....)

(1) Name 7 things that you will always remember...( can be good or bad)
(2) Name 7 things you would much rather forget....
(3) Name 7 things you will treasure about this year.....
(4) Name 7 things that you wish for the New Year...

Want to know Mine ? hmmm, you will have to go to the Comments.

**** Happy New Year Dance and be merry and love the one you're with.Namaste.****

*****{Okay ....a secret...My son 6-6 would never let me put a photo of him on the Blog- but the guy on the bus singing in this video looks an awful lot like has alot to do with why I love this video}****

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Night Post of 2007

No Pin Up Girls tonight.....just me....and I have Something to say.

This Blog is many things....It is a Cafe where people sit and think and talk to each other. For me it a place where I blog about the things that matter in our lives and try to give some Hope Back....I like to think that in the end that I have given something back to Blogatopia, that I have created a Circle of People, maybe even a Circle of Hope .....that I have created a small Haven of Humanity, that I have helped us keep our Souls Intact.....that I have always remembered WE THE PEOPLE.

All I have ever asked here is that People be good to each other here, and that you all read what I post and listen to the Music, and listen with your heart, not just your head. This is not a Blog for Intellectual Battling it is a place to find Refuge from those kind of Blogs. I am so grateful for all that have come here and formed this Circle over the years.

It is not enough for me to blog about Bushco Criminal Crimes and these Dark Times that I do truly understand in ways that are unimagineable. I have to blog about the realities of our lives, but as a HippyChild of the Sixties, Mom, a Nurse, a Scorched WhistleBlower, I like to think that I have done it with some Heart. and with Integrity....and that Soul Tending will help us all Fight On.....and save what is left of OUR Tattered Country. We are Living through Broken times, and our Government is Broken, my hope is that I can help Heal some of that Brokeness here on this little blog.

I am asking that you listen to this Song, the" Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel that I have linked to the Title, I am indeed one of the Ragged People with a Story that is Seldom Told......but I am using this Blog to also tell the Story of Our Times and Our People. I hope and pray that in the New Year we are able to achieve some Real Change to heal this Country and the Damage that has been created for the world under the Bush Regime.We can not rewrite History, but we can make Our Own. I am so grateful to all of you for coming and sharing and being a part of this Blog.You are the Salt of the Earth.


***{Footnote: Please go see our Gentle Friend ANonP over at America Weeps, this dear man lost his sister this week, and he wrote a beautiful tribute to her...please go and give him your love....Please als stop by and see our friend Weezie , as she too could indeed use a hug. Thank you.....}***

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Night Music and Thoughts.....12.28.07

There is some music and thoughts below.....I am so sorry that this has been such a painful week. There is posts below on Bhutto's Murder and also on the path to Healing.....Be good to yourselves this weekend.

This is Our Tree, put up with great care in my son's Room. Harry the Cat has been Climbing in The Tree. It is surrounded by my son's Nutcracker Collection, and the snowflakes that we made. And most of the ornaments we made, and they are not Cat Toys much to poor Harry's Dismay.The odd thing is that Xena , our other cat, who is almost 13 , has never gone near the tree, it has never interested her. The ornaments are all handmade by me and my son, from clay, paint, beads, juice lids, alot of glue and the occassional duct tape, and alot of sparkles.I have moved them all over the country, and repaired them over and over.They have survived floods, storms, and earthquakes, leaky UHauls and questionable storage. 6-6 is a teenager, but he still loves it when I put the tree up. Alas The Tree is coming down tonight, before Harry brings it down, but I wanted to share it with you...before it is Too Late...

I did link the Carole King "Too Late" song because it has been in my head all day....


Reflections on This Week.... 12.28.07

The past two days have been heartrending and soulbending.....The Bhutto Nightmare is more than historic Event, it is in so many ways a Setback for the Hope for Peace, Hope for Democracy....Hope for a Woman of Substance to be empowered along with the people she Championed, the impoverished, the women, Children and Students. Take this weekend, find your Compass in all of this, and tend your Soul.

Do what you need to do to sooth and mend your spirit. We have a long year of Battles ahead.. We Need to be Strong and Wise. In ancient Sanskrit there is a word that represents Wisdom Through Pain, it is called Prannya, it is considered a spiritual gift. It is a gift that we need to hold dear, as we honor Madame Bhutto's Death and her life as a great Mother and Believer in Democracy.

For me, that means soaking.....Water is what heals, what grounds me. But all of us need to treasure and give to ourselves to find what heals us.

May we learn and grow from this week, and may we grow Stronger .....Together.

*{REMINDER: updates on the Bhutto Murder are on the post below,Please read and comment there, and please email me if you need to}*


One of the Things I am the MOST Thankful for this year.....he should have been TIME Person of the Year.....Tonight his Special Comments are on...I have been asking MSNBC all year to have a show of just the Special Comments....Somewhere tonight Edward Murrow is toasting him....

Thursday, December 27, 2007


(Originally posted at 12 noon 12.27.07,moved to top of page Thursday eve,as a tribute Click Title Lennon's Imagine)
Bhutto was killed after giving a speech at a rally ( elections were scheduled for January). She was shot in head, neck and chest. The act was susposedly carried out by a suicide attacker, standing close to her.( This of course raises questions about her Security and was it an inside job). I waited most of the morning to see what Bush would say, but after surfing the stations, all I saw was a piece of a pissed off little speech from Bush about "muslim extremists",( that was on FOX news, yet the one on MSNBC said murderous, I wonder if there were 2 different scripts- really odd, on neither station did they show the entire three paragraph statement). I found that very odd as NO ONE has claimed responsibility. I also found it odd the whole speech was not aired, atleast on MSNBC. It is 12:44pm and now some unknown suited man is speaking in front of the Western White House Banner ( which I don't acknowledge this banner as MY White House.) I also found it odd that there has been no Public Statement from Mushareff, not that I have seen or been able to find on the internet.

Yet we are told that Bush Spoke to Musharref for TEN whole minutes. Her Death has been poorly reported, she was shot with a some sort of gun, by a man on a scooter as she stood in her SUV, leaving and she waved goodbye after her rally. She was shot in the neck,head and chest. And then the Scooter Murderer suposedly detonated himself. I do encourage you to watch the film footage on CNN 's website, it clearly shows how pisspoor her security was. More will be posted and updated during the day, and I will add details in Comments.

