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Wednesday: And We Thought You Should Know....

"Not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that can be measured matters.” ~Albert Einstein

Things We Are Still Keeping An Eye On.....And What MSM might be Under Reporting...

(1) Planned Parenthood Continues to be THE Idealogical Budgetary Battlezone that is receiving the ACORN treatment and MSM is not covering this attack on Women's Health Care and Reproductive Rights. So I am asking Women and Men to please blog and tweet on this issue, we can not let this 85 year old Organization be treated in this fashion and leave Millions of Women with NO Health care. The Planned Parenthood Assault it raging on in more states, we can now add, Florida, Texas and yes, Ohio to the growing List. Please do re-read the post from last week with the info about Lizz Winstead's Fundraiser Tour it is a Tour that is raising Awareness in some of the Key Effected States, and she is blogging the Tour and the issue. And here is the Planned Parenthood link that has more info on what is going on in all States and THE Facts on what Medical Services they provide to Millions of Women. Share Planned Parenthood Facts.....

How Bad is it in OHIO ?

Ohio House approves "Heartbeat Bill," which would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected......So here in Ohio they are attacking the Laws and this will give them justification to go after Planned Parenthood......

The Heartbeat Bill as it is called is the Most Restrictive Anti Abortion Law in the Country. It has three parts basically making Abortion Illegal after 6 weeks. ( Fetal Heart Tones can be heard at 6 weeks. ) It is so restrictive it does not allow for Medical Emergencies or even Situations of Rape or Incest. It would even interfere existing Insurance Coverage for abortions. Many of the Dems in the State tried to fight it, pointing out that it is an attack on Women's Health, and their Constitutional Rights. It will cost the State money even though it is not Defensible, and yes, does Nothing to Create Jobs. Anyone who Doubts that the Teathugs came into Power in 2010 Election with an agenda, need to read this Bill. Religous Idealogues should not dictating Health Care for Women in 2011 ( when Roe Vs. Wade was and is Settle Decided Law since 1976)

(2) SB 5 HUGE Repeal count going on in OHIO, this bill is even more Draconian than the Wisconsin bill, in that it basically kills the Union Rights of 380,000 people, from Cops to Schoolteachers to Road Workers to Custodians. Daily Kos has been keeping track of the Issue, and also keeping people informed. To repeal this odious law that Kasich shoved through requires 250,000 Signatures as of 5 days ago they had over 714,000 signatures. Read More from Daily Kos at this link and do share the information with any and all Ohio Friends....Thank you.

(3) Blogpost on RIPP-OFF Education Programs from an insider....
On Twitter @PrinceofSatire wrote this chilling account of For Profit Schools that is a must read for anyone with a college age child, or who is thinking of returning to school. It is a Cautionary Tale of what and how the financial angle works from one with inside knowledge. Post is called "Beware of For Profit Schools"......

(4) AND shhhhhhh still Whispers are floating around Clarence Thomas.....This in from Alternet.... Has Clarence Thomas been receiving GIFTS , are Judges allowed to receive such GIFTS ? Read this account from Alternet and if you see any Petitions asking for Investigations into this Matter do sign. After all we don't want Our Highest Court being Wooed by Corporations do We ?

(5) And finally if I can get you all to Help a Dying Vet, please share this Link and RT it too, This Dying Vet is trying to find a home for his dog Gizmo. Thanks for helping him.

(6) Time for Some sooth us...
First here are two Must See Blogs, The first is from Carolyn Moon " Another Way To View" It's thoughtful and well written and truly beautifully done..... ( She also is on Twitter at
@Moon1947 )
And then there is @Di438 and she takes stunning photos, and recently started a blog with her photos and thought provoking quotes. You can see this soul soothing blog here, some of the best soulfood I can serve up on a Wednesday .
Oletta Adams...sings...."Get Here"

Stay Tuned Next Week :: Updated Nuke Stories that the MSM has been politely avoiding Updates on Japan Fukushima, Nebraska Floods and the two Nuke Plants that are impacted, and of course the Fires in NM where ALL of Los Alamos has been Evacuated ( First Time in History). Weekend Update is on the Gulf , One year after the Oil Spill Gusher...

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Then it Was Monday.....