There also was suposedly an attack on the other Election Candidate this am as well( see Crooks& Liars).

This situation is very serious, and needs to watched and carefully monitored. Mr.Bush should be very careful of touting his "support" for Musharref, as his role or grief has yet to be determined.Little has been said by him since the Emergency Rules were lifted in recent weeks, and since he lifted her House Arrest.What this will do to the Elections in 8 days is also questionable.

As much negative press as this woman has received, this can be said, she did return to her Country to fight for Democracy, and she died attempting to bring democracy back to her country. For the millions of Pakistanis she represented Change and Hope, especially for the Impoverished, Women and Students.And once again this country is in a precarious situation with it's fragile "democracy" very much in danger.

Crooks& Liars and FDL have updates....And there are two wonderful HuffPost tributes you must read, Ariana Huffington's and also Harry Shearer, they both wrote of her as the Woman. Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann did amazing shows on her murder and her life tonight. Even Wolf Blitzer did a story on the Email about her death, that is on the CNN site, and he did the email about her being worried about the email to Seigal about the Problems with Musharref.Anoher Source that should be viewed is Booman Tribune by Larry Johnson, he really does an amazing job bringing up some Critical Issues about Musharref's Leadership in relation to this Murder.

As of today December28th,( go to Huff Post) there are Xrays of her susposed Skull fracture, and van photos, they are not in line with the New Fracture Story,There are TWO huge fractures, very high up on the skull, and also do look at the amount of blood in the Van photos.I know it is morbid to look at XRAYS and bloody photos, but it is no worse than a CSI show, we all need to know the truth. And to be honest , this part is now more concerning than the actual killing, for if Mushareff would order such deception over his competitors Death, then it has entered a new Criminal realm.

It is also to be noted that she has three Books that you can read ( I have only read two), but there are all good. And she had signed a Book Deal in September to write another autobiographical one ( that is interesting - we never knew that).
Her books are "Daughter of the East", "Pakistan the Gathering Storm" (1983), and also in 1978 she wrote "Foriegn Policy in Perspective". ( and as a footnote Mushareff has written a book, called "In the Line of Fire", which has gotten scathing reviews).
I encourage everyone to read her words and watch her videos on Youtube, it is important that we remember she was striving to bring Democracy back to her Country, for her Children and all the Children and Women there. For a Muslim Woman she was remarkable in all that she accomplished and all that she endured so much Peril and Pain in her life, and so much Promise she brought to Everyday People of Pakistan.May her Spirit Prevail.

**Photo above was taken before a rally earlier in the Fall upon her return **

**** Email me at, with updates if I need to update this post. thank you****

Taunting Fate.....The Tiger Tale

First off I need to say that my son and I have spent many holidays at the Zoo, both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a tradition for many years.The Zoo in Seattle actually serves Thanksgiving Dinner, and the first time we went a nice smiling chef was cutting some sort of meat loaf at a serving table, and I remember 6-6's horrified face, " We aren't going to eat Anyone Who lives Here , Right???" The hatted Chef with the sharp knife laughed and said it was Turkey Loaf. My son still ate the Pasta. We used to always take Animal Crackers and juice boxes with us to the zoo, years later I found out from my son that this bothered him. People ask why did we go to the zoo on Holidays ? I always say because my son loved animals, ALL animals, that is who he wanted to spend the Holidays with.I always thought it funny, as at home 6-6 had a mini herd for years that we cared for, turtles,rabbits, skink, mice, dogs, cats,guinea pigs,a walkign stick etc etc. So for me, it was taking a break from our little herd to go spend the day with other animals....and for 6-6 it was sheer Heaven.

The Zoo was a place to Teach about animals, their habitats,family life, their geographical differences, and on another level a place to teach Compassion. The seasons became marked by time spent at the Zoo. Whether it was picking up ZooDoo for the garden, or taking pumpkins after Halloween for the Hippos, or watching the growth of Baby Elephants and Chimps, the Zoo was part of our Everyday Life and Holidays.

I have been seeing alot on the News about the Tiger Attack that happened in San Francisco on Christmas Night. I am very confused by this story, on so many levels. I am mostly disturbed that the News of course is trying to highlight the Horror and Angst of the Events, instead of asking some Good Questions.God forbid while there is still a Criminal Investigation Ongoing and Blood on the path that Someone should ask some Questions......

(1) What were these young men doing at the Zoo on Christmas Night ?
(2) Were and are they Animal Lovers ?
(3) Were there any Taunting Activities involved ?
(4) The Dad on an interview said that they "should not have been mauled for throwing rocks", my first thought was WHY would the Dad say that ? Did he know they were throwing Rocks ? He did talk to his sons on the phone, so maybe he does know something...I hope the Police do speak with him
(5) Were there other people at the Zoo at that time, were there Witnesses ?
(6) Where are the 911 tapes ? and why did it take the Police over 14 minutes to get to the site?
(7) Why didn't the Zoo have their own workers to deal with this crisis?
(8) Why is the Snack stand so close to the Tiger area ( just seems like a bad idea to have Smell Driven Beasts near Food and Food Aromas and the Smells of people eating and cooking.
(9) What was the health of the tigers, were there any problems.
(10) What is the story of the Height of the walls?
(11) Have any ZOO officials given Any Statements ? they should, and maybe I just missed it....

Those are merely some of my questions. What I worry is that Children are not being taught enough about this incident, that it will be just another way for the Media to feed their need to Fear Monger, instead of taking this opportunity to Teach Children and Adults about Animals.....their Behaviors, Needs and Problems as Wild Animals living in Captivity. IF the Event is hyped with Fear and not Compassion , what are we teaching......

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Night.......12.25.07

Tonight is the Finale of my Christmas Music that I have tried to round up all month.....It is John Lennon's "This Is Christmas", still poignant all these years later...and Another War....that needs to be ended. And Soldiers to be returned to the families that wait....and the World again needs Peace.

We had a quiet little Christmas....snacks and nibblies and Christmas Coke....and movies.6-6 got the games he really wanted and the Led Zeppillin Poster that he really wanted.I am just grateful that the Heater is kind of working , and that 6-6 and I have a home.....I hope and pray for Good Things to come in the New Year....for all of us.