I have been a little distracted....Ex is visiting Son so excuse the lack of posts...I will be back at in full gear by Wednesday. I have two new posts and a Blog Round Up Coming at the meantime I am sharing my Backporch Lillies and Some Music.....We lost the Big Man last week, and his words and music are haunting me....So here is Some Food For Thought This Monday ::
"Being involved in the well-being and advancement of one's own community is a most natural thing to do." ~~
Clarence Clemons
{{ Janelle Monae is new with a fiery old Aretha Soul...she will be very famous 10 years from now, her song " Cold War" is very politically charged and poignant in these times.......and John Legend singing Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" sung so raw it brings tears to any ragged soul....}}


and Clarence Clemons The Big Man and The Boss and E Street Band LIVE 2009...just so on beautiful..the Immortal "Jungleland"

"When people care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul."~~ Langston Hughes

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Planned Parenthood Under Attack in at least 12 States jeopardizing Medical Care for Millions of Women.....

The GOP is on a rampage to destroy Planned Parenthood and State by State they are shredding the Medical Services that are provided to Millions of Women yearly. The ironic part of this destructive maneuvering is that the Republicans glorify themselves saying it is about "Saving Lives". Yet their campaign is based on spreading lies and fear and pure ignorance. For in fact Planned Parenthood does provide Birth Control advice and prescriptions for contraceptive care and family planning, but they provide so much more. How this Vital Medical Service is being attacked across the Country is very concerning, as basically Religious Ideologues are controlling the Medical Destiny of Millions of Women.

More from this NJ Planned Parenthood Press Release explains that around the Country States with Republican Leadership are stripping funds for Reproductive Care programs and even re-writing Laws that would effect care. According to the NYT more than 60 laws have been written or altered this year, 30 since April. ( This link has more info/details).

Snippet from the Planned Parenthood Press Release::::
Across the country, Republican state legislatures are chipping away at women’s reproductive rights. In some places, they’re more than chipping away; they’re taking an axe to them. According to The New York Times, at least 64 new anti-abortion laws have passed this year, with more than 30 in April alone. For example, The Times reported, “Virginia started regulating abortion clinics as if they were hospitals. Utah, Nebraska and several other states have stopped private health insurers from covering abortions, with rare exceptions. South Dakota will soon tell women that before they go to an abortion clinic, they must first visit a crisis pregnancy center whose mission is to talk them out of it.”

It also does provide abortions or access to abortion services, BUT less than 3% of their Budget goes to actual Abortion Care and procedures.But over 90% of their Budgeted Care is for Medical Services that many Uninsured ,and Under-Insured , and Working Poor Women would not have access to otherwise. These Medical Services include Cancer Screenings, HIV/AIDS Screening/Care arrangement, Infection Screenings and prescriptions, Prenatal Care, Pregnancy Planning and care, Midlife Care, even Infertility Care. And yes Men are provided care as well for Birth Control and Infections ( STDS) and HIV/AIDS. Accessible Medical Care is provided for millions, some are on Medicaid and some are Uninsured with no other affordable sliding scale access.

Medically what the GOP Governors and House are doing to Women's Health Care around the Country is dangerous. 72% of the Women Clients who receive Medical Care from Planned Parenthood are living below or at the Federal Poverty Level. Even if they are on Medicaid their choices for Care are limited. The GOP is now trying to spin their care as Costly and wasteful. ( This could not be further from the truth, Planned Parenthood is providing lifesaving Medical Care for up to 3 Million women a year). At this point Planned Parenthood Services are in jeopardy in at least Eight States : including Utah,Virginia,South Dakota,Minnesota, North Carolina,Florida,Arizona and Indiana. ( Four Other States are waiting in the wings to move forward with Legislation and Budget cuts as listed in the Article round up at end of this post).

(Reuters) Medicaid Patients/women that no longer will be able to get Medical care from Planned Parenthood Indiana. The Governor of Indiana has signed into Law a Bill that actually will damage Lives, not save them.