I hope Everyone had a quiet joyous Christmas...namaste...

( I will make the Rounds and leave messeges on the Blogs tonight to say Thank You....I am so grateful to Blogatopia for the kindness and love that you have given me and 6-6.Bless you all)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve......

Thank you all for coming by , and leaving such nice messeges and Christmas Thoughts. This is one of my favorite Christmas Songs, but I like the Frank Sinatra version of this song, and the one on the post below.....There is Silent Night posted over at ENIGMA CAFE.....enjoy...

( I have to get back to Elf duty.....)

Frank Sings THE song....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Night Christmas Music .....12.02.07

The Elves are busy, poor little fingers wrapping painting repairing and gluing.....At Midnight they take a break and have a bit of the Nog and feed extra Carrots to the ReinDeer.....and throw all of the packages onto The Sleigh....Hmmm, think you don't believe in Elves ? Well, who do you think helped your mom and dad put together those Bikes and Red Wagons at 3am.....

White Christmas is the Music tonight......namaste.

( Don't forget to see the Christmas Celebrity Bric Brac Theater on the post below it will give you a Chuckle).


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Night Christmas Music...12.22.07

Click the title: Judy Garland singing "Have yourself a merry little Christmas"
I miss the Little One Days....when the little ones wait for Santa, when they still Believe.
When the cookies and egg nog were made and left out for Santa, and the Fireplace was swept clean , and checked with a flashlight.When the stocking was hung with great care. And questions were asked " Is he scared of Dogs?", "What if it is foggy and he gets lost ?" ( Seattle)...."What if I was not good enough?"

And staying up late and trying to quietly and carefully wrap and put things together, while cursing foreign instructions and old tools....watching Ralphie One More Time ( for the zillionith time).

Do you need a laugh ? Click the Title on the post below, and have a laugh it is time for more Celebrity Bric-Brac Theater just for Christmas...Enjoy.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Night Christmas Music.....12.21.07

For your Friday Night Christmas Music, I have a little treat, Click the title and you have Bing Crosby and David Bowie. ( the best part is Bowie asking Bing if he is the Butler with a straight face).

For Christmas let's give Mr.Cheney a nice present, let's give him Impeachment Hearings in his stocking. Please Sign Wexler's Petition, I will try to make sure it is on the Blogroll this weekend, It is well over 100,000 now. It is on the Blogroll, WEXLER WANTS HEARINGS, go ahead and sign on.


  • And for a nice little Christmas Snack, please see the Pear Crunch below.

    Pear Crunch.....a snack at Josie's Place

    This beautiful Pear was painted by Josie, her blog is also such a nice gentle respite, art, thoughts and music and history, I leave there feeling smarter and
    enriched. She calls her place "Ce La Vie", but many from Watergate Summer call her blog, Josie's Place. Go have a visit with this lovely lady.

  • Josie's Place

  • Pear Crunch
    4 Big Juicy Pears
    1 Cup Juicy Seedless Red Grapes
    Chop all fruit and peel and chop the Pears, place in a buttered pan.

    Mix the following dry ingredients in a bowl and
    scatter over the fruit.
    1 Cup Flower.
    Half Cup Brown Sugar
    1 Cup regular sugar
    1.5 cups Granola
    spices:clove, nutmeg,cinnamon,pumpkin pie spice- quarter tsp each.
    mix and cover the fruit.

    Creamy Drizzle:
    Pumpkin Pie flavored Creamer ( or Amaretto) half cup drizzled over the pan,
    after it has cooked for 15 minutes.
    and then cook for 15 minutes more at 350 degrees.

    Enjoy and listen to greg Lake singing Ce La Vie....

    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    Thursday Night Christmas Music....12.06.07

    Some Christmas Music for tonight.....ahhh, back to the 1980's, and Bob Geldof attempting to get the World to remember that people were starving in Africa.....yes, it is the " Do they know it's Christmas " video.....the amazing part is HOW YOUNG everyone in this video looks...see if you can recognize and name everyone...Free Fruitcake if you can.

    I was telling my son about this video, and I realized a couple of things, 1) I had never actually seen the video until last Christmas, and 2) this was the very last 45 that I EVER bought....ever....

    okay try to win the are some names to start....George Micheal ( I think the other Wham guy is in it too), Sting, Paul Young, and.........

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    Wednesday Night Music...12.19.07

    I am still working on the Blog Round Up of the Gents....should be up by tomorrow. My apologies for the delay.
    But there is new Music up tonight for Christmas....enjoy.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Winter Wonders: Fred and the Ladies ( yes, it is another Round Up)...12.17.07

    (originally posted on Monday December 16th)

    First off it was a weekend of Winter Snow Storms. Strong Winds and Snow across huge chucks of America. If you watched the Cleveland Browns Game, you saw how it was up by Lake Erie.It was a good weekend to sit and read and snuggle up with a mug of coco.....It was also a weekend of sadness, as we learned that Dan Fogelberg died yesterday, please read the two posts below and learn more about Prostate Cancer.I also posted a Pear Crisp Receipe below that is worth a read. I also know many folks are on Winter Break, so this will be just light reading. I even postponed my Torture Post, as I decided it was too harsh for Christmas Week. So Todays Round Up is mostly about the Ladies, and then a new find. Tomorrow is all about The stay posted.

    The song in the link is dedicated to Mary Ellen, one of our favorite Regulars at the Enigma Cafe , she is the voice of the Divine Democrat, she is funny, insightful and wise ( see the roundup below). She said Scarecrow's Dream was her favorite Dan song- so Click the Title- and it is in the Link.


  • Mr.Roger's Neighborhood
  • , is the kind of blog that makes you laugh and start humming his little songs again.I think Fred Rogers would have loved that it is trying to teach people how to be nice to each other and find Peace....and below we have the Ladies in His Neighborhood.

  • Redheaded Wisdom
  • DK has been a known commenter at so many blogs for about 2 years, I think many of us met her over at Dada's. She is well read and sharp, and so it was only a matter of time before she had a blog.....So as a present yes I gave her a blog this fall, I also gave it to her because I had to block Anony Comment that were leaving her trapped outside the Enigma Cafe...unable to comment. So I made a little blog for her, and told her to enjoy and do as she wished. Well, within a very short time she has become profecient, skilled and has given us wonderful posts on a variety of subjects from Art to Steroids.