Planned Parenthood Facts This is the Planned Parenthood FactSheet please share this link and read up on actual Services.
(1) Less than 3% of Planned Parenthood Budget is actually spent on Abortion Services.
(2) 72% of the Women that are served with Medical Care live below the Federally imposed poverty line. Yet this includes working poor who are Uninsured and even those on Medicaid.
(3) More than 500 Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Care Centers provide care to over 3 Million Women ( estimates are 3 -5 Million depending on the year. Men also are cared for in a smaller number. Actual Medical Appointments and Treatments is over 10 Million per year. On Another note 3-5 Million are also served by Planned Parenthood abroad helping decrease infant and maternal mortality rates as well as Fighting the AIDS epidemic abroad.
(4) 17% of Budgeted Services is for Cancer Screenings .
(5) More than 90% of Medical Care provided is not just reproductive care, but actual Medical Care that ranges from Prenatal Care to Midlife Care to Infections to Cancer Screenings. Planned Parenthood is for some women their ONLY source of Medical Care.
(6) Planned Parenthood has provided Medical Care and Health Services to Millions for over 85 years, it is a well established organized Medical Organization. Sadly it is now as politically vulnerable as ACORN was 2 years ago, even though it has provided care for Millions.
Lizz Winstead is doing a Tour this Summer to Support Planned Parenthood. This is her blog that tells more about the tour, please share this Tour with friends and help support, advocate and educate for Planned Parenthood. This link has more about the actual Tour, Dates and how to Donate and support Lizz's efforts to help Planned Parenthood.
Enigma Personal Note: As a young nursing student living on limited funds, I found out that I had Endometriosis, and it was thanks to the fine medical care I received at Planned Parenthood. I was able to get my care and condition monitored, as I coped with excessive bleeding,infections and miscarriages and fertility concerns. I am grateful to them for the care I received and the help they gave for many years. It was care for a condition I could have not afforded otherwise. I even volunteered there as a way to give back. Many many women have stories of the care they received and the gratitude they feel for this fine Medical Organization.
Articles on the Different States Battles for Planned Parenthood:
(1) New Jersey Planned Parenthood Press Release has more on increasing number of effected States.
(2) This Article from Boston chronicles the ongoing battle in Arizona for Low Income Women to have access to care.
(3) Gail Collins wrote in the Opinion Section of NYT in February 2011 that the New House has placed the Planned Parenthood Organization Under Siege making drastic changes to existing care for women in this country.
(4) I started actually reading ( spying on ) Conservative Blogs ( like the one linked here) and it turns out that Many more States are on the Target List including West Virginia, Tennessee , Kansas and New Jersey. This Battle is far from over and the GOP operatives are already maneuvering in many states, so we must be more aware and involved to Protect Planned Parenthood's Mission to provide Medical Care for Millions of Women.
Tuesday Night Update :::
Please think about donating to Planned Parenthood, they need our help and support, Contact your local branch. If you want to specifically donate to the Indiana Planned Parenthood Please use this LINK.

North Carolina Man Desperately Commits a Crime in attempt to get Prison Health Care

When I look at this man I don't see a Criminal I see a Desperate Sick Man who is trying to Survive and possibly save his Life. His eyes are sad showing a life that has suffered and is struggling. Many news stations were telling his story, but they kept focusing on his alleged "Crime" , and making accusations or even joking questioning his Sanity. Not one station reported his situation for the Crisis it is. And Truthfully maybe it is a Crime that we don't have Health care for All at this point, for if we did he would not have had to choose the Path he chose.....

Let's Learn more about this man and what led to his "Crime". Richard James Verome is 59 years old. He worked for Coca Cola for over 17 years as a Delivery Driver taking care of his customers. Three years ago he was laid off, and since then he has struggled to find work and keep a roof over his head. He finally found part time work at a convenience store. But the long hours standing and the lifting led to Health problems. His back was developing disc problems and he was experiencing arthritis and problems with his left foot. But when he noticed a protuberance growing on his chest, he realized that this growth may be severe, even life threatening. But for the past 3 years there had been no Health care for any of these issues, and this new issue made him realize that he needed Some Kind of Healthcare.

James Verome had never had complaints or problems at his work. He worked hard. He has no Criminal History or history of concern or even any stability issues. He was just a Middle aged man who was laid off after a Long History with one company and like Millions of Americans was not able to find New Employment. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs since 2007 and No One has mentioned that they need Health care, that when they are unemployed there is no money to purchase Expensive Cobra, so they go without. And Mr Verome's life became one such life, he worked at the Convenience Store, the only job he could find and he lived at the Hampton Inn. There were small meals and much stress. He struggled with his back and Disc problems, and with a sore left foot, but he kept working trying to hold his life together. But then the Growth on his chest appeared.

So he did the Unthinkable, he Chose his ONLY option. He decided in a logical way to Choose Prison as his Health care Provider. He gave away possessions even. Then Last Thursday he quietly went to the RBC Bank and said that he was robbing them for one dollar, he had no gun , but he carefully said he did, hoping that would give him a maximum sentence so he could get health care. He rationalized that he could at least be in prison until then he could get Medicare. He had sought Care from Social Services and all he qualified for was limited food assistance, but no other kind of care or help. So maybe we can see he was left with no options and no help. So this summer as his Life Savings dwindled away after living on them for 3 years, he made the worst kind of choices that a man has to make to survive.

Mr.Verone is not alone in his struggle or desperate situation. 51 Million Americans are still UnInsured, Millions more UnderInsured and of the current UnEmployed No News Media ever reports how many are actually UnInsured, but estimates are starting at 9 Million. Add to this 49 Million are on Food Stamps, highest ever. And still 45,000 Americans are dying per year with Health Care. Why would anyone want to be part of those Statistics, for those mere numbers tell a Nightmare of a Story for Millions of Americans. It is easier to understand, what Mr.Verone did was Desperate, but these are indeed Desperate Times.
"In an interview with WNCN-TV, first broadcast Sunday, Richard James Verone said he has no medical insurance, but has an undiagnosed growth on his chest, two ruptured disks in his back and a problem with his foot.The 59-year-old has no job and no money, so he said he decided to rob a bank in a bid to get medical care.Last Thursday he walked into a branch of the RBC Bank in Gastonia, N.C. and handed a teller a note which asked for one dollar -- then he sat in a chair waiting for the police to arrive.

"I wanted to make it known that this wasn't for monetary reasons, but for medical reasons," he said in his interview from behind bars. "If it is called manipulation, then out of necessity because I need medical care then I guess I am manipulating the courts to get medical care," he said.

"At some point, Americans need to grow up and accept that providing single-payer, government-paid health care for the entire country is not only mandatory — it is the only morally acceptable choice." From John Thorpe of Benzinga.Com
"An institution or reform movement that is not selfish, must originate in the recognition of some evil that is adding to the sum of human suffering, or diminishing the sum of happiness." Clara Barton
It is important to recognize that there is Suffering around us, and it is being contributed to by Larger Circumstances and Greed and Ignorance. And that Mr.Verone is not a criminal and not greedy, he is just a man trying to Survive Desperate Times.
Sources on Mr.Verome's Desperate Crime:
(1) Gaston Gazette has more details about his life and the actual crime.

(2) SFGate asks some really hard questions what led a 59 yr old man to such an act......

(3) FOX Atlanta posted the Interview that they got from him behind bars.

(4) Do Reread this Option Post/Editorial May 2009 from Senator Teddy Kennedy HCR post about WHY we need Single Payer Healthcare and Why Health care is A Right for all Americans, not a privelege .

(5) John Thorpe's Post on

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Then it was Friday ::: The Good, The Bad, And the Downright Ugly

‎"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."~~ Nelson Mandela

FIRST THE GOOD...... Keith Olbermann returns to the Airwaves with COUNTDOWN this MONDAY, 3 days from now on CURRENT. If you are unsure of HOW to get CURRENT do go to their Link and type in your Zip Code. Let's get his ratings through the Roof. Many wonderful folks are on board and part of his New Show. ( David Shuster,John Dean, Donald Southerland,Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, Ken Burns and so many others....) Won't it be wonderful to have a dose of Real Journalism again ?
News and Blog Round Up.....
(1) The Reid Report is a great blog, if you haven't read it ,you are missing out. Here is the latest about the Teabagger Camp for Children in Florida that will be indoctrinating poor little souls this summer.... training little Brownshirts how to hate and do it in the name or guise of Christianity.

This stunning photo from the Vancouver Riots this week really had the Internet buzzing, was it staged by some Film students in Vancouver ? WHO was it ? Ok, the Truth has come out that it was a real photo of real lovers.....( Sometimes we just need a dose of FEEL GOOD.....sorry...but we do.) ( Here's the scoop on the photo from Slate....
Some hard to find good news found via Twitter: Last summer we all watched the Gulf Oil Spill and wondered (worried) about the rescued Oily Birds. Here is an update from the International Bird Rescue about some of the Oiled Birds from the Gulf, their Rehab and relocation to Georgia and their new life, including nesting and baby birds. Here is more on the Pelicans Spotted Nesting along Georgia coast at Little Egg Island Bar
Speaking of the Gulf and NOLA, Harry Shearer is still Investigating the Aftermath of Katrina now SIX years later. He also is a great follow on Twitter @theharryshearer. God Bless him for still tracking and documenting the damage....
And now for more GOOD news: ( Found Via Twitter) This Update from the BBCNews VIDEO: Parkinson's research 'breakthrough' is a Must See....
NOW Before we start the Ugly News....If you missed this you must see it:
On Facebook and Twitter This Video of Marcy Kaptur confronting the GOP's Heartless Budget Plans is amazing....and a Must See...