  • Dizzy
  • Has a wonderful blog that has so much, music and humor and sharp wit and real smarts, this woman reads and pays attention and she does Roundups that are quick and full of MSM misses. If she is not a Mensa- she should be.She is also a military wife and homeschooling mom. Go on over and give her some time and some love. Her blog rocks.

  • Ramblings
  • Fran has an amazing blog that is full of all kinds of wonders, creatively done, and music to political insights to humor to great YouTubes, it has it all....Please do go to her Blog and See the Wexler Video and be sure to sign the Petition to IMPEACH Cheney, it is a great video.

  • Dusty has been blogging for about 3 years and her blog has always covered many issues with an amazing depth and timeliness. Her new format and layout are beautiful, so professional. She also writes the Sirens Blog with betmo, also another wonderful spot.....

  • Divine Dem
  • Mary Ellen is a wonderful part of Blogatopia, she has humor and a way of writing it is like you are sitting in the room with her and she is talking, that is a quite a skill to be able to write like that, it makes me laugh or cuss as needed.

  • Sumo
  • The Lovely lady is such find, she is so creative, she uses cartoons to illustrate her dialogue and her point, and she always hits home. She also has had quite a year and is working hard to get through it, I have been so inspired by her strength and courage.....and oh, she also can really really COOK. So do check out her reciepes.

  • ANOK
  • This great woman blogs about things that matter from issues of VETS, PTSD to Bushco lies, to other heartless realities, but she has a way putting it all in perspective and helping us somehose stay sane.

  • Adgitdiaries
  • Gets a Special Award.And my final thought is about there is always one blog every Month that I award the Wellstone Award, it is the blog that tugs most at my heart and my conscience, and leaves me thinking for hours later....and warming my heart.It is like seeing "It's a Wonderful Life " for the very first time, it leaves you savoring the details. This month the Award goes to Agitdiaries, because this blog is truly Food for the Soul and the Mind....a Feast.

    Have a good read....and enjoy the Winter Wonders. Namaste.

    Tuesday Night Music 12.18.07.....

    Tonight 's music is dedicated to Fallenmonk.....or the Monk as I call him. All year he blogs incredible pieces of Life, Politics,Namaste, Mouthwatering Receipes, and Wisdom. So tonight it is Blue Christmas as only Elvis can Sing....and complete with Video and SnapShots of Graceland all resplendent for Christmas. Enjoy Mr. Monk....for you and the Missus.

    The Guy Blog Round Up will be tomorrow...but for tonight I needed to hear Blue Christmas....
    *{I also dedicate this song to my car "Atticus" that has decided to be very ill today, between The Car, the Asthmatic Ancient Still Barely Kicking Furnace, my cracked ankle, and the State of My Job "Situation"...I really am feeling like a really bad Country Song right now.....}*

    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    Dan Fogelberg died this morning at 6am

    {Click Title : " Same Old Land Syne" Dan Fogelberg concert 2003}

    Dan Fogelberg died this morning at 6am , at home in Maine with his wife and family. He had a long battle with prostate cancer. He was only 56. So talented and so caring about people and the earth, such a good soul. He sang about things that all of us have been touched by, loss of love,finding love, and tender friendships, time wellspent, and shared. Namaste. Rest In Peace Dan.

    Songs to Treasure ( All on YouTube) : Same Auld Syne,Dancing Shoes, Longer,Run For the Roses,These Days, Make Love Stay, and I am posting another one over on Enigma Cafe with a more personal longer post.....

    Also see post below to learn more about where to send condolences ......

    Do It For Dan....get Tested....It could save your life.

    Dan died at 56 , of Prostate Cancer, he was found to have in 2004, he fought hard.
    He was very active in encouraging more men to learn more, and get tested YEARLY.
    He urged men to get the PSA Blood test and the digital exam as well, every year, and if you have a family history,
    then start in your 40's. That was his hope, his wish.

    His websites are :
  • Dan Fogelberg's Website

  • and also the other site for leaving rememberances and messeges,and condolences,
  • Living Legacy Website
  • ,
    At his website they are setting up a Donation site, and foundation, you can also contact the Prostate Site above and donate in his name.


    Friday, December 14, 2007

    Enigma 's Friday Gifts....12.14.07

    Okay , so I have been sitting here ALL day waiting patiently for MR.FURNACE to come, it is now 4pm,and snow and there have been some flurries, and the sky is looking more and more pregnent.... and I have to go get groceries and supplies for the SnowStorm, but I did indeed Blog today...So here is What is On the Table here, my Friday Gifts to you. ( and yes, there is New Music on Both Blogs too.)

    Two New Posts Below , one is about Hope and Changing the Conversation and Dialogue Dissing that we all had to endure this week....the other post is indeed about How Dumb is Dana. ( Please feel free in the Comments to leave an answer to that question or examples...most of them are pretty humorous).

    Two more Posts will be up this weekend, one on Torture ( boy,is that Christmasy). And the other is The Round Up, I am still updating as I got more wonderful suggestions during the night...and I am also updating the Blogroll as well.

    Have a good night, share the coco, stay warm and dry. And be safe.


    *** {Art is called "Heart of Snow", and Click the title Emerson,Lake+Palmer " Lucky Man"}****

    Turning Toward Hillary's Campaign Goes Off the Tracks

    I don't know about anyone else but I have been really dismayed and kind of embarrassed by the Democratic Campaigning Tactics I have seen in the last ONLY One Candidate. As a woman there is nothing worse than to see a woman act Catty, it is not even about good strategy. And to add to this dismal picture, have we had ANY MSM covering it responsibly ? No. It was like watching a goat fall in the Lion Pit at the Zoo, they have practically been handing her Campaign People Steak sauce and napkins for the frenzied Feast.

    Apparently she feels it is Fine to Attack Childhood Dreams, and Childhood and Youthful Indiscretions. Barack as a child, may have wanted to be President, that should be embraced and shouted from the roofs. He wrote in his own book in an effort to educate young people TWELVE years ago about his own youth and Mistakes. And she has this BlowHard ROVIAN twit, Mark Bend out tooting her horn, and attacking a good man for being honest. Is she the kind of person that directs people to do this KIND of Thing ? She is damn lucky that No One has called her Racist....yet.... especially when Mark Bend started playing the Drug Card. She should be ashamed of herself. At the Debate yesterday , she now is starting to shrilly hype the "HARD WORK" agenda. Sadly we have been hearing " being President is Hard Work " from MrBush for 7 years, so that is not going to sooth any troubled waters. As a woman I am so sorry that she is behaving in this way, I had always looked forward to seeing a classy eloquent woman run for President. I guess I will wait for someone else to hit the trail in the decades ahead.

    So here is the thing, the Internet and the Blogs are really sharing the Truth, the Hope...In the past 5 years we Bloggers have learned how to fight back....I fight back with HOPE....Always...Click the Title to see what the Media is NOT telling us..HOW a REAL Iowa Voter, an actual woman Feels watching all of the recent Antics and Attacks.

    Keep Hope alive....we have a Country to Save.

    *{Footnote: Our Little Household is supporting a Dual Ticket Edwards/Obama BOTH., 6-6 is very supportive of Obama, so I am letting him help his campaign..but we support a Campaign Focused on ISSUES and Humanity and the TRUTH.}*

    Pretty is as Pretty Does....About Dana

    Alternate Title: How Dumb is Dana ......and do we want to Know?

    I used to hear "Pretty is as, Pretty does" when I was growing up.Being raised by Strong Southern Women, the kind that speak their mind, and read and curse the Powers that be. I used to hear this phrase all the time, to kind of sublimely explain or dismiss the antics of Dumb Women , especially ones that speak before they think. And it is definently used to describe the Empty Vessel Syndrome. The difference being that women that have this kind of fragile china doll quality should not be the Spokesperson for the White House. It is demeaning and humiliating , as humorous as it is.

    I know we all have Dana Stories, that we watch her come out in her darling little suits , bat her eyes, and stutter as she tries to defend the White House's latest Crimes. She is being used as a Prada Propaganda Princess, pawning and cheerleading Disinformation daily. The carefully frosted hair, and the childlike wonder of the Questions , all carefully choreographed.At this rate if she falls ill, Paris Hilton could take over her duties.

    But the bigger question is are we all supposed to be distracted by her beauty and charms ? Are we supposed to forget HOW to focus on the REAL issues at hand, like Torture and Bloody War ? Is her "beauty " supposed to dispel the day to day agony of this Criminal Administration ? Is it merely a display so that people from far and wide will think that the lipstick is not coming off the pig ? ( I do fret thinking of other Countries watching this and chuckling more over " Oh those DUMB Americans").

    And People that can not properly pronounce "Nuclear" and don't know the difference between Fission and Fusion should not be allowed to spew and fear mongering, even when they wear Prada, and their teeth are white.

    And this week we all laughed about Her Geographical Prowess and Historical Memory Lapse regarding the Cuban Missle Crisis. But the Bigger Question is, Does she KNOW who John F. Kennedy was ? Does she Understand that In OUR History Kennedy used REAL Diplomacy and Strategy to divert an International Crisis and War ? With all of her pretty little dainty Manners, and her cutsey brainless answers on this we should shutter. HOW MANY working in the Bush Administration are THIS History Illiterate ? And will this Historical Illiteracy effect and has it effected the History of OUR Nation?

    We can
    But we should be very worried.
    And we should be demanding her Resignation ( or firing), she is Incompetent.

    Because, to put it all in perspective ; if there is a Bomb dropped Somewhere During the Night, she is going to be the Princess at the Podium delivering the Messege for the Whitehouse Criminals . Remember that.

    *{Click the Title: Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Make Nice"}*

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    My Oprah Story....12.12.07

    So this past weekend I watched the 3 day Oprah/Obama-Bonanza....It was truly stunning and amazing. Crowds of people showed up in three seperate states, braving horrendous weather. What amazed me was how powerful Michelle, Barack and Oprah all were each in their own way, and that they spoke of Matters of the Heart and things that really mattered. I was stunned at how many people showed up, the crowds were so diverse full of so many different ages and backgrounds, and that moved me.....

    The other thing that moved me was Oprah, I have linked her amazing speech to the Title, as her speech was one of the best I have ever seen.Watching that speech gave me more than Hope, it gave me Courage. It made me cry....partly because I knew her when she was a Local Baltimore Celebrity on her way to bigger things, and when her life was not so wonderful. I knew her before she had a Real Voice, I knew her before everyone admired her. I knew her when her Life was Shifting. And to this day I wonder if she would remember someone like me.....( this is a longer post, but a inspiring story, so have some tea...and a good read, consider this a gift).

    Oprah got much of her start in Baltimore.Many don't realize this, but she really was always meant to do Daytime Talk, it was more than a was her Fate. In Baltimore she worked on a show with another commentator named Richard Sher, it was an odd collaboration, and did not fully allow her skills to show or shine. I suspect that it was heavily scripted and over produced.
    And I know that when Oprah worked on that show, she might not have happy or fulfilled. I think it was difficult for her, and painful at times.

    Now How do I know this?

    In the early 1980's as I saved for Nursing School I waited alot of tables and lifeguarded. ( I have worked since I was 15 many many jobs, some stranger than other, but waitressing was just one skill). At that time I was working at Cross Keys Inn, and there was a little resturante that served all meals at the Inn, called the Roost. I worked as part of the Service Staff, so I did room service, banquets, and parties, waitressing and bartending. I liked the Roost the best, because it was a nice cozy little cafe with alot of Regulars. The Roost would be the first place that I would silently tend to the queen of Daytime, the Second Location is where I did something for her that would change a part of her life.

    At the Roost, I wore my little hideous Bright Overly Cheerful Orange Uniform. I worked hard to like that horrible uniform. ( Any redhead will tell you that Redheads should not ever wear Bright Orange). I worked alot of breakfast and lunches, and alot of weekend eves. I took good care of my regulars, many consistently sat in my section over and over.Oprah and her TV friends and co workers sat in my section over and over. I used to save a booth for Oprah certain days of the week, so that she could get in and out without disrupting her work schedule, she only had to ask one time. I used to do little things for my tables, like pick flowers on the way to work, or leave peppermints in a bowl. I had this theory that if I gave some ominance that my tips would improve and that people would have a nicer meal.