For Some of the Ugly :::AGAIN WHY OHIO SUCKS......(and why my son and I want OUT)
(1) This just in from Mother Jones Ohio Gov. Kasich's state budget would mean cutting 51,000 state JOBS and firing 10,000 Teachers....... Someone really needs to explain to me again what the GOP has against Teachers and Children and why they hate State Employees who do things like Fix Roads, Plow Snow and take care of the State ??
(2) And let;s Add to the Misery here, Let's let Drunks have GUNS !!! I wish I was kidding, but I am not, so here's the Latest Law that Kasich will be signing in Ohio, HuffingtonPost has more about the Law allowing guns in Bars. ( I am shocked that Churches weren't added to this insane bill...but give them time....
(1) I realize that the Repugs want to gut Medicaid and Medicare, but the truth is that both new some restructuring and repair to make sure people actually get the medical care they need. Read this Article from the Boston regarding the Problems of Children being Wait Listed to get the Medicaid Services and Care they need, and once again you will see that our Medical Care in this Country needs more work....

(2) While the MSM was busy reporting on Underwear Photos, they missed this, From Aljezeera on the latest on How bad it really is at Fukushima Nuke Plant in Japan , what really happens when three Meltdowns go under reported...... ( And as one might guess yes, Radiation Screening is still in high demand in Fukushima.....One has to wonder who is monitoring the Health though....

(3) And while I still have your attention on NUCLEAR issues.....This one story has gone Under Reported and is more than a bit worrisome. We saw last spring what happens when a giant Quake and Tsunami come to at Nuke Plant. Now In Nebraska the Missouri Flood Waters are wreaking havoc with 2 Nuclear Power Plants, Death by a 1000 PaperCuts a fine blog has more on this situation and better reporting then I have seen in the News, Any News.

(4) I really hate posting on JOBS...but sadly it must be done. This NPR story about why many Jobless have given up looking also raises questions about whether the true Jobless Numbers are really known. In a truly miserable Job Market where are people supposed to look after months of searching ?

(5) Speaking of Ugly, let's talk Willard ....yes, while Romney tried to pretend to be UnEmployed this week and while the MSM is still peddling his Handsomeness to the masses, let's take a look at the ugly truth, it seems he has lost a plethora of Supporters, that have actually flipped and abandoned their loyalties to him.....Just an interesting tidbit for the any that want to share at the Dad's Day Dinner with Republican relatives....

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Anthony Weiner, His Fall from Grace, and the Stupidity Marathon

Today Anthony Weiner is resigning from his post in Congress amidst much pressure from his own party, the Dem Leaders, and the Media Circus. Here is my thoughts on this issue as a Middle Aged Clueless woman and lifelong Dem.....

(1) He should not have sent the photos to younger women, and I hope and pray he did not send any to high school girls. I don't understand why he sent them or why he even took such photos. Some say that it is just a Middle Aged Thing, some say it is a symptom of a sex addiction problem, either way it is for he and his wife to sort out and seek help with it. And yes, I think he should not have lied about it. And he should not have lied about the lies.....But we all know that Men do lie, especially if there is a new fragile marriage at stake....BUT.....

(2) As far as I can tell it did not effect his job these past three years and he represented his Constituents from Queens and Brooklyn well enough, matter of fact he did a good job truly fighting for the Working People in Congress. He stood up and Voiced what needed to be said while many Dems sat on their hands and did NOTHING. I personally feel unless he broke some laws that I don't know about, that his own Constituents should be allowed to decide his fate.

(3) Let's Review Some of the Other Scandals that have plagued DC. Republican-Still-There-in-DC-Vitter and his illegal Hiring of Hookers and his interest in Diapers. The VP Cheney who shot his "friend", then ran from scene and hid, and then made his said "friend" come to the cameras wounded and Apologize TO THE VP ? Then there was the Minnesota bathroom Incident ( again laws were broken ) and Mr Craig was allowed to collect "re-election" funds which he used for his legal fees after he canceled his campaign. Then there was Foley, a fine elected Republican Rep from Florida who propositioned /plied DC Interns/ pages with Pizza and Sexual Invitations ? And Speaking of LIES..... And then there is of course the Biggest Lie of All , an Entire Administration that LIED about WMD and waged an Illegal War that killed Thousands.....