    Oprah would come 2-3 days a week for a late lunch, and she would get the same meal everytime. She really did struggle with her weight. I admired how hard she worked on this issue, she would order a Salad Niscoise,light dressing,tuna with rye crisp melba toast, and iced tea with extra lemon wedge and 2 Sweet& Low packets. I would give her extra tuna sometimes, and always fresh cut lemons. She was always impecaably dressed, so I always made sure that there were extra napkins. She was very ladylike, with perfect makeup, and beautiful nails and hands. ( When you are a tomboy like me, these ladylike qualities always impress me).And sometimes on Fridays she would come and get a Chocolate Sunday. And there were times I noticed that even behind the bright smile, there was sadness in her eyes. And I have to say, that of all my Regulars, she was one that inspired me to take good care of her. I am not even sure why, but I felt that not enough people had appreciated or been kind to her.

    I worked there at the Roost and The Inn for a couple of years, and then moved on to other jobs that paid better, and my Regulars became a thing of the past, slipping into my grey matter folds.

    During Nursing School, I ended up working at a Trendy Fashion Store. I was a starving nursing student, and during those years I also did some modeling. The Trendy store partly hired me because I could model clothes for Special Clients. The Gig was that I would model Potential Clothes and then the managers would order the Clothes directly from Stores and Designers in New York City.The Special Clients included Baltimore Celebrity Women of different jobs and backgrounds. There were atleast three local Baltimore TV anchors and TV personalities.The Management would meet with the Client, and then order preliminary clothes ever season, and when they arrived, the Model would model them for the Client, and the Client would pick what they did and did not like. And then orders were placed. I was encouraged to be postive and encouraging, and for orders placed I did not get a commission, but I did get a discount if I wanted to purchase Irregulars Designer Clothes.

    So this would be the Second Location that my path would cross Oprah. She was still in TV, but I did notice that she was not really happy, and to be honest I dreaded her visits, because to be honest these clothes ordering sessions made her miserable. She was polite and very quiet, but her eyes looked sad. Then during one ordering season I came to work and the Manager took me aside and showed me a collection that she had chosen with Oprah and had just arrived that they wanted me to model some of it, and also pieces of it for her to try on.I was told to be very postive , as Oprah was a facing a life changing job Interview in Chicago. That these clothes were part of her potential Daytime Hostess Audition. I was very moved by that and slightly worried.

    In the early 1980's there was not much for women, especially during the daytime. There was an abundance of cooking shows, and Phil Donahue, but really not any Women Shows, and NO women of Color on during the day. I will be honest I was rooting for Oprah as soon as I heard that this Challenge was on her Path. And yes, in my gut I did , a skinny little shop girl KNOW how important that was. So I stood in the back and put the clothes together, adding accessories ( scarves and jewelery). And I was more than worried, the Colors were Horrendous. I tried to talk to the Manager, but she was all swept up in the Moment and convinced that the Collection was "dramatic" and "exciting". I tried tactfully to explain to her, my Boss, that the Colors were Terrible, that it needed to be changed,evaluated and re-examined. I was told to be quiet, and not "Cause Trouble" .

    So Oprah arrived, nervous, and tense. So I modeled some and she modeled some. And there was much hemming and hauling about WHAT to order, what to wear. And What Accesories would look best or "highlight" each outfit. Inside I was so devastated, and sickened. Finally at the end of this grueling afternoon, I could hold it no longer, I had to say Something. So I explained as best as I could that the Electric Melon Colors in Silk were NOT flattering to her, they were dramatic, but not in a good way, I explained that it made her look well, "Clownlike, You want to be remembered, but not like this." She stared at me stunned. Probally wondering why this skinny little thing was being Soooo critical. And then she burst out laughing, and she has has great laugh. " Oh My, you're that skinny little tuna girl from that resturante aren't you??" I could have died of embarrassment, but I nodded shyly and said yes. And then I explained, " I really want you to get this job, you deserve it, they need to see how elegant you are, how strong. I don't want anyone to laugh at you. I am sorry, I am trying to help". I had brought some soft elegant scarves to the Dressing Room, for her to see the soft chenilles of pale champagne,soft elegant mauve, and soft sunset blue. She nodded quietly, said she would think on it.

    I obviously caught holy hell from my Boss for being "impertinent", and within weeks I quit the Trendy Dress Shop as my school load increased and when my great Aunt Elizabeth became sick and died.....And I did not give a second thought to Oprah, but over the years I have wondered did she hear what I said to her, did it help her Big Moment. I like to think that it did.

    The Rest they say is History, Oprah went on to become so famous and so loved, as was always her due. I always knew that she was meant to shine....she made a deep impression on me as a young woman in my early 20's....She was more than Memorable, she was inspiring. And I am proud to say that I crossed her path......

    Due to Anonymous comments still being unavailable, if you wish to email me please do at

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    Tuesday Night Christmas Music 12.11.07

    Three Snowmen in DC....
    Tonight's Music is Nat King Cole. This was my first slow dance, I was three, had fluffy pink bunny slippers, and my grandfather let me stand on his shoes.( It was the same year I heard the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.). Sunday Nights were Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and Ed Sullivan. And before and after dinner my grandparents would put music on Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Big Band Music.......But to this day even in Summer I listen to Christmas Songs.

    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Monday Night Thoughts....12.10.07

    I am still working on this "Job Thing"...I will hopefully have some things resolved by later in the week, it has been quite a saga.I will blog it when it is resolved, believe me. I am so grateful for everyone's nice messeges and kind thoughts. Tomorrow I am blogging about the Obama Oprah events of the Weekend. ( And I have an Oprah story that I am finally please do come back). And Wednesday 's Post is "How Dumb is Dana" ( nonfictional comedy dedicated to Dana Perino) and a Blog Round Up.. And In the Meantime, as a Huge Chunk of the Country is gripped by Icey Winter Hands....It is a soup , garlic bread night we await our end of the Storms.

    And yes...the trees on my street look just like this....eerily elegant.