(4) And while we are talking about DC Scandels I would like to point out that the MSM spent more "Investigative" TIME on this Twitter Scandel then they did on Investigating 911 or the Iraq War WMD issues , many many hours more. And while they have been "investigating" this ( as they call it, I call it yellow journalism , because it really has been like watching a large dog pee on a stack of newspapers....) Has the Media or Cotton Candy Brained Talking Punditheads spent ANY time explaining What Health Services and Medical Care Planned Parenthood provides ? Or How many Millions are on Food Assistance, or that Food Assistance or WIC is NOT an Entitlement Program ? Has the Media done any Investigating on the GOP Invisible JOBS Programs that don't exist ? Has the Media done any Investigations about what Ryan's Budget Plan would do to Millions on Medicare or about to receive Medicare ? Has the Media explained that Ryan's Plan might actually KILL People who have Conditions that NEED Medical Care ? But alas what I just mentioned are real issues effecting real people....and Real Journalism in this Country is dead as we know it. They have proven once again the lecherous urge to focus on the inane and call it "News".

(5) So here is my Question , WHO was and is more Stupid at this point, 15 days into the Twitter Underwear Scandal ? The Media for obsessing over it or Mr. Weiner ? I think the Media turned it into a 3 Ring Circus that it did not need to be, that it was done with glee and relish and zeal. There are more important REAL issues that should be covered with such enthusiasm. I think sadly that Mr.Weiner is just a regular Middle Aged Man that made a mistake, and that is a shame because I personally feel that he was and is a good Politician. But alas many good men, real men do make mistakes once they get to DC. But I am sorry I don't think some underwear shots are worth a Witch Hunt or him losing his job, or the People of Brooklyn losing him as their Rep.
I think it is a sad day, I am as sad today as the day when President Obama released his REAL Birth Certificate, because again the Media dictated a "Dilemma" by fueling it with false Concerns and their own Limited Stupidity.
Special Quote Dedicated to NBC, MSNBC and of course CNN, "Politics is the art of looking for trouble,finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies"~ Groucho Marx

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on The Roasting of Anthony Weiner ( From CURRENT )

Do Click the Linked Video that attached to the Title, it takes you to the CURRENT page and you can see all about The NEW Countdown as well. Anthony Weiner is supposedly giving News Conference at 2PM per MSNBC and NBC to announce his resignation. Keith makes some really valid points in this Special Comment, MSM would do well to watch it and ponder their rapid coverage of this situation these past few weeks.( My own post on Weiner's Mistake is up above, I will update it after the News Conference...I will say this , I am biased, I don't think he should resign.)
ALSO This Address via Video by Keith Olbermann to the Netroots Nation :::

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The GOP Slash And Bash Budget Plan finds New Ways to Harm Women, Children and the Elderly

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."~~FDR

So it is to be noted that the GOP Clown Posse has continued their reign of stupidity cloaked in Budgetary concerns and Christian Values as they find ways to Slash programs that provide much needed aid to those that are vulnerable. It's important to recognize that their scope is not merely limited to Planned Parenthood, or the Elderly or Hungry Women and Children. As they continue their Slash and trash campaign, the Military Funding continues at a record Spending rate, the largest untouched Elephant in the room.

Me I would like to take a GOP hardliner out to lunch and then instead of feeding them make them go remove plates of food from families and children and the elderly and ask them how they feel ?Thanks to CSPAN I watched Virgina Foxx on the House Floor explaining the WIC Cuts and ramble on incoherently about how "Efficiency Matters". I sat there dumbfounded, I wanted to scream HOW Does Starving Women and Children Make Anything More Efficient ???? I am beginning to honestly think the GOP wants to do whatever they can to starve the Middle Class and the Working Class Poor, that they really think that eliminating these people, treat them as Invisible will remove them as a Problem. How do they sleep at night ? How do they call themselves Christian ? Do their constituents realize how Souless and Greedy they really are ? Should there be a Basic Humanity Test when they arrive in DC?

WIC is NOT an " Entitlement Program " as many Rethugs call it, it IS a Federally Funded Programs ( Grants) that is set up specifically to make certain that Women and Children get the prenatal and infant nutrition that is so needed for children under the age of 5. One of the best factsheets explaining the program that is managed State by State, is the California Fact Sheet. It really is time that the GOP lies of deception be fought with facts.