    This is my favorite Christmas Song.....Click the Title, it is the song" I believe in Father Christmas" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.This is the Live version by Greg Lake.....( over at the ENIGMA CAFE site I have Another version with Art of the same song...)


    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    Remember John....Always 12.08.08 at 11:15PM

    All these years ago....years past...yet John Lennon's Voice, his Voice of Wisdom and Peace is alive in each of us. Imagine.

    Saturday Night Music....12.01.07

    Song is susposed to be Greensleeves.....somehow it matches this little bird sitting on a branch....I have a Cardinal Couple that live on my front lawn, I love watching them....they make me believe in love again......I will start Posting Christmas Music everyday....I need to get in the Christmas Spirit...

    Friday, December 07, 2007

    Friday Night Music .......12.07.07

    It's Friday Night....there is still crusty snow on the ground and more on the way.Have a good night, snuggle with someone, and drink some hot coco.....

    Thursday, December 06, 2007

    Thursday Night Music....12.06.07

    *{Click the Title: R.E.M. "Losing My Religion")*
    Am I the only one tired of the Religous Hype that is being piled on us daily ??? And I groan because this is the SAME "Value" crapola that we already suffered through for the past 8 years.......

    So Willard ( Romney) gave his Big Religion Speech, I am still scraping vomit off my keyboard. Apparently Americans that are not "Believers" are not American, and the Founding Fathers would be ashamed of us ? Really......(So in the past week I have learned thanks to the MSM that Willard strongly Believes that" Liberty was delivered ONLY by God"....and that Pat Robertson thinks that People that do yoga and meditate are Heathens supporting Satan. So I guess I am going to Hell, gee I hope the BBQ is good.....)

    And yet the Media humped this speech like a New Victoria Secret Catalog.Comparing it to JFK's speech ( which is beyond delusional hype). Shame on them for forgetting Things That the VETS, Bush Lying about Iran, People dying without Healthcare, Millions Losing their Homes....and on and on.

    And the MSM if they really want a Debate Question for the Repug Candidates , here it is" Would Jesus Bomb another Country? Would he Support Torture, Rendition and Detainee Camps ? Would he support Hatemongering? Fearmongering? Warmongering? ".......gee, I guess I really am a be it.


    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    Wednesday Music and Thoughts...12.05.07

    I will be in and out today, errands and such. There are some good posts below, some are more of the rant nature, but mostly they are just thoughts about recent political blunders from yours truly... We have 416 days more of This Regime.

    What's on your I the only one that thinks that Time is dragging ?

    *{Click the Title for some Music, on this post is the Instrumental Version of Extreme Ways by Moby from the Bourne Films, my son wants to make movies, and this movie he pointed out has some of the best music ever. He is every picky about music, lighting, and all the artistic elements.....this Music without the lyrics is powerful, haunting, and the version on the post below is the video that Moby made for the lyrical version...also beautiful.)*

    Women of Substance...and When Things Are Broken....

    As a Woman , as a mom, a nurse, a single woman with a child, I have some pretty strong views of WHAT I want to see discussed in this Election Cycle. I feel like at this point Our Government is Humpty Dumpty, and it is going to take all of us to repair The Broken Parts, and there are many and work for all. That means that we all need to look at the Damage with Honesty, and with Scrutiny. No More Lies, No More Propaganda. So People say , but as a Woman doesn't Hillary speak to you ? I have to say NO. She is continuing on a Path that does not acknowledge the Depth of the Damage, or the scope of Repair Work that is needed ( Impeachment). She uses words like "prosperity" and "unity" that make me ill at this point, because they are not part of ANY reality that Families and Single Women are facing at this point. I want Someone that will speak of WHAT matters, and the Damage on ALL Fronts.

    I want Someone that will speak about the Broken Parts: the Iraq Mess, the Lies, Our Place in the World, the Environment, the Economy, the Healthcare Crisis, the VETS crisis, the Housing Crisis, etc etc. It is time to end Storybook Politics and time to grab Tools and Repair Manuals, and it starts by Looking the Truth in the Eye. No More LIES. We The People have had Enough.

    I do believe that we can not be well behaved and polite anymore....especially if we are women. I believe that we have to speak strongly for what we believe in....and support other women that speak strongly. Now that being said, I am want to apologize for Hillary's antics on the trail this past week, I am embarrassed that she is using Republican Tactics of being snippy and petty. I should not aplogize for her, but as a woman I was hoping that she would conduct herself better on the trail as she campaigns. That being said, she should know better, that being shrill is not going to do anything but drive people away. Men don't want shrill, they Know Shrill, it is even expected. ( And in many ways just gives us reason to give compassion to Bill).

    Attacking a Child's Dreams and Aspirations is so Republican, and so smallminded. I hope someone explains this to her, and explains that Women don't like this, and neither do men....But if her handlers think that it is impressive, then we know that they found the Rove Playbook helpful.

    Speaking Softly and Plainly and Honestly and with Great Care is also another way to speak, a way in which people would listen. It is sad, because if she only would speak about things that mattered to women that would actually give her more credibility. She is lacking sincerity, she comes across as cold, and distant and yes, condescending. Many Great Women have spoken up and spoken well....Maybe we need to remember them better....and more often. For me it is women like Florence Nightingale, Madame Curie, Rachel Carson, Maya Angelou.....And yes, there are some that spoke less Softly like Mother Jones. But they all spoke the Truth.

    All the Democratic Candidates need to remember to speak the Truth, and that includes speaking about WHAT is painfully on the table, Healthcare issues, Iraq, Economy, and the LIES and MESS of this Regime, including Gitmo, Torture, Illegal Spying, Rendition and on and on.

    "I was taught that the ways of Progress are neither swift or easy". Marie Curie

    So what are your thoughts on this....Any Women that have stirred your soul and inspired you.