(1) More GOP Thuggery House Repugs Slash WIC ( yeah let's starve women and children-how admirable ?)link is a good read from AmandaTerkel in the Huffington Post. And yet I need to say, I am alarmed also that watching the CSPAN hearings on the WIC Fundings Slash there were no Dems slamming the Podium with Angst for the Women and Children that this will harm.....What few realize that for impoverished families and single moms the summer months are hard enough with no schools providing meals to children over 5, but for poorer moms and pregnant moms there are NO Other Programs that assist with nutrition.

Think Progress Link puts it all in perspective "GOP cuts Food Aid which equals just one day of Bush Tax Cuts". Food Stamps are a record rate ( over 49 million are getting Food Assistance, it is foolish for the GOP to make the working poor, the unemployed and middle class to carry the weight of the Budget cuts...)

(( Putting it all in proper perspective this Truthout Article really tells the story about how many families are lining up at foodbanks.....))

(2) North Carolina becomes the latest State to slash Planned Parenthood. The truly sad thing about The GOP poorly aimed attack is that they don't understand that so many basic Womens Health Care Services are provided by Planned Parenthood, even Prenatal Care and Cancer Screenings and Infection Care. Especially in states with so many working poor and women that are suffering in this economy. Many women in the Southern States depend on Planned Parenthood for Prenatal Care and even assistance getting on WIC. GOP is harming care for generations to come....

(3) And the latest GOP "Budget" Push is now focused on Elder Care and Disabled Care as yet another creative way to save money but harming the most vulnerable. ( This link is about the efforts to slash Elder Care program in California , sadly that is successful and should be copied around the Country, yet it is now on chopping block in California.

( Here in Ohio Gov. Kasich has championed the same cause, he is even taking it a step further by attempting to slash 470 Million from the Budget that provides Skilled Nursing Care to those that need it including the Elderly and the Disabled.) You can read more about Kasich's heartless Skilled Nursing Slashes here at this link. It is just one more reason that his Approval Rating is below 40 %.

{{ Around the Country Assisted Living Care, Elder Day Care, and Elder Care and Skilled Nursing Care Costs are being slashed by Republican Led States, American Health Care Organization is leading advocacy battles in many states , do follow and support their work so that Elderly will not suffer in your state.}}

Photo by Dorthea Lange 1936 Resettlement Photographer....
On Facebook and Twitter This Video of Marcy Kaptur confronting the GOP's Plans is amazing....and a Must See...

We Are One People....

"During my second year of nursing school our professor gave us a quiz. I breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was a joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Before the class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our grade. "Absolutely," the professor said. "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say hello." I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. "~Joann C. Jones
While my computer was being repaired I had a lot of time to ponder why Our Country is so broken. I really think the Elected folks in DC have forgotten WHO we are, they have lost Sight of Who we are as a people, that We The People are not greedy or wanting much in Life.......So once a week I will try to find people to interview and post their quotes. At the grocery Store I met this wonderful woman , she is a cleaning woman for the Library. I asked her what is the one thing that makes her happy, makes her smile. " My Tomato Plant, because it keeps growing despite Storms and Troubles and in a funny way it needs me. And when I least expect it, there will be a gift , the precious Tomato.Life really is about the Little Things.... " She winked and turned away....

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More June News....

I can only do Short Posts while Laptop is sick, but here are some posts worth sharing from the Weekend... ( I will not be posting on Palin's History problems or The Weiner Breitbart photo smear campaign.....but below are Stories that the MSM is not giving enough coverage....Mini Blog/News Round Up....

(( First for grins BOING BOING has a letter from Paul Revere to Palin that will help your Monday.....also do follow #PalinHistory on Twitter, it will also make you laugh at her antics....which might lesson our embarrassment and shame of her shocking lack of history knowledge.
(1) From the DCCC PETITION: 250,000 Strong Against Ending Medicare! Please do sign and Share and Tweet. The Medicare battle is not over , even if the Media has moved on.....

(2) Here is something else that is going mostly under-reported , CBS's report on Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression is worth a read and please also do share.

(3) Another battle that is far from over, the Assault on Women's Right To Healthcare and the Planned Parenthood Battle. ( We all realize that Planned Parenthood is in the Right Wing Crosshairs like ACORN was last year.) Amazingly enough the Abortion/ Contraception/Medicaid /Womens Health Care Battle could actually cost Indiana over 4 Billion Dollars.