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    Nuts or Incompetent , You Make the Call, BUT we need Regime Change, NOW...Tuesday 12.04.07

    ** Another rude post, but I watched the Bush Presser- have compassion**

    How many of us watched the Mr.Bush's Press Conference ? We deserve the opportunity to now officially Bang Our Heads ....What THE ???? So please Someone tell me What the Hell ? Is he Nuts Or Incompetent ? Which is it ? Since last summer we have been listening to more and more hype about Iran, and How WWIII is on the Way, and we should be very very very scared......ooooohhhhhh shaking in our boots , BECAUSE THEY WERE LYING THE WHOLE DAMN TIME???? JUST LIKE WHEN THEY MARCHED US INTO IRAQ....They were even using the same damn template, start the Hype after Bush spends a month at Ranch, and then spend all fall scaring people, and going on talk shows and start humping their NeoCon Wet Dream....What do they think, that all they have to do is Say the Word Nuclear and we go hide under our beds....And wait for them to take Shock and Awe on the Road AGAIN.

    Today at the Press Conference Bush CLAIMS that he did not Know about the NIE of Iran until LAST Week, but we know that in August there was a Review presented to him, yet he denies that ??? So is he Nuts or Incompetent , WHICH is it ???? Or is he just a Psychopath hellbent on Killing ?

    So Here is MY question , IS IT An Impeachable Offense to SCARE the Beejeevens out of One's OWN Citizens ? Or the Rest of the World ? Am I the Only one that woke up each morning Wondering What the Hell happened during the Night and did Bush do Something Stupid ? Hasn't this Regime Been basically Terrorizing It's Own Citizens ? ......

    *{Click the Title: Music is Gnarls Barkley "CRAZY"}*

    Monday, December 03, 2007

    Abstaining From The Truth.... 12.03.07

    ( Warning: My Cspan has been taken away- so post below is less than polite).


    This past Weekend I tried to watch the Democratic Forums in Iowa, but the CSPAN situation has been rendered difficult by Time Warner, this past friday they took CSPAN 2 off our regular lineup- and you have to pay for expanded channels , CSPAN2 has been channel 40 for many years, but now it has been taken away, and I have to pay for expanded basic and rent a box for my old TV if I want to watch CSPAN 2 on channel 186. Now the reason I am pissed is that my old TV has been where I watch CSPAN 2 for many years, I watch Book TV and also watch ALL the Important Election I am pissed. And I will bet you money here in the Bible Belt that anyday now Some Kind Of Geesus Stuff will appear on that channel. ( I don't mean to be rude but ....)

    So Please do read the Huff Post today, there is an interesting article about the Plame Investigation, and that the Whitehouse is Blocking....hmmm I wonder is Fitz trying to follow up on the Scotty Story ?? (BTW his investigation is NOT closed-remember that) It really strikes me as Odd that as soon as he came forward, we stopped seeing Valerie on so many talk shows, what is that about ? And heavens this Public Servant came forward and basically said that the WhiteHouse told him to lie about a Treasonable offense, and yet the Media is busy talking Geesus with McCain. What the Hell is Wrong with this Country. Where are ALL the Real Journalists ? My son pointed out that other day that if Nixon was President today- he would not be Impeached. Tweety and Russert would be interviewing him about what a good job he has done....

    And Please Someone Explain to me WHY Healthcare is NOT mentioned On CNN or MSNBC ? Someone on another blog said, well, the Health Insurance Industry does sponser alot, but funny thing, I have been noticing that we NEVER have Health Insurance Ads on TV anymore....we have alot of Drug Ads, but no Health insurance. Odd. Matter of fact in the Eves there are alot of Cialis and Viagra Ads...


    Now speaking of Viagra, I have to mention this, because it is really bugging me. AIDS Day was this weekend, and oddly the CDC is saying that their numbers might not be accurate.That there might be some problems in which numbers were altered, and altered down. I find it disturbing that the WhiteHouse and DC setting Parameters for AIDS programs , that 33% of their work must be focused in Abstinance Programs, NOW let's get this straight. Abstinance does NOT prevent AIDS, CONDOMS PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF THIS DEADLY DISEASE, it is about Science, and epidemiology. The American City that has seen the Biggest Dramatic Measurable Rise in AIDS and HIV is Washington DC. When Hypocrites are abusing Science and making law based on their own religous agendas - People DIE. 1.3 Million Americans are infected, and MANY could have been prevented with proper education and proper prevention. We are not educating our young people well enough, much less protecting them, and that is criminal.

    I do also fault the Media, they should be highlighting the Amount of Sexual Corruption in DC, it is important that the City that is making Laws about Education on AIDS and STD's, and also creating Laws to pay for the damage caused by the lack of Educaton, is critical. ( They seem so nervous to cover ANYTHING to do with Craig's Dallying, or Vitter's Hooker Problems, or even Rudy using New Yorkers' Tax Money to pay for his mistress, yet these stories have been well researched and handed to them on a platter, yet in the 90's they rushed to cover a Blowjob and escalate an Impeachment Process based on the said blowjob).

    That being said, what should be advertized EVERY evening during PrimeTime instead of Viagra or Cialis is CONDOMS.

    *{Click the title: "The Raspberries" from 1974, dedicated to XDELL, and over at the Enigma Cafe there Van Morrison on tonight...And WHY the Raspberries Song " Go All the Way"? , because it would be perfect in a Condom ad}*

    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    Saturday Night Music.....12.01.07

    "Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart, don't know how to laugh either". Golda Meir
    So YES , I passed my House Inspection, thank heavens and Yahhhooooo....And I was able to get everything in ship shape in time, I even offered the Nice Inspector some of my best Cinnamon Coffee.So Hopefully this week back to Some Respectable Blogging....especially after today watching the Democratic Forum in Iowa on CSPAN....Iowa really showed up ,even with the horrendous weather.It was REAL, because we got to hear Real People Tell THEIR stories, and watch the Candidates respond.It was refreshing to hear and see after the Contrived Crap on other Stations.And the Call In Period on Cspan was amazing, EX -RePublicans voicing BIG Trust and Support of Barack Obama...( It is being rebroadcast on CSPAN again at 4am EST).

    I never put up Music last night...My apologies. I am still updating Blogroll and putting together a Round Up for tomorrow. I also have a post coming on about The Elections and also a post about AIDS....but tonight I need to watch bad NetFlix and play FREE RICE and eat popcorn with 6-6....and wait for the Snow to Arrive.

    The Music tonight was requested by a UK friend ( tony- thank you) up it goes...The Cranberries sing"Linger"...Have a good night. namaste.