(4) So IAEA did go to Japan this month and inspect Fukushima and now news of how bad the situation is starting to filter out, sadly it is still mostly under-reported. This Is the CNN report of the Actual MELTDOWN at three of the Reactors. This is what Wolf should have been reporting instead of asking Congressman Weiner hard probing questions about underwear photos . This story is huge and hidden. The story mentions the conditions at three reactors, but does not explain the full ramifications of the Meltdown or the possible condition of the Spent Fuel in Reactor No4. It also does not interview any Health or Nuclear Experts about possible future implications for the People, the land, food, Sea Waters.

(5) The Republicans have found yet another way to punish those they view as wreaking havoc on the economy. Yes, they are now trying to slash Food Assistance Monies for those trying to feed their families and children. One in four, 25% of all children in this Country are lving in Poverty and recieving Food Assistance. 49 Million Americans are on Food Assistance , this is the most ever in our History.
I have to wonder when people say there is Class Warfare in America , if really there is just a War on the Poor ? WIC and Food Stamps keep families and Children from Starving, and yet the GOP tries to paint it as Something harming our Economy....yes, Compassionate Conservatism is indeed now long dead. ( Post about Food Assistance and WIC cuts from Think Progress)

(6) And now read this Mother Jones article about MotherJones The Bush Tax Cuts: Ten Years Later, it really puts the economic plight in better perspective as to where all the money is and who got richer and who is not paying their fair share at all......
"There are two kinds of light - the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures."~ James Thurber

Saturday, June 04, 2011

What It Means to Be "Vintage"....Or the Story of My Dying Laptop

(note this is not my real laptop...but what it aspires to be..)

So my Laptop is dying....I need to come to grips with that. In 2005 in the midst of a Divorce I became the proud owner of this beautiful powerbook. It has been my friend through thick and thin. Filing Paperwork , searching for a home, searching for work, raising a Teenage Son....exploring the boundaries and challenges of being a single mom in Downtown Cleveland, while I got over my West Coast Homesickness and rediscovered my East Coast Roots..It helped me blog and document the Bush Years and the Obama Election....and so much more.... It has helped me research Jobs in NYC so I can try to get my son there for Film School. Due to the Economy his plan , his hopes and dreams are now 2 years off schedule..derailed...but I keep telling him to hold fast to his Dream, that we will get There. On this computer I wrote my Book and blogged and documented our History these past 6 years.

I almost lost my book this week, because the laptop is in self preservation mode....It's gone Cylon on me. For me tracking events and documenting our History the Bush Years and now these past two years has been cathartic, but also a real lesson that Real Journalism does matter and does indeed effect History. I don't care what anyone says Bloggers and now those on Twitter were indeed able to effect History by sharing Information and Facts in a Timely Manner. I am glad that this little 11 inch laptop did it's share.

I have mostly 2nd hand everything clothes, car , sewing machines....And this computer was the first NEW thing I ever owned all by myself.....I treasure that. I have treated it with love and respect....The Apple people commented on it's pure "Vintage Beauty"....

I am sorry I have not been here as much blogging for these past few months as I try to assess what to do next for my sick laptop. For me still living on the edge it is a huge decision. ( If anyone wants to help me with even a 10 dollar donation that would be wonderful and I would be grateful...and yes I hate to even mention it...but.... )

So please know that even though I am not here as much, I am trying to back up my files and save everything right now (including the book,Silent Fallout is finally coming out this summer) .....And hopefully soon I will be here blogging more again....
The Book Cover....( let me know what you think folks....)

So the laptop was fixed with the help of the Wonderful Geeks at Apple, it went off for repairs, and as a longtime customer they gave me a discount and it is repaired and I picked it up last night and it is working again. But I am grateful to all, because I did look at the newer models and will in the months to come keep saving for a refurbed newer model. The Book is back on track and still will be coming out this summer. thank you one and all for keeping my spirits up and helping me during a rough patch.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beautiful Song about Our Immigrant Ancestors...

Dan Fogelberg writes this song about his own family and his ancestors who came to America. The Photo montage of Ellis Island and Immigrant life is touching. I love this song, it really shows and tells the story of all of us....We all have a piece of History in us...a thread that we share...that we came from Somewhere else....I watched this and thought of my relatives from Scotland...and settled in Kentucky and West Virginia , the coal mines and Baltimore, Maryland laying brick......just a century ago they were weaving my future...If only we all took the time to appreciate our Own Histories and each other....and embrace that part of America... this Country ...Our Country would be so much better....
My son really wants to go to Ellis Island...when I ask him what is the first thing you want to do when we get to New York one day...He wants to go and see where it all Started....began..

History Matters, how you tell it, share it and Remember it...honors it...Period. It belongs to all of us...we need to Treasure it